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Open-and-Shutter case

March 28th, 2013

The country that brought Drake, Justin Bieber and Robin Scherbatsky offers a plan that is workable for the Canadian Football League and its prospects.

The CFL allows a prospect to be drafted, sign with an agent and attend training camp — and if things don't work out, the player can still return to school and compete for a Canadian university's football team. That policy is in contrast to the rule that ends a player's NCAA career if he applies for the NFL draft.

The CFL rule has a two-fold purpose: 1) It allows the Canadian universities to serve as developmental programs and, 2) it gives prospects a second chance.

The rule should benefit former UH quarterback Cayman Shutter, who recently competed in the CFL combine. As a "non-import" — he holds Canadian citizenship — has a fall-back plan if he does not make a CFL roster this year. The University of British Columbia and University of Regina have expressed interest in Shutter.

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Quarterback Sean Schroeder is scheduled to undergo back surgery next week. He is expected to be at full strength by early July.

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Happy birthday to our awesome Liz Kauai.

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