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Point taken

March 29th, 2013

Norm Chow is listening.

The people want to see some football? The Warriors are making plans to turn the Spring Fling into a real game.

In past years, the Warriors ended spring training with situational scrimmages. For this spring, tentative plans call for two teams to be created through a draft of available players. A real game will be played.

While there are some position shortages, notably on the defensive line, that just makes draft strategy more important. It also makes DE/DT Marcus Malepai a high-round prospect. And if it means George Daily-Lyles has to play nose tackle, so be it. (Quarterbacks still can't be smashed, though.)

The goals are fun and an easy-to-figure scoring system.

* * * * *

Kelly Ong, a former Rainbow Wahine defensive specialist, has been the volleyball Warriors' unpaid statistician the past couple of years. Next year, she is expected to be promoted to director of operations. Robyn Ah Mow previously held that title before joining the Rainbow Wahine staff as an assistant coach.

Here are Ong and UH assistant coach Sean Carney. (Ong was raised in Oakland, Carney in Hawaii.)


* * * * *

Anton Willert is listed as the videographer, but his duties are more like video strategist. His work helps the Warriors scout opponents' tendencies.


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