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Making light

April 16th, 2013


Question: How many UH maintenance workers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer: None. Maintenance workers aren't authorized to change lightbulbs, according to three people familiar with the subject.

It's no joke.

Because of rules, contract languages and several things that fall under "etcetera," custodians and maintenance workers are not permitted to change lightbulbs in the athletic department. It has something to do with job description, liability and ladders. We're told UH restricts certain employees from working on  projects involving use of a ladder higher than 6 feet. Because a worker can stand only as high as the fourth rung without risking falling over, that puts the ceiling out of reach, thus ... well, you can do the math.

Besides, UH custodians don't even have access to lightbulbs, we're told.

A work order requesting a person from the electrical department is required.

* * * * *

The Warriors ran a reverse for today's 10th practice of spring training.

The team drills were first, followed by the position drills.

"We wanted to shake it up a little bit," UH coach Norm Chow said.

It appeared to work, with the Warriors having the liveliest scrimmage-like drills of the spring. Running back Steven Lakalaka, who desperately needed a big play, scored on a 37-yard run to end the period.

* * * * *

There were a couple of switches on defense. Benny Fonua moved to strong-side linebacker, enabling him to align across the tight end.

Kamalani Alo moved to middle linebacker in the base package. He has played in the middle in sub-packages, such as nickel schemes, but not the base defense.

Both Fonua and Alo were impressive in workouts.

* * * * *

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