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Middle man

April 19th, 2013

Face it, there are football positions that require certain qualities. Quarterbacks need to be smart. Nose tackles need to be angry. Kickers need to be left alone. And middle linebackers need to be nuts.

Sure, middle linebackers also must be sharp, agile, strong and tough. But most of all ...

"You have to be crazy at that position," said Brenden Daley, the Warriors' No. 1 middle linebacker. "You're entitled to be crazy. You have to be loud, sometimes obnoxious."

Daley makes most of the on-field calls. In UH's schemes, he's used as a run-stopper, pass defender and blitzer. Many times he doesn't even align in the middle.

"You have to make sure everyone is on the same page," Daley said. "You can't have a bad day at that position."

Daley's mentors were former UH linebackers Aaron Brown and Corey Paredes. Paredes did something Baltimore linebackers could not — chase down Colin Kaepernick in an across-the-field manhunt.

"I would like to be like Aaron Brown and Corey Paredes," Daley said. "I want to emulate their character and their style of play.."

Daley said he embraces the middle linebacker's role.

"I love the contact," Daley said. "I love calling the shots. I like putting everyone in place and being the motivator."

On Daley's chest, there's a tattoo of a pair of rugged-looking hands holding the world. Assistant coach Chris Demarest often jokes the tattoo is not complete. Daley said the artwork is finished. His work is not.

* * * * *

Warriors or Rainbows?

I don't have an opinion either way.

What I do favor is this old-school UH baseball shirt. The orange and the green — that particular green — were a great look. I was reminded of that when I saw KHON's Sam Spangler at a recent football practice.


* * * * *

Norm Chow, whose library consists mostly of biographies, learned of the phrase "just scrap" from BJ Penn's book. That phrase then became a training slogan for the Warriors.

Impressed by the motto, the volleyball Warriors wanted to wear those T-shirts. But the limited supply did not have any extras. Al Ginoza, UH's equipment specialist, printed special T-shirts for the volleyball Warriors' trip to Utah for the playoff match against BYU.

Two things: 1) It's a cool phrase. 2) Al Ginoza is the most powerful person on the lower campus.


* * * * *

O Canada! Our home and native land. True patriot love in all thy sons command ...




UH's go-to hitter, Brook Sedore, is a proud Canadian. He has maple leaf tattoos on his shoulder, leg and foot.

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