The Warrior Beat

Feeling the draft

April 22nd, 2013

Strategy rooms have been abuzz as football coaches prepare for this week's draft.

After video reviews, evaluations, interviews and discussions, it all comes down to this: Rock, paper or scissor.

The jan-ken-po winner between "head coaches" Chris Naeole and Lewis Powell will determine who gets the first pick in tomorrow's draft of UH football players for Thursday's Spring Fling intrasquad game.

The way it works is each position already has been split into two groups. If one coach decides to pick quarterbacks first, he get his choice between  set one (Taylor Graham and Justin Alo) and set two (Ikaika Woolsey and Jeremy Higgins). The other coach then gets the other set. And so it goes.

This will be a trench battle. Naeole coaches UH's offensive linemen; Powell coaches the defensive linemen. It is a battle that should continue through the summer since both sides would like to coach Elijah Tupai, a recruit who can play on both the offensive and defensive lines.

The draft will be held tomorrow evening.

Norm Chow, who will serve as the game's commissioner, said each side agreed to one condition: Dinner should be served during the draft.

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