Ingram to Steelers; Edwards to Jets; Falemalu to Browns

April 27th, 2013

Former UH long-snapper Luke Ingram said he reached an agreement on a free-agent deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Former UH cornerback/returner Mike Edwards has agreed to terms with the J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!, according to agent Michael Hoffman.

Former UH linebacker Paipai Falemalu said he has agreed to terms with the Cleveland Browns.

* * * * *

Former Warrior slotback Davone Bess signed a new four-year contract.

He had a year left on his contract. The three-year extension is work $11.5 million.

Kenny Zuckerman represents Bess.

* * * * *

There actually were two Hawaii-born players selected in draft's second round. N.C. State cornerback David Amerson, selected by the Redskins, was born in Hawaii.

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  1. duffer:


  2. Ipu Man:


  3. Chicken Grease:


    Pro-WARRIORS thought of the day:

    Let's stay with Scripture for a bit. Ahem. There is now instance of "'Bows" [yes, that's "'Bows," apostrophe at the front of this abbreviation] in the Bible. The end.

    Also . . . on a different note . . . all these "'Bows" forced hybrids are gross. Dr. Moreau-like, you know? "Baseb_ws." "Volleyb_ws." "I'm gonna make mangb_w bread." "Get into the 21st Centubows," oh, wait.

    With Warriors? It's right there. Everyone knows what you talkin' 'bout. You have a posteur named "wafan" on this board (conjunction of "Warrior" and "fan"; this is smart). Got no "'bowfan" on this board.

    Warriors. Ask for it by name.

  4. jm2375 (iPad):

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Best wishes to the NFL hopefuls.

    Go Wahine!
    Go Bows!

  5. Chicken Grease:

    WoooooooAaaah. Sorry. Spilled out all the content from my bottle of bold there. Good t'in get sale on 'em Sunday.

    duffer, Ipu Man . . . and Monsieur Stephen Tsai. Thanks for waking up early on Saturday!

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    The draft shows there's a whole lot of talent across the country.
    California of Pennsylvania?

  7. papajoe2:

    So who pays for the Teo parade? I hope it's not from my taxes. Good for him and I hope he does well in the NFL, but a second rounder? And he didn't even attend UH.

  8. Chicken Grease:

    jm2375, thank YOU for waking up early on a Saturday.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    I love the NFL draft coverage because of all of the insights. Not sure why ESPN doesn't have those type of breakdowns during the season.
    It's like how Election Night has the best political coverage all year locally. But during the year? Just a lot of police stories.

  10. Warrior Dave:

    Unfortunately, Dunnachie was mid-used his first couple of years per coaches demand that he directional punt. Even his senior year he didn't get the green light to kick away.

    Good luck Alex, Mike and Luke. Hope your names are called shortly.

  11. duffer:

    Hope Kaia is OK. Never mind today's games, need to heal up. Looked pretty bad.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    Warrior Dave
    True that. It also hurt that he missed the first three games. He didn't appear in the national stats until after UH's 12th game (regular-season finale).

  13. duffer:


    Hope no one mentions grease trap. :-)

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    Parnaby i an example of how some people step up to fill voids.
    She was a No. 2, then when Ricketts departs, she becomes a dominant pitcher.

  15. Chicken Grease:

    Warrior Dave!!!! Thanks for waking up early on a Saturday!!!

    Mr. Tsai, the NFL Network coverage's pretty great. Big letters in red highlight at the bottom, "PICK DONE" (or somewhat) along w/the team logo. Shows who added, who gone. They have one duinderhead talking head (some ex-coach) on right now, but, other than that, Eisen and crew do a great job. Can see you among them based on your OC16 recent experience, Mr. Tsai.

    Leon Sandcastle does well, too, when he's on air on the NFL Network. :)

  16. Philosoraptor:

    What is an anagram for "failed writer"? Anagram for "thief"?

    cause i don't know...

  17. Stephen Tsai:

    There's an anagram app.

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks for the reminder
    I waited all those years for the NFL Network to make it to Oceanic. I should watch it.

  19. Philosoraptor:

    Arigatou gozaimasu Mr. Tsai.

    A raptor learned some Japanese as I have known people born in Japan and then later moved to Hawaii. Some are having a tough time getting their careers in Hawaii going though.

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    Jerry Reese is JJ's good friend. He used to help out when JJ called in a favor for a free-agent signing.

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    Ever read Steve Rushin's stuff?
    He loves the word play.

  22. Chicken Grease:

    Yeah, it's great. One stop NFL TV shop, heh,

    Can you tell us about forthcoming "Coach Chow" forthcoming TV show segments? What you and Kekaula might have planned as much as you CAN plan with regard to those post-the game of football shows?

    April 27th, 2013 at 9:04 am


    Hope no one mentions grease trap. :)

    They just need to know FUNKY, duffer:

  23. Stephen Tsai:

    Will Shortz, who edits the New York Times' crosswords, has a degree in enigmatology.

  24. Kevin:

    RE: Kaia Parnaby.

    Don't fret for her. She was ready to play on the way to get things checked out last night. She's tougher than most think and more driven than ANYONE will ever understand.

    Glad by coincidence, a loyal supporter just happened to be at Queen's and shared a few words and laughs with our temporarily fallen wonder woman ace pitcher.

    Don't worry about Parnaby, she will endure and will be fine!

    In the meantime, truly concerned softball fans that got shaken up last night should watch this. You WILL FEEL BETTER:

  25. Stephen Tsai:

    Last year, I used to have to think up the topic during practice. It's always better when you don't plan.

  26. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, back to ESPN.
    NFL Networks' "K" looked like kanji.
    This is a serous day. We don't need graphics people to font around.

  27. Stephen Tsai:

    Tine to get one of those laptop coolers.
    My chestnuts are getting roasted.

  28. Warrior Dave:

    #12 ST, spot on comments as usual!

    #24 Kevin, thanks for the update. Glad to hear that it wasn't anything season ending or career threatening.

    ST is right again that she really stepped up this year. After living in the shadows of Ricketts for several years. She exceeded all of my expeditions for this year. Get well Kaia!!!

  29. Stephen Tsai:

    When did Ron Jaworski become Martin Mull?

  30. Ipu Man:

    Be careful ST, in the old days we had to wear a heavy lead apron to avoid Krypton rays from penetrating our private parts on the old "desk top" computers...

  31. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

  32. wafan:

    There is a song in there somewhere . . .

    Chestnuts roasted by my laptop
    Sweat drop rolling down my . . .

    Needs some work.

  33. Stephen Tsai:

    Ipu Man:
    I remember when the pregnant women had to wear lead aprons. It would be nice to see a comparison of how those kids turned out compared to "unprotected" kids.

  34. Kevin:

    Warrior Dave,

    Its one of those things... I was field level when it happened and looking right at her as it did and I cant erase those seconds and the minutes after out of my mind. Forget the season, forget that game... all manini matters. I have watched Parnaby since her freshman season as with all of these players and getting to work with booster matters, you get to know them all a little better, you talk to them once in a while casually, you see them before and after games just as themselves sometimes and all the stuff about winning or losing an ace is very secondary.

    Just saw someone I respect a lot and admire from what she has done to carry this team on her back when many outside didnt think she was capable to doing.. saw that someone in agony and I had to turn away.

    But as a good man once reminded me this morning, the sun rose today, Parnaby is in good spirits, the ladies are ready to play.. and to play for their fallen teamma... no.. to play for their sidelined FRIEND.

  35. Stephen Tsai:

    There's cheering and people jumping around. It would be nice if the ESPN folks would just turn around.

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    Tarleton State is where?

  37. Warrior Dave:


    Wahine SB is lucky to have such a rabid supporter like you. This is a sport that is always covered on the inside middle pages of the daily newspaper but I notice you never let an opportunity to provided great information about this team go by and with such passion.

    Keep it coming Kevin! I appreciate your tireless efforts and dedication for our Rainbow Wahine. All UH sports could use more supporters and boosters like you.

  38. Kevin:

    No. We are all lucky that there are programs like these that people can get behind if they choose to. A lot of "hidden" treasures at the quarry. Some of the most interesting, amusing, hard-working, close-knit people I have met make up the backbone of this softball program to be able to help them in anyway is a blessing.

  39. Chicken Grease:

    Go on what wa[rrior] fan's saying:

    Chestnuts roasting 'gainst this CPU
    Laptop model not withstanding

    This is worse
    Than a deadline due in 10 seconds

    And a mime about to walk right up to me

    Everybody knows
    You should partition your 'n-ts from your laptop
    'Tis much easier said than done . . .

    Somebody finish (oooh, pardon the pun!!!) this.

    The rest of you . . . know the funkiness (Chicken Grease):

  40. dedicatedfan:

    Kevin, I agree, Kaia Parnaby, is one tough cookie. Softball's version of Ray Lewis. She will be back better and stronger then ever. This actually could be a blessing in disguise. This injury will allow her to rest her arm, give Loie and Keiki some much needed time, and experience, in the circle.

  41. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    April 27th, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Tarleton State is where?

    Uh . . . Mr. Tsai (a Grease almost wanna apologize for this, but, uh . . .), Tarleton State is in, um, Stephenville, Texas [Emphasis Yours, apparently, Mr. Tsai]

  42. Former UH Athlete:

    The "experts" know nothing. I can't watch them talk anymore because they are just guessing on some of their predictions and mock drafts. Their credibility is taking a huge hit in this draft.

    How is it possible that every "expert" got Sharrif Floyd and Gino Smith completely wrong. Everybody had Floyd in the top 5 and Gino Smith as a lock in the first round.

  43. sorry Edwards:

    Leaving early isnt looking like such a good idea now...

    At this point, its where you have to start thinking of maybe not getting drafted so that you can find yourself a favorable free agent tryout. Which if thats the case, then he definitely shouldve stayed..

    Its not like he was like a Darron Thomas with a Marcus Mariota breathing down your neck for his starting job or anything...

    From the moment he announced, I knew it was a mistake. Sorry, not trying to hate, just keeping it real, cant lie.

    Remember Carl English? Joston Thomas? Same smell, just different sport.

    And no, this aint even a Colt comparison, as it was a sure thing that Colt wouldve been drafted top 3-4 rounds had he left after his jr. campaign. Edwards is not in that same category or conversation. Colt ended up moving down because of his sacrifice, Edwards on the other hand, couldve only moved up.

    Live & learn, I presume.

  44. Chicken Grease:

    Was about to ask, uh . . . how's Parnaby's, uh, bones?

    Former UH Athlete:

    April 27th, 2013 at 9:52 am

    The "experts" know nothing. I can't watch them talk anymore because they are just guessing on some of their predictions and mock drafts. Their credibility is taking a huge hit in this draft.

    How is it possible that every "expert" got Sharrif Floyd and Gino Smith completely wrong. Everybody had Floyd in the top 5 and Gino Smith as a lock in the first round.

    Good points, as usual, Former UH Athlete. Formidable and insightful.

    Remember, though . . . highly touted draft picks can end up getting cut (who's that USC QB same year as Colt Brennan? Exactly. And Tebow seems to be on the cusp of snip-snip).

  45. SteveM:

    RE: #37
    Warrior Dave -- I think you meant "avid" fan" versus "rabid" fan?
    Ohhh, try wait... maybe you are grammatically correct... :)

    Seriously though, thanks for the news and insights, Kevin!

  46. papajoe2:

    F UH A~ Every year the same thing with predicting the draft.

  47. Chicken Grease:

    NFL network reporter just spoke w/SD coach McCoy. Asked him whether GF situation mattered, McCoy said "no" succinctly. Asked McCoy about Te'o's performance in the champainship bowl; McCoy basically said that that was "only 1 game." and that the Chargers are looking to get players w/a passion for the game.

    Also, according to NFL Network right now, Te'o about to speak at San Diego Chargers' HQ or one of their properties, etc.

    Good to know McCoy has faith in Te'o (NFL reporter pronunciating as "Tay Ow," by the way). That having been said, this don't look like enthusiastic. The other NFL Network analysts there also questioning Te'o's performance in the champainship game and how that'd factor into this pro' level.

    Really great analysis. Stuff a Grease has asked in the past. Should go apply NFL Network :) .

  48. Stephen Tsai:

    This draft needs to hurry along.
    Somebody with roasted chestnuts really needs to use the bathroom.

  49. Ipu Man:

    Go Cleveland Browns...

  50. Chicken Grease:


  51. Chicken Grease:

    SO GLAD NFL Network doesnk( show that incessant local Burger King "ah byeen meney playse / tasted awl the fla . . ." TV ad.

    NFL Network about to show parts (or all?) of a Te'o's San Diego press conference. Would TV cut in? Mini-screen at the bottom of the screen, Toma Parade?

  52. Ipu Man:

    San Jose State and Fresno got players drafted.
    Did anybody see highly rated Boise in the draft?

  53. oldie:

    Anybody with a Pebble Watch out there? If so. want to share my Warrior Watchface with you.

  54. Ipu Man:

    LaTech, too, was on the radar...

  55. Stephen Tsai:

    There were benefits to being in the WAC . . .

  56. Warrior Dave:

    Theo Ridduck is giving Manti Teo much love on NFL Network.

  57. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Healing prayers for Super Girl, the wunder from down under! Get better Kaia!

    Prayers and positive thoughts for all Warrior draft and free agent hopefuls.


  58. papajoe2:

    I saw at least 1 Boise State and at least 3 from La. Tech.

  59. Warrior Dave:

    My bad, Theo Riddick was the player taken. Manti interview on now.

  60. papajoe2:

    Te'o on ESPN now.

  61. dedicatedfan:

    Mike Edwards situation/decision, is a lot different then those basketball players. His decision had a lot to do with family. Remember his has kids to support. Cannot do that being on a Football Scholarship.

  62. Chicken Grease:

    Yeah, they kinda' talking about him a lot at this juncture, Warrior Dave. There's a lot of objectivity being addressed, but, when whoever starts to make excuses about a Te'o's national champainship pplopsided performance, the pundits look like they're on the take or something.

    Only one thing matters. Can bruddah play? Can't do the equivalent of how a Wie is consistently NOT top place in golf, no?

  63. Ipu Man:

    I like to see Mike Edwards in a 49er uniform...

  64. Chicken Grease:

    Te'o taking now on NFL Network. More nonsense at this point. He actually just mentioned "Super Bowl [trophies] coming to San Diego."

    A Grease'll finally say this: hate how a Te'o speaks. Just so much fluff that I hear.

  65. koakane:

    morning :cool: 808 wot a sunny and beautiful day it is

    add this to make memory :eek: moments the rainbow wahines have been doing time after time.

    when Parnaby left the field to a standing ovation, #9 Loie Kesterson came in to take her warm up pitches. all the starters gathered at second base and when the game was ready to play they went up to her showing support and ensuring her they had her back. precious :cry: nuff said. IMUA LADIES

    how can you not show for today double header starting at 2 :evil:

    congrats to the warrior :megreen: men on their win last night keep it up

  66. Ipu Man:

    Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods should do a charity golf event together...

  67. Chicken Grease:

    This press conference of a Te'o is just 100% (except for the marquee at the bottom of the screen) on on the NFL Network.

    He just mentioned "my work ethic"; yeah. The one affected by the 'phone at one point.

    He plays well during the season, heh, he might even impress a Grease.

  68. koakane:


  69. SteveM:

    RE: #48
    ST -- remember the rolling metal typewriter stands? Could fit both laptop and cell phone. Every bathroom should have one... :oops:

  70. Warrior Dave:

    I think Manti's comments are very well rehearsed. I haven't heard anything outrageous so far.

    Didn't Geno Smith say he was going to lead the Jets back to the playoffs on the way to the podium? Now that is very bold statement which he later toned down.

  71. Ipu Man:

    Khalid Wooten, CB, from Nevada just got drafted...

  72. papajoe2:

    Still ranting. Let it go!

  73. Chicken Grease:

    Ipu Man:
    April 27th, 2013 at 10:35 am

    Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods should do a charity golf event together...

    Heh. Michelle and Tiger walk into a golf tournament. One of the staff there welcomes them and asks, "are you folks here to play in the golf tournament?" whooops.

  74. Ipu Man:

    Steve M. not on a cruise I suppose. It would be like a skateboard on steroids...

  75. Warrior Dave:

    Hold your head up Mike Edwards!

    I believe he will make an NFL roster even if he has to go the free agent route. Too good of a player and the team will see that once he gets into a camp.

  76. Ipu Man:

    Almost time for the tummy.
    Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich from Charley's will hafta do...

  77. Chicken Grease:


  78. Stephen Tsai:

    Why don't I remember Brice Butler?

  79. Stephen Tsai:

    Then again, there were a lot of fireworks on San Diego.

  80. Chicken Grease:

    April 27th, 2013 at 10:41 am

    Still ranting. Let it go!

    papajoe2, a Grease no longer takes stock in what you say. I though you were a pal to me on this board and you go and say "get a life" to me on this board (and by the way; if you knew how progressive and wonderful my life is, you'd do a double-take all day long). I say things related to UH (my Warriors-slant is just one example) and I make jokes, brighten up peoples' day. You and DPK, I was nice to, and you guys go against a Grease. So, ne'er mind.

    My posts are not "oh, hi ______" and that's it. Or just "_______ is back" or just one "good morning" and that's it.

    You want rants that aren't suppose to be here? Itks not a GREASE's posts -- Just wait 'til UH football season and you can see how many suddenly kick dirt on our Warriors.

    Peace to you and DPK. A Grease just don't trust enough to listen to you anymore. Eeek!

    Know the funkiness that a Grease is:

  81. RedZone:

    Ivy league got 3 players drafted. 2 4th round and one seventh so far.

  82. oldtimer808:

    Rest up Kaia and let your body heal. I understand she did not brake her nose Mahalo Akua. I'm looking forward to the doubleheader and I have a feeling these ladies will come out swinging, oh well, as usual lately. Go Bows!!

  83. Chicken Grease:

    Nets-Bulls 3rd overtime about to start. 127, all. Sheesh.

  84. cocobean:

    #80. Funny read without intending to be funny.

  85. papajoe2:

    Ai no kea. bwahahahaha

  86. Stephen Tsai:

    We need to look into the football machine that is Appalachian State.

  87. Chicken Grease:

    April 27th, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Ai no kea. bwahahahaha

    You MUST care enough to post "boo-hoo, stop ranting."

    Anyway . . .

    You know. As solemn as religion, faith, and church is . . . God wants you to laugh.

  88. Stephen Tsai:

    Enough bickering.
    The Jets are on the clock.
    There will be plenty to bicker about after this.

  89. Stephen Tsai:

    Will Mike Edwards be Cleveland's pick at No. 217?

  90. Stephen Tsai:

    Is this my new style, with every sentence a question?

  91. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    April 27th, 2013 at 11:03 am

    We need to look into the football machine that is Appalachian State.

    Exactly, Mr. Tsai. They're no joke. Think SNL did an "Appalachian Emergency Room" skit, part of the joke being Appalachian as an otherworldly place in the country.

    One of the NFL Network reporters is an Appalachian grad, played football (their QB, no?). They were addressing Appalachian State as well.

    Mr. Tsai, did you get that Tarleton St. is located at Stephenson, TX?

  92. Warrior Dave:

    #83 CC, I'm also watching this game and the Nets have showed me very little. Aren't they the 4th seed?

    Wonder if D Rose will come back for the Heat series? He should make an announcement by now to say if he's coming back this year or not.

    His legacy would be tainted if the Bulls managed to make the Finals and then he decides to come back.

  93. Stephen Tsai:

    Jets pick a fullback?

  94. Former UH Athlete:

    Yikes... Round 5 had four CB picks, nine of which was Mike Edwards... No CBs in round 6 as of yet...

    Hold your head high Mike. Now you have a serious chip on your shoulder you can use for motivation.

    Still hard to believe Edwards not picked for his return abilities alone. He's quality CB.

    I guess whoever Mike relied on for his draft prospects were completely wrong, bordering on lying to him. I believe Tsai reported that Mike had received better than expected draft grade, which was a big reason why he left early.

  95. Chicken Grease:

    Mr. Tsai -- here's the thing: when you provide an answer which is 100% accurate in your head, would you STILL answer w/a question?


  96. Stephen Tsai:

    I think undrafted players should be able to return for their senior year.
    Then again, they probably wouldn't be eligible because they'd miss too much class time preparing for the draft/combine, etc.

  97. Stephen Tsai:

    It's always good to have wiggle room, right?

  98. Chicken Grease:

    Warrior Dave:
    April 27th, 2013 at 11:10 am

    #83 CC, I'm also watching this game and the Nets have showed me very little. Aren't they the 4th seed?

    This is a good matchup, good game, though. This playoff getting lost between the NFL Draft and baseball (oh, uh, "basebows" ooops!!!!)

    This Under Armour commercial they keep showing on NFL Network kinda' spooky. The boxer practicing punching elevated nag w/his elbow (cheat!!!!). Then, the lady with the Stark Industries running uniform. The heck?

  99. Stephen Tsai:

    I can understand a name like Biccari, because it sounds like Bicardi, but what's the deal on Armonty?

  100. Former UH Athlete:

    Yikes... Round 5 had four CB picks, nine of which was Mike Edwards... No CBs in round 6 as of yet...

    Hold your head high Mike. Now you have a serious chip on your shoulder you can use for motivation.

    Still hard to believe Edwards not picked for his return abilities alone. He's a great kick returner and I think he's got the skills to play CB in the NFL.

    I guess whoever Mike relied on for his draft prospects were completely wrong, bordering on lying to him. I believe Tsai reported that Mike had received better than expected draft grade, which was a big reason why he left early.

  101. Stephen Tsai:

    Armonty would be cool if the last name is Python, right?

  102. Stephen Tsai:

    Cleveland at 237?

  103. Former UH Athlete:

    Into Round 7 and Edwards still on the board. Maybe he'll be the first UH player to be "Mr
    Irrelevant" as the final pick of the draft...

    On a separate topic...
    I still don't quite understand compensatory draft picks.

  104. Chicken Grease:

    Dallas' and other teams' picks are over.

    Someone on the NFL Network JUST said "the game of football." That is SUCH a tautology. What else is football used for? Picking oranges????????

    St. Lou' Cards' selection next,

    'SOK. Warriors MADE to succeed in free agency.

  105. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    April 27th, 2013 at 11:16 am

    It's always good to have wiggle room, right?

    Yes. Like the song says:

    Wiggle it
    Just a little bit

    Someone on NFL Network just said it succinctly in that you can CHOOSE where you wanna go in free agency. You're helping to build a team. You go in your own direction. Church.

  106. Stephen Tsai:

    I did not know that Jeremy Harris was a cornerback.
    I guess Mufi has a chance to be drafted, too.

  107. Stephen Tsai:

    Bill Polian said 40 percent will "come from this group."
    53-person roster. That means 20 players.

  108. Chicken Grease:

    Heh. Kirk Caldwell has a certain Staubach-ness about him. And Carlisle's got cool 1970s QB looks, no?

    FUHA!!!! A great # 100 post. Deserved in its brilliance, as you are (and as Tsai is). Congratulations!

  109. sorry Edwards:

    No get me wrong, i hope Edwards gets paid, but as of now,not looking too good.

    As far as the basketball comparison, youre right, Edwards has, but then doesnt that make his decision seem worse? I dont get how his situation is `better`,if thats what youre trying to establish.

    Stay another year, go school for free, get better in practice & be able to show that on film, versus, what now? Cfl? Arena?

    Put it on the evaluator, if anything, for the poor assessment, but tbh, I saw this from the blue section at Aloha & the television screen on road games that Edwards was simply 'good' at best. Maybe if he played on the continent then he`d have better hype & exposure.. Then again they mightve seen more of what I believe I did.

    Im sour grapes.. yeah..., but i saw this coming, and I wish the evaluator wouldve been more brutally honest for Mike & his kids` sake.

  110. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  111. Randy F:

    Interesting that the parade for Manti (and Toma) is still scheduled to go on w/o the main guest. Can't imagine San Diego Chargers front office saying to Manti, "get on the plane tonight (Friday) or else because of the press conference.

    maybe he should have told them he had an important event to attend, like a long time planned parade for him, and he would leave tonight!!

  112. Warrior Dave:

    Manti was right to go to the press conference. This is only a parade held in his home district. If the event had not already been paid for and food prepared, it could have been re-scheduled.

    Personally, I feel his community understands and will not hold it against him. Way to represent Manti!.

  113. Chicken Grease:

    Randy F, Hawaii seems to be the emergency lever for a Te'o. For the Heisman, part of the news footage that a Grease saw found a Te'o sying that he'd win the trophy for the people of Hawaii (a Grease posted this before), this when it was near 100% predictable that the man who really won the Heisman, Johnny "Football" Manziel did so.

    To use part of a quote from a certain church lady, this might show a use of Hawaii when it's conveeeeeeeenient.

    Yeah, wonder if Toma went w/the parade, too. Awkward.

    Who the heck gets out to Laie nowadays anyway, unless you live there? Talk about "yawn."

  114. Stephen Tsai:

    What does a parade entail?
    I imagine there will be a marching band. But will it be Kahuku's? Or Punahou's?
    Is Jack Damuni the grand mashal?
    I think a block party would have been better. There would have been food (good), refreshments (good) and bouncy house (great).

  115. Stephen Tsai:

    I don't like it when pundits say that being an undrafted free agent is better than being a drafted player.
    It's like, sorry, we can't offer you a scholarship, but now you can walk on at 120 other schools.

  116. Lenny:

    This draft is something unique B.J. Daniels from South Florida gets drafted but not Matt Scott from Arizona who was rated alot higher

  117. Stephen Tsai:

    Why did the Seahawks need the full 5 minutes for the 241st pick?
    It's like basketball coaches who try to foul when their teams are down by 10 with 8 seconds left.

  118. Shoko:

    Well, you know Harbaugh. He see's things other folks don't.

  119. Stephen Tsai:

    I've sat on my couch the equivalent of flying from Honolulu to Denver.

  120. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    April 27th, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    What does a parade entail?
    I imagine there will be a marching band. But will it be Kahuku's? Or Punahou's?
    Is Jack Damuni the grand mashal?
    I think a block party would have been better. There would have been food (good), refreshments (good) and bouncy house (great).

    At this point . . . maybe it can be . . . uh . . . well, that . . . uh . . . maybe, uh . . . [a Grease drinks water.] . . . that is, um . . . perhaps . . . uh . . . this PARTICULAR parade can be . . . um . . .

    . . . phoned in.


    Go Warriors.

  121. Shoko:

    Eeenie meenie minie moe takes a long time.

  122. Stephen Tsai:

    Falcons waste no time. It's like: Hurry up. This is Hotlanta. We've got a night life to enjoy.

  123. Stephen Tsai:

    No. 121:
    I wonder if the Nuggets used that method when they drafted Doug Moe.

  124. Chicken Grease:

    Riddle me this, or someone 'splain this: don't some free agents get paid?

    But, yeah, Mr. Tsai, there were at least two or three NFL Network draft flunkies (oh, come on!!!! They MUST be getting paid a bunch by the network) who preached, "oh, yeah, I was 10th round" or "I was NEVER drafted." They seemed smug about it, hut they didn't have anything bad to say about it . . . and they coulda'.

    It IS funny in some instances of a free agent where he goes to show his stuff, talks w/the agent . . . then at the end of the day (quite actually; hate when the figurative "at the end of the day" expression is used. Makes no damned sense), he goes back to his motel in a semi-savory part of the city or back to the relative's house he thanks God lives in the same city of the team(s) he's trying to join.

    Where's the ESPN "what if I told you . . ." (which ALSO irks a Grease) 30 for 30 for the free agents' stories?

  125. Warrior Dave:

    Forgot to congratulate Warrior Bess!

    Shows what hard work and a second chance can do. Model citizen and ultimate team player. Hope most of the $$$ is guaranteed. He deserves it.

  126. Stephen Tsai:

    Best part — Bess part? — is that he's going to donate a lot of the money.

  127. Warrior Dave:

    ST, it wouldn't surprise me if D-Bess became a big booster to UH. He's been a class act since he stepped on campus.

  128. Chicken Grease:

    Mr. Tsai and Warrior Dave? Look up at # 50 . . . a Grease does "congratulations" to Bess as well.

    It is like the # 50, 100, and 125 posts are post-blessings for Bess's good fortune. He deserves great things to happen to him. Most would keep that money . . . but, he's donating it.

    That's a real Man.

  129. Shoko:

    Oh well, was hoping that Niners would pick up Edwards, but no such luck.

    Ladies and gentlemen, and that was your 2013 NFL draft!

  130. Shoko:

    Bess donates to worthy charities. Not sure UH would want to be considered a charity.

    Or maybe the do.

  131. Stephen Tsai:

    UH does need lightbulbs.

  132. Aaron:

    Mike Lombardi was a great NFL analyst and seemed like a great judge of talent. for him to trade for Bess and give him an extension as one of his first moves as Cleveland GM tells me he thinks a player like DB can help him turn things around in Cleveland. Lombardi is a Belichik guy, so maybe he sees Bess being his Wes Welker.

  133. Aaron:

    I think Mike Edwards made the right choice, even if it ends up not panning out. There's no guarantee that things would have worked out any better if he had stayed one more year.

  134. Former UH Athlete:

    We have our game of the year winner...

    Chicago defeats Brooklyn 142-134 in 3OT. Clutch shots, buzzer beaters... Awesome game.

  135. d1shima:


  136. d1shima:

    Let's Go BaseBows!

  137. Former UH Athlete:

    It's official... NFL draft is over and Mile Edwards is still on the board.

    I feel sorry for ya Mike. I feel bad that the people you trusted gave you bad advise and/or bad draft prospectus. I feel bad your agent failed you.

    Not all is lost... Now you can sign with a team of your choosing (which often times is better than being a late round pick on a bad franchise). Hopefully your agent is competent enough to manage that.

    Now its the Devone Bess route of signing a FA contract, earning your spot and prove the scouts/gms wrong.

  138. d1shima:

    Who has more QB's? Warriors or J-E-T-S?

  139. Former UH Athlete:

    #132. I'm a bit surprised The Hoodie didn't make a run for Bess to replace Welker. Amendola is a better overall player than Bess but the big problem with him is that he can't stay healthy.

    I'm thinking The Hoodie passed on Bess because of his contract. Bess is due to make $2.6 mlion in 2013 in the final year of his contract. The Pats are notorious for not wanting to pay up for players not named Tom Brady. I think if Bess was under $1.5 million, I think Bess in New England right now.

  140. Derek:

    B.J. Daniels was not drafted to play QB, probably he will compete at safety, special teams, or backup running back. His category right now is all purpose, an athlete. As a 7th round pick he's a long shot to stick with the team. But, the 49ers must have seen something in the guy.

    I was hoping the Niners draft Matt Scott in the 7th round, maybe as early as in the 6th round. Maybe free agent. The guy has a great throwing motion and is athletic and can throws the ball like darts. I think he would be a great pick up and can challenge 3rd string QB Scott Tolzien. Oh well.

  141. Chicken Grease:

    Baseball Warriors (gotta balance 'em out; we like the baseball Warriors win, right?).

    Woah. Oc16 showing the softball game. Parnaby touching her nose w/tissue. Wearing shades.

    Edwards going get something. There's always CFL, where he would dominate. Just ask mighty MMA mouse.

  142. RB:

    Mike Edwards signs a F.A. deal with the New York Jets....

  143. RB:

    here's the link to Mike Edwards signing with the Jets.

  144. Chicken Grease:

    Thanks for that info' RB.

    See if misfortune can turn around for that team. Oh, well, the Starks vs. Lannisters action going on there's w/the QB side anyways.

  145. RB:

    Hawaii USC game is set for National coverage on CBS Sports network.

  146. Chicken Grease:

    Homerun LBSU at "oh, say you can't see" softball stadium, 3-0.

    Need Parnaby back.

  147. RB:

    @ #144 No Problem CG. Now it's time for Mr. Edwards to work hard to make the roster. Hopefully Royce Pollard shows him the ins and outs of the Jets Organization.

  148. Chicken Grease:


  149. Chicken Grease:


  150. Chicken Grease:


  151. Chicken Grease:

    April 27th, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    @ #144 No Problem CG. Now it's time for Mr. Edwards to work hard to make the roster. Hopefully Royce Pollard shows him the ins and outs of the Jets Organization.

    Hey, hey. Like this call, RB. Might start a UH-M to NY Jets pipeline of sorts.

  152. .Manoa1:

    the shut down corner mike Edwards should of stayed in school the scouts knew he was'nt good enough to be drafted. all you hawaii fans was getting carried away hypeing him up but to tell you the truth he was'nt no shut down corner. mac's last year he was the toasted corner every wac receivers was blowing by him and scoring td's on him.

  153. ai-eee-soos:


    Who signed with the Steelers ?

    The punter Dunnachie, or long snapper Ingram ?

  154. Chicken Grease:

    5-1, LBSU. Wahine to bat now. C'mon ladies.

    Awww, c'mon .Manoa1. Gotta let it happen for Edwards, see what he can do. Think having not been chosen in the draft/free agent, he has more of that "lit fire" than a Manti has . . . the latter has a longer, steeper hill to climb . . .

  155. Chicken Grease:

    Woooh hoooh, OOOOOOOOOO.K. wahineeeee!

  156. Warrior Dave:

    Wow! Kelly Majam 2 homers so far. Wahine come back to lead 6-5 top 3rd.

  157. d1shima:

    Baseball Warriors (gotta balance 'em out; we like the baseball Warriors win, right?).

    So in your book, one is up, one is down?

    Y not both be for da team?


  158. Chicken Grease:

    Whooooooo hooooo!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS LUKE INGRAM!!!!!! Steelers is not only a classic, but, a great team!

    Most won Super Bowls. Who got it better than them? 'Specially with their new Warrior.

    April 27th, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    . . .

    Y not both be for da team?


    Because what happened after that "let'sgo . . ." that you wrote over and over again . . . At the same time v-ball Warriors were on their way to a classic upset.

    It could be interpreted as outright empirical evidence from certain points-of-view.

    sboku no atama.

  159. .Manoa1:

    chicken grease whats da scoop on paipai falemalu, Leroy lutu,Richard torres and the rest of the guys who went to san diego for hawaii scouting combine.

  160. Chicken Grease:

    A Grease isn't sure 'bout those, .Manoa1. Think Mr. Tsai might have the skinny on that inquiry. Good question, though.

    Fret any Warriors on the same team as, anyway. Whole Lennay thing's still creepy.

    Whew. Softball Wahine turkeying out here, but, they getting some bad calls, too. C'MON refs, hometown hea!!!!

  161. Lenny:

    Congrats Paipai!!!!!

  162. SteveM:

    Congrats to ingram, Edwards, and Falemaulu!

  163. d1shima:

    WTG Ingram, Edwards and Falemalu!

    All I got to say to dat is...

    Who's Got It Better Than Us?

  164. Chicken Grease:

    Woah!!!!!! Gonna say this, coouuuuuuuuld be better teams, but, ay . . . always good to see WARRIORS get in the NFL.

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!

  165. RedZone:

    Good luck to Luke, Mike and Paipai.

  166. 3-Prong:

    It aint ova till its ova. No give up. Or at least dont get run ruled. Hehe

  167. Stephen Tsai:

    I think the Jets could use a punter.

  168. Former UH Athlete:

    Glad to hear Edwards was signed quickly, but it will be a big hill to climb as an Undrafted FA. The great news is that his return skills will probably be his ticket to the 53man roster.

    The bad news is that the Jets are a terribly run organization and Edwards signing is proof positive. They have no need to sign Edwards.
    1. Joe McKnight was one of the best KO returners in the NFL in 2012. So the Jets don't need a new returner.
    2. Counting Edwards, the Jets now have 11 CBs on their roster going into camp.
    3. They drafted Dee Milliner with their first pick. He would presumably would start opposite Cromartie. So no need for Edwards there. Kyle Wilson is their #3 CB/NB and Edwards probably won't beat out a veteran player.

    Seriously, what's the best case scenario for Edwards with the Jets? He's behind Cromartie and Wilson due to experience. There's no way he'll pass the Jets #1 pick Milliner, even if he's better. So that leaves 2 CB roster spots for 8 players. Teams don't keep guys to specifically be the #2 returner, the just find someone on the 53 man roster to fill the void if there is an injury.

    Of all the teams his agent Michael Hoffman could have sent Edwards, he picked a team that needs him the least. Edwards needs to fire Hoffman as his agent as soon as he can. Hoffman is going to ruin Edwards chances of making it in the league.

    The Patriots, Cowboys, Chargers, Chiefs (and a host of other teams) were poor at either pass defense and/or return yards. None of the aforementioned teams took a CB before round 5. Picks from Rd 5 or later are fair game vs undrafted FAs in camp. Edwards could have made all of these rosters as a CB and most likely win the #1 Kick return job on all those teams too.

  169. dedicatedfan:

    According to Coach Coolen, without Kaia, in the circle, he says the Wahine will make the NCAA Tournament. Coach Coolen says both Loie and Keiki are not Division 1 ready as pitchers. Loie, did not do enough to prepare herself to pitch at the Division 1 level and Keiki pitches scared. These are words from Coach Coolen himself. He will be meeting with the team on Monday, to lay everything in front of them. Here is hoping Kaia can make a extremely quick recovery and be back in the circle by the Santa Barbara series. Otherwise,....

  170. dedicatedfan:

    That should be, WILL NOT make the NCAA Tournament.

  171. dedicatedfan:

    If I were Mike Edwards, or Paipai Falemalu, I would start looking at the CFL, as a professional league to make money in. Make a name for yourself in that league, then look at the NFL.

  172. cocobean:

    #152. Revisionalistic point of view. Don't recall many fans calling him a shutdowner. Mac's pass D was way different from last year's pass D. Mac's D didn't leave his corners on islands like this past year. Don't recall Edwards getting toasted by every WAC receiver.

    In Edward's mind it was time to go. I wanted him to come back but he figured he made enough brownie points to take a shot at play for pay. There's money to be made in free agent try outs, attending mini camps and just reporting for the openning of camp. Making a roster is a long shot but the NFL minimum is worth going for. Heck even the practice squad guys make over $5500.00 a week.

    The NFL is where the big money is but there are other avenues to get paid for playing. Hope Edwards has plan B, C and D in place now that plan A didn't work out.

  173. WarriorMojo:

    This freaking Brian Teo/Robby Toma parade thing was really stupid. Couldn't they have at least included Paipai? Freaking lame.

  174. papajoe2:

    #170~If the softbows win the Big West, they're in the NCAAs

  175. papajoe2:

    Did we tax payers pay for the parade? What about one for Chad Owens?

  176. dedicatedfan:

    #170, Coach Coolen says, if Kaia Parnaby is not in the pitching circle, he does not see the Wahine winning the BWC. Reason being, according to Coach Coolen, both Loie and Keiki are not ready to pitch at the Division I Level.

  177. papajoe2:

    176~I find it hard to believe that a coach, especially coach Coolen, would disrespect his team like that. Aren't we leading the league with only a few more games left. Maybe you misheard coach. Just asking but, are you really Steve?

  178. Chicken Grease:

    April 27th, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    This freaking Brian Teo/Robby Toma parade thing was really stupid. Couldn't they have at least included Paipai? Freaking lame.

    Couldn't have said it better. Wonder how many went.

    See if they want another parade like that after a season or two.

  179. dedicatedfan:

    Papajoe2, all you need to do is listen to his comments after the 2nd game, on OC16, he was quite blunt, in his comments. He was especially extreme blunt when he talked about Loie and Keiki, and what he foresees happening next year. As he says, it is not a pretty picture, concerning next year, as he puts it. Coach Coolen does not sugar coat anything, he just lays everything on the line.

  180. jm2375 (iPad):



  181. papajoe2:

    game on now.

  182. Pomai:

    dedicatedfan your full of it.

  183. dedicatedfan:

    jm2375, all you need to do is listen to Coach Coolen's comments, after the 2nd game, of the doubleheader, on OC16.

  184. dedicatedfan:

    Pomai, go listen to Coach Coolen's comments, after the doubleheader, or you can even ask Scott Robbs, or Lori Santi, what Coach Coolen said.

  185. dedicatedfan:

    Pomai, Coach Coolen's comments will shock you, it did me when I heard what he said.

  186. dedicatedfan:

    Pomai, I could not believe how blunt he is when it comes to his team. Man, he does not sugar coat anything.

  187. Chicken Grease:

    Heh. You're assuming a Grease will do the exact same sacrifice at Lent? Mercy. A Grease is Voltaire in Paris.

    Ooh. I compose on my trendelectronicwritingthingtablet. Big. Whoops.

  188. Chicken Grease:

    Whoa, whoah, hold everthing, stop, relax, whatever . . . because don't look now -- WE HEADED TO POST # 200!!!


    WHO will get post # 200?!?!

    Be ready.

  189. dedicatedfan:

    Chicken Grease, any more of Pomai's ridiculous comments, without listening to Scott Robbs and Lori Santi's interview with Coach Coolen, and I will get you there.

  190. dedicatedfan:

    Oh, the same goes for jm2375, too.

  191. dedicatedfan:

    I am still hoping Kaia Parnaby is cleared and able to pitch all 3 games against Santa Barbara. Cause these 3 Seniors, Kaia Parnaby, Kelly Majam, and Jessica Iwata deserve to go out in style. They have given so much to the Wahine program, and have been a pleasure to watch play.

  192. dedicatedfan:

    Chicken Grease, just 8 more post, to 200.

  193. Chicken Grease:

    dedicatedfan . . . I believe I understand your gist here. May A Grease say this -- and, mind you, a Grease tries to do this as well -- especially when there is, well, let's take this case of Coolen's comments. I didn't hear what he said; but, a Grease believes what you said he said.

    So, if you can manage to, say, provide a direct quote or paraphrase of what he said, the others might not have cause to argue with you as much.

    With that said . . . would like to see your post at # 200. 'Tis still a competiton, though. So, ganbatte, all! :)

    And TO ALL UH sports fans . . . keep in mind that there ARE different opinions within our ALL of our fandom of UH sports. Carry on.

  194. gmahoney:

    Dedicatedfan, or so you say.

    What if Kaia Parnaby is NOT cleared to play? Na Wahine is a team, they win and lose as a team. One series does not make a career. We will still honor all the seniors as we fans do. Win or lose. Say, are you Imai? Sounds like you.

  195. Chicken Grease:

    Here's the bigger question: the heck are we doing UP so late? Oh, wait, Saturday!!!! :)

  196. Chicken Grease:

    In a large household there are vessels not only of gold and silver but also of wood and clay, some for lofty and others for humble use.
    - Timothy 2, The New American Bible

  197. dedicatedfan:

    gmahoney, if Kaia Parnaby is NOT cleared to play, against Santa Barbara, and Pacific, I believe they do not have a chance of winning the BWC and going to the NCAA Tournament. I am just being very realistic about it. BUT I will still be there Friday and Saturday, to honor the 3 Seniors, Kaia Parnaby, Kelly Majam, and Jessica Iwata, cause they have given so much to the Wahine Program and have been so much fun to watch play.

  198. Chicken Grease:

    Somebody GIVE a Grease some competition to # 200.

    What now is has already been; what is to be, already is; and God restores what would otherwise be displaced.
    - Ecclesiastes 3:15, NAB

  199. Chicken Grease:

    One more.

  200. Chicken Grease:

    A Grease is drafted # 200.

  201. Chicken Grease:

    Don't let spam get the good #s.

    Also, look. Coolen said what he did in the post-show.

    Can we agree on that?

  202. dedicatedfan:

    Congrats, Chicken Grease, for having post #200. Yes. Also, I suggest Keiki Carlos have a serious sit down talk with Kate Robinson, to find out how Kate transformed herself from a so-so pitcher, her freshman and sophomore years, to becoming an all-American type pitcher her Junior and Senior years.

  203. dedicatedfan:

    Watching the Waianae-Radford White Division Championship game, hope Coach Trap, is looking at recruiting some of those Waianae boys. They are big, strong, and physical, and can they hit that baseball.

  204. Chicken Grease:

    Thanks, dedicated fan. Believe that's the first proper congratulatory expression offered to a Grease for a major post # on this board, quite. Next time, major post # for you, dedicatedfan, yes?

    Folks . . . dedicatedfan is saying things that are making you think about the issues of UH sports.

    Thinking is good.

    Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us exercise them . . .
    - Romans 12:6, NAB

  205. papajoe2:

    He said if we falter and do not win the Big West then we will not go to the tournament because no one else in the BW is having a great year and the NCAA will just take 1 team, the winner. Never said anything about they not going without Kaia. Yup, you misheard and got the story twisted. Pomai was right.

  206. papajoe2:

    Are you not the same person are you not?

  207. Philosoraptor:

    So again, Steve Imai-- "dedicatedfan" was proven wrong when an individual saw the footage and clearly saw Imai take it out of context to start trouble... tsk tsk tsk..

    Then you have a grease try to support dedicatedSTEVE.

    A grease, get a new job.

  208. Philosoraptor:

    A Philosoraptor asks about what about the other seniors Buchanan and Anguiano deserving a fond farewell. A Philosoraptor sees more of dedicatedCRAP from a less than dedicatedfan.

    Oh and perhaps A GREASE could find a new job with dedicatedSTEVE mixing and twisting words.

  209. dedicatedfan:

    papajoe2, Coolen said, and I quote, without Kaia they will not be considered for an at-large entry, if they do not win the BWC. Coolen also said, and I quote again, California, without an injured Jolene Henderson will NOT host a regional.

  210. dedicatedfan:

    Papajoe2, need to get your hearing checked.

  211. h7d8bfgvds vusdyvsd:

    h7s6fg8syeufv iseyfvse

  212. dedicatedfan:

    Kaia Parnaby needs to do whatever she can to get medically cleared to pitch by Friday. Then all talk about not being able to get to the NCAA Tournament will be mute.

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  216. SteveM:

    I think all this softball tournament speculation should be "mute" also.

    ST needs to get out the big zapper again.

  217. undedicatedfan:

    moot moot !!!

    yeah, mo bettah mute already

  218. cocobean:

    #209. That's not what you said in in #169 and #170.

  219. cocobean:

    #209. That's not what you said in in #169 and #170.

  220. David Vill:

    Rex Ryan likes corners. If Mike Edwards is any good, he'll stick around. Probably even if there are other needs to fill. The Jets do need good special teams guys, not just returners.

  221. koakane:

    SteveM: April 28th, 2013 at 12:25 am
    I think all this softball tournament speculation should be "mute" also.

    ST needs to get out the big zapper again.

    lets add ships cruise vacations to the "mute" zapper list. fair play for all.

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  223. Shoko:

    167.Stephen Tsai:
    April 27th, 2013 at 5:43 pm
    I think the Jets could use a punter.

    Apparently so as I noticed Dunnachie's twitter account and it mentioned that he was picked up as a free agent by the J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!

    "Awesome news, @adunnach31 who has signed a FA deal with the NY Jets! Still has to compete for the spot but is one step closer to NFL!!"

    Congrats to Luke, Mike, Paipai and Alex. Work hard and Represent!

  224. Shoko:

    I think the Niners sees BJ Daniels more of a tackle dummy on the scout team to prepare for the likes of Russel Wilson.

  225. Shoko:

    MWC NFL Draft Breakdown. Might have missed a few players as I got tired searching

    Brice Butler SDSU RD-7
    Gavin Escobar SDSU RD-2
    Leon McFadden SDSU RD-3
    Jamar Taylor BSU RD-2
    Phillip Thomas Fresno RD-4
    Duke Williams Nevada RD-4
    Khalid Wooten Nevada RD-6

    Undrafted Free-Agent:
    Barker, Chris Nevada
    Caprioglio, Joe Colorado St. Cardinals
    Dunnachie, Alex Hawaii Jets
    Edwards, Mike Hawaii Jets
    Harper, D.J. Boise St.
    Ingram, Luke Hawaii Steelers
    Jefferson, Stefphon Nevada Titans
    Lotulelei, John UNLV Seahawks
    Rouse, Robbie Fresno St. Vikings
    Sudfeld, Zach Nevada Patriots
    Evans, Rashad Evans Fresno Falcons
    Thomas, Momo Colorado St. Falcons
    Kontodiakos, Pete Colorado State Panthers
    Embernate, Nik San Diego State Steelers
    Katz, Ryan San Diego State Broncos
    Thomas, Lamaar New Mexico Broncos
    Green, Jeremiah Nevada Jaguars

  226. Shoko:

    Purcell, Mike Wyoming Niners << missed

  227. Shoko:

    Chris Barker Nevada Dolphins <<< missed

  228. wafan:

    Good morning!

  229. wafan:

    Pull together SoftBows!

    You can do it.

  230. wafan:

    Come on BaseBows!!!

  231. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Come on BaseBows. Make it happen!

  232. d1shima:

    Go SoftBows!

  233. papajoe2:

    Game #2 on again. Tune in for interview, again. We have 3 losses, one team has 6 and another has 7. If we falter and don't win the Big West, we will not get invited.

  234. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good morning d1 shima, wafan, shoko, koakane, cocobean, and SteveM. Thanks for being who you are!

    Let's pray there is a Rainbow at the end the Wahines' season.

    Go SoftBows!!!
    Go BaseBows!!!

  235. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    And a good morning to you pj2!

  236. kimo browner:

    The magic number to beat LBS is 3, the magic no to beat Pac is 4.The UCSB series becomes crucial.This weekend, The Beach hosts UCD to end their regular season. Pacific travels to CSF this week. Remember, included in those magic numbers are Hawaii wins or LBS/PAC losses.
    At the beginning of the season I said 18 conference wins would take the BWC SB Title....lets see how the weekend plays out.

    Coach Coolen opened the door for his wahine, quiping that regional play was within their destiniy. He was matter of fact in saying the wahine would have to beat up on UCSB's and Pacific's frontline pitchers, not just their #2 and #3 pitchers. In terms of hitting, PAC, LBS, HAW and UCSB rank 1,2, 3 and 4. UCSB has 22 long balls and are essentially a contact hitting team....With or without Kaia, Hawaii must take 2-3 against the Gaucho's and win at least one in Stockton.LBS must sweep USD and the Gauchos must complete their season with six victries against CSF and Hawaii. Wahine are still in the drivers seat but must play solid D and bring their bats...our D looked suspect against LBS and our hitting broke down.
    Also, we didnt look like a nationally ranked team in all phases of the game. Runnin' the bases included. Not as a team.
    I agree with Coach Coolen in this aspect--if we continue the same play--we will be watching the regionals on ESPNU. Its time to step up!

  237. kimo browner:

    since losing Jolene Henderson to a knee injury, the Cal Lady Bears have been scorced by the mercy rule, 10-2 and 11-0 in consecutive conference games. Todays game, offers little respite. CAL is simular to Hawaii where its team rode the arm of Henderson with little in the bullpen. JMO, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. JMO, it's not all on the young pitchers inability. Players do not recruit, but their coaches are paid to do so....

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