Dunnachie is "still negotiating"

April 28th, 2013

Former UH punter Alex Dunnachie has been invited to try out with the New York Jets at the May 12 mini camp. But he said he has not received a contract offer and he is "still negotiating with a number of clubs."

As for Internet reports of a possible deal, Dunnachie said: "People get hold of things that may not necessarily be true."

Dunnachie was not selected in the seven-round NFL draft that concluded yesterday.

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  1. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I claim first for Tom Mui!

  2. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    top ten for Kekoa!

  3. gmahoney:

    Is it Lent yet? I claim third for Na Wahine! Go Softbows!

  4. papajoe2:

    Good morning.

  5. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Gotta believe that Dunnachie will get a shot somewhere. Just let him boom it like we all know he can. Still remember the first time I saw him punt at Aloha Stadium and how the ball sailed past the top sections of the stands. Breathtaking!

    Glad to read how many Warriors were signed. Good luck to all!

    Go Warriors!!!
    Go BaseBows!!!
    Go SoftBows!!!

  6. gmahoney:

    Good morning, DPK and papajoe2.

  7. mo808:

    Good Sunday Greetings Folks!

    Happy for all our former Warriors in the continued pursuit of football in the NFL! God bless your efforts with great success!

    Hoping for speedy recovery for Kaia!

    Go SoftBows Go BaseBows! Go Warriors!

  8. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good morning to you, Gma, and you too pj2.

  9. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hiya mo!

  10. mo808:

    Morning to DPK, Papajoe, & gmahoney!

  11. mo808:

    No chicken?

  12. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  13. mo808:


  14. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Good luck to Alex Dunnachie.

  15. J.V. Sr.:

    Blessed morning everyone,

    Wish the best of luck to Dunnachi, all our former Warriors and our local athletes who are getting there opportunities in the NFL. All things are possible when we accept the man up above in our lives. Stay blessed.

  16. gmahoney:

    Good morning, mo808 and SteveM.

  17. madeinhawaii:

    Isn't Alex competing for a position with the Jets, as well?

    Alex Dunnachie ‏ @ adunnach31 5h
    Thanks everyone for the support. Gotta go try and win the job at Jets. Great competition. I have to stay focused on the next level.

    Alex Dunnachie ‏ @ adunnach31 5h
    Just to clarify. Nothing is signed until I compete in New York. Confident, but Very humble and appreciative of the opportunity to compete.

  18. Pomai:

    As Scott Robb told me last night "Hey Pomai The sun will rise tomorrow" guess what he was right the sun came up and we have another wonderful day ahead of us. Good morning all!

  19. Chicken Grease:

    Dunno why you're concerned about whether a Grease's koko, ne, mo808? Didn't you like what DPK said about a Grease last week?

    Pro-WARRIORS thought of the day:

    Except to say that we're still trying to balance out a certain near virtual dose of "go b__" (one that coincided w/the UH Warriors' v-ball loss to BYU) . . . and a Grease rested on the 7th day.


    Let's stay with Scripture for a bit. Ahem. There is now instance of "'Bows" [yes, that's "'Bows," apostrophe at the front of this abbreviation] in the Bible. The end.

  20. mo808:

    Morning SteveM, MIH, and Pomai!

    Yup, a beautiful morning in paradise! All things are possible!

  21. mo808:

    Good Morning CG!

  22. mo808:

    CG, just be a little more gracious is all. These are real people behind the keyboards here!

  23. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    J.V. Sr. -

    Amene to that! We keep your Warrior in prayer, too. Here's wishing him a speedy recovery. He brings a lot to the table!

  24. Chicken Grease:

    Heh, a Grease quoted from the "pro-Warriors" thought from kinoo*. How stupid' of a Grease.

    Greasethinks a Coach Coolen's controversial comments might very well be addressed in an S-A article today or in one of the other local news sources. Dedicatedfan . . . admittedly, we'll need more clarity and delineation 'bout what you were addressing about Coolen last night, maybe?


    * "here" in the Japanese language.

    ' bakatare in the Japanese language

    And koko means "here" in the Japanese language.

  25. madeinhawaii:

    Morning back at you! mo808

    Good luck to all the former Warriors! Best wishes to all our former Warrior athletes as they make their way through life after University.

  26. NYUHTX:

    So which is true? Bess going to Browns or Bess getting an $11 million contract?

  27. Dick The Deinonychus:

    Ah yes! A grease i heard about!! In the top 20! Not the top 10? Slipping i believe. Perhaps a grease would be better off vested in some sort of alarm clock? A Deinonychus says a grease with hand in pocket feel cocky all day long. Hard to blog into the top 10 with on hand on keyboard isnt it? Ah yes! Yes! A Deinonychus also recommends hawaiijobsondemand for a greasy one!


  28. Dick The Deinonychus:

    Is deciphering sports a grease never talked about before becoming a grease's new job finally? Hahahahaha! so cute! So simple! But mistaken.

  29. Dick The Deinonychus:

    So adorable! A greasy one trying to befriend a homeless one. When two fools combine, the twin powers are activated into the form of idiot and uninformed. A new job for a grease is in order!

  30. Dick The Deinonychus:

    Let the games begin! For a grease,i hope a new job search proves fruitful. Pity to spend all day here staying in character.

  31. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Continued prayers for Kaia! What a trooper!

  32. Chicken Grease:

    Well. Good morning to you all the same, mo808 . . . and:

    • good morning gmahoney (who might be thining a Grease'll perform the same sacrifice for next Lent; um)

    • good morning SteveM

    • good morning J.V.Sr. (who had the BEST posts this week).

    •good morning madeinhawaii

    • good morning Pomai, who provided a decent counter to dedicatedfan's focus late last night/early this morning

    . . . and good morning to a who must be a very yappari Mr. Stephen Tsai, with all those Warriors going over to his Jets, no?

    # # #

  33. Chicken Grease:

    Good morning, NYUHTX.

    Good morning to, uh, yet another apparently fixated on a Grease.

  34. Chicken Grease:

    Please notice, the acronym for "life after university," as offered by madeinhawaii, today . . .

    April 28th, 2013 at 8:02 am

    . . . life after University.

    . . . is L.A.U.


  35. Hanbun hinshu:

    ENjoy blog very much, praise God this morning. Hello to all. I share nice poem for honorable people here. There once was a man who cannot write, spend time on blog all day and all night, cannot think on his own, like to play character-make bad friend with crazy man and no one like to talk to greasy hand.

  36. Hanbun hinshu:

    Off blog topic. Mr. Hinshu asks if the power of images we see can prove aliens are among us? Mr. Hinshu also helps other back home in Japan find new jobs. Anyone interested? For example, SPOKESPERSON WANTED!

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    The way these things work is if nobody hears anything today, then the next batch of FA signings/tryouts is for the second minicamp.
    Dunnachie will be OK. He's a punter. People always need punters.

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    Question: If Joey Iosefa has a big year, do you think he would want to enter the draft early?

  39. Chicken Grease:

    Sorry. Post # 24 . . . kinoo is "yesterday" and not "here," as a Grease incorrectedly cited (see? A Grease can be wrong sometimes).

    Like you care :) .

    Carry on.

  40. kev-1:

    As much as we all like Iosefa, let's not get carried away. He is still very raw as a running back. One solid year wouldn't warrant leaving for the draft. I hope this comment is not taken too critically, but he is the type of bruiser that football coaches and fans appreciate, but talent-wise, I am not convinced he is NFL caliber just yet.

  41. mo808:

    @39. A lot of people do care, including yours truly!

  42. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    April 28th, 2013 at 8:27 am

    Question: If Joey Iosefa has a big year, do you think he would want to enter the draft early?

    Well. If he's willing to do the "free agency/singing with ________" at the end of three days -- as we've seen happen with great UH-M Warriors in as much time this past week -- a Grease would answer "yes."

    He's really gotta have the numbers, though. One effective thing about the NFL Network's coverage is that they were able to amplify stats, especially with regard to the few "who dis player drafted in the first or second rounds" draftees.

    Iosefa sorrrrrrrrta' has a name in NCAA (West?) circles, but, if had this hypothetical (which is a STRONG hypothetical, Mr. Tsai) . . . he very well might've ended up as a free agent, anyway; but he would be signed!

    Heh. Thought a Grease DIDN'T have a pro-Warrior thought of the day. But there it is. Thanks for the opportunity, Mr. Tsai.

  43. Former UH Athlete:

    Well, to be fair, NFL contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on.

    The only thing solid on a contract is signing bonus and guaranteed money. Other thanthat, any team can cut you at anytime.

  44. Shoko:

    I think it would depend on who Iosefa's agent is and how much fluff he can spin.

  45. Pomai:

    Kaia Parnaby is not the team, Kelly Majam is not the team. You Play, Win and Lose as a team.
    This is the Team:

    Kelly Majam Tara Anguiano Jori Jasper Austin Wilkerson
    Jessica Iwata Dori Ann Sugai Kiani Wong Ciana Russ
    Kaile Nakao Loie Kesterson Keiki Carlos Alyssa Villalpando
    Sharla Kliebenstein Leisha Li‘ili‘i Kaia Parnaby Kayla Wartner
    Brynne Buchanan Jordan Burton Kristina Akiona Jazmine Zamora

  46. Chicken Grease:


  47. Kevin:


    Some people don't get it. Don't waste your breath. There is ranked team right now at UH and if people want to follow then fine. If not, not going to make them. Its clear some people want to leech onto things at the last minute.

  48. Former UH Athlete:

    Iosefa isn't close to being ready for the NFL.

    He's got the body to make it as a FB, but lacks explosiveness to be a tailback plus he has major fumble issues. Joey is big and strong, but so is everybody else at the next level. Jury is still out in Iosefa's blocking skills, both pass and run blocking.

    Also, did you see this year's draft? Eddy Lacy didn't go in the 1st round... What does that tell you about how RBs are valued in the modern NFL? Lacy is a beast, but the RB position has been devalued tremendously with the rule changes and the modern platooning of RBs.

  49. Chicken Grease:

    Still can get.

  50. Chicken Grease:

    State of Hawaii #

  51. Chicken Grease:



  52. Chicken Grease:

    Great analysis, Former UH Athlete.

  53. Former UH Athlete:


    Just to expand on your point. UH fans couldn't get behind the Colt Brennan led teams of 2005-7. Aloha stadium didn't get a sellout until the last two games vs Boise and UW to go 12-0 in 2007.

    Local fans struggled to show up for the two best UH Football teams in its history (2006&2007)... They sure as hell ain't showing up for softball.

  54. Stephen Tsai:

    If you an agent, it's too late. Point of no return.
    Remember: Don't sign anything. (See: JP Marks)

  55. Shoko:

    I think even if you have a big year then decide to leave early, there's no guarantee you get drafted. See Stephon Jefferson.

  56. Pomai:

    Fomer UH Athlete: Actually they really did this season, we played to more SOLD(pun intended) Out games this season the last. Our average including the away games was 697 if you just include home games it was 811 and that was with a couple of Thursday games. So to not bad.

  57. Chicken Grease:

    Stephen Tsai:
    April 28th, 2013 at 9:06 am

    If you an agent, it's too late. Point of no return.
    Remember: Don't sign anything. (See: JP Marks)

    Potential NFLers would do well to immerse themselves in the Mickey Rourke (decidedly pre-destructive -- well, pre-cinematic reborn as well, for that matter [see The Wrestler, Sin City, The Expendables, and Iron Man 2, for starters)/Lisa Bonet (who broke Bill Cosby's heart [pardon the pun, as you'll note in a moment] for taking the role that she did in the following)/Robert DeNiro (wicked; his presence felt throughout the following film, even when he's not on screen, yes) vehicle Angel Heart for reflections on the conseqences of a deal..

  58. Chicken Grease:

    WHOOOOOOOO-EEEEEE!!!!! The unlikely (yeah, right, "they're tournament fodder; guess again) Celtics puttin' on a front. Boston inspired, in more ways than one.

    Who won the Super Bowl after 9/11?

    That's right. The (similarly unlikely) Patriots won that.

    Coincidence? :)

  59. Former UH Athlete:

    Local fans have an easier time showing up for basketball since its indoors. Plus the Stan Sheriff is the perfect size at about 10,000 capacity.

    I know attendance hasn't been great, but the basketball program is steadily rising from the ashes (after Bob Nash train wrecked the program) and attendance was better this year. It was actually back to levels prior to Bob Nash's hiring. Senior night sold 9,600 tickets, and was the highest attended men's BB game in over 10 years. UH has a very exciting roster this coming season and I think is primed to have a breakout year and finally get over the 20 win mark for the first time since 2003-4.

  60. Chicken Grease:

    April 28th, 2013 at 9:15 am

    I think even if you have a big year then decide to leave early, there's no guarantee you get drafted. See Stephon Jefferson.

    Ah, yes! Terrific citation here.

    Shoko, you and FUHA -- and a few others here (including the blog host) -- have unique sport insight, brilliance, and encyclopedic sports reference. Bravo.

  61. Harvard's Wife:

    There once was a man named A Grease
    Who had to be kept on a leash
    He started off cool
    But turned into a fool
    And now all we want is relief.

  62. Kevin:

    Former Athlete,

    "Sure as hell"? Strong negative connotation and disrespect for the student-athletes that work just as hard as football players.

    Anyone knows football is way more in demand.

    But as a supposed "former athlete" at UH, you should know better to use your words in a more accurate depiction.

    Far be it from me to repeat what fans have said to us to compliment the softball program over the past few years as they compare their performances to the other sports they are season ticket holders in. I won't go there unless you ask me to.

  63. Former UH Athlete:

    To sum up the major sports programs at UH in less than 3 words each:

    Football: rebuilding in progress
    Men's BB: Ready to breakout
    Women's BB: Upside surprise
    Men's VB: Scraping along
    Women's VB: Business as usual
    Softball: Flying high
    Baseball: WTF?!?

  64. Chicken Grease:

    A Grease still am cool.

    My limerick ends with, "don't look now, but, you have a fixation." Thanks for your fandom.

  65. Former UH Athlete:


    Yeah... Bad choice of words on my part.

    The point was that locals don't do a good job if showing their support by attending (in all sports). They all "support" the teams, but don't buy tickets.

  66. LizKauai (mbp):

    Go Alex, Go Warrior Alumni!

  67. koakane:

    morning to all :cool:

    hurting like most when UH teams falter but still it's 808 only college team. I still support da wahines and warriors no matter what.

    to all who post here a friendly and peaceful sabbath. stop smell dem plumerias and enjoy

  68. jm2375 (iPad):

    Men's volleyball is NOT scraping along. They were inexperienced this year but they played hard and with a lot of heart. Almost half of their matches went 5 games and they got swept only a couple of times. Charlie Wade and his staff are doing a great job with the limited resources they have. Come to the games, join the booster club and attend the booster club functions (e.g., chalk talks, post-game potlucks). They will be better next year.

  69. Hanbun hinshu:

    Interesting words by a grease, Mr. Hinshu thinks a grease is addicted to this blog and the people here. If there is one thing Mr. Hinshu knows, its addicts. I am an addict myself. I am addicted to finding the truth and helping people find new jobs.

    One thing addicts crave, I think, is unpredictability. We don't like anything that is "boring" or routine and I think a grease agrees yeah?

  70. gmahoney:

    jm, agree with you on men's VB. They gained a lot of game experience and never gave up. That much is certain, being in so many 5 game matches. We have a lot to look forward to next season.

  71. J.V. Sr.:

    Prayers and blessings to Kaia on her recovery and all of our Hawaii athletes who are recovering from injuries and illnesses.

    23. DPK,
    32. CG,
    mahalo, fa'afetai lava, meaning thank you for your kind words.

    38. ST,
    Joey always has the potential to become more than what he's capable of doing now and in the future. He controls his destiny for success. If he has the opportunity with right timing, I think anything is possible as long as he is physically and mentally prepared to overcome adversity and separate himself from the rest of his competition in the must have on the team column on an NFL teams final roster. It's a dream come true for most who make an NFL team. Making it a career is the challenging part and the chances are 50/50.

    If ever in doubt, my advice is get that degree. 100%, that's what sticks with you for life.

  72. SteveM:

    Cattle Call
    Maple Gardens -- 12:30 pm
    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    also note Wes'side Warrior's Georgia Cattle Call
    Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ -- 1:00 pm EDT
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Saturday, May 4, 2013.

  73. Chicken Grease:

    You spread peace, J.V.Sr.

    For sure, you know that God speaks to us in moments. He scolds ('specially a Grease :D) and He comforts in various moments. We don't know when He arrives, so, we should always be listening, as you do, kind sir.

    And He will heal your kin in no time.

  74. Chicken Grease:

    Great party there, looks like, SteveM. Ah. Gotta work (M-F for a Grease, uh, despite what some on this board think. Full benefits. Great salary. Even a formula for OT. But, a Grease digresses) . . . thanks all the same.

  75. Chicken Grease:

    God loves.

  76. Chicken Grease:

    Grace is God's divine love given to us.

    And we are responsible for responsibly using that gift. Sorry for the "responsible" tautology.

  77. Mechanic:

    Sorry, but Joey does not have the talent to play in the NFL. Wahine Softball. What you saw on Saturday is a look into the future.

  78. dedicatedfan:

    Pomai, #45, What you say is true. But when a starter goes down, their back up needs to step up. Otherwise, what happened on Saturday, happens.

    The good news, according to what Kaia Parnaby said, in the Sunday S/A, is that, "I am good to go, there is no way I am missing pitching on my Senior Weekend." If that is the case, there will be Rainbows all around the RWSS. There will still be joy in Mudville.

  79. dedicatedfan:

    Hey Kevin, were you the one holding Kaia back from putting on her cleats and going out to the pitching circle, in the 2nd game, of the double header. :-)

  80. d1shima:


    Walk off suicide squeeze earns a sweep of Stanford for the Dux. Great CBB.

    Let's Go BaseBows!

  81. wafan:

    Go SoftBows!!!

  82. Pomai:

    You know what, I was going to post a comment directed to the negativity here not just about softball (en Mechanic you know not your A$$hole from a hole in the ground) but I would be preaching to the choir, so I will just skip past all the BullSh!t. I'll probably get smu'd for this but that's life........

  83. Shoko:

    If he goes by the aroma, I think he'll be fine.

  84. kimo browner:

    Wahine WATER POLO team beat UC Irvine in Double OT, 5-4, to capture Big West Championship...move on to arvard for NCAA Nation Championship Tournament....Monica Egens named BWC MVP.

  85. Ipu Man:

    Children...be nice now...

  86. website:

    Several Core Principles...

    Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!...

  87. gobows:

    actually this is the future of wahine softball:

    University of Hawai'i head softball coach Bob Coolen announced the signing of four prep standouts who will play for the Rainbow Wahine in the spring of 2014. Brittany Hitchcock, Gaylan “Ulu” Matagiese, Heather Morales, and Lindsey Willmon all signed National Letters of Intent to play for the Rainbow Wahine this week during the early signing period.

    Hitchcock is a 5-11 pitcher from Westminster, Calif. who is currently a senior at Ocean View High School in Huntington Beach. She has been a first-team all-league player the past three seasons with the Seahawks. Last season, she went 14-6 with a 0.95 ERA in 21 appearances. She tossed five shutouts with 133 strike outs to just 31 walks in 132.2 innings pitched. Hitchcock also hit .411 as a junior (30-for-85) with 17 runs scored and 21 RBI on the season. As a junior, she earned her second Goldenwest League Pitcher of the Year honor while also earning first-team all-CIF Division 4 honors. She has also done well in the classroom, earning scholar-athlete awards for the past two seasons.

    “Brittany is a strong down-ball pitcher with good off-speed pitches.” says Coolen. “She will be expected to step right into the rotation and will only get stronger in college.”

    Matagiese is a versatile 5-6 athlete who UH will be looking to play three positions—outfield, third base, or catcher. As a Waimea High School junior last year, she hit .679 (38-for-56) with four doubles and six home runs. She also scored 31 runs with 34 RBI and 10 stolen bases. She helped lead Menehune to the DII state championship title and was named Co-Most Valuable Player of the tournament. She has earned all-league honors all three seasons. Matagiese won the home run derby at the USA PREPS Showcase Camp in Palm Desert Calif. earlier this year and has played in several mainland tournaments—as well as the Prague Tournament Cup in the Czech Republic. Her brother, Siasau, is currently a junior defensive lineman for the UH football team and she is a cousin of All-American Jessica Iwata. She is the fourth player from Waimea to play softball for the Rainbow Wahine—including associate head coach Dee Wisneski, Laynie Sueyasu and Ali Rapanot.

    “Ulu has a very strong bat and has really blossomed as a hitter. She has home run potential and has great knowledge of the game,” says Coolen.

    Morales is a 5-8 power pitcher out of Indio High School in Indio, Calif. Last year as a junior she posted an 11-5 record with a .069 ERA and 117 strike outs in 81 innings pitched. At the plate she has been a juggernaut on offense, she hit .479 (46-for-96) with 40 runs scored with a team-high 62 RBI with 11 doubles and 20 home runs. Morales has earned first team, all-league accolades for the past three seasons and was the MVP of the league this past season. This past season, she was named to two all-tournament teams and was selected as an ESPN Cal State Athlete of the Week.

    “As a pitcher, Heather has command of a variety of pitches in her arsenal. She can throw a rise, drop, curve, and change,” explain Coolen. “She is very agile and versatile player who will hit for herself as a pitcher and can hit at the No. 4-to-No. 8 spot in the lineup.”

    Willmon is a 5-8 catcher/third baseman out of Pleasant Grove High School in Elk Grove, Calif. She hit .448 (30-for-67) as a junior with 23 RBI. She also had three doubles, three triples and eight home runs on the season for a .940 slugging percentage for the Eagles. Willmon has been a three-time all-league selection; two-time all-city pick; and was last year's Most Valuable Player for Pleasant Grove.

    “Lindsey has a strong arm and calls a good game and was the catcher for Hitchcock on the SoCal Choppers club team,” says Coolen. “She also plays a solid third base and has a strong bat. She is a confident player who is versatile and can be a power hitter.”

    and for 2015 lorena ruiz:

  88. 2chainz:

    Actually Lorena Ruiz is c/o 2014... will play in spring 2015

    Listed by class year:
    Hawai'i Also has an Aussie pitcher for 2014... per Lori Santi
    Jennifer Iseri P 2015
    Heather Cameron C/Utly. 2015
    Lynzie Pacheco 3B 2016

  89. WarriorNY:

    Edwards signs with Jets... Dunnachie gonna compete for Jets job... With Pollard already on the practice squad, this preseason is gonna be fun to watch...

    Stretch, (if you're out there)
    Is it too early to get people excited about a certain package?

  90. wafan:


  91. gmahoney:

    Mahalo, gobows!

  92. WarriorMojo:

    Ugh, going through my pictures from the scrimmage and I think I have a shot from the play where Justin Vele was injured. Not pretty.

    Best wishes to Justin for a speedy recovery and a return to full health!

  93. dedicatedfan:

    2chainz,#88, Lorena Ruiz looks like a huge get for the Wahine. Also, that Aussie pitcher for 2014, according to the Australian National Team HC, is one of the BEST pitchers to come out of Australia in a long time. He also went on to say, if Softball was still an Olympic sport, she would not be coming here, instead playing for the Australian Olympic Team. Another in a long line of Outstanding Australian pitchers to play for the Wahine. When one leaves another comes in to play for the Wahine. Next year will not be a rebuilding year, but just restocking in the Wahine pitching department.

  94. SteveM:

    April 28th, 2013 at 1:27 pm
    You know what, I was going to post a comment directed to the negativity here not just about softball (en Mechanic you know not your A$$hole from a hole in the ground) but I would be preaching to the choir, so I will just skip past all the BullSh!t. I'll probably get smu'd for this but that's life........

    Pomai -- as President of the Wahine Softball Booster club, you are not likely to be SMU'd, especially when directed to the ONE (despite the many sock puppet blog names) who has been SMU'd. This is why I was hoping ST would take out the zapper again last night.

    In any event, your opinion/views on the softball team is most credible...along with Vice-President Kevin. Please keep us informed.

  95. Mechanic:

    Wahine softball players have difficulty hitting off-speed and riser pitches. They have a difficult time winning without a pitcher like Parnaby. New recruits, especially pitchers, are usually not D1 game ready as freshmen. So what you see this year minus Parnaby is what to expect next season, also less Majam, Iwata and Zamora.

  96. dedicatedfan:

    Mechanic, Zamora is a Junior. The 5 Seniors are, Parnaby, Majam, Iwata, Buchanan, and Anquiano.

  97. Chicken Grease:

    April 28th, 2013 at 11:29 am


    Walk off suicide squeeze earns a sweep of Stanford for the Dux. Great CBB.

    Let's Go BaseBows!

    Thanks again, d1shima. Baseball Warriors shut out.

    Well. Suppose when OC16 ends up changing their graphic to WARRIORS for all the mens sports, things'll get better. Wins and such.

    A Grease's so glad no further AUTHORIZED UH sports r@#nb+ws will be apportioned for sportswear. Yeah!!!! That's, like, the bestest.

    How's all, WarriorNY. Should post more often.

  98. Chicken Grease:

    Oh, heylllll no!

  99. Chicken Grease:

    # 100

    New A Game of Thrones tonight.

  100. wafan:


  101. wafan:

    2nd century, too.

  102. 3-Prong:

    d1: Where you was while Mrs d1 and your boy was workin cleaning da foliage fo da luau? Kickin back ah!

  103. types of media companies:

    Very sobering...thanks for sharing your experience...

  104. kimo browner:

    Zamora is a Junior...she returns for 2014.

    @ 87... i like Heather Morales for next year...she is gold and can HIT for power! Oh yes, she is also a power pitcher with a fast ball that makes her change-up work...Jennifer Iseri? 2015. As a frosh at Cerritos High she clocked at 2.89--H-1B! Bats and throws L. Right now, she would be the fastest on Hawaii's team and at 5 6", she runs like a deer. If she pitches from the circle, wahine have another fielder on the field. Nothing to ignore. Kaia has 15 errors on bunts and struggles with her overhand throw. You can bet, UCSB and Pacific will be bunting on Parnaby if she returns to the circle against them.
    Coach Coolen is bringing in higher caliber players and working the rich Southern Calif/Central circuit If he stays consistent, the wahine will be stocked well past his 1,000 victory. But, next year, Hawaii rebuilds, not reloads. Majam and Iwata can not be replaced. They are future Hall of Famers. As fans we know that our batting order has holes...we also know in order to make the annual pilgrimage to OKlahoma City, those holes must be plugged with consistent hitters up-n-down the order that dont KO 33% of the time with staggering LOB figures.
    Currently, the wahine have three batters with more BBs than KOs--a standard measuring stick of a good hitter. Majam (37/23), Iwata, (18/17), Liilii ((30/29). Keiki Carlos is close (18/22).

  105. Chicken Grease:

    Aha!!!! What the . . . have we a 'spiracy afoot?!?! Ahhhhhhhh, a Grease had that # 100, for sure. A post must have been deleted?

    Congratulations all the same, wafan, You can go sleep now (i.e., "g'night, all!").

  106. Warrior Dave:

    Kelly Majam is a once in a lifetime player. Not only is she a great player, she is a wonderful role model for all of our daughters and an inspiration for all to battle back from adversity with such an outstanding outlook on life due to her faith.

    I will always remember her for what she means to this program.

  107. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #106 -

    Plus 1,000!!!

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  110. WarriorMojo:

    A few photos from the Spring game.


  111. WarriorMojo:

    Re #108

    Robert Palmer the music critic, Robert Palmer the singer, or Robert Palmer the something else altogether?

  112. Hanbun hinshu:

    Mr. Hinshu likes Robert Palmer the singer. Favorite song is addicted to love.

  113. WarriorMojo:

    Oh, okay. Probably not as big a fan as you, but he had his moments. Music video for Addicted to Love certainly defined that era, though. Liked the Power Station stuff with Tony Thompson smashing the drums. RP died too young, though.

  114. SteveM:

    WarriorMojo -- thanks for the photos!

  115. Hanbun hinshu:

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  117. Chicken Grease:

    Hinshu. Is that from, like, V-3? Hinnnnnnnnnnnnshin . . . V suri!!!!!!!!

    Also, don't write book. Face book, yuk yuks. Maybe you should go back to your homeland if you don't like it koko, ne.

    Lacross? Is that even a sport?

    The repression is unleashed in tonight's A Game of Thrones. And how.

  118. al:

    warrior dave...i wholeheartedly agree with you regarding kelly majam. i had the opportunity to chat with her while on a brief hike coordinated by the FCA on Good Friday. what a great person she is!

  119. Chicken Grease:

    The late, great Robert Palmer's Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley's pretty good:


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    This new Dog and Beth . . . on CMT's pretty good.

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  125. Mangoman:

    Kimo Browser, I like what you wrote. And thanks for correction about Zamora being a junior. She is a great second-baseman. One that can field and hit. And Majam. Hard to describe how good a player she is. In the first game on Saturday, she dove and caught two line drives, taking away sure base hits. Plus she had the two home runs. And you can hear her yelling encouragement from her centerfield position. Maybe Keiki Carlos will step up to fill the void Majam will leave.

  126. Chicken Grease:

    April 28th, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    was that a kamen rider v3 reference...

    Ah, yes, quite, gobows! :)

  127. oldtimer808:

    I am impressed with someone of you who are in the know as to the softball recruits. I have all the faith in the world in Coach Coolen to restocking his team with excellent student/athletes. I doubt next year is a rebuilding year despite all the outstanding players who are graduating. I believe Coach Coolen is on top of his game and knowledge as to what he needs for next year and the future. There are players in the wings that we have not seen but will be productive next year. I am also hopeful that Coach Coolen provides a pitching helmet to Kaia to protect her in the coming games. She needs to practice with the helmet so that she is comfortable and not a distraction.

  128. d1shima:


    Heard was a good time along with a lotta good work.

    Was Hana Hana today, sorry I missed out.

    Go 'Cats!

  129. Chicken Grease:

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  138. Independent Thinker:

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  139. mctruck:

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    That's where he might have an opportunity?

  140. Independent Thinker:

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    April 25th, 2013 at 7:19 pm

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