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Cup runneth out

May 1st, 2013


Half full or half empty?

On the athletic department's third floor — home to most of the coaches' offices — the coffee cup is empty.

Until recently, a company donated coffee. But times are hard, and the company no longer could afford the donation that equated to about $5,000 a year. Yes, that was a hill of beans.

There have been e-mails exchanged that address the problem. For now, please excuse the Walking Dead.

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Avis has chosen, and the winner of the Rainbow T-shirt is ... Primo123.

Please e-mail me your address and shirt size at

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There is the Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant at Ala Moana (Slogan: They don't make it until you order it.) There was the Celtic and Laker dynasties (Slogan: We'll rip off dim-witted teams to get Robert Parish, Kevin McHale, Magic Johnson and James  Worthy.) And, of course, "Dynasty," with the eternally lovely Joan Collins. But of all the dynasties, is there any more addicting than "Duck Dynasty?"

For your viewing pleasure, we offer Duck Commander sunglasses.

To enter the drawing, please post: Gimme my coffee!

Avis will choose a winner.


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Happy birthday to the lovely JM2375. Birthday donations may be made to Screecher 1's college fund.

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