Who's the boss?

May 14th, 2013

It was a defining moment when UH decided to call all of its men's teams the "Rainbow Warriors."

What is known, definitely, is that it is the community's power brokers — not the UH administrators, not the people — who make the decisions.

AD Ben Jay was correct, in February, when he decided there needed to be one name for the men's teams  His handling of the situation, two months into the job and without getting more input, was too hurried. While the passion of Steven Chinen and the Letter Winners Club should be acknowledged, overturning Jay's February mandate was the work — and the will — of power brokers who write the much-needed checks. The decision to overturn the original mandate, like the mandate itself, did not involve polls or public meetings.

Today's decision, like the first one, was rushed to action. The uniforms of the past, long discarded or auctioned, won't be brought back into use for this coming season. The proposed retro line now becomes the line.

It's good the matter is settled. It's good for fans who prefer "Rainbow" to be part of the nickname. It's also good that we now know who runs the show

* * * * *

Austin Kafentzis, a soon-to-be-junior quarterback at Utah's Jordan High, today received a 2015 offer from the Warriors.

There are long ties between his family and the Warriors. Austin's father Kyle was one of five Kafentzis brothers to play for UH. A second Kafentzis generation — Tyson, Landon and Mikhail — also were Warriors.

Austin Kafentzis already has received offers from BYU, Utah, Utah State and Wisconsin.

* * * * *

Former UH placekicker Dan Kelly, who still is dealing with legal problems, has signed to play for the SoCal Coyote, a semipro football team based in Palm Springs.

The Coyotes' head coach is J. David Miller, who once collaborated with June Jones on a book about the Warriors. Kelly said he contacted Miller, who offered the contract. Mouse Davis serves as a team consultant, Kelly said.

Kelly, who declined to comment on his on-going case, said he works as a litigator for a financial company.

346 Responses to “Who's the boss?”

  1. A-House:


  2. koakane:

    numba 2

  3. rage777:

    Come on Austin, continue the Warrior tradition.

  4. tommui:


    Top 5?

    Come on over Austin Kafentzis!

  5. chawan_cut:


  6. LKB:

    So......is this talk of a "Rainbow Warriors" announcement legit?

  7. 3-Prong:

    Nex-Gen offers are a cool family tradition! Must be getting old. Watched the elder Ks play. Big time hitters!

  8. koakane:

    pardon ...... morning 808 weather looking good so far

    howzit to early posters ahouse, tmui, cc, tsaikettes and tsaikos

    sending out aloha to the rainbow wahines sball team. work hard ladies but enjoy the journey.

  9. d1shima:

    Let me re-consider my last decision...

    Nope. All Good...

    Still a Great Morning All!


  10. chawan_cut:


    whoa... talk about breaking!

  11. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody.
    Top 10?

  12. 电视棒软件:


  13. koakane:

    Follow up on cc #10

    The Rainbow lives.

    In a stunning reversal of his first major decision as University of Hawaii athletic director, Ben Jay has changed course and will name all of Manoa's men's athletic teams Rainbow Warriors, a source close to the situation has told the Star-Advertiser.

    An official announcement from UH is expected today.

  14. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    A little early in the day for this type of announcement.
    Wateva. :roll:

    GO OWLS!!!

  15. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    UH should reserve a locker with the Kafentzis name. :)

  16. papajoe2:

    I got to wonder who or what changed Ben jay's mind? I would still support UH no matter what their nickname is, but what happened behind the scenes is a wonder.

  17. NorthShoreFan:

    Lets Go Rainbow Warriors!...probably will only be... Lets Go Rainbows! or Rain....Bows!

    Lets Go Warriors!......no sound da same

    Things change but .... stay the same. So much for thinking outside da box. These are the peeps teaching our kids to "think outside da box". It's ok to think outside da box but no means we going change anything. In politics they call it a "dog and pony" show.
    Gotta buy new UH stuff now? Good marketing. Can change da name again in a few years and then we gotta buy new stuff right?

    Anyhoo, still one nice day. Lots of moisture and bs to keep da weeds growing.

  18. NotNasti:

    I would have preferred sticking with "Warriors", but unlike the "Rainbow Warrior" fan club, I won't whine about it incessantly. It's time to move on folks! I'm rooting for the home team, no matter what they are called. Now maybe we can make some money selling "retro" gear.

  19. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    We need a voice to give us leadership on this matter of Rainbows. I have just the man!


    Make sure ya watch until Willie plays!

  20. AlaWai:

    Hopefully the Rainbow Warriors re-re-branding will bring a huge financial wave of support to fill the UH coffers.

  21. UHBooster:

    WOW! It didn't take long to for the UH Administration to castrate this AD. It took a little longer for the others to loose their BasketBALLS. That is PAR for the course in Manoa. To bad, I thought that Ben Jay was going to come in and change the slumping culture that UH has been suffering for a while. Same as it ever was, in Hawaii nei.

  22. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Your destiny awaits you here in Manoa, Austin. And besides, now you too can be a Rainbow Warrior, just like your Daddy! :)

  23. tommui:

    I'm still waiting for my Rainbow t-shirt from a contest a week or so ago.

    When I get that, I'll agitate for "Fighting Deans"!

    (Actually I don't care so long as the people stand up and cheer and support the UH teams!)

  24. FatJeff:

    Oh dear...flip, flop, flip, flop...

    OK so your guys that complained long and loud, you better get to games and bring your ohana.

    BTW, doesn't some pesky environmental group already have a claim on the "Rainbow Warriors" TM?

  25. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I'm with you, NotNasti. Good point about the merchandising. A new logo with a Rainbow theme, and this time all proceeds from that logo wear go to UH Athletics!

  26. RB:

    Hawaii Warriors are No. 104 in Sentinel's preseason rankings.


  27. RB:

    Browns cut Paipai Falemalu.


  28. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Just win baby!


  29. Inyoface:

    The "H" brand money doesn't go to UH?

  30. jm2375:

    For those attending the HS baseball championship game tonight:

    Update regarding HHSAA Baseball tonight - please pass along to those who are looking to come to the game:

    Les Murakami Stadium has just informed us that they will only be accepting cash tonight! No checks/credit cards for anything.

    Weird, especially considering there are still home games left for UH bb.

  31. Abunai:

    Mr Ben Jay... You just lost 7 season tickets on that move to put back Rainbows.... Sad to say I'm not renewing my tickets for this upcoming year for football. I don't like the fact we are moving backwards on this. We should move forward in this day and age. All these old folks that want rainbows back in you can take it and shove it. You rainbow supporters better watch as when UH goes down it will be because of the name.... Kids now days play for the uniforms, colors, name and tradition in a program. I hope you realize this. A kid now days when they hear rainbows they don't think the beautiful rainbows we have here in Hawaii. They think gay.... It's said to say but it is true. The truth hurts.... But it's a fact. Very bad move to have a name change now. Very disappointed about this.

  32. wampam:

    I've lost all respect for AD Jay. If he cannot hold to his first decision, it only means more noise and yelling from the always present dissatisfied minority. He'll never have aday of peace.

  33. RB:

    Oh Boy now we are back to being "Rainbow Warriors" Does this mean a change in colors again? or change of the Logo again?

  34. RB:

    # 31 I agree with you. By Hawaii going back to RAINBOW'S is like taking you ex back after a divorce. JUST PLAIN STUPID.........

  35. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    IYF - I don't believe so, but I could be wrong.

    Personally, I like the name Warriors, but it is wut it is.

  36. Last Call:

    Jay just proved that he has no back bone, he's a weak leader.No longer have any respect for him.

  37. Buffoman:

    Somehow in the evolution of generations the art of compromise has been determined to be a sign of weakness. Life has to be either "my way or the highway". Too bad we have to be a nation of winners and losers. You see it in Congress and we wonder why we have been so polarized.

    I think the Rainbow Warrior change was a compromise position in an attempt to "get as many people on the same bus". Now Mr. Jay is seen as weak by some for attempting to work with all views. Too bad, but not unexpected.

  38. Inyoface:

    WARRIOR'S ALL DAY. Maybe if the color was just red, gold and green without the blue might be nice. I don't know, I give up, so much politics when football season is on hiatus. I pray to God the football uniforms don't change. Maybe just keep the football team Warriors and the rest Rainbows like it pretty much has always been.

  39. A-House:


    let it be said, let it be written

    guess I will have to buy 7 more tickets.

  40. A-House:

    Austin K:

    you will always be welcome to the Rainbow Warrior family just like your Dad and uncles and cousins!

  41. SteveM:

    Last week I opined that the "Rainbow" group will not buy "Warrior" sports apparel readily and vice versa. This could mean declining sales at the Rainbow Botique and around town with the licensed manufacturers. Bottom line: less revenue for the UH athletic department (whatever percentage they get--which Jay should be negotiating).

    "Rainbow Warriors"? Now people are either happy or unhappy... but this opens a 3rd possible product line for sport apparel $ales. Ka-ching! This compromise move should sell (literally) and the stores.

    ....and for the black versus green factions, that TWO more product variations to sell, not counting white. :)

    Hope Jay takes this move to the bank, and gets more interest on UH sport apparel sales.

  42. Whats up:

    Terrible, Ben Jay was trying to do the right thing and got pressured by the "Good Very Old Boys Club". I expect football recruiting to take a hit by this name change, better expect alot of JC's and transfers to fill the roster with real talent, because not many of the High School recruits from the mainland (Especially California) are going to get turned on by representing the Rainbow Warriors nickname in football nationwide, in front of their family and friends. I am a Hawaii Warrior football fan, so I will support the team by attending as many games as possible or PPV, but I just am not wearing or buying any Rainbow Warrior apparel or goods, period. I will stick with The Football Warriors apparel that I have.

  43. Mainland Hayn:

    What the heck! Back to "Rainbows". SMH. People no realize that here in the mainland (at least where I live and work) some of the people here refered to UH as Rainbows and teased because of the colors. That was just a few of the people! Just imagine what everybody else up here is saying! Auwe!

  44. hilosupaman:

    Decisions without support... implemenation without procudure... sounds about right since UH is a state school it be run just like our goverment/military

  45. d1shima:

    Say what you will...it's May.

    When the band starts playing Hawaii Five-0 in August, no one can stay away.

    :-? :oops:

    They do still play Hawaii Five-0, right? :shock:

  46. RedZone:

    I am so disappointed. I wanted Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. Oh well.

    Not. I like Rainbow Warriors. I never understood how some connected it to the gays. I just thought that people who did were ignorant.

  47. turfwar:

    Man Abunai if the name Rainbows is a threat to you because of a gay reference started in San Francisco you got bigger problems than being a UH fan. Where were you when Tom Tuinei, Levi Stanley, Mark Tuinei, Niko Noga, Al Noga, Blaine Gaison, Harris Matsushima and on and on were proudly wearing a uniform representing the Rainbows and kicking butt every weekend. Some of the toughest athletes to ever wear any UH uniform. Go ahead and ask them if they represented the gay lifestyle. I'm a fan of Warriors too but I've been involved in high school athletics for over 15 years now and not once have I heard a player say they were going to another school because the Rainbow name was gay. The only thing that bothers me now is if Ben is reversing his field because of orders from higher ups. If that is the case he needs to stand his ground if he believes marketing is at the core of this name change.

  48. A-House:


    I am from Hawaii and I really don't give a sh-t what you or your kind think!

  49. haka:

    Ok den. What's in a name. We are, THE Rainbow Warriors. The change in direction will no doubt stir the dirt up once more. But to those that wish to call the athletic director weak and say they will not renew season tickets I say PFFFFTTT...see ya! Whatever...."fan". Whatever...."supporter". As for me, I give the AD the credit for listening and having the "balls" to change. No can win. You make a decision, get slammed. You go the other way, you get slammed. You do nothing, you get slammed. I grew up a Rainbow Warrior. I embraced being a Warrior. I never would think of dropping my support for the sake of a name. NEVER! A name is important to represent, but it should never be the end of your support. To that, I leave you with a love story...

    O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
    Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
    And I'll no longer be a Capulet.

    [Aside] Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?

    'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
    Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
    What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
    Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
    Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
    What's in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;
    So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,
    Retain that dear perfection which he owes
    Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
    And for that name which is no part of thee
    Take all myself.

    I take thee at thy word:
    Call me but love, and I'll be new baptized;
    Henceforth I never will be Romeo.

  50. tommui:

    People play if they know that they have a chance; people play if there is a winning team; people play because of atmosphere, weather, good education, programs, scholarship.

    If they were that sensitive about team names, they would not be Anteaters, Dirt Bags, Banana Slugs, Turtles, (and religious types) for any type of "Devils".

    Quite frankly, if they were that shallow about colors or names, I wouldn't want them.

  51. Mainland Hayn:


    HAHAHAHA. If you didn't care what my kind thinks why reply?! LOL! By the way born and raised Ewa Beach.

  52. Gumby:

    To me, Warriors is a better nickname. I really did not want Ben Jay to back down from his original decision. However, a decision has been made. Although I don't agree or like it, I feel this is in the best interest for everyone involved. Some may call Ben Jay wishy-washy. I don't see it that way. He is showing good leadership. The goal of all this was for unified branding. Ben Jay heard public outcry, looked at the facts, and made a decision--even retracting his own initial decision feeling this is in the best interest of the school and the state. These are good signs of things to come from the athletic department under Ben Jay's leadership.

  53. cocobean:

    #31. Don't care for the change either. But you gotta fan-up. Renew those tickets and support the boys.

  54. Moocher:

    the sad thing...it was only baseball, volleyball, and a couple other sports that were affected.....tell us mr. jay, why did you change the football name to smaller team names? shouldn't it be the other way around?

    Sorry guy...I always said i was ok with either, but you lost my respect with this one...a wishy washy AD makes for another puppet on the lower campus......great, we got a wishy washy AD to match a wishy washy chancellor...only in hawaii.

    it's official...everything JJ did to build the program to where it has never been before is now gone.

    and for the numbnuts who want to talk about the tough guys who played for the rainbow warriors back in the day...check your decades because the gay rainbow movement wasn't around in their time.

  55. Abunai:

    Turfwar try read my whole post first.... I said the kids now days look at that!! It's all a image to them... Just like the bling bling. The kids always want to show off... Image is everything. That's my whole point... Back in the Nogas era there wasn't much about gay people. Everything was in the closet. Times have changed.... It's totally different now days.... I suspect turfwar doesn't think times have changed since the Noga era. UH needs a change for the better not go backwards. You must be the type that doesn't like change for the better of now rather then the past....

  56. primo123:

    cAN'T PLEASE EVERYBODY....no matter what the name was, someone was going to grumble.

    lucky you live Hawaii!

  57. BG:

    Good morning everyone!

    I care less what the team name is...I'll support anyway. However, Ben-Jay just lost his credibility and it takes a lot of effort and time to put it back together again.

    A good leader does all his research BEFORE making a decision. Makes sure he has the best information from the most credible sources. Once the groundwork is done, make the decision and move on. A person in a leadership position without credibility is worthless.

  58. Inyoface:

    Ben Jay should have let this one fly under the rug. He has bigger fish to fry and now there's an uproar and separation amongst the fans, we don't need any of this right now.

  59. primo123:

    Rainbow Warriors AND Rainbow Wahine matches better anyways......

    Lets Go Bows!

  60. Warrior Dave:

    What is upsetting to me is that Ben Jay changed his mind after making a decision. Thought we had something special with his leadership. Guess he also crumbled to political pressure like all past UH leaders. He can complain all he wants about light bulbs, etc. but its same oh, same oh going forward.

    Maybe Mark Takai and his Letterwinners Club pledged $12MM to 'retire" the accumulating debt to keep the Rainbow name.

  61. primo123:

    BJ just realized how it works in Hawaii.

    You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours....

    Lucky you live Hawaii!

  62. Kevin:


    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  63. A-joe:

    Still available if you want it. But, hurry before someone in Manoa decides to renew it.



    Goods and Services: (CANCELLED) IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Educational services, namely, providing recreational programs and athletic instruction and coaching for youth and adult students in the following sports-- football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, track, swimming and diving; and entertainment services, namely providing live collegiate sport exhibition events for the following sports-- football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, track, swimming and diving.

    FIRST USE: 19740800.


    Mark Drawing Code: (1) TYPED DRAWING

    Serial Number: 76168020

    Filing Date: November 17, 2000

    Current Basis: 1A

    Original Filing Basis: 1A

    Published for Opposition: May 6, 2003

    Registration Number: 2740990

    Registration Date: July 29, 2003

    Owner: (REGISTRANT) University of Hawaii CORPORATION HAWAII C/O Collegiate Licensing Office 2465 Campus Road Honolulu HAWAII 96822

    Type of Mark: SERVICE MARK

    Register: PRINCIPAL

    Live/Dead Indicator: DEAD

    Cancellation Date: March 7, 2010

  64. kifi:

    And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.” (Genesis 9:12-17 NIV)

  65. primo123:

    I'm sure BJ thinks this nickname stuff is trivial. That's why he made such a quick and decisive decision on it beforehand.

    Little did he realize how people would react, both positively and negatively.

    BUT, his changing his stance to a new name shows....

    1. He's flexible
    2. He reasonable
    3. He can change his mind

    NOW, what will happen IF HE changes BACK to WARRIORS??

  66. alnbama:

    Here in the land of National Championships, they could careless if you want to be called Rainbows, Warriors, Bows, what ever. Once you strap it on and take the field, just be ready to get punched in the mouth. My co-workers know I'm from Hawaii, and they don't relate Rainbows to the Gay community. I'm a UH fan period, I will back the teams regardless of what they go by.

  67. Rodney:

    Geez rainbows! Cancel my 4 season
    tickets!Great example of the forward
    Backward thinking of this state.
    Ill continue to cheer Warriors!!!!!
    Imua Warriors beat USC !!
    J J tried to move us forward
    Oh well!!!!

  68. Moocher:

    side note--perhaps somewhere coach mac is saying..."yeah the rainbow warriors do a fagg*t dance called the haka".

  69. primo123:

    GUESS what the next ESPN telecast of a UH game will feature in the beginning of the telecast??

    "A Rainbow in the Valley"??

    i DONT think peeps relate this to "gay' people.

  70. Moocher:

    u do know its illegal to tie in a religion to a state entity... separation of church and state?

  71. Moocher:

    yeah and after that shot they will seek out the first mahu they can find in the stands. hehehe

  72. Snap808:

    Longtime lurker here. Rainbow warriors combines both nicknames. Now we don't have the argument between bows or warriors. The baseball team was always the bows not the warriors. What we want is unification across all sports teams not just football. A while ago someone posted the prototype jersey with the rainbow stripe on the pants that looked pretty sick. If you don't think kids nowadays don't like colorful clothes like rainbows I think you're too old. Look at kids sneakers nowadays 80's retro is very popular. As long as the branding is done right it will be cool to kids. As long as the teams are winning the nickname debate should subside. We live in a day and age of acceptance. I think this is a good compromise for Ben Jay. Looking forward to the new logos and uniforms

  73. Moocher:

    wishy washy chancellor, n wishy washy AD

    maybe these two jokers can bring back the aina and kai hula bowl

  74. jm2375:

    And on another note, USC wants a drama-free season. Hah! It will be definitely drama-filled after UH kicks their okoles!

  75. jm2375:

    BTW, anyone know what kind of road work/construction going on at Maile Way that will take the WHOLE summer?

  76. Independent Thinker:

    Confucious say: " A wise man knows when to back peddle; a fool trudges ahead, unaware the Manoa hillside is about to come crashing down on his cranium."

    Good for you, AD. Now you can keep your job. Takai and Kim were getting ready to hold "AD to exit UH" hearings on you. Sort of like the "MRC to exit UH" hearings they had a few months ago.

    Now you know how to kow tau to the people, and this shows you are a wise man. You can stay.

  77. primo123:


  78. David:

    Rainbow Warriors! Yeah!!! God bless 'em!

  79. willie boy:

    hey ST- so are you going to officially change the name to the "Rainbow Warrior Beat" now?

  80. Independent Thinker:

    Willie boy having moved to change the name of the blog to Rainbow Warrior Beat, based on the recent development out of Manoa, is there a second to that motion?

  81. Will-I-Am:

    Looks pretty weak to me. What a bummer.

  82. uppah campus:

    Re-paving Maile Way. Gonna use the same cheap material again.
    75. jm2375:
    May 14th, 2013 at 11:40 am

    BTW, anyone know what kind of road work/construction going on at Maile Way that will take the WHOLE summer?

  83. ترجمه انگلیسی:

    I'll right away grasp your rss as I can't to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me understand in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  84. mo808:

    Well the sun is out and its a beautiful Hawaiian sunny day in Kailua, and then I read the title of todays blog (jaw drops). Is UH having an identity crisis? Will blog name change too from WB To RWB? I don't know if I like the football program being called Rainbow Warriors again--but, it is what it is! Have a good day folks! In Chow we Trust! Go (Rainbow)Warriors!

  85. gobows:

    Confucious say: " A wise man knows when to back peddle; a fool trudges ahead, unaware the Manoa hillside is about to come crashing down on his cranium."

    confucious knows hawaii...who knew

  86. turfwar:

    Abunai- try reading my post. I'm with today's kids every day. Some who have even signed to play at Hawaii for the next 4-5 years. And some who would kill to be offered the chance. Name me one athlete that claims the Rainbows name as a reason for not playing here.

  87. Think2much:

    Congratulations to Mr. Jay for making the best decision. It will never be the "right" decision because you will always have the extremists on both sides. But as a final compromise, it is the best decision. Mr. Jay will feel heat from all sides, be called a flip flopper, etc. but if you won't make a better decision because of that, then you aren't a true leader.

  88. Whats up:

    I could be wrong about Football recruiting being hurt by the Rainbow Warrior nickname. I mean, Norm Chow could win games with the Hawaii Warrior recruits already on the roster and the ones already committed before the nickname change and might help overcome the soft Rainbow Warrior nickname. Listen, a winning Hawaii football program will help recruiting, Norm Chow national reputation in college circles will help recruiting, the nickname change to a soft, fluffy, non-testoterone filled, less manly, not so tough Rainbow Warrior football nickname won't help recruiting. I won't be surprised if some of the mainland or local boy recruit decommits, partly because of the nickname change, even if they won't admit it. Norm Chow and his staff recruiting job just got that much harder in the future for mainland non-Hawaii associated 17-18 year old 3-4 star highly touted High School recruits.

  89. oldie:

    Warriors, Rainbow Warriors. I'm okay with either. As for making fun of our nickname, it doesn't matter what it is. Someone will find a way to ridicule it. Don't we call USC the condoms? Fresno State the puppies? Winning cures all.

    Steve Jobs had many faults, but it has been said that he had the courage to change his decision when he felt he was wrong.

    I still feel Ben Jay will turn out to be one of our better ADs.

  90. fshnpoi:

    on the bright side..now i won't have to yell at the sports anouncers "WARRIORS"DAMIT!, everytime they saY "the rainbow warriors".

  91. Darren:

    I'm guessing that we don't have any tough baseball players.

  92. SteveM:

    Mainland Hayn -- please share what city/state you reside in... I will add you to the Mainland/International Tsai-ko listing at:


    ...maybe there's other Tsai-ko's near you?

  93. Independent Thinker:

    gobows, the confucious I speak of stands on the corner of king and punchbowl, near the bus stop, carrying a brown paper bag, with wine in it, and he appears to be a homeless drunkard, and he shares his thoughts with those who are passing by. What confucious are you thinking of?

  94. Mainland Hayn:

    SteveM I live in Bremerton, Washington

  95. Haleakala:

    Just my opinion of course, but far too much is made about the name. If the name is that important above all else, we are in big trouble. People in general tend to focus on manini things.

    I think having soap in the locker rooms, providing good training meals, a great strength room, good coaches, keeping up the player's grades, etc. are far more important than what the name is.

    Let's go Hawaii!!

  96. Darren:

    47. The only thing that bothers me now is if Ben is reversing his field because of orders from higher ups. If that is the case he needs to stand his ground if he believes marketing is at the core of this name change.


    Once Ben Jay passes the polygraph testing saying that he was not “forced” into this decision, then I’m cool with the outcome. Time to just move on. If he fails the testing, then it only serves to reinforce the notion that things are quite whacked in Manoa.

  97. koakane:

    dpk this is a better version


  98. koakane:

    dpk this is a better version


  99. koakane:

    dpk this is a better version


  100. SteveM:

    Mainland Hayn -- thank you. You are not too far from wafan, and close to the Seattle Tsai-kos (who have been mostly silent in recent years).

  101. jm2375:

    uppah campus - repaving is gonna take the WHOLE summer? Leave it to UH. The Maile Way/Univ Ave intersection was a mess this morning and UH isn't even in session! :roll:
    (MPI grad is next Sat. I hope they open up the road that day, since everybody is supposed to park at UH)

  102. madeinhawaii:

    What is the fuss about? The fans that like "Warriors" can sit in one section and the ones that like "Rainbow Warriors" can sit in another. The latter can yell out "RAINBOWS!" The former can follow that with "WARRIOR!" They can yell it back and forth at each other all game long! ... Chicken skin!

  103. Oingo Boingo:

    Abunai, I hear you! Ditto me too in cashing in those season tickets. Four more for UH to sell. UH season ticket holders is dwindling down lately. Just look at the football parking auction for the upcoming year. In past years the parking spots sold out in three days. We're now into the second week and there's still over 200 spots available.

  104. Kaneohe Knight 61:

    I can see UH apparel with the rainbow logo being worn at Gay Lib and Jessie Jackson's Rainbow coalition political rallies. UH Rainbow Warriors logo should not be confused with political movements which will happen.

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  108. 3-Prong:

    POUNDS!!!!!! No can change name any moa.
    LET'S GO BOWS-4-EVA!!!!! Cheeee!

    Can tell I happy o wot? Hehe

  109. 3-Prong:

    But,.......stay away from the rainbow colored unis. I like the uniforms of all the teams now.

  110. Jack Flash:

    Buckeyes, Trojans, Ducks, etc. Even the "Crimson Tide" opens itself to all sorts of ridicule. Guess what? Just win, and NO ONE IMPORTANT WILL CARE WHAT THE NICKNAME IS!

  111. ?.....:

    is it Ben Jay or Ben Gay?

  112. DaveLetterMan:

    Hi Tsaikos!
    It's very sad that people will not renew their season tickets just because of a change in a teams nickname. Isn't supporting the kids more important than what the team is called?
    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Go Rainbow Wahine!

  113. Kevin:

    Why do people think the colors will change?

    Basketball and Baseball were Rainbow Warriors and Rainbows and they stuck to green/white/black uni combos as did the Rainbow Wahine programs.

  114. gobows:

    wahine sb:

  115. primo123:


    Kaneohe Knight 61:

    May 14th, 2013 at 1:12 pm
    I can see UH apparel with the rainbow logo being worn at Gay Lib and Jessie Jackson's Rainbow coalition political rallies. UH Rainbow Warriors logo should not be confused with political movements which will happen


    Whats wrong with you?

  116. gobows:

    Big West champion Hawai’i took home the lion’s share of the major softball awards with today’s announcement of the 2013 all-conference team. Kelly Majam and Kaia Parnaby headed the honor roll with their selections as Defensive Player of the Year and Pitcher of the Year, respectively. In addition, UH’s Bob Coolen garnered Coach of the Year honors.

    Majam (Pine Valley, Calif./Mountain Empire HS) capped off an outstanding senior season as the anchor of the Hawai’i outfield. She committed just one error in 60 chances for a .985 fielding percentage to go along with five assists. At the plate, Majam terrorized opposing pitchers to the tune of a Big West-best 18 home runs, the second-highest total in conference single-season history. In addition, Majam’s 57 runs scored leads the Big West and is just two off the single-season record. She also tops the Big West in on-base percentage (.462) and slugging percentage (.752), while 33 of her 53 hits have gone for extra bases.

    Parnaby (Bilgola Plateau, NSW, Australia/NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus) broke two long-standing Big West single-season records as the league’s top pitcher. Her 37 wins sets a new benchmark for Big West hurlers, trumping the 35 that Cal Poly Pomona’s Rhonda Wheatley amassed in 1987. In addition, Parnaby unseated former UH standout Brooke Wilkins as the all-time strikeouts leader. Parnaby fanned double-digit batters 11 times this season on her way to 325 strikeouts, one more than what Wilkins totalled in 1994. The southpaw was an astounding 37-5 with a conference-low 1.47 ERA and just 43 walks in 290.0 innings pitched. Parnaby’s five Big West Pitcher of the Week awards tied her for fifth-most all-time in a season. She went the distance in 36 of her 44 starts and accumulated 11 shutouts.

    Coolen earned his second Coach of the Year honor as he reintroduced Hawai’i to the Big West after the program spent the previous 16 years in the Western Athletic Conference. Coolen earned his inaugural Big West Coach of the Year honor in 1994 as the mentor of the co-champion Rainbow Wahine that year. In 2013, Coolen guided UH to the outright championship with a 20-4 record that included series sweeps of five opponents. Coolen led the Rainbow Wahine to their fifth NCAA Tournament appearance in the last seven years, and the program’s 11th postseason berth overall under his tutelage. In his 22nd season at UH, Coolen reached several career milestones this season, including his 100th Big West win, career win No. 800 at the school, and his 900th overall as a four-year collegiate head coach.

    Hawai’i led all Big West schools with six selections to the first-team. Pacific seniors Nikki Armagost and Megan Hom earned spots on the first-team for the fourth time in their careers while Long Beach State junior Erin Jones-Wesley and UC Riverside senior Kayla White became three-time recipients. UC Davis sophomore Justine Vela secured her second straight selection to the All-Big West First Team.


  117. primo123:



    May 14th, 2013 at 1:44 pm
    Hi Tsaikos!
    It's very sad that people will not renew their season tickets just because of a change in a teams nickname. Isn't supporting the kids more important than what the team is called?
    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Go Rainbow Wahine!


    Good Riddance I SAY!!!.....Lets get REAL fans in those seats!!!

  118. gobows:

    congratulations to the wahine softball team
    Kelly Majam, Kaia Parnaby, Kayla Wartner, Jazmine Zamora, Jessica Iwata, and Keiki Carlos named to the BW all-conference 1st team. Leisha Li'ili'i named to the 2nd team and Sharla Kliebenstein honorable mention.


  119. gobows:

    jesse jackson political rallys? really? dude, this aint the 80's

  120. gobows:

    the ones that scream loudest about gays, are the ones that are still in the closet.

  121. gobows:

    gotta relay that to the cheer leaders

  122. Whats up:

    http://espn.go.com/ncaa/conversations/_ ... -nicknames

    Hawaii is the laughingstock on ESPN with the Rainbow jokes, read the discussion/comments below the article. The link is above. Football recruiting will suffer! Thank the Good Ole Boys Club for jacking up what June Jones knew was a recruiting nightmare in the Rainbow name, in football. Mens Baseball, Basketball and other sports are not thought of as tough, hardnose sports like Football.

  123. jimmy the lock:

    Changing the subject small kine. If you have a need for speed, check out the 2013 HHSAA Track and Field Boys 4x100 won by Baldwin and anchored by a Rainbow Warrior recruit.


  124. kimo browner:

    Great decision by Mr Jay. Tradition counts...

  125. WarriorFan:

    Boooo!!! Rainbow warriors.. Who's gonna want to wear a rainbow on a tshirt?? Not this guy! Really disappointed!! Good luck on tryna recruit a kid to play for the "rainbow" warrior football team.. The Rainbow Warriors=Worst nickname in the MWC!

  126. gobows:

    definitely not looking like a qb...which is a good thing.

    and yeah, its true, he flew by the aggie recruit.

  127. Shoko:

    Was a bit surprised this was ESPN worthy. Some of the comments are pretty funny, tho.

    Hope this story doesn't turn into a joke on the Tonight Show. ;)

  128. Shoko:

    Ewaliko could be the next Pilares. He looks fast, but can he catch?

  129. oldtimer808:

    #31 That is a sad commentary about supporting the University of Hawaii Student/Athletes over a name and the small mindedness behind your thoughts regarding rainbows. Sounds like another Sergio Garcia.

  130. ai-eee-soos:

    ... pardon the interruption ...

    Pearl Harbor Shipyard workers exempt from the 11 furlough days ...

    The Pentagon is exempting shipyard workers from 11 furlough days that will hit most Defense Department civilian employees between July 8 and the Sept. 30 end of the fiscal year.

    The decision will affect 4,447 civilian workers who work at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, the state’s largest industrial employer, officials said. Another 554 military members who work there are not subject to the furloughs

    SA breaking news.

  131. Shoko:

    Appears Fresno State's AD, Thomas Boeh, withdrew for the Rutgers AD position leaving two finalist for the job: Louisville senior associate athletic director Julie Hermann and Wisconsin deputy athletic director Sean Frazier.

    Hermann and Frazier? That can't be a good combination.


  132. Pomai:

    #70 - Moocher: - you need to return to the class room, no such thing is stated>>>>>>

  133. d1shima:

    To wit


  134. Shoko:

    Seems CBS Sports also thought this was newsworthy. Even got a pic of the uniforms back in the 1950's. Very nostalgic photo.


  135. Shoko:

    Now that I think about it. The reason this is newsworthy at a national level is because of the recent nickname controversy involving the Redskins that was being reported last week.

    Anyway, Go Rainbow Warriors!!

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  137. Aaron:

    so, which big money booster threatened to stop donating if Jay didn't change his mind?

  138. RB:

    Name change even made it to the USA Today.


  139. PolyMom:

    What a fakata mess.

  140. spam:

    In an effort to clear up the UH nickname, Ben Jay will provide clarification at this week's town hall meeting. And then, right afterward, he'll give a five-minute rebuttal.

  141. RB:

    Hawaii will be the laughing stock of Ncaa football cause of the name "RAINBOW" . dont believe me. just read the comments below..


  142. BonDancr:

    Good move, Mr. Jay!

  143. oldie:

    Would be nice if someone would poll the present Warriors to see what they think of the nickname. How many would not be here if they knew Rainbow would be added to the name?

  144. primo123:



    May 14th, 2013 at 3:26 pm
    Hawaii will be the laughing stock of Ncaa football cause of the name ""RAINBOW"" . dont believe me.


    NOW if you was talking about the BASEBALL RAINBOWS, i'd agree. Laughing Stock.......

  145. primo123:

    the NOSTRADAMUS affect has SURELY taken over regarding the EFFECT of the NEW nickname.

  146. Kevin:

    As if the mockery of UH football never existed on ESPN conversation threads on their website prior to this….

    Getting beaten down on in three nationally-televised bowl games wasn’t so great either.

    Its like an election year.

    The Rainbow Warrior Party


    The Warrior Party

    Both sides with their OWN propaganda and selective pitches.

  147. Kevin:

    IF there was a “big money” booster in favor of “Rainbow Warriors” that threatened to withdraw due to the nickname change… then the question begs to be asked.. are there “big name” boosters in favor of Warriors and where are they?

  148. primo123:

    RAINBOW WARRIORS.....is a compromise that satisfys both parties.

    got Rainbows

    got Warriors

    BOTH SIDES happy!

  149. J-FORCE:

    There will lots of good memories with the "Warriors" logo including the sugar bowl year. It will never be the same. Warrior4life!! Go Warriors!!

  150. Inyoface:

    I can deal with the name change but please don't change the football uniform. Keep the H helmet, keep the colors, have it only say Warrior and/or Hawaii only. Please, please, please.

  151. primo123:

    #150.........AGREE 100%!!

  152. Kevin:

    There shouldn’t be a change in that direction in terms of logo, colors, and so forth.

    Ben Jay hit a homer months ago saying our colors are GREEN and WHITE and he even sent a directive of sorts to all UH coaches confirming this. They also said they would be consulting with their outfitters UA, Addidas, Asics, etc.. regarding this and if they did already, I dunno.

    However, one aspect of a logo change comes from the fact UH isn’t the straight up owner of the tapa H. Of course if done right, a modified or totally new logo would be in their sole possession and would be able to reap the financial benefits that they currently are not doing right now cause the tapa H isn’t really UH’s to own.

    The headache alone from these two sets of name change decisions could be enough for them to stay away from looking at a different logo, but the potential in a new line of merchandising does fall in line with Jay’s mantra of “finding new revenue streams”.

  153. Otto:

    OC Sports will televise and ESPN 1420 am will also broadcast the Wahine softball game on friday. For TV, Dash will do play-by-play and Stephannie Ricketts will do color.

  154. RB:

    Ben Jay said he wont change the color or logo.


  155. canefire152:

    Such a manini issue but potentially tremendous consequences. I am so sorry for Mr Jay cause he isn't the final decision and leader of the athletic department as I had hoped he would be. Outside leaders continue to meddle to placate the loudest squeaking wheel, out of fear. Confidence and respect for an individual are core values. Very disheartening.

  156. Whats up:

    Norm Chow say he doesn't expect it will hurt recruiting. But he really isn't sure. Now all of us mature older adults that follow College sports know that the Rainbow Warrior name is not associated with other movements like the Gay Pride. And in the microcosm of Hawaii's population of 1 million people we understand what Rainbow Warrior stands for no matter how soft of Men Football nickname it is. Now the other 350 million Americans nationwide knows more about the political hot button topics "Rainbow" of gay pride and Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition and thats how they relate the word Rainbow too more than anything else.

    Now ask the not so older, not so mature, testosterone-filled, invincable football playing 17-18 year old mainland 3-4 star recruit if he wants to a Rainbow. I'm betting being a football Rainbow will be a major turn off for most top recruits. It's hard enough to recruit top talent to Hawaii as it is, this Rainbow nickname in mens football will haunt recruiting in football. I want to be clear, I'm not talking about any other sport but football recruiting.

  157. bra:

    Someone necessarily help to make severely posts I might state. That is the very first time I frequented your website page and so far? I amazed with the analysis you made to create this particular post incredible. Wonderful job!

  158. RedZone:


  159. Rodney:

    #151 Amen,Speaks to the bigger problem.

  160. 3-Prong:

    158: BOWS!.......Rain!

  161. Don Weir (We-Ah):

    It is time for upper campus to share the revenue for the licensing. Every vendor 'ponies up' to obtain permission to use UH brands in their merchandise. Not a penny of this money goes to UH Athletics.
    I went to the graduation and saw the Rainbowtique store in Stan sheriff. I agree with all of the comments that point out that UH Athletics should get the lion's share of this!

    How about the UH apparel seen at Sears, Long's, and Costco (to name a few vendors). Where does the licensing $$ go for this?

    Apparel licensing and sales are two of the many 'bites' that can be taken out of the deficit.

  162. RedZone:


  163. tommui:

    I read the story RB cites.

    It is a straight out story about the men's teams will be the Rainbow Warriors.
    Anyone that thinks the story will make us a "laughing stock" probably would find amusement in Eugene O'Neil.lklo

  164. tommui:

    Re 163 "Lklo" is the portion of the keyboard that the cat jumped on.

  165. B-KEKOA (9th isle):


  166. egan.kawamoto:

    1. Warriors and Rainbow Wahine lack symmetry. If not Rainbow Warriors it should be Warrior Wahine.
    2. I support University of Hawaii athletics and their student athletes. Don't care if they are Rainbows, Rainbow Warriors or Warriors.
    3. If the name change causes you to give up your season tickets that is your decision. But loyal supporters that have years of support (Me 40+ years) will renew. We are not bandwagoners here for the t-shirts and logos.
    4. If we lose 3 & 4 star recruits because of the nickname maybe they will go to schools who have better names like Buckeye, Tar Heel or Duck. Though I would like to know who the 3 & 4 star recruits came when we were Warriors?
    5. Remember the Rainbows went to the College World Series and the Rainbow Warriors played for the Volleyball Championship. And more than one announcer from ESPN and other national TV channels still call them Rainbows.

  167. B-KEKOA (9th isle):

    I agree wit #156. In da NFL a lot of teams had change their logo to make it look mean-ner, but UH Men football changing their name to be SOFTER! SADD....

  168. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Don Weir (We-Ah) - Re: Your post @ 4:33PM.

    Amen to that! That arrangement remains the elephant in the room regarding UH Athletics! Upper campus cannot take away a potential source of revenue, then tell the Athletics Department to "run itself as a business!"

  169. mo808:

    @64. kifi, AMEN brother!

  170. mo808:

    S€rew what people think, let's reclaim the Rainbow!

  171. mo808:

    @133. Bookmarked!

  172. Ello:

    wanna see some throwback Rainbow Warrior unis this fall, a tiny tribal H could still be patched on somewhere.

  173. kris:

    I prefer Warriors but really, whatever, I would support the team by attending the games no matter what they were called.
    What I really, really, REALLY want to see is those that caused this whole firestorm over this nonsense, and I feel this is REALLY NONSENSE, really support the team by going to the games. Prove you are a real fan by going to the game. Enough about "someone ought to" or "they need to" or "they should call on _____________so he can..." It's all a cop out folks. You want it? Do something about it. Remember the John Kennedy's famous words "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country."

  174. YyVwUkD0:

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  175. Duh!:

    Mr. Don Weir, you are asking for nickels and dimes when you need dollars.

  176. gobows:

    #147 kevin

    they don't exist (they left with jj). na koa is the "major" proponent of rainbow. are you a member?

  177. Haleakala:

    This is funny. It shows that people would rather complain about things than provide kudos and praises.

    Where were all people complaining today when Ben Jay decided to go with the Warriors as a nick name? We didn't hear from many of them. We just heard the complaints from those wanted Rainbows.

    Now it's flipped and we hear the complainers who just want Warriors.

    Are there those who complain just for the sake of it?

  178. tommui:

    #175 DUH!

    A dollar here and a dollar there - after a while, you are talking real money!

    Problem is that everyone is looking for someone to give a million without giving a couple of dollars themselves.

    I hope you are not one of them.

  179. gobows:

    Gianna Guinasso, 5-9, Jr, Libero, Huntington Beach committed to the Rainbow Wahine.


  180. Whats up:

    egan kawamoto

    It easy to tell a bandwagon UH football fan when they ask who are the 3-4 star recruits when its was the Hawaii Warriors? I will be happy to provide some examples to you my bandwagon UH football fan. 2013 Kennedy Tulimasealii and Aaron Zwahlen both 4 star recruits and ESPN top 300 High School recruits. And more 2013 recruits Dejon Allen 3 star, Ammon Barker 3 star, Kwamane Bowens 3 star, Keelan Ewaliko 3 star, Julian Gener 3 star, Vasquez Haynes 3 star, Travon Henderson 3 star, Tigi Hill 3 star, Terrance Polk 3 star, Diocemy St Juste 3 star, Elijah Tupai 3 star, Darzill Washington 3 star, Aofaga Wily 3 star, Iuta Tepa 3 star. 2012 recruits Taylor Graham 4 star, Kiha Sai 3 star, Steven Lakalaka 3 star, Nequan Phillips 3 star. Thats just since Norm Chow has been head coach. Don't be naive my UH bandwagon friend the Rainbow name will effect recruiting in Football. Those 3-4 star recruits that Hawaii could have gotten with the Hawaii Warrior name but now will not commit because of the softness of the word Rainbow in the mainland is real.

  181. Abunai:

    Turfwar.... UH is the laughing stock of college football PERIOD!!!! Just look it up on espn.... Why would a kid put themselves in that predicament?!?! The only ones that would come is the ones who don't have another offer from another school so they can get a free education.... But you won't get any three star recruits at all... We barely get any now and now you want to make them get harassed by other kids/students from other colleges? They won't want to come!! Only for a free education because some other schools pulled the offer... Is that what you want?!? I don't!! I want a winning team.. I want UH to succeed in college football and become at least a top 30 school so they can compete. Now with this it's just gonna become that much harder!!!! Nuff said!!

  182. gobows:

    some people are just like that. whiners, haters, losers...

  183. gobows:

    coach chow mentioned a throwback game in the interview

  184. gobows:

    #172 & #183


    UHAD interview on "Rainbow Warriors" the coach Chow portion is at 9:24 of the video.

  185. Abunai:

    EVERYBODY has to understand this is not the 1970's and 80's. Kids are different from 70's and 80's till now!! Realize that!!

  186. SteveM:

    May 14th, 2013 at 6:13 pm
    Mr. Don Weir, you are asking for nickels and dimes when you need dollars.

    Anyone have any estimates on what licensing fees bring in? How about the gross sales of UH branded sportwear and accessories-- and figure if UH even got 10% of that. Could be big bucks.

    Anecdotal evidence: look at the piles and racks of UH football apparel at Costco, Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, and even the food supermarkets. Watch the piles dwindle with the least expensive T-shirt or cap at $7+. Jackets, bags, and even slippahs, coffee mugs, etc....

    I've seen people buy for their whole family so they look alike. Then a few extra is different colors. Do they go to the games and have season tickets? I dunno. but people are probably more likely to buy T-shirts and paraphernalia. BTW, how many JJ, Norm, WAC Champ, and Sugar Bowl shirts did you buy?

    Then I wonder what the Rainbowbotique grosses? Hmmm, at least they won't have to change their name. :|

  187. Whats up:

    Ben Jay won't admit it he got taken out back to the wood shed by the good ole boys club and I expect the coaches to support the AD decision in public, they do like to keep their well paid jobs, don't they! But I bet in private the Football coaching staff are saying this Rainbow stuff is not going to help recruiting mainland kids in general and the top talent kids that we had a shot at now aren't going to give us a shot and commit to other schools with less controversial nicknames like the Longhorns, Bruins, Ducks, Boise Broncos, Cardinal, Hokies, Seminoles, Sooner's, Utah Utes, BYU Cougars; etc. And believe me Hawaii has picked off recruits from these type of BCS schools in the past but now I expect it will be even harder to pull it off.

  188. egan.kawamoto:

    @ What's up

    Are you saying that these players would leave because of the name change?

    What about previously? not just the last 2 years. We've gotten some good players when they were Rainbows.

  189. Konoman1:

    Now they they got what they wanted takai and his cronies better step up to the plate with $$$$$$

  190. Old Diver:

    We would get laughed at no matter our name. We would get laughed at win or lose. We would get laughed at because we are of little consequence nationally. Don't lose sleep over this because the haves will always laugh at the have nots.

  191. Bryson:

    I'm very disappointed that this reversal of name changes was basically forced upon the general public just goes to show that Hawaii will never be ready for the Big Time when outside money makes the decision...I will have to think long and hard as to wether I want to support a program that doesn't give support back...

  192. Inyoface:

    I think the football team during recruiting and broadcasting should just be only called the Warriors, they need to implement that to mainland announcers too. There's no way in hell I'll call them the Rainbow Warriors but I still will say Go Bows since it has a nice ring to it.

  193. Inyoface:

    You usually only see throwback uniforms in the NFL but not so much in college because the kids want to wear futuristic fast looking uniforms. The NFL also has an older audience and better/faster athletes to suit throwbacks without making them look slow.

  194. Whats up:

    Since the big check writers and politicians run the show and fund the show, I will join some of my fellow Warrior fans a will boycott all Rainbow Warrior merchandise and I'm canceling all my travel plans on attending both home and away games this 2013 season and no PPV money and no donations either. I will watch the game on TV when its free on CBS Sports network. My wife is happy about this decision because she is going to get a new car with that cash I'm not spending this up coming season. Believe me 6 tickets every game and road games 4-5 tickets per game plus travel, PPV/merchandise and food/donations is over $15,000 a season. Oh well, UH loss is my wife's gain, go big check writers!

  195. Whats up:

    egan Kawamoto

    The current players on the roster shouldn't leave because of the name change since they are on scholie, unless they have another school willing to given them a scholie, then maybe they will leave. It's the 2014 recruiting class coming up next year and beyond that the Rainbow nickname will effect High School top recruit commits to UH.

    To answer your question the Rainbow Warrior team holiday bowl in 1992 was a great team, but the Warrior 2006-2007 teams with the prior Colorado troubled 4 star walk-on QB Colt Brennan was the best of all time! The 2007 June Jones coached Hawaii Warrior Football Sugar Bowl team was the best of all time

  196. Kevin:

    Power brokers huh?

    If this name change reversal results in the writing of some BIG checks for .. Oh.. Lets say a multi level multi million dollar all purpose academic and athletic training facility on campus to serve the 400+ student-athletes at UH Manoa, then Id say the reversal of the name change is justified.

  197. Stephen Tsai:

    I prefer Rainbows or Warriors, not Rainbow Warriors. I don't like using rainbow as an adjective.

  198. 3Point1Four:

    #191 And dropping Rainbow(s) was not forced upon us? All Ben Jay did today was to correct a mistake. Why is it that Warrior backers don't know what the phrase 'to compromise' means? Rainbow Warriors is all-inclusive.

    #194 If most football fans felt as you do, UH football would be a thing of the past. No supporters = drop the program.

  199. cocobean:

    Does anyone know if UH makes any money when they sell seats for away games?

  200. jm2375 (iPad):

    Are you people really naive enough to think that UH is the only school where the power brokers rule? Get real!

  201. gobows:

    lots of people crying over spilt milk...

  202. gobows:

    hawaii doesnt get anything if you buy a ticket for a road game.

  203. gobows:

    2006 hawaii fotball team was better than 2007.

  204. gobows:


  205. oldie:

    Well, with Rainbow haters giving up their season tickets, maybe great seats will be available.

    My guess is PPV either ends when the current contract with Oceanic ends in June 2014, or at least undergoes major change. It's crazy to give up UH's share of the Mountain West TV money while hurting the home attendance because of PPV.

  206. TKT:

    Continue to use those shirts that were ordered.......We will still most likely be known as Warriors..Warriors is still apart of our name...Just like how Alabama Crimson Tide "Roll Tide" , We can go both ways and say "Go Bows" or Go "Warriors"

  207. Gambit808:

    Man Ben Jay is going to get a lot of calls tomorrow.

  208. Pomai:

    #175 - Duh!: - you have no idea!!!!!!!!!!

  209. gobows:

    198 got pi?

  210. oldie:

    Great high school championship bb game between Mid-Pac and Mililani.

  211. Old School Dave:

    The 1992 team beat Oregon at Eugene (Rich Brooks was HC), AFA at Colorado Springs, and BYU at home. The old WAC was a stronger conference than the WAC of 2007. The UH D-line in 92 of Mana Tanuvasa, Junior Tagoai, and Taase Faamui was exceptional and dominating.

  212. laulau head:

    Really?? Just win...

    BEAT USC!!!

  213. Slugger:

    Glad Dan Kelly found a team to play FB with & interesting that J. David Miller is the coach. Love listening to Mouse! Miss his stories & lessons.

    Glad that we are back to Rainbow Warriors! So much more life to the cheers of Let's Go Bows, than War-ri-ors!

    Met Steve Chinen at the SB Banquet. He was gracious & let me win the Silent Auction tickets for the USC game. I spent a lot 'o money that night. Gonna be even more after the Wahine SB season.

    GO WAHINE!!!


  214. jm2375 (iPad):

    Congrats Owls! Nice way to end the year, especially for the seniors.

  215. 3-Prong:


  216. J:


  217. G (China):

    Golden State Warriors is a great name. Hawaii Warriors is also a great name. But Hawaii Rainbow Warriors sounds long, and I agree with ST that Rainbow is a funny adjective for Warriors.

  218. Duh!:

    Mr. TomMui,

    I agree, a dollar here and a dollar there. But as I said, he's asking for nickels and dimes, not dollars.

  219. Old School Dave:

    Information on new UH Football-only strength and conditioning coach Gary Beemer who comes from the University of Florida:


  220. cocobean:

    We and UH.

    When conversing I usually "we" or "UH" when talking University sports, especially men's sports. For women's sports it's "we", "UH" and "da Wahine." Rarely do I use Warriors or Rainbows, never use Rainbow Warriors or Rainbow Wahine when refering to a specific team.

    When wrting about men's sports usually use Warriors or Bows for football, Bows or basketbows for basketball, Rainbows, Bows or basebows for baseball. I'll never write about the Rainbow Warriors or the Rainbow Wahine.

    The brouhaha about the official nickname will not change the way I refer to our teams. I suspect it won't change anyone from using the names they've always used.

    After all, we're all UH.

  221. sportsbow:

    We are doomed! Most modern day Hawaiians associate the word Rainbow with death or disaster.

    LINK: http://www.hanahou.com/pages/magazine.asp?Action=DrawArticle&ArticleID=1131&MagazineID=71&Page=3

    To a Hawaiian the sadness of the story will not seem surprising. Rainbows are often seen as ho‘ailona and ho‘ike — signs and revelations. Down the centuries many have recounted seeing a rainbow in premonition of the death of a loved one. According to Mary Kawena Pukui in Nana I Ke Kumu, a classic anthology of Hawaiian culture, “Today, the majority of Hawaiians we know associate the rainbow with death or disaster.”

  222. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Power brokers aren't called power brokers for no reason.

  223. Think2much:

    We can refer to men's teams as Rainbow, Bows, or Warriors. But to say that we will lose recruits because of the name is weak. Did the current recruits come here because we are "Warriors?" or was it because of how they perceive the coaches to be, the quality of education, the teammates, or the local environment. Not one, not anyone, has ever stated that they chose UH because of the Warrior nickname. That would be true of the Rainbow nickname. When the football team were the Rainbows, they played awfully tough football, no mistake about it. They played tough as Warriors too. Players come here to play, plain and simple. They make choices based on what is best for them. Many choose Hawaii because it offers a unique experience you cannot find on the mainland.

  224. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Yep, I agree.

  225. Aaron:

    my stream-of-consciousness thoughts (that no one will read):

    i don't think any "warrior" supporters are going to threaten to give up their seats or not go to the games because of this, even though that's exactly what the "rainbow" supporters did do. in my opinion, that part of the fan base is older and more resistant to change. for me, I was in college when June Jones first took over and the "warrior" identity is what i identify with was a UH football fan. this whole "warriors vs rainbows" debate has really made me feel like my fandom is less valued than those who have come before me.

    what no one is talking about is that one of UH's biggest challenges when it comes to attendance is that they aren't doing a good job of recruiting new generations of fans to replace the older ones that move on. I think this nickname/logo debate is an extension of that. has anyone considered which identity will help attract/retain the younger fan base? probably not, because when it comes to UH football everyone cares most about their own interests. that's why the department is in the sad state that it is in today - everyone trying to get their way and protect their own interests and few people compromising and building for the future. that's how our entire state is, when you think about it.

    my reaction to today's news? I basically shrugged my shoulders and went about my day. no matter the colors or the logo or the nickname, chances are that I'll be there on opening day, 5 hours before kickoff and ready to tailgate. unlike mr. chinen and the other folks who have threatened to cancel their tickets, I understand that the university and its visions and goals are much bigger than any of my personal aspirations for the athletics program and the school. i'll be at the games. just tell me when and where they are. I'm sure there are others out there that feel the same as me. that's probably why we aren't having "save the warriors" rallies - our enjoyment of the on-field product is not dependent on needing to feel ownership over certain details. plus, we probably got real life issues to worry about.

    if ben jay fails, i want it to be because he made his best effort and it wasn't enough. but if he has to alter his vision to appease a vocal and influential minority he'll always be able to point at the fact that he wasn't able to do what was necessary to fulfill his vision for the program. if he can't even change a nickname, how in the world will he be able to do things like terminate a coach who has a portion of his salary paid for by boosters? the previous AD was known for doing his best to not rock the boat - is that what we want out of this AD and future AD's? if that's the case, there's no sense in hiring a committee to search for a viable candidate with valuable experience in bigger programs than ours. we may as well let the boosters pick whoever they chose.

    one last thing: there are people who are criticizing ben jay because he's "not from here", like that has some bearing on his ability to be an effective athletics director. from what i've seen and heard from him so far, he's really made an effort to learn about this place and to be respectful towards the community and the culture. to me, his only real mistake so far was trying to actually change something. i guess if he were from here, he would know better than to try to change anything.

  226. Aaron:

    you guys are thinking way too literally about it. it isn't the "nickname" as much as it is the "brand" that the recruits buy into. i have no opinion about the effects on recruiting, but i wouldn't be surprised if some athletes don't want to come here because they don't want to explain to their friends and families back home that they are going to become "rainbow warriors". maybe those aren't the right people for our program, anyway? i don't know. but i don't think the debate is as one-sided as people make it out to be, especially since none of us on this board are even close to being div. 1 recruits. maybe we should stop speaking for them.

  227. Aaron:

    somewhat related: does anyone know what the average age of contributors to this blog is? is it higher or lower than 40?

  228. Kevin:

    What are powerbrokers that have influence on a name change, yet the rundown conditions of facilities and monetary support for the student-athletes remain sore issues for decades?

  229. Kevin:

    Aaron. Higher than 40. Im 30 myself.

  230. Aaron:

    I'm 34 myself. I'm willing to wager barely anyone, if anyone at all, is under 18.

  231. Kevin:

    Uh no.

  232. Stephen Tsai:

    Again, the lesson isn't whether the team name is Warriors or Rainbow Warriors. (The athletic department doesn't get a greater share of merchandise sales, anyway.)
    The lesson is that Ben Jay made a decision, reaffirmed that decision when challenged by the Letter Winners, then comes back from a two-week trip and overturns his initial decision. Of course, he was told to make a change.
    Again, it's not right, wrong or in between. It just shows where the true power is.

  233. Stephen Tsai:

    Anyway, the nickname can change, but everything else will be the same for the football team this year.
    No new uniforms.
    No new helmets.
    No new slogan.

  234. Kevin:

    Stephen Tsai:
    May 15th, 2013 at 12:18 am
    Again, the lesson isn't whether the team name is Warriors or Rainbow Warriors. (The athletic department doesn't get a greater share of merchandise sales, anyway.)
    The lesson is that Ben Jay made a decision, reaffirmed that decision when challenged by the Letter Winners, then comes back from a two-week trip and overturns his initial decision. Of course, he was told to make a change.
    Again, it's not right, wrong or in between. It just shows where the true power is.


    And in the same light, maybe Im on my own when I say this, but I wouldn't mind this "influence" from "DA HUI" if DA HUI also had influences on things that REALLY need to be addressed for athletics. To show their "pull" for a name change while locker rooms remain out of date and the space and amenities needed to serve UH's 400+ student-athletes in a training capacity remain void.... I mean.. what does that say about the people in "supposed" power????

  235. Kevin:

    Showing influence for a name change and facilities and lack of support for the physical infrastructure doesn't speak of "true" power-brokers... it speaks of smiling glad-hands with ego trips.

  236. Kevin:

    Other schools may have their own "power brokers" behind the scenes... but those other schools have facilities that benefit the academic and athletic progress of their student-athletes.

  237. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Just keep pushing the H logo. That is what will be most marketable for our program from a merchandize standpoint going forward imo.

    Oh, that and Green & White. At least he didn't change his mind on that one :)

  238. Kevin:

    Sorry but boosters that are volunteers using up their spare time and even VACATION DAYS along with coaches pulling their own resources together that have enough to worry about themselves can only do so much....

  239. Kevin:

    Good night...

    Keep "AIKAE" alive.

  240. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Everything in perspective. Economies of scale. A power broker that forced Jay's hand would probably be considered nothing more than a highly active season ticket holder at Notre Dame or USC.

    Unfortunately the power brokers that are in existence today can only broker so much for our UHAD. But they do, and thus they are.

  241. Kevin:

    May 15th, 2013 at 12:27 am
    Everything in perspective. Economies of scale. A power broker that forced Jay's hand would probably be considered nothing more than a highly active season ticket holder at Notre Dame or USC.

    Unfortunately the power brokers that are in existence today can only broker so much for our UHAD. But they do, and thus they are.

    Then the system being influenced here is WEAK.

    If one is to allow "corruption".. make it worth it at least.

  242. Kevin:

    Make a deal with the devil and it better be a Ferrari and not a Scion.

  243. SteveM:

    May 14th, 2013 at 11:54 pm
    somewhat related: does anyone know what the average age of contributors to this blog is? is it higher or lower than 40?

    Aaron -- good question, but I don't think anyone has that data. I could only make an estimate based on the Tsai-kos who have ever appeared in person at a tailgate, Cattle Call, Karaoke Call, Cruiser Call, or away road game.

    Don't know ages behind the anonymous blog names today... but in the time you first appeared in late 2008 (if you are that Aaron--hard to tell with only first names), I think I estimated this...

    Average age approx. = 48 (add 5 years for today)
    Within one standard deviation: 36-60
    Within two standard deviations: 24-72
    3 S.D. under 24, over 72

    Remember this is based on only the 150-250 Tsai-kos who usually show up in person. So you can generalize them as the "regulars".

  244. Steve P:

    So, you just figured out that the 'powerbrokers' arent called that for nothing.
    You think its different for any other D-1 university? or our own government for that matter?

  245. oldtimer808:

    #221 We are not doomed. You are taking the article too literally. You're almost as bad some reporters that only use information to sensationalize when there is nothing there to begin with. Most Hawaiians that Mary Pukui knows are within her circle but not all Hawaiians believe that the rainbow is a premonition of death. As with Hawaiian kauna there are many interpretations. So please don't use this to support your negative attitude. Power brokers does it matter ST. We should have never been talking about name changes in the first place if the powers pass had not flubbed this in the first place.

  246. Maira Heartz:

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  247. Papololoco:

    What's the first rule when dealing with the Devil, DONT!

  248. Warriorfan:

    I am disgusted to be a UH student . Let the AD do his damn job.

    I guess our next coaches won't be the AD's decision either.

  249. Papololoco:

    I hear a lot of people say the the name change is gonna hurt recruiting but I don't think so. NOTHING hurts recruiting more than losing and if this season is like last year then the name change won't matter. My ONLY concern is getting the football team back on track and start winning games again, everything else is trivial.

  250. molokai mom:

    how much will it cost to change all the uniforms again? how much will it cost to change the Warrior logo again? A lot of money the university doesnt have Im sure. #249 you are right the only thing is start winning again and changing a name isnt gonna do it.

  251. molokai mom:

    I hope Mr. Jay realizes that if hes allowing the good old boys club to influence him now, he's going to be under their control till he leaves this job. They got him hired, they can also get him fired. I give him 2 years then he'll be sick of dealing with them. Remember just cuz he looks local doesnt make him local. He doesnt have to stay here because of family, hes got no ties here, he can say enough is enough and take off and I wouldnt blame him a bit.

  252. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Jus ween, Keiki!

  253. LC:

    it didn't take long, across the nation on forums we are now the Gay Warriors.

  254. gobows:

    most of the uniforms come courtesy of under armour and i think the mbb's is from adidas. and the H logo isn't going anywhere, they are sticking with it.

  255. gobows:

    #250 molokai mom
    cost to change football uni's is zero.
    there is no warrior logo. see #254.

    where was all these rainbow haters before jj can on board? they was hating something else. fakas need a life.

  256. Buffoman:

    #253 It is sad that as a nation we've come to look at life in this manner. Our greatest enemy is not beyond our shores, but are within. Great empires fell because of internal strife, we've been doing so for a while now. These are just small indicators of ongoing social decay: "tear down the other to advance a personal desire. Let's create a loser so I can be a winner".

  257. Bryson:

    It's funny how rainbows are always identified as being a part of Hawai'i...But Warriors are relegated to the back pages of history books when it was in fact The Warriors who helped build our islands...They knew the true meaning of "We Must Protect This House" If Mr.Jay wants a nickname that identifies with Hawaii culture he should really consider what impact The Warriors had on society compared to what impact a nickname that came about because of a rainbow sighting after winning a game....


  258. G-money:

    Maybe a ''power broker" can get Norm to put the names back on the jerseys?

    The IMUA looked like a high school thing where they plan to use the jersey for 10 years and don't have the coin to change the name stripe every year.

    At least with the IMUA it looked better than without it since there was a HUGE gap between the top of the jersey and the numbers prior to adding the IMUA.

    Whether its the players name or a redesign of the jersey so the large gap is addressed, I don't care, but please, don't put the players name AND leave a large gaping gap between the name & the number, lol

  259. RedZone:

    Ben Jay coming soon up on 1420.

  260. Don Weir (We-Ah):

    $$ Continued
    I should have continued the thought on Deficit Reduction. The longest journey starts with the first steps
    1. All seats in the stadium under UH control (Stadium Commission and Gov have a significant number of great seats for their use)
    2. All stadium signage under UH control (SDSU has all in Qualcomm)
    3. Parking revenue from stadium as well as UH athletic contests
    4. Concession revenue if staffed by UH volunteer/booster organizations
    5. All apparel contracts under UH athletics purview
    6. Game replay contracts o to UH Athletics
    7. Athletic uniforms, when 'retired' from use, sold to fans/boosters (right now they are technically state property and there is significant red tape to get them released)

    8. Power brokers, powers that work behind the scenes, bloggers, and or booster groups put a concerted effort to band together to apply pressure to 'decision makers' to specify UH Athletics as a line item in the budget. UH Admin would not be able to deduct this amount from the historical amount of fiscal support.

    I am sure that as we give it more thought we can come up with more items for consideration.

  261. Kekoa:

    Nevah mine all dat Gay Bows talk about da Warriors name. Start thinking about this trend continuing from last season.

    Consider this...

    Alabama beat Arkansas
    and they fired the coach.
    Alabama beat Tennessee
    and they fired the coach.
    Alabama beat Auburn
    and they fired the coach.
    Then Alabama beat Notre Dame and the Pope resigns...
    Damn, I wish the White House had a team.

    Happy Hump Day Tsaiko Nation!

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