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Who's the boss?

May 14th, 2013

It was a defining moment when UH decided to call all of its men's teams the "Rainbow Warriors."

What is known, definitely, is that it is the community's power brokers — not the UH administrators, not the people — who make the decisions.

AD Ben Jay was correct, in February, when he decided there needed to be one name for the men's teams  His handling of the situation, two months into the job and without getting more input, was too hurried. While the passion of Steven Chinen and the Letter Winners Club should be acknowledged, overturning Jay's February mandate was the work — and the will — of power brokers who write the much-needed checks. The decision to overturn the original mandate, like the mandate itself, did not involve polls or public meetings.

Today's decision, like the first one, was rushed to action. The uniforms of the past, long discarded or auctioned, won't be brought back into use for this coming season. The proposed retro line now becomes the line.

It's good the matter is settled. It's good for fans who prefer "Rainbow" to be part of the nickname. It's also good that we now know who runs the show

* * * * *

Austin Kafentzis, a soon-to-be-junior quarterback at Utah's Jordan High, today received a 2015 offer from the Warriors.

There are long ties between his family and the Warriors. Austin's father Kyle was one of five Kafentzis brothers to play for UH. A second Kafentzis generation — Tyson, Landon and Mikhail — also were Warriors.

Austin Kafentzis already has received offers from BYU, Utah, Utah State and Wisconsin.

* * * * *

Former UH placekicker Dan Kelly, who still is dealing with legal problems, has signed to play for the SoCal Coyote, a semipro football team based in Palm Springs.

The Coyotes' head coach is J. David Miller, who once collaborated with June Jones on a book about the Warriors. Kelly said he contacted Miller, who offered the contract. Mouse Davis serves as a team consultant, Kelly said.

Kelly, who declined to comment on his on-going case, said he works as a litigator for a financial company.

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