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"Legend of Gary Beemer"

May 15th, 2013



Gary Beemer, the Warriors' newly hired strength and conditioning coach, has an impressive history.

He worked out for a year to gain enough strength and weight to join the Florida Gators as a walk-on lineman. Later, he joined the Gators' strength staff  (under Mickey Marotti) while earning a master's degree in biomechanics. This past year, he was a member of the Minnesota Vikings' strength and conditioning staff.

In searching for candidates for the newly opened UH position, UH athletic director Ben Jay contacted Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer. (Jay previously worked as an administrator at Ohio State.) Meyer directed Jay to Marotti, now OSU's strength coach. Marotti recommended Beemer.

"Working in the NFL is awesome," Beemer said. "The players are world class. But my heart is in helping young men develop into great football players. I think that happens more at the college level than in the NFL. Guys who come to the NFL are pre-packaged, pre-formed. They've already arrived. ... In college, you get a young guy — raw talent, undeveloped. ... You get to mold him and meld him and get him ready to play high-quality football at the college level, and then go on to play in the NFL. That's the goal."

In his final season as a player, Beemer had a very memorable moment.

Check this out: "Legend of Gary Beemer" video

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Former UH linebacker Paipai Falemalu is seeking another NFL opportunity after being released by the Cleveland Browns.

He had signed as an undrafted free agent.

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Happy birthday to our occasional karaoke singer Aya Ibarra.

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