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Naval route

May 20th, 2013

During this past weekend's meetings with Under Armour officials, head coach Norm Chow worked on the "Rainbow" Warriors' travel itinerary for the Nov. 9 game against Navy in Annapolis, Md.

The "Rainbow" Warriors, who play at Utah State on Nov. 2, will stay in Salt Lake City through Wednesday, Nov. 6. They will travel by charter flight to the East Coast that day, then check into a Maryland hotel bordering Washington D.C.

Chow said tentative plans call for three excursions to D.C., with stops at the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and Capitol building. There are people trying to schedule a visit with President Obama.

* * * * *

The nickname is changing to "Rainbow" Warriors, but there will be no change in appearance for the football team.

They will retain the same uniforms (no rainbow stripes), helmets (dark green, not white) and "Fight Like A Warrior" motto. They also will continue to perform the haka.

* * * * *


It appears that all of the "Rainbow" Warriors on the spring football roster exited the spring semester in good academic standing.

A great measure of credit goes to the academic counselors.

One of the best — Sara Nunes-Atabaki — is retiring. She's smart, patient and supportive. Most of all, she cares deeply about each student-athlete. We wish her the best.

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Avis has selected SteveM as the winner of the T-shirt.

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Avis will pick a winner.

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