Got linen?

May 27th, 2013

The Rainbow Warriors will be back in the school's dance studios for the first 15 days of training camp.

Last year, the Warriors lived in a dormitory for the first half of training camp. The second half was spent at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

A move to the dance studios, where they lived for six training camps through 2011, was necessitated because of an unexpected increase in the dorm's rental fee this year. A smaller fee could not be re-negotiated. The Warriors will spend the final six days of training camp at Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

The Warriors will spend $12,000 to rent cots for the dance studios. Unfortunately, that fee does not include pillows, pillow cases and bedsheets. Several parents of the players have pledged to donate those items. More pledges are needed.

The Warriors had requested $126,000 for the three weeks of  training camp. Instead, they were granted under $100,000. In comparison, Utah reportedly will spend more than $250,000 for its football training camp.

139 Responses to “Got linen?”

  1. tommui:


    Lest we forget ... Memorial Day

  2. Hank:

    Aloha all...Go Warriors!

  3. tommui:

    Great support from Upper Campus! (Sarcastic)

  4. Bowwar:

    Happy Memorial Day Tsaikos! Time for remembrance and honoring those who served our country.

    It's pretty sorry that we can't even hold Fall practice without making the Football team stay in the Dance studio. Why is it that another UH facility charges another UH entity a "high rate" to use its facilities. The UH continues to shoot itself in the proverbial foot.

  5. Bowwar:

    Even the Spam idiot is up this morning...

  6. koakane:

    shout out to tommui good morning :cool: sir

    less we foget take a second or more to reflect on who we honor today

    howzit 808, tsaiko's, tsaikette's, wahines and warriors enjoy and play nice

  7. koakane:

    support from Upper Campus! (Sarcastic) can include oxymoron

  8. Pomai:


  9. koakane:

    ok mr. AD time to step up, what says you?

  10. koakane:

    morning POMAIIIIIII aka jj

  11. Pomai:

    ST the only way to keep the spam out is CAPTCHA this blog is run on wordpress so have your IT guy install this program.

  12. Pomai:

    morning Gramps!!!!! Have a cup of kope on me this AM

  13. Old School Dave:

    Unsatisfactory! Simply unsatisfactory, with regards to the team not being able to use the dorms on campus (how about at least a reduced fee, UH housing office?). In many ways, it still reminiscent of the Dave Holmes/Larry Price era when the team needed permission to drink from a garden hose in the Quarry, but on a different scale.

    Fund raising efforts are pointing to the need for an athletic dorm at UH.

  14. koakane:

    it seems coach chow mantra is a omen of future happenings ...... chasing (fill in da blanks)

    this a day to be remember people who sacrificed

    kala mai my bad, gotta remember to play nice

  15. Duh!:

    OSD, it would also be unacceptable for the UH Housing Office, or the Parking Office for that matter, to ask for a bailout from upper campus.

  16. jm2375 (iPad):

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Maybe if the team promises to clean their rooms, they can use the dorms? Is that the hang up?

    Who gave them less money for training camp, upper campus or the AD's office?

  17. Old School Dave:

    If donors can step up, maybe remodel the old Larry Price Dorm - Hale Anuenue. Maybe even name it after him.

  18. Mangoman:

    Simply amazing. After all these years, little has changed in the way the Athletic Department/football is treated by Administration. Seems they ignore a program that is counted on to generate the largest revenue for athletics and brings pride to the state. Housing the football athletes in proper housing accommodations for fall camp is or should be a no-brainer. But since UH Administration cannot see the forest for the trees, perhaps a permanent arrangement with the military can be arranged via ten-thousand free football tickets for the military personnel. We need our governor's support in this.

  19. Old School Dave:

    Players often would catch colds and other ailments in the dance studios. Also, hard to get any sleep which is essential for rest, muscle repair, recovery, and optimum performance.

  20. Kevin:

    Playing Devil's Advocate:

    For those that suggested a reduced dorm room rate for the football players during that period... umm, wouldn't that classify as an NCAA violation? An extra benefit?

    Just saying...

  21. Rodney:

    It is what it is!
    Imua warriors!

  22. koakane:

  23. Rodney:

    When does practice start?

  24. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Honoring the veterans on this Memorial Day.

    My thoughts turn to military boot camp and training. Those who have served and became trainers see the desired outcomes of the team living together in the same two rooms during training. If successful, a great bonding and team building experience. Going back to the facilities of Pearl Harbor-Hickam again sounds good!

  25. wafan:

    Good day from the Pacific Northwe(s)t.

    Just the nomal day . . . cloudy, a bit cool, and wet.

  26. Inyoface:

    Salute to all the heroes who have died for this country. Lets Go Warriors. Win, win, win. Fight, fight, fight!

  27. A-House:

    Sunday, Dec. 5, 1993.

    Ann Miller writes "It's aloha -ball time for Hawaii's little house of horrors" as the Wahine VB team plays its final game in Klum Gym" and "It defined 'home-court advantage' and a picture of fans and a photo titled 1987 team with seniors Tita Ahuna, Suzanne Eagye, Mahina Eleneki and Diana Jesse as the national championship banner is unveiled in Klum and finally a pic of Deitre Collins.

    Then, Ann lists the FAMOUS MOMENTS AND INFAMOUS MOMENTS - ah, very precious remembrances of a time gone by.

    On Dec 6, 1993 Ann's column reads Wahine make regional - bid Klum farewell with ugly victory over Wisconson 16-14, 15-10, 15-7.

    Make memories, live memories!

  28. 3-Prong:

    Go Cats! Live.

  29. A-House:

    I purchased a laptop computer as our company is changing from the Applied System to Epic so when I go on trips I can look into my email account and conduct business rather than wait till return only to find dozens of emails and my work stacked high on my desk.

    But, with Mrs A-House's encouragement I am trying to keep my sanity.

    I'm desperately trying, with great difficulty, to learn how to operate this monstrosity

  30. Hodad:


    Athletics dorm would be nice except that NCAA no longer allows them.

  31. A-joe:

    Man! We getting da supa size Spams from Costco by the caseloads!!

  32. Stephen Tsai:

    The Warriors were willing to pay for the dorm rooms. Then they were told that they would be assessed an additional daily fee of $5 per person. So, 104 players and two coaches (to do nightly monitoring) and that comes out to an additional $530 per day.
    What's the extra fee cover?
    Apparently to wash the linen.
    So the UH coaches said the equipment folks will wash the linen.
    Then the coaches were told that, no, whether they wash their own stuff or not, they have to pay the fee.
    And that's how they ended up in the dance studios.

  33. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Remembering our country's finest on this Memorial Day! God bless all who serve and those who gave the highest service.

  34. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    That's just maddening, Mr. Tsai... talk about kukae pipi!

  35. wafan:

    Hey, UH folks learned something from the airlines!

    How to rip off folks.

  36. tommui:

    #20 Kevin - if no one is in dorms at that time - logically if you offer it to one and all students - it should not be considered an extra benefit.

    Logically to me - but maybe not to the Compliance people/NCAA.

  37. koakane:

    like comment but restraining cause of those we honor

    come on BJ be the RAINBOW

  38. tommui:

    Hey - thanks ST for cleaning out the spam.

    If there was only a way we could return the stuff to the sender/originator.

  39. koakane:

    I like mangoman's suggestion

  40. wafan:

    Send that one back!

  41. el burro sabio:

    Mr. Mui should know about extra benefits ;)

  42. bowwar:

    I'd personally like to get my hands on this spammer...

  43. Slugger:

    In memory of all those who served & made the ultimate sacrifice, I salute you & thank you.

  44. Kevin:

    The frequency of the spam reminds me of the frequency of greasy posts that no longer pollute this blog.

    Hmmmm....... Coincidence?

  45. d1shima:

    Perhaps this is the Chancellor's way of "helping" UHAD keep expenses "down" :roll:

  46. d1shima:


    Kasu game for the Wildcats but what the chances that Brosius coaches in the 3rd base box himself tomorrow?!?! :evil:

  47. Old School Dave:

    #32 - Stephen: Sounds like the work of a UH employee/department head who's been working there a while, and during that time has built a mini-fiefdom around himself/herself. Lots of those types in the UH system. No can reason with those kine buggahs.

  48. Old School Dave:

    What would constitute an "Athletic Dorm?" If you have certain percentage of regular students in a facility, would it no longer be considered an "Athletic Dorm?"

    Oklahoma State Football Living and Dining Facilities (no doubt courtesy of Mr. Pickens):

  49. A-House:

    so Dave, will OSU football living and dining facilities be a violation of a NCAA rule if athletic dorms are not allowed?

  50. A-House:

    time to take a nap!

  51. OZ:

    The housing office should be reprimanded for trying to run their department like a business.

  52. koakane:

    ahouse you must be still asleep because we all know NCAA compliance pertains to every university surrounded on all sides by the Pacific Ocean.

    OSU provides the same amenities to all students

    slugger is up on the violations so chime in any time now

  53. d1shima:

    Memorial Day tribute unis worn by the Dodgers and Angels with camo trim. :-)

  54. Ipu Man:

    Tsai, you really need a "$pam Dam"...

  55. A-joe:

    So if the football team doesn't use the dorms during that time frame, what other program/group/ organization plans to use it?


    Really? It sits empty generating no income while the football team houses themselves elsewhere?

    Sofa Kingdom.

  56. Kevin:

    Spam is a GREASy food yeah?

    Coincidence? I think not.

  57. wafan:

    A-Joe . . .

    Yeah, but, the place is clean and there is no laundry to do . . .

  58. wafan:

    Should the AD run it as a business?

    End the freebies! Let the administrators pay for their parking and tickets with the rest of the paying public.

  59. koakane:

    wot admin get freebies come on who said

  60. madeinhawaii:

    Is there a way to limit the total number of words/characters in a single post?
    That might help some...

  61. d1shima:

    No limi

  62. d1shima:


  63. koakane:

    taniokas closed damn

  64. wafan:

    Hopefully they are closed just for the day.

    Need to get my poke and sushi fix in 5 weeks!

  65. Shoko:


  66. koakane:

    wafan call me when u do dat

  67. Shoko:

    A great debt of gratitude for the men and women of the armed forces for their service a dedication!

  68. wafan:

    KK . . .


  69. wafan:

    Shoko . . .

    Look what you did.


  70. wafan:


  71. Shoko:

    I think I know the reason for the excessive spam on this blog. Just there mere mention of the word "spam" causes it to appear.

  72. d1shima:

    is that how KKalls start? :-?

  73. d1shima:


    Just tryna enrich the conversation...

  74. koakane:

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  75. koakane:

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    pork beans

  83. mo808:

    Good Afternoon Folks!

    Memorial Day Greetings All!

    God Bless our Military Men & Women, whether active, retired or fallen!

    Spam, spam go away-- we don't like you anyway!

  84. 3-Prong:

    55 d1: Brosius in the 3rd base box is a good call with all the marbles on the line and a coaching error being costly today. Still looking good for tomorrow with our ace rested and the other two teams having to play for the right to get in Championship Game. Go Cats!

  85. AlaWai:

    Is the $5 laundry charge a contractual thing with a work group? Hmmm!

  86. d1shima:


    Another save for Crusader Alum Brandon League!

  87. el burro sabio:

    Amazon has 500-pound capacity cots for less than $60

  88. PONO:

    No one told the spambots that today is a holiday and they should take the day off.

  89. d1shima:


  90. 3-Prong:

    117: el burro sabio, thats exactly what I was thinking. Cheaper to buy.

  91. koakane:

    woa mo808 got spam power

  92. mo808:

    Kk :-) zap!!!

  93. mo808:

    Dagnabbittt :-(

  94. mo808:

    Goodnight Folks!

  95. 97.:


  96. 97.:


  97. 97.:



  98. Stephen Tsai:

    The housing department should be run like a business.
    If it had kept the original offer, it would have earned nearly $40,000 in business.
    By increasing the amount and chasing away the team, it lost $40,000.
    The rooms will be empty during that time.

  99. Stephen Tsai:

    Also, the same offer applies to the Rainbow Wahine volleyball team.
    That's why they're living in the Stan Sheriff Center during training camp.

  100. Stephen Tsai:

    Whether anyone believes in the benefits of a sequestered training camp or not, every other team has one. I don't think any other Division I-A football team is living in dance studios.

  101. Stephen Tsai:

    There have been a lot of problems with staying in the studios.
    One player contracted pneumonia and missed the entire season.

  102. kapakahi:

    Article on future Rainbow Wahine P Brittany Hitchcock.....

  103. SteveM:

    Well, "dance studio" sound more exotic than "gym"... :|

  104. Jason:

    So if the football team doesn't use the dorms during that time frame, what other program/group/ organization plans to use it?


    Really? It sits empty generating no income while the football team houses themselves elsewhere?

    Sofa Kingdom.

    I'm not sure how often the dorms are used during the summer, but I know some are. The Regents and Presidential Scholars Club, for example, always hosts a weekend retreat of sorts, where the older RAPSters invite the incoming RAPSters for activities. I participated as both a new student and a host. I know when I was involved, our organization was charged for each dorm room, as well. We were in the Hale Aloha towers at the time. I think they might be using Frear Hall now, though I'm not 100% sure about that.

    At the same time, there were other non-UH organizations using the facilities as well. One year, there was some sort of cheerleading thing, and so there were groups from the mainland staying at UH.

    It's not like any of the dorms were packed, though. Basic economics--high supply and low demand should lead to a decreased equilibrium price. Unless the dorm availability has decreased dorms due to maintenance/refurbishing, or demand is higher than typical, it makes no sense to charge an exorbitant amount (unless, of course, you're trying to price gouge, which wouldn't surprise me at all).

  105. Jason:

    (And yes, I'm still alive and lurking about. Sometimes, I even read the comments.)

  106. Pomai:

    In order for it(renting the dorms) not to be an NACC violation the offer has to be made to all students. Anything offered to only an athlete is a violation.

    example - I made a DVD slideshow of Na Wahine Softball Senior night and our Award/Fundraiser, I made it for the parents of the players who lived on the mainland but could not attend the banquet. So in order to be in compliance I had to offer it free of charge to anyone who wanted it, not just the parents. If offered to just the parents of the players then it would have been considered an extra benefit for the player.

  107. Pomai:

    #108 - Houston,taxes - really??? :)

  108. SteveM:

    RE: #98
    ST -- the housing office's $40,000 revenue loss equals how much saving to the UHAD when the dance studios are used?

  109. Old School Dave:

    Can a regular dorm student request an eight foot long bed like they have at OSU?

  110. Old School Dave:

    "We have met the enemy, and they are us."

    This best describes the hurdles and obstacles facing the athletic program.

  111. d1shima:

    Request anything you like...

  112. OZ:

    The housing office did not lose anything, only the opportunity to bring in $40,000 which does not include expenses. In contrast, some poor decisions actually cost an unnamed department $200,000.

  113. Moocher:

    wow spam again......
    was reading some things and you know what would be really scary...
    what if lets say the top 10 recruits coming out of high school all committed to each other that they would attend the same university? And wherever the #1 guy went, the rest would follow. can you imagine how screwed up recruiting would then become...

    it'll never happen, but it would be incredible to see what would happen if they did.

  114. wafan:

    Good morning!

  115. wafan:

    Longing for the olden days when the spam was a heck of a lot shorter.

  116. wafan:

    Aloha to Crosen.

    Will miss your sky high serves.

    Hoping for your success wherever you land.

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