Sand sculpting

June 14th, 2013

Like a typical UH student, Diocemy Saint Juste spends a lot of his time at the beach.

But the beach is in Florida, where the weather is a low of muggy and high of sweltering, and his activities involve a series of sprints. His indoor time is spent in the weight room. The cross-training has resulted in a stronger build (he's added eight pounds) and maintained speed (sub-4.5 seconds over 40 yards).

As Sly & The Family Stone  once asked: Hot fun in the summertime?

"I need to do this if I want to be the best back I can be," Saint Juste said. "I want to go out there (to Hawaii) and be an impact player to the team."

Saint Juste is expected to compete as the speed back in the Rainbow Warriors' spread offense. He arrives in Hawaii on Thursday. He said family have expressed hopefulness as begins packing.

"It's for a better cause," he said.

* * * * *

Hawaii Prep Academy is today's stop on the UH football clinics circuit. The coaches departed UH at 4;30 a.m. for the early flight to the Big Island.

Tomorrow's clinic is at McKinley High.

* * * * * *

It's interesting that the old format shows up on my work computer but not on my cell or laptop.


139 Responses to “Sand sculpting”

  1. d1shima:


    Welcoming all the new Warriors....

  2. haka:

    Go Diocemy!
    Go Warriors!

  3. d1shima:

    I am assuming the reported departure for the BI was based on prior investigation rather than first-hand reporting. :twisted:

  4. d1shima:

    Fly it High and Proud on Flag Day!

    Happy Birthday US Army! Hooah!

  5. PolyMom:

    Go Warriors!

    Beat SC!!!

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Of course.
    Although I've been up since 3:30 this morning. That shoulder area where the pneumonia vaccine was injected is still sore.

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    This new format is really weird looking.
    I brought it to the attention of ScottM yesterday. He said he'd look into it.

  8. d1shima:

    ScottM: Stephen, I looked into that. You're right, it does look weird.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, now I know what happened. I'm on the same system as the old Star-Bulletin, which is now the Star-Advertiser format. I guess I was switched over when they added the new entertainment blogs.

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    Were you eavesdropping? That's basically how the conversation went.
    But I like ScottM. Any time there's a problem, he responds quickly. Well, credit goes to his mom (a blog reader) who notifies him whenever a reader complains.

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    Where are my trifocals?
    I can barely read the type.

  12. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    wafan, when you come stay go heah?

  13. tommui:


    Stephen: what kind of draw has the high school football clinics been getting?

    Lots of attendees and spectators?

  14. 3-Prong:

    So has it been confirmed that we are running the Spread? I remember the talk of the shotgun in spring. In the words of Arte Johnson of Laugh In, "Veeeeery Interesting". If so, glad to hear we will be opening it up. Eh you guys, buy your season tickets!!!

  15. Ipu Man:

    Great headline, Tsai about Diocemy Saint Juste.

  16. tom-warriornation:

    Any Hawaii fans need road game tickets this year?

    So far; we got about 30 going to Oregon St, 22 going to Navy; about 10 for Reno.

    email me at:

  17. tom-warriornation:

    is his nickname St. Juice--hoping he will be that breakaway speed back that we always needed; someone who can take it to the house on any carry! that would surely bring more fans out to the games.

  18. jm2375:

    Happy Aloha Friday, Tsaikos!

    Hope the weather is nice up at altitude today for the clinic. No fog, rain, etc.

    Perhaps the rest of the team can tag along with Mr. Saint Juste to his beach workouts.

  19. haka:

    I think the freshman running backs are going to be electric and that energy will transcend to the stadium atmosphere! It's a different level of excitement when you know someone can take it to the house at any time. We have edge of your seat anticipation on the horizon! Oh, and the new receivers....and the........feel it?

    Inspire like Rainbows!
    Play like Warriors!
    Be the one!

  20. NaKoaMike:

    The Warrior Bash fundraiser is tomorrow at Ige's. Tickets are still available.

  21. LizKauai (mbp):

    HEY! I can see the blog!!!


  22. laulau head:

    St. Juste...need for speed! Sounds like he's gonna be one heck of a Warrior!

    BEAT USC!!!

  23. Konoman1:

    When do new season tickets go on sale? Are parking passes available too?

  24. jimmy the lock:

    This blog is like Hawaii, spam rules.

    Work work work Warriors.

  25. Rodney:

    Imua Warriors
    Beat SC!!

  26. jm2375:

    Recruiting run amok. Now Kentucky offers a football scholarship to a 7th grader. :evil: :roll:

  27. jimmy the lock:

    I don't see a recruiting frenzy for pre-high school students. :|

  28. RB:

    Athlon Sports Predicts Hawaii to finish last in MWC West division.

  29. jimmy the lock:

    Nowadays with so many sports holding camps, clinics, seminars, and tournaments, kids get exposed and exposure. With the use of social media, youtube, fb, twitter, blogs, and the like, exposure is even more so amplified.

    Word gets out and BAM, schools come a looking. I wonder if this is done for private high schools... :wink:


  30. jimmy the lock:

    Half the time predictions are wrong, or right. :?

  31. Steve P:

    I dont know if DS. St.Juste is going to break any records this year at running back, but Ive seen his video with him in action and I'll tell ya what----the other teams better worry about him, and I mean all the time he's on the field. If they don't they will be watching his Okole haul A..s down the field early and often.
    This kid is the real deal.

  32. Kevin:

    jimmy the lock:
    June 14th, 2013 at 9:24 am
    Nowadays with so many sports holding camps, clinics, seminars, and tournaments, kids get exposed and exposure. With the use of social media, youtube, fb, twitter, blogs, and the like, exposure is even more so amplified.

    Add in kids getting their own websites made while still high school students...

    On the negative side, this growing exposure gives some kids and worse.. their parents.. a sense of entitlement and faux celebrity status when they have yet to do anything at the Division 1 level of collegiate competition.

    Being the top player on your team back in high school or travel/club sports doesnt mean squat when you join a D1 team in college and more than half at least of your teammates you are competiting with for playing time were also "stars" in high school or travel/club sports in their own right.

    College can be a real WAKE UP call for some kids and their parents and sometimes when things don't go their way, there goes the sanity.

  33. Kevin:

    Watch... give it a decade or so and new moms will be signing LOIs while signing birth certificates.

    Leave it to the BCS programs in all sports to keep undercutting their recruiting path to continue to build their advantage over the have-nots.

    Recruiting a 7th grader is essentially exploitation and adding pressure to an immature kid and his or her parents in a situation that is ONLY benficial to the coaches.

  34. Kevin:

    Any fan, including UH ones, that gets overly excited about their favorite college team getting a verbal from any kid not even technically old enough to get a Facebook account needs to wake up and stagger back to reality.. the reality of the situation and what is ethically correct.

  35. jimmy the lock:

    I agree Kevin, but gotta admit there are level headed and humble parents out there that want that education for their kid(s) and one of the only way they can get it is through an athletic schollie.

    Those who get that rude awakening deserve it. No slack, no rest on your laurels, work hard young sons and daughters.

  36. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Welcome Diocemy Saint Juste!

  37. SteveM:

    The Warrior Beat blog is now on the same server/system as the old Star-Bulletin? Hope this isn't an omen... :|

  38. jimmy the lock:

    You never know, the old SB servers could be new virtual servers. The problem isn't the servers it's the blog software. Get plenty ways to stop unwanted posts like enabling logons, captcha, host moderation, etc. From what I see is ST wants an open blog so the only way to prevent blogspam is to write code to identify blogspam tendencies and nuances and not allow it to post.

  39. A-House:

    Now, new format and I have to "log-in" every day when I want to post - is this the new system?

    system has no memory?

  40. gobows:

    #30 jimmy the lock: June 14th, 2013 at 9:28 am
    Half the time predictions are wrong, or right.

    and the other half they are right, or wrong.

  41. A-House:

    I guess when it comes to sports, Kentuckians are NOT "conservatives" - kinda feel that that 7th grader plays basketball, it tall for his age, handles and shoots the ball well, quick, fast, etc.

    Wonder why this gal I met for the first time back in 1967 took me to Hazard Kentucky to meet her family? that is very "liberal".

    guess conservatism is reserved for politics only!

  42. jimmy the lock:

    Is Colonel Sanders from Kentucky?

  43. gobows:

    athlon sports gets all their information through hearsay and old garbage. not reliable at all regarding the UH football program. phil steele uses formulas to make his predictions, so he is usually the most accurate. but you can never predict injuries and what will happen when the games are played.

  44. jimmy the lock:


    The 7th grader is a football player.

  45. jimmy the lock:

    I predict injuries will happen.

  46. gobows:

    muhammad ali is from kentucky

  47. jimmy the lock:

    Speaking of Colonel Sanders, I once bought a chicken for 75% off. Got only a leg and thigh.

  48. jimmy the lock:

    gobows, so is Cassius Clay.

  49. jimmy the lock:

    The breaking news headline reads, "Mysterious Maui cane fires keep firefighters busy"

    But then the story says the fires were intentionally set. So how mysterious is intentionally set fires? DUH!

  50. d1shima:


    My understanding of the terms liberal and conservative have to do with ones belief in the extent to which government involvement should be included in the lives of the individual citizen.

    If you believe the government's power should be "liberally" applied or "conservatively" used...

  51. Derek:

    I never buy Athlon football magazines. They are biased and often their predictions are way off. The only one I buy is Phil Steele and they have the most information.

  52. d1shima:

    My view FWIW?

    The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen

  53. gobows:

    is former wahine victoria prince still with kfed?

  54. gobows:

    #55 true. phil steele's is all i need. all the others are a waste.

  55. jimmy the lock:

    Pygmy's must have a huge government. :mrgreen:

  56. gobows:

    that seventh grader in kentucky will end up at someplace like louisville or west virginia. in a couple of years, that kid will realize kentucky football sucks big time.

  57. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    was herve villechaize a liberal?

  58. gobows:

  59. gobows:

    that name reminds me of tattoo from fantasy island

  60. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! Happy Flag Day!

    I agree with other posters regarding Athlon vs. Phil Steele. Besides, it's not the pre-season polls which matter - it's all bout the final standings.

    Diocemy Saint Juste is just one of many players who are going to make a big difference for the Warriors this season. Love his work ethic!


  61. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Sho Da Shpread Ehhh? This should be an intersting season. :)

  62. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Pygmies and politics? I love this place! :lol:

  63. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Speaking of pygmies, homey made a joke about me on dumb/stupid joke Fridays the other week. I swore to him I would take my revenge on the next available Friday. The fact is, I'm terrified to even attempt such a thing. I'm not one to bring a knife to gun fight. :lol:

  64. jimmy the lock:

    Pygmies must have a hard time playing with yo-yo's.

  65. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    jtl - :)

  66. SteveM:

    DPK -- yup, and don't bring a ball to homey's batting practice either... :|

  67. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    SteveM -

    Who would have enough balls to do such a thing? Not moi!

  68. jimmy the lock:

    What do you get when you mate a pygmy and a politician?


  69. SteveM:

    homey never hijacked my lunch money, but I always had this subconscious urge to buy his lunch at Cattle Calls... ;)

  70. d1shima:

    Yo Oh

  71. d1shima:

    Saw on CFB Live that 7th Grader is 5'8" and 152 #'s :shock:

  72. d1shima:

    ....da buggah could play OL for the reigning D2 State Champs!

  73. gobows:

    abercrombie has to go, one and done.

  74. d1shima:

    What do TAMU and the moon have in common?


  75. d1shima:

    He no do #2? :twisted:

  76. Derek:

    What the difference between a porcupine and a Porsche?

  77. Kevin:

    I was told this joke once:

    What are samoans evidence of???

    ----- ---- ------- ---- ------ ----…. (censored).

    Family blog yeah?

  78. Kevin:

    Ok.. just ONE for the day.

    What is the hardest part of the vegetable to eat?

    .. the ---------- . (censored)

    Family blog yeah?

  79. Stephen Tsai:

    The site's style is back to normal, at least on my work computer.

  80. jimmy the lock:

    A Times New Roman and Arial font walk into a bar and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

  81. jimmy the lock:

    Not back to normal for me...let me delete cache and exit the browser.

  82. Shoko:

    Looks a little different on my computer. There's also the absence of ads such as the one that says, "Three people have unfriended you.".

  83. Shoko:

    Still would like to know what kind of spread Chow and Price will be implementing. Guess I'll find out when the season starts.

  84. jimmy the lock:

    No change, same new format.

  85. Stephen Tsai:

    The ads are back on the right side, just like before.
    Font is the same as the old way.
    I'll go double-check when I go on my laptop tonight.

  86. Jesse(James):

    Good afternoon Tsaikos!!!

    Hmmm...joke Friday.....

    What do you call a Samoan mermaid???

    Wait, Kevin said dis one family blog.....MWAHAHAHAHA

  87. jimmy the lock:

    A pygmy and a basketball player don't notice a bar on the street. The basketball player walks into the bar, the pygmy walks under it. tish

  88. jimmy the lock:


  89. d1shima:

    A little birdie tweets the Duchess of Cambridge isn't the only royal readying a nursery

  90. Shoko:

    Seems the MAC and the Sun Belt are trying to create a Rice Bowl in 2014 that will be played in Little Rock, AK. The Sun Belt sure is lucky to have Karl Benson at the helm.

    For those that are wondering what rice and Arkansas have in common. Arkansas produces more rice than any other state.

  91. Shoko:

    Pretty sad that the only news I find worthy of posting on the blog.

    Gawd, I hate the off season.

  92. SteveM:


    WHAPAAAAAAAAAAH ? many here remember that on the blog for a month.... :)

  93. Shoko:

    Here's a little Beaver news. Oregon State Beavers if there is any confusion.

  94. Kevin:

    jimmy the lock:
    June 14th, 2013 at 1:25 pm
    A Times New Roman and Arial font walk into a bar and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

    Damn these Wingding establishments!


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  96. jimmy the lock:

    Kevin, at least it's not Gothic.

  97. jimmy the lock:

    Spam reminds me of this joke:

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    Or as the composer chicken would say, Bach, Bach, Bach!

  98. Shoko:

    Learfield Sports Directors Cup Ranking (Spring Standings)

    104 Hawaii
    108 UC Irvine
    163 Cal Poly
    196 UC Davis
    207 Pacific
    217 Cal State Northridge
    217 Long Beach State
    251 UC Santa Barbara


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  100. PolyMom:

    The first person to ever offer a schollie to a young person was Pete Carroll. Know who that kid was? Matt Barkley. Barkley was in 8th grade. It''s happening everywhere!!! And it's gone on for years.

    While I'm not a UK fan...I'm a Louisville fan and LOVE the state of Kentucky. It's like a second home to me. Folks there are kind, friendly and very cosmopolitan. Be nice please as my husband has just set up a program for UH Hilo, and now he is working on UH Manoa to be a part of the largest research and forestry program in America in Kentucky. UH Hilo will now be able to participate in all of the programs both on the national and international levels.

    Sports this year Louisville is banging up. Beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Won NCAA Basketball Championship. And heck we are still in the Baseball series. Yah!

  101. Shoko:

    Should have included the MW schools in post 98.

    53 New Mexico
    59 San Diego State
    70 Air Force
    79 Boise State
    87 UNLV
    138 Colorado State
    177 Wyoming
    186 Fresno State
    251 Nevada

  102. Kelvin:

    How come we have no points for winter? Didn't women's VB end up in the top 20? I wonder how they score as Men's VB has no points too.

  103. Shoko:

    102. According to the bracket, its part of the Fall standings.

  104. Shoko:

    Cleared my cache and the blog format is closer to normal, but still not seeing any advertisements. Not that it concerns me.

  105. jimmy the lock:

    Women's VB got 50 points for fall.

  106. jimmy the lock:

    So yeah, the UH women's teams carried the load. Congrats to Wahine VB, Wahine SB, and Wahine WP.

  107. Shoko:

    102. Oh, to answer the second part of your post. Men's Volleyball is in a different division (National Collegiate)and doesn't count towards points for the Directors Cup.

  108. Shoko:

    Anyway, signing out. Thank God the weekends is here. STRESSFUL WEEK!

  109. jimmy the lock:

    Shoko, UC Irvine got 100 points for men's VB.

  110. Shoko:

    Yep, I was wrong. Misread the bracket and MVB counts towards the Director's Cup.

    I'll quit while I'm behind. ;)

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  112. gobows:

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  115. Otto:

    Did anyone read the novel, Hawaii by Mark Panek? Beginning of the novel has to do with UH football... I was laughing my a** off....

  116. wait a minute:


    No make fun of pygmies, they have standards too.

  117. RB:

    Hmmmmm Hawaii will always be linked to some sort of Gay stories or remarks since it went back to RAINBOW WARRIORS!!!!

  118. d1shima:

    Not sure what to make of this?

  119. d1shima:

    Speaking of recruiting....

  120. gobows:

    rob demello called ramie "legendary"

  121. mo808:

    Good Friday Evening Folks £ Happy Flag Day Too!

    Love the jokes today, have a great evening!

    Hubs and I will be at Ige's tomorrow evening for the Na Koa Rainbow Warrior Event! Hope to see some of you there!

  122. d1shima:

  123. d1shima:

  124. d1shima:

  125. d1shima:

    Just doesn't seem fair

  126. d1shima:

    11 on 10 football

  127. Old School Dave:

    Utah State's new strength and conditioning facility about ready to open.

    In the new Strength and Conditioning Center, there will be more space, more equipment, and more options. Scholz is keeping a mental list of the goodies he'll have on hand: ICON fitness equipment, Eleiko barbells, Watson dumbbells. The tools he'll have, he said, are on par with what he used with the San Francisco 49ers each of the past two seasons.

    One of the things he's most excited about are specialized thicker grips for just about every weight. It provides an extra challenge for the Aggies that could pay off big.

    "I'm a big believer in training with thick-handled implements, because if you look at every study, they tell you it builds strength faster," he said. "If you're going to grapple, you need strength in your hands and arms. It translates to the field a lot better when you have that kind of training."

    The players are excited, too - even if that means some sore days ahead.

  128. wafan:

    Good morning!

  129. wafan:

    Never too old or too late.

    Tomorrow a friend walks with her AS from an area CC. Her goal is to earn a BA or BS. It may not happen for a lot of years but she is determined to be the first in her family to earn it.

    Gonna help the family celebrate her 61st year wandering the earth and her graduation. Goooooooooooo Nancy!

  130. wafan:

    Never too old or too late.

    Tomorrow a friend walks with her AS from an area CC. Her goal is to earn a BA or BS. It may not happen for a lot of years but she is determined to be the first in her family to earn it.

    Gonna help the family celebrate her 61st year wandering the earth and her graduation. Goooooooooooo Nancy!

  131. wafan:

    Never too old or too late.

    Tomorrow a friend walks with her AS from an area CC. Her goal is to earn a BA or BS. It may not happen for a lot of years but she is determined to be the first in her family to earn it.

    Gonna help the family celebrate her 61st year wandering the earth and her graduation. Goooooooooooo Nancy!

  132. wafan:

    Never too old or too late.

    Tomorrow a friend walks with her AS from an area CC. Her goal is to earn a BA or BS. It may not happen for a lot of years but she is determined to be the first in her family to earn it.

    Gonna help the family celebrate her 61st year wandering the earth and her graduation. Goooooooooooo Nancy!

  133. wafan:

    Never too old or too late.

    Tomorrow a friend walks with her AS from an area CC. Her goal is to earn a BA or BS. It may not happen for a lot of years but she is determined to be the first in her family to earn it.

    Gonna help the family celebrate her 61st year wandering the earth and her graduation. Goooooooooooo Nancy!

  134. wafan:

    Never too old or too late.

    Tomorrow a friend walks with her AS from an area CC. Her goal is to earn a BA or BS. It may not happen for a lot of years but she is determined to be the first in her family to earn it.

    Gonna help the family celebrate her 61st year wandering the earth and her graduation. Goooooooooooo Nancy!

  135. PolyMom:

    Gawd what is up with the faux handbag ads??!

  136. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Play Omaha!


  137. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody!

  138. A-House:

    Isn't it interesting that once the blog format reverted back to the "original" or is it the server that we see the same influx of "spam".

    political point that affects us all - some or many individuals or organizations blame President Obama for the Affordable Care Act - admittedly, the President was a major supporter of the law as were many individuals and organizations, but was it not the US Congress that came up with all the minute details of the "law"? what is in and what is out? when does it start?

    being an independent voter, it is difficult to swallow certain positions be it Democrat or Republican.

  139. A-House:

    I love spam, but the written ones are gawd awful!