Aloha Monday

June 24th, 2013

It was the first day of college for more than a dozen Rainbow Warrior freshmen. The bridge session — which includes two three-credit classes — runs through the end of July.

Among the newcomers are (from left) running back Diocemy Saint Juste, safety Trayvon Henderson and cornerback Barry Higdon:


Here are defensive tackle Kennedy Tulimaselii, running back Faga Wily, offensive lineman John Wa‘a, wide receiver Keelan Ewaliko and linebacker Drake Miller:


* * * * *

It was a coincidence that Leroy Elizares, a UH construction worker, started growing out a beard before he began watching "Duck Dynasty."


* * * * *

But it is no coincidence that today is Beard Monday. Here are the candidates:

Offensive tackle Leo Koloamatangi:


* * * * *

Quarterback Jeremy Higgins:


* * * * *

Defensive tackle Mike Andrade:


* * * * *

Quarterback Ikaika Woolsey:


* * * * *

Center Ben Clarke:


113 Responses to “Aloha Monday”

  1. tommui:


    Hit the books! Hit the field!

  2. truegreen:

    Good to see all the prized recruits coming in. Way to go guys!

  3. Jesse(James):


    Good morning Tsaikos!!!!

  4. Jesse(James):

    Whoops...Make that #3.... :-)

    Good to see the guys taking care of business both off and on the field.

  5. Buffoman:

    Top 5!?

  6. Buffoman:

    Great to see these young men in school and in classes. They all need to have a fall forward position if they do not get to the "next level" in the sport they love. A college degree is a great thing to have just in case the NFL thing does not work out.

    Local boys need to bring the fellas from the East into their "ohana". Take away that homesick feeling when being immersed in the local ways. The greater the comfort in their new surroundings the more they can concentrate on their craft and classes.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  7. jeezy33:

    John Wa'a passes the eye test to me..

    Wouldn't be surprised to see him starting as a true Fr.

  8. Rodney:

    Imua Warriors!

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    It was nice that several of the team leaders — Taylor Graham, Jeremy Higgins, Leo Koloamatangi, Ne'Quan Phillips, Marrell Jackson, etc. — were on hand to greet the newcomers.

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    Kennedy Tulimasealli weighed it at 280, but he looks like he's 230. He's very fit for a d-tackle.

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    I also can see why the bidding war (between offense and defense) has started for Elijah Tupai.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    Defensive end Dejon Allen also is considered a true freshman.

  13. cheepono:

    ben clarke wins the best beard contest. hands down.

    go warriors!

  14. cheepono:

    is dejon a 4-4 or 5-4 guy?

  15. Stephen Tsai:

    Dejon is a 5-4 guy.

  16. gobows:

    when does fall practice begin?

    66 days

    beat sc

  17. PurpleMaple:

    Agree, Ben Clarke wins beard contest. Looks like he had a head start.

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    The 104-player roster is a work in progress.
    The ideal is 49-49-6. But things happen.

  19. whatdaf:

    Welcome to UH new Warriors! Have to say that the sticker name tags the newcomers are wearing looks lame. Couldn't the athletic dept. scrape up some coin for a slicker name tag with an appropriate heading like "UH Football" instead of "Hello, my name is..."?

  20. JLo:

    ST check your inbox I have a great picture for you. Ben is the winner for sure I willl give Leo for the best groomed beard

  21. wafan:

    Like the beard growing contest on the credit card commercial.

    'Attaway Warriors!!!

  22. wafan:

    And, good hot and sweaty afternoon.

  23. PONO:

    Nice to see the prized recruits make it into school and actually starting classes early. Everyone says that you can't evaluate a class until you see who shows up. Looks like our studs have showed up on campus (KT, Faga, Wa'a, DSJ, Higdon, etc). I think this class will really contribute right away.

  24. Jonj:

    Looks like diocemy didn't quite pan out to b 5'8" looks more like 5'2-4". Unless those other guys wearing heels! Haha... No matter tho if he can run!

  25. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Go freshman!

    ST -- what does the 49-49-6 breakdown represent in the 104 player roster?
    Sorry, if I missed, but with all the spam lunacy, I've been out looking at the moon. :|

  26. haka:

    New Rainbow Warriors in da hale!
    Get your groove on!
    Pull da shaka out!
    808 on da upside!

  27. Former UH Athlete:

    Trayvon Henderson is really wearing a Carl's Jr t-shirt.

    Let's hope the boys all get off to a good start academically with the bridge session.

  28. Derek:

    You can see the Hawaii football preview at They have Hawaii's top player is Marrell Jackson with Art Laurel 2nd. A key player is OT David Griffin.

    Phil Steele was on BC this morning. I enjoyed his comments.

  29. Stephen Tsai:

    This is a very approachable team.
    Not every beat reporter can go up to a player and ask: May I take a picture of your beard?

  30. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    The "future" is so bright, I gotta wear shades. :mrcool: This a great looking recruit class!

    Go Warriors!!!

  31. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  32. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I just dont' know how to look cool anymore! Oh well... ;)

  33. Stephen Tsai:

    The freshmen work out today at 4.
    People can judge for themselves.

  34. SteveM:

    DPK -- click here for emoticons used by this blog software.

    BTW... anyone see brew808 lately? We could use his men in black suits to help with the spam. :roll:

  35. SteveM:

    ooops , this new blo gformat does not highlight links.

    DPK - click on the words "click here". :roll:

  36. markazulu:

    Welcome to the warrior ohana cant wait to see these guys produce amazing moments in Hawaii football history. Great RAW talent hope the coaching staff brings out the best of all the talent we have.

    #chasechampionships #ourtimeisnow

    Go Warriors
    Go Bows!

  37. jm2375:

    Howzit Tsaikos!

    Happy (or not) Monday!

    Welcome to the new Warriors!

  38. A-House:


    why is it that I have to input my name and mail address each time I want to post?

    Before, it was always there.

    any one else having the same problem?

  39. jeezy33:

    ST, has the JC slot from San Mateo officially been added to roster yet?

  40. A-House:


    how did you know that Brew and "his men in black" really use black suits?

    did you know that he was in a very rare tv news spot that lasted about 5 seconds about 2 years ago before he camera turned away?

  41. A-House:

    "he" s/b the camera

  42. A-House:

    while many are absolutely thrilled about the "new comers", especially the true freshmen, their full impact will be know in 2 or 3 years or 201 and 2016.

    a few, undoubtedly, will find starter's or #2 positions come 8/29/13.

    yet, if they, the newcomers, can beat out the veterans all the better for the team and fans

  43. A-House:

    hot dog!!!!!!!! where did all the spam come from to fill 45 posts??????????????

  44. A-House:

    a co-worker stopped by to chat and he made an interesting comment regarding the UH BOR - statement was how is this any different than the "broken trust" at Kamehameha?

    My response was one may have been intentional deceit with malicious intent while the other is just making very poor decisions such as allowing a $6,000 month "living allowance" when Green wood was making over $450,000 a year.

    It's difficult to comprehend how so called great business leaders who supposedly run successful businesses can be so "tunneled vision" as a member of the board and make such decisions - perhaps, we will, someday, be able to see a "dissenting opinion and by whom", just like the US Supreme Court, when UH BOR decisions are made be it "personal or not" - such as pay and benefits, etc. - they cloak themselves with the statement that it's personnel decisions are thus private

    do we not see other instances where business or political leaders 'personal information" is in the papers or tv or media on why they were "canned" or their salary, etc.

    I certainly would not put them in my "friends' category of football, food, family, friends, and fishing.

  45. jimmy the lock:

    For one thing, one bunch of trustees were making $$$'s, the other bunch are freebies.

  46. tommui:


    Mail to you at Hawaiiantel got rejected. Please get in touch with me.
    (Assuming you read for messages after all the spam entries!)

  47. Derek:

    St. Juste looks short, but Trayvon Henderson is about 6'1" and Higdon is almost 6;3". Don't matter if you're 5'8" or 5'9". With that 4.42 speed and some power he will run away from people, as his film shows. I certainly don't mind him catching some passes too and he can use his quickness and shiftiness to get by defenders.

    I also think Tigi Hill will be a big contributor this year.

    But, the key is the offensive line and Taylor Graham's efficiency if Hawaii is to be successful. I'm still confident that Hawaii will get to at least 6 wins and get to a bowl game. My early prediction, 7-5 based on the OL getting better and Graham is as advertised and if he leads by his performance.

  48. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    if all this spam is really from a SA associate, the SA needs to have a talk with him. its fricken pathetic.

  49. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  50. SteveM:

    June 24th, 2013 at 11:31 am

    why is it that I have to input my name and mail address each time I want to post?

    Before, it was always there.

    any one else having the same problem?

    A-House -- your name, addy ,etc. is stored in a "cookie" by your web browser on the computer you are using. Something is wiping out your cookies -- some browsers offer a reset that will will "clear cache and cookies". Another setting will not allow cookies to be set at all . Possibly this is the cause on your work computer.

    Not allowing cookies is often an anti-malware measure. Did you get a new computer system at work recently?

  51. Warrior Dave:

    Dang! I only like spam I can eat. The person responsible should get a life. Or a heart attack would work for me.

  52. 3-Prong:

    Sooooooo, I'm a little confused. Is the spammer a SA collegue or is the spammer CG, or one in the same? I'm surprised that the SA wouldn't reprimand its employee. The employee is hurting the SA product.

  53. tommui:

    I suppose we can always transfer TWB to its lifeboat station as we did several years ago. Set it up to reject people whose mail address/website is not recognized

  54. rockyk:


    nice pics! You need to try to get one of Tupa'i!

    Also Diocemy looks super short prob like 5'6"???

  55. el burro sabio:

    It was set up that way so he couldn't post as Mrs A-House ;)

  56. Shoko:

    If someone shuts down the "Website" box in the section where posters submit their name and email prior to submitting a comment, I think it would eliminate a lot of the spam. By disallowing a poster to enter a link, it would make spamming this blog less attractive. However, it would affect regular posters that like to link their website next to their screen name. Just a suggestion...

  57. Shoko:

    Looking at the various beard sported by some players, I wonder if Chow has a pet peeve with beards extending outside of the helmet like he does with long hair.

  58. Shoko:

    Came across a link that explains a little about blog spam and measures that can be taken to prevent excessive spam. Pretty interesting read.

  59. Manoa Mist:

    Man there sure is a lot of weird stuff on the blog these days. Super spam? Anyways, my favorite guy is Kennedy this year. This kid could of gone anywhere and chose to stay home. Saw him play in person last season and he's gonna be something. Plus he got his grades up to play in college. Like to see that. I like this kid. Best of luck to him and all the new Rainbow Warriors.

  60. Jesse(James):

    Tom Mui...just messaged Koakane to get in touch with you... :-)

  61. Stephen Tsai:

    I have heard of a guy from San Mateo, but I don't recall the position. But, no, not approved yet. For some reason, there seems to be a problem with San Mateo guys getting eligible quickly.

  62. Shoko:

    Here's one handicapper's forecast of the upcoming game against the Rebels this season.

    Oct. 12 vs. Hawaii — The Warriors beat three teams last season — Lamar, South Alabama and UNLV. The players quit on Hauck in the first half of a 48-10 blowout. A four-game win streak seems way too optimistic, but ... Forecast: Win by 7.

    This is one game that I expect the Warriors to win and be Chow's first road win as a head coach. Then I'm quickly reminded of 2009 and 2011 seasons.

    Nah, the Warriors will win this one and Hauck will be one step closer to being shown the door. Hauck is still on a 22 road losing streak and has yet to win on the road.

  63. Stephen Tsai:

    Ignore our Lindsay Lohan. He's got issues.

  64. Last Call:

    There doesn't seem to be any spam problems with other SA blogs why is that ?

  65. Shoko:

    Now those two spam above me have links that are not valid. What the purpose of spamming a blog if the links aren't legitimate.

  66. Shoko:

    Coz the Warrior Beat gets a lot more traffic than the other blogs.

  67. Jesse(James):

    Thoughts and Prayers for Curveball!!! :-(

  68. Stephen Tsai:

    I wouldn't even pay attention. A few clicks and I clean it up.
    The guy has an alcohol problem, plus his loved ones don't love him. He does spend an awful lot of time watching movies. It's kind of sad.

  69. Stephen Tsai:

    It's summer, so it's not really pressing.
    When training camp opens, we'll out him.

  70. Tofuzuke:

    Aloha boys ( Diocemy Saint Juste, safety Trayvon Henderson and cornerback Barry Higdon), eh put a smile on your faces, gee, u in Hawaii!! First, learn da shaka for the camera. Number 2, eh go Waikiki check out dem chicks! Numba three, take a new pic tomorrow w/ST show one big aloha smile, and one local style shaka. Welcome boys, learn with your eyes, ears, and most of all w/your heart, best wishes, life is a journey, aloha!

  71. Shoko:

    68. You're giving him a complex.. haha!.

  72. Shoko:

    Seems a MWC tie-in to a Christmas Bowl at the Coliseum is getting closer to reality.

  73. Stephen Tsai:

    He'll have a few beers and forget it.

  74. Shoko:

    Well, whatever his problems might be I hope he gets help. It's hard to imagine someone his age would go through life engaging in childish behavior.

    Anyway, have a good night!

  75. redzone:


  76. redzone:

    nice pics.

  77. wafan:

    Gates' BBQ . . . as ono as I remembered.

    May I help you?


  78. Kevin:

    Well then, its apparent LENT doesnt do **** for some supposed "Catholics"... :lol: :lol: :lol: Sucks to be this greasy ***hole. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  79. Warrior Dave:

    #69 ST,

    Why wait and have this person continue with all this spam till then? Did the ACLU comment that you would be in violation of his/her civil rights???

    Can't wait for 7/1 to see if the Mayor goes forward and sweep our sidewalks free of tents.

  80. LizKauai:


    Stacy Bressler:
    2 hours ago near Auburn, CA

    My father, Gary D Holden has been admitted to the hospital. We do not think that he will come home. He is alert and will check his facebook page.

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  82. laulau head:

    BEAT USC!!!!

  83. wafan:

    Liz . . .

    He is going home . . . where he will have the best seats in the house with LTUHF, RB/LV, et al.

    Prayers and positive thoughts for Curveball and his family.

  84. Loa:

    evening gang!

    thoughts and prayers going out to Curveball

    LizK - thanks for sharing

  85. wafan:

    Whew, after midnight (time not the Tsai-ko).


  86. gobows:

    higdon is 6'2" and closer to the camera. look at the background, it appears he has to duck in order to get into the elevator which would make him to be around 7'5", even henderson looks to be over 7".

  87. papajoe2:

    Prayers for you and your ohana, curveball.

  88. gobows:

    what's the word on faalologo, falemalu and fangupo?

  89. d1shima:

    Aloha Bruddah curveball.

  90. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Prayers and love on curveball.

  91. Mike808:

    ST, is D. Washington and K. Bowens in town?

  92. Stephen Tsai:

    Bowens still has to take care of business.
    I do not know the status of Washington.
    Kirkwood graduated today (delay was because of Hurricane Sandy), and he arrives tomorrow.

  93. Stephen Tsai:

    Faalologo is on the team.
    Falemalu is grayshirting.
    Fangupo needs to take care of business if he wants to play this semester. If not, he grayshirts.

  94. Stephen Tsai:

    Higdon is tall. I don't know how to tell if he's 6-2 or 6-3, but he is tall.
    Kemp is a legit 6-4.

  95. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, I have no idea if this will be a good class or not. But they pass the eyeball test.

  96. mike808:

    thanks ST for the update.

  97. HawaiiMongoose:

    "Bowens still has to take care of business." Not good. This kid was one of the gems of the recruiting class with offers from all over, including Boston College, Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Texas A&M. It would be a shame if he doesn't make it to UH for academic reasons.

  98. Stephen Tsai:

    Every player is in a position to make it into school.
    It's a matter of taking care of biz.

  99. AllG:

    What exactly does taking care of biz mean? SAT?

  100. AllG:

    With the little depth we have at DT it would be a bummer if we don't have Fangupo at least eligible in case we need him

  101. Cindy and Greg Ce:

    Curveball, you and your family are in our prayers. (((gentle hugs)))

  102. laulau head:

    Mahaloz for all the updates ST!

    Much love and prayers to Curveball and his entire ohana...

  103. mo808:

    Prayers for Curveball and his Family.

  104. tom mui:

    CURVEBALL - prayers for your well-being! Take care niw.

  105. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    my thoughts and prayers are with you. a speedy recovery is on its way.

  106. Spam u Am:

    The spammer likes "fistingmovies"?

    We grieve, you spam.


  107. Kekoa:

    My neighbor could be on to something when he yelled at me..."Eh, Kekoa!...I heard da Tsaiko's get plenny Sperm problems. All I could do is walk away muttering, "Spam not Sperm!"

  108. wafan:

    Good morning Tsai-kettes and Tsai-kos!

  109. wafan:

    The horizon is crazy hazy.

    It is gonna be an ugly one!

  110. wafan:

    Welcome to life as a Warrior. No such thing as a stupid freshman.

    Just a lot of lost kids trying to find their way around trying not to look goofy doing it.

  111. Abunai:

    We need Bowens....

  112. Inyoface:

    Hope we don't do the retro Rainbow uniforms, ever.

  113. Slugger:

    Morning, gang!

    Much aloha to Curveball and 'ohana.