July 3rd, 2013

"I can't wait," wide receiver Vasquez Haynes texted of his scheduled arrival in Honolulu. "I'm counting down the days."

The magic number is now two.

Haynes, offensive lineman R.J. Hollis and receiver/cornerback Kwamane Bowens are set to arrive Friday ahead of Monday's start of UH's second summer session.

* * * * *


Ran into Samson Satele during today's taping of the Leahey & Leahey show. His segment either airs tonight or next week Wednesday. He's in town to host a bowling tournament that benefits his charity. More details on that to come.

52 Responses to “ETA”

  1. Luki:


  2. mike808:

    duo wr set to arrive.

  3. tommui:


    Aloha R.J. Hollis and Kwamane Bowens!

  4. cheepono:

    hope the rest of our soon to be warriors take care of business and gain entrance to manoa.

    go warriors!

  5. Rodney:

    Imua Warriors!!!

  6. BigWave96744:

    Add punter Ruben Guzman to those coming this weekend.
    Walkon RB Max Broman, HS teammate of Ammon Barker, is already here.

    Now just waiting to hear word on Darzil Washington and Terrence Polk

  7. Buffoman:

    Top 10, and with Spam to spare.

  8. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    ETYAY!!! Welcome to the new Warriors!

  9. cheepono:

    ST- you go to the beach workout this morning?

  10. Derek:

    Vasquez Haynes, a very nice sounding name. 6'2" or 6'3", very good height. RB Broman reminds me of Brock Forsey from Boise St. The key for a successful season are the play of our offensive and defensive line. That's the big question marks. And depth behind Taylor Graham.

    Belated Happy Birthday, Al.

  11. Tolkien Warrior:

    Geuuuud moooornin' Tsaiko Nation!

    Did someone say punter?

    I was briefly watching the UH vs Lamar game on OC16 this morning and was reminded of our need for a punter. Man, it just gets better and better every day.

    Looks like Spamzilla is back terrorizing the great city of Tsaikyo.

  12. Jesse(James):

    Top Twenty!!! Closer to top ten...minus the spam....LOL

    Woo Hoo...Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    Good to hear about the new arrivals and welcome to the Warriors!!!

  13. Jesse(James):

    Okay gang...Have to ask for a little Tsaiko assistance. Please be on the lookout for a 2002 white Toyota Tacoma truck, stolen last night from the parking lot at Kahala McDonalds. Lic # NCS230. It has a RAMBLA sticker on the back windshield. It was my nephew's truck... Thanks.

  14. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

  15. Naks8:

    Heading to college is one of the most exciting things in a young mans life. Throw in football and it is the best

  16. PurpleMaple:

    Thanks ST and BigWave96744 for the update on incoming players. These guys will only help the team be better. And I agree with Derek regarding the O and D-lines. They are a question mark and I remain optimistic they will surprise us and help deliver a winning season. Go Rainbow Warriows!!!

  17. tom-warriornation:

    Welcome new Warriors!

    Hawaii-UNLV football Oct. 12 road game tickets are:

    $60 for sideline seats
    $35 for endzone seats

    Hawaii is considered one of two premium games this season; sideline seats are $20 higher for this game than regular games. The UH ticket office usually gets the worse end zone seats about 50 yards away from the end of the field & way up high.

    Deadline for ordering tickets: Aug. 14
    Email me:

  18. Lowtone123:

    A lot of spam this, where da rice and eggs?

  19. Derek:

    Where's McGee from NCIS to get rid of the SPAM when we need him!!!!

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    What spam?

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    Actually, how come Spam and Ramen aren't UH sponsors?

  22. Stephen Tsai:

    And maybe Matson and Young Brothers can pony a few bucks.

  23. primo123: mean UNLV is gouging us Hawaiian's on the price of a ticket.....they over inflate it, because they know we going be there, since it's Vegas?


  24. primo123:

    Aaaahhhhh....Da Kleaner is in the House........nice!

  25. Bowwar:

    Sam Boyd Field is a high-school stadium...They definitely shouldn't charge $65 for any of their seats...

  26. Stephen Tsai:

    The airlines actually jacked up the prices for the UNLV weekend.
    There was a lo of interest over the release of the MWC schedule.

  27. Stephen Tsai:

    Anyway, back to today's sub-topic: Sponsorships.
    Which companies do you think should be approached.
    I suggested Spam, the folks that make ramen, Matson and Young Bros.
    I'm also thinking that Bishop Estate should give some money. The "Imua" on the back of jerseys should have been worth something.

  28. Stephen Tsai:

    I think UH needs to be mindful of the season-ticket holders when they put out all of these discounted packages. It's not fair for the season-ticket folks to pay for the tickets and the premium fee only to have other get a discount after the season starts.

  29. Stephen Tsai:

    My favorite stadium in Las Vegas is Bishop Gorman's.

  30. d1shima:

    I think UH needs to be mindful of the season-ticket holders when they put out all of these discounted packages. It's not fair for the season-ticket folks to pay for the tickets and the premium fee only to have other get a discount after the season starts.

    Great point!

    Also noted that season ticket sales start on Monday and I still haven't received a call yet regarding my seat change request.

    ...maybe Kawika49 was right after all. FUBAR! :evil:

  31. d1shima:

    My favorite stadium in Vegas is Lagasse's


  32. BigWave96744:

    Speaking of Bishop Gorman, I wonder how Nico Fertitta is doing.
    He was offered a scholie last year. His family has strong ties to BG & $$$$

  33. SteveM:

    D1shima -- I just got a call from the UH ticket office a few minutes ago. Stand by! :-)

  34. AllG:

    That is great news to here those 3 have been accepted. Those are 3 big time players!

  35. Buffoman:

    Maybe the folks on the Hill have come to their senses in that a full stadium at a lower price is more saleable to sponsors that a half empty one at a premium price.

    I believe that they UH Athletics have to make the games affordable, entertaining, family friendly and exciting (on the field, at half time, and with promotions).

    If that does not bring back a full stadium, maybe we don't need a "Big time" team and just one that hard core football fans would attend.

  36. iwonderwhytheyhateme:



    I was told that Iwilei location is not the busiest in the state, it is the busiest in the entire country.

    They can donate a crap load of kirkland branded everything from ready-to-eat things for training table to soap to cash.

  37. Old School Dave:

    The Oregonization of college football continues. UW's new chrome helmets:

  38. PurpleMaple:

    I went once to the UH-UNLV game at Sam Boyd Stadium many years ago. It was a memorable experience. There were more Hawaii fans at the game than UNLV fans. The parking lot was full of tour buses and trucks that delivered the bento boxes. Sam Cunningham was UNLV's QB that year. Hawaii won 25-0.

  39. alwaysarainbow:

    Bishop Gorman Sports - Vegas!
    UH needs to contact the firm that did the Bishop Gorman complex. It is very clever, and state of the art everything. They seem to integrate rather than patchwork quilt. An amazing stadium and sports complex and experience. It was not the most expensive complex, just creative and that is what we need in the Quarry.

  40. Brad:

    They should look for electronic sponsors like Sony or Apple so the players can use iPads for play books or the fans can have a play station entertainment area either at the stadium or sheriff center. Everything needs to be interactive now days or people lose interest fast.

  41. Brad:

    ST. on the Warrior Beat page are you guys going to change the 2012 Warrior Football Schedule widget to the 2013 Rainbow Warrior Football Schedule widget. It's kinda depressing to see last year's schedule even though this year's looks scarier.

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    You are correct.
    I try to voice concerns twice, like spam problems. After that, I figure I'm on my own.

  43. Derek:

    Purple, you mean Randall Cunningham. I was at that game. Dick Tomey was the coach. Score was 28-0. UNLV was totally shutdown. The game was in the afternoon and I recalled it wasn't too hot. We sat in the end zone. Those were the days.

  44. SteveM:

    Speaking oh UH-UNLV games, rich2176 posted yesterday that he can get sideline (or our previous endzone seats) for the Tsai-kos. After a few texts with him today, here's the story...

    rich2176 got a call from the UNLV stadium ticket office. Seems that he was remembered after buying large blocks of tickets for UH games in 2007, 2009, and 2011. This time, he was offered sideline seats (50 yd line) too.

    He posted yesterday and said to request tix on my site. My site is static -- you cannot post, but in the past, I listed all the ticket requests of known Tsai-kos and provided Rich with contact info from which he collected payment. The requestor emailed me or I knew them personally.

    Now, after 3 times, all the Tsai-ko's that have purchased from Rich before are known to him (he does not need me to verify the requestor is a real person and not just a prankster). I figure if Rich knows them, he will get tix as in past years. I do not expect Rich will front ticket requests from strangers at @ $40+ -- so payment arrangements should be made with him ASAP. That is why I suggest requests go straight to Rich with a CC to me for listing at:

    The page (UNLV game section) also provides visual confirmation that your request was received and tells you who else is going and sitting near you. It is not necessary to CC me, but all I can say is that if your name appears on that list (and Rich can check it at any time), then you are guaranteed he will not miss getting your ticket(s). People buying tickets independently might also carpool to the game and plan post-game gatherings.

  45. wafan:

    Good evening!

  46. wafan:

    Sheesh . . . attack of the spamalama.

  47. Duh!:

    Derek you mean the score was 23-0

  48. al:

    so i was watching the tail of the 2012 unlv game. the warriors were wearing those patriotic uniforms.

    how ironic that will gregory's name plate was "commitment"

  49. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Happy Birthday America!

    God Bless the USA....

  50. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Ford of July Gangeez!

    Good morning Warrior Patriot, d1shima!

  51. Rodney:

    Imua Warriors and the USA!! N

  52. Bryson:

    Kwamane Bowens won't be here until the 31st...