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Arms race

July 5th, 2013

To spice the offseason conditioning program, strength/conditioning coordinator measures each player's biceps at the end of a training cycle.

The next measurement is in three weeks, but the clubhouse leader is defensive tackle Saui Matagiese with biceps measuring 52.5 centimeters. (That equates to 20 2/3 inches.)



Marcus Malepai, who bulked up to make the move from defensive end to defensive tackle, is in second place at 51.5 centimeters.


There is no reward other than bragging rights. But the contest, just like the tug-of-war battles and beach workouts, are a way to mix fun with training.

Cornerback Tony Grimes doesn't have the biggest arms but he might have the most decorative. And, yes, the Florida-born Grimes is a Miami Heat fan:


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PolyMom's favorite player:


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