Arms race

July 5th, 2013

To spice the offseason conditioning program, strength/conditioning coordinator measures each player's biceps at the end of a training cycle.

The next measurement is in three weeks, but the clubhouse leader is defensive tackle Saui Matagiese with biceps measuring 52.5 centimeters. (That equates to 20 2/3 inches.)



Marcus Malepai, who bulked up to make the move from defensive end to defensive tackle, is in second place at 51.5 centimeters.


There is no reward other than bragging rights. But the contest, just like the tug-of-war battles and beach workouts, are a way to mix fun with training.

Cornerback Tony Grimes doesn't have the biggest arms but he might have the most decorative. And, yes, the Florida-born Grimes is a Miami Heat fan:


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PolyMom's favorite player:


62 Responses to “Arms race”

  1. truegreen:

    First! Wish I had arms like that.

  2. Stephen Tsai:

    Isn't that your arm pictured first?

  3. d1shima:


    homey! Get over there...and bring your own tape measure!

  4. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Mrs. C is pretty strong thanks to the green-bottle lifts.

  5. madeinhawaii:

    But, not going match the rest of your body.

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Calen Friel has perfected the all-business shaka.

  7. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Are the new football locker rooms going to look like the ones pictured on the HA site? Or are the pictures just the "wish we could have" designs.

  8. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  9. truegreen:

    ST: shhhh...don't blow my cover

    madeinhawaii: at least I would always be able to hog the armrest in the plane whenever I fly coach

  10. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    homey's guns flashed across my mind... and dishima's. :)
    Hmmm, you could add homey above.

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    Do you have a license to carry concealed guns?

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    I don't know. But I think the Sheriff locker rooms look like that.

  13. Stephen Tsai:

    ... Or was it the Dallas Mavericks?

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    One of the newcomers told me one of the best things about the football program is ... the laundry service.
    Apparently Al's Cleaners — Al Ginoza is the equipment specialist — provides freshly laundered clothes every day.
    Or, as the player said: "I turn in my laundry and the next day it appears in my locker."
    Sure, part of it is economics. UH isn't handing out a lot of workout apparel during the summer. But Al and his crew do a good job.

  15. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Where is that large auditorium located?

  16. truegreen:

    ST: there's no concealing these guns

  17. Kekoa:

    SteveM ~ It's a hassle to get back on the blog when you get a msg from SA that blocks and accuses you of posting Spam! Some folks have no other recourse and at that point they choose not to comeback. I'm just tired of seeing it, and I'm sure we all are. So yes, they win because they have managed to outfox the tech types from SA. The readers have no real say in the matter, and several have already quit posting.

    There are ways around the SA block sure, but why should I have to give up my time by seeking an alternate means to post? Like I said before, "Tent the WB while they fumigate & sanitize every nook 'n cranny."

  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    Arms race... further evidence the Warriors are becoming bigger, faster and stronger. Way to be, guys! Can't wait to see the firepower unleashed on USC!

    Talked to a UH player at a baby luau on Sunday. He says the SC Coach Gary Beemer is the real deal. Coach is working them hard and they are already seeing results. Da proof is in da pics!

    Great pics, Mr. Tsai!

  19. gobows:

    rocky savaiigaea had some huge guns, too bad he was plagued with injuries.

    55 days BEAT SC!

  20. Jesse(James):

    Woo 20...

  21. PolyMom:

    We have perfected the Shaka sign even going through the x ray machine in the airports. Raise your arms and flash the Shaka sign! One TSA guy scolded us for doing that. When Calen told him he played football in Hawaii the guy backed off.

  22. Jesse(James):

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!!

    Hey ST, maybe we should have a Tsaiko guns competition....??? Mr. A-House and Homey would definitely be the frontrunners... LOL :-)

  23. jm2375:

    Howzit Tsaikos!

    Happy Aloha Friday!

    Have a good weekend!

  24. wafan:

    Happy Aloha Friday!

  25. wafan:

    Dang, someone turned the heat to high.

    Maybe it is a good thing. They can use it to kill the web bug.

  26. jm2375 (iPad):

    Wafan - wea you stay?

  27. laulau head:

    Take note Aaron Hernandez, these guns are legit!!

    BEAT USC!!!

  28. haka:

    D**m da spam
    Full steam ahead!
    Let's Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Let's Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Let's Go Rainbow Warriors!

  29. WarriorNY:

    Any Lakers fans out there???

    According to USA Today, Dwight Howard chooses Houston Rockets!

  30. WarriorNY:

    I forgot to post the link... Wow, they beat ESPN to the news....

  31. d1shima:

    Just got off the phone with UH Tix Office.

    Back in the South EZ! :-)

    There bettah be plenny highlights fo see on the beeg screen! :shock:

  32. Jordan Wynn Fan:

    Happy Birthday Jordan Wynn !

  33. LizKauai:

    Well, the sanitizing seems to chase away posters but not spammers

  34. wafan:

    jm0909070707.1 . . .


  35. haka:

    I am, I am
    Not afraid of spam
    To lost space of words
    I say scram, you spam
    For I am, I am
    Not afraid of spam
    Of useless speak
    I say bam! BAM!
    For I am, I am
    Not afraid of spam
    Oh my, oh my
    And so too I am
    Oh D**M!

  36. HiFlyer:

    Here, there, everywhere.

  37. Buffoman:

    #39, I believe that is what the spammer wants to do. If he cannot have his way, then nobody else can enjoy what he cannot have. Unfortunate and selfish way of thinking.

  38. haka:


    Let's Go Bows!

  39. UH Football a Rockin':

    Got the SPAM blues? This should cheer you up!

    The best first pitch ever!

  40. SteveM:

    July 5th, 2013 at 12:15 pm
    Just got off the phone with UH Tix Office.

    Back in the South EZ!

    There bettah be plenny highlights fo see on the beeg screen!

    What a coincidink ... I'm next to the south EZ this year.
    d1shima -- why did you move back?

  41. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, we think we figured out part of the spam problem. at least to the short spam.
    Yes, we're popular.
    And because we did some sort of link that gets us better placement on Google, we're attracting more spam.
    There's still a doofus spamming us, but apparently we're targeted in another way. So we're doing a widespread block. Well, at least that's what I heard last. I wasn't really paying too much attention. I kept thinking about Homey's biceps.

  42. Kapahulu:

    Pretty Clever!

  43. Buffoman:

    ST, I guess you folks have not quite figured out nthis part, eh? Like chasing cockroaches when you turn on the light.

  44. WarriorNY:

    haha... That was pretty funny...

    Typical Dwight Howard... Now says Lakers/Rockets are 50/50....


  45. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Maybe I was dreaming this but when Donovan was AD, he spoke about playing a football game in Osaka against a PAC12 school.

    Assuming this was really something he was looking into and not my imagination, is the current AD making progress with this?

    This isn't such a crazy idea as ND and some other schools have played in Ireland before.

    Someone say breaking into the Asian market? :)

  46. Shoko:

    Playing overseas (Japan) would involve some serious logistics and cash. I think there's a better chance of playing Navy on an aircraft carrier at Pearl Harbor. ;)

  47. Shoko:

    I think some of the subliminal spam may be having a serious affect on me. Bought some Oakley's the other day then realized I didn't need them. Oh well, guess its better than buying a handbag.

  48. gobows:

    University of Hawai'i junior Scott Harding is one of 44 players, including one of four Mountain West players, named to the 2013 Paul Hornung Award Watch List.

  49. gobows:

    nice message haka...i wouldn't be so sly

  50. Shoko:

    I thought this was pretty interesting. Makes me wonder what public university this study was based.

    "Two University of Texas researchers, writing in the Journal of Sport Management, conclude that alcohol sales at college football games should be limited to premium seating areas. The researchers looked at an unnamed public university’s financial data from 2008-10, wrote that by the time the concessionaire took its cut, the increase in revenue from general admission sales wasn’t worth the social and ethical costs. However, the availability of alcohol in the club seats helped drive demand for them."

  51. Shoko:

    Interesting opinion from the same link above.

    " As long as moms want to see their sons play, coaches recruiting locally will have an advantage. But the impact of social media has made national recruiting so much easier. Ask the coaches at the top schools. Ask the recruits. Artavis Scott, a wide receiver from Tarpon Springs, Fla., committed to Clemson with a push from the nation’s top quarterback, Deshaun Watson, already a Clemson commitment. Watson is from Gainesville, Ga., 500 miles north of Tarpon Springs. Yet Watson talked to Scott “a lot” and steered him away from Michigan."

  52. Shoko:

    Can't think of another player in the country that's more versatile than Harding.

  53. gobows:

    freakin's another look

  54. .Manoa1:

    some big guns... hope they can make some tackles this year.!!

  55. HiFlyer:


  56. Shoko:

    A little bio of Paul Hornung for those unfamiliar.

    "Considered by many the most versatile player in the history of college and pro football. He won the 1956 Heisman Trophy at quarterback for Notre Dame and was the No. 1 pick in the 1957 NFL Draft. He played every position in the backfield during his career with the Irish, where he also punted, kicked, returned kicks and played defensive back."

  57. Shoko:

    Dwight Howard is definitely not returning to the Lakers. Rockets could definitely use him down low. Would be a perfect fit.

  58. Shoko:

    Well, that's it, folks!

    Have great weekend. And don't stress too much about the spam!

  59. Stephen Tsai:

    What spam?

  60. gobows:

    jim thorpe is the greatest athlete in the history of sports.

  61. Old School Dave:

    Saw the Channel Two report on new UH S & C coach Gary Beemer. Seems like an excellent hire. Also noticed a fellow resembling Al Noga assisting Beemer during the workouts.

    Here's an article on Utah State's new S & C coach and the major changes to the player's diet:

  62. wafan: