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Guiding lights

July 6th, 2013

Since January, linebacker Art Laurel has been working to rehab a surgically repaired left shoulder. The past several weeks, Laurel also has been helping youth mend their lives.

Laurel and defensive tackle Saui Matagiese are volunteers at Palama Settlement as part of their curriculum as family resource majors.

"The kids we work with are mandated by the court to be there," Matagiese said. "There are a bunch of kids with rough backgrounds. They all have POs. They have to check in. They can't leave without parole officers signing them out."

Both players assist the students in activities ranging from computer sciences to sports.

"As rough as they are, they're a bunch of good kids," Matagiese said. "They need guidance. I need to plant one or two seeds."

Laurel's older brother, former UH lineman Clayton Laurel, is a counselor for a youth program in Las Vegas. Art Laurel said he learned a lot after spending a day at his brother's work place.

"It's a good experience," Laurel said of his summer internship. "It's a challenge for me. I like to challenge myself."

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The WB's friend, Jon Nielsen, spent time with Jerome Williams and Shane Victorino last night. Nielsen texted us this picture:


Nielsen is affiliated with Boyz II Men. Perhaps the singers could perform a concert here that would benefit the UH athletic department.

What? Too soon to talk about benefit concerts?

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