Graves' situation

July 12th, 2013

David Graves admittedly did not have a good year in 2012.

He entered 2012 spring training as the No. 1 quarterback. But after preparing three years in an offense that no longer existed, he struggled to adjust to the pro-set schemes. Four months later, at the end of training camp, he was a wide receiver. Graves rarely played and, after the 2012 season, he was rarely seen on the Lower Campus.

His "whatever-happened to ..." story is a short one.

Graves earned a bachelor's degree this past May, then was hired at a Honolulu mortgage company.

Soon after, Graves received a call from Troy Taylor, his high school coach, asking if he would be interested in a coaching job. Graves, who was raised in Folsom, Calif., initially thought that meant a job in Northern California. Graves learned that Taylor and Doug Cosbie, the new Kamehameha Schools head coach and a former NFL player, were good friends. Graves is now Kamehameha's quarterbacks coach.

"I love Hawaii," Graves said. "I never want to leave here. I'm stoked about the future."

* * * * *

Bagel, anyone?


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  1. A-House:


  2. Dino:

    didn't graves have one more year of eligility remaining for this year?

  3. A-House:

    Big congrats to David - one great guy!

  4. Ipu Man:

    Way to Go Graves!

  5. haka:

    Kudos and Mahalo to David Graves
    The Ultimate Warrior!

    Let's Go Rainbow Warriors!

  6. haka:

    How come the online sports page isn't showing any new "subscriber content" articles?

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    Graves would have been good in a read-option offense.

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    Are there any local stories this morning?
    I've been on vacation this week so the only UH football stories I've posted have been on the blog.

  9. haka:

    ST, there hasn't been anything new in local stories online in a couple days. I don't know about the hard copy though.

  10. tom-warriornation:

    Hawaii-UNLV football Oct. 12 road game tickets:

    $55 for 50 yard line sideline seats
    $30 for good endzone seats

    Hawaii is considered one of two premium games this season; sideline seats are $20 higher than regular games. Sit safely with 100 other Hawaii fans! Rich2176 is not doing tickets this year so he asked that you contact me.

    Email me:

  11. haka:

    Maybe it's the "no news is good news" approach to reporting. :-p

  12. tom-warriornation:

    Also have tickets for Oregon St. and Reno.

  13. Derek:

    I'm very happy for David Graves. Proud that he got his degree, that he loves living here, and coaching and mentoring young people. He has a bright future.

  14. boolakanaka:

    Aloha Kakou from NYC! Cosbie might confabbing with Santa Clara teammate Kaipo Spencer and St. Louis great.(who we all might recall married Rainbow Wahine volleyball player Terry Malterre).

  15. Stephen Tsai:

    I know several reporters are on vacation.
    Things will soon heat up. The Mountain West media preview begins July 21 in Las Vegas. I think we should have football stories every day from then until the end of the season.

  16. boolakanaka:

    ST....this is a bit of old news, but since I am also part of the Yale Ohana, as you recall Doug Semones former Kahuku Head FB coach and Yale assistant, is the new head coach at Occidental College in LA. see:

  17. boolakanaka:

    Along those same line, ie Occidental College....Darnell Arceneaux is also on Doug's staff.

  18. Inyoface:

    I still think they should've tried Graves last year, even for a quarter. He had a decent arm and could scramble. Yes, news everyday 'til the season starts!

  19. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    Happy for Graves. Good luck to Cosbie and his whole staff up at the heights!

  20. Rodney:

    Imua Warriors!!!!!!!!

  21. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy Aloha (Furlough) Friday!


  22. A-House:

    jahkahlahkah jahkahlahkah bing bam boom - why, it just popped into my head!

  23. tommui:


    And good for David Graves!

  24. Naks8:

    Good for him. He seemed like a standup guy

  25. Haleakala:

    David Graves with his attitude and people skills will be successful in whatever profession he enters into in the future. Best wishes to him.

  26. HiFlyer:

    Happy Aloha Friday.

  27. haka:

    Mahalo ST @ 15

    This fall will mark the beginning of the rise of UH athletics.

    Wahine Soccer! check
    Wahine Volleyball! check
    Warrior Football! check
    Warrior Basketball! check

    All have a great core of returnees and all have great recruits coming in!
    Great job coaches! Now to put it all together!

    Let's Go Bows!

  28. Warrior Dave:

    David Graves is such a class act. Would have been easy to be bitter with everything that happened last year.

    Wishing David the best in all your future endeavors both her in Hawaii and where ever you may decide to go.

    Your experience will change some kids lives for the better.

  29. Warrior Dave:

    When we had 2 separate newspapers, Sunday morning reading was a bliss due to the UH football coverage.

    Now we get great coverage from the All Star team from both dailies but ST keeps it year round with the blog and timely stories. Thank you everyone!!!

  30. gobows:

    funny thing about coach semones tenure at kahuku: one year his team couldn't kick field goals, so they went for 2 quite often.

  31. Bowwar:

    The treatment of David Graves will always be a "black mark" on the current coaching staff...They demonstrated a total lack of "class" and basically ruined the college playing career of an outstanding young man. I'm glad that David Graves has risen above that experience and has decided to continue to live/coach in Hawaii. That's truly a Warrior spirit and attitude, by giving back to the Aina.

    As for Chow and particularly, some of his Assistants who singled out kids who "didn't fit their plans".....AUWE!

  32. gobows:

    is that a perk of playing football at the UH...landing 2 jobs within 2 months of graduating.

  33. Orioles 4 eva.:

    Mahalo David, good luck in the future. Maybe some of us can use you as our mortgage broker, I would.

  34. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!
    Waiting for Mark's Place to open :-)

  35. mo808:

    So happy for Graves! Imua Warriors!

  36. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Congrats to David Graves!

  37. Tolkien Warrior:

    Good morning, gang!

    Nice to hear about David Graves becoming a coach.

  38. jimmy the lock:

    Just think if David's job was a Mortuary Director. Or worse, a heart surgeon.

    Stupid joke Friday, anybody have one to share?

    What will be the verdict of the Z-man trial?

  39. haka:

    #34 @ Bowar
    We all wanted David to play, but I'm not sure what you mean about "lack of class" because I don't know the internal handling of the situation. I do know that you can't "fit" everyone when a coaching change takes place. I think many players are affected and some unfortunate collateral damage always occurs. Some transfer and some don't, but all have options whether in their favor or not. David chose to stay and he says he has no regrets and is a Warrior for life. His Warrior legacy is his selfless maturity and high character which are traits more meaningful than any touchdown pass that could have been thrown.

  40. Shadow:

    #31: Totally baseless comment w/ no facts on what went on w/ the coaching staff & Graves.

    Anyway, good luck to Graves on his new jobs!

  41. Jesse(James):

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    Kudos to David Graves...a true Warrior and team player. Good luck on your new venture young man.

  42. wasabi:

    40-not baseless. Has been reported on many blogs many times in regards to the treatment of several players. What are you basing your uninformed comment on?

  43. ai-eee-soos:

    David Graves = Once a WARRIOR - always a WARRIOR.

    Congratulations, David.

  44. Stephen Tsai:

    I just got the call that I'm not allowed to enter construction sites. On the plus side, welcome UH adminstrators to the blog.

  45. Jesse(James):

    Still looking for those apple bottom jeans for cheap... LOL

  46. boolakanaka:

    Ahh--the joys of risk management.

  47. ai-eee-soos:

    UH Manoa get plenty money to burn ....

    EXCLUSIVE: Greenwood’s pay to be $293K in med school faculty post.

    see Keoki Kerr, Hawaii News Now.

    Also SA headline news by ...

  48. jimmy the lock:

    ST, all you need is a bright lime green long sleeve shirt, hardhat, blue jeans, and steel-toe looking shoes. Carry a lunch pail just in case.

  49. haka:

    The administrators need to make sure they have their hard hats on if they enter the blog....bwahhahahahaka!

  50. jimmy the lock:

    Just say a pic of former gov Ben Cayetano in the online newspaper version and he looks like he came heftier. And yeah, rail should go to UH.

  51. jimmy the lock:

    say = saw

  52. Old School Dave:

    Returned from a quick trip to Japan. Walked everywhere to the point that I lost 5 pounds (no driving, just public transportation there). Go shopping? You gotta carry your stuff on the train and back home. Found out that Costco in Japan delivers. Ate outstanding Kaiten (revolving) sushi in Yokohama, the one with the bullet-train delivery. Interesting to see that Genki sushi at Ala Moana now has a similar delivery system. The question is has the quality of the sushi now improved?

  53. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Best wishes to Mr. Graves.

    A hard hat and a clipboard will gain entry into practically any establishment, venue, or event.

    Just saying....

  54. haka:

    Not that it matters to anyone but me, but earlier I gave a shout out to the Men's BBall team even though it's not really a fall sport per se, so I would be remiss not to give a big shout out to the Rainbow Wahine BBall team also, who, btw, fit the same mold as the rest with a great returning cast being bolstered by a great recruiting class! And while I'm at it, the Kane men VBallers...and the Softbows....Tenni...Wate...Sail...and the...sorry. I am putting down the megaphone and pom poms........for now....

  55. d1shima:

    When I grow up I wanna be an ex-UH Administrator.


  56. Old School Dave:

    Saw on the news that UH spent $200K to learn how to prevent the university from losing $200K in the future like they did last year. So we're going to spend money in order to learn how not to lose money in the future. How you figgah?

  57. jm2375:

    Re: Greenwood's salary - wondering how much is G-funded and how much she is expected to bring in through research grants.

  58. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    #57, JM

    Finally a sensible comment/question regarding the Greenwood salary. Thank you.

  59. Shoko:

    Or either UH doesn't have the knowledge or experience in implementing measures that would prevent similar mishaps in the future. Should a similar incident occur again, they can blame the firm that was hired; a strategy otherwise known as covering you okole.

  60. Bowwar:

    #42 - Thank you Wasabi...You're correct, its has been reported extensively on other blogs, etc. inclusive of relatives of the students involved. Good to see that Graves took the "higher road" and that will bear him dividends in life. I know, I would hire a young man like him if he came for a job.

  61. Bowwar:

    #42 - Thank you Wasabi...You're correct, its has been reported extensively on other blogs, etc. inclusive of relatives of the students involved. Good to see that Graves took the "higher road" and that will bear him dividends in life. I know, I would hire a young man like him if he came for a job.

  62. Shoko:

    Speaking of highly-paid public employees. Came across this story few months ago.

    "You may have heard that the highest-paid employee in each state is usually the football coach at the largest state school. This is actually a gross mischaracterization: Sometimes it is the basketball coach."

  63. troll alert:

    looks like wasabi came out of his troll cave to look for his next meal. negativity is what sustains him.

    wasabi and bowwar, if you two trolls ran the show, UH would be Division III or just fold entirely. don't act like you know it all, cause you don't. easy to criticize from your troll cave.

    here's a list of teams you can be fans of, since UH doesn't meet your high horse standards. USC, Oregon, Alabama, Auburn, Penn State, Ohio State. Lots of fine, 100% perfectly run football programs that should meet your lofty standards.

    Go back in your troll caves and don't come out until after the football season is over!

  64. Bigislandkurt:

    Right on for D Graves. Awesome news.


  65. A-House:


    the bagels are for whom?

    presumably for UH student athletes from a bakery.

  66. wasabi:

    63- you don't know who I am or what I know. Not trolling or trying to bring down the program. I know what some of the players went through and only comment when people who don't try to act like they do. I know more than I am telling because it is not my intent to bring down the program but to change the treatment of the players and improve morale. Without that there will be no success.

  67. Former UH Athlete:

    Good news for Graves... QB coach is more exciting than doing mortgages...

    Going back to yesterday's post... V. Haynes got some really long arms! That's a good thing for the Offense on the fades/jump balls in the endzone.

    UH will cover the spread vs USC. Early lines have UH (+19). My USC friends have little confidence in their coach and defense. Plus their QB situation is still a mess. I heard that USC had 21 players miss spring practice with injuries, several serious.

  68. mauiwarrior:

    Kamehameha Kapalama QB coach a full time position? I don't think so.........

  69. SteveM:

    FWIW, wasabi and bowwar are not trolls.
    This I base on seeing their posts since 2010 and 2008, respectively.
    true to his blog name, wasabi has run a little hot at times, but certainly not a troll.

  70. Shoko:

    Since someone brought up point spreads and its the offseason. Early lines for 2013 MWC teams according to 5Dimes.

    Sacramento State +27½ -120
    San Jose State -27½ -120

    UNLV +17 -110
    Minnesota U -17 -110

    Utah State +4½ -110
    Utah -4½ -110

    Rutgers +8½ -110
    Fresno State -8½ -110

    USC -22 -110
    Hawaii +22 -110

    Wyoming +22 -110
    Nebraska -22 -110

    Texas San Antonio +6 -110
    New Mexico -6 -110

    Boise State +3 -115
    Washington U -3 -105

    Nevada +15½ -110
    UCLA -15½ -110

    Colgate +17 -120
    Air Force -17 -120

    BYU -4 -110
    Virginia +4 -110

    Eastern Illinois +21 -120
    San Diego State -21 -120

    Colorado pk -110
    Colorado State pk -110

  71. d1shima:

    CU-CSU, pick 'em! :lol:

  72. haka:

    Believe and you will see,
    We will beat USC!

    Protect da hale!

    Beat USC!
    Beat USC!
    Beat USC!

  73. d1shima:

    Boi$e and a FG at UW looks "interesting"

  74. 808WarriorFan:

    Great update. Congrats to David Graves and thanks for being a great team player...GO 'BOWS

  75. Warrior Dave:

    Anytime you have a new coaching staff, they wiill bring in and run their entire offense and defense.

    Unfortunately, our existing QBs were not used to Chow's style and did not play much. It was Chows decision to strictly run his Pro Style which old timers love.

    If he kept the run and shoot we may have won a few more games, but UH would be a year behind what Chow wants to run. Think last year was a throw away year in his mind and he wanted the existing players and coaches to run his system to get ready for this season.

    Lots is casualties like Dave Graves and Caymen Shutter, etc. part of life I guess....

  76. d1shima:


  77. wait a minute:

    jm####, the lady has tenure, that should tell you how she's paid.

  78. seriously:

    Seriously, what "lady"?


  79. Stephen Tsai:

    The bagels pictured are for all football players.
    Even the walk-ons may partake.

  80. Stephen Tsai:

    C'mon, you laughed when you saw this video:

  81. postmanke:

    Pro V1x is a good ball

  82. Stephen Tsai:

    This is why I think UH should hire a UH president who doesn't have a PhD.
    That way when he/she ultimately gets ousted, there is no tenured position to move into later.

  83. Leron:

    #18...Graves got in for a few snaps in the Lamar game.

    Change of coaching staffs and layers not being the right fit for a system can also result in a lucky team getting a good player. We wouldn't have Taylor Graham if he fit into the new coaching regme's system. Props to Graves.

  84. SteveM:

    Re: #80
    Do not confuse pilot Sum Ting Wong with Tsai-ko blogger "Sum Tin Wong", who has been flying under the radar lately.... :?

  85. Boya_jr:

    Right on David Graves. UH fan up here in the Bay Area, and I worked with a construction guy from Folsom and nothing but good things to say about you, your family, and your football play. Your legacy serving The University of Hawaii has made a positive impression on me. I remember watching you on the sidelines at SJSU when Moniz was in and you were always a team player. Mahalo man.

  86. Stephen Tsai:

    I like Graves and feel badly for him that he didn't get to play more.
    But I also felt the same way about Brent Rausch, Shane Austin, Jason Whieldon, Kainoa Akina, Shawn Withy-Allen, Cayman Shutter, Tyler Graunke ...

  87. Stephen Tsai:

    ... Jack Rolovich, Mike Harrison, Kevin Gilbride Jr. ...

  88. Stephen Tsai:

    ... Jared Flint, Johnny Macon ...

  89. Stephen Tsai:

    I remember when Macon was moved to another position. Soon after, his brother died. He begged, with tears in his eyes, for a chance to play QB again.
    Unfortunately, there are so few opportunities.

  90. Old School Dave:

    ST: Don't forget a tall, lanky transfer from Oregon back in 1973 who backed up Casey Ortiz, but didn't fit the option running attack of New HC Larry Price in 1974.

  91. bcs or bust:

    UH is a joke of a program.

  92. haka:

    #91 das funny

  93. haka:

    I mean your name bcs or bust

  94. d1shima:

    I wonder if KTVU is still working to "determine the roles" each played in the crash? :evil:

  95. UH Alumni:

    Re: 93.

    I agree that for UH to succeed - it is ALL IN! or we are out. Too many amateurs running the UH athletic program. Too much politics and BS. I wish you were still around Stan Sherriff!!!

  96. 3-Prong:

    This morning Finance Factors had their 18th Annual Charity Breakfast benefiting Lanakila Meals On Wheels. By 8:30 we cooked plated, delivered or served 1,300 plates of portugese sausage, eggs, and rice. Almost 100 volunteers from Finance Factors and Finance Insurance pitched in to generate in excess of $9,300 for this worthy cause..............and that was your "Community Minute"... Hehe

    Talk about "TIRSTY"...dat firs one gone be guud!

    oh,........and Lets Go Bows!

  97. troll alert:

    wasabi is worse than a troll. either support the program, or zip it. a supposed fan poking your head out of your cave to post negative stuff against other people's positive stuff is the behavior of a troll. oh, you know it all.

    oh, btw, wasabi, how much money are you contributing to the program so we can upgrade the stadium like Texas A&M ($450 mil) or Oklahoma State ($250 mil)? or build a new training facility like Alabama. or build arguably the best facilities in the nation like Oregon? how much? cause your negative posts don't help with any of that.

    wasabi...I'll spell it out for you. Every team has disgruntled players. Players that think they are treated unfairly. Especially when there's a turn over of staff, players recruited by another coach have to adjust or leave. Don't think anything that goes on at UH doesn't happen elsewhere. We have plenty of positive stories too. if coach is truly a bad guy, it will catch up to him. if he's a bad coach, it'll catch up with him. But don't expect many coaches to have success here. you know the uphill climb coaches here face or you're a fool.

    bcs or bust...ok here's a straight up troll. what's your favorite school then so I can laugh at how corrupt your program is.

  98. 3-Prong:

    Eh come on u guys. Jus like 2007 u gotta "Believe"!

  99. jm2375 (iPad):

    #77 - the fact that she's tenured is irrelevant to her level of pay. What's relevant is what proportion of her salary she is expected to bring in through research grants. The median salary cited in the article is probably misleading, since it may combine all levels (Jr, Asst, Assoc and Full), years of experience and specialties.

  100. d1shima:


  101. d1shima:

    ...figures I'd get bounced by an Actuary! :twisted:

  102. d1shima:


    Nice job by FF peoples!

  103. d1shima:

    ...have one for me, too!

    Nah, j/k...I take care my own! :mrgreen:

  104. gobows:

    #90 i thought jj backed up the waianae dentist???

    #86,87,88, jeff rhode...he got on the field many times (to shadow jj while he called in the play) but never played any snaps. he had nfl size, always wondered why he didn't play.

  105. Slugger:

    Good luck to David Graves! Keep surfing & playing music.

  106. jm2375 (iPad):

    D1 - I'm not and never will be an actuary. There's just as much chance of that as me being a football coach.

  107. gobows:

    bang ding ow, we too low, ho lee fuk, sum ting wong. way to go ktvu. who is the program idiot they got working over there?

  108. gobows:

    4 koreans, 1 of em going be named kim.

  109. d1shima:


    Actuary, you right! ;-)

  110. d1shima:

    E.D. Utt

  111. 3-Prong:

    Thanks d1, feels good to give. But I tink I gone feel even bettah verrrry soon. Hehe Time to hele.

  112. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    So nice to see real love, WB style. When you have a host who uses titles like "Graves' situation", you don't expect the kids to be normal.

  113. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Meanwhile, lets talk safety:

  114. laulau head:

    Go get em Graves!!

    BEAT USC!!!

  115. wait a minute:

    jmxxxx, you wrote about the source of her pay, not how much she was going to be paid. She's tenured, period. No tenured faculty is expected to bring in any research money.

  116. jm2375 (iPad):

    #116 - ever worked in academia? The tenure process starts at the lowest level and, generally, in order to be promoted from Asst to Assoc level, you have to be granted tenure (or else you should start looking elsewhere for employment). To be promoted from Assoc to Full, you have to show evidence of research success, including receiving grants. I would like to see the terms of her contract. If more than 50% of her salary is research funds, then I'm not gonna complain.

  117. Stephen Tsai:

    The way I figure it, everyone always says that sports figures earn a disproportionate amount in comparison to teachers. Now Professor Greenwood will be earning the same as Gib Arnold.

  118. cocobean:

    Feel good story.....David Graves.

    A degree, a job and an outlet for his passion.

    A really shikata ga nai moment. Graves maintained his dignity and soldiered on without complaints through out the past season.

  119. A-House:


    the last Warrior player named Kim left after freshman or sophomore year for Alabama and now owns Yummies in Hawaii

  120. A-House:


    #118 - is she already out? I thought it was in August or September?

    don't matter as long as she is OUT!!!

  121. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    it's apparent that you don't have a full understanding of how academia works. UH is a tier-1 research university which means it's primary focus is, well, RESEARCH. That is something that ALL professors from associate -> tenured MUST engage in. Must ALL tenured professors get research funding? No, I mean it would be hard for a tenured religions professor to get some huge federal grant for a re-enactment of the bible.

    When it comes to the biomedical school which Dr. Greenwood is now a part of, funding for faculty positions are tied directly to how much research dollars they can bring in. We don't know what her contract stipulates but its is the rule, rather than the exception, that faculty-researchers in the biomedical/med schools across the nation bring in at least part of their salary. In addition, their staff and assistants at some point are often paid by federal grants. Simply look at the NUMEROUS support positions within RCUH that are paid by federal grants. These programs are led by professors.

    You don't like Greenwood? Congratulations, you and a bunch of other people can enjoy a beer together. But she is a highly highly respected researcher. Maybe not the best of administrators, but her research abilities cannot be questioned. If her past research is any indication of what she will contribute to JABSOM, then hallelujah we scored such an individual.

    jmxxxx is SPOT ON with what she has said so far.

    Greenwood paid too much for her position? Yea, suuuure...ok.

  122. Manoa1:

    Wasabi and Bowwar are Exactly right and I know what they are Talking About.!!

  123. jm2375 (iPad):

    Thanks, iwwthm.

    And, btw, salaries at UH are generally below the national medians.

  124. wait a minute:

    jmxxxx, you hope like heck that Greenwood brings in research grants, but what do you do to her if she doesn't? Nothing, because she has tenure. And she never went through the process of rising through the ranks as you describe, and that's what gets people upset about granting tenure automatically for those coming in at the higher levels. Wait to see what people say if Apple steps down or is removed and then takes his tenured position at the School of Medicine.

    And there is a difference between instructional faculty and researchers, they are not the same.

  125. Konoman1:

    Troll alert.. Where have you been all this time? aren't those the same guys that post on the other site under different names?

  126. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    That makes no sense.

  127. Stephen Tsai:

    I think that people are who they are.
    When it was decided to "retire" McMackin, unless another run-and-shoot guy was going to be named successor, then there were going to be changes. Whether UH hired Ivin Jasper, Norm Chow, Brian Norwood or Dirk Koetter, there were going to be changes.
    If you're going to have a wedding reception, and you hire Lil Wayne to perform, don't expect him to sing "We've Only Just Begun."
    There were a lot of players — good athletes, good guys — who weren't good fits for the changes. It's sad, and we all feel badly for them, but that's what happens when a new coach is brought in.
    And for all of those "insiders" who complain about the changes, let's go back to the posts on this blog and other sites: People grumbled endlessly about wanting McMackin fired in 2011. Both of our columnists — who had public run-ins with the guy — also demanded change. This is what happens. So if there's blame to be assigned, it's to the administrators who let go McMackin.
    On the other hand, there were a lot of holdover players in the program who did make the adjustment — Ben Clarke, Sean Shigematsu, Dave Lefotu, Joey Iosefa, Chris Gant, TJ Taimatua, Brenden Daley, John Hardy-Tuliau, MIke Edwards, Beau Yap, Tavita Woodward, Saui Matagiese, etc. etc.
    I liked McMackin and I liked his staff.
    I like Chow and I like his staff.
    We'll see what happens.

  128. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Can't please everyone, all of the time, or even some of the time for that matter.

    Such is life eh.

  129. d1shima:


    The irony of your last comment in the context of your moniker is hilarious. ;-) :mrgreen: :lol:

  130. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    laughter is worth it, even at my expense. :)

  131. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Saw that Tigi Hill fell short on some classes. Too bad, he was definitely one of the players I had hoped to see contribute right away.

    Hopefully he still wants to join the program after all is pau.