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Graves' situation

July 12th, 2013

David Graves admittedly did not have a good year in 2012.

He entered 2012 spring training as the No. 1 quarterback. But after preparing three years in an offense that no longer existed, he struggled to adjust to the pro-set schemes. Four months later, at the end of training camp, he was a wide receiver. Graves rarely played and, after the 2012 season, he was rarely seen on the Lower Campus.

His "whatever-happened to ..." story is a short one.

Graves earned a bachelor's degree this past May, then was hired at a Honolulu mortgage company.

Soon after, Graves received a call from Troy Taylor, his high school coach, asking if he would be interested in a coaching job. Graves, who was raised in Folsom, Calif., initially thought that meant a job in Northern California. Graves learned that Taylor and Doug Cosbie, the new Kamehameha Schools head coach and a former NFL player, were good friends. Graves is now Kamehameha's quarterbacks coach.

"I love Hawaii," Graves said. "I never want to leave here. I'm stoked about the future."

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Bagel, anyone?


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