Bowens set to report

July 16th, 2013

After a few double-esses in the proverbial road, receiver/cornerback Kwamane Bowens has navigated his way to the Manoa campus.

Bowens has received notification of his acceptance into UH. He will report on July 31, the first day of training camp for freshman recruits.

Bowens, of Salem High in Virginia Beach, received multiple offers, including from Virginia Tech. He signed with UH in early March.

Here are his highlights: Bowens video

While the other freshman prospects were enrolled in the bridge-session classes that began earlier this month, Bowens had to meet several academic obligations. He has met those requirements.

* * * * *

Fifteen days until the opening of training camp.

Seventeen days until the first practice, which begins at about 10 a.m. and is open to the public. All of the training-camp practices on Manoa are open to the public. That probably will change when the Warriors head to Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam.

139 Responses to “Bowens set to report”

  1. haka:

    Aloha Kwamane!
    Go Warriors!

  2. downtown:

    do you think chow is on the hot seat?

  3. Rambo:

    Top 5

  4. Haleakala:

    Welcome Kwamane to the best place to live in the USA!

  5. Ipu Man:

    Soon, very soon, Kwamane, you will see USC crumble before the mighty UH Rainbow Warriors!

  6. laulau head:


    BEAT USC!!!

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm of that generation that always calls it USC.
    But I hear coaches and players refer to it as SC.
    Which do you prefer?

  8. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Welcome Mr. Bowens.

  9. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody!
    Top 10.

  10. TKT:

    I think Bowens plays CB and could see playing time this year

  11. PurpleMaple:

    USC's O-line looks awfully talented.

  12. Ipu Man:

    If you refer to USC as SC then you should just call UH, "H"...

  13. haka:

    Which side of the line will Kwamane be playing? My guess would be that he would try it at DB first and then receiver if it didn't work out.

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    I see a couple of players that probably need to redshirt. Other than that, I think players were brought in to compete for roles.

  15. PurpleMaple:

    Good to have Bowens. I liked his WR play on video. Warriors could use him there to add depth, but yeah, he could help out at corner. Need to see how Tony Grimes has improved over the off-season.

  16. haka:

    We will beat the Trojans!

  17. Stephen Tsai:

    Then again, I've never understand why the University of Kansas is KU and the University of Oklahoma is OU.
    Cixelsyd si taht

  18. A-House:

    as the little chubby boy in the tv commercial says, "things are looking up" for the Warriors as each year they continue to bring in talent

    for those who played last year, watch out for those who will be bigger ,stronger, and faster than you, but remember to be a leader and teach them even it if means they will replace you cause that's what a leader does!

  19. Inyoface:

    Go Bow! Go Warriors! Go Hawaii! We can beat USC!

  20. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Mornin' Y'all.

    Welcome to Bowens.

  21. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    I "grew up" hearing and calling it SC by friends and stuff. Of the dozen or so classmates that ended going to USC, they all call it SC. So lazy yah?

  22. Inyoface:

    I live in LA now, all I hear is University of Spoiled Children.

  23. tom-warriornation:

    Hawaii-UNLV football Oct. 12 road game tickets:

    $55 for 50 yard line sideline seats
    $30 for great endzone seats

    7 SEATS LEFT--HURRY. Now we have 99 in our group; come and sit safely with us, just 19 rows behind our Warrior bench--can't get any better seats than this. Sit safely with other Hawaii fans! Also got tix for Oregon St. and Reno.
    Email me:

  24. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    You must hang out with UCLA or Stanford alumni.

  25. A-TEAM:

    Kody Afusia getting his workouts in with "MEN IN THE TRENCHES" ACADEMY before heading back to the rock.

  26. tom mui:


    Welcome Kwamane!

  27. Rodney:

    Imua Warriors!
    Beat USC!!!!!

  28. J-FORCE:

    Nothing like watching our Rainbow Warriors or Warriors put a smack/lick/crack someone at aloha stadium. Smelling football fever up in the air.

  29. A-House:

    KITV did a piece this am on the future use of College Hill which supposed to be the residence of the UH-Manoa President.

    If not to be used as such, some are saying it should be converted into a "faculty" house like a country club which I believe is totally wrong.

    Property was donated to UH by the Atherton Family to be used as the UH Pres residence; not some fancy "country club" facility.

    Midori says sell the property and use the funds for scholarships - don't continue to use money for expensive maintenance.

    and the legacy of Greenwood lives on!!!!!!!!!

  30. tom mui:

    #29 A-House

    Of course it would depend how College Hill was given to the UH. If College Hill was specifically donated to UH as a residence for the UH President, you may have a problem converting College Hill to Animal House, let alone selling the place.

  31. bookchic808:

    me prefer f-sc

  32. jimmy the lock:

    Is it a virtual navigation or is Bowens on island for real kine?

  33. rage777:

    Look, other Big West schools are starting to spam us. We need to spam them back.

  34. rage777:

    Look, other Big West schools are starting to spam us. We need to spam them back.

  35. rage777:

    Look, other Big West schools are starting to spam us. We need to spam them back.

  36. BigWave96744:

    If you can't pronounce Kwamane, he also goes by "Swammy".

  37. Jesse(James):

    Good morning Tsaikos...

    Welcome Mr. Bowens

  38. Ikaika Clothing:

    Please welcome me to the Tsaiko Ward of the SA. We're a family of the Faithful so I guess it's time for me to get on this blog. It's the best thing on this site since Jane Croson left! Keep up the great work Mr. Tsai!

  39. Jesse(James):

    I've always referred to it as friends who graduated from USC also refer to the school as SC. When you ask them what college they graduated from they say SC....

    Although I guess that could be confused with South Carolina....Maybe they should be like OSU and say that they graduated from "THE SC"...LOL

  40. koakane ip5:

    aloha :cool: 808 supa humid day approaching so you know what to do

    morning to rainbow

  41. al:

    so who opened the floodgates for the march of the spam?

  42. al:

    koakane...does that mean that "you p'd 5 times" this morning?

  43. koakane ip5:

    auwe wot happened?

    continue wahine's and warrior's, prep hard to battle and no forget CHALLENGE DEM

    howzit tsaikette's and tsaiko's

  44. koakane ip5:

    al can always do xtra pppppp's bwhaaaaaa

  45. koakane ip5:

    check out billyv and mento mele on morning radio, their na'au therapy is......... ova lani boom kanani.

  46. koakane ip5:

    check out billyv and mento mele on morning radio, their na'au therapy is......... ova lani boom kanani.

  47. LizKauai:

    Happy Birthday to Merv!

    For those who joined the blog after the Sugar Bowl, Merv is from GA and a very devoted Bulldog fan ... and a Tsai-ko. He joined us for a couple of gatherings and brought along his friends... and ever performed the UH fight song! FFFFF to the max.

  48. Jesse(James):

    Gramps...Too early in the morning.....LMAO :-)

  49. Jesse(James):

    Happy Birthday Merv.... :-)

  50. Derek:

    Respect everyone. Fear no one. The coaches, players, and our fans have to have the belief that we can beat USC. This is a great opportunity. At home, SC has a lot of injuries, an untested QB, and they are not as confident after last season. Coach Kiffin is definitely on the hot seat. UH has to overcome the mystique of the PAC 12. Chow knows all about that. I believe we have some young key playmakers that can make all the difference in the world. USC will make plays. UH will have to match that. In a tight game, it will come down to either an extra point or field goal. I call it something like 27-24. We shall see.

  51. LizKauai:

    Hey, USC Forever... welcome! You have a football program to be PROUD of. What DEVOTED FANS you have... to fill up that stadium, sing and dance in unison in the stands... to honor your players with the Trojan Walk... there are many wonderful football traditions that you support. It was a real experience for me last year!

  52. al:

    kwamame bowens looks like that prototypical big tough wr that we've not had since jason rivers. likes more like an offensive player to me unless he goes to safety or olb.

    but, too bad his team mate and qb bucky hodges didn't come along for the ride. he's headed for vt.

  53. al:

    not really sure how accurate those scouting bureaus are but, it seems that everyone east of the mississippi went after kwamame the swammy with scholies offers.

  54. boolakanaka:

    Aloha all from the Big Apple! ST--I am of your generation, and also subscribe to USC as opposed to SC. My high school teammate was USCs starting tackle in 1985. In fact, our other tackle was ASUs starting left tackle in 84-85. Thus, we had then two starting PAC-10 tackles, Gaylord Kuamoo and David Fonoti--man were we undercoached??!

  55. Tolkien Warrior:

    Good morning Tasikos!

    I love seeing the support for the football program from the Tsaikos.

    Tsaikos gotta protect their house!

  56. Darren:

    I just hope that we’re not sitting by some obnoxious local USC grads at the game. We had a couple of them by us the last time USC was here, and it got tiresome pretty quick. SMH.

    Wait…did one of them just pop up on this blog??

  57. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...

  58. boolakanaka:

    62...USC folks can be pretty off-putting and unbearable. Make good use of the back of your hand.....

  59. Down with pUSC...:

    @#50 USC Forever....USC is awesome. I've been there for the rallies at Tommy Trojan Statue (the entire college is so involved and united), been to the games at the Coliseum (wonderful stadium and atmosphere), saw the T&A cheerleaders (lovely), as well as the normal cheerleaders, as well as the hundred yard long USC band and experienced the "victory" song and dances, truly a tradition to be proud of, I can only imagine what other bigger schools are like such as Alabama, LSU, etc.....University of Hawaii......ummmmm......yeah we got a lot to work on and far to go as a school and as fans.....but I LOVE my home team, always did always will!!!! Even if USC is kicking our butts with their third string waterboys.....Go Bows Go Warriors Go Hawaii- Battle Hard

  60. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Hey USC Forever, how's that Lane Kiffen experiment coming along?

  61. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Happy Birthday Merv!
    ...Georgia fan, gentleman, and Tsai-ko... not only blogged politely but showed up for a Cattle Call and the Tsai-ko tailgate in New Orleans. LizKauai and Kekoa could tell you more.

    USC Forever -- what city do you reside in? If on the mainland, I will add you to this listing (note that Merv is listed under Georgia):

  62. Tolkien Warrior:

    USC fan making fun of UH? That's like the Incredible Hulk bragging to Steve Urkel.

    USC was ranked preseason #1 in 2012 and finished 7-6. They are ranked preseason #6 by Phil Steele this year so we shall see. Expect a coaching change if they lose again to UCLA or lose the bowl game again. Oh, the pride left so let's insult UH fans on their site.

  63. LizKauai:

    I didn't read USC Forever's comments as being negative...

  64. Inyoface:

    USC has the most bandwagon fans in college football.

  65. jimmy the lock:

    I don't know, what do you call a post with upper case "annihilated" and "loses by 80"? Positive? Funny? Sarcastic?

  66. NotNasti:

    #68. Tolkien Warrior, USC Forever was not insulting us. He expressed respect and pity, which in my book, is worse than being insulted.

  67. oldtimer808:

    Bachi that USC fan for his remarks. Chow and his coaches have done a bang up job in recruiting and still working hard in evaluating players. GO RAINBOW WARRIORS!!!

  68. NotNasti:

    @71. "positive, funny, sarcastic", truthful?

  69. Richfromoc:

    #50, help us be a member of the Pac 12 and we can play every year and toughen up your schedule.

  70. NotNasti:

    One day . . . one day we going get em (USC). Just like BYU, then the floodgates will open.

  71. Shadow:

    Key to beating USC this year is to keep #9 Marqise Lee in check. Scheme to keep the ball away from #9 as much as possible & shore up the OL protection. This game can be ours . .

  72. Hodad:

    We South Carolina graduates refer to the University of Southern California as USC Compton. When the two schools played in Columbia back in the 80s, the scoreboard had USC on one side and "the other USC" on the other. I always note that in the SC media guide they ask that they not be referred to as Southern, of course, that is what I call them.

  73. Tolkien Warrior:

    You have to read between the lines, honey.

    See what I just did? Doesn't sound like an insult, but it is. (not trying to insult you, just illustrating a point)

    Perhaps he chose words poorly. But claiming to win by 80 is not an accident. Like I said, he's one to comment on the UH program being one to be a glutton for punishment. They have their own problems.

  74. jimmy the lock:

    NotNasti, Can't be truthful, didn't lose by 80.

  75. Bowwar:

    USC will have "its day" in the islands...Maybe not this year, but someday...Unfortunately, this may be the last game versus USC, as they've cancelled any future games with us.

  76. roygbivs aka T. Thurstan:

    I'm ready for some football.... Warrior Nation - we must protect this Hale!!!

  77. NotNasti:

    @79 & 80: I know. It WAS an insult. Typical "we're too good for you" put down. Just like how BYU used to treat us. If you confronted USC Forever, he would say "I'm sorry, I didn't meant to . . . ". Well, it still hurts.

  78. Pukalani boy:

    Go bows

  79. A-House:

    2 years ago, we had the most unfortunate experience of the SC band and cheer leaders below us, and got tired, real quickly, with their "music" and arm motion between plays and cheers

    I suspect this year will be the same, except they will be much more quiet as UH pounds them to the rubber granules on the playing field

    I too, am of the opinion, that SC will lose on 8/29/13.

  80. Stephen Tsai:

    If all else fails, UH fans should annoy 'em.
    UH fans should dress in Oregon T-shirts and make quack-quack sounds throughout the game.

  81. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, Ikaika Clothing is a legit business.
    Good stuff.

  82. Stephen Tsai:

    No. 17
    Cixelsyd si taht = That is dyslexic (backward)

  83. A-House:

    tom mui:

    your #30 - reporter said quite emphatically, that the property was donated with the expressed intent of it being the residence for all future UH-Manoa presidents

    I do agree with you that it would be difficult for Apple to convert it to an "animal house" or sell it - looks like it would be headed to the Hawaii Supreme Court for a final decision.

    Hope you and Mrs are enjoying Jumong! If you have the special converter DVD player, we are done with Kingdom of the Wind which is the "sequel" to Jumong.

  84. al:

    1978...and i was there.

    halfway through the fourth quarter usc lead 7-5. the final margin (21-5) coming by a late td and interception returned for a td. oh, the nearly 49,000 in attendance were loud, really loud. the aloha shook at a 7.5 richter scale level.

    oh, btw, the usc fans cried foul throughout the game because they were flagged 14x compared to our 8x. one of which was called on the usc president. it was then that i realized that the "sc" was an acronym for " sobbing crybabies".

    these were the same trojans who beat michigan in the rose bowl to claim the #1 ranking with a 12-1 record, however, the alabama crimson tide also laid claim to the #1 position as well.

  85. A-House:


    are you referring to me in #84? truth is I'm not too far from that state!

    must be all that DDT that entered my body while picking pineapples at age 13 - dong those needles were sharp and at days end my thighs looked like a red tomato!

  86. al: could happen

  87. al:

    84. in reference to 17.
    some of us did get it.

  88. A-House:


    was this the same game that Charles White played with great difficulty, invited to the All-star game, in Hawaii, and refused to play on the advise of his sports agent?

    point of interest is that all the players, over the years, who did this did not have a long and illustrious careers in the NFL - big bachi!!!

  89. d1shima:

    !ti tog I

  90. Capitolist/WassupDoc:


    If you have basic carpentry skills and would like to have a free four-panel shoji screen which needs to have the paper replaced again - thanks to our cats - please contact me. The first time we repaired it, we had it done professionally for just under $300. Within three days, we had to pull the cats off it so we bought the paper on-line and did it ourselves.

    The cats did it again so we decided no more fix-it. It's not that difficult, but I don't want to reward the cats anymore.

    If you'd like more information, then send an email to swood at bokudotcom and be sure to include a daytime phone number along with your (real) name as well as your blog name

    If I don't hear from anyone by the end of the week, we'll donate the screen plus the paper to Goodwill.

    SPORTS ISSUE: Will the Tsaikos have an information table at next Saturday's FOOD AND SPORTS EXPO for season ticket holders at Aloha Stadium? If not, then maybe we should all wear our t-shirts.

  91. Old School Dave:

    Charles White - Funny, I remember him as an extra on the show The White Shadow back in the 70s.

  92. Stephen Tsai:

    With those USC probations, did UH get to claim a forfeit victory?

  93. Stephen Tsai:

    White Shadow was a great show.
    By the way, Grown Ups 2 was really bad.

  94. d1shima:

    *Off topic*

    Any thoughts on this "Pay it Forward" idea coming out of Oregon?

    My take: Hawaii fans should support Oregon! This would end big-time athletics in Oregon and create an opening (or two) in the Pac 12. No blue chip athlete would ever play for a public university in OR.

  95. Old School Dave:

    ESPN Classic showed reruns of The White Shadow, I believe.

  96. Bowwar:

    Like the idea of wearing GREEN Oregon Duck shirts during the game and quacking everytime USC scores...Otherwise, I'd like to have a mongoose on the field and let em loose should they bring a Horse to parade around Aloha Stadium with a Trojack on it. I can just see the horse flipping the Trojack once the mongoose nips at its

  97. Bowwar:

    If our defense can rise to the occasion, we get chance against the Trojacks.

  98. d1shima:

    I got my tickets!

  99. Bowwar:


  100. Bowwar:


  101. d1shima:

    ...Oh, tickets for da Food & Sports Expo. :oops:

    :twisted: heheheh

  102. d1shima:

    Eh...wait. How come onee get 2? I bought more seats than dat! :evil:

    Sorry bowwar.

  103. boolakanaka:

    I was at the the 1978 game as well, footsteps from where I grew up in a nearby housing project. And with all due respect to some great safety tandems in UH history, notably, Rich Miano and Kent Kefentzis; the all-timers were Blaine Gaison and Keoni Jardine. Both from Kamehameha, one year apart, but big hitters and athletes, and guys I idolized.

  104. mo808:

    Good Afternoon Folks!
    Welcome Mr. Bowens!

  105. NotNasti:

    Keoni Jardine was a STUD! Don't forget Andy Moody at DE.

  106. jimmy the lock:

    Dyslexics have no trouble reading this:

    Dammit, I'm mad!

  107. papajoe2:

    I too saw the USC game with Charles White. My friend's brother, who is a USC grad, said that USC played their second and third string. I disputed that saying that Charles White carried the ball 25, 35 times in the game and I was there. He couldn't respond.

  108. A-House:


    best CB and safety tandems was Jeris White at CB and Hal Stringert at Safety

  109. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Lets jes play da game. I have faith in the Warriors.

    If USC fans wanna chirp, let 'em. Because after the game we can call them the University of Silent Crickets!


  110. HawaiiMongoose:

    Bowwar, #98, I like that mongoose idea!

  111. jimmy the lock:

    Are crickets silent?

  112. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    jtl -

    When they aint chirpin', yeah!

  113. Jesse(James):

    #86...Al...I remember that game as well...I was 8 but remember Jeff Duva dropping a sure halfback pass TD that I think would have put us up 12 - 7....But I was too young to know all the ins and outs of all the players back then... :-)

  114. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Okay jtl, you and I both know that my cricket joke was a really weak comeback to the USC fans here today. I promise that my anti-USC rhetoric will become much more virulent closer to game day! :lol:


  115. boolakanaka:

    Andrew Moody, huh--that's a nice name from the past. Waipahu High, I use to down many long-island iceteas with him at Moose's, back in the day. Waipahu would have been super formidable in the late 70s, if not for all the private school kids who lived in the area, e.g. Wayne Apuna, who if I am not mistaken was the first local kid that was a first team parade all-amercian??!

  116. jimmy the lock:

    A non-chirpin cricket is the one with no legs.

  117. boolakanaka:

    #110, I gotta admit you got me. I would say Dana McLemore and Mark Kafentzis, who both had several years in the NFL....but, Dana was mainly a return guy. As for Hal, another stud, I use to go surfing with his younger brother Jeff-O.

  118. d1shima:

    Dyslexics Untie!

  119. boolakanaka:

    121--an oldie but a goodie. What do you get when you combine a dyslexic, agnostic and insomniac?

    A bruddha that stays up all night wondering about the existence of dog.

  120. PurpleMaple:

    Maybe USC might stub its toe coming out the gate, but unlikely. Still, the hype leading up to the game will be fun. And, every once in a while, a monkey will fall out of the tree.

  121. Lowtone123:

    #128 Touche!

  122. gobows:

    hawaii put up 37 points on sc in 2010, and would have blown them out if they went to a 5th qtr. everybody saw the trojan players were gassed. they couldn't cover pilares and salas. if it weren't for 2 bad plays, it would have been a real close game.

    bookchic808 had it right... f-sc!

  123. gobows:

    d1shima or anyone else:

    anyone want, i got 2 tickets to the food and sports expo to give away, can't attend i work on the weekends.

  124. wafan:

    Good afternoon!

  125. wafan:

    Welcome new Warriors!


  126. Bryson:

    Given the history for lack of discipline USC has had in the past 10 years I wouldn't be surprised if they were out in Waikiki partying the night before the game...Wasn't USC also rated as the most dissapointing college football team last year...

  127. Old School Dave:

    Mopeds and Mai Tais.

  128. Old School Dave:

    Gary Spotts was a former Vietnam Vet who played defensive line for UH back in 78. Arthur Smith, from Radford HS, although injured most of his UH career, played a very good game against USC at linebacker (if memory serves me correctly).

  129. boolakanaka:

    130--Actually, there more than a few local boys who started that game. Off the top of my head: Jack Wright (Punahou), Keith AuYuen (Kamehameha) Jeff Cabral, Radford Park, Burton Coloma (Wailua), Blaine, and Keoni and Peter Kim before he went to Alabama.

  130. koakane ip5:

    anoddah stud playing in the 78 game was a Damien monarch .... Scotty Voller, sticked White on a 4 and 1 for no gain. fans just went nuts.

  131. boolakanaka:

    Some good ones local guys, not starting the game were Tom Tuinei, Jerry Scanlan, (use to see him almost every night at the old red lions on Kuhio in 83-85), and my personal fav--Semeri Ulufale, the original valea uma sole (crazy samoan) the man had literally not a shred of fear in his body.

  132. boolakanaka:

    132..good call!! 74 grad, if I am not mistaken.

  133. Inyoface:

    USC has zero momentum coming into the year, a coach on the hot seat, no starting qb, and a rash of injuries.

  134. HiFlyer:

    I say USC


  135. UKU@LA:

    Aloha from LA !!

    MANEO !!!

  136. UKU@LA:

    Oops! Wat Happened? I neva do notin!

    again .. MANEO !!!

  137. 3-Prong:

    Ho, you guys mentioning names in my wheel house. Played against Voller in a game and Ulufale in a scrimage. Guys were tough. Played on the same line with "Snake" Scanlan. Lucky enough to play in the old and new stadium too. Ahhhh, memories.

  138. mo808:

    @ 125:
    gobows Says:
    July 16th, 2013 at 3:12 pm
    d1shima or anyone else:

    "anyone want, i got 2 tickets to the food and sports expo to give away, can’t attend i work on the weekends."

    Aloha, gobows!
    (Jumping up and down) me, me, me, please! :-)
    Mahalo, mo808

  139. boolakanaka:

    3-prong, I'm a bit younger, but yes its good to hear the names from our youth! So, I take it you are 75 class at Iolani?