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Head cases

July 19th, 2013

The past couple of days, the Rainbow Warriors have had their heads examined.

It's actually part of a method that will be helpful in diagnosing future concussions. Each player will undergo several tests, including those measuring quickness in reading comprehension and reflexes. The results are known as base lines.

If a player later suffers an impact to the head that results in  dizziness, nausea or other such concussion-like symptoms, he will undergo similar tests. The results of the post-impact tests will be compared against the base lines. The degree of disparity will be factored in determining whether a concussion has occurred.

There were a few players who suffered possible concussions last season, most notably quarterback Sean Schroeder.

Tight end Josh Long suffered a concussion from a skateboarding accident two months ago. He has healed completely.

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Congratulations to former UH student manager Kyle Kamau, who will be joining the Philadelphia Eagles as an assistant equipment manager.

Kamau was an intern with the Houston Texans last year.

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