UH considers another long-snapper

July 20th, 2013

The son of San Jose State's head baseball coach is expected to join the Rainbow Warrior football team as a long-snapper.

Brodie Nakama is a recent graduate of Saint Francis High in Mountain View, Calif.

The San Jose Mercury News  selected Nakama to his division's all-star second team as an offensive lineman.

Nakama's ETA depends on when Brian Hittner, considered to be the favorite at long-snapper, meets the requirements to play this season.

Nakama's father is Dave Nakama, a Kaiser High graduate who and former head coach of the Island Movers baseball team. Dave Nakama was an assistant coach at Stanford and associate head coach at Washington before being named San Jose State's head coach in September 2012.

Here are Brodie Nakama's highlights: Nakama videos

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    Good Morning from Paradise

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    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Welcome, Mr. Nakama!

    Go Bows!
    Go Wahine!

  5. Ipu Man:

    Aloha Nakama!

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    Go WARRIORS !!!

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    Welcome BRODIE NAKAMA!

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    Welcome new Warrior Nakama!


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    Aloha Brodie!
    Imua Warriors!
    In Chow I trust!

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    Aloha from Portland, OR. Taking a summer visit to get our the ridiculous heat of NYC.

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    Ohayo Gozaimasu!

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    E Komo Mai Brodie Nakama.

  15. Bowwar:

    If Nakama can do the job, bring him in...Can't be strung along by the Hittner situation...

  16. Bowwar:

    Season ticket holders feast at the stadium today...I hope its better than last year.

  17. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Welcome to the Warriors, Brodie! Thank you - very much!

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    Welcome Brodie Nakama

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    Good morning everyone!

    Welcome Brodie Nakama!

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    Howzit everyone . Can,'t wait for SC! Licking my chops!

  21. Old School Dave:

    Good morning all. Great weather today - get out and enjoy it.

    Just wondering how much would it cost to build luxury boxes at Aloha Stadium? Would it be worth the cost and returns to UH in terms of potential revenue from corporate and private individual purchases?

  22. lava:

    Do people REALLY trust Chow? Trust should be earned. Same goes for Gib.

  23. dream city boy:

    Come on man! I'm all in aren't you?

  24. dream city boy:

    Come on man! I'm all in aren't you?

  25. gobows:

    brodie nakama, 5-9, 230, g/c/ls...interesting he had 1 carry for -19 yds.


  26. Slugger:

    Hi, gang. I'm at Prince Lot Hula Festival.

    Hope we get a long snapper soon.

  27. Brad:

    Do you think for next year's home games UH should grab some local bands and DJ's and have them play on a small stage field level by the band section? I know there is a live band playing as soon as you get inside one of the gates but maybe someone better like ManoaDNA or even the legends like Kapena,Fiji,etc. Have them play for an hour or two during warm-ups on game day so the fans sit down in the stadium(probably in the shady sections and enjoy some entertainment while eating their dinner. I'm sure gigs like that are $1,000/hr. If they raise the ticket prices next year I would pay it if something extra like this happens. It's like two for one,a live concert and a football game all in one afternoon/evening. I feel like right now going to a football game, it's like an eight hour event. You have to come early to park, for some tailgate others waiting around the gates to get in. If UH is renting the stadium for X amount of hours they should utilize it and give the fans some entertainment throughout this EVENT.

  28. Brad:

    Oh and besides the Food and Sports Expo at Aloha Stadium they will have Sunset at the Stadium 6pm -9pm. It's FREE so if you're a season ticket holder and are going to the expo I would go a little later than 3pm and stay for the movie after. You can throw footballs and kick field goals on the field. You can bring lawn chairs, towels or blankets and sit on the field and watch OZ The Great and Powerful on the Jumbotron.

  29. BigWave96744:

    True Frosh LS, JR Calton, arrives at the end of the month.
    True Frosh LS, Tyler Liana, is waiting to see when to report.
    We could have 3 True Frosh and 1 Soph LS in August.
    Can't recall having so many in camp at the same time

  30. dream city boy:

    Brad you should be the events coordinator..great ideas!

  31. Brad:

    dream city boy,

    Thanks. I'm sure Ben Jay or John Mcnamara has some kind of idea like that but right now are trying to get more students to come to the game. I heard he is trying to make an area in the parking lot for the students to have potluck and enjoy some entertainment.

    My idea of the live band or DJ in the stadium is to bring in more fans to their seats so come kickoff time it will look more full than it usually does. It's embarrassing to see on national TV in the first quarter the stadium with half of the 20,000 that attend. I'm sure the team will feel more pumped when they come out of the tunnel when they see more people cheering them onto the field.

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    Whew, another hot one.

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    Good Sunny and Hot afternoon Folks!

    Welcome to Brodie Nakama!

    Boy, dis must be one good line at Centerplate--cause da buggah long and snaking-das okay, cuz get plenny peeps to say hello to!

    tanks again Pomai! :-)

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  36. Darren:

    The food and sports expo was great. It took 27 little cups to do the trick, but the free beer was by far the best part of it.

  37. laulau head:

    Food and Sports Expo was on point! Just walking into that stadium gave me chicken skin...40 days!!!

    BEAT USC!!!