July 21st, 2013

Dick Tomey and Robert Kekaula will be providing the commentary on OC Sports' pay-per-view telecasts of UH football games:


On ESPN 1420 AM broadcasts, it will be Bobby Curran and John Veneri providing the commentary:


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  1. Whats up:


  2. Moocher:

    sorry gang.......is it just me or does kekaula look like a ventriloquist with a tomey doll.

  3. albow:

    Wow top 5 for ist time

  4. Mano1:

    Morning !

  5. HawaiiMongoose:

    Kanoa Leahey should be doing the TV play-by-play. He and Tomey would make a strong combination.

  6. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Looks good.

    Sounds alright.

  7. PurpleMaple:

    Phil Mickelson set to win the Open with a final round 66. Incredible closing back nine.

  8. PurpleMaple:

    How big is Kekaula? 400 lbs +? Man has monster size. Best sportscaster in Hawaii today.

  9. Bigislandkurt:

    #2 --- TOO Funny.

    Kekaula is one big bradduh.


  10. Bigislandkurt:

    Kekaula is one very knowledgeable sports guy for sure. And being a somewhat big bradduh myself, I love seeing one fellow big bradduh in a media world that is often times void of such "girthy" representation. Yet I must admit that the vibrations of his voice just does not resonate well with me. After last season, I'm really trying to keep an open mind and heart because I got nothing personal against RK. He is one very talented, knowledgeable guy. He does his homework and certainly knows the craft. His intonation...and the resonance of the voice is the only part to me that no fit. Just my opinion from a long time (broadcast) fan.


  11. Bigislandkurt:

    In short, listening to RK for a 5 minute sports cast is way different from listening to him for 3 hours straight. Voice and intonation matters. To some ears, at least.


  12. Old School Dave:

    BC has lost weight. Is it due to the vasper system? John Veneri is starting to look like an ex-lineman instead of an ex-slotback (joke). Veneri does a funny Kanoa Leahey impersonation.

  13. GoBeavs!:

    glad to have Dick Tomey back! he helped me understand the game better from a coaches point. he's a wealth of knowledge of the game! e komo mai, Dick!

  14. GoBeavs!:

    RK, love you but stick to the topic of the game when calling it. watched some re-runs of last year, thankfully had Darnel Arceneaux moving the game along. peace out!

  15. WarriorNY:

    Hey guys,
    Not sure if this was posted but the UH Media Guide is avail on hawaii athletics...


  16. tommui:


  17. Last Call:

    We have the worst sports voices in the country which is why god gave us mute buttons.

  18. jm2375 (iPad):

    Good morning Tsaikos!

  19. Old School Dave:

    Hey John, nah, nah, nah. Just joking. I shouldn't talk about weight. My college weight is just a faint memory :-)

  20. kev-1:

    Dick Tomey is a tremendous football mind to have on the broadcast. Kekaula is a color commentator at best. Not a good play by play guy. UH football broadcasts need Kanoa Leahey. He is a very solid at play by play.

  21. Old School Dave:

    Dick Tomey is very good. For example, he would say that the next play is going to be a draw, and the next play was a draw.

  22. Old School Dave:

    Shawn Ching used to give some good color commentary, especially from an interior lineman's perspective.

  23. Rodney:

    Love that Tomey is back.
    He will do a great job explaining
    the why and why nots of the situation
    and what to expect or consider in
    all three phases of the game.
    Imua warriors!
    Play with effort!
    In Chow I trust!

  24. Last Call:

    Jim Leahey is the worst of the group.

  25. inyoface:

    Seniority usually gets first dibs in broadcasting. Kanoa is still a young buck in the game but he will his day. Good interview on Chow ST.

  26. 3-Prong:

    Nobody is better than Jim at capturing the mood of the event. My personal favorite is when Jim sends the losing visitors off '"meekly into the Manoa night".

  27. 3-Prong:

    Bobby C: Love you man, but can you lay off the "high makamaka vocab". Hard fo unnustan sometimes! Hehe

  28. 3-Prong:

    Ok, time for dunk oama and see if can turn em into bigga fish...
    Honey, da musubi ready? Tide coming up...

  29. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    looks like we have an impersonator in the house again......

  30. Brad:

    We don't want to wait too long on Kanoa. His talent will get him a shot at ESPN or Fox Sports someday and then "Aloha!" Just like Neil Everett

  31. GoBeavs!:

    Hi all! i did not post #25

  32. d1shima:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Tanks ah!


  33. Kili:

    I think Bobby C and Robert K were the best combo!Darnel Arceneaux did very well with Robert last season too. Jim L and Dick T too old already.. need to pass the torch. I'm sorry but Veneri is NOT worthy to be in the booth!

  34. dream city mike:

    RK was awesome doing color on radio but now on play by play his vo. ice is shrieking like from lost of air! Is the game too fast for him call? Kanoa where are you?

  35. Dino:

    Kanoa is good enough now to do play by play for college basketball games for national conglomerate, ESPN. I look forward to the day he becomes the voice for Warrior football.

  36. dream city mike:

    I welcome back coach Tomey... great color and perspective!

  37. markazulu:

    Kekaula is a great commentator i just think the team of bobby curran and robert kekaula was an amazing combo but in all honesty i think kanoa leahey DESERVES a shot last year when he did do the broadcast i think he did a fabulous job.

  38. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Love and respect to all of our island broadcasters! Errybody get dea own style, no problem!


  39. Dino:

    how about Jim Barahal, "Dr. Sports"? let's put him back on the sidelines as the radio reporter!

  40. Will-I-Am:

    Here is my list of commentators in order.

    Kanoa L.
    Sean Ching
    Tie- Rob Demello
    Tie- John V
    Robert k.
    Bobby C.

    I am going to leave Jim L. Off the list because I think his time has past. He is one of the greats but the new crop of guys fit the times better.
    I will also leave Tomey off the list because it is like a fresh start. We will see...

  41. wait a minute:

    One little pecker ruins it for everyone

  42. Will-I-Am:

    Looks like there is a new Will-I-Am. I have been here since the beginning. Mostly lurking. But occasionally posting.

  43. Dino:

    as a season ticket holder, i have my radio headset on 1420am during every home game. i wish BC's post game show would last longer, but former Hawaii wide receiver, D. Branch's show which comes on after that is pretty good, fielding some very interesting commentary.

  44. Will-I-Am:

    Wow Old School. No get nuts.

  45. Manu:

    Braddah Robert. Need to do some "push aways" as in push away from the table. Braddah is some kind of momona NUI. Think of your health brah. Long time lurker sometime poster.

  46. Inyoface:

    Maybe should only have S.A. members comment on the blog by logging in?

  47. WarriorNY:

    Have you thought about making the site a "Discuss" account or even a "Facebook" account to post here??? (ESPN.com just added that)

    It would eliminate the spam problem and trolls would have to show personal responsibility...

    At the very least what about a username and password?

  48. kev-1:

    internet bravado is sad. try not to ruin the football blog. thank you.

  49. Will-I-Am:

    Inyoface. That is a good idea. I am a SA subscriber but I have never been able to log in.

    Or maybe we could just have one of those word scramble things that we have to solve before every post.

  50. RedZone:

    ST nice article on Chow this morning.

  51. kev-1:

    on a football related note . . . that was a good read this morning about the growth that Chow seems to be showing as a coach. I am glad there will be a change to the walk out. The slow walk was an adrenaline killer. For fans, and I would have to assume for players as well. I much rather watch a pumped up team storm out of the endzones.

    And no knew unis for all of those that were expecting some rainbow incorporation. He didn't address the names though. At least not in the article.

  52. kev-1:

    jinx redzone

  53. kev-1:

    sorry for the spelling . . . that should say no NEW unis. What can I say? I got a private school education.

  54. Will-I-Am:

    Bradshaw Robert,
    I hope you are around for a long time. Stay positive.
    No offense on your low ranking for my game commentator list. I love you as a sports anchor and even love it when your the commentator for games but I cannot get into your play-by-play, it just ruins it for me.

    I would love to see Kanoa as the play by play guy and you, Rob, or Shawn as the other guy in the booth.

  55. Will-I-Am:

    Haaa, spell check got me again Bradshaw= Braddah

  56. Stephen Tsai:

    The real Kekaula doesn't post but he does read the blog daily. So play nicely.

  57. ALLAN:


  58. tommui:

    ST - perhaps everyone who wishes to post will have to register his true name, and his computer and a password is issued.

    Either that, or if your technie has figured out where the stuff is coming from, give us his site/address.

  59. gobows:

    the radio broadcast of warrior football games suck big time. try catch one of the high school games with the rev felipe ojastro and you will hear he puts that am radio guy to shame. they should put bc on the field and the rev in the booth.

  60. oldie:

    ST, Nice article on Coach Chow. Everyone who wants him fired or think they can do better should read the article. Actually, everyone should read the article. Very humble man. Let's hope it translates to better performance on the field.

  61. GoBeavs!:

    Bobby & Johnny looking forward to hearing you both. we need true believers! "Don't Stop Believin"-Journey ...everybody wants a thrill, working hard to get my fill.

  62. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    When one has both "the face for radio" and "the voice for television", they can do Monday Night Football? :?

  63. Old School Dave:

    Wow! I go out for a few hours and then I find out that I've offended/attacked someone and now I'm apologizing for something? What exactly did the fake OSD say under my moniker?

  64. Ipu Man:

    Gotta luv Veneri's humor and Kekaula's spot-on descriptions of katooshlike tackles...

  65. Stephen Tsai:

    I thought you were apologizing for leaving your blog shift early.

  66. Warrior Dave:

    Great article ST. I love it that Chow realizes mistakes were made last year and is planning changes. Gives me hope that improvement is in the horizon this year and at least we're heading in the right direction.

    If he came across as arrogant to what he wanted to do this year and unwilling to change I would be very concerned. This is the sign if a good coach when they are willing to adapt.

  67. Warrior Dave:

    Although Mack pledged to run the R&S ala JJ, I don't think he fully bought in to the concept and heard he overruled many offensive calls.

    The key to any successful offense is Oline play. You can have Aaron Rogers as QB but if he's running for his life on every play...!it will be a poor season.

  68. Old School Dave:

    ST: My friend punched out for me :-)

  69. Old School Dave:

    I hope to see player's names on the backs of their jerseys this season. Got a feeling we will.

    So the retro night game this season will be uniforms/helmets from the pre-1999 era, right?

  70. Konoman1:

    ST very good article in the paper..

  71. Graham:

    Robert k is the best. Enjoy listening to him

  72. oldie:

    Always liked Curran and Kekaula on the radio. I know some of you don't care for Bobby's morning show, but as a play by play guy, he's good. And Robert provided excellent analysis.

  73. wafan:


  74. mo808:

    Good Sunday Evening Folks

    I like Robert, Coach Tomey, Bobbie, and John! I think if the team is winning--everyone's job is made that much more easier... People will be happier and not nit-pickers.

  75. rocky:


    Do you think there is any way Chow will change his mind about the names on the jerseys? Playing for your ohana is huge for hawaii kids & the name on the jersey is one huge way they can proudly represent .

  76. mo808:

    What will make it a successful year for the Rainbow Warriors?
    More fans the stands!
    No more routine three and out on Offense!
    More Wins! :-)
    ....don't forget to bring da ti leaf and pray! BEAT USC!

    Oh yeah...and put the names on the back of jerseys again so aunty can cheer louder!

  77. HiloBilly:

    I had a nice chat w/ BHF2 last night at his nephew's wedding luau. Brudda sends his best regards to all & hopes to be back soon on the WB. He's had a whole bunch of 'funny kine stuff' (his words) happen to him this year: broke his wrist/hand, survived a high-speed head-on crash, + some other interesting incidents still recuperating from. If you know his email, I'm sure he'd get a real charge out of hearing from you all, especially the old guys (Kekoa, DPK, Al, etc).

    DPK, my 3 boys were at the luau (Ikaika R got married), along w/ Kainoa L, Kekoa H, Donald M, Kaipo N, & a bunch of other MPE vets & day students. All had very fond memories of you & dorm life.

    I do agree w/ BIK re: Kekaula. Very good, enjoyable commentary & color, but for me, the vocal quality (nasal twang?) tends to come across as kind of tinny. I can live w/ it, though, just as long as the team wins & keeps winning! I hope he controls his weight starting now: the older you get, the harder it is to lose the pounds, & who knows the effects later on in life.

    Last week of summer ahead, KS-H staff report next week Monday, can't believe it! Have a great week, everyone.

  78. Stephen Tsai:

    Yes, it is a consideration.

  79. Stephen Tsai:

    We do miss BHF2's posts. Thanks for giving us the update.

  80. HiloBilly:


    ST: BHF2's wit & observations haven't changed or lessened because of all the setbacks...he just can't type or really do much w/ his right hand right now. His humor needs no recuperation!

    And he does try to lurk as much as possible.

  81. Stephen Tsai:

    We're grateful you're keeping tabs on the Big Island.

  82. Pomai:

    Where are the season tickets???????????????????????????

  83. mo808:

    Pomai, I heard two to three weeks before I get mine.

    Sending prayers of healing to BHF2! ;-(

  84. LizKauai (mbp):

    Love our sportscasters... Go, Rainbow Warriors!

  85. al:

    hilobilly...i think i still got his cell ph. number. i really should check in to hilo and see some associates.
    plus, too, haven't had my favorite oxtail stew from kenny's.

    i also hear that big island cafe is up and running in hilo?

  86. al:

    spent the weekend in kona. attended one true kona style party.
    for example;
    pupus were 4 kind poke, sashimi, home cooked potato chips, smoke meat, ogo namsu, ahi &crab, homemade portuguese sausage, fried menpachi and my all time favorite fried kole'!!!

    then da grinds came out; rice, poi, opihi, lau lau, fo' real kine kalua pig, pork guisantes, raw a'ama crab,lomi salmon, brok mout squid luau, chicken long rice, more opihi, etc. 50 kind desserts.

    truly big island style party!!!!

    belly up

  87. al:

    aloha big hilo... no worry the Man never gives you more than you can handle.

  88. d1shima:

    Healing thoughts for bhf2.

  89. al:

    ...and bruddah robert k puts his heart and soul in his work. none have more passion for all things hawaii rainbow warrior football.

    personally i like his play by play. very refreshing change. lots of emotion. what many don't realize is how much inside info he has. it rivals mr. tsai's.

  90. momo:

    Just checking in to say hello.. went to Canada to see the Canadian Rockies with Garret and family. What a trip it was with half of Calgary flooded and with no power. We were there for two days and boy was it a adventure. After we left the city, the trip was fine. Garret is fine, but is very busy with his work... See you at the first Tail gate momo