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Happy birthday to us

July 24th, 2013

That's right, the Warrior Beat turns 7 today.

We've had a great time through the years, especially embracing the four Fs — football, food, family and fun.

We've made friends, and we've lost loved ones.

Like all families, we've had our share of spats, and we've endured the occasional crazy uncle who just doesn't know when to step away from the keyboard. But in the end, we're in this together, and we embrace the good, the loyal and, of course, the really weird.

That's life. That's sports. That's this blog.

I love and appreciate each of you.

But to celebrate, I'm taking the day off. The comment section will be closed until tomorrow. If you need to chat or see really cool buffet pictures, hit me up on Facebook.

Until tomorrow . . .

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