Iosefa update

July 25th, 2013

Running back Joey Iosefa received hopeful news when he was diagnosed with "only" a displaced foot fracture.

It had been feared the injury was worse and would require surgery. Instead, Iosefa is wearing a walking boot and receiving treatment several times a day. He will not require surgery, at least at this time. The development opens the way for Iosefa possibly being available for the opener against USC in exactly five weeks.

Iosefa suffered the injury during conditioning drills this past Monday. If the condition progresses without complications, he has been told, he might be able to resume workouts in three to four weeks. With UH opening training camp next week, Diocemy Saint Juste, Aofaga Wily, Steven Lakalaka and Willis Wilson will get the majority of reps in practices.

* * * * *

There still is no word on whether the NCAA will certify long-snapper Brian Hittner to play this season. The Warriors are seeking a successor to Luke Ingram, who completed his UH career.

If Hittner is cleared, he will be added to the 104-player roster for training camp. Two incoming freshman long-snappers — Brodie Nakama and JR Colton — already are on the 104-player roster. Tyler Liana, a freshman from Farrington High, will join the Rainbow Warriors on Aug. 26, when the roster limit is lifted.

The Warriors reserved roster spots for running back/slotback Levi Wilson and a defensive end interested in joining.

* * * * *

Belated birthday wishes to Princess Leila.

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  1. Ipu Man:


  2. Rambow:

    Yea top 5 .. Nice to hear Joey still has a chance to play in a month

  3. 3-Prong:

    Happy Anniversary to the Warrior Beat and to Mr.& Mrs.Tsai

  4. Tofuzuke:

    Great news!

  5. truegreen:

    "Good" news for Joey. Heal up quickly! We need you!

  6. Rite80:

    Laura Beeman at the Quarterback Club.

    Olelo Ch 55 Friday July 26th 1:30pm

    Olelo Ch 49 Monday July 29th 11:00 pm

    Olelo Ch 49 Thursday August 1st 3:00 pm

    Coach Beeman in an inspirational and heartwarming talk explains why she came to Hawaii and what she expects to accomplish here. In a touching moment she talks about Shawna-Lei Kuehu, the challenges she has overcome and her amazing charisma which draws people to her, a gift she doesn't realize she processes. This is a must see.

  7. ai-eee-soos:


    Seven more years, at least.

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    The QB Club's meetings are now televised?

  9. boolakanaka:

    Hui e nei from NYC!!

  10. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody!
    Happy birthday to the blog!
    Happy anniversary to the Tsais!

  11. Loa:

    morning gang!

    happy anniversary!

  12. Rodney:

    Imua Warriors!

  13. cheepono:

    the de is still interested even after all the new offers?

  14. jimmy the lock:

    Good news for Joey, take it easy and heal strong.

    Is there a cutoff date for a person wanting to enroll at UH for this years fall semester?

  15. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!
    Happy Birthday Blessings to The Blog, Host & Ohana, & all the Tsaikos & Tsaikettes!

  16. mo808:

    Happy news about Joey!

  17. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Yep. Was watching the previous months meeting on Olelo the other day. Was surprised to see it on.

  18. jimmy the lock:

    Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba
    Sithi uhm ingonyama

    Nants ingonyama bagithi baba
    Sithi uhhmm ingonyama

    Siyo Nqoba
    Ingonyama nengw' enamabala

    Maybe the opening lines of "Circle of Life" will refocus the DE to sign with Hawaii.

  19. A-House:

    Hello everybody hello, H-E-L-L-O!!!!

    I go away for a few days, return and the blog is OFF - wats up wit dat?????

    But, good reason why!

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: DE
    I think people are viewing this in the conventional way.
    Not so.
    The DE is not being recruited. He is the recruiter. That's why it doesn't matter how many offers he receives. He already received lots of offers out of high school. He's receiving offers now. Now he's the one taking control. Instead of letting the offers dictate his options, he's doing his own search. He called Hawaii. He's willing to pay for his own visit. Everything in this process has been his own doing. He's very good, and UH would be open to taking him if he chose to come here.

  21. jimmy the lock:

    Oh my, that looks like spam. :shock: :oops:

  22. oldie:

    Happy Aniversaries, Mr. Tsai!

    Is this the same DE mentioned a few days ago? Doesn't he have to redshirt if he comes? Why would he be on this year's roster?

  23. Stephen Tsai:

    Food ... scholarship money ... housing ...

  24. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy belated anniversaries to the WB (us), and ST and his better half, Wena!
    Happy belated birthday to Princess Leila!

    Good news for Mr. Iosefa.

  25. tommui:


    And Mr Tsai - happy anniversary and thank you for making the blog available for us UH Fans.

  26. oldie:

    ST, Okay, got it. But he does have to redshirt, right?

  27. WWF:


    How is you do in Vegas?

  28. boya_jr:

    Get well soon Joey. Nice meeting you in Waikiki a month ago. We need you to personal protect Taylor-made Graham, keep him in mint condition and I would like you to do a massive stiff-arm to a DB. To the DE looking for a great college and life experience, no better place than Hawaii. I'm a very satisfied alum with Warrior football fever! You will wreck havoc. Aloha Stadium will again be the "QB graveyard" like in the past.

  29. wafan:

    Good morning!

  30. wafan:

    Happy anniversaries to us and them!


  31. wafan:

    Super news for JI.

    Good stuff!

  32. wafan:

    And, belated birthday wishes to the Princess!

  33. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Birthday to the Princess!

  34. Old School Dave:

    Hope to see a good crowd for the USC opener. 40,000 - 45,000 would be great. Lots of local USC grads who will flock to the game, I'm sure. Seems like a number of the dentists in this town graduated from USC's Dental School.

  35. haka:

    Go Joey!
    Come aboard DE!
    Be A Warrior...A Rainbow Warrior!
    Go NCAA...just go already...pffftttt.

  36. Shoko:

    An people wonder why I hate Boise State so much. With headlines like this from a columnist that covers Bronco sports, I don't think I need to explain myself.

    "Murphy: Mountain West owes Boise State one big thank you"


  37. Last Call:

    9 Infomercials got higher overnight ratings than Leahey & Leahey.

  38. cocobean:


    Didn't realize how addicted I am to reading this blog. I'll post ocassionally but I pop in to read what's goings many times throughout the day. Yesterday I must have checked at least four times just to make sure nothing was going on.

    I know I don't give enough props to the host and the certified Tsaikos for keeping the blog the lively and fresh. So thank you and congratulations to Mr. Tsai and all the Original Tsaikos. Happy 7th.

  39. Shoko:

    Well, I checked twice and was on the verge of creating an account at the Sports Hawaii website just to get my fill. Decided otherwise.

  40. Pukalani boy:

    Great news about Mr. Iosefa.

  41. Down with pUSC...:

    I had to "actually" work yesterday since the blog was down.....but still didn't stop me from checking three times even though I knew was "closed"....Shoko I almost had to sign up too....Go Warriors of the Rainbow!

  42. A-House:


    Where did you stay over the weekend?

    We were at the Orleans and the hundreds of basketball players from across the nation and Canada - boys and girls - and M Resort.

    As we were leaving on Tuesday night, it was the high schoolers turn to fill the empty rooms.
    Every team had at least 2 or 3 players in the 6'7" to 6' 10" or taller.

    Then, came this team whose average height around 5' 11" or 6' with 1 player about 6' 4" to which Mrs Ahouse says they must be fast and great shooters.

    Any Hawaii teams in the national tournament?

  43. A-House:


    sorry, but I must say NO to thanking Bosie State for returning to the MWC and da hell with commissioner Thompson who "raked" Hawaii over the coals for making them pay the "charter" cost for Bosie, SDSU, Utah State, and San Jose St.

    His remarks the "no one brought it up" at the meeting is an ignoramous remark as what coach, in his right mind, will tell the MWC that UH should not pay their air fare and save them thousands of dollars.

    Yea, yea, the MWC has got Hawaii by the balls!

  44. uppah campus:

    ... Rolo sneaking around the neighborhood ...

    Kaleipuakea Meyer, a defensive lineman for Kamehameha Schools, has verbally committed to the University of Nevada football team, according to the recruiting website.

    Meyer is the second player in the 2014 senior class from Hawaii to commit to the Wolf Pack. Saint Louis School linebacker Jacob Lacaden earlier chose Nevada.

    Former University of Hawaii players Nick Rolovich and Ashley Lelie are on the Nevada coaching staff.

    from SA.

  45. 808WarriorFan:

    THANK YOU GOD.....could've been worse.....At least it'll give the other RBs the reps in practice

  46. Old School Dave:

    Reno has a pipeline going from Hawaii now? Last local guys I remember playing for Reno were Dennis "Sugar" Puha (Roosevelt) and Caleb Spencer (Kamehameha).

  47. Derek:

    The latest line that I saw this morning is USC minus 21 1/2 against Hawaii. Also, Washington minus 2 1/2 at home against Boise St. Huskies re-opening their newly renovated Husky Stadium on Saturday, August 31. Lots of good games the first full weekend of the college football season, in particular Georgia vs Clemson. Also, two upcoming teams Ole Miss vs Vandy, both bowl teams last year. Virginia Tech and Alabama is also a very good game. Lots to look forward to in about a month.

  48. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Happy (belated) Birthday to Princess Leila !!!

    Happy 7th Anniversary to The Warrior Beat Blog!

    Click here for photos of the 1st Anniversary blog party. Too bad Princess Leila's video of the interview with Al, the Punchbowl Kid, and Jeff Reinbold is no longer on the S-A servers.

    gigi-hawaii still has the Blog Party 3 (but 1st Anniversary) photos and comments up on her blog:

  49. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Happy Birthday WB!

    Happy Anny Wena and Stephen!

    Happy Birthday Princess Leila!

    Happy Birthday Prince George! (anyone seen a photo showing his ears yet? :twisted: )

  50. Independent Thinker:

    The majority of so call "Independent Thinker" posts on July 23 were not mine. The IP record will reflect that. Kinda sad, actually, that someone would do that instead of standing on his/her own merits and positions.

  51. Independent Thinker:

    Belated happy b-day to the blog!!!

  52. d1shima:

    Heal well, Mr Iosefa. It's a long season...

  53. primo123:

    there sure are alot of foot injuries......

  54. primo123:

    Happy Anniversary!

  55. leron:

    #46 & 48 nevada's new coach Brian Polian is intent on mining Hawaii talent and knows the caliber of player here. He is the guy who recruited Manti and Robbie Toma to Notre Dame.

  56. d1shima:

    Shutting down the blog yesterday almost pushed me over the edge...

    ...started reaching for the phone when the Cat's Meow commercial was on. :evil:

  57. d1shima:


    Just imagine if erryboddy was playing Headball! ;-)

  58. leron:

    Polian also recruited Jeremy Tabuyo to Texas A&M

  59. Independent Thinker:

    No disrespect to Iosefa, but I saw what he has to offer last year based on his performance last year, and so this year, I'd be willing to take a look at some of the other BMWs in the lot.

  60. Stephen Tsai:

    I find most disrespectful comments begin with "No disrespect to ..."

  61. Stephen Tsai:

    Polian is an interesting guy.
    It was interesting that he was the guy who held the headset wires for Marv Levy in three Super Bowls.

  62. Independent Thinker:

    To each his own. We each "find" in other people's comments what we want to find, is what I tend to find. If we want to find nothing but bad, that is what we find. It's called a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we want to find "disrespect", that is what we will find.

  63. Stephen Tsai:

    When I covered high school football a century ago, Ben Ronquilio was hired back as a head coach after a long hiatus. I remember he used really dated terms in talking about his proposed strategy. I figured, well, this can't be good. But he ended up with a very successful season that year. I thought that of Marv Levy, Dick Vermeil and Bruce Snyder. it's easy to overlook old guys like Levy. But whatever terminology, good coaches are good coaches.

  64. d1shima:

    It can't hurt the recruiting process to have a photo of Dad, Bill Polian, sitting on the credenza when you have the "final meeting" with a visiting recruit.

  65. d1shima:

    "It isn't about the money...."

  66. d1shima:

    "The check is in the mail..."

  67. Shoko:

    I sort have reservations about a newly hired coach that is considered a great recruiter, but has no experience as a offensive/defensive coordinator or play calling. To be categorized as a top recruiter for brands like TA&M and Notre Dame doesn't say much since its the schools that own the brand that it sells.

    Anyway, by most accounts, Wolf Pack fan seems to be enthusiastic about the hire.

  68. d1shima:

    "I'm from the government, I'm here to help...."

  69. d1shima:

    "Really, I won't....(NVM) :twisted:

  70. Old School Dave:

    Looks like Nevada has lost some players with the coaching change.

  71. jimmy the lock:

    ...just joking.

  72. d1shima:

    "You're a really nice guy..." :-?

  73. jimmy the lock:

    You look wonderful in that dress...

  74. jimmy the lock:

    You don't need to lose weight...

  75. jimmy the lock:

    Nah, those jeans aren't too tight...

  76. jimmy the lock:

    I'll give you a good deal on that car...

  77. jimmy the lock:

    They're still a formidable team despite having no wins...

  78. chawan_cut:

    Happy Birthday to all and to all a good morning!

    oh, and if you need a UH football schedule PC/tablet wallpaper, click on my name for the link.


  79. Shoko:

    Thanks! Think I'll go with the Big H logo in the background.

    P.S. Not to nit pick, but the wallpaper has USC's game time at 6:00pm HST. Unless it changed, I believe it starts a 5:00pm

  80. Shoko:

    Hmm, guess you can add "Not to nitpick..." as one of those irritating sayings.

  81. Stephen Tsai:

    "It's not you, it's me."
    Oh, who am I kidding? Of course, it's you. Who'd want to break up with me?

  82. Stephen Tsai:

    JJ used to always say: "To be perfectly honest with you ... "

  83. Warrior Dave:

    Happy belated birthday Princess and Happy Anniversary Tsaikos!!

  84. jimmy the lock:

    I have a headache...

  85. A-House:

    Happy birthday to US
    Happy Birthday to US
    Happy Birthday to US
    Happy Birthday to US!!!!!!! (now did I count right?)

    aw, wot da hek

  86. leron:

    JJ also used to say "since I've been here." Haha

  87. Boolakanaka:

    Ben Ronquillio, now that is a name from the past--if I am not mistaken, lead the team in rushing in 64. I knew his bother Tommy, who played in the defensive backfield in the mid 70s, and he was a pure Tasmanian devil. ST--nice call.

  88. Independent Thinker:

    To further reiterate, we all find things that we want to find when we want to find them. For example, to me, a pile of trash may be a pile of trash, but to a hobo, it would be priceless treasure. Am I a who dreamed of being a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming of being a man? I find that such profound (but ultimately nonsensical) statements only enhance my aura of wisdom and intelligence.

    now please, comment on how smart I am. no disrespect to joey iosefa, of course.

  89. Kekoa:

    CC ~ Your season opener calender with SC stirs the embers. Can't wait for the stadium to really 'Rock' during the final minutes of the game...and the stadium announcer says, "Down goes Tommy Toe Jam!"

    ST ~ Whatever happened to the results of the UA fb shoe testing? Wasn't there a concern over the number of foot problems that popped up when they changed brands? Do you think this could have been the reason Joey was hurt?

  90. gobows:

    luke ingram battling for the steelers long snapper.

  91. BigWave96744:

    This is Justin "JR" Calton

  92. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Is the contract with UA going to be over soon?

  93. d1shima:

    "We are not overlooking ______ despite their record...."

  94. Boolakanaka:

    I was tying to shake the cobwebs from a mind that has been damaged from one too many hits in old school riddell helmets, one too many drinks at Moose's, and not enough formal education to identify local guys that played football at USC. So far, I have compiled a rather paltry list: Mosi Tatupu, John Kamana, Gaylord Kuamoo, Kaluka Maiava.....I know there were, at least, several others.....??

  95. Boolakanaka:

    ST....or in the inverse: “You’re giving me the ‘it’s not you it’s me’ routine? I invented ‘it’s not you it’s me.’ So nobody tells me it’s not me it’s them. If it’s anybody – it’s me!” George Costanza

  96. dream city mike:

    Once the DE gets here I think he will find what he's been looking for, its something he never could descibe much less feel until now!

  97. d1shima:

    "I'm so glad football season is over..." :shock:

  98. gobows:

    jj's philosophy when he is ahead in a blow out game...that is to keep passing the ball, the other team prepared and expects to defend the pass, so be it.

  99. LizKauai:

    Happy Birthday, PL!

    Healing Energy, Joey!


  100. gobows:


  101. d1shima:


  102. fshnpoi:

    ho'omaika'i to ryan mouton who was picked up by the washington camp started today @ their new facility in richmond. wishing him luck, lots of db's trying to make the team this year.

  103. LizKauai:

  104. gobows:


    recently abe markowitz.

  105. LizKauai:

    Tsai-kos forever!

  106. dream city mike:

    Asking someone after showing them how to do a particular job they say "I get'um!"

  107. dream city mike:

    I'm sorry. I need to look at that last sentence i wrote for post 107, and reword for clarity. not even I know what i'm trying to say.

  108. Boolakanaka:

    105--mahalo nui. Any other kokua from our esteemed panelists??

  109. gobows:

    simione vehikite from kapolei also went to usc.

  110. Boolakanaka:

    110--another mahalo is sent your way.

  111. gobows:

    kamehameha's kolomona kapanui and kahuku's faaesea mailo also went to usc.

  112. d1shima:


    No worry. I get 'um!

  113. d1shima:

    "Word on the Boulevard...."

    Oh no! try wait, try wait!

    heheheh :mrgreen:

  114. gobows:

    local players take note, when you leave the islands, you leave our minds too. out of sight, out of mind. much easier to remember the playing days of the ones who play at home.

  115. Buffoman:

    Were all those local players at USC starters? I know that some were but I can't recall a few of those names being mentioned as starters I could be wrong. Whatever, I'm sure they got a great education, made a ton of connections and are doing terrific. Wherever one goes, it would be wise to take full advantage of the free education. It should come in handy at a later date.

  116. LizKauai:

    Wish Abe was playing for UH...

  117. leron:

    Taking it way back for USC football...Charley Ane from Punahou and Harold Han from Iolani

  118. jimmy the lock:

    This is between me and you...

  119. Independent Thinker:

    @ 89. Too funny the imposter. Dude, assuming your are not a shim, post as yourself and sling it if you can. Posting as me only shows: (1) you have no marbles; (2) you lack confidence; and, (3) you drank to much hatorade.

  120. Independent Thinker:

    should have been "too" much hatorade...

  121. Independent Thinker:

    @89...oh, talking about UH football also makes a great deal of sense too, while you are at it, instead of fussing like a prissy little girl about what me and my comments about UH football...

  122. LizKauai:


  123. d1shima:


  124. jimmy the lock:

    Redskins: Keep or change name?

  125. ai-eee-soos:

    # 120 leron: July 25th, 2013 at 12:55 pm
    Taking it way back for USC football...Charley Ane from Punahou and Harold Han from Iolani

    - not sure, but

    Col. Johnny Naumu, Jr

    Leslie(?) Almeida, Waialua

  126. d1shima:

    Let me take a stroll amongst the teepees and get back to you...

  127. jimmy the lock:

    Rey Maualuga lived in Waipahu for a bit.

  128. jimmy the lock:

    I'll be waiting in my grass hut.

  129. jimmy the lock:

    What I meant to say was...

  130. jimmy the lock:

    I'm not blaming you but...

  131. jimmy the lock:

    I only had one drink ociffer...

  132. cocobean:

    Childhood heros.

    Back in the day when high school football was king Ben Ronquillo was one of my childhood heros. To a young kid those high school players looked like men and the song leaders were like pinup girls. People to be admired.

    Can still hear Fred Antone's voice " Ronquillo with the ball...."

  133. Independent Thinker:

    Post #122 wasn't me. There's no way I would say something as uncouth as that.

  134. Independent Thinker:

    I mean, seriously. Mocking transgender people and then at the same time, dropping sexist comments like "prissy little girl?" Come on. I'm better than that.

  135. Independent Thinker:

    I also do not know who wrote comment #125. Because I certainly do NOT eat my own poo.

  136. Independent Thinker:

    None of the above three comments were written by me. It's sad that someone would want to hide behind another screen name instead of manning up and assuming another pseudonym to sling words at me. Cowardice, plain and simple.

  137. Independent Thinker:

    #130 Jimmy: Change the name. It's like if I had a basketball team and named it the Harlem Dirty N*ggers (and no, not "naggers" like in south park), or the Pearl City Japs. It's a relic of a bygone age that thought it was acceptable to name a sports team after basically a racist term for a group of indigenous people who were almost genocided out of existence.

    definitely, change it.

  138. Boolakanaka:

    120--nice, very nice. Those are some old school bullas. 118--the players I mentioned, were all starters and full scholly players.

  139. cocobean:

    Boolakanaka, did you play high school ball here or on the mainland. Need another clue to figure out who you are.

  140. Boolakanaka:

    Hmmn---clues, no local boy.One of the guys I mentioned on the USC list, I played with in HS.

  141. jimmy the lock:

    Did you know that most Native Americans do not find the name Redskins offensive. That Native Americans suggested what logo to use for the football team.

    “And I think what you have to do is look at where the term Redskin was originated. There’s some that give the term Redskins a negative connotation to indicate that it was created by the white man, to offend the Indians. But in reality, the term Redskins came from the Indians. And they referred to themselves often times, in treaty negotiations and meetings with the early settlers, as Redskins.

    “So it’s not a term that the white man created. It’s actually a term that the Indians themselves created. I just think we have people in this country that try and gin up problems that don’t exist.”

    Interview with Robert “Two Eagles” Green, who retired from his presiding role over the 1300-member Patawomeck Tribe.

  142. jimmy the lock:

    Yeah, like you alluded to or was that your stalker, that people will find what they want. Some writers post the positive side and some the negative. We have our own opinions and I can live with that...some can't.

    My sister-in-law is part Native American and she sees nothing wrong with the Redskins name as does her family. We talked about this years ago so I don't know if her family has changed their perspective. For me, I could care less if they change the name or not since I don't see anything wrong with the name. That's just how I was brought up and taught.

  143. cocobean:

    Wild guess.

    Boolakanaka did you wear #27.

  144. Independent Thinker:

    I have never been PC. Everyone knows that. The person posting as me has obviously been offended by the transgender and "sexist" comments. Good luck with my stalker, jimmy.

  145. jimmy the lock:

    You guys saw the surveillance video of the Punahou murder case? Looks like a woman. Either that or the guy has skinny legs and wears heals.

  146. Independent Thinker:

    Psycho stalker. Must be Allie. Ok, Allie, you win. You are a certified psycho stalker.

  147. Boolakanaka:

    Jimmy, as I am new to the board, and certainly want to be both respectful and acknowledge that there should always be a steady prudence and protocol to confronting another person's opinion...that said, respectfully you are wrong. I am both part native Polynesian and Native American. And while there is some strains of veracity to what you have asserted, by and large, that is not the opinion of the majority of the 566 federally recognized do not hold or support that view.

    Furthermore, even if one were to subscribe that the name was meant as an endearing term and a phrase of respect and fond sentimentality; it was absolutely not. And I'll explain why--The beloved Redskins team was the last NFL franchise to integrate, and only did so after a rising protest movement and the Kennedy administration forced the issue. The roadblock to integration was the man who brought the team to Washington and, not at all coincidentally, bestowed the team with the name “Redskins”: George Preston Marshall.

    Marshall was without question a great football innovator who invented rituals like halftime shows, the Pro Bowl, and was an early popularizer of the forward pass. He was also a stone bigot. At the time, the Redskins were the southern-most team in the NFL, and Marshall marketed his team to a white Southern audience by playing Dixie before games and saying proudly, “We'll start signing Negroes when the Harlem Globetrotters start signing whites.” This is why the team is called Redskins: it was a racist name from a racist owner.

    Marshall was stubborn to keep the team white despite the fact that the Redskins were simply a terrible team, winning one game the previous season. This ratcheted up the pressure on Marshall who found himself facing a struggle with civil rights activists and the Kennedy administration over his racist policies. Marshall’s active bedfellows in keeping the Redskins white included the American Nazi Party, and the KKK who marched in front of the stadium. On the other side were organizations like the NAACP, the Congress On Racial Equality (CORE), and JFK's Interior Secretary, Stewart L. Udall. It was a saga that would end with the signing of the Redskins' first black players, Ron Hatcher and future hall-of-famer Bobby Mitchell, fifteen years after the rest of the league had integrated. All of the above is documented.

    In 1961, the Redskins moved into brand new, publicly financed DC Stadium (now RFK Stadium); the shiny new facility quickly became a battleground, with competing demonstrations held by segregationists and civil rights activists alike. Built with $24 million in public funds, the new stadium sat on land owned by the National Capital Parks and thus by the federal government. Udall used this leverage against Marshall, threatening in March 1961 to rescind the federal government's lease to use the stadium if the franchise owner didn't sign a black player.

    Under banners reading “Keep Redskins White!” the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan paraded around the stadium in protest. But civil rights activists countered with pickets of their own, with signs reading: "People who can't play together, can't live together.”

    Marshall was intransigent, declaring that “no one of intelligence has ever questioned my theories on race or religion.” But in a city with a new black majority that could not even vote in a presidential elections at the time, the fight over a football team struck a chord with residents inspired by successes of the Civil Rights movement elsewhere, and the protests continued.

    When Udall compromised and gave Marshall another season to integrate, civil rights activists took it upon themselves to make an issue of Marshall's racism wherever the team went. The local NAACP and CORE chapters picketed Marshall's home and organized a boycott of the 1961 season. Black and white civil rights activists picketed outside each and every home game that season, forcing down attendance and causing Kennedy to decline an invitation to attend the new stadium's inaugural game. On the other side of the country, activists and union members organized a boycott of a Redskins-Rams game in Los Angeles. The Redskins exhibition games in the south and the west also became targets for protesters. Pressure mounted on league commissioner Pete Rozelle to intervene.

    Marshall buckled and came up with a list of black players that he would try to draft, headed by Syracuse’s star running back Ernie Davis. Davis refused to play for Marshall, and was traded to the Cleveland Browns for the great Bobby Mitchell who finally broke the league’s most stubborn color line. Today, the current owner-Snyder’s ignorance is a continuation of a horrible disrespect for all native people.

  148. Boolakanaka:

    With all due respect and transparency--much of that was culled and paraphrased from several different articles.

  149. Shoko:

    I just learned something today. Thanks for the education.

  150. Boolakanaka:

    #145 No, that would make me Fred "hollywood" Hemphill. An awfully talented DB, had he gained 15-20 more pounds, and spent less time at Bobby McGees and Spats....he seriously could have been a NFL guy.

  151. Shoko:

    Clearly the person in the video that a suspect in the murder is female. She really made the effort to conceal herself (gloves, sweater and cap) from the cameras.

  152. cocobean:

    Boolakanaka. I'll quit guessing. "Hollywood", as you call him was a damn good player.

  153. Boolakanaka:

    Oh, mos def, Fred was very good, and could as they say in modern parlance--"flash" his athletic skills.. Fred, James Elias (another underweight guy that could flat out hit...his sister was former v-ball great, Rocky Elias) and I, use to carouse ( and that's being diplomatic) a fair amount....good memories.

  154. Stephen Tsai:

    Not that I really care, but I'm fascinated that "Independent Thinker" and "Shoko" are sharing the same address. Are you guys living together?

  155. Stephen Tsai:


  156. Shoko:

    Not that I'm aware. But then again, who knows in this day and age of the internet.

  157. Stephen Tsai:

    OK. Hey, "Independent Thinker" said to check the address, and both of you are sharing it. Maybe it's a glitch. Dunno. I'm not a computer whiz. I just thought that was odd.

  158. laulau head:

    Happy Birthday Warrior Beat!

    Happy Birthday Princess Leila!

    Best gift ever...BEAT USC!!!

  159. Shoko:

    As of late, the blog has been a little weird with impersonations of the regulars on here. For all I know, you may be the false Stephen Tsai that is asking. ;)

  160. Boolakanaka:

    Don't know exactly why this came to mind...but, for those of you who remember early 80s bows football, there was an assistant, wait, I think he was was the associate head coach, Dave Fagg, who was originally from North Carolina, and he had two memorable lines he would say, at least several times a week: one went..." boys, Saturday night, its the same from Tallahasse to Honolulu, shower, shave and go to town...number two, and I can hear like it was this morning...."no redshirts at the disco...." So, classic....

  161. Boolakanaka:

    Maybe we are all in an alternate universe, having some form of Hawaiian existential epiphanies?? Oh well, as my uncle in Maile always says..."drink til pretty."

  162. Stephen Tsai:

    If an impersonator made jokes, would they be called "false cracks"?

  163. Boolakanaka:

    No, a "false crack" was what I got in 7th grade in intermediate school, when this 9th grade samoan kid, ask me for " search take with my lunch money" and I said, no ( not because I was brave, just really hungry) and he went false crack me....

  164. mo808:

    Happy Anniversary Blessings to ST & Wena!
    & a Belated Birthday Blessing to Princess Leila!

  165. Independent Thinker:

    That is pretty funny Tsai. But I have a funnier story.

    One of the things I hate about Aloha Stadium is the distance to the bathrooms I have to walk to. I had explosive diarrhea after a big tailgate and literally doodoo'd my pants.

    Joke is on the cleanup crew because I went back to my seat and finished watching the game.

  166. Independent Thinker:

    I still wet the bed on occasion. However, I am man enough to admit it.

  167. Old School Dave:

    Funniest line from a longtime UH defensive coach as told to me by a former player: "You know you're wrong, right?"

  168. NotNasti:

    boolakanaka = keoni jardine?

  169. Independent Thinker:

    Okay. You guys caught me. I'm shoko.

  170. Independent Thinker:

    I also wear women's underwear.

  171. Independent Thinker:

    Everyone knows that I don't wear women's underwear. I'm Independent Thinker. You guys know that I am never PC, because sensitivity to other people (especially towards gays and transgender) is something independent thinkers don't do. We like to use big words to sound intelligent when we really have nothing substantive to say because we like hearing ourselves talk, and we usually vote republican but say we're "independents" or "libertarians."

    We do NOT wear women's underwear.

  172. Shoko is Independent Thinker:

    post 187: Do not be ridiculous. I am not Shoko. I also did not write that post that confessed that I was Shoko either. I apologize to you that impersonators are making your life hard, Shoko. Incredibly intelligent and very independent thinkers like you and me shouldn't have to go through this. It must be some public school graduate that is doing this.

  173. SteveM:

    Stephen Tsai:
    July 25th, 2013 at 5:08 pm
    If an impersonator made jokes, would they be called "false cracks"?

    Hey ST, we have not seen blogger "False Cracks" for a long time.

    He was funny! But being one of the original Tsai-kos, we could figure him out after a while even with the thick pidgin. But being a great public speaker and English major gave him away eventually. :-)

    He was even funnier than John Collins/las vegas/rasu begasu/maryann(e)/fulavit-- but rasu had a longer gig in prime time. RIP.

    Now about Koa-Mahu/KoaMahu, Koamahu... who has been portrayed by at least 3 different people as far as I can tell... and I am 99% positive it is not (j)James. :shock:

  174. dream city mike:

    1 thurs. down 4 more to go until kick off! How "squeeze" ready for host your Trojan buddies again like 2010? This is Analu's bradda from and "your" bradda was da bomb at the tail gate! Shoot awesome music,onto grinds(ribs from Azeka) and choke beers! I think dis time we better win!(Bedouin) Tell Kennedy for come if he not working!

  175. wafan:

    Lolo Day.

  176. gman23:

    Ahh Freddie Hemphill...for some reason he reminded me of a young Michael Jackson.. remember him intercepting a pass against Iowa...he was my favorite DB

  177. homey ℞:

    Two people on the same LAN can have the same external IP address.

  178. d1shima:

    "I know who you are...I know what you did...."

  179. homey ℞:

    Also, if you have a router at home then all the devices that uses that router to access the internet have the same ip address...

  180. homey ℞:

    If the shoe fits...

  181. homey ℞:

    Happy belated birthday and anniversary!!!

  182. Dino:

    we don't want the same sort of thing with our RB's this year that happened to our DL's last year, where it got worse and worse with each subsequent injury. it's amazing how you cannot have too much depth......

  183. homey ℞:

    So...could be that they work for the same in the same of them is jumping on the others wireless connection...sharing one person...

  184. Dino:

    keep the redskins. i still have my #5 colt brennan jersey, signed.

  185. d1shima:

    "It depends what the definition of 'is' is...."

  186. SteveM:

    Stephen Tsai:
    July 25th, 2013 at 4:46 pm
    OK. Hey, "Independent Thinker" said to check the address, and both of you are sharing it. Maybe it's a glitch. Dunno. I'm not a computer whiz. I just thought that was odd.

    Hey homey -- Shoko has established he lived near Sacramento when he first appeared in 2010. So both live in the central California area? Such coincidences!

  187. Boolakanaka:

    173--Notnasti--If I was Keoni Jardine, all my dreams for this life and the next would have been fulfilled, well, as far as being a superstar local HS and college player. Keoni is older them me, and growing up he was the zenith of anything and everything cool. He was just the man up there in Kaplama Heights...but, no.

  188. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Something to get a boolakanaka going....

  189. LK:

    July 25th, 2013 at 9:14 am


    Where did you stay over the weekend?

    We were at the Orleans and the hundreds of basketball players from across the nation and Canada - boys and girls - and M Resort.

    As we were leaving on Tuesday night, it was the high schoolers turn to fill the empty rooms.
    Every team had at least 2 or 3 players in the 6'7" to 6' 10" or taller.

    Then, came this team whose average height around 5' 11" or 6' with 1 player about 6' 4" to which Mrs Ahouse says they must be fast and great shooters.

    Any Hawaii teams in the national tournament?


    Sorry we missed you and Mrs. A-House here.

    Our club team is here for the Big Foot Hoops Tournament LV Classic. We have a 14U team that my son plays on (Curtis Murayama's son is also on our team) and a 16U team. That's 18 players along with 34 parents, supporters and coaches, so 52 visitors for only 2 teams.

    There are 450 boys teams in 8 age divisions and 31 girls teams in 2 age divisions. I would estimate over 10 thousands visitors here for just this one tournament. There are also at least 2 other national tournaments going on this week here in Vegas.

    Just like when we traveled to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, the hotels, restaurants and shops are very appreciative of visitors these basketball tournaments bring.

    Teams in the Las Vegas Classic from Hawaii

    16U Boys - Boom
    14U Boys - Boom
    13U Boys - Tar Heels
    9U Boys - Tar Heels
    Varsity Girls - Hawaii Select, Hawaii Central Side
    14U Girls - Kalakaua Wahine

    And yes we Hawaii teams are usually the smaller teams, our 16U team is definitely smaller than any teams we've seen or played in our age bracket.

  190. Shoko:

    I can deal with the spam and the occasional drama that unfolds - which adds to the entertainment - but its a little annoying when accusations start to fly about who's responsible for the impersonations that flood this board with nonsensical comments.

    Anyway, enjoyed the blog that provided good information along with both friendly and unfriendly banter. This upcoming season will be another tough one for the Warrior faithful. Just be mindful that "adversity" is the true test of one's character.

    P.S. Could have sworn I been here since 2009. But, after more thought, I think it was 2010, the year that Mac had his most successful season (minus the Hawaii Bowl). ;)

    Go (Rainbow) Warriors!!

  191. Shoko:

    One last contribution to the blog regarding Nevada's latest Hawaii recruit Kaleipuakea Meyer. Sometimes I wonder if Rolo was retained for his connections to the islands.

    "Earlier this summer, I was attending some camps in California," Meyer wrote in an email to the RGJ. "I called Coach Rolovich and he said that it would be fine for me to come up and take an unofficial visit. My family and I drove up from California to come and see what Reno was all about. After meeting Coach (Brian) Polian and the rest of his staff and taking the tour of the campus and facilities, I was very impressed. After speaking with my family, we decided that the University of Nevada would be a place where I could succeed as a student and an athlete."

  192. A-House:


    shucks! we kept looking for Hawaii teams as I know that they are always there representing the 808.

    where were the games played? area high school gyms? it must have been really hot.

    kept losing $$$ so we went to see Red 2 and Pacific Rim - both very enjoyable but Red 2 was funny from the very start - now we want to see Red 1.

    Mrs A-House rode the elevator with 2 young boys and she asked how they did and enjoying Vegas - the shorter one, said, "we just won the national championship" and she replied, "that's just great, congratulations"

    It was interesting to watch the lightning show and feel the vibrations from the thunder - Masaboy, who is home now, always remarked that summer was "monsoon season" in Vegas.

  193. A-House:

    Here I am "tooling" down our hill at 3:51 am when I spark a lite on in a home and there is ST, no shirt sitting in his dining area seeming to be watching TV

    coming back at 5:10 am, light is out - sweet dreams ST!

  194. Boolakanaka:

    D1shima---mahalo nui! Although, I come to the board to the escape the overt preppy,nerdy, and often offputting world of New Haven. In fact, it has become of my favorite things to look forward to throughout the week and reminisce about all things hawai'i and football; two of my missed topics in my life. Oh, hope to meet some of the gang in Vegas, as I'll be at the game.....