4-star DE makes Hawaii plans

July 27th, 2013

Naim Mustafaa 99

Defensive end Naim Mustafaa has applied for enrollment at the University of Hawaii and is scheduled to arrive in Honolulu this Wednesday,  the same day first-year Rainbow Warriors are required to report to training camp.

Mustafaa is paying his own travel expenses to Hawaii.

There is a football scholarship available for Mustafaa if he chooses to join the Warriors.

Mustafaa earned a 4-star rating after receiving scholarship offers from Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida and Florida State. He chose Oklahoma State. He graduated a semester early from his Georgia high school, then participated in Oklahoma State's spring training.

He departed the Cowboys' program this summer.

Here are the highlights: Naim Mustafaa videos

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  1. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!


  2. MU:

    Go warriors!!

  3. SteveM:

    Welcome to Naim Mustafaa!

  4. Boolakanaka:

    E komo mai Naim!!!

  5. ai-eee-soos:


  6. 3-Prong:

    Oh yah.......everone will know his "Naim" after a while.

    Go Bows!

  7. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Welcome to the ohana, Mr. Mustafaa!

  8. madeinhawaii:

    Mustafaa is going to get off the plane and realize he is home. Welcome to the ohana, Warrior!

  9. NYUHTX:

    I hope his searching is over.

  10. Boolakanaka:

    He's a "naim brand"

  11. dream city mike:

    That's what I'm talking about, aloha Mr. Mustafaa!

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    He reportedly is a very good student.

  13. dream city mike:

    My Naim is Nobody, great movie in the day! Maybe and hopefully he's found what he was looking for!

  14. Boolakanaka:

    He didn't like the pickens at OK State. (Boone Pickens billionaire oil/energy guy, who made the largest ever donation to any specific athletic department, in a amount exceeding $165 million to OK State) Ok, its not so witty when I have to explain the entire pun.....

  15. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    The more the merrier.

    Does anyone know at what level Naim Mustafaa's HS was competing?

  16. dream city mike:

    No need Maybe in # 13 above

  17. Rambow:

    Yea 4 STAR

  18. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!

    Welcome to Naim Mustafaa!

    Those are terrific highlights!

    I hope you love and choose to stay here in Hawaii!

  19. Derek:

    When I think of the name, Naim, I immediately think of "pocket Hercules" that Olympic champion weightlifter from Turkey.

  20. PurpleMaple:

    Fingers crossed.

  21. WarriorNY:

    Hey ST and gang...

    Kennedy, Mustafaa and Allen for the next 4 years on the D-line... Wow... Have we ever had a D-line with that much potential? (based on HS rankings)

  22. Old School Dave:

    Welcome, Mr. Mustafaa. Thank you for becoming a Rainbow Warrior.

    UH hasn't had a game breaker type of DE since Travis Laboy, Ikaika Alama-Francis, and Mel Purcell, IMHO.

  23. Bugas:

    If he chooses Hawaii, he could be a four year star, but he could have top talent friends follow.

  24. turfwar:

    Make this your home Naim! Your talents are greatly needed.

  25. Boolakanaka:

    Hmmmn, great Q. Not sure, straight out of HS, but it seems they were really loaded in the mid 2000s, with 3 NFL players coming out of that time period: Ikaika Francis, Travis Laboy and Melia Purcell.

  26. tommui:


    Warm welcome to Naim Mustafaa!

  27. 3-Prong:


  28. PurpleMaple:

    I guess he is interested in Hawaii's hotel management program. From the Oklahoma ST. GoPokes, "He said he would major in business at Oklahoma State with an eye on classes in Hotel and Restaurant Management as he hopes to some day open up a sports bar and restaurant." Hawaii - what better place to pursue a career in Restaurant Management. Naim, come on board!!!

  29. Stiguy808:

    Looks like Naim comes from an athletic family. Father played in the NFL along with several uncles and cousins who played in the NBA and at various other colleges.


  30. XiphoidProcess:

    Don't count on Naim sticking around just yet... He originally committed to Georgia, then flipped and signed a LOI to OSU before leaving the Cowboys this summer.

  31. Stiguy808:

    Correction...brother and cousins, not uncles and cousins.

  32. WarriorNY:

    That's a good point. We did have some really good lineman in the mid 2000s....

  33. cocobean:

    Stephen can you clarify if he's the DE who visited here with his Granny? Also has he decided to join the team if his enrollment is accepted?

  34. dream city mike:

    Hey Boola if everything works out and he was to RS this season...I guess he couldn't go to the disco on Sat. nights!

  35. Boolakanaka:

    Absolutely, "no redshirts at the disco!!!" Swear to god, the old Jillys, took 3-4 years off of my natural life span.

  36. Darren:

    David Veikune too.

    It's always good to have the disruptive DE that has the ability to constantly cause chaos in the backfield. Yap and Woodard have shown flashes of that but both were forced inside a lot due to injuries last year. With a full year concentrating on their craft...I'm optimistically excited about seeing good things from them this year.

  37. dream city mike:

    Gotta go to da disko, check out all da chicks!

  38. Boolakanaka:

    38--your right. The model which is tried and true for UH over the last 40 years is to identify an athlete, get him into the weight room, take him to either get double-portions at Graces or if you straight poly-fa'e and palusami, and get coached up. We have been very fortunate as we have a lot of natural athletes that put on weight well, but as for a straight stud out of HS, we usually can't compete with the top 25 programs, so this is reason for legitimate kudos.

  39. DoubleBB:

    @40 c'mon man.

  40. Darren:

    Hope all works out for Naim and that he finds what he's looking for...here.

  41. Boolakanaka:

    I got to relay a classic crazy story from back in the day. So, we had this one fafafine (cross dressing samoan for those who never grew up with glades and hotel street as part of your high school initiation) who was hanging out down by cooke field a lot--checking out players..ahem--Kurt Kefentzis. Anyway, you all may recall the 1st Australian to play in the NFL, Colin Scots, he comes down one day, and tells us the night before he had his window open, it was summer and prior to any type of AC installed in the dorms above the practice fields....to continue, he says the fafafine, came through the window, yes, through the window, and mind you these will 2 and 3 story dorms, and tried to kiss him while he was sleeping. The kicker to the story, is that the fafafine, and he told this part very specifically, actually held him down for like 30 seconds....as you know Colin, was a naturally big strong aussie, 6-5 275, without weight room theatrics. Man, we laughed so hard, I admit, I peepee my old school OP shorts just a little bit--that was one big strong fafefine--only in Hawai'i!!!

  42. Warrior Dave:

    I hope and pray that UH Admissions Office is on the ball and makes a timely decision regarding admittance. Can't afford to dilly dally on this one. Either he qualifies or not, need to make a timely decision.

  43. dream city mike:

    ST check out IT, "boy" is not well!

  44. Warrior Dave:

    Very impressive highlight video. Very little wasted motion getting to the QB or ball carrier. OMG, did you see how he flattens the blocker on kick offs? Loops around and nails them.

    I like what I see and welcome him with open arms. Warrior Naim, Welcome!!!!!!!

  45. dream city mike:

    Hilarious, when you reminisce Boola hard to beat! Keep sharing that manao!

  46. Boolakanaka:

    45--so true, I tell folks all the time, that just growing up in Hawai'i you get a huge respect for these folks. In HS we had one cross-dressing samoan dude, that was easy 6'3, and 240, could have been all OIA in football, as I grew-up watching him play v-ball at Halawa playground, super athlete. Bottom line, no one ever messed with him.

  47. Darren:

    Obviously has elite athleticism. Indications from Ok St spring training are that he needs to build strength for this next level...redshirt year under Coach Beemer would be perfect for that. He has the potential to be an absolute monster in the MWC.

  48. Warrior Dave:

    Wow, some posters have sunken to a new low. Wish ST could ban you idiots for life. Why don't you guys go bug some other blog. This blog is for UH football and your filth doesn't belong here. If your life is so miserable and without meaning, please do us all a favor and end it.

  49. Boolakanaka:

    45--I actually forgot all these stories and names until I started posting on the board, I guess, you get a bit older, and those things that are important in your life, really come to the forefront.

  50. Darren:

    What I always think when I post here...I know that a lot of players' parents read the blog, these comments and even post. I wouldn't post anything that I wouldn't say to the players or their parents...but that's just me. Anonymity can make some people do some really strange things...

  51. dream city mike:

    Oh boy that video just whetting my appetite in anticipation for the rematch with them Trojans. Shoot put him in the rotation along with Kennedy, Dijon and even the original commit from UCLA. Mix them in w/ the returnees plus the backside in a smothering man. Here we come gangee!

  52. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    It's the CIRRRRRRRCLE of life!

    Nama hum manana baba

  53. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I thought his name is pronounced Na-eem, not Name.

  54. Darren:

    Got corrected by the kids...Simba's dad was named Mufasa.

  55. Boolakanaka:

    On the subject on famous athletes from Hawai'i, although not a D1 guy by any means, but pretty fair, is our POTUS--Barry. Raised on the leeward side, I use to spend summers and vacations at my relatives in town, on Alexander Street, right down the road from Punahou, and right next to the old Lau Store, if you are of my age group or older. Being from Hawai'i, I always get these ridiculous whack jobs asking me if the President is actually from Hawai'i. Boy, do they get an earful...I use to see him consistently in the late and mid 70s, near lau store, and even at games at Paki park. Not too bad for a lefty, but he would get schooled by lifers at the park and folks like Artie Wilson, who use to still go in for the occasional, upper caliber, pickup game.

  56. dream city mike:

    Exactly as "I"age sometime you see or hear something that brings back the best times. Can't beat the memories I had with my teammates, classmates or my fellow shipmates from my past! PRICELESS!

  57. Warrior Dave:

    #50 Darren,

    I agree. Anonymity also gives idiots the opportunity to say false things with no consequences. That's what makes me sick. They think they funny but they are insensitive and full of BS most of the time.

  58. Boolakanaka:

    I think the gold-standard for players from UH, as far as a DE is concerned, is still Al Noga. And for all his success in the NFL, and he had a very strong career, he body-type and playing style was well ahead of its time. If you look at some of the premier rushers in the league, e.g. Elvis Dumervile, Dwight Feeney, or even James Harrison, I can assure Al was every bit as athletic and explosive as those players. If you really analyze the problems that a rusher who is on the shorter side, but really quick and strong, (as they can either spin, duck or bea you to the corner) presents in the modern game, Al would have been in these elite conversations had he played in this era.

  59. dream city mike:

    Oh man I got some high school stories about Pisa and Paufai Finai, AK and Rick Wagner from the Mules all on bb court. Zabriskie from Kalani oh yea the twin towers from St. Louis (Pedro was one of the guys last name) I gotta save specifics for another time. I need to pay some bills. DCM out, Aloha people!

  60. Boolakanaka:

    60--He was on Punahou's 1979 state championship basketball team. He was the 6th man basically. And from friends I know on the team, he could have been a starter, but back in the day, he was a bit too showy for the liking of the head coach. He can for sure, play in a solid weekend league and hold his own. See: http://www.punahou.edu/page.cfm?p=1715

  61. Warrior Dave:

    #59, oh good now someone posting under my name. JERK!!

  62. Bigislandkurt:


    Whoooo hoooo.

    Surround this bradduh with some good lepo and watch this bugguh grow....


  63. Warrior Dave:

    #69, please get a life and be brave and post under your own name.

  64. Warrior Dave:

    ST knows who is the real Warrior Dave.

  65. Warrior Dave:

    Blah, blah, blah... You are so insecure. You need to check yourself into a mental health clinic for observation and accessment. You are sick and need help.

  66. my two cents:

    Haters will be haters. Having that kind of negativity can't be good for one's soul.

    Also, for the most part, we keep it classy, but I have noticed that we need to be mindful of our comments. We, the good guys, the pro-UH fans, have to be more vigilant. More respectful of the people doing the work for our benefit.

    Here's what I mean. I think that some fan's comments are border line insensitive. Lion king and such. Let's keep it dignified. I know the fans don't mean it in a disrespectful way, but it may seem insensitive or disrespectful. A while back, a fan even made comments about a Coach's picture looking like someone from the movies and it wasn't a compliment. Is that how we show aloha? Come on folks. Stay away from what peoples names or picture reminds you of. It's childish and we have more respect for people than that.

    Sorry if it seems nit picky, but for one we, the state of Hawaii, are all about Aloha, and two we can't afford to chase away good prospects or good coaches for any reason.

  67. Stephen Tsai:

    Nobody is truly anonymous. And it would be wrong to believe there is a confidentiality agreement among us. By the way, Independent Thinker apparently is in the same area as the fake posters and Laura. I'm not saying they're oe in the same but their posts are coming off the same transmission.

  68. Whats up:

    Hawaii needs this young man, he has to sit out this season and Hawaii is going to lose a lot of DE's to graduation. So next season Niam will be in starting rotation for sure. Just think, next season 4 star DT Kennedy Tulimasealii, 4 star DE Niam Mustafaa, 3 star DT Dejon Allen, 3 star DE Yap Beau on the D line. Go get'um coaches, Go Warriors!

  69. Warrior Dave:

    Thank you ST.

  70. sportsbow:


    Someone on the WSN board said that Naim is here and arrived today. Can you re-verify?

  71. WarriorNY:

    I hate to say it but you should really consider adding a password to post...

  72. Stephen Tsai:

    There was a poster who was just a basic jerk, and a joke. Then I heard reports he was showing up at Wahine volleyball practices. The players thought he was strange. Then he would stand over the home dugout and heckle the players and coaches. He was a complete asshole. I decided to figure out what makes somebody fall off the deep end. I checked around. It turns out the guy didn't work and he had no friends. But to his mother, he fancied himself as an expert on volleyb all and softball. He's still around, being nice initially then resorting to his anger. He poses under different names. It doesn't excuse his behavior. But it does explain it.

  73. HawaiiMongoose:

    Naim sounds like a good student and a smart kid. He's not just transferring to Hawaii to play football. The TIM program is excellent, and UH offers a cosmopolitan environment unlike anywhere else. I hope he has a great football career in Hawaii and a great student experience as well.

  74. oldtimer808:

    Coach Chow continues to show us that through hard work and non-stop recruiting of the elite athletes anything can happen. Ok this is off the wall but I just wanted to give recognition to Aiea High School for their 1964 and 1965 football teams. 1963 was the first year that Aiea played varsity football in the ROIA and lost all eight games but you talk about turn around 1964 and 1965 lead by Slinging Sammy Stevens were 8 wins and 1 lost. Ok I'm up there in time. Doggone it time sure flies.

  75. Stephen Tsai:

    To be sure, nobody is happy with the 3-9 season, especially season-ticket holders. That's understandable. To voice displeasure is understandable. But then you have the 1 percent who do things just to agitate others. Provoking healthy discussions? Nah. They're just assholes. We put up with them because we understand they're acting out on things. Charlene might have dumped you. Maybe your job sucks. Maybe you don't have a job. Life isn't fair. But we all have choices, and we can be the the type of person we want to be. To the 1 percent: Don't be an asshole.

  76. Boya_jr:

    Welcome Naim! I'm super excited that you're going to be a Warrior. One more reason for me to attend UH road games on the Mainland, where I live. You will find out there are Hawaii fans everywhere. Right on!!!

  77. migloto:

    stephen: you're wrong, I'M anonymous! :o)

  78. Warrior Dave:

    Hi ST,

    Wish Management could give you a Slapper to go with your Zapper.

    Some people just need slaps upside their head. I appreciate all you try to do for fans like myself.

  79. Red raider 4 life:

    With this DE I hope all the chow haters will shut up already! Football is about speed strength and talent! Hawaii football is about to explode, finally we are getting real talent to compete at the next level! All the haters act like uh was ever a football powerhouse! The hating should stop, and we all should look forward to a great winning future, in chow we trust!

  80. Boya_jr:

    Amen to that

  81. John:

    This is how I believe Hawaii goes 7-5 with a trip to the Hawaii Bowl:

    USC L
    Oregon St. L
    Nevada W - great moneyline bet on Hawaii
    Fresno St. L
    San Jose St. W
    UNLV W
    Colorado St. W
    Utah St. L
    Navy W - this game could be colder than the late Nov WY game
    San Diego St. L
    Wyoming W
    Army W

  82. oldtimer808:

    Aloha Naim soak in the Hawaiian culture and enjoy our beautiful islands and kick butt on the football field for the Rainbow Warriors.

  83. oldtimer808:

    I'm optimistic that UH will surprise USC.

  84. Popeye:


    Something you may want to consider to keep yourselves loose during Fall Camp.

  85. NotNasti:

    ST: those 1 percenters are everywhere, not just on your blog. I am the de facto complaints department in my office, and so those 1 percenters take up 90 percent of my work day. "Po Ho" as they used to say.

  86. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good afternoon all!

    Naim Mustafaa! Wow... just wow! Welcome to the Warriors!

  87. Dino:

    i am a season ticket holder, total of three (3). also a proud supporter of koa anuenue, including the coveted inner circle parking. the 3-9 season was not pleasant, of course. it is refreshing, however, that even though the inner circle parking lot is always only half full, and the stands have a lot of orange (empty) seats around us, i see the same die-hard fans spread out in the stands, just like us, at every home game. it would be nice to have more die-hard fans attending the games.

  88. Popeye:

    Saturday night spam fever

  89. RedZone:

    Welcome Naim!!!!

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  92. Konoman1:

    Love it Red raider 4 life!

  93. Pomai:

    More and more of the regulars are leaving in droves!!!!!

  94. laulau head:


    Beat USC!!!

  95. d1shima:

    We are the 99%!

  96. Warrior Dave:

    #162 Pomai,

    Sad but true. ST doing his best best but these spammers are so disruptive. I miss the old regulars.

  97. Da Punchbowl Kid:



  98. NotNasti:

    WD, I think Pomai was referring to the "old regulars" in the stands.

  99. Warrior Dave:

    #170 Notnasti,

    Haha on me. Thanks for the clarification.

  100. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Pomai was prolly talkin bout both! ;)

    ONE TEAM!!!

  101. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Dang it's been hot lately! Hotter yet with news like the young Mr. Mustafaa coming on board! Aloha and welcome, Naim!

    Happy Anniversary to the WB and ST & Wena!

    And a happy (and belated) birthday to all those Birthday Peeps I've missed lately.

    Hope those with injuries will heal up properly before returning for duty. We need everyone at max. Can't wait for this season to begin!

  102. PONO:

    The spammers are even going international with Japanese now. This blog sure is popular! Go Bows! Beat SC! Naim please stay in Hawaii!

  103. Intoface:

    Is it Aug. 29 yet?!

  104. JaM:

    Hi everybody...

    I still try to read...

    Extra entries giving me lots of practice with scan reading!

    When r the tickets going to be mailed?

  105. gobows:

    Naim is the son of Najee Mustafaa, aka Reggie Rutland, former safety for the vikings, browns, and raiders. hmmm, wonder if al noga has been in contact with his old teammate.

  106. el burro sabio:

    Screw you chicken kasu

  107. al:

    gobows...al noga has been known to show face at practices. perhaps volunteer some tips.

  108. al:

    oh darn it...i must have missed all the fun.

  109. A-House:

    Any one know Ben Jay'a email address?

  110. al:

    naim "the dream" mustafaa
    ...nuff said

  111. A-House:

    Jay'a =s Jay's

  112. wafan:

    The zapper lives!

  113. wafan:


  114. al:

    ahouse...i can't give you his private email.

  115. al:

    btw...ahouse you too lazy to get check it out yourself?

    here's a clue to entire athletic dept


  116. wafan:

    #75 . . .

    Hear! Hear!

  117. wafan:

    Hey, al!

    Long time no see. Hope you are doing well and the boss is keeping you out of trouble.

  118. al:

    st...dpk is "false al".
    you need to 86 him, too.

  119. wafan:

    Long day.


  120. al:

    wafan...the boss is trouble!

  121. al:

    wafan....how you doing braddah?

    seattle is a nice place.

  122. wafan:

    Yes it is!