Hitting the ground running

July 28th, 2013

Forget the SAT or ACT.

The toughest entrance exam is the CBT — Coach (Gary) Beemer Test.

Except for late-arriving transfers, every Rainbow Warrior — incoming freshmen included — must pass a conditioning test in order to earn entry into training camp, which begins this week.

Here's the test: 300 yards of continuous sprints (between 60-yard points), a two-minute break, followed by another 300 yards of continuous sprints. So-called skilled-position players must complete each 300-yard shuttle in 48 seconds, big-skilled players in 50 seconds, linemen in 54 seconds. "Which is blazingly fast" for a lineman, Beemer said, noting the test designer initially set 70 seconds as the limit for that position.

"It sounds easy, but the shuttle is designed to make the human body completely run out of the energy molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate)," Beemer said. "It takes 50 seconds to do the test. AT 50 seconds, the changeover from anaerobic to aerobic energy system occurs, and in between the changeover, there's nothing to power the body. At the end of the test, the guys are out of energy. They have a small rest period, then they have to complete the test one more time. It shows me how efficient their body is at recovering from an extreme bout of activity. It's brutal."

Layman's assessment: If you're in shape, you might puke after the test. If you're not in shape, you might puke during the shuttle.

All of the players who remained in Hawaii this summer passed the test. Beemer is allowing make-up tests for some players who went back to the mainland during the three-week break between the end of the first summer session and now because that period is not covered in their scholarships. He expects all of them to pass.

"I think our guys have appreciated a difficult, tough training program," Beemer said. "I think they're very excited to go to camp and attack the season."

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  1. Rambow:


  2. Boolakanka:

    First in NYC!!

  3. PurpleMaple:

    Great article that reveals just how much work and effort the players make.

  4. Buffoman:

    Wow, seems like a different mind set on the part of the players on this year's team. Life has moved on. We'll see if it translates to what we'll see on the field. I am optimistic that it will.

  5. djmitcho:

    I puked just thinking about running that

  6. Red raider 4 life:

    Football season is so exciting, making my coconuts shake!

  7. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!

    Wow, that sounds like some fitness level to qualify! It will definitely separate the wheat from the chaff!

  8. laulau head:

    Sounds killers...JUST DO IT!

    BEAT USC!!!

  9. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    If it ain't hurtin' it ain't workin'. GO BOWS!

  10. Derek:

    At this point, every college football team is undefeated. After the first game, half of them are losers, half are winners. The question is, what teams are going to come together in a cohesive fashion out of the gate and play well. For the next 4 weeks, that's what Coach Chow and his staff will attempt to do. Execution and making plays is the name of the game. Come On, Rainbow Warriors! Take down the Trojans. Need incentive? How about 21 1/2 underdogs. National TV (CBS Sports Network). At home. A PAC 12 team too boot.
    There is no excuse for not being up for that game. Caution: Don't get too hyped up. Just be confident, be aggressive, play solid, smart football.

  11. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    ditto to what dj said.

    GO BOWS!

  12. wafan:

    Good morning!

  13. wafan:

    Last comment on the previous post!


  14. tommui:


    Actually, I'm top ten or fifteen but for the spam!

    Go Beemer!

  15. Joe Schmo:

    If the new strength coach is so different and tough, why do they need a test to see if they are in shape? I don't think the conditioning level during games has ever been a question in my 20 plus years of supporting the Warriors.

    The question is if Chow is smart enough to plan practices that allow the players to be ready for games. His whole "make practice hard so the games are easy" didn't really work last season and the injuries occurred because of this lack of smart practicing.

    Finally, it really doesn't matter what the program does if they don't win, and the GLARING lack of talent and lack of university support will continue to hamper UH until significant financial contributions are made

  16. boolakanaka:

    Ahhh the joys of summer conditioning and testing. Back in the day, we had two delightful activities to look forward to at the end summer: fartlek training and running 24, timed, 110s on Mondays. The strength guy was the late Terry Albritton, and as it was explained to us new comers, that fartlek, was the German word for eat sh&t and die. Actually, it is very similar to the modern interval training, of doing a series of sprints and jogs, at different lengths and various paces.

    The 24 110s were a different torture all together, but actually not that bad once you got use to the pace required. I will say, and I will not name names, but while you had to be obviously in pretty darn good shape to do the these things in the required time, I had more than a few guys whose lockers were quite near to mine, and they would actually, how shall I say, partake of some 420 prior to each Monday's run.....some of these guys were the fastest guys on the team. Ahhhh, the strength and vitality of youth.

  17. LizKauai (mbp):

    Great. Puking read before breakfast...

  18. Bowwar:

    The conditioning will show when they do the tests and ultimately during the season...I'm sure the other teams will be fit and ready to kick our a... if we ae not fit.

  19. LizKauai (mbp):

    Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
    And the dreams that you dare to dream,
    Really do come true.
    :mrgreen: GO RAINBOW WARRIORS! :mrgreen:

  20. dream city mike:

    Howzit it going tsaiko's? Hopefully w/ upgrade of athletic ability and increased depth, we can simulate game time situations. Dictating tempo and playing fast should be easier transition this season. Scout team needs to challenge and bring it everyday. Beat SC!!!

  21. Old School Dave:

    Words of wisdom: "If you're going to throw up, do it on the side."

    Gee, I guess that means no more guys reporting to camp in upwards of 400 lbs. like under previous coaching regimes.

  22. dream city mike:

    Joe Schmo are you of Jewish descent?

  23. dream city mike:

    Joe Schmo are you of Jewish descent?

  24. dream city mike:

    Bradda Boola you definately bring it everyday! Awesome!

  25. Pomai:

    I like this guy! Sounds kind of like a old DI I knew!!!!!!

  26. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    Are the away football games shown on "regular"tv later in the evening or the next day - as opposed only on Pay-Per-View? DrDoc and I have to work on some Saturdays until so we may not be able to watch the away games live. We could record them, but why pay for that if the games are going to be shown fo' free later on.

  27. Independent Thinker:

    St. Settle the bs once and for all. Check ip for this post. This is my ip. Any other ip is an imposter. Thank you. I'm from Downtown Honolulu not California.

  28. wowlaulau:

    lol, "asshole"

  29. kris:

    Joe Schmo: Are you serious? Let me just leave you with two words.


  30. Dino:

    hawaii finishes 7-5 this year. gotta beat Nevada, San Jose St, and Utah St., though. these teams have new head coaches, like we did last year. we need to take advantage of that.

  31. boolakanaka:

    Since I dropped a story about conditioning and fitness, I would be remiss if I didn't provide one for the keikis that has a educational message. So, I am in Sakamaki Hall, I think, for a breakout group, for one of those required classes everyone has to take.....Anywho, I had this one poly athlete, no names as is the usual course of business, and we were going over the different civilizations of history, and we get a Q about the Romans and Parthians and a subsequent battle they had, and my bruddha, much to the surprise of the group and TA yells out, " oh, we talking about da Mesopotamia stuff..." The TA clearly proud about his efforts with tutoring his athletic young prodigy, then asks, " so, how did you come to that answer...?" My bruddha, in an ever competent and moreover confident response to his new found scholarly knowledge answered...." was easy, I get STP (ahem, confusing STP with ESP)...laughing ensues for the remaining time of the class and alas, another time I peepee my pants at UH.

  32. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Imagine how much puking Spoiled Children going be doing after 8/29!

  33. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Don't know why today's story reminded me of the day (way back in the blog), when someone suggested the Tsai-kos run a lap outside the stadium carrying a UH flag. Might have been DPK... anyway, I volunteered to do the first 30 yards.

  34. d1shima:

    Tsaikos can easily relate to Coach Beemer's test structure.

    50 minutes of non-stop eating followed by a short nap then repeat... :cool:

    Testing will commence on the morning of 8/29!

  35. Last Call:

    I wonder if Beemer could past the Gary Beemer Test ?

  36. dream city mike:

    Oh bradda Boola that's nuts! You crack me up. May he have been of Portuguese descent as well?

  37. tommui:

    Nice article on today's SA on Bulla and Lynnett Eastman on "Giving Back".

    I'm proud to know the Big Guy!

  38. dream city mike:

    d1shima I absolutely love buffets any time of the day. I can relate to that (duck soup no need train!).

  39. lava:

    Can winning be boring?

    Last year we lost and were boring.

    The next jump would be losing but at least be entertaining.

    So what we'll we see first, entertaining or winning?

  40. d1shima:

    Like Al Davis' mom used to say when he was teething, "Just ween, baby!" :twisted:

  41. dream city mike:

    #47 yeeeess! plus you starting to bite a little too hard!

  42. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    That likely wouldn't have been me, SteveM, as I have an aversion to running and carrying things. Its a good idea, though. If everybody here likes it, then of course, it was my idea!


  43. Warrior Dave:

    I just love what Coach Beeman is doing. Finally a strength and conditioning coach that will make a difference when the 4th quarter rolls in.

  44. gobows:

    that 300 yd shuttle is the one albert haynsworth made famous with the redskins. he failed to complete it in 70 seconds. according to oklahoma coach bob stoops, his team uses the same standard (54 seconds for linemen) that coach beemer is using.

    32 days...beat sc.

  45. Old Diver:


    Please translate to English. Oh, and thanks for your thought provoking insights.

  46. dream city mike:

    I think previous team strength coach is no slouch either though.

  47. Haleakala:

    I had spam for breakfast. Don't need any more.

  48. Pauoa Boy:

    Coach Beemer got these boys on the right mindset, become something greater than you already are. There is no limit to greatness!

  49. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Howzit Pauoa Boy! Longtime no see! Must be football time!

  50. Pauoa Boy:

    So, asking anybody in the know. I have a really close friend looking to move to the islands very soon. She is seeking a teaching job at the high school or college level. Her subjects of expertise holding degrees is in Business and Marketing. If anybody get one point of contact or coconut wireless hookups, please let me know. Shutes gang, is it football season yet?

  51. Pauoa Boy:

    Howzit DPK,

    Yeah I no post as often just read from time to time. But yup feeling the football vibes rolling in, getting amped, excited to see the new faces perform. With new leadership, new players, new mindset, it's a new season so excited to watch some football!

  52. d1shima:


    Good to see your posts again! Yup, CFB is in the air!

    As far as your friend goes, Hawaii should be fertile ground for anyone who can teach Business!

    (until they their union card, that is :roll: )

  53. Pauoa Boy:

    Howzit D1,

    Yeah she stay vacationing right now back home actually on Big Island at the moment. She currently teaches high school and college here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Been teaching for couple years but looking to make the move to the islands. She was just asking if I knew anybody with knowledge of some point of contacts so I figure I ask. I'm sure through coconut wireless, somebody know somebody...

  54. d1shima:


    Watching #2 Top CFB Games of 2012.

    You know you in deep kimchee when the only thing your HC applauds in the first quarter is the missed PAT on the other team's third TD!

  55. Red Raider 4 life:

    Joe Schmo u are ignorant. This blog is for warrior supporters, thanks for stating the obvious that uh sucked, but please, to turn around a program takes more than a couple seasons, you'll feel foolish when chow starts winning.

  56. jiminy cricket:

    #58. The old way of thinking is that it takes years to turn around a program. The new athletic directors are looking at what JJ did at Hawaii, what Jim Mora did at UCLA last year, what Gene Chizik did with Cam Newton, what Urban Meyer did last year, what Brady Hoke did in his first year at Michigan, what Bill O' Brien did in his first year at Penn State (after the Joe Paterno scandal) and what other great coaches have down turning the program around in the first year. And these athletic directors are saying, if these guys can do it in one year, how come our coach can't do it? So I can see Joe Schmo's point. Norm Chow has a lot to prove.

  57. d1shima:

    Right on!

    Nice company...

    Ohio State
    Penn State


  58. d1shima:

    ...no forget Sumlin's win over the eventual NC! ;-)

  59. d1shima:

    BTW, watching that #2 Top CFB Game from '12 reminds me why TAMU did better against 'Bama than ND did in the NC game.

    Their beef up front was more comparable to the pre-NFL OL of 'Bama's.

    Hopefully, in succeeding years Hawaii's SC will be able to relegate :54 second conditioning tests for OL to the scrap heap of unnecessary things....

  60. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "I think our guys have appreciated a difficult, tough training program," Beemer said. "I think they're very excited to go to camp and attack the season."

    Love the way he said ATTACK the season!

  61. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "This blog is for warrior supporters" - Love the way he said THAT!
    Nice, RR4L!

  62. boolakanaka:

    Just to provide a context of what a conditioning test is for a D1 program, and almost every program has their own version, here is one employed by Harbaugh during his Stanford stint:

    2009 Stanford Football Conditioning Test

    Sunday - August 9th, 2009 – 4PM - Stanford Stadium - Stanford, CA

    Coach Harbaugh has issued a challenge to any former Stanford Football Player (or die-hard Cardinal fan) who wants to try to pass the 2009 Stanford Football Conditioning Test. The same conditioning test that the returning Stanford Football team will be tested with before Fall Camp begins on August 10th.

    "Four Quarters of Pre-Football Fun":

    1st Quarter
    Tempo Runs @ :10 seconds x 6 reps
    Line - 65 yards / Big Skill - 73 yards / Skill - 80 yards
    Rest - 25 seconds between reps

    (Rest – 1 minute between quarters)

    2nd Quarter
    Cut 120s @ 40 yards x 4 sets
    Line - 24 seconds / Big Skill - 22 seconds / Skill - 20 seconds
    Rest - 15 seconds between reps

    (Rest - 2 minutes at Halftime)

    3rd Quarter
    Tempo Runs @ :07 seconds x 6 reps
    Line - 45 yards / Big Skill - 50 yards / Skill - 55 yards
    Rest - 15 seconds between reps

    (Rest - 1 minute between quarters)

    4th Quarter
    300-Yard Shuttle @ 25 Yards Intervals
    Line - 72 seconds / Big Skill - 68 seconds / Skill - 64 seconds

  63. jm2375 (iPad):

    People forget that UH was 3-9 in JJ's 2nd year and 5-7 in Colt's first year.

  64. A-joe:

    DPK- thats the attitude ans mindset I'd love to see the defensive will embrace and adhere to- Attacking! Vicous gang tackling!! Swarming Blood Frenzy!

    I want the D to not only prevent the opponents' advancement but to take away the ball on every single play. Be relentless and tenecious at it!! Convince the opponent their first priority is to protect the ball and forget about scoring.

    On every takeaway I want our D in Scoring Beast Mode!! Don't let up!!

    I can't wait for this season to start!!!

    How you Hawaiian!!

    Howzit Tsaikos. Good to see new blood posting here. Hope you newbies come out to the T-gates. No shame. We family. We all for the same cause. Plenny Aloha to go around.

  65. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I stay good, Hawaiian, getting even more gooder after reading your post. Mahalo!

    I was just thinking the same thing about the newbies too. Hope we see some of you at the SC Tail Gate!

  66. dream city mike:

    I think winning pct. is what you gauge during a coaches tenure. Coach Chow of course, is at .333 after his inaugural season. Being successful after year #1 only sets the bar higher for the succeeding years, so "jury" is still out on him, thus too premature to judge. That being said, if we can regularly win 75% of our games annually that would be the bench mark. One season doesn't make a career.

  67. Old Diver:

    Mike, I believe you meant 25%.

  68. Old Diver:


    Nearly exhausted just reading the conditioning drills.

  69. dream city mike:

    No I said 75%, coach Chow won't be around if he wins only 1 out of 4! He needs to win 3 of 4 or 75%! No mistake OD!

  70. d1shima:

    Fans got it right....Top 3 of CFBTop25
    3) Alabama-LSU
    2) TAMU-Alabama
    1) Georgia-Alabama

    Terrific CFB.

    Rarin' to go after watching these!

  71. Buffoman:

    Having read today's sport section where the talk of the Big 4 conferences breaking away. It may be wise for the MWC to start to look at trying to establish their own Big 4. These folks cannot keep pace with the Big boys and folks should not hold their collective breaths with regard to be added. These folks don't want to further dilute the amount of dollars they could make.

    If these second tier folks wait around for the NCAA to help forget it. Its really time to create your own destiny.

  72. Old School Dave:

    Aunt Bee complaining about what a terrible person Sgt. Carter is to her Gomer.


  73. Old Diver:

    Sorry for the misunderstanding Mike. Coach Chow is currently at 25%.

  74. BonDancr:

    Right on Coach Beemer! Players will be ready so we fans need to be ready to scream & holler. Go Bows!!!

  75. mo808:


  76. dream city mike:

    My bad diver, that's correct he won 3 of 12 and not 9! Who has the best career winning pct. June or coach Tomey?

  77. dream city mike:

    Thanks for correcting and clarifying my post, diver! So projecting that out a few more yrs. coach Chow has his work cut out for him. I guess winning right from the start (2012) or have a winning pct. from the start makes it less stressful in his second year. However the pressure to win is still evident and getting to 75%, coach needs to string together some winning seasons!

  78. 808WarriorFan:

    Glad to hear "The Warriors" are in great shape. Those so called "experts" ...aka... oddsmakers have Hawaii as a 21 1/2 point underdog to USC ...aka... "Us Suckers Cheat". If you recall Kiffen's first year at SC, he said Hawaii was in better shape than his team; we'll defintely need to be in better shape this year. SC has "only" 70 scholarship players so depth will be an issue. I feel for Hawaii to win they will have to "GAS" SC; stick to their game plan, rotate the players for the first 3 quarters, then run them till they suck air in the 4th w/ fresh legs... GO BOWS !!!!!

  79. SteveM:

    Are you planning to attend to UH football road games this year?

    Tsai-kos are slowly checking in and the Tsa-iko Away game logistics and resources page is updated at:

    Looks like most of the Lo-Cal Tsai-kos are attending again.

    Please let me know via email or posting here if you plan to attend, even tentatively. Lodging and tour group info is included so Tsai-kos can see if anyone else is in their group or hotel. :)

  80. 3-Prong:

    Sitting on the shores at Bellows awaiting Flossie and an oio or ulua bite. Come on fish!

  81. d1shima:



  82. 3-Prong:

    d1: So far only Hanapa'a da green bottles. Just changed bait. Not gone catch if bait not in da watah!

  83. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Be safe errybody! Prayers for all.