Be safe

July 29th, 2013

Let's take a break from UH sports chatter to focus on the weather today.

You can get your Flossie updates at your favorite newspaper Web site: Star-Advertiser

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Michael Tsai is a great writer, teacher and, most of all person.

He's also a year older today.

Happy birthday, bro.

119 Responses to “Be safe”

  1. Bugas:

    I will

  2. Bugas:

    Flying back from Cali tomorrow

  3. Ipu Man:

    The sky is falling!
    The sky is falling!
    The sky is falling!
    Oh My!
    Everyone go home and no work...

  4. PurpleMaple:

    Still sunny in Leeward side.

  5. Tolkien Warrior:

    Hallo. Good mornin' Hawaii!

    Hope the rain doesn't cause anyone problems. A little rain is normally good.

    Go RAINbow Warriors!

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Ipu Man:
    Go home? You actually left for work?

  7. tommui:


    And Happy Birthday Mike!

  8. boolakanaka:

    No worries gang, I am checking any storm fronts generating out of the greater NYC area...all calm, low 80s....I'll remain vigilant.

  9. wafan:

    Good morning!

  10. wafan:

    Happy birthday to brother Mike!


  11. Loa:

    morning gang!

    happy birthday Michael

    everybody stay safe

  12. boolakanaka:

    Oh, not sure how many folks would be interested in seeing the Navy game in Annapolis? One, but its a beautiful time of the year, and two, I could probably get some good rates for a group of rooms at the Sheraton in town.....just need numbers in advance.

  13. roygbivs aka T. Thurstan:

    Happy Birthday MT - always blesses to reached another one!!

    There are some things more important sports, y'All be safe Tsaikos'

    See you tomorrow....

    Still at work - wondering if the boss will it a day???

  14. HiFlyer:

    Happy Birthday to Mike

  15. Ipu Man:

    Nah...I'm retired...
    but in my day, a little rain no excuse to close schools and tell
    people to stay home. Some of the best football games were
    played in the mud...

  16. gobows:

    happy birthday mike.

  17. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, go to New Jersey and check out the storm brewing between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith.

  18. WarriorNY:

    Stay safe out there everyone!

  19. Stephen Tsai:

    Ipu Man:
    It seems that many of the schools are used as shelters. Maybe a school is one of the safer places.

  20. wafan:

    Not sure if a school is the safest place.

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    Ipu Man:
    You would have liked a former athletic trainer for the men's volleyball team.
    Her view on treating owies: "Rub some dirt on it and go back in the game."

  22. HiFlyer:

    ST, I don't know if school buildings are the safest, look what happened to Farrington HS.

  23. wafan:

    Definitely a lot safer than some other places, though.

  24. Old School Dave:

    Sun has popped out over the city. I can see all of the angry people who will complain to the weather people IF the storm doesn't hit us. Stay safe everyone.

  25. Stephen Tsai:

    I knew Farrington was in trouble when even the Governor, who used to be a Governor, couldn't get improvements to the swimming pool (green water?) and track (weeds on the turns?)

  26. Lowtone123:

    Stay safe everyone. Happy birfday MT. Love your human interest, feel good stories.

  27. Old School Dave:

    Many of the older DOE buildings don't have windows, only wooden slats. Pretty solid and safe structures. Good idea to find out where your nearest evacuation center is.

  28. 3-Prong:

    Flossie report from the shores of Bellows: Not here yet. Plan is to ride it out. 10' waves. 35-45 mph sustained tonight huh? Good thing we're in the cabins. Water looks nice now. Gonna jump in before conditions change. Little drizzly thats all.

    .........oh, and Let's Go Bows!

  29. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Ok so beside the usual items like canned-goods, batteries, water, radio, liquor etc...What other essential items are a MUST have for any of the tsaikos and bloggers?

    I'll start. Laptop, cell phone, liquor, poke, ritz crackers, smoked ahi dip, crisy gau gee, 4g wireless hotspot, british book of smiles.

  30. Stephen Tsai:

    I like how meteorologist show you sites to view the weather maps, but don't give you all the instructions on how to fully interpret what you're watching. I suppose if they gave away the secret recipe, there would be no need for meteorologists. Sort of the reasoning why a blog host doesn't give out the "delete" code.

  31. Stephen Tsai:

    We're all supposed to say if a disaster strikes, we're supposed to save the wedding and baby pictures.
    In reality, we're making a run for the cell chargers.
    Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  32. Boolakanka:

    ST-The most concerning thing about the Sanchez - Smith QB duel is Sanchez constantly wearing those hair beret like female softball makes everything he does dubious.

  33. Stephen Tsai:

    I also think it's disturbing that the GM wants a say in picking the starting QB. It's best to let the experts do their work without interference. Well, unless we're talking about a proctologist. Then a second opinion might be warranted.

  34. Boolakanka:

    ST, I actually read the NYT article in that same subject, and it came off as an entirely underhanded and passive aggressive that he didn't just stand behind and support the decision of his head coach; what next play calling by consensus??'

  35. cocobean:

    Mark Sanchez is his own worst enemy....time for him to grow up.

  36. A-House:

    doggoneit - I stay so far behind the blog - maybe I was abducted into outer space since I no can remember what happened yesterday!

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Sanchez
    No ifs, ands or butt fumbles.

  38. 3-Prong:

    IWWTHM: Oooooh, smoked ahi spread. I jealous. Hehe

  39. gobows:

    which is worse: a colonoscopy or a cystoscopy?

  40. Boolakanka:

    Here is the thing about Sanchez, your starting QB should not be prettier than any girl who on your jr. year winter ball court--just saying.

  41. Boolakanka:

    39-I had both, the latter is worse. You are totally awake, and how can I say this, well, they go counter upstream in a tiny river , with what feels like the titanic.

  42. gobows:

    according to ‏@JimBowdenESPNxm 28 Jul
    Cardinals continue pursuit of Jake Peavy and Alexei Ramirez with Carlos Martinez, Joe Kelly and Kolton Wong's names being mentioned.

  43. Stephen Tsai:

    Go Bows:
    I had to Google that, and then I came across this video on Google. This is where all of us deserve to work:

  44. Stephen Tsai:

    Wong needs to stay with the Cardinals.
    Great organization.

  45. Stephen Tsai:

    You were awake? That's crazy.
    I was lying on the operating table, and the doc said he's going to attach an IV to my arm. Then all of a sudden the room is empty except for a nurse. I asked when the colonoscopy would start. Nurse said it ended a half hour ago. I was so knocked out I didn't even dream. Of course, the doc's name was Dr. Tsai (no relation).

  46. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!


  47. (Jesse)James:

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Tsai!!! Da Bro!!! Keep on riding.... :-)

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

  48. gobows:

    Boolakanaka - hope yours was negative. my symptoms occurred after running, doc said it often occurs with strenuous activity. course of action is rest. if symptoms persist: ultra-sound, then the scope if they can't figure it out. doc said im too young for kidney disease...but cancer doesnt know age.

  49. Stephen Tsai:

    Times have changed. George "Boomer" Scott, who died this past weekend, was only 6-2 and a little more than 200 pounds when he played first base back in the 1970s. He seemed more imposing back in the day. UH has wide receivers bigger than that.

  50. Boolakanka:

    45--lol!!! Yes, I would have loved to be knocked out, but MY wife, who is a doctor, said they get better results if I was awake and that there is less risk involved. This only confirms what I suspected, she doesn't really like me ??!!

  51. Buffoman:

    I wonder how the guys at the supermarkets, hardware store, Costco and the like feel, you know, when they see all the folks who stocked up for the storm now go storming back to return the water, generators, batteries, corned beef, spam, toilet paper, rice that they did not have to use.

    Maybe for their really, really good customers they should have a "disaster borrow plan". So for these folks, they go in borrow the stuff, get a receipt and if there's no storm just go back and put 'em back on the shelf. If the storm hit, they go in and pay for the stuff they "borrowed". (just tongue in cheek, of course).

  52. Stephen Tsai:

    Babe Ruth was 6-2, 215 in his playing days.
    Kamalani Alo and Jerrol Garcia-Williams are each listed as 6-2, 215 in UH's 2013 media guide.

  53. SteveM:

    July 29th, 2013 at 8:30 am
    Oh, not sure how many folks would be interested in seeing the Navy game in Annapolis? One, but its a beautiful time of the year, and two, I could probably get some good rates for a group of rooms at the Sheraton in town.....just need numbers in advance.

    boolakanaka -- send me an email and I will place your offer (and contact email address) on the 2013 Tsai-ko Away Game logistics and resources page at:

    My email address is on the page.

  54. Stephen Tsai:

    Wait. You can return spam?
    Why didn't our computer techs tell me that?

  55. Boolakanka:

    Which reminds of my dentist growing up in Aiea, this old fool, who I saw from k-12, not once used painkillers on me. In the alternative, he said to raise my hand if it got sore-freakin hand was raised for like 13 years!!!!

  56. Stephen Tsai:

    C'mon, rub some dirt on it and go back in the game.

  57. Boolakanka:


  58. Stephen Tsai:

    They were playing "Tears of A Clown" during my vasectomy.
    I still get emotional when I hear that song.

  59. NotNasti:

    My best friend's father was a dentist. He used painkillers on all his patients . . . except his own children! How's that?

  60. SteveM:

    RE: #51
    Buffoman -- I was reading brother Mike's feature today, where he noted the sales of batteries, bottled water, and toilet paper.

    Toilet paper? I wondered, because a run on tp is historically for shipping strikes. Then I was told that people who have to evacuate or go to public shelters (like schools) should bring toilet paper with them.

  61. Stephen Tsai:


  62. Buffoman:


    Brah, my dentist (not oral surgeon) put pain killer injections in my mouth to extract my 4 wisdom teeth at the same time. Then he went to go work on the other guy in his other chair. Maybe it took longer than expected but when he came back the pain killer was wearing out.

    No more shots but he started pulling. One was impacted so he had to crack em, no pain killer and I could hear it all. It seems funny now but the guy actually had to put one knee on the chair to get leverage to pull one out.

    I was just a teen at the time and when he was done, I was soaked in sweat. My mouth was sore for days. No pain killers, only Bayer aspirin and plenty ice in the mouth.

  63. boolakanaka:

    Oh, ST, we got a common friend, Lei Colburn and I go back, like 35 years or so, we have much history......if you still keep in touch, (I lost her email) tell her I'll be back home first two weeks of Sept. Oh, and the song for me, is that old school, "don't rock the boat baby, don't tip the boat over...." can still see that that damn thing came towards me....make it stop!!!

  64. Stephen Tsai:

    Are Army dentists called drill sergeants?

  65. Stephen Tsai:

    You know the funniest woman ever?
    She's hysterical.

  66. gobows:

    #44 ST - every time i hear belo horizonte, it reminds of veronica lima.

    i can see the sec having similar perks in 20 years when they secede from the ncaa.

  67. SteveM:

    We can estimate people ages by the dentist who worked on us without anesthetics as we sat upright in a chair. :|

    I was apprehensive going to a military dentist on the mainland after college. I was shocked when I was placed into full recline and the dentist apologized for the little sting of the anesthetic needle... they thought I was very brave. :lol:

  68. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    Hope errybody is safe and dry!

    Happy Birthday, Brother Mike!

  69. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    When I had my most recent Okole Cam, they put in an anesthetic IV and I began to say the Lord's prayer as is my custom before going "under". The nice nurse held my hand as I began praying and I think I got as far as "Our Father who art in heaven..." then boom! Out went the lights and I woke up in recovery.

    My earlier OC, I think they were trying to save money by skimping on the anesthesia. While the Doc was snipping a polyp, I woke up, looked at the monitor, saw my inner child, said "ouch" and then they pumped a little more juice and I went back to sleep. That Doctor's name, and I am not making this up, was Dr. Bhutto.

  70. Stephen Tsai:

    Just spoke with her. I passed on your e-mail address to her.
    And this is what I found out about you:
    • You're a former UH player
    • You're a lawyer
    • You rode the bus from Makakilo to Aiea
    • Your mom is "terrific."
    • You're "super duper."

  71. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Boolakanaka -

    Was Lei Colburn from Kualoa/Ka'a'awa side as a kid?

  72. Boolakanka:

    ST--Leilei still gets high, don't believe anything she tells you! Lol So, facts about Lei: incredible dancer; member of a national championship volleyball team; is hard to get up in the morning; is almost as funny as me; a leeward side gal; and probably the one that got away ( my fault ).

  73. Stephen Tsai:

    Not sure.
    I was covering the Aloha State Games in the late 1980s when she came up to me and said: You don't look like you know how to whistle with your fingers. Would you like to learn?
    And we've been friends ever since.

  74. Stephen Tsai:

    It was your fault. You should have gotten off at the Pearl City bus stop instead of going to Aiea.

  75. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Partly sunny in Waipio but the clouds are buzzing by quickly...

  76. isleboy:

    Flossie fizzled.....lets get back to Hawaii Football....whats going on??

  77. HiFlyer:

  78. boolakanaka:

    Too-mucking-futch...Great athletic genes run in Lei's family--Karl Lorch is direct kin. And DPK, I think I use to subscribe to that Okole cam website, until my employer said it was inappropriate for work. Oh, to continue my own horrific dental surgery story--I had my wisdom's taken out, and first, they had to actually to slow down on my breathing on the initial nitrous, I breathing it down so hard. Next, as most dentist office do, they have a oral surgeon in one-day-a-week, and thus "the chair" is hot all day, and they had to place me in this back store-room to wait for my ride. While in the store-room still high on both the painkillers and nitrous, I made several documented x-rated phone calls to random people in my phone directory. The closer, upon finally leaving the dentist office, much to their profound relief, I told the receptionist, in very nuanced detail, on what nice perky coconuts she possessed. First time in history, someone was 86ed from a dental office.

  79. d1shima:




    Need CFB already!

  80. boolakanaka:

    ST--Oh, I had a permanent pearl city transfer punched on my card, after college, and well, made some other decisions....such is life. Plus, she would have not appreciated my dentist office behavior.

  81. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks. Now I can't get this song outta my head:

  82. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy Birthday, Brother Mike Tsai!

    Childhood dentist only gave me novocaine when he pulled my teeth, not for anything else. What could I say? He is my parents' high school classmate.

    Pretty humid out there. Stay dry, everyone!

    Every time I get general anesthesia, the last thing I remember is moving from the gurney to the table. Wake up in the Recovery Room.

  83. Stephen Tsai:

    Following those Flossie updates?
    It's like Phil Steele's book. I don't think we need to know what Flossie was doing Saturday or Sunday. Just lemme know when I can put bottled water on eBay.

  84. Stephen Tsai:

    I just want to know who invented that Drane-O we have to drink before the procedure.
    I mean, how many test runs did they do before deciding: Yep, that's the right amount of cleansing.

  85. boolakanaka:

    ST--damn, I'm riding back from New Haven into NYC, and Amtrak (they have Wifi on the trains) blocked the link you provided???

  86. boolakanaka:

    Oh, read in a NY paper today, that with Jarius Byrd holding out, Mana Silva has a strong chance of making the roster with the Bills.

  87. Stephen Tsai:

    It was just a link to a story of a Coconut Girl now living in a high-fashioned world.

  88. Stephen Tsai:

    That would be kind of cool if they named the rail system the Pineapple Express.

  89. Boolakanka:

    Yes, that drano concoction makes it a big no-no of hitting rainbows chili spaghetti plate the night before--can you imagine the destruction--yikes!!?

  90. LizKauai:

    Happy Birthday Michael Tsai- another priceless incidental life...

  91. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Has the Beemer been helping with the players nutritional needs as well?

  92. Otto:

    #52 - Hey ST, can you look up, how many of Babe Ruth's HRs would be ground-rule doubles under today's rules? A friend of mine insists that at the time, it was a HR if it bounced over the fence.

  93. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hard rain in Puowaena. A power surge about an hour ago!

  94. gobows:

    ST - how many triathlons has brother mike completed? i seem to recall him finishing the tin man a few years ago.

  95. dream city mike:

    Howzit going everybody! I'm tuned into my favorite Discovery ch. program awaiting Flossie's well anticipated arrival here on the valley isle.

  96. d1shima:

    Happy Birthday Brother Mike!


  97. wafan:

    2nd century!

  98. Down with pUSC...:

    #93 Otto: this is from Wikipedia
    "Previously, all batted balls that cleared the fence after a bounce in fair territory or on a fly were counted as home runs. The rule was changed by the American League prior to the 1930 season and was subsequently adopted by the National League on December 12, 1930." babe played before 1930 so makes sense....but now the main question how many homeruns (or ground rule doubles) did he hit?

  99. laulau head:

    Happy birthday MT!!

    Be safe Tsaiko ohana, we need to be at full strength to...

    BEAT USC!!!

  100. ai-eee-soos:

    fo' real ..... from Hawaii News Now

    UPDATE 2:10 p.m. -- Widespread Power Outage
    Roger Keller with HELCO on the Big Island tells Hawaii News Now that about 5,000 customers in the lower Puna area are without power due to gusty winds and downed trees.

    The outage includes the Volcano area, Glenwood, Kalapana, Nanawale Estate and Panaewa.

    Crews are on scene working as quickly as they can to restore power, but HELCO officials say the safety of their employees and customers is their top priority. Power will be restored as soon as possible without jeopardizing the safety of employees.

  101. boolakanaka:

    93, 102 and ST...In regards to the Babae Ruth HR Q: About 22 or more But....

    The number of home runs that Babe Ruth hit that bounced over the wall, and counted as a home run will never be known because it was counted as such. It was estimated that players of that era hit about 2 home runs a year, that bounced over the wall. Counting from 1920 when Babe Ruth became a full time hitter for the Yankees until 1930. (1931 the rule was changed making a ball that bounced over the fence a ground rule double) Babe Ruth would have had about 22 (or more) ground rule doubles that were counted as home runs.

    But the Babe lost more home runs than gained because there was also a rule that the baseball that cleared the wall in fair territory, also had to land in fair territory to be counted as a home run. Further, the rules once stipulated that an over-the-fence home run in a sudden-victory situation would only count for as many bases as was necessary to "force" the winning run home. For example: In a tie game, a ball hit over the wall with a runner on first to end the game would only count as a triple. It was estimated that Babe Ruth would have hit 104 home runs in 1927 when he had 60 home runs counted, and lost between 50 -78 home runs overall, during his career because of these rules.

  102. Slugger:

    Happy birthday, brother Mike!!!

    Hi, gang! I can see the rain coming across the Ko'olau. Still got sunshine here in Kalihi.

  103. ai-eee-soos:

    ... if you don't have this book marked ...

  104. mo808:

    Good Afternoon Folks!

    Happy Birthday Blessing to Michael Tsai!

    Stay Safe Tsaiko & Tsaikette Stormwatchers!

    Mahalo ai-eee-soos for the link!

  105. al:

    Happy birthday mike!

  106. NYUHTX:

    Stay safe. Don't be driving around and watch the mudslides.

    58: "rub some dirt on it and get back in the game."

  107. Warrior Dave:

    Happy Birthday Mike

  108. boolakanaka:

    I'm sure UH staff is already aware, but one of the diamonds in next years recruiting class just officially backed away from Oregon, see:

  109. wafan:

    Circus must be in town . . . the clowns are posting again.

  110. whitey:

    get big bowling tournament above maui now.

  111. Warrior Dave:

    #112 Boo,

    I give the young man credit for saving something now. Door may not be owed forever but takes courage to speak the truth and coming forward now. Good luck in all your future endeavors young man.

  112. Ipu Man:

    Bowling tournament over Maui, pretty witty Whitey...:>)

  113. HiFlyer:

    Lanai and Molokai up next., HI&showstorms=10&map.x=501.5&map.y=301.5&centerx=552&centery=319&lightning=1&smooth=0&showlabels=1&rainsnow=1

  114. 3-Prong:

    Weather update from Bellows. Lightening off shore, little more cloudy than before but no rain yet.

  115. al:

    looks like ala moana shopping center.

  116. Buffoman:

    Is all of the spam the work of one? Amazing! What a waste of time.

  117. mo808:

    Pak! pak! pak! pakpakpakak!

    Sorry! I couldn't resist recreating the sound of my bug zapper frying up all the lolo spam!

    BTW: Whitey, da bowling Tournament--just showed up en force on da Windward side of O'ahu!


  118. kruzen:

    I wonder if the UH is interested in offering a scholarship to Hercules. Nice article on the Lunas in the SA.

  119. boya_jr:

    SF Bay Area news mentions several flights cancelled to HNL. Mind boggling how much economic loss this storm will cause despite it not being a hurricane. Makes me sad to see people miss out on their Hawaii vacation, but nature happens. Also, hopefully, our long awaited recruits get here on-time and safely.