Sunday notes

August 4th, 2013

• Our thoughts are with defensive end George Daily-Lyles, whose father recently died. Daily-Lyles, who had been in Long Beach the past week, is set to rejoin the team.

• Thoughts and prayers also are with defensive back Mike Martin and wide receiver Keelan Ewaliko. Both were excused from practice yesterday because of family matters.

• Fitting for a team that is staying in the dance studios, the Rainbow Warriors had a dance-off last night. Running back Willis Wilson represented the offense. Kwamane Bowens represented the defense. Both were so good, the judges could not pick a winner. It ended in a tie.

• Tonight's competition: Table tennis.

• Bowens was a decorated receiver in Virginia Beach. The coaches allow players to choose their position to start training camp. Bowens chose cornerback.

• Getting the most work at corner are Ne'Quan Phillips, Dee Maggitt, Tony Grimes, Bowens, Anthony Pierce, Brian Clay and Barry Higdon.

• Wide receiver Vasquez Haynes said he probably will be out another week while recovering from a bruised AC joint in his right shoulder.

• For those practicing to be announcers at home, Haynes' first name is pronounced: Voss-quez.

• Allen Sampson was held out of the final drill yesterday because of slight tightness in his hamstring. It was more of a precaution than a concern. He should be good to go for today's practice.

• Safety Ryan Pasoquen also experienced tightness in his hamstring.

• Even without Haynes and Billy Ray Stutzmann (concussion), the receivers are perhaps the most impressive group. Chris Gant has emerged as the go-to receiver. Scott Harding and Sampson have played well at both the slot and wideout. Freshmen Ammon Barker , Marcus Kemp and Keith Kirkwood appeared to have the offense down. The biggest surprise is Daniel Masifilo, a Campbell High graduate who transferred from Arizona State. Masifilo already is in the top rotation.

• After two days of practice, the third best offensive tackle has been RJ Hollis, a transfer from Scottsdale CC.

• John Wa‘a, a freshman from Kahuku High, also has played well at guard.

• The best battle is at tight end. Jordan Pu‘u-Robinson got the first reps on Friday, Craig Cofer was first yesterday.

• Happy birthday to Frank Loyd Jr. (Stay away from the Gatorade containers at the end of practice.)

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  1. Pomai:


  2. tommui:


    ST - thanks again for the updates!

  3. Stiguy:

    Curious that Bowens would opt to practice at CB

  4. boolakanaka:

    Bring up the rear of the east coast again--Aloha! And shout-outs to Masifilo, the ASU transfer--making the Sabers proud!

  5. boolakanaka:

    And still can't believe we have a tackle, Frank Loyd, is as well a seminal figure in 20 century architecture--way to stay productive!!

  6. Boya_jr:

    Thanks for the notes Tsai on Warrior Nation. All the news I need to read to start my day.

  7. Ron:

    Thank you Mr.Tsai, you get my blood pumping every morning!

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    Because of roster limitations, the NFL model is to use eight linemen: Four interior guys, four tackles. Or it could be 5/3.
    UH has more flexibility because the travel roster is 64. I think they travel with 10-12 linemen, depending on how many can also play on special teams.

  9. boolakanaka:

    And not like this crowd needs any informing, but woohoo, 1st preseason, game on tonight....see: Although no local kids on any of the rosters.

  10. koakane:

    morning :cool: have a good day

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks for the reminder.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    I was getting my football fix re-watching all of the Friday Night Lights episodes.

  13. nanakuli:

    What time is todays practice?

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    1:30. Or so. It's like soccer or blog times.

  15. Stephen Tsai:

    Today's question — Who was the best quarterback:
    • Jason Street
    • Matt Saracen
    • J.D. McCoy
    • Vince Howard

  16. boolakanaka:

    ST--despite it being always riddled with many off-sides and delay of games, it still gives me this great feeling of despite what is going for the day""hey, there is a NFL game tonight--hmmm, what to buy for snacks and drinks---and really, that's the highest aspiration for us guys..."

  17. el burro sabio:

    #3 Some rather hit than be hit

  18. boolakanaka:

    ST--how can Duke (blast from the past) Kim Han, is not on that list???

  19. Stephen Tsai:

    Sir Duke is back in town.

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    You see Bowens, Higdon and Clay, and you think: UH has some tall corners.

  21. boolakanaka:

    ST, you remember back in our day....Liberty House High Board and social clubs....Man, gals at my school made Duke out for the 2nd coming of Brad Pitt (although, that doesn't follow a logical time sequence?) but, he was hyped, before hype was in vogue. Although Ray Butler was pretty solid.....

  22. Old School Dave:

    Thoughts and prayers to George Daily-Lyle, along with Mike Martin and Keenan Ewaliko.

  23. boolakanaka:

    Unless you got legit 4.4 speed, tall corners is the vogue. Much easier to extend arms and press receivers out of their pattern, initially in their routes, and similarly, press receivers out of the boundaries.

  24. kapakahi:

    JMHO that the shorter CBs (Maggitt, Phillips, Pierce) looked pretty solid in tight coverage yesterday....even against the much taller WRs.

  25. boolakanaka:

    Here is a great instructional on what modern corner skills look like and why it lends to taller athletes:

  26. Bowwar:

    I hope Bowens goes back to being a receiver...I think he'll have a hard time breaking into the corner back rotation, whereas, with injuries running rampant with the WRs, he has a chance to play.

  27. Bowwar:

    Allen Sampson was heralded out of high school as a "game breaker" for his kick-off returns...Any thoughts of having him return kick-offs??

  28. boolakanaka:

    24--It is true, that if you have enough quicks, and moreover dexterity in your hips that relate to your foot movement, you can more than makeup for the height difference.

  29. Old School Dave:

    The infusion of new players and increased competition can only be a plus for the football program. The talent level is also improving with this recruiting class which has fans talking - in a positive way. UH may sneak up on some teams this season, IMHO.

  30. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!
    Happy Sunday!

    Condolences to GDL and his family.

    GO BOWS!

  31. Stephen Tsai:

    He is a candidate for kickoff returns.
    He also is being used on punt returns, along with Scott Harding and Tony Grimes.

  32. lava:

    We got some talent on the team, no question about that.

    Wonder how Bill Parcels would fit here.

  33. Bowwar:

    ST: Good to hear that Sampson is being considered. Kick returns was one of the reasons why Mac and his staff recruited Sampson. The only drawback has always been his slight build and weight. He can't take a "direct-hit" as he'll definitely get hurt...Besides, I think he is still one of the fastest players on the team...

  34. boolakanaka:

    32--did you hear a rumor about Bill? Or did you just wonder aloud since he is being inducted tonight in the HOF?

  35. papajoe 2:

    Mike Edwards also doubled as part-time as a receiver. Maybe Bowens could too.

  36. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Condolences and Aloha to the Daily-Lyles Ohana.

  37. d1shima:

    Street will always be QB1

  38. Bowwar:

    I'm assuming that Ben Jay had to approve the departure of Price...or did he? It all affects the "bottom-line" which Jay is trying to address. I wonder if this new "Price-gate" will be another "black-eye" on the athletic department...Does it put Chow on a "short-leash" with Jay?

  39. d1shima:

    1:30 start! Hot, brah!

  40. Inyoface:

    Seems like we can spread out the field just from the sheer size of the players.

  41. Bowwar:

    #35: I'd like to see Chow "pull a rabbit out of his hat" and get a "friend" to assist with the OC situation...I don't think Chow is tight with Parcells, but I'm sure he has his friends in the business.

  42. Old School Dave:

    Would an Urban Meyer, Les Miles, or Nick Saban find it acceptable that their players have to sleep in dance studios on cots during fall camp? Sometimes I wonder if the people running UH really want a winning football program. It would seem that many in the UH administration are like the outgoing UH president who was overheard saying something to the effect of "if there were no sports here, that would be just fine with me."

  43. Shadow:

    Is N. Mustafa in training camp? Saw practice but don't know what he looks like.

  44. boolakanaka:

    Not warrior football related, but would be remissed in not giving a big Hau`oli la Hanau to Barry-Happy B-day President.

  45. boolakanaka:

    47-Bow...not it just piqued my curiosity as Bill has never worked in the college ranks, well at least in the last 35 years or that would be very interesting. I would be incredibly interested to see how his rather brash persona would come off on college age men, that said, the man can straight-out coach.

  46. Rodney:

    Hydrate,hydrate Warriors !
    Pulled hams Big tall physical WR
    yesterday were catching everything
    The TE were catching everything!!!
    Footballs were in the air yesterday!
    Imua warriors!

  47. Old School Dave:

    On the other hand, it is what it is. Just need to make concrete efforts to change the current situation and mindset at UH. I recall Bob Wagner, after winning the WAC title and Holiday Bowl 1992, being told that there was no need for facility upgrades and increasing the recruiting budget because "you guys did well with what you currently have." Sadly, that way of thinking still prevails at UH.

  48. d1shima:

    I would think it's more a matter of what the fans in Ohio, Louisiana and Alabama are willing to pony up for that has to do with the facilitie$ available for football camp.

  49. boolakanaka:

    53--That is an all together true but sad reality. Very similar to large corporations executing downsizing in the last 3-4 years, but still being able to extract dividends for shareholders--thus, giving a false rationale not to either further invest or employ new staff. If you were to apply a ROI (return on investment) metric on our program versus what SC spends upward of 20 million annually, administrators would clearly be able to see that we have a very productive program.

  50. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Condolences to the Daily-Lyles ohana.

  51. Old School Dave:

    I recall Greg McMackin back in 2011 before the UW game being asked what the difference was between UH's Football program and UW's. Without hesitation, Mac said; "About $20 million dollars." That pretty much summed it up.

    BTW, UW boosters are getting antsy with "Seven Win Steve" considering all of the resources being put into that program (Husky Stadium upgrades, among other facilities).

  52. WarriorNY:

    Deepest Condolences to the family of George Daily-Lyles... Much thoughts with you...

  53. d1shima:

    That's kind of the nub of it...Ohio St., LSU, Bama and UDub can all look at their HC's and legitimately claim, "With all we gave you, these are the results you produce?"

    Hawaii fans OTOH are willing to send our Governor to the airport to "lei" our coaches, send the players to a dance studio for camp and play in a 60% filled stadium then grouse about not going bowling... :roll:

  54. Old School Dave:

    Any changes to the training table menu at fall camp? Nowadays, optimal performance is linked to diet and nutrition in sports. I read that Utah State's S & C coach had a "Foods to Avoid" list given out to the players. Among the no nos are:
    White Rice
    White Bread
    Cup Noodle
    Mac and cheese
    Fried Chicken
    Salad dressing

    I guess the local equivalent would be to avoid all plate lunches and spam.

  55. boolakanaka:

    Oh there is not comparison in either our total athletic team or football team budget, UW has a total athletic budget of $82,594,783, versus roughly 14 million, if I am not mistaken.

  56. Old School Dave:

    d1: Good points that I concur with. Off-topic speaking of the airport, when will the State get rid of that awful and embarrassing Wiki Wiki Bus that international arrival passengers have to take. Been to airports like Narita, Haneda, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seattle, Houston, among others, and HNL is like a trip back in time to 1975.

  57. SteveM:

    Planning to attend any UH football road games this season?

    The UH-UNLV Tsai-ko attendance is starting to fill out... mostly mainland Tsai-kos, but with the hotel and ETD info, we can see who available for a Sunday Cattle Call and how far away everyone is... :)

    Same is true for any game. Let me know your hotel and ETD for all games--and especially if you are going with a tour group. Two Tsai-kos who knew each other on the blog for years were on the same tour one year and didn't know until chatting on the return flight home. Of course, being in the same hotel and not knowing...

  58. PurpleMaple:

    Appreciate the update ST, thanks. Hard for me to make practice weekdays, but plan to be there this afternoon.

  59. gobows:


    no pasta nor potatoes? they must subscribe to the low carb diet. that doesn't work for all body types.

  60. SteveM:

    gobows -- wouldn't work for me. :roll:

  61. Old School Dave:

    I get kinda sad just thinking of such a diet. :-(

  62. A-House:

    It appears that former UH 3rd baseman, Vinnie Catircala, made baseball history by striking out on 1 pitch. Seems there is a little known and applicable rule that says if a player takes to long getting in the batters box that he can be called out.

    After a questionable called strike on a breaking ball that appears to be outside and low, Vinnie decided to question the call, then steps out of the batters box, the pitcher appears to be getting ready for the next pitch, but the umpire is still standing behind the plate and says something to Vinnie who then tightens his batting gloves when the umpire gives him the "high ho"

  63. lava:

    re Parcells, he said yesterday during his induction speech that one point of advice given to him during his first college coaching job is to always put the team in the best position to win. For UH last year, that meant avoiding implementing a new system for players recruited under an old system. Chow gave us no chance of winning.

    Ironically, the team seems to have more talent, but can we overcome the head coach?

  64. Stephen Tsai:

    I'll never forgive Parcells for quitting on the Jets.

  65. Stephen Tsai:

    Am I the only person who remembers this song?

  66. Stephen Tsai:

    Yes, UH has changed the menu.
    They consulted with nutritionist and such.
    I was going to post something on that today or tomorrow. It's taking a while because, well, I'm not very bright when it comes to science. And nutrition, too, obviously, although "Demanda" Amanda is kicking my butt in diabetes class.

  67. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Sorry to hear about the losses and tough times some of the players are going through. My players and thoughts head in their direction.

  68. gobows:

    low carb diets certainly is not good if you are training for a marathon...even if you are 30 pounds overweight.

  69. WarriorNY:

    I don't blame Parcells for quitting on the Jets... He had a talented DC that he thought would take over as HC...

    That jerk went to the NE Patriots instead!!! Lol..

  70. HawaiiMongoose:

    ST, thank you for the updates, and the information on Bowens. I think his choice to try out at CB is a good one. There's more depth at WR and if he can improve his defensive technique he'll probably earn playing time sooner at CB.

  71. Hank:

    Thoughts and a prayer for George Daily-Lyles and Ohana.

  72. Inyoface:

    Looks like Johnny Football is in more trouble. Should've gave the Heisman to a senior named Manti.

  73. boolakanaka:

    ST...on item 65, were you hanging out at the ol C'est si bon???

  74. Old School Dave:

    ST: Thanks for the info on the changed training camp menu and nutrition. I look forward to hearing more about this. It's those attention to details that can make a difference. I guess a zip pack after practice just doesn't cut it anymore, although it does taste good. ;-)

  75. mo808:

    Good Afternoon Folks!

    Thoughts and prayers for George Daily-Lyles, Mike Martin & Keelan Ewaliko.

    Take care everyone and have a restful day!

    Only 25 days to Beat USC!

  76. Bowwar:

    Eh Boo...The Tuna can flat-out coach! Chow has yet to show us he can do that here. I would love to see Parcells come to the islands and FIX this mess.

  77. d1shima:

    Yup. Good ting The Former Coach kept the old system back in '99, eh?


  78. gobows:

    we should get dean smith to come coach the basketball team.

  79. d1shima:

    Attention co-habitators: You have 0:33 minutes left to get your requests in for anything you want done before the first week of Febraury.

    Football is starting!

  80. Warrior Dave:

    I believe the if staying st the dance studio bothered JJ, Mack or Chow, something would have been worked out to get them into the dorms. But one of the main goals is to build team unity so what better place Han the dance studios?

    I don't recall any of the coaches or players complaining about these accommodations. So it its OK with them, I'm not going to complain. I think the additional cost was about 500 a day for the dorms. You think either one of these coaches couldn't find a booster to come up with the $$$ for dorms?

    Don't make a mountain out if a mole hill. Also seems like the players are enjoying the experience. If not, they could have gone to another school if this was important to them.

    Lets Go Warriors!!!!

  81. boolakanaka:

    Hey, you never know--Hawai'i has an all-together different cache with some folks. Take Michael O'Neill, head of Citibank, BoH was able to attract him to the islands. I think if you are very strategic you can get very high powered folks to consider UH's top jobs, at it will not be based on money, but rather their own profound sense of mission and challenge.

  82. d1shima:

    Love the dance studios.

    ...just oozes of disunity and discontent.

  83. Buffoman:

    Haters...just keep piling on. Amazing. True folks were not happy with the way we lost and the changes. This is our team, our players and our coaches and staff.

    You guys love the "Tuna", where are you in his quote, "Losers assemble in little groups and complain about the coaches and players in other little groups. But winners assemble as a team."

  84. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Good looking practice. Might as well be called UH-Lahaina cuz da sun and heat is punishing today. Players staying hydrated.

    Moleni is going to have a big impact me thinks.

  85. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Prayers for GDL's ohana! Prayers for all Warriors, for healing and to stay healthy. We'll need them all when we hand SC their season opening loss.

    Thanks for all the good stuff, Mr. Tsai!


  86. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks for the update IWWTHM.

  87. Buffoman:

    On another subject, did you see our former UH baseball player Vinnie C got called on a strike out on ONE ptich? Yep, there's a rule that an ump can do that.

    What a way to be recognized.

  88. Ipu Man:

    Always A+ blog ST...You, too, stay healthy.
    And prayers for those who need it. Amen.

  89. ai-eee-soos:

    #72. Inyoface: August 4th, 2013 at 12:24 pm
    Looks like Johnny Football is in more trouble. Should've gave the Heisman to a senior named Manti.

    According to ESPN's "Outside the Lines" Manziel is being investigated by the NCAA for being paid for signing autographs on photos and sports memorabilia while he was attending the BCS National Championship in Miami in January. According to the report, Manziel was paid a five-figure fee for the signing.

  90. kev-1:

    Japanese spam?

  91. wafan:

    Good afternoon!

  92. wafan:

    Thanks for the UHM updates.

  93. wafan:

    Hope everyone heals up and is healthy for the openner.

  94. wafan:

    Positive thoughts and prayers for GDL, Martin, and Ewaliko.

    For their friends and families, too!

  95. wafan:

    Strange movies on the SYFY channel.

    The modern versions of the "B" movies -- sharks that walk on their fins, gigantic piranhas that attack and eat subs, giant snakes on Kauai (at least that is where the movie was shot), . . .

  96. wafan:


  97. wafan:

    100 with spamalama!

  98. laulau head:

    Nice updates...thanks ST!

    BEAT USC!!!

  99. 76south:

    That's how to represent 96706 Masifilo!!! SABER PRIDE!!

  100. Rodney:

    Amazing. Another great practice today!
    They had energy tempo and passion.
    Support the coaches and players
    Imua Warriors. !!!!!!!

  101. Warrior Dave:

    Love reading the practice reports from ST and Tsaikos. Thank you for spending the time and your efforts. Even with the distractions, I am hopeful for a better year.

  102. PurpleMaple:

    My take on today's practice (focused only on the offense). Looks like Ammon Barker might be the next WR up. He looked good except for a sure reception that went through his hands. Looking for a much improved running game. The horses (and OL) appear to be there. I can see why Sully Wiefels is with the 1s.

  103. Buffoman:

    True. For all. Just asking the question since there appears to be a high regard for coach Parcell. Did not mean to hit a sensitive spot. My bad.

  104. Old School Dave:

    Watched today's practice and was impressed with the tempo and pace. Players were working hard, attentive, and demonstrated a lot of energy and enthusiasm during the hottest time of the day. Team practiced in helmets and shoulder pads which meant more contact drills today. Beau Yap and Sully Fields names were called out often in praise during the pass rush drills.

  105. Buffoman:

    #107 Point noted. Thank you.

  106. Old School Dave:

    Sorry. That should be Sully Wiefels, not Fields. Don't know where that came from.

  107. kapakahi:

    Leo younger bro true frosh Meffy Koloamatangi took reps at DE yesterday......then TE today.

    Both Meffy and fellow true frosh DE David Manoa both have good height and frames.....but pretty certain to redshirt this year to gain some poundage and muscle mass.