Home base

August 15th, 2013

The Rainbow Warriors relocated to Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam yesterday afternoon and are set to practice there today.

This is termed a bonding experience, although that goal probably was achieved when 100-plus players lived in two dance studios for two weeks.

Photos will be posted later.

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  1. Luki:


  2. papajoe2:


  3. papajoe2:

    or not.

  4. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody!

  5. PurpleMaple:

    A nothing morning today. Hope Chow doesn't burn our guys out. I remember June had a swimming day off. That was a good bonding experience.

  6. Shoko:

    I think it would be great if they had a team photo with an aircraft (C-17 or F-22) or a carrier or destroyer in the background. Then sell it as posters at various retail outlets.

    Just a thought...

  7. Inyoface:

    Don't they have 9 days off before the game?

  8. tom-warriornation:

    UNLV Oct. 12 road game

    $55 each for 50 yard sideline seats
    $30 for great endzone seats

    UH ticket office price is $60 (for near endzone seats most likely)

    Sit safely with a 180+ other diehard Hawaii fans all wearing GREEN!

    Email me: tomkitaguchi@yahoo.com

  9. tommui:


  10. tom-warriornation:

    Our group includes the families of our kicker Tyler Hadden and middle linebacker Brenden Daley.

  11. tom-warriornation:

    And Tsaikos Slugger, Midnight, Ronnie, AZWarrior22, Matt, LPC10 and a few others I may have missed or not know their blogger names.

  12. boolakanaka:

    Bringing up the rear of the east again....

  13. chawan_cut:

    what's the schedule like for the base practices?

  14. haka:

    Warrior bond...
    Neither shaken nor stirred....
    Go Warriors!

  15. boolakanaka:

    Oh, on the Greg Salas watch front....it seems almost inevitable he is a lock to make the eagles squad, from an Eagles Blog this morning" Greg Salas: The guy just makes plays and he basically could lockup a spot tonight with another impressive performance"

  16. papajoe2:

    Sorry, in my old age I am having a hard time keeping track of the former Warriors or former Hawaii high school players in the NFL. Can anybody help me out? I know a lot of the players with Hawaii ties are not "marquee" players, so watching the NFL preseason games may allow me to see them with extensive playing time. Most players with ties from Hawaii that make their teams, are assigned to their practice squad or have very little playing time.

  17. boolakanaka:

    19...papajoe2---so, there are basically two categories here: players from UH, and players from Hawaii on other college teams. The first: PLAYER TEAM POSITION
    Davone Bess Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver
    Mike Edwards New York Jets Cornerback
    Alex Green Green Bay Packers Running Back
    Luke Ingram Jacksonville Jaguars Long Snapper
    Vaughn Meatoga Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Tackle
    Ryan Mouton Washington Redskins Defensive Back
    Kealoha Pilares Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver
    Greg Salas Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver
    Samson Satele Indianapolis Colts Center
    Isaac Sopoaga Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Tackle

    The latter category (note some of these guys may have not signed as they are FAs: Brandon Hardin
    High school: Kamehameha (Honolulu)
    NFL team: Chicago Bears

    Dominic Raiola
    High school: St. Louis (Honolulu)
    NFL team: Detroit Lions

    Kealoha Pilares
    High school: Damien (Honolulu)
    NFL team: Carolina Panthers

    Matthew Masifilo
    High school: Campbell (Ewa Beach)
    NFL team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Daniel Te'o-Nesheim
    High school: Hawaii Prep (Kamuela)
    NFL team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Max Unger
    High school: Hawaii Prep (Kamuela)
    NFL team: Seattle Seahawks

    Wayne Hunter
    High school: Radford (Honolulu)
    NFL team: St. Louis Rams

    Ma'ake Kemoeatu
    High school: Kahuku
    NFL team: Baltimore Ravens

    Domata Peko
    High school: Samoana (American Samoa) (Pago Pago)
    NFL team: Cincinnati Bengals

    Shawn Lauvao
    High school: Farrington (Honolulu)
    NFL team: Cleveland Browns

    Kaluka Maiava
    High school: Baldwin (Wailuku)
    NFL team: Cleveland Browns

    Tyson Alualu
    High school: St. Louis (Honolulu)
    NFL team: Jacksonville Jaguars

    Al Afalava
    High school: Kahuku
    NFL team: Tennessee Titans

    Mana Silva
    High school: Kamehameha (Honolulu)
    NFL team: Buffalo Bills

    Samson Satele
    High school: Kailua
    NFL team: Indianapolis Colts

  18. gobows:

    video of fighting irish coach being a dummy:

    someone said it was backwards, he says its not. maybe he should leave the drills to the assistant coaches.

  19. Ipu Man:

    Wow, Boolakanaka...good stuff. Thanx.

  20. haka:

    Boolakanaka, nice!
    I see you have Samson twice, but gotta give UH props to Kealoha, Wayne & Mana!

  21. Shoko:

    "Seriously, just put an Alabama uniform on that thing and it's the BCS championship game all over again."


  22. boolakanaka:

    22--Ipuman, I'm here to serve...

  23. Ipu Man:

    Boolakanaka...why is the sky blue? :>)

  24. boolakanaka:

    In case our QB situation does not solidify, perhaps we should check on his eligibility----good gawd, what a cannon: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/15/yasiel-puig-marlon-byrd-throw-out-video_n_3760959.html?utm_hp_ref=sports

  25. boolakanaka:

    26--Ipuman--Not sure if that that is the beginning of a joke or you were asking a quasi-serious Q--but, the I have heard from the high mucka-mucka university I am at that because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light.

  26. Sismondo:

    Found this blog from USA Today College Countdown, and I'm from New Brunswick, Canada. Can anybody tell me what happened to David Fangupo, a 350-lb RB from Hawaii? Last I heard he committed to Hawaii, but I don't see him on the roster?

  27. Na Koa Mike:

    Murphy's Pigskin Pigout fundraiser is next week Thursday.


  28. graham:

    What kind of BMW does Ashely drive?

  29. gobows:

    us solheim cup team

  30. boolakanaka:

    35..gobows, as my uncle in Pukalani would say...."dat wahine get sum nice stems...translation--Michele Wie has attractive legs..."

  31. Bugaz:

    Waiting for the Warriors at the practice field. Excited!!!

  32. Fat Jeff:

    You know football season is near when...the parking pass comes in the mail.

    Now, about those tickets?

  33. (Jesse)James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    Hope practice goes well....Commit and make a statement.

  34. papajoe2:

    Thanks boolakanaka! Wow, what a list.
    Mana Silva retired/quit football. He said although the money was good, he no longer has the passion to play. He said might as well give up his position to someone who has the passion and dream of playing in the NFL.
    After graduating from UH, he wanted to be a doctor. I wonder if he still has that dream and will follow that dream?

  35. RedZone:

    Mana Silva left the team and his number was reassigned to another player.

    Kealoha Pilares plays mostly on special teams but seestime also at receiver.

  36. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    What's the deal with mana silva leaving his team? It must be a pretty significant personal issue to basically ditch achieving your dream job after all that hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.

  37. boolakanaka:

    39--papajoe...Thanks for that info, I was wondering why he left the Bills, as every indication to date, suggested he would make the roster. That said, everyone needs to follow their own dream, and not some conscription of what your town, or family, or peers think is good for you. Mrs. Boolakanka is a doctor, and I can tell you, both from the perspective of going through all her training, and as well, having played football through college, his road, should he decide to pursue medical school, will be just as or even more demanding. He will not be making an untraveled road, as I know Patrick O'Neill and John Frank were former NFL players and now MDs, also see: http://www.yourblackworld.net/2013/04/black-news/nfl-player-retires-early-so-he-can-go-to-medical-school/

  38. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    Independent Thinker: Also, not to bring up yesterday's dumb argument about BMWs, but the issue wasn't about driving BMWs in and of itself. It was proclaiming that you (not "you" as in Independent Thinker, but in the more general sense of "you") drive BMWs and then being extremely condescending and saying that you don't drive Mercedes because the company right now are "murderers" because of its involvement in the holocaust 70 years ago while ignoring BMWs history as well (as well as the history of boeing, mitsubishi, and so on). And then positioning yourself as being morally superior and socially conscious.

  39. papajoe2:

    #42 Johnny M, please re-read my #39. It explains it. Maybe because of the hard work, blood, sweat and tears, not to mention concussions, injuries to not only him but people around him, he lost his passion. He is a smart person, playing his senior year at UH although he already graduated.

  40. NotNasti:

    44. Dead Horse . . .

  41. Kekoa:

    Lots of activity here at Hickam. The guys started streaming out at about 0900. At 0920 the horn signaled the start. Doing their stretchies and stuff. The weather is Hot & sunny. It's looking like a great day to practice! Bbl...

  42. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    #45 papajoe: Thank you. I must've missed your post or it didn't come on my screen until the screen refreshed. Hopefully he becomes a doctor or pursues whatever his dreams are. It's refreshing to see football not being the end all of everything.

    #46 notnasti: Yeah. I'm not trying to revive the argument, I just wanted to clarify for Independent Thinker what the issue was.

  43. Inyoface:

    Make sure USCheaters doesn't deflate the ball again. smh

  44. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    boolakanaka -

    Thanks for your post about the Island pro-outlook. Lovin ur posts - hope we have a chance to meet sometime.


  45. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Wonder if they'll get a 0500 wake-up call sometime this week from the drill sargeants. :D


  46. papajoe2:

    Thanks Johnny about your kind words for Mana. I am a distant relative but he grew up on the Big Island and have only met him once or twice, and very briefly. Followed him throughout his senior year in high school and his freshman year at Oregon, and of course, at UH and his professional career. His family is very religious and him being a smart person, I'm sure he made the right decision for him. I and UH fans will miss watching him play.

  47. jocko7874:

    Seems someone forgot to mention that player from Punahou.. that went to Notre Dame
    and is on the roster now of the San Diego Padres.. he he he.... also was a Heisman candidate i believe...

  48. boolakanaka:

    52 and 55....Punchbowl greatly looking forward to meeting everyone, will be back home Sept 3-9, and then at the Vegas and Navy games. Papa, I have to say, one of the few regrets I have for folks who played ball all their lives, is that while it is just a fabulous game, it is just that--a game. I have too many friends, who experienced the apex of their life at age 18 or 21, and then life seem to be a series of large valleys and not too many peaks. Those of us that are a bit older, know that you want to gently and consistently make your way upward in life, and then at some point, pass the knowledge on to the next generation. I genuinely feel sad when I hear about an ex-teammate who has struggled with their adult years.....as there is so much out there....so, it is with that thought I encourage bruddha Mana to find his next mountain.

  49. boolakanaka:

    52--who is that???...I know there is a Punahou kid, seen it in the alumni magazine, I think , Zack Kometani (USD) who was in their farm system, but never in the bigs???? This is the Padres, 40 player roster--no Hawai'i kids: http://espn.go.com/mlb/team/roster/_/name/sd/san-diego-padres

  50. boolakanaka:

    52..you mean the bolts and Mant'i, that is a technical definition, as he has not previously made a team, and while he is certainly going to make the chargers, he is not on a opening day roster--but I know what you are saying--good call.

  51. d1shima:


    bugaz and Kekoa doin' Recon for us this morning...

  52. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    A week of practice and other activities at Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam should be a great bonding experience.

    BTW, I wonder if Kekoa and bugaz have met? I do not know bugaz.

    This is related to what I say about the UH football away games. People might be n the same tour, hotel, and sitting 5 feet from each other at the games and not recognize each other. Maybe good...maybe sad. But that's why the Tsai-ko Away Game planner and logistics page:


    email me what info you can if you are attending.

  53. DaveLetterMan:

    Delivering tickets today.
    Morning Tsaikos!

  54. 3-Prong:

    Parking Pass, CHECK! Where are my tickets?

  55. Former UH Athlete:

    Sports betting update:

    Consensus average: Hawaii (+22.5) vs USC; Total is currently 57.

    -Only could find one book that had a total.
    -If you can still find it, there were couple of books that had UH (+21.5)

    USC blog updates: 23 players were not cleared for practice due to injuries. Still only one fully healthy running back (Buck Allen). Offense looking sharper. Healthy competition along O-line positions. Star WR Lee and starting opposite Agholor saw limited practice time.

  56. DaveLetterMan:

    Seen some for delivery today. Might be delivered the next few days.

  57. gobows:

    no forget Hawaii has some former qb's that are dentists.

  58. 808souljah:

    How have the safeties been looking? Hardy-tuliau and clay

  59. Don Weir:

    #63 Go Bows,
    Alex Kaloi is a strong supporter of UH Football.
    As a Freshman coming onto the field in 1973 immediately he threw some sweet passes.

    He is doing a significant amount of pro bono dental work in West O'ahu.

  60. gobows:

    who knew...

    john cougar mellencamp's son, hud, is a cb at duke.

  61. Bugaz:

    Defense seem to own practice today. Few too many dropped passes I think and DBs were punchin balls out too.

  62. PolyMom:

    I gotta laugh about the BMW comments. Heck, they are cheaper then a Lexus. Safety is a major reason for driving these cars especially on the 405.

    Looking forward to the SC game.

  63. Haleakala:

    Bugaz: thanks for the post about today's practice. I'd like to hear more about it.

    Can you elaborate about the "few too many dropped passes". Thanks!

  64. gobows:

    small earth shaker on the big island.

    #USGS M 2.6, 7km SSW of Volcano, Hawaii


  65. mo808:

    Good Day Folks!

    Go RB Warriors!

    Only 14 days left to BEAT USC!

  66. welcome808:

    would like to hear more about today's practice...thanks

  67. tommui:

    #68 PolyMom - I'm glad you can laugh about it.

    However, I get a bit irritated when someone gets on their high horse, acting morally superior when they criticize someone for being " dumb, morally superior and socially conscious."

    Momma told me that if you can't say something good about someone, what gives you the right to throw rocks?

  68. Bugaz:

    Wasn't so much the wide open drop passes, because the defense was covering well, it was more the QB squeezing it in on the third down drills that the receivers couldn't make the grab. There were a couple that made it to the end zone but if the D could hit the QB I don't think some of them would have got there. The D was swarming! Hopefully the O can become more consistent.

  69. Former UH Athlete:

    I like what I'm hearing from UH's defense. UH has good talent at all position groups, they are still quite young and not fully developed yet. More importantly, UH has speed in the back 7. UH is going to have a very solid defense (pending injuries of course) in the next few years. Depth of talent is improving and Chow is finding better athletes.

    Just need the big boys up front to stay healthy. That's the key factor to the defense this year. DT depth is still not great, but it is better than last year at this point in the pre-season.

  70. Former UH Athlete:

    #52, You mean Lennay Kekua's boyfriend? BTW how soon until he's is called up to the Padres? He's too good to be in the farm system very long... I think he's hitting like .323, 14 HR, 77 RBIs at AAA Tuscon Padres.

  71. 808souljah:

    @former UH athlete how do you think the safeties look?

  72. REALLY?:

    FUHA we had the same depth at DT last season. Do you not remember Correa, Hanohano, Matagiese and Samia? The problem was Samia got hurt in the 2nd game and Matagiese/Hanohano both got hurt by that big headed BYU guy.

    Currently we have a Matagiese, Samia returning from injury, Tulimasealii only a true fresh and Malepeai.

  73. jeezy33:

    75. The defense actually has played well dating back to the Boise St game all the way up to end of the season. The D will be above average at worst in my eyes. Problem is offensively, if you cannot score points or sustain drives to give your D a rest then its still going to be very difficult to win football games.

    DT depth actually is the deepest we have on defense...

  74. d1shima:

    Mahalo bugaz.

    Did it seem like the QB's were effectively moving thru their progressions on the passing plays?

  75. sportsbow:

    Koten Wong gets called up by St Louis Cardinals.

    LINK: http://www.kitv.com/sports/hawaii-sports/kolten-gets-called-up-to-the-majors/-/15881998/21489250/-/7v3729z/-/index.html

  76. sportsbow:

    Should be Kolten Wong.

  77. d1shima:

    Also fronmUHAD

    Hawaii Athletics ‏@HawaiiAthletics 1m
    Former #HawaiiBSB Rainbow Kolten Wong called up by the Cardinals. Will play Friday against the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Go Kolten!

  78. Don Weir:

    UH Football Alumni

    You are needed at the NA Koa telethon.

    I will be bringing home cooked Italian food to feed all alums donating their time.
    Trammazino, Grilled Italian sausage pupu, Pasta Palermatana, pistachio nut cake (if time allows).

  79. boolakanaka:

    Non-warrior football Q of the day--It has been six years since the last of its kind was spotted. The last reported sighting was on field turf in urban St. Louis. The seldom seen white cornerback remains secluded. Some would even say the rare species no longer exists--will we ever see a white corner in the NFL?

  80. boolakanaka:

    Actually, the more specific and accurate time from our last palangi corner is 10 years...

  81. Dino:

    Like alot of people, I got my inner circle parking pass yesterday, but no season tickets. So I called the UH ticket office this morning, and they said we should receive them late this week, or early next week.

  82. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Boolakanaka -

    To add to your thoughts on Mana's decision to go in another direction, it has been noted that Mana at one time was considering a career in Medicine. As such, he would likely understand the medical ramifications of a prolonged career in a professional full contact sport. He has achieved his dreams in football. For whatever reasons he chooses to move to his next dream, more power to him. His family are a wonderful group of people, and his father is a very special person, a mentor to many and a positive influence on the youth of the Big Island.

    Your post about life after football was truly inspired, sir. God bless all who know that life.

  83. NotNasti:

    Last Palangi corner? Jason Sehorn?

  84. boolakanaka:

    88#---thanks for your words. Just to clarify for other folks, it was not my intent to come off preachy or otherwise. Just wanted to inject, a tad, into our spirited discussions, that football is at the end of the day just a game....well, unless you are in the NFL, and well, that pays mortgages, feeds mouths, and all the other accoutrements of life. So, when it is time to walk away, well, he is making a man's decision, and one that others can respect and support. He obviously has the skills and the n5ts to play pro ball and gave it his all. So, as my moms would say--"no shame, as long as you no give kapulu job...."

  85. boolakanaka:

    89--bingo!! Not sure if we ever going see another----you???

  86. boolakanaka:

    Recent update from Carolina v. Philly, currently taking place.... Kealoha Pilares (1 rec. for 13 yards on 3 targets)

  87. green tea:

    tad short in FB news? it's cool need a break every once in awhile....

  88. slenzi:

    Don't forget that we got some pretty good UH/Hawaiian-grown players runnin wild in the Canadian Football League too. I still remember my dad wondering for years when, "some stupid NFL GM is going to get smart and get Warren Moon in the NFL where he belongs." From all first hand accounts, Warren Moon still throws one of the best Pro Bowl parties on the island.

  89. NotNasti:

    I'm sure there will be others. You get some fast white guys running around here and there. Hard to believe 10 years went by since Sehorn played. He scored on the home front though (Angie Harmon).

  90. slenzi:

    Not to throw old stink slippahs at NFL Hall of Fame TV special, but it would have been nice to hear Warren Sapp speak out about domestic violence and spouse (sig other) abuse. I'm just sayin . . .

  91. d1shima:

    Brandon Hardin getting quite a bit of PT against the Bolts.

  92. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    #73: Content is not looked at. Big words are threatening and offensive. Gotcha.

    In other news, Former UH Athlete, I've stopped betting on UH football games because it's my experience that the they tend to screw you. When you think they're gonna get pounded, they either make the spread or win straight up and when you think they're gonna cover, they let the backdoor td rob you.

    no thanks. I'll just watch it for fun.

  93. wafan:

    100 with spam.

  94. d1shima:

    The voices...they are back. creepy...

  95. Bigwave96744:

    Leonard Peters and Dane Uperesa also quit the NFL after being on the practice squad.
    Sometimes at that point the glamor of the NFL wears out on people and the passion is no longer there.

    Mana Silva has a family back home and future medical career he may want to pursue.
    Dane was also seeking a higher education and Leonard his rugby and Polynesian Dancing.

  96. boolakanaka:

    95--NN--Not so sure, while there are certainly more than enough fast white guys, I have seen any play corner in a long while, not even in college programs....

  97. RedZone:

    Marqise Lee returned to practice today.

  98. slenzi:

    NFL Answer web page says that 30+% of the NFL players are Caucasian/White. Not sure if we can add Poy/Asian players, but they listed about 16 white Defensive Backs, Strong/Free Safeties who played at least 8 games or more. Get'choo sum answers! http://www.answers.com/T/National_Football_League_(NFL)

  99. NotNasti:

    We are looking for corners.

  100. NotNasti:


  101. RedZone:

    Greg Salas 2 for 27 yards. Sopoanga 1 tackle. Kelly offense fun to watch. Made for Michael Vick who looks real smooth running it. Interesting that Philiy picked up Dennis Dixon who came in at the end. I would like to see him with the ones to see how he does.

  102. boolakanaka:

    107...and if I'm not mistaken, before Jason Sehorn, the white heir apparent was Scott Case--I know cause we played against him in 84 or 85. He was a serious dude, as again, if memory serves me right, he lead the league in picks with 10 one year, and went to the pro bowl.

  103. Former UH Athlete:

    The Eagles will be fun to watch. I'm normally don't care about the Eagles but I will be watching. They looked good tonight all the QBs played well.

    Damn, so glad football is back. You just don't know how much you missed it until the preseason games are on.

    Side note: can't believe ESPN is trying to spark a QB controversy with the Browns. Just because Jason Campbell had a career game vs the scrubs doesn't mean he's going to challenge for starting QB. We all know Campbell is going to give you 55%, 220yds 1TD, 0.5INT every time he plays. He can't pull the trigger on tight throws and doesn't give you anything special. Weeden threw some absolutely beautiful touch throws that Campbell can't make.

    Gotta say the NFL has some very fun young QBs for us to watch the next several years.

  104. Old School Dave:

    Utah's new football complex which cost $32 million and was funded by a donation from the Eccles family.


  105. boolakanaka:

    Hopefully, we will see this kind of "shake" in the coming season: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/16/lesean-mccoy-jukes-eagles-panthers_n_3765310.html?utm_hp_ref=sports

  106. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Another day to improve, Warriors.

    GO BOWS!