UCLA linebacker transfers to UH

August 17th, 2013


Former UCLA linebacker Jeremy Castro will be joining the Rainbow Warriors.

Castro, who is 6 feet 2 and 240 pounds, has officially been accepted into UH.

Castro must redshirt this season in accordance with NCAA transfer rules. After that, he will have four years to play four seasons.

Castro signed with UCLA in February 2012 but was ineligible to enroll that fall because he had not met all of the admission criteria. He then earned a qualifying ACT score, enrolled at UCLA this past January, and participated in the Bruins' spring training. This summer, he decided to transfer.

Castro contacted UH officials. He then sent his application for admission to UH. He was notified of his acceptance yesterday.

Castro was a highly regarded senior at Vista Murrieta high. Scout.com gave him a 4-star rating, according to the UCLA Web site. Rivals.com rated Castro as the nation's No. 17 weak-side defensive end and California's overall No. 40 prospect in 2012.

Here's Castro in action: Castro video

* * * * *

The Warriors' offense had its best performance of training camp during yesterday's trial run at the Aloha Stadium.

Taylor Graham: 11 of 20 for 213 yards and 4 TDs (50 yards and 20 yards to Chris Gant, 50 yards to Marcus Kemp, 31 yards to Keith Kirkwood).

Sean Schroeder: 9 of 12 for 110 yards and 2 TDs (36 yards to Donnie King, 20 yards to Duke Bukoski).

Schroeder also ran 9 yards for a touchdown, with a leap into the end zone. Yes, Schroeder's surgically repaired back appears to be fine.

* * * * *

John Hardy-Tuliau is at it again. He blocked a field-goal attempt. Some credit goes to Ne'Quan Phillips, who basically threw a block to open the way for Hardy-Tuliau.

* * * * *

By the way, the UH receivers are collectively known as "The Freak Show."

Time to crank out those T-shirts.

* * * * *




* * * * *

Click on photo for Warrior warm-up chant: 1-2

107 Responses to “UCLA linebacker transfers to UH”

  1. 3-Prong:

    Good Morning Gang....

  2. 702WarriorFan:

    Welcome Mr. Castro!
    Morning all......

    Slugger - plz chk your gmail ref Sept trip.

  3. Tolkien Wwarrior:


  4. Boya_jr:

    Jeremy thanks for becoming a Warrior. Btw, I just bought my Vegas tix, going to the UNLV game!

  5. Da green mask:

    Hope he doesn't pull a Mustafa!

  6. 3-Prong:

    Wow, 4-Star 4-Shua!

  7. koakane ip5:

    morning 808 Jane a good day

  8. koakane ip5:

    morning 808 Jane a good day

  9. koakane ip5:


  10. boolakanaka:

    Aloha all---and welcome to the former bruin. We have had great luck with bruins in the past--most notably, Mark Tuinei, but also in my day, Danny Lei, Anthony Edgar, and Bernard Quarles. (much of this was the Tomey pipeline, of either players who had gotten into trouble and/or washed out of the UCLA system, as this was back in the day that squads would stack up scholarship players, just so another team could not get them...eg. USC)

  11. 3-Prong:

    Is Kanoa Leahey for real? Portugese Man-O-War research and conservation? Is this a break in the great Leahey chain of announcing. If so, kind of a sad thing?

  12. 3-Prong:

    Delete question mark.....

  13. Stephen Tsai:

    Kanoa Leahey still will do announcing for OC-16, as well as various ESPN projects. And Leahey & Leahey will continue.
    He moved to Maui last year, and agreed to anchor twice a week at KHON until his contract expired.
    He's extremely talented.
    Play-by-play announcing is what keeps the Leahey legacy going. He'll still do that.

  14. RedZone:

    So 1 of 3?

    Maybe 2 of 3?

    Maybe 3 of 3?

    Welcome Jeremy Castro.

    Dick Tomey also brought over Pat Schmidt who was the starting safety at that time. UCLA replaced Schmit with Kenny Easley.

  15. 3-Prong:

    ST: thanks for the Leahey update. That's a relief. Kanoa is a "natural". Announcing is literally in his DNA.

  16. boolakanaka:

    14....nice one. And wow, so we swapped out two NFL safeties. Although, Kenny was a seminal player who changed the position, in terms of not only the physicality of play, but as well, the range a safety could have, and still be a force in the box.

  17. kev-1:

    Wait, what did I miss about Kanoa Leahey?

  18. kev-1:

    And I must say, after all of my doubts about Schroeder... he is having a nice camp. I am starting to hope that if he is needed, he will be capable.

  19. kev-1:

    What kind of action is the slot receiver getting this year? Is most of the success on the outside so far?

  20. Cincodemayonnaise:


    Ditto on SS he's been "quietly" having a good camp, his completion percentage has been hovering at the high 60's to yesterday's 9 of 12 performance.

    I wonder if he's going against the 1st team as Graham is also?

    Chow always preaches accuracy in his system more than attempts. Seems like SS is doing the better job in camp despite Graham being the more physical of the two. Good to see our offense maybe starting to gel a bit...hopefully it's our offense playing well and not our DB's going backwards....lol

  21. Pomai:

    Here iit is 12 days before the start of the season and I still do not have my season tickets that was paid for in May??? Not acceptable Mr. Jay

  22. jeezy33:

    Got a few more possibly coming too

  23. Rodney:

    Thanks coach Chow for newest recruit !!!!
    Aloha to all the players and coaches and
    support staff your hard work is appreciated!!!
    Imua Warriors!!!!!!

  24. kev-1:

    jeezy . . . transfers?

  25. Bigislandkurt:

    My goodness. Even someone as gullible as me knew that Kanoa was joking when he was harping on the Portuguese man-o-war thing.

    Good morning friends! So good to hear that the offense was clicking yesterday. And all those TD passes? Almost reminiscent of the old days? :)


  26. PurpleMaple:

    Looks like either QB can get the job done. Time to focus on the running game a bit. Without it, the passing game will wilt. So ST, what's happening with the running game?

  27. jeezy33:

    24. yup... dont guess tho... i dont like posting unofficial things in case it doesn't happen...

  28. Derek:

    There are a lot of upgrades to be positive. The talent level is better. You have to wonder why Castro left UCLA. Welcome aboard Mr. Castro.

  29. kev-1:

    Right on.

  30. Last Call:

    don't you have to do something notable to be a legend ?

  31. Leron:

    One would hope that Graham's completion % is the result of the defense's play. Would have to be concerned if the pass game was torching the secondary.

  32. jeezy33:

    Good to see we got freshman WRs who are potential home run threats.... Future looks bright there...

    Hoping to see Graham get a little more efficient by season completing a better rate of his passes... good news though. Progress is being made

  33. jeezy33:

    28... He failed a summer school class he needed to be cleared to be eligible... Not sure if it was exactly like Tigi hill situation but similar..

  34. kifi:

    Jeezy. Maybe someone fed up with rain? Or someone tired of eating Katonka? Haha.

  35. haroldwah:

    I was told that we would receive season tickets 1-2 weeks prior to 1st game. Apparently some people were misplacing/losing their tickets when they mailed them out early last year. Hurry up only get 12 more days.

  36. Pukalani boy:

    Welcome Mr. Castro!!!!!

  37. d1shima:



  38. Pomai:

    #35 - thats no excuse, you lose them sorry about that, not our problem.....

  39. Former UH Athlete:

    yeah baby! Chow's got some tools to work with and he's itching to showcase them.

    I guess it's feast or pupus on Grahams stats.... 4 TDs totaling 151yds... 7 other completions for 62yds.

    I'm thinking Castro will slot in the DE position after the redshirt year. UH is deep at LB and Castro was a highly rated DE coming out of HS. If he can add 20lbs over the next 2 years, he's going to be big enough to hold up against the run play to his side.

    Castro will make up for upper-campus' f--k up with Naim Mustafaa's application. Can't help but briefly think what could have been if Mustafaa and Castro on the field at the same time a couple years from now.

  40. Warrior Dave:

    #21 Pomai,

    Every year it's the same story. Getting used to getting my tickets a week before the season starts. Makes me anxious because one year someone stole it from our mailbox. Not Ben's fault but the vendor the Ticket Manager uses.

  41. haroldwah:

    Mr. Pomai-I with you dea. How is it their kuleana.

  42. kifi:

    Watched Kapolei and Mickinley last night. Big, big wow for #98 Kalani Vakameilalo. I sure hope we're putting on the full court press. Listed at 6-3 300, looks more like 6-4 270. Moves real wel, quick and explosive. Reminds me of a young Taase Faumui.

  43. Warrior Dave:

    #24 Kev-1,

    ST said in a prior post that there was 3 BCS school players talking to UH anout possibly transferring here. Very welcomed news.

  44. jeezy33:

    42. What year is he?? How did Kapoi look at tackle??

    Watched Kam game... $42 Mika Tafua is a stud... He looks like a young Travis Laboy. Frame, speed, and players physical.. Only a junior and might be the best DE in the state this season.

    Gifford #94 UH Commit looks really good. He looks taller than listed 6-1... He has a long frame and actually looks around 6-3 range. Has a ton of room to grow physically by the time he gets to college. The upside is there. Also caught a TD playing TE so he is versatile enough to play TE or O line one he gets to UH.

    Kalei Meyer #56 is also a rock up the middle. Nevada Commit. Hope UH coaches take another look. He's not quite Kennedy but he's not far behind. Real strong, high motor, and is quick... Can play the 3 technique DT in a 4-3 set. Neveda has a steal so far if other MWC schools dont jump in..

    Unfortunately none of the Farrington players made an impact at all... Kamehameha ran at will and dominated the Farrington Line. Was expecting to see more from the Farrington D considering they have a few prospects on it...

  45. Former UH Athlete:

    #28... Totally agree... Overall talent appears to be much better. They are still a young team, with many players of Chow's two recruiting classes still 1-2 years from hitting their peak.

    June Jones had a pretty good recruiting network and was great at finding the diamonds in the rough. Chow's recruiting network is far bigger than Jones'. Chow has got players from the southeast and east coast coming in and giving UH a legit chance at getting them.

    I think the program is in the right direction at this point of the rebuilding. The casual fans don't see the anything other than W-L record. They don't realize that football programs take years to rebuild after a string of bad recruiting classes. (See Washington St: went to 2 Rose Bowls in 5 years and also had 3 straight 10 win seasons from 2000-2002, then the next coach couldn't recruit for 4 years and the program has been in shambles once the last of the good recruits graduated).

  46. jeezy33:

    Also Kamehameha Defense has allowed 3 points in 2 games so far.... Could be a sleeper this season. Cool seeing David Graves on the sidelines involved with the Offense...

  47. d1shima:

    Prep FB in full swing. Big 'un tonight. Lotsa prospects.

    btw, would be a nice time for UHAD to show da luv to the Noga Ohana.

    Legacy, and all that...

  48. BigWave96744:

    Wonder if JHT was a little instrumental in Castro coming here.
    Both are graduates of Vista Murrieta High.

    After this season we lose senior LBs Art Laurel, Brenden Daly, Kamalani Alo, Kawehi Sablan and hybrid GDL
    Great pickup

  49. kifi:

    Jeezy, Kapoi looked solid. Ivie that Chow's staff picks up guys like Kapoi. Good size, decent length. Solid on athleticism and balance. Good frame to get stronger. Can always teach technique. Hawaii has a good O-line coach who was on the cusp of making a few pro bowls. Keep bringing in the long offensive linemen and we'll be good.

  50. hossana:

    All the naysayers that criticized Chow saying he can't recruit or wouldn't be able to recruit because of last yr.'s debacle must be eating crow because since last season, they have had a horde of quality recruits coming in not to mention the transfers and these recruits will fulfill their promise in 1-2 yrs. after this season....the fruits of his labor will be borne out next year, not this year, I repeat, the fruits of his recruiting labors will be borne out next year...this year is to get the players really acclimated as to his system and to what he wants done on the field and in his 3rd and subsequent years, we will see the fruit of his labors so all of you that were complaining that Chow should have be terminated etc...blah..blah..because of last year should pull up your jock straps and shaddup and attend the games and support the team instead of being monday morning quarterbacks......cheers.......

  51. Bugaz:

    I like to see pictures of braddaz on the football team making those 55 gal drums look like ordinary kitchen trash cans.

  52. jeezy33:

    Eating Crow?? win some games before we can start calling our class legit.

    Auburn also recruits very well and that didn't mean anything once Cam Newton left...

    No one will know how good the recruit are until the lights come on August 29th

  53. Bugaz:

    Not to mention some potentially good recruits on missions

  54. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Welcome Jeremy Castro!

  55. Bugaz:

    Just speaking of talent standpoint, and not when the lights come on, we have like 3 true freshmen WRs, 2 True freshmen RBs, a DT, and a DB battling for starting spots/ significant playing time in their first year. I'd say recruiting is better and now these blue chippers seeking transfers here are only going to make things a lot better in the years to come.

  56. Dino:

    sean shroeder seems to have a quicker pass release than graham.

  57. jeezy33:

    56... I think so too... But I wouldn't call out people and say they need to eat crow when we need to see what everyone can do first...

    Based on recruiting alone, I would have thought UDUB would be a top 25 powerhouse by now.... But also important to develop and implement into the system...

  58. gobows:

    57 we'll see if TG can take the pounding that SS took. 55% is not exactly a good day.

    hmm, all those long td's, was it more good offense or bad defense...

  59. Independent Thinker:

    Good news re the o. What about Higgins, st? Did chow even allow Higgins any snaps? Practice qbs are not the same as game time qbs like Higgins.

  60. d1shima:

    57 we'll see if TG can take the pounding that SS took.

    Let's hope not!

  61. d1shima:


    Only 2 more Saturdays of NASCAR, golf, bowling, and competitive horse hurling on TV...


  62. Rodney:

    #51 amen
    Support the team!
    It's all about the process!
    Having a bigger budget!
    Where getting their!
    Our Chow fun time will come!!!

  63. JLO:

    ST can u resend that to my timeline I couldn't open it and I'm very excited to see it! Cracked up on your Haka comment about lip sincing haha, I agree with Al the Haka would be very cool if done facing all 4 directions of crowd and right before game starts gets everyone pumped up and like you said very impressive when you see it close up. Thank you

  64. PolyMom:

    Norm Chow is doing his magic. Things keep looking better and better in the recruit department.

    Best news today.

    Mahalo to the folks who sent pics to us yesterday from the stadium. Very much appreciated.

  65. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang! (Well, barely...)

    Welcome, Mr. Castro!

    Looking forward to watching the Freak Show! Love those guys. Stay healthy, my friends...


  66. tommui:


    Welcome Mr. Castro!

  67. NotNasti:

    According to ST's article this morning, two of Graham's incompletions were wide open "drops" by Gant to begin the scrimmage. So maybe the 55% not as bad as it appears. Would have been 65%.

  68. welcome808:

    so if our passing game is looking good, any news on the running game?

  69. Kekoa:

    Enjoying the morning practice with The Warriors out here at Hickam.

    Me, BG, Wafan, and the SailorBlue crew are here scoping the sights & sounds!

  70. Kekoa:

    Enjoying the morning practice with The Warriors out here at Hickam.

    Me, BG, Wafan, and the SailorBlue crew are here scoping the sights & sounds!

  71. al:

    kekoa...jeezies there could be one watching from his truck. ;)

  72. al:

    an incompletion might also be attributed to a route run wrong by a freak.

  73. al:

    so the warm up chant was merely a "ha" that was lacking the "'a" or "ka".

    right? i hope not to replace the ha'a or haka, shame otherwise.

    ?...nuff sajd

  74. Jeezy33:

    73.. Ha ha not going today.. Better to watch during work time..

  75. Inyoface:

    Is the haka played out or is it now a UH tradition? I'm starting to wonder myself, all I know is just win.

  76. gobows:

    during jj's tenure, Hawaii received a 15 yd unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for doing the haka before a game.
    does anyone know if that bs rule is still enforced?

    2 drops, and i guess 0 int's as well for TG, since none were reported.

  77. 76south:

    No mentions of Ammon Barker. Any word on how he's playing?

  78. kev-1:

    If anyone watches MMA . . . Waianae's Max Holloway is fighting Conor McGregor right now. I like Max, but this kid McGregor looks like a beast.

  79. RedZone:

    Maybe when a freak score they should play this song.


  80. d1shima:

    Kekoa, et al,

    So wat da scoops from practice? Or lunch?

    (Whichever was better... ;-) )

  81. Ipu Man:

    Plenty of football today, just watched Arizona and Cowboys and now
    Green Bay Packers and Saint Louis Rams...Channel 5.

  82. boolakanaka:

    Yes, indeed, choke games today, so anyone who was feeling deprived the last 7 months or so, your time has come. One player I have been taking an extra long glance is the honey badger or Tyrann Mathieu, for a guy who was off an entire year, and did 225 ,only 4 times, at the combine.....he is just a natural player. Makes awfully decisive breaks at the ball, gets into top speed at about his 3rd step, very deft foot work, and has incredible swivel in his hips---which is so key for a db.Maybe one of major steals at the draft...my one problem, is that his a bit small to do all "the force" work in the alleys at safety at 183 pounds....but hey, he looks like a straight playmaker...and I have a friend that works at one of the performance centers in AZ, he says that he consistently runs in high 4.4s, so that can make up for a lot.

  83. Bryson:

    Gotta say I was impressed by Kamehameha's DLine and Oline they beat Farrington off the ball on both sides...Kamehameha looks dangerous this season also saw David Graves making his OC-16 coaching debut..

  84. laulau head:

    All I gotta say is CHEEEEHOOO!!!

    Oh and BEAT USC!!!

  85. NYUHTX:

    Edwards J-E-T-S TD

  86. UKU@LA:

    Wea my tixs!
    Ready 4 leave already!

    MANEO !!!

  87. mo808:

    Good Evening Folks

    Only 12 more days to BEAT USC!

    No tickets yet, but no sweat...still, Happy, Happy, Happy! :-)

  88. mo808:

    Welcome to the R B Warriors, Jeremy Castro!

  89. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Not gonna even mention the transfer's name. I don't want to jinx it and have Naim Part Duo so I will welcome that guy when I see him in a Hawaii jersey.

  90. mo808:

    IWWTHM: Good point! :-).

  91. hjdwqffzon:

    hjdwqffzon http://www.gl1g75f7am474zz7zcg76nqvo22n0160s.org/

  92. d1shima:

    New #1 in HS FB

  93. al:

    89 and 90...o ye of no faith.

  94. Red raider for life:

    Just lettin the warrior nation know that Xavier Crawford just showed up this past week at Kahuku. He'll be playing for the red raiders this season, so sorry for any other teams who might have thought Kahuku was weak this year. In tonight's game 7 stayers sat out plus 13 more players on grade check, but hey it's preseason, football is here! Btw Mika Tafua is the best de next year, and he's my neighbor in Laie, hard to say where the talent lies on Oahu!

  95. Red raider for life:

    Sorry, Xavier is a four star safety/ corner that runs. 4.43 at the sparq combine. Also played with the elite team Aiga with Larry tuileta, you tube him...

  96. kapakahi:


    Yup.....saw OLB #5 Ramseyer and OL #60 Barenaba-Setoki on the sidelines.....along with a dozen or so of their Red Raider teammates.....not suited up tonight.

    BTW, nice new unis.....with the American flag on the back.

  97. kapakahi:

    Figures to be a pretty competitive 3-horse race this coming ILH season.

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  104. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    11 more wake-ups....

  105. d1shima:


  106. kev-1:

    "Upon Kalaepohaku's rugged slope,
    Saint Louis High School with her noble aim . . ."

    Sorry. Just celebrating a nice win by the Crusaders last night. That looks like a very good football team.

  107. wafan:

    Good morning!