Lineups, lineups, get your lineups

August 25th, 2013

With the opener on Thursday, yesterday was really "Monday," which meant USC and UH issued their  weekly news releases. Here are the depth charts:

USC— Offense

WR — 1. Nelson Agholar. 2. De'Von Flournoy

LT — 1. Chad Wheeler. 2. Nathan Guertler

LG — 1. Max Tuerk. 2. Givanni Di Poalo

C — 1. Marcus Martin. 2. Abe Markowitz or Cyrus Hobbi

RG — 1. John Martinez or Aundrey Walker

RT — 1. Kevin Graf. 2. Zach Banner

TE — 1. Xavier Grimble or Randall Telfer

WR — 1. Marqise Lee. 2. Darreus Rogers

QB — Max Wittek or Cody Kessler

FB — Jahleel Pnner or Soma Vainuku

TB — Tre Madden or Silas Redd or Justin Davis

USC — Defense

OLB — 1. Devon Kennard. 2. Marquis Simmons

DE — 1. Leonard Williams. 2. JR Tavai

NT — 1. Antwaun Woods. 2. Cody Temple

DE — 1. George Uko. 2. Greg Townsend Jr.

OLB — 1. Morgan Breslin. 2. Jabari Ruffin

MLB — 1. Hayes Pullard. 2. Michael Hutchings

WLB — 1. Lamar Dawson. 2. Quinton Powell

CB — 1. Kevon Seymour or Devian Shelton

FS — 1. Josh Shaw or Dion Bailey or Demetrius Wright

SS — 1. Su‘a Cravens or Gerald Bowman or Leon McQuay III

CB — 1. Anthony Brown or Torin Harris

USC — Specialists

P — 1. Kris Albarado. 2. Andre Heidari

K — 1. Andre Heidari. 2. Craig McMahon

LS — 1. Peter McBride

SS — 1. Zach Smith

H — 1. Cody Kessler. 2. Max Wittek

KR — 1. Marqis Lee and Nelson Agholor

PR — 1. Marqis Lee or Nelson Agholor

* * * * * * *

kingDonnie King

Hawaii — Offense

X — 1. Chris Gant or Marcus Kemp

LT — 1. Sean Shigematsu. 2. Leo Koloamatangi

LG  — 1. Kody Afusia. 2. Sully Wiefels

C — 1. Ben Clarke. 2. Kody Afusia

RG — 1. Dave Lefotu. 2. Frank Loyd Jr.

RT — 1. Mike Milovale. 2. David Griffin

TE — 1. Harold Moleni. 2. Clark Evans

F — 1. Scott Harding. 2. Donnie King

Z — 1. Vasquez Haynes or Keith Kirkwood

QB — 1. Taylor Graham. 2. Sean Schroeder

RB — 1. Faga Wily. 2. Steven Lakalaka or Marcus Langkilde

Hawaii — Defense

DE — 1. Beau Yap. 2. Craig Cofer

DT — 1. Moses Samia. 2. Calen Friel

DT — 1. Siasau Matagiese. 2. Marcus Malepeai

DE — 1. Tavita Woodard. 2. Iuta Tepa

SLB — 1. Jerrol Garcia-Williams. 2. TJ Taimatuia

MLB — 1. Brenden Daley. 2. Tevita Lataimua

WLB — 1. Art Laurel. 2. Julian Gener

CB — 1. Dee Maggitt. 2. Tony Grimes

SS — 1. John Hardy-Tuliau. 2. Charles Clay

FS — 1. Marrell Jackson. 2. Kawika Borden

CB — 1. Ne'Quan Phillilps. 2. Anthony Pierce

Hawaii — Specialists

KR — 1. Chris Gant. 2. Donnie King

PR — 1. Scott Harding. 2. John Hardy-Tuliau

PK — 1. Tyler Hadden. 2. Joe Uglietto

P — 1. Ruben Guzman. 2. Scott Harding

H — 1. Ikaika Woolsey. 2. Scott Harding

LS — 1. Kawika Borden. 2. Brodie Nakama

SS — 1. Brodie Nakama. 2. Kody Afusia

* * * * *

Here's inside receiver Quinton Pedroza, who recently transferred from Utah.


Last year, Pedroza's roommate was wide receiver Luke Matthews, who now is UH's receivers coach.

In practices last year, Pedroza caught passes from Jordan Wynn, who now is UH's quarterbacks coach.

In 2010, Utah's offensive coordinator was Norm Chow.

And those are your Six Degrees of Quinton Pedroza.

* * * * *

The blog host (who speaks in the third person) was approached by an elderly UH fan yesterday.

Fan: I have some old tables I want to donate to UH.

Blog host: Tables?

Fan: I heard the football players needed tables to eat on.

And then the blog host had to explain training tables.

* * * * *

Almost forgot this, but softball coach Bob Coolen's diligence continues to amaze. This past week, Coolen and his assistant coaches stood in line with players to select text books.



167 Responses to “Lineups, lineups, get your lineups”

  1. Mano1:

    Morning all. Great Line up Rainbow Warriors !!!

  2. Whats up:

    Nice lineups, hopefully UH keeps the game close for at least 3 quarters. I don't expect UH to win against USC in year 2 of the Norm Chow era but it would be nice surprise to see a close game for 3 quarters.

  3. ai-eee-soos:


    BEAT usc.

  4. Naks8:

    Go get em boys! On national tv!!

  5. wafan:

    Good morning!

  6. wafan:

    Thanks for the lineups, Mr. Tsai.

    Get chance!

  7. Shoko:

    Whether it ends in a blowout or a close game, I just hope the Warriors score first and sets the tone for an exciting game.

  8. NYUHTX:

    What happened to George Daily-Lyles? He was starting as a freshman and against USC last year. Wht gain?

  9. Luki:

    Yayy Thursday!!!

  10. sjmacro:

    Aloha Kakahiaka Tsaikos: Can't wait for Thursday activities. ST- lucky somebody didn't hear UH needed "athletic supporters" :) --sj & myki

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    UH announced the two-deep chart, but actually they go three deep in the rotation. Not sure if Daily-Lyles is a third D-end or not, but he is one of the select wearing a black jersey in practice, and so he's in a rotation.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    Did I mention that he would like to be known as Faga Wily, not Aofaga?

  13. boolakanaka:

    Aloha from NYC!

  14. Old School Dave:

    You play to win the game.

    Beat USC!!

  15. MattyBoy:


    Where is Dejon Allen at? Surely thought he'd be in the two deep somewhere.

  16. TKT:

    Did Fagaman win the job?

  17. Stephen Tsai:

    When it comes to choosing a starter and it involves a USC quarterback ...

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    UH is three deep, so Dejon Allen is in the rotation. He's just not ahead of Malepeai at defensive tackle. One of the tackle spots often plays nose, so Friel is better suited for that than Allen. Allen is more of a 3-technique guy.

  19. Stephen Tsai:

    If you meant Wily, yes, he has been running with the 1s.
    But they'll all play.

  20. tommui:


    I remember buying the lineups for a nickle - now we get it free from ST - except he forgot to put the numbers!

    ST wrote: "The blog host (who speaks in the third person) was approached by an elderly UH fan yesterday."

    It wasn't me.

  21. ai-eee-soos:

    ST: What's the status of PK CJ Santos ?

  22. AllG:

    ST haven't heard any mention of Levi Wilson? Is he with the team or did he not make it?

  23. AllG:

    Do you think they will put Stutzman at slot? I think his best season was at slot in Mack's last year and they seem a little thin there

  24. Ran:

    Is practice today at 4:30 pm??

  25. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Call him whatever. If he gets the job done it's "Ao"-K with me!

  26. d1shima:

    Hmmm....I thought the #2 SC Center was pau being one Rubbah?

  27. d1shima:

    Call me a "56-14 Optimist" but I think all the "Or's" that Southern Cal (Eh, you no like me call you sumting about it!) will have in the water coming over has less to do with taking the Warriors lightly than Kiffin freakin' out over whether "or" not his team can win enough games for him to keep his job.

  28. kev-1:

    AllG . . . I agree that Stutz is best in the slot. I hate to say it, though, I think his days of contributing in a significant fashion on this team are done. He missed a lot of time because of the accident, and these new guys seemed to have established himself. I guess game play will be the true test. But yes, I like him on the inside.

  29. kev-1:

    Coolen! Man, you gotta respect that guy.

  30. kapakahi:

    All returnees from last season.....minus CWM and Muir......among OL starters.

  31. kev-1:

    ST . . . I got love for you man, but I hate to say it, the Jets need to go out and sign themselves an unemployed veteran QB.

  32. Old School Dave:

    Who peed in Dave Reardon's Cheerios? Same with Ferd.

  33. kev-1:

    From the SA this morning . . . Coach Chow:

    "Steve Young redshirted and sat on the bench for two years (at BYU)," Chow said. "That's how it goes. ... I think (Woolsey) understands it's his turn when Taylor leaves, and we'll go from there."

    The future.

  34. Old School Dave:

    Looking forward to see Chris Naeole's influence and improved O-Line play this season. I like the teaching, attitude, and temperament Coach brings that was absent last season.

    In Coach Cav's first season, he put together a good O-line with holdovers Dustin Owens, Manly Kanoa, Andy Philips (RIP), Kaulana Noa, and Adrian Klemm. Noa, Klemm (both NFL Draft picks), and Philips were Bob Wagner recruits.

  35. Tofuzuke:

    Whats up w/Andrade from the Hawaii Island, I thought he would be more of an impact player after sitting out last year. He's another local paniolo I was cheering for.

  36. AllG:

    28...I agree he is no longer a starter and may not play against SC but I think we will still see Stutz contribute if they move him to slot and rotate him with Harding.

  37. AllG:

    Wonder if they were trying to give Lefotu a wake up call. Until the depth chart came out it was looking like he was not gonna be with the first team.

  38. PurpleMaple:

    No UH team has ever beaten USC. If the Bows are to even have a chance, Wily and Lakalaka will have to have a good game. Plus, they will have to get past the first quarter reasonably intact. You know, move the chains and make some big hits on D. If not, it will be another embarrassing loss on nat'l tv. USC has the guns.

  39. Bigislandkurt:

    ....and may folks not forget the "n" sound in the pronunciation of Faga. :)


  40. koakane ip5:

    :cool: morning 808

    looking like mucho sun and high humidity so cool it

    finally rainbow warrior coconut ball is upon up. I just want UH warriors to battle hard and challenge dem

    we'll see this Thursday ...... nuff said

  41. Stephen Tsai:

    It is true that Lefotu had slipped — a lot — on the depth chart early in training camp. To his credit, he never gave up and fought his way back to the top.

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    USC was forced to vacate its 2005 victory over UH,
    Vacate, forfeit.
    Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe

  43. Stephen Tsai:

    Andrade is young and still has time. For this week, though, he has been on the scout team.

  44. Stephen Tsai:

    It's unbelievable how the Jets managed to draft a quarterback worse than Sanchez.

  45. Red raider 4 life:

    The first game faga played varsity football was against kamehameha in the state championship, bradda was only a freshman and was already running at a high level against beau yap on da d line. I think people will be surprised at his hunger for yards. Fagaman is strong and chow made the right decision starting him over the upperclassmen, bradda get one leg press machine in his garage!!!

  46. Stephen Tsai:

    Practice is indeed at 4:30 this afternoon.
    I need to check my texts earlier. Nothing like waking up at 5 a.m to find out practice has been moved.

  47. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    Enjoying the trade winds...


  48. kev-1:

    44 . . . Yesterdays QB play was comical. A rusty veteran could come in and be an immediate starter. It was surprising that they actually won the game.

  49. Think2Much:

    One big question will be T Graham and how poised he will be to lead the team. Of course expectations are high. If he can play steady, the team will be okay. Receivers may have a few drops but you gotta get the ball there. Remember Colt Brennan how he puked in the big games, especially early in the career? He still played well and with heart but the nerves has to be controlled.

  50. Bowwar:

    Rex Ryan is an absolute idiot to insert his 1st string QB into the 4th Qtr of an exhibition game with a reserve offensive line...Duh!

  51. Bowwar:

    With all of the early QB injuries in the NFL,is too bad Colt Brennan can't take advantage of it...

  52. kev-1:

    Bowwar ... I somewhat agree. It was a risky call. BUT, it was not Peyton Manning who was put in during the 4th QTR with a back-up line. It was Mark Sanchez. He was not the clear starter and is in the middle of a QB competition. He needs to put in reps just like every other back up. The only thing is the fact that he was the most experienced in the offense.

  53. ahh:


  54. warriorsfan:

    Looking at the depth chart one can only be proud and happy to see Mr. Donnie King's name in the line up
    A walk on not on scholarship. Show you that hard work does have it's rewards.

  55. ahh:

    And da only reason why wily and lakalaka playn isnt cause of there raw talent, its cause the kid from florida is hurt, watch mark my words they going get booted as soon as that kid from florida get

  56. warriorsfan:

    Ahh: give it a rest You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO off base

  57. kev-1:

    #53 . . . ummm, take a look at the depth chart one more time. Wily will be the starting RB with Lakalaka backing him up. Our line is loaded with local talent on offense and defense. The kid from Florida is hurt? The starter would have been Iosefa.

  58. kev-1:

    kinda hard to have sour grapes when your grapes are actually sweet

  59. Boolakanka:

    With all due respect to Colt, and that is considerable, he is never going to get another cup of coffee in the league. He had a very small window and it's passed. When folks like Vince Young who has a Heisman and still an impressive NFL wins under his belt, barely have a chance to stay in the league, the writing on the wall is clear--it's not going to happen.

  60. WarriorNY:

    Oh god...
    Guys don't remind me of the Jets QB situation... I never would have thought I'd ever want Sanchez to be back on the field as soon as possible...

    Maybe Geno can pick up the offense with more reps... Who knows? At least this year they have a capable OC...

  61. Konoman1:

    Who looks Dumb???

  62. Haleakala:

    That was very nice of that gentleman to offer to donate tables. Is he going to donate fod now?

  63. Rodney:

    Ahhhhh what you talking about.
    Our head coach is local!!!!!!!

  64. Pomai:

    Good Morning well maybe afternoon.....
    UH vs USC
    10    -    56    Dennis Halloran
    10    -    37    JayT
    13    -    10    Rodney
    14    -    42    DaMenehune
    14    -    42    Ran
    17    -    28    kev-1
    17    -    41    Whats up
    17    -    14    wafan
    20    -    17    Jack Flash
    20    -    19    green tea
    23    -    17    A-House
    24    -    14    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    eMpTy
    24    -    17    tommui
    27    -    34    Former UH Athlete
    27    -    24    oldtimer808
    28    -    24    HiFlyer
    31    -    28    Sean
    31    -    21    3-Prong
    33    -    20    azwarrior22
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    28    Ballpicker
    38    -    14    Pomai
    38    -    24    A-joe
    41    -    14    Ipu Man
    56    -    14    d1shima

  65. JaM:


    17-10 us

  66. JaM:

    Good morning all...Go Rainbow Warriors!

  67. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, please welcome Warriorfan who is a great guy, father of a very good player, and someone who served our country.

  68. Stephen Tsai:

    Please be mindful only a small percentage of folks who read the blog post cooments, and many of the players' parents are lurkers.

  69. d1shima:

    Aloha and Mahalo Warrior Parents!

    (Rainbow Warriors and the true Warriors)

  70. madeinhawaii:

    I have a couple questions.
    Granted, the odds of us winning against USC are very slim, but it is no not impossible.

    Yet, regardless of the final score,

    How many TDs or points against USC would Hawaii have to score for you to become excited about the potential for the remainder of the season?

    How many TDs or points against USC would the Warriors need to to make you feel very satisfied with the Offensive output?

  71. Red raider 4 life:

    34-27 uh wins!

  72. A-House:

    I for one truly appreciate the "old man's" gesture of offering tables to the team.

    I believe that fan support comes in so many different venues that put together it can be a tremendous boost to the program.

    Who's to say that that same gentleman is not wealthy and will/can make other donations to the Warriors. It's the offering that counts; it may just spur others to come forth and make donations; yes, most want the BIG $$$, but how many can really afford the big $$$?

    As someone posted many times before, if 10,000 people in Hawaii donated $100 each, that's big bucks!!!!!!!!!! Now, the question is who will make the effort to reach these 10,000 individuals. So far, only thing I see/hear is that Ben Jay is looking only for BIG donors. Why not take a multi-prong approach and publically state that Athletics Department will accept any monetary donation for others may want to contribute to another sport such as golfing, track, swimming/diving, water polo, etc.

    The mind set of bigger is always better may not necessarily be true.

    It saddened me to hear Ben Jay boast about the "volunteer" program at The Ohio State and then flatly refuse to use volunteers at UH - WHY??????????

  73. JayT:

    Ready to see the young SC DB's matchup with Hawaii. CB development was an issue, but, Clancy Pendergast had been excellent in his previous stops. It's be nice to have confidence when facing 3rd and 25, which wasnt the case under Monte. Very talented youth will get their shot. McQuay and Cravens can go down as the most talented Safety duo SC had in a long time. Still see the USC WR's, Agholor an Rogers, being underrated here. If Kiffin remembers that he has 3 NFL TEs, the offense could be a monster to defend. Discipline was an issue for USC last year, and the Warriors have a history of getting under the Trojans skin. Look to see if that young talent gets rattled early.

  74. A-House:

    Welcome WarriorFan, a fellow military vet!

  75. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    What a byoootiful day in 808!

    Thanks to our blog host, we know what it looks like on paper.

    Pomai, as a Warrior fan, I think it looks like UH 28 - USC 27.


  76. madeinhawaii:

    Aloha and Welcome "Warriorfan"

  77. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Red raider 4 life -

    You are correct - Faga Wily is something special! He's earned his spot. We have a handful of backs who are going to be a lot help.

  78. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    And to all the players' ohana members who lurk here, a big mahalo.

  79. Pomai:

    It saddened me to hear Ben Jay boast about the "volunteer" program at The Ohio State and then flatly refuse to use volunteers at UH - WHY??????????

    Like it or not he is playing the same game as previous AD's, the only difference is he talks the talk but I haven't seen the walk????????

  80. Pomai:

    Please be mindful only a small percentage of folks who read the blog post comments, and many of the players' parents are lurkers.

    Also not just the parents of the football team, most other sports programs are represented here on the blog...

  81. Inyoface:

    San Jose almost beat Stanford last year. It's any given Thursday from here on out. Lets Go!

  82. WarriorNY:

    San Jose State last year reminds me of another team... New QB (though very talented, was unproven)... Some incredibly talented WR's... And a very good defense...

    Hmm... kinda familiar.... :-)

  83. jeezy33:

    Luke Matthews is going to be a very good coach in my opinion.... Guy constantly teaches and motivates... Sometimes its not always the NFL background that translates to good coach..

  84. gobows:

    so i guess abe markowitz walked-on at usc...again. is it a lot cheaper to walk-on at usc than it is to walk-on at the UH? gotta wonder since so many "insiders" (pun, not dad) insisted that he really wanted to play at home.

    anyone surprised with the Hawaii lineup? with the exception of brenden daley, that defense was previously posted on this blog. not surprised by daley. what happened to benny?

  85. gobows:

    #53 & #55 ahh

    are you trying to start something with yourself???

  86. Derek:

    The Philadelphia Eagles released 10 players today. Greg Salas is still hanging in there. Former LSU punter from Australia, Brad Wing was one of them who were cut. All teams must get down to 75 players on the roster by this coming Tuesday, at 1 p.m. ET. With the 10 Eagles cut, the team is now down to 78.

    ST, you might as well list down 3rd on the depth chart.

  87. Gsky:

    What happened to Benny Fonua? He was supposed to be one of the gems from last year and started several games. Now he isn't even a 2 on the depth chart. What's up with that?

  88. Ipu Man:

    Thanks ST for the rosters and Pomai for the Tsaiko prediction list.

  89. John:

    UH - USC
    12 - 7 John

  90. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    42-17, USC over Hawaii.

  91. PurpleMaple:

    To see that David Lefotu worked his way back to the top tells me the O-line is in good shape. Perhaps the best they've been in a few years. I am excited. Now let's see how Taylor performs.

  92. AllG:

    87...Nothing against Fonua but LB is the deepest position on the team. Our number 2's could probably start in previous years. I would actually like to see him redshirt this year so he can have more time to develop and grow. But if not he will help on special teams but don't expect him to get a whole lot of game action barring any injuries. I expect Brendan Daley to be a beast this year.

  93. Pomai:

    UH vs USC
    10    -    56    Dennis Halloran
    10    -    37    JayT
    12    -    07    John
    13    -    10    Rodney
    14    -    42    DaMenehune
    14    -    42    Ran
    17    -    28    kev-1
    17    -    41    Whats up
    17    -    14    wafan
    17    -    10    JaM
    17    -    42    Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal
    20    -    17    Jack Flash
    20    -    19    green tea
    23    -    17    A-House
    24    -    14    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    eMpTy
    24    -    17    tommui
    27    -    34    Former UH Athlete
    27    -    24    oldtimer808
    28    -    24    HiFlyer
    28    -    27    Da Punchbowl Kid
    30    -    24    Dedicatedfan
    31    -    28    Sean
    31    -    21    3-Prong
    33    -    20    azwarrior22
    34    -    27    Red raider 4 life
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    28    Ballpicker
    38    -    14    Pomai
    38    -    24    A-joe
    41    -    14    Ipu Man
    56    -    14    d1shima

  94. boolakanaka:

    Bad news for some ex-warriors today: Vaughn Meatoga (Bengals) Luke Ingram (Jaguars)....cut.

  95. Inyoface:

    Hawaii 32 usc 21

  96. Pauoa Boy:

    UH vs. USC...

    Talent alone on paper USC is obviously the superior choice to win this game. Marqise Lee is the best receiver in the nation hands down, he will be tough to contain. Regardless, UH needs to play disciplined football and not beat themselves. Glad Samia is back in the middle cause once he got injured teams ran every which way on us. QB's looked like track stars, RB's had All-Star games, you know the rest. USC really isn't USC of the past were they dominated, they are beatable. I don't really care if UH wins or loses as long as they put forth an all out effort on the field and improves from game to game. I don't expect much with a new QB, new RB, new receivers, and well an OLine that hasn't had much time together as a unit with all the shuffling. Talent is there, experience is not. I think the defense though has all the experience to make an impact this season. Edwards did it all but I don't think there is a drop off with the secondary at all. If anything Nequan, Marrell, JHT, etc... are bigger, faster, stronger, and more experienced to make more plays!

  97. Warrior Dave:

    Chee Hooo! Game week is finally here!! Anyone got parking and when gates open to enter info?


    ,louis vuitton uk

  99. kapakahi:


    *turnstile gates 6 & 7 will open to the public at 2:30 p.m.
    *turnstile gates 1-5 & 8 will open to the public at 3:30 p.m.

  100. madeinhawaii:

    Kind of interesting... a Harding and Lee face off.... The nation's top receiver and punt/kick off returner, vs our best receiver and MWC best punt returner...

    Hope the face off makes Scott really rise to the occasion.

  101. kev-1:

    I don't think Harding is our best receiver. Kinda hard to compare Marquise Lee to Scott Harding. I'm a homer, but Lee is legit.

  102. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    Marquise Lee is beyond legit. The dude is a straight up baller and has "first round draft pick" written all over him. Let's not kid ourselves here, in all likelihood, UH will lose and it won't even be close. If a miracle happens then a miracle happens but I think realistically, as long as they show improvement from last year and gives the team something to build on, then it's a good showing.

  103. RedZone:


  104. Derek:

    "you play to win the game." "Hello!"

    "We must be the dumbest football team, right here." "We just gave the game away."

    "If you were 2-7, you would be in a bad mood, wouldn't you." "Injuries? Check with the trainers!" "The starting QB will be the one who starts the game." "The backup will be the one what comes in next. Why you do care?

    "Playoffs, are you kidding me. Playoffs." "I just hope we win another game, any game."

    "They are what we think they are." "We let them off the hook."

  105. RainbowCliff:

    Good Evening Tsaiko nation, Please send out a prayer for poly mom who is sick in your Hospital at Queens Medical Center. Poly mom was in Hilo caring for her mother and she caught some sort of virus which got worst and she had to be rushed to Hilo Medical Center. Poly mom's husband has flown down and transferred her from Hilo to Queens where at this moment she is resting comfortably. Don't know IF she will be attending the game as husband poly mom wants to get her stable and fly her back to Los Angeles Tuesday making sure all her vital signs are strong enough to make the trip.

    Asking ALL of Hawaii Tsakio Nation to send out LOVING prayers or IF you can call the hospital to keep tabs on her condition until she gets back to LA this rainbow warrior will GREATLY appreciate.

    Poly mom is OUTSTANDING on this blog as her intelligence for sport only exceeds her beauty and charm. Will be in contact with her husband daily and aiding assistance for I and Mrs. RainbowCliff to do.

    Mahalo, for taking the time to read my post as one of our FAVORITE bloggers need your spiritual touch through prayer for "God is the kingdom, the power and glory now and forever".

    AMEN !

  106. wafan:

    Prayers and positive thoughts for Poly Mom and family.

  107. Moocher:

    get well polymom :)

  108. Bowwar:

    Prayers for Poly Mom...I hope she gets well soon.

  109. madeinhawaii:

    Coach Chow show on OCSports right now?

  110. madeinhawaii:

    Wishing Polymom a speedy and full recovery.

  111. PowderPuff:

    Yay, lineups. Thanks, ST. Looking forward to seeing the team on Thursday. Don't forget that the weekly Nā Koa Coach's Luncheons start tomorrow at The Willow's at 11 a.m. Coach Chow is the featured speaker, and will provide a preview of the SC game. We usually have a big turnout on Labor Day (next week) and that'll be Thom Kaumeyer that day. See you all!

  112. momo:

    Just to let you people know that momo and the miss will be at the tail gate with our pan lau lau. We should be there around 1 p.m.

  113. Haleakala:

    I hope Poly Mom gets well soon.

  114. SailorBlue:

    Momo ~ all I can say is YYYYEEEEAAAAA!!!! Can't wait to see you and your delicious pan Lau Lau :-)

  115. Pomai:

    Good night folks:

    UH vs USC
    10    -    56    Dennis Halloran
    10    -    37    JayT
    12    -    07    John
    13    -    10    Rodney
    14    -    42    DaMenehune
    14    -    42    Ran
    17    -    28    kev-1
    17    -    41    Whats up
    17    -    14    wafan
    17    -    10    JaM
    17    -    42    Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal
    20    -    17    Jack Flash
    20    -    19    green tea
    23    -    17    A-House
    24    -    14    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    eMpTy
    24    -    17    tommui
    27    -    34    Former UH Athlete
    27    -    24    oldtimer808
    28    -    24    HiFlyer
    28    -    27    Da Punchbowl Kid
    30    -    24    Dedicatedfan
    31    -    28    Sean
    31    -    21    3-Prong
    32    -    21    Inyoface
    33    -    20    azwarrior22
    34    -    27    Red raider 4 life
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    28    Ballpicker
    38    -    14    Pomai
    38    -    24    A-joe
    41    -    14    Ipu Man
    56    -    14    d1shima

  116. Konoman1:

    Best wishes Poly Mom.

  117. mo808:

    Good Evening Folks!
    God bless Poly Mom with a full and speedy recovery!
    Prayers of protection, safety, and strength for our RB Warriors!
    Only 4 more days to BEAT USC!
    Go BOWS! :-)

  118. Slugger:

    Wishes for a speedy recovery to Poly Mom. Prayers.

    Momo, looking forward to seeing you & the Mrs. at the T-Gate.

    Na Koa luncheon tomorrow? I'm there!

  119. protector:

    Pomai -

    Please put me down for: UH 34 USC 17

  120. MattyBoy:

    USC 48 HAWAII 10

  121. John:

    LT — 68 Sean Shigematsu. 78 Leo Koloamatangi
    LG — 54 Kody Afusia. 75 Sully Wiefels
    C — 71 Ben Clarke. 54 Kody Afusia
    RG — 76 Dave Lefotu. 70 Frank Loyd Jr.
    RT — 77 Mike Milovale. 72 David Griffin

  122. John:

    X — 9 Chris Gant or 83 Marcus Kemp
    TE — 87 Harold Moleni. 84 Clark Evans
    F — 29 Scott Harding. 49 Donnie King
    Z — 81 Vasquez Haynes or 89 Keith Kirkwood
    QB — 8 Taylor Graham. 19 Sean Schroeder
    RB — 34 Faga Wily. 4 Steven Lakalaka or 38 Marcus Langkilde

  123. John:

    DE — 92 Beau Yap. 86 Craig Cofer
    DT — 91 Moses Samia. 50 Calen Friel
    DT — 59 Siasau Matagiese. 53 Marcus Malepeai
    DE — 11 Tavita Woodard. 99 Iuta Tepa

  124. John:

    SLB — 40 Jerrol Garcia-Williams. 3 TJ Taimatuia
    MLB — 56 Brenden Daley. 52 Tevita Lataimua
    WLB — 41 Art Laurel. 28 Julian Gener

  125. John:

    CB — 23 Dee Maggitt. 12 Tony Grimes
    SS — 33 John Hardy-Tuliau. 37 Charles Clay
    FS — 10 Marrell Jackson. 31 Kawika Borden
    CB — 1 Ne'Quan Phillilps. 25 Anthony Pierce

  126. John:

    KR — 9 Chris Gant. 49 Donnie King
    PR — 29 Scott Harding. 33 John Hardy-Tuliau
    PK — 27 Tyler Hadden. 99 Joe Uglietto
    P — 44 Ruben Guzman. 29 Scott Harding
    H — 15 Ikaika Woolsey. 29 Scott Harding

  127. John:

    Above posts contain lineup with jersey numbers for #20, tommui. Broken up so as not to confuse spam filters.

  128. John:

    Hoping polymom gets well soon!

  129. ai-eee-soos:

    Thanks, John

  130. Warrior Dave:

    Healing prayers to Poly Mom!!!

  131. Warrior Dave:

    Belated Mahalo to Kapakahi for the parking and gate information.

  132. rage777:

    Get well soon Poly Mom!!

  133. 702WarriorFan:

    Poly mom, Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  134. 702WarriorFan:

    Morning 808,

    Poly mom, Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  135. 702WarriorFan:

    Happy Hump day, go Warriors

  136. Shoko:

    Prayers on a speedy recovery to PolyMom.

  137. chopsueyboy:

    at 11:38am, Dan Patrick Show 1500AM radio, will mention UH football, Timmy Chang, Colt Brennan, June Jones

  138. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


  139. wafan:

    Good morning, again!

  140. tommui:

    polymom - best wishes!

  141. wafan:

    #132 . . .

    That is funny.

  142. chopsueyboy:

    Polymom, get well soon!

  143. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Healing prayers for Polymom.

  144. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    We need a pic of Tsai's Matters to start off the blog today. Ho da cute.

  145. Independent Thinker:


    USC 38, UH 6

    That is based on Graham starting and playing the majority of the game.

    UH's points come from two field goals, not from a TD.

  146. Pomai:

    Good Morning:

    UH vs USC
    06    -    38    Independent Thinker
    10    -    56    Dennis Halloran
    10    -    37    JayT
    10    -    48    MattyBoy
    12    -    07    John
    13    -    10    Rodney
    14    -    42    DaMenehune
    14    -    42    Ran
    17    -    28    kev-1
    17    -    41    Whats up
    17    -    14    wafan
    17    -    10    JaM
    17    -    42    Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal
    20    -    17    Jack Flash
    20    -    19    green tea
    23    -    17    A-House
    24    -    14    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    eMpTy
    24    -    17    tommui
    27    -    34    Former UH Athlete
    27    -    24    oldtimer808
    28    -    24    HiFlyer
    28    -    27    Da Punchbowl Kid
    30    -    24    Dedicatedfan
    31    -    28    Sean
    31    -    21    3-Prong
    32    -    21    Inyoface
    33    -    20    azwarrior22
    34    -    27    Red raider 4 life
    34    -    17    protector
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    28    Ballpicker
    38    -    14    Pomai
    38    -    24    A-joe
    41    -    14    Ipu Man
    56    -    14    d1shima

  147. madeinhawaii:

    For those who were concerned about lane closures on the H1/2 after the game on Thursday...

    9:00am per Mark Takai

    Dennis this is what I found:
    There was a concern raised by someone about the freeway construction project conflicting with the UH football game on Thursday. Just wanted everyone to know that the State DOT will NOT be working on our freeways on Thursday. Actually, since it's the start of UH, etc. today, the H1 PM Contraflow Project contractor will not be doing any day or night work that will require lane closures all this week. The day work under the Pearl City viaduct will continue as usual. Thanks.

  148. A-House:

    hello, Poly Mom!

    we met at the gathering with Ben Jay

    speedy and full recovery!!!

  149. A-House:

    friendly reminder to all that read this blog

    imbedded with your football season tickets is a special ticket for Wahine BB or men's VB. If you will not use this coupon, please bring it to the Tsaiko tailgate or send to me at 1164 Bishop Street #400, Hon, HI 96813.

    all coupons collected will be given to Coach Beeman, UH Wahine BB.

  150. d1shima:

    Get well Poly Mom!

  151. Ipu Man:

    All this $pam making Poly Mom sick. Heal in the name of The Lord. Amen.

  152. Buffoman:

    Does anyone have a ticket count projection at this time for the game? Earlier there was talk of 35,000. It would be great if that was upped by at least 5000.

  153. turfwar:

    Get well Polymom. Will cheer for your boy all season and especially this week. From another Kailua alum whose kids went to school with him... we can't wait to see him on the field.

  154. (Jesse)James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    Get well Polymom!!!

    Game week...woo hoo....One Team, One Goal


  155. (Jesse)James:

    Oh...and don't forget about the Tailgate on THursday as well. Come and enjoy food, friends, and football.....awesome time had by all. We'll be there around 9 a.m.

  156. ai-eee-soos:

    ... redshirting ...

    University of Hawaii cornerback Keelan Ewaliko, linebacker Drake Miller and wide

    receiver Ammon Barker are among the freshmen on track to redshirt this season,

    coach Norm Chow confirmed.

  157. Glenn:

    Get well soon PolyMom.

    Pomai - put me down as UH 21, USC 20.

  158. madeinhawaii:

    I'm curious.

    Since 1999, whenever USC has come to town, they have never put up less than 49 points against Hawaii. Why are there so many on Pomai's list that think this season's going to be any different? Is our defense substantially better than Mack's were in 1999, 2010? Or do you really believe USC's offense will be that bad this year?

  159. koakane ip5:

    good day 808

  160. NotNasti:

    192. MIH

    People are picking UH over USC because they believe. Is it realistic? No. But can you fault them for believing in their team? That's what loyal fans do. Have I ever seen God? No. Do I believe? Yes.

  161. koakane ip5:

    sun burning but trades keeping it bearable

  162. koakane ip5:

    game week and natives restless

  163. koakane ip5:

    is it Thursday yet

  164. koakane ip5:

    let see I predict USC 38 and UH 17

  165. koakane ip5:

    bleed green but seeing too much scarlet

  166. koakane ip5:


  167. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    USC 45 - Hawaii 17