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Expansion plans

August 27th, 2013

UH's fall semester began yesterday, meaning roster limits were lifted. The Rainbow Warriors are now trying to finalize how to fill out the roster.

The goal is to have an active roster of 110 players.

There were 99 players participating in training camp. Receivers Billy Ray Stutzmann and Cecil Doe and tight end Josh Long were activated. Transfers Quinton Pedroza (Utah) and Jeremy Castro (UCLA) are redshirts, but they're practicing and count toward the 110.

Ray Mulitalo a fullback from Utah, is among the candidates for one of the six remaining roster spots. Mulitalo, who went on a two-year church mission to Houston, last played at Snow College. He has three seasons of eligibility.

* * * * *

UH will not be staging a weekly news conference with Norm Chow this season. The decision was based largely on a decision to hold athletic department employees to a 40-hour work week.

Some key personnel — such as trainers and equipment managers — worked as many 800 overtime hours last year while being compensated for only a fraction of the time. Many of the athletic department employees, including administrative assistants and custodians, volunteer to staff football games as security.

While employees are willing to provide a reasonable amount of unpaid overtime, there is a stalemate in discussions about increasing the compensation for the extra work. For now, the mandate is to not exceed the 40-hour work week. With UH football at least a six-days-a-week deal, the pick-your-poison expendable day was Monday. The collateral damage is weekly news conferences.

Of course, a condition of having the athletic department's accumulated deficit transferred to the chancellor's office was the mandate for fiscal constraints. Unfortunately, the line drawn was the bottom line.

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