Expansion plans

August 27th, 2013

UH's fall semester began yesterday, meaning roster limits were lifted. The Rainbow Warriors are now trying to finalize how to fill out the roster.

The goal is to have an active roster of 110 players.

There were 99 players participating in training camp. Receivers Billy Ray Stutzmann and Cecil Doe and tight end Josh Long were activated. Transfers Quinton Pedroza (Utah) and Jeremy Castro (UCLA) are redshirts, but they're practicing and count toward the 110.

Ray Mulitalo a fullback from Utah, is among the candidates for one of the six remaining roster spots. Mulitalo, who went on a two-year church mission to Houston, last played at Snow College. He has three seasons of eligibility.

* * * * *

UH will not be staging a weekly news conference with Norm Chow this season. The decision was based largely on a decision to hold athletic department employees to a 40-hour work week.

Some key personnel — such as trainers and equipment managers — worked as many 800 overtime hours last year while being compensated for only a fraction of the time. Many of the athletic department employees, including administrative assistants and custodians, volunteer to staff football games as security.

While employees are willing to provide a reasonable amount of unpaid overtime, there is a stalemate in discussions about increasing the compensation for the extra work. For now, the mandate is to not exceed the 40-hour work week. With UH football at least a six-days-a-week deal, the pick-your-poison expendable day was Monday. The collateral damage is weekly news conferences.

Of course, a condition of having the athletic department's accumulated deficit transferred to the chancellor's office was the mandate for fiscal constraints. Unfortunately, the line drawn was the bottom line.

171 Responses to “Expansion plans”

  1. MU:


  2. kawika49:

    If today is Tuesday, it must be Sunday. too to do to do le la de do.
    Bruddah TS you wen screw up AAAAAAl my calendahs.

  3. kawika49:

    Let me get this straight. we had 99 show up. But we had 118 attended. But then. We figgah out that we only need to report 110. And now you're complicating it with the 40hr. work week and a Thursday on Tuesday?

  4. kawika49:

    Oh Sheesh I surrender.

  5. kawika49:

    See you 11PM Eastern time..Thursday, I hope. Unless ST change the calendah again.

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  7. boolakanaka:

    Aloha all....

  8. Maddog50:

    I predict.......a good competitive game!!!!!

  9. kawika49:

    Eh Boola, If it is Tuesday; it must be Thursday.

  10. kawika49:

    Mad Dog...Someone goin to get rinigng in the ear.

  11. wafan:

    Good morning!

  12. wafan:

    Another day . . . another meeting.

  13. wafan:

    Prayers, positive thoughts and a huge thank you to the Kafentzis family.

  14. boolakanaka:

    Damn Kyle....your son is the splitting image of his pops. The stories I could tell you all of my ex-roommate....much aloha to the Kafentzis ohana. And Kawika it still feels like a Tuesday???!

  15. Pauoa Boy:

    Sorry to hear about Mrs. Kafentzis. Will be watching Austin this year out here in Utah. Can't wait to see the Kahuku boys take on East High on Saturday it's going to be a good game as East HS got some nice prospects this year and Kahuku is always tough.

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  18. RainbowCliff:

    Good Morning Tsaiko Nation !

    #124 Konoman 1 from yesterday's post. Re: Any one knows how Poly Mom is doing ?

    Polymom is stable and with ALL of you good folks get well wishes and prayers she has made it through the critical stage of her virus. If all goes well today with the Doctor's approval she could be release today or sometime before Friday. Husband Pepe has been with her through out this ordeal and all I can say he is OUTSTANDING of being her better half as he has stepped up PRIME TIME taking care of his wife as a "REAL HUSBAND" suppose to do !

    Once release from Queens she will be staying at Dr Don Weir home gaining her strength to travel back to Los Angeles. I and my better half are available here to pick the family up and drive them IF need be to their residence in Manhattan Beach.

    MAHALO, TSAIKO NATION for all of your prayers and get well wishes for our polymom. It is through this GREAT spirit we have for each other outside of sport that we show the HUMAN side of compassion as we continue to share and care for each other as the ALOHA SPIRIT only you have as it is worth more then gold, emeralds or jewels as it is just plain and simple PRICELESS !

    Simply The Best, Better Then All The Rest !

    7 more days and COUNTING !

  19. Pomai:

    Good morning boys and girls:

    UH vs USC
    06    -    38    Independent Thinker
    10    -    56    Dennis Halloran
    10    -    37    JayT
    10    -    48    MattyBoy
    12    -    07    John
    13    -    10    Rodney
    14    -    42    DaMenehune
    14    -    42    Ran
    17    -    28    kev-1
    17    -    41    Whats up
    17    -    14    wafan
    17    -    10    JaM
    17    -    42    Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal
    17    -    45    IWWTHM
    17    -    38    Koakane
    20    -    17    Jack Flash
    20    -    19    green tea
    21    -    17    chopsueyboy
    21    -    42    primo123
    23    -    17    A-House
    24    -    14    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    eMpTy
    24    -    17    tommui
    24    -    23    Derek
    27    -    34    Former UH Athlete
    27    -    24    oldtimer808
    28    -    24    HiFlyer
    28    -    27    Da Punchbowl Kid
    30    -    24    Dedicatedfan
    31    -    28    Sean
    31    -    21    3-Prong
    31    -    27    mike808
    32    -    21    Inyoface
    33    -    20    azwarrior22
    34    -    27    Red raider 4 life
    34    -    17    protector
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    28    Ballpicker
    38    -    14    Pomai
    38    -    24    A-joe
    41    -    14    Ipu Man
    42    -    31    Old School Dave
    56    -    14    d1shima

  20. Pomai:

    As wafan says, another two wake ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. kawika49:

    Pomai I ket Um
    UH 14 USC 3

  22. Tofuzuke:

    Warriors.....come out to pllllaaayyyyyy........

  23. kawika49:

    Oh; to hear our old History teacher, Mr. (Chuck) Halter give us the Stats at Half time as the senior Leahy gave him the bums rush, as we were peering down at the bathroom at the old Aloha stadium.

  24. wampam:

    Mr. Tsai,

    While I'm a big fan of UH football I'm, also, a big fan of the NFL. I have access to all the NFL games on Sunday and would like to follow the players with local ties. It's hard for me to keep up with the active local players teams and their status. I would really appreciate a web page that would list the local players, their team with their jersey number so that each Sunday I would know which teams and players to look for. Could that be done? Or, is there something out their that I'm not aware of? Thanks!

  25. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


  26. d1shima:

    RIP Beverly Kafentzis.

    Mahalo and Aloha for supporting the Bows through the years.

  27. d1shima:



  28. d1shima:

    Holy Smokes!

    Football Fever is now ATS! :shock: :mrgreen: :twisted:

  29. mo808:

    Good Tuesday Greetings Folks!

    Prayers to the Kafentzis Ohana for their loss!

    Only two more days to BEAT USC!

    GO BOWS!

  30. kawika49:

    D1 Shima, Thursday is Saturday! Get with the program.

  31. boolakanaka:

    d1shima--You should have seen the Greek-Italian joint that the Kafentzis clan ran in Richland, WA....was the built-in training table for three decades of warriors.

  32. Independent Thinker:

    @ Manziel. Higgins starts and plays majority of game: UH 30, USC 27.

  33. boolakanaka:

    I MAIKA’I KE KALO I KA ‘OHĀ--Beverly you sure raised some good ones.....!!!!

  34. roygbivs:

    36-30 Hawaii in OT


  35. Bugaz:

    @36 now that would be an awesome way to start the season off!

  36. Bows4Lyfe:

    Of those 110, how many end up on the travel roster? Where's Ryan Pasoquen on the depth chart? C'mon Thursday!

  37. kawika49:

    #38 According to the Tsai Calendar...today is Thursday.

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    Today is "Thursday." If you're not practicing, you're not playing.

  39. kawika49:

    Auwe..for the Kafentzis Family...

  40. kawika49:

    Who can bring the sunlight? The Handyman the handy man can...

  41. oldtimer808:

    kawika I think you meant the old Honolulu Stadium and affectionately known at the termite palace and not the old Aloha Stadium unless you're just a young pup.

  42. Leron:

    According to the CBS Sports Network schedule, a show titled "one2one:norm chow" airs an hour and a half before game time . 3:30 HST.

  43. kawika49:

    Hey 808 You went peep down in the mauka stands too?

  44. kawika49:

    Row 18

  45. soljah808:

    Morning.....any updates regarding the football locker room renovations? Btw....were they also renovating the auditorium now...or is that set to be completed later?

  46. Warrior Dave:

    Spamfest this morning.

  47. tommui:


    Sorry to hear about Mrs. Kafentzis. Prayers for her and the Kafentzis Ohana.

    GO BOWS!

  48. WarriorNY:

    Silas Redd is not traveling with USC squad...

  49. koakane ip5:

    morning rainbow warrior and wahine fans

    season underway and school is in session. best to all

  50. papajoe2:

    Condolences to the Kafentzis ohana.
    Continued prayers for poly mom.

  51. A-House:


    If the UHAD staff/employees are doing so much OT without pay, what is the "beef" on limiting the work week to 40 hours by UHAD?

    Using volunteers was addressed in our meeting with Ben Jay and he was adamant about NOT using "volunteers" at/in the lower campus. I believe A-Joe raised this point. Yet, he boasted about how well Ohio State faired using volunteers. Did I miss something at the meeting or not hear his comment correctly?

    After Hurricane Dot, I saw the sunrise and set for 21 consecutive days repairing houses. I don't recall being paid OT; just regular pay. And, I appreciate what the employees/staff are doing for the athletic department. That IMHO, is DEDICATION TO THE MAX!!!!!!!

  52. kawika49:

    Ben Gay, like Salonpas is warm and soothing. Ben Jay?

  53. Ipu Man:

    Shaq likes Salompas to get rid of pain...

  54. A-House:

    Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the entire Kafentzis family for their loss of someone very special.

  55. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    Condolences to the Kafentzis 'ohana.

    Mahalo to Mr. U for tickets to the game. I think I'm swapping mine for your's; see you there!

  56. Slugger:

    Good to see that Cecil Doe will make it on the roster. Go gettum!

  57. madeinhawaii:

    Rest in peace, Beverly Y Kafentzis, mother of former UH players Mark, Kent, Kurt, Kyle and Sean. I hope that her Ohana will find joy in her memories and peace in their hearts.

    Mahalo for all the great years her children have provided us Warrior fans with.

  58. once a fool...:

    always a fool.

    Sorry, ST. This guy doesn't play nice so why should the rest of us? His name is arrogant. His posts are arrogant. Arrogance while living in his own world of ignorance.

    "in depends making a stinker"...you are a piece of work. You are extremely negative. You think you're the smartest one in the room. You are not a UH fan. You are a cancer. How do you help the team with your negativity? You focus on small things, make up your own "truth", and act as if you're the only one seeing things clearly and unbiased. Well, you are the MOST biased one on this blog and you constantly fail to see the big picture. A football team has hundreds of moving parts. Has groups of parts. Has groups that have to work in harmony together. Lot's of good stuff going on. Read the paper. Unreal how you don't even acknowledge anything good about the team. You have your rules of how things should be and that's all that matters to you.

    You don't try to live in harmony with people on this blog. This is a FAN site. If you hate the team or the coach or players, take it elsewhere. Your one opinion doesn't override the approval of thousands of fans. You take yourself too seriously. You don't really count. And if that means you aren't a fan anymore. So be it. Your vileness would definitely not be missed. And take the other haters with you.

    MANY FANS ON HERE ARE SICK OF YOUR ARROGANCE AND NEGATIVITY. The sooner you go away, the better. You don't help the team with your negativity. So, you like to think? (more like stink!) Think about this. Your negativity could spread. Could spell the eventual closure of the football program at Hawaii. BCS does want to leave the NCAA. No fan support means we won't be invited to a super conference. Hawaii could be left out. No players. No fans. No fans, no corporate sponsorship. No sponsorship, no money. Program folds. Blog closed. No team for you to be negative about. Would put you out of a "job." But, ST might be out of a job too. Ever think about that? You're constantly crapping in ST's house. Eventually, there might not be a house to crap in because people like you are too arrogant to try to help the team in any way you can even if you don't agree with everything that goes on.

    Keep posting your ignorant comments. You're not the smartest one in the room.

    Get a life or a clue, in depends making a stinker. Better yet, go away!

  59. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Condolences to the Kafentzis ohana.

    Upper Campus strikes again! If they're truly volunteering their time, then what's the big deal? If, however, it's a mandatory "volunteer" time, then we have a problem.

  60. WarriorNY:

    Biggest Condolences to the Kafentzis family...

  61. Na Koa Mike:

    8/26 Na Koa lunch report:


    Also game day express bus information:


  62. Independent Thinker:

    @59 Dude. You are going to have an aneurysm. Drink some tea. Relax. Let the pidgeons eat the rice. It's all good.

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  64. kawika49:

    Does bottom line have any relation to skid marks, or organic stains?

  65. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    God rest you, Mrs. Kafentzis. You legacy endures. Prayers for all of the Kafentzis 'Ohana.

  66. boolakanaka:

    53 & 54--If you going for old school pain relief make it real ole skool--Tokuhon-a 24.

  67. haka:

    USC's top 2 running backs won't make Hawaii trip


  68. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Eh Braddah Kawika! How you? Good to see your posts!

    "organic stains"? LOL!

  69. kawika49:

    Kafentzis, that's one tough Ohana. Never met, saw from afar, but always respect.

  70. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    With the news of SC's 2 top RB not making the trip, I would like to edit my projected score.

    USC 38 - Hawaii 17

  71. kawika49:

    #70 Sold the boat. Happy now.

  72. boolakanaka:

    Know the Kafentzis clan well, very good people all around and probably the deepest set of familial athletes in the history of UH sport. From where I stood, Mark was probably the toughest, with Kurt being the most natural and fluid athlete of the clan...people may not recall, that prior to him getting injured about 2/3s the way into either the 85 or 86 season, he was leading the nation in interceptions--was one of the top javelin throwers in the nation coming out of HS and played WR for the bows as well.

  73. kawika49:

    Eh DPK no tease...Had to pull out the thesaurus to find the Organism.

  74. kawika49:

    And remember DPK today is Thursday on the TSAI Calendah. Cant wait till Saturday (Thursday for non Tsaikos).

  75. kawika49:

    Next week the Tsai calendah says the OSU game on Tuesday (Saturday for non Tsaikos).

  76. madeinhawaii:

    Old school isn't Tokuhon... it's Tiger Balm.

  77. madeinhawaii:

    And new age is actually really, really old Shaolin age... x-Jow. But the gym rats and martial artists swear by it.


  78. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Use yaito, really old school.

  79. Buffoman:

    Being of the hairy Asian persuasion I used to hate to admit pain to my grandma. She'd slap on that Tokuhon which would sooth for a little while but when came time to peel it off...man it was painful with all of that hair being pulled off at the same time.

    Speaking of old school remedies, remember that red stuff that used to come in the bottle with the glass swab, "Mecuricrome" or something like that. When grandma used to put that on cuts that sucker really stung.

  80. whitey:

    polymom, my best for a speedy and healthy recovery.

  81. JayT:

    DJ Morgan was 6th on the USC RB Depth Chart. Just an FYI to those tha keep saying the Top 2 Backs are out.

  82. RedZone:

    Atomic Balm

  83. Independent Thinker:

    Some people here are way too "sensitive" and "emotional", like in the way when a little girl gets mad at the other little girls on the playground for not including her in their game. The excluded little girl typically then throws what we call a hissy fit. Examples of this behavior abound, and post 59 is a good example. Characteristics of this behavior include directing anger at the wrong person for the wrong reason, instead of the hissy fit little girl doing something to help and/or to improve herself, which is the real cause for her unhappiness and her sad condition.

    This is a blog about UH football last time I checked, not a blog about throwing hissy fits. Let's stick to the topic of UH football and all that naturally flows from that kind of discussion.

    We don't all have to agree. It is healthy and good to know that we all do not agree. Nothing wrong with that.

    Go UH!!!

  84. kawika49:

    Just looking to our Saturday their Thursday.

    we have eleven and a half they have 11

  85. OC Warrior:

    @75, got the pleasure of meeting Kurt at the UH pre-game tailgate before last year's USC - UH game. He is a totally nice and down to earth guy. Always loved the way the Kafentzis brothers played, tough and hard hitting.

  86. kawika49:

    Give me a break Jeff. My daily routine involves spam for breakfast. Other than that I been lurkin.

  87. boolakanaka:

    93---Kurt and I, "ran the streets" back in the day....great friend and guy.

  88. jeffdman2000:

    94..no breaks given. I got 6 season tickets. I send employees to the games. I donate 5 figures to Hawaii Football out of my mortgage company profits. We should all be getting behind the team or just stay behind and let the real fans read some real productive information.

  89. kawika49:

    Now I know who u preten to be. I was Kalaipohaku 1967. U buggah you Boola.

  90. Independent Thinker:

    wow, lau lau, why you diverting readers from ST's blog to your blog? Not cool...

  91. Independent Thinker:

    sounds like you recruiting for the Jim Jones temple in guyana...true believers only...

  92. Independent Thinker:

    jeff, haley's comet is coming...you better get ready and dress in purple

  93. Independent Thinker:

    the bus for the koresh compound is waiting for you, jeff

  94. Independent Loser:

    Independent Thinker...Your name says it all. It's nothing special if the way you think is different. It just means that nobody gives a rip about what you say. So, instead you post here for us to have to scroll over. Also, just because its in your head it doesn't make it a viable thought. Again....It's in your head. You are a waste of life...I have read many of your posts. You are just a hater. Probably hate your life. Make no money and never played a down of any sports ever besides kick ball at your short bus school. Jeff

  95. Independent Thinker:

    You are a genius, jeff. It it were not a waste of such a talented solider, I would recommend you for ocs. now, reassemble your weapon and continue.

  96. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    This is really entertaining. And yes, Independent Thinker usually tends to sound like a douchebag, but still. Best blog discussion ever.

  97. slenzi:

    #92 Jeffdman2000
    You are more correct than you know. Living down here in SEC-land, I can tell you that ALABAMA fans would hunt you down and kill you, your family, other next-of-kin, and your dog for hatin on your own team. Where were all these brave haters when Bob Wagner got the boot? The only person with an opinion was Riley, and he was the basketball coach. This is the reason that I thought Coach Chow would never take the job. Now that he has put his personal reputation on the line, least we could do is not make it the "firing line." There is no bigger D1 coaching prospect that wants this job; because to want this job is to love the Hawaii student-athletes and fans. The athletes are usually easy to love, but the fans??? Well heck you just have to get used to us like JJ and other successful UH coaches.

  98. Independent Thinker:

    ok. enough fun for one day. back to the billables.

  99. Noio:

    Do all 110 players on the roster suit up for home games?

  100. Rodney:

    Watch uh practice today
    and want to say we have
    pretty good team!!
    Don't know if we can win
    but we looking so much
    The players are way much better shape then
    last year and much more Desciplined.
    Imua warriors!!!!!!

  101. boolakanaka:

    Kawika49---unsure, of the reference...please enlighten.

  102. jeezy33:

    Is Hawaii planning on running multiple defensive looks or mainly 4-3? I thought we were going to run some 3-4 and 3-3-5 sets... So was just curious..

  103. A-House:

    "yaito" and "mercuricrome" - yikes, those were the infamous remedies back in my youngin days

    my grandma used to punish me - " come hea U warubozo" - curl your finga - at the 1st joint from the knuckle of the index finger went the "moss", then came the fire, and then the ouchi, ouchi

    my 2nd grade teacher used wooden rulers on my knuckles and fingers - first with the flat side - look at me and I jus stare back at her with real hate in the eyes - then the "sharp side" with the tin metal and WHAM, WHAM, WHAM - just stare at her with no emotion - she finally gave up - so, when she "make" I clapped at the assembly - principal was not happy - oh well, life goes on.

  104. boolakanaka:

    Unless you going to provide me with some very sought after lessons on stone carving...now you got me curious???

  105. A-House:

    daily reminder to those who viewing this blog for the first time

    no forget to bring the "coupon" that's with your season tickets to the tailgate or mail to me at 1164 Bishop St 400, Hon, HI 96813 - will collect and give to Coach Beeman, UH Wahine BB coach.

    no shame, ask your co-workers, friends, neighbors, enaybody - let's put'um to good use!!!

  106. A-House:

    Someday, all the top 15 local football players will commit to and sign a UH LOI

    this will be the day you know that UH has "arrived on the scene" and impressed all the mainland coaches

    did not USC sign the top recruits in several major categories last year or 2 years ago- ie, OL, DL, LB, WR, DB, RB, etc. did I read right in the paper?

    who the coach doesn't matter - it's the NAME - yet, Alabama and the SEC keeps winning the national championship

  107. Rodney:

    Can't say for sure,looks like a chop suey too me.
    3-3-5,3-4,4-3 8 in box Wish I new? Was watching
    offense and we look real good,not many drop passes
    Recievers look really fast!!!!
    Imua warriors!!!

  108. kawika49:

    No Bula that was her Cousin did the carving

  109. 3-Prong:

    23 Kawika: Ahhh, one of Father Halter's favorite lines was "Sabby Boo??" (A take off of savez vous, I always assumed) when questioning if you understood what he was trying to get across. He was a good man.

  110. jeezy33:

    116.. Thats too many... need to save some for mainland

  111. A-House:


    when I see "Sabby Boo" - immediately think he was saying "do you understand?"

  112. kawika49:

    He will always be missed. Even though I couldn't understand his English.

  113. kawika49:

    Other than that was coach Yamada; and did you do your homework.

  114. kawika49:

    And the Marine chaplain that used to show us war films..That's why I went Army Airborne.

  115. boolakanaka:

    Still lost..Kawika...hmmn, clues, St. Louis or ancient stone carving....perhaps, there is halau involved...?

  116. Manu:

    I'm a habitual "lurker" I love reading most of the comments posted here. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Poly Mom. Go Warriors!!!

  117. kawika49:

    It is all good; you will know it when you see it. I am so proud of you. Keep it up.

  118. kawika49:


  119. slenzi:

    "Mercuricrome" was the good stuff, easy on the pain. Now "tincture of methiolate" that was the hard core "flame orange" stuff that the coaches kept in their medical boxes - wow that sucka sting a box jelly.

  120. boolakanaka:

    Wow..you and moms--that makes elua....mahalo nui.

  121. gobows:

    August 27th, 2013 at 9:16 am
    Does bottom line have any relation to skid marks, or organic stains?

  122. gobows:


    wow, hawaii is so unique.

  123. Glenn:


    UH 21, USC 20

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  124. madeinhawaii:

    Mercurochrome.. HAH! .. real men suck it up with IODINE!... dang! that hurt!

  125. Stephen Tsai:

    I do not think the lockers are completed or else UH woulda had a nice back-patting ceremony.

  126. Stephen Tsai:

    UH will be using a variety of defensive schemes. Every team does.

  127. PurpleMaple:

    Just an update on shuttle service from Leeward CC for the USC game. Shuttle service will commence at 2:30 pm. For all (home) games, shuttle service will commence two and-a-half hours before the start of the game.

  128. Shoko:

    Guess no news is bad news regarding the locker rooms.

  129. Hank:

    We could sure use Joey Iosefa. Go Warriors!

  130. wafan:

    Locker room will be ready soon. Or maybe not. Most likely in a year or two after huge cost over runs.

    The guys must be used to the garden hoses by now?

    Dang. What is so difficult about fulfilling a contract on time and on budget in Hawai'i?!?!

  131. Buffoman:

    #124 Hey, I was just a young whipper snapper back then. Pain was pain; everything sore. Try jumping in the "furo" right after grandpa had it as hot as he wanted. That was really hot, could cook crab easy. But had to jump in.

    Loved it back in da day. Life seemed much simpler, no TV, hard for catch radio, could count cars on the road, ran in back of the "smoke truck", had lunch on tin trays when Spanish rice was the best, had oil mopped wooden floors and tidal wave warnings were the community event, next to the politicians who used to come and try get vote at the courthouse in the community (the giy with the most leis usually won).

  132. d1shima:

    48 hours...

  133. Stephen Tsai:

    It was a very awkward scene when the cross country team, which was practicing on the grass field, was ousted by the football team.

  134. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, now Buffoman is going way back.
    You gotta remember that some of these players are too young to remember 9/11.

  135. haka:

    Hawaii ranked #14!



  136. madeinhawaii:

    Good find Haka...

    Helmet #14... Ha'a or Haka #16.... We got our head and smooth moves in there.. now just gotta get the rest of the team there, too!

  137. gobows:

    ka leo write up on taylor graham a few days ago:

  138. tommui:

    #130 - well, giving it to contractors that are bonded, the contract calls for bonus' if done before time; penalty clauses if it does not; get the drawings and specs done properly before the contract is let;stop making all kinds of change orders; and get contractors that are competent and not contractors that only give $$$$ to the campaign funds.

    Nor to contractors that are friendly to the UH Administrators.

    I'm not sure how I would feel if those guys contribute a minimum of 2-3 mil every year to the UHF earmarked for athletics!!!!

  139. Buffoman:

    ST, I always made references to my being an ancient one. Heck, I believe there are a number of us here who could teach an oral history of life in The Islands. Yes, old bugga and Warrior fan.

  140. Warrior Dave:

    You can tell its almost kick off. The testosterone is rampant!!!

  141. Former UH Athlete:

    Not sure if anyone mentioned yet, but USC star RB Silas Redd will not play vs Hawaii. He is still recovering from knee issues.

    Also, USC reportedly is very thin on the offensive line. They've had to have guys shuffle to new positions and they could possibly have a walk-on starting at right guard.

    They more I review USC's current status, there are enough loose ends to give UH a shot.

    The keys to Thursday's game:
    1. Can the UH OLine block USC's DLine? -- USC's front 7 is the most solid group they have. They don't have much depth, but the starting talent level is really high. UH must hold its own in the trenches for any shot at winning.
    2. UH's inexperience could be a positive -- Graham, Wily, Lakalaka, and the new WRs have zero D1 experience, but that doesn't mean they can't perform well. They just need to avoid the jitters in the first game of the year and D1 careers. Also, USC has only high school film to scout these guys so I'm pretty sure they don't have good scouting.
    3. Force USC QBs into mistakes. I strongly feel the USC QBs are shaky under pressure (see Wittek after Barkley went down) and will make a few bad throws/decisions, UH just needs to capitalize on the chances I'm certain they will get.

  142. Ipu Man:

    Our Defense is sure to give USC some whacks to feel real pain...

  143. Ipu Man:

    And, I guess, the UH giant logo flag is our mascot, no?

  144. Ipu Man:

    It would be nice if UH engineer or science department/students could do a
    rainbow hologram with lightning and thunder sound effects...

  145. Da Greenmask:

    Independent Thinker, are you going to the game? If so, where are you sitting? I'd like to meet you!

  146. Tofuzuke:

    I agree w/Former UH Athlete, and may I add....
    The SC team is all buss up, they haven't been hitting in practice due to injuries. Time to rattle them bones, hit them hard, "Just Scrap!" for every yd., ft., in., and let them know this is our hale, our aina. I don't like injuries but I can't wait to see the boys get some good legal cracks. We are not a preseason game, u in a war, with Warriors!

    4. Play smart and don't get any personal fouls, nothing for free, play hard, fair, and as a team.

    UH 27, SC 24

  147. Pomai:

    Good night folks:

    UH vs USC
    06    -    38    Independent Thinker
    10    -    56    Dennis Halloran
    10    -    37    JayT
    10    -    48    MattyBoy
    12    -    07    John
    13    -    10    Rodney
    14    -    42    DaMenehune
    14    -    42    Ran
    14    -    03    kawika49
    17    -    28    kev-1
    17    -    41    Whats up
    17    -    14    wafan
    17    -    10    JaM
    17    -    42    Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal
    17    -    45    IWWTHM
    17    -    38    Koakane
    20    -    17    Jack Flash
    20    -    19    green tea
    21    -    17    chopsueyboy
    21    -    42    primo123
    21    -    20    Glenn
    23    -    17    A-House
    24    -    14    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    eMpTy
    24    -    17    tommui
    24    -    23    Derek
    27    -    34    Former UH Athlete
    27    -    24    oldtimer808
    27    -    24    Tofuzuke
    28    -    24    HiFlyer
    28    -    27    Da Punchbowl Kid
    30    -    24    Dedicatedfan
    31    -    28    Sean
    31    -    21    3-Prong
    31    -    27    mike808
    32    -    21    Inyoface
    33    -    20    azwarrior22
    34    -    27    Red raider 4 life
    34    -    17    protector
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    28    Ballpicker
    36    -    30    roygbivs
    38    -    14    Pomai
    38    -    24    A-joe
    41    -    14    Ipu Man
    42    -    31    Old School Dave
    56    -    14    d1shima

  148. Tofuzuke:

    Football Pump Up


  149. d1shima:

    48 hours from now....56-14 d1shima

  150. papajoe2:

    Pomai, 27-21, UH.

  151. sportsbow:

    The rainbow guy on channel 2 said that 32,500 tickets have been sold so far with 2 days to go for the USC/UH game.

  152. Warrior Dave:

    Hmmmmm only 32,000 tickets sold so far.., guess UH officials wish the game was on Saturday night for a better gate.

  153. Maddog50:

    Regarding the #14 helmet.....always #1 in my heart.......and I predict a very competitive game!!!! Go Warriors!!!!

  154. wafan:

    Good morning, again!

  155. wafan:

    Another day, another meeting.

  156. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!

  157. mo808:

    It's hump day Wednesday!

    But, my Friday--cause, I'm off the next five days!


  158. mo808:

    Yup! Only one final wakeup to Game Day!


    Go Bows!

  159. boolakanaka:

    Aloha Gang from New Haven!

  160. wafan:

    Go 'Bows!

  161. wafan:

    And, go meeting.


  162. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


    (dats for you kawika49 ;-) )

  163. boolakanaka:

    boola boo warriors!!!

  164. d1shima:

    Looks like Southern Cal is still Tailback U. :shock:

  165. d1shima:

    Where are those not included in the "well-fed 64" planning to eat dinner? Mickey D's? :twisted:

  166. boolakanaka:

    Intelligence is power: http://www.insidesocal.com/usc/

  167. d1shima:

    Gonna be a long day with the payoff being one more wake up and it's Game Day! :-)

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!

    Let's Go Bows!

  168. 3-Prong:

    T-Minus 35 hours and counting.

    Let's Go Bows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Pomai:

    Good Morning:

    UH vs USC
    06    -    38    Independent Thinker
    10    -    56    Dennis Halloran
    10    -    37    JayT
    10    -    48    MattyBoy
    12    -    07    John
    13    -    10    Rodney
    14    -    42    DaMenehune
    14    -    42    Ran
    14    -    03    kawika49
    17    -    28    kev-1
    17    -    41    Whats up
    17    -    14    wafan
    17    -    10    JaM
    17    -    42    Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal
    17    -    45    IWWTHM
    17    -    38    Koakane
    20    -    17    Jack Flash
    20    -    19    green tea
    21    -    17    chopsueyboy
    21    -    42    primo123
    21    -    20    Glenn
    23    -    17    A-House
    24    -    14    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    eMpTy
    24    -    17    tommui
    24    -    23    Derek
    27    -    34    Former UH Athlete
    27    -    24    oldtimer808
    27    -    24    Tofuzuke
    27    -    21    papajoe2
    28    -    24    HiFlyer
    28    -    27    Da Punchbowl Kid
    30    -    24    Dedicatedfan
    31    -    28    Sean
    31    -    21    3-Prong
    31    -    27    mike808
    32    -    21    Inyoface
    33    -    20    azwarrior22
    34    -    27    Red raider 4 life
    34    -    17    protector
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    28    Ballpicker
    36    -    30    roygbivs
    38    -    14    Pomai
    38    -    24    A-joe
    41    -    14    Ipu Man
    42    -    31    Old School Dave
    56    -    14    d1shima

  170. HiFlyer:

    It's Aloha Friday.

  171. al:

    August 27th, 2013 at 11:23 am
    94..no breaks given. I got 6 season tickets. I send employees to the games. I donate 5 figures to Hawaii Football out of my mortgage company profits. We should all be getting behind the team or just stay behind and let the real fans read some real productive information.

    whoa brah. you get one job opening or what?