It's Aloha Wednesday

August 28th, 2013

For most of us, Wednesday is "hump" day ...


For the Rainbow Warriors, it's Aloha Friday ...


Click on the above picture to hear "Kimo and the crew suckin' up the brew ..."

* * * * *

The Rainbow Warriors had their final practice yesterday morning in preparation for tomorrow's opener against USC.

A walk-through is planned for this afternoon. After that, they head to KCC, where the student chefs (thanks to a grant from Bank of Hawaii, Chevron and other sponsors) will prepare dinner. They check into a hotel this evening.

* * * * *

Tight end Austin Slade-Matautia, an Iolani graduate who played at Oregon State, is hoping to join the Warriors. He would not have to redshirt this season.


Here's a refresher: Slade-Matautia video

* * * * *

Former Warrior Vince Manuwai gave the pep talk at practice this week:


* * * * *

Almost forgot. Here's Air Force pilot Britton Komine, a former Warrior receiver:


* * * * *

Almost forgot, part 2: Among Kyle Galdeira's many jobs, one is part of the family business:


156 Responses to “It's Aloha Wednesday”

  1. 808 stunna:

    Go warriors!

  2. NotNasti:


  3. NotNasti:

    two? Is that slow enough?

  4. haka:

    Let's Go Rainbow Warriors!

  5. jeezy33:

    Coach Miano said the next Manti Teo in Hawaii will be Isaac Slade Matautia... Getting Austin might give Hawaii a jump start for 2017 recruiting class. Starting LB at Kaiser as a freshman. Even if Isaac only turns out to be half of what Manti is, that is still pretty darn good.

  6. Ipu Man:


  7. boolakanaka:

    Aloha from boola boola land!

  8. turfwar:

    ST, about how big is Austin?

  9. Naks8:

    Go get um boys!!!

  10. Kapahulu:

    TOP TEN?

  11. mauiwarrior:

    turfwar, seen him listed at 6'2" 230lbs

  12. gobows:

    how big is isaac?

  13. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    GO BOWS!

  14. boolakanaka:

    On a totally unrelated warrior football subject, client invited me to seat in the Billy Jean King Box at the US Open, so I'll snap some pictures for any tennis fans out there, and maybe even some of Ms. King

  15. al: and your triple choco cake know where to find me tomw :)

  16. TKT:

    I hope Austin talks to his brother Isaac

  17. TKT:

    Isaac is already 6"1 185 good size for a freshman

  18. jeezy33:

    Isaac listed 6-1 185.... Got to imagine he can grow into a 6-3 220 OLB by his senior season though.

  19. jeezy33:

    Isaac listed 6-1 185.... Got to imagine he can grow into a 6-3 220 OLB by his senior season though.

  20. WarriorNY:

    Hey all,
    Can't wait for the game tomorrow! I saw this article on ESPN and thought it was pretty interesting... I'm pretty sure Lane Kiffin has been reading the blog for updates on our team. It doesn't seem like he's taking us very lightly...

    “I don’t know what we’re favored by, but every game is the same,” Kiffin said. “You have to come ready to play every Saturday, Thursday, Friday or whatever day it is. We’ve seen over the years on both sides that those [point spreads] don’t mean very much. You better come ready to play in college football or you’re going to lose the game.”
    and continues...
    “It sounds like their quarterback has been doing a good job, and doing well in scrimmages,”

  21. (Jesse)James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    Excitement is in the more day..Woo Hoo.

    Go Warriors!!!

    Hope to see many at tomorrow's T-gate. :-)

  22. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    I just finished my Waikiki tour guide camp and am released back into the real world today... it looks good... and in time for football tomorrow! :)

  23. jm2375:

    al-san - you know where to find me, and you know what the t-gate motto is... "You snooze, you lose"

  24. A-House:


    that would make 3 players from BCS schools that has or will transfer to UH - your post mentioned only 2, but the more the merrier!!!

    any of these 3 part of the 2? are there others who have made contact and waiting in the wings to transfer?

    not having to wait means that he was a "walk-on" at Oregon St and can play this year? his academic papers in order to make the transfer? school started 8/26/13.

  25. (Jesse)James:

    One Game...One Team....One Goal

  26. tommui:


    Beat SC!
    Go BOWS!

  27. koakane ip5:

    good :cool: sunny morning, 808, rainbow wahines and warriors

    what ever da day be have a good one

    kden first tsaiko glove throw down jm# vs al who going show, past indication is jm

  28. koakane ip5:

    must be fball season is here lots of testosterone being flung anout

  29. gobows:

    taylor graham profile:

  30. A-House:


    our tg - same place?

  31. koakane ip5:

    sure nuff know other parking place now available cause school being in session so come on down

  32. J:

    The next phase in ticketing?

    It’s clear Miami’s focus with this program is on the fans, but as is the case with all paperless ticketing options, it won’t hurt to gather additional information on season-ticket holders’ consumer behaviors. A simple swipe lets the university know when a fan is through the gates, what they typically order at concession stands, how many games the fan is attending and if he or she is purchasing merchandise. It’s a practice Gerace calls a “marketing information system,” and he sees it as the future of event venues as a whole.

    Flash Seats is being used by a number of NBA and MLS teams, as well as the Detroit Lions and the Colorado Avalanche. But college is the next frontier. Last year’s Final Four was the largest digital-ticketing event ever, and Veritix has four schools signed on (Texas A&M, UT-Arlington, Duquesne and Boise State) with more set to come.

    The college market is one in which Veritix has barely touched the surface. Gerace realizes fanaticism and donations go hand-in-hand when it comes to college athletics, and by organizing an integrated system, schools can more readily track donating and attendance behavior so they can speak to individual fans with a more well-informed voice.

  33. Independent Thinker:

    Go Warriors!!!

  34. laulau head:

    I no can sleep!!!

    BEAT USC!!!

  35. turfwar:

    Thanks Mauiwarrior.

  36. Former UH Athlete:

    Did Vince actually ride that bike or just posing next to it?

    Just a refresher if nobody saw it yet... USC star RB Silas Redd did not make the trip to Hawaii. USC will probably start a walk on at right guard.

    ESPN's Trevor Matich just provided UH with some bulletin board material... "Hawaii, bless their hearts, won't challenge USC no matter who starts at QB for USC".
    --Typical east coast hyperbole. Trevor failed to mention how beat up USC is right now, and Silas Redd not playing. I wouldn't expect them to know UH's roster upgrades, but just goes to show... if it's not the SEC, then ESPN really doesn't care. I'm just waiting for someone at ESPN to say Clowney is so good that South Carolina could stop North Carolina with only 10 players on defense.

    Betting angles:

    Spread has gone up to UH (+23.5) at most books as of now. 79% of tickets being place on USC to cover, 96% of tickets to go over 54.5 total. When the action is that one sided, I think going against the grain is the play. I know my predicted score goes over the total, but I just had a funny feeling today that it will be under the 54.5 total. Its just a gut feeling.

    My unofficial, non-professional betting opinion is take UH with the points and the under. Maybe wait until tomorrow to see if the line goes to (+24) as Vegas will surely get an influx of SoCal money on gameday, plus being the late game, the early game bettors will likely lay action on USC v Hawaii.

    This game is a classic battle between 'the talented but entitled' vs 'the blue collar hard workers'. If the hard workers play well, and talented team doesn't prepare well, there will be an opening for the upset.

    GO BOWS!

  37. tom-warriornation:

    5 tickets left--19 rows behind our Warrior bench; so close you can feel their energy--hurry!

    50 yard sideline seats: UNLV Oct. 12 road game

    $55 each

    also $30 for great endzone seats
    UH ticket office price is $60 (for near endzone seats most likely)

    Sit safely with 210+ other diehard Hawaii fans all wearing GREEN!

    email me:

  38. Former UH Athlete:

    #38, key words... "sit safely"

    Hopefully we can outnumber the UNLV fans this year. I remember it being fairly close last time UH played at Sam Boyd Stadium, but that was through beer goggles.

  39. gobows:

    #36 walk to the zoo and catch the bus #42

  40. gobows:

    meet siasau matagiese...ka leo article:

  41. boolakanaka:

    Johnny Football will be taking a knee for the first half:

  42. boolakanaka:

    Johnny Football will be taking a knee for the first half:

  43. Independent Thinker:

    ST, nice write up on Graham. Don't agree with conclusions, but write up done well.

    Decisions have been made. Time to move on. Best of luck to Graham and the boys!!!

  44. jimmy the lock:

    Former UH Athlete,

    Don't really care who lines up for USC. They're talented.

    Same can be said for USC, they're going to pressure the Warriors inexperienced QB, RB, and receivers. In a nutshell, they're going to bring it.

    So what if Silas is a no show and a walk-on starts? Still gotta man up and play the game.


  45. jimmy the lock:

    Stupid joke virtual Friday?

    Heard Kiffen is gonna dress 9 players on defense, the rest can dress themselves.

  46. boolakanaka:

    Non-warrior football article....but a very interesting read on Aaron Hernandez, bruddhas like the Ronald Ching (you youngsters need to know who the real bulls were back in the day) of the NFL, a must read:

  47. WarriorMojo:

    So, we doing a Warrior Walk before the game again or no?

  48. jimmy the lock:

    "I have a dream"

  49. Former UH Athlete:

    Just some fodder:
    Tim, Football Handicapper, Predictem - Hawaii (+23.5)
    Tyrone's Pick, sportschatplace - Hawaii Warriors (+22.5)
    Mike, free picks & parlays - USC (-22)
    Carlo Campanella, handicapperspicks - Hawaii (+23)
    Dave, BetDSI - USC (+22.5)
    Tomas Lopez, CrystalSands - USC 34 UH 13... therefore Hawaii (+23)
    John Ryan, Dime Player - Hawaii (+23)
    Las Vegas Sports Predictions - USC 34 UH 13... therefore Hawaii (+23)
    Wunderdog Sports computer simulations - Hawaii (+23.5)
    Fox Sports West prediction - USC 27 UH 10... therefore Hawaii (+23)
    Brandon Watson, Pregame - USC 38 UH 17... therefore Hawaii (+23)
    Wayne Coito, Hawaii Sports Fans - USC 34 UH 17... therefore Hawaii (+23)
    Bob Hogue, MidWeek - USC 59 UH 17... therefore USC (-23)
    The Prediction Tracker (simulations) - Hawaii (+23.5)
    DJ Kazper, SBNation (Ariz Wildcats) - USC 24 UH 14... therefore Hawaii (+23)
    Mo Knows Sports - USC 34 UH 24... therefore Hawaii (+23)

    Ok... i'm tired and will stop searching for free predictions.

    The betting experts are almost all in agreement that UH will cover and the game will be closer than the media expect. I don't pay for any of the bigger name experts so I don't know their take, but I would think they would say USC isn't as good as the media assumes them to be. Many of the opinions spoke very positively on Taylor Graham and some mentioned UH's back 7 as being solid. Just a matter of OLine play holding up.

  50. Former UH Athlete:

    disclaimer... those were the free picks/predictions that I could dig up.

  51. bowwar:

    I hope our defense rises to the occasion and puts a lick on SC's running backs and receivers.

  52. williamson:

    Does Ikaika have the strongest arm of all of the QBs?That's what it said in the Advertiser's QB preview- or was that in reference to all of the reserve qbs, minus Graham who seemed to be the feature of the preview.

  53. Former UH Athlete:

    #46... I agree, USC still has top level talent all over the field, that's the main reason why they are favored by 23.5. Remember, the spread was more than double last year. I think the sharps know UH has improved during the offseason as a few betting blogs noted UH's increased size on the roster. Plus UH is pretty healthy at this point. Other than Kennedy, there's no significant injury on the DLine.

    I haven't seen anybody notable actually picking the upset, but almost every knowledgeable person I've spoken to thinks UH will cover... most said cover easily.

  54. AlaWai:

    Hawai'i 34 - Rubbers 31

  55. Slugger:


  56. Pomai:

    UH vs USC
    06    -    38    Independent Thinker
    10    -    56    Dennis Halloran
    10    -    37    JayT
    10    -    48    MattyBoy
    12    -    07    John
    13    -    10    Rodney
    14    -    42    DaMenehune
    14    -    42    Ran
    14    -    03    kawika49
    17    -    28    kev-1
    17    -    41    Whats up
    17    -    14    wafan
    17    -    10    JaM
    17    -    42    Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal
    17    -    45    IWWTHM
    17    -    38    Koakane
    20    -    17    Jack Flash
    20    -    19    green tea
    21    -    17    chopsueyboy
    21    -    42    primo123
    21    -    20    Glenn
    23    -    17    A-House
    24    -    14    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    eMpTy
    24    -    17    tommui
    24    -    23    Derek
    27    -    34    Former UH Athlete
    27    -    24    oldtimer808
    27    -    24    Tofuzuke
    27    -    21    papajoe2
    28    -    24    HiFlyer
    28    -    27    Da Punchbowl Kid
    30    -    24    Dedicatedfan
    31    -    28    Sean
    31    -    21    3-Prong
    31    -    27    mike808
    32    -    21    Inyoface
    33    -    20    azwarrior22
    34    -    27    Red raider 4 life
    34    -    17    protector
    34    -    31    AlaWai
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    28    Ballpicker
    36    -    30    roygbivs
    38    -    14    Pomai
    38    -    24    A-joe
    41    -    14    Ipu Man
    42    -    31    Old School Dave
    56    -    14    d1shima

  57. Pomai:

    My money is on JM#### !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. slenzi:

    Thanks for pic of Britton Komine. Go Air Force! Go Warriors!

  59. SailorBlue:

    WAHOO! The first TAILGATER is almost here! As reminder, the Tgate will be at Rainbow Bay Marina Cabana A (same as last year). As always the plan is for the early crew to arrive at 9 AM or so for set-up, grill crew to fire up about 10:30 and clean up to begin about 3:30. And don't forget that we will be back after the game to clean up any leftovers. All Tsai-kos are welcome to attend. So come on down and enjoy the food and friendship. Feel free to e-mail me at jboster(at)yahoo(dot)com with any questions or if you need the 'password'.

  60. bowwar:


    Hawaii 18 - USC 17 Hawaii will win a nail-biter

  61. Derek:

    Can't go by Bob Hogue prediction. He graduated from USC. A lot of pundits are only looking at the talent level. The big boys vs the little Mountain West. Somebody yesterday pointed out that Stanford beat San Jose St. last year by 3 points. I think the score was 27-24 or something like that. Boise St. doesn't have the talent level that the top big schools do, but they consistently beat those teams. Trojans have a lot of 5 and 4 star rated players out of high school. But, they can only play 11 at a time. And check the weather today. Man, it's hot, hot, hot. Players will be tired for sure and depth WILL be a factor. I also look at trends. The trends at USC after Pete Carroll is down. Hawaii's talent level is a lot better than last year. Being at home helps a lot. To neutralize USC's pass rush, Chow will have safety valve passes. A few wrinkles should help too. To stop USC's big plays Kaumeyer needs to key on WRs Lee, Agholor, and Darreus Rogers. Anything can happen! Expect a miracle. When you come down to it, our offensive line is probably the key to how Hawaii will perform and be competitive. Give Graham some time to throw and I think our WRs can make some plays.

  62. gobows:

    who will probably get the start for usc at rb:

    tre madden, soph, 4-star rb.
    ty isaac, 4-star freshman rb.
    justin davis, 4-star freshman rb
    javorius allen, jr, 3-star rb.

    who will be matched up against lee? he's bigger, faster, and stronger than our corners.

  63. AlaWai:

    Ryan Mouton clears waivers put of Skins IR
    As did Carolina with Kealoha Pilares

  64. Konoman1:

    Well I for one think we are going to surprise a few people!!!

  65. Konoman1:

    Almost forgot.. Best wishes to Poly Mom..

  66. gobows:

    seems like every game, someone predicts the UH to win 56-14, regardless of opponent. i only wish that would happen. big wins on saturday (thursday) makes for better runs on sunday (friday). yes, i took off friday just so i could run.

  67. NotNasti:

    Pressure on the quarterback. Theirs, not ours, will be the key. Given time, any team would be torched by the best receiving corps in the nation. Hopefully, our boys will play without pressure, because nobody is expecting them to win (except them). Good luck tomorrow (Rainbow) Warriors!

  68. jeezy33:

    #57. The SHARPS dont know much about Hawaii getting better this off season... What they do know is USC scored 13 points against Notre Dame with Wittek at QB and 7 against Georgia Tech. So when Matt Barkley puts up 51 against Oregon and gets to play Hawaii at home, the spread is going to be a lot higher... Now USC travels to Hawaii with the same QB who could only score 7 against Georgia Tech and that's why the spread is low... Matt BArkley would make the spread around 31 at Hawaii if he was still playing..

    When Hawaii travels to Oregon St, the spread will be close to 35-37 range.

  69. mo808:

    Hi folks!

    Just bumped into jm2375 at Whole Foods Kailua.

    gmahoney: are you sharing what jm2375 picked up for you today? :-)

    Have a good afternoon everyone!

    Only one more wake up! BEAT USC!

    Go Bows!

  70. jimmy the lock:

    If Hawaii beats USC the spread will be much smaller in the state of Oregon.

  71. jimmy the lock:



  72. BigWave96744:

    Wonder if Austin is related to former 2007 walkon RB David Matautia.


  73. madeinhawaii:

    Yep.. gotta get some QB sacks against USC.. and get them early on.

  74. RedZone:

    Oh. oh we got rain.

  75. 3-Prong:

    T-Minus 26.5 Hours and counting.......

    Let's Go Bows!

  76. Jack Flash:

    Looking forward to cheering tomorrow- LETS GO BOWS! LETS GO BOWS! Been awhile.

  77. cocobean:

    Just gotta execute. No breakdowns on offense, defense and special teams and we get small kine chance.

  78. Old School Dave:

    Trevor Matich - former BYU Lineman back during the 84 season, not surprised that he would say such a thing.

  79. Old School Dave:

    Trevor Matich: Similar to Nebraska's Tom Osborne who said that "Hawaii has a nice little team out here."

  80. RainbowCliff:

    Good afternoon Tsaiko Nation !

    WELL good folks I have secured flight itinerary. I am leaving LAX this Sunday 9-1-13 on United airlines Flight #1220 8:40 am sharp out of terminal 6 and will arrive in Honolulu 11:31 am. I will have Mrs. Rainbow Cliff and Mother-in-law Rainbow Cliff enjoying together a wonderful moment of mother and daughter first time experiencing Hawaii together. I will be here with my love ones from 9-1-13 until 9-8-13 as I will depart on the following Sunday at 8:26 pm United Airlines Flight #1227 out of Honolulu.

    When I land it will be an EMOTIONAL moment for me because it was back in 1976-81 I wore the Rainbow Warrior Uniform in front of the most vocal and dedicated fans that I have ever met or seen even today. This home coming will mark 32 years as a professional educator working with disadvantage youths in South Central Los Angeles were I took the teachings from this MAGNIFICENT University that is known as U OF H and succeeded many accomplishments, achievements and awards while representing the university as a PROUD alumnus and outstanding professional male role model to inner city children.

    This HOMECOMING is also coming back to the GREATEST FANS that I have ever known YOU Tsaiko Nation as I heard every applaud you gave me when I was playing or sitting on that bench watching a promising young career just waste away game after game after game.

    FINALLY, Tsaiko Nation I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to post and write my thoughts and opinions on this blog as you gave me confidence that I can be among the BEST listeners and writers that this sport blog can produce in which I am very proud to be associated with all of you.

    Simply The Best, Better Then All The Rest !

    Go Rainbow Warriors , Go Hawaii, Go Warriors !

  81. PurpleMaple:

    I don't know who u r RainbowCliff, but the 78-81' class had some really good players like Gary Allen, Tony Holifield, Keith Ah Yuen, Marcus Tarver, David Toloumu, Andrew Moody, Verlon Redd and Dana McLemore. Brings back a lot of memories. Notable wins were against Arizona St ('79/29-17), West Virginia ('80/16-13), and South Carolina ('81/33-10). For a "little school in the Pacific," you guys beat some major programs. Hope you have a really wonderful homecoming. I'll be at the game cheering my head off.

  82. JaM:

    PurpleMaple: RainbowCliff played basketball.

  83. tommui:

    #93 PurpleMaple.

    RainbowCliff played guard - was a starter too!

    Probably you don't remember him playing next to Keith Ah Yuen.

    But then Keith didn't play basketball!

    Seriously though, Cliff Sanchez was one of the better basketball guards we had on the UH team.

  84. nobody:

    Cliff played "football" - but on the hardwood court. I don't think there were any folding tables or court-side seats that Cliff didn't take out diving for a loose ball. I often wonder just how awesome it would have been with Cliff flying around as a safety on the turf. :)

  85. wafan:

    Good evening!

  86. mctruck:


    Came on just to wish you and yours a most happy Hawaii-reunion.
    I still have a great smile when thinking of your playing days...I applauded you then and still do so to this very day.

    Enjoy your return home my friend. God bless.

  87. wafan:

    Big surprise at today's meeting. Both good and bad, I guess.

    Found out I would start a beginning videography class next Wednesday. The class is full.

    That is the good part, I guess.

    They did not order any equipment, and they only just told me about the class so I do not have any assignments laid out (thankfully I have a rough framework completed). They knew at the end of last school year but neglected to tell me (what is up with that?!?!).

    That is the bad part.

    I do not have 4-5 preps per semester as I have had in the past.

    That is another good thing . . . kinda, I have 3.

    So, I have 5 days to complete the videography framework, order and get the equipment here by next Wednesday, and write assignments that meet state standards.

    Yay . . .

    Dang it.

    And, kinpira!!!

  88. wafan:

    Hey, mctruck is here!

    Where is 99?

  89. d1shima:

    Once the Warriors win, 56 - 14 I switch my prediction to 59 - 28! :cool:

  90. d1shima:

    Wow, it's raining on Adam-12 , too! What a coinkidink!

  91. d1shima:

    24 hours...

  92. madeinhawaii:

    24 hours.. tick tick .. tick.. tick...

  93. kev-1:

    I heard the funniest joke today. Here it goes . . .

    A quarterback walks into a bar. He signs a bunch of memorabilia. The bartender gives him a FAT check for his services. The quarterback gets caught. The NCAA suspends him for a HALF of his first game against a team his team will guaranteed beat.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You get it? No? The NCAA is a fricken joke!

  94. Inyoface:

    Need a quick sake shot. Calm da nerves!

  95. Pomai:

    Good night folks:

    UH vs USC
    06    -    38    Independent Thinker
    10    -    56    Dennis Halloran
    10    -    37    JayT
    10    -    48    MattyBoy
    12    -    07    John
    13    -    10    Rodney
    14    -    42    DaMenehune
    14    -    42    Ran
    14    -    03    kawika49
    17    -    28    kev-1
    17    -    41    Whats up
    17    -    14    wafan
    17    -    10    JaM
    17    -    42    Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal
    17    -    45    IWWTHM
    17    -    38    Koakane
    18    -    17    bowwar
    20    -    17    Jack Flash
    20    -    19    green tea
    21    -    17    chopsueyboy
    21    -    42    primo123
    21    -    20    Glenn
    23    -    17    A-House
    24    -    14    WarriorNY
    24    -    21    eMpTy
    24    -    17    tommui
    24    -    23    Derek
    27    -    34    Former UH Athlete
    27    -    24    oldtimer808
    27    -    24    Tofuzuke
    27    -    21    papajoe2
    28    -    24    HiFlyer
    28    -    27    Da Punchbowl Kid
    30    -    24    Dedicatedfan
    31    -    28    Sean
    31    -    21    3-Prong
    31    -    27    mike808
    32    -    21    Inyoface
    32    -    31    BigWave96744
    33    -    20    azwarrior22
    34    -    27    Red raider 4 life
    34    -    17    protector
    34    -    31    AlaWai
    35    -    23    mo808
    35    -    28    Ballpicker
    36    -    30    roygbivs
    38    -    14    Pomai
    38    -    24    A-joe
    41    -    14    Ipu Man
    42    -    31    Old School Dave
    56    -    14    d1shima

  96. RainbowCliff:

    #93 PurpleMaple: The football players you mention I knew ALL of them as that era of GREAT local and mainland athletes really bonded well with one another. To credit all of that to the players one would say that but for the real reason that era had GREAT success just two words' "Dick Tomey". Not only you had the above mention players you had Blaine Gaison, Mike Stennis (RIP) Dewayne Jett, Mark Tueni, Walter Murray, George Bell, James Bethea, Norris Birdsong, Wilbert Haslip, Alex Kaloi, Anthony Edgar, Jeff Duva, Keith Hill, Jesse Sapoulu, Pat Schmidt while the list too long to continue added names of great players to this era !

  97. RainbowCliff:

    #95 Tom Mui: Mr. Mui kind sir I thank you for the accolades as with out you representing our basketball program legally it could of been worst. I am bringing a golf 3 iron club from Tiger Woods Foundation to Hawaii and I would truly be honored if I may give it to you to do as you please sir, keep it, raffle it or auction it off away to some avid tsaiko or enthusiastic golfer who will appreciate the worth and value as the retail cost on $900.00 / shining and spanking BRAND NEW !

    I figured you should only have the right to it as much you did SAVING Rainbow Basketball. I hope to see you and present it to you during my homecoming back to Oahu. Just my honor and pleasure to give back as you gave me so much more.

    THREE more days and counting !

  98. Ipu Man:

    Smash 'em! Bash 'em!
    Talking about Stephen Tsai.
    Smash Louis Vuitton!
    Bash Hermes!
    Get rid of this friggin fluff...Go ST!

  99. RainbowCliff:

    #96 NobodY: Very kind of you with those words as I was a strong believer in hustle plays and I played relentless with reckless abandon all over the court. I believe in defense and when called on I provided that pressure on the ball and catching players behind to steal it from them and take it the other way. Back then during my freshmen year I wore a shirt that read "hustle makes it happen" as every day when I stepped on that court my focus was team play and team defense. Mahalo for remembering me !

  100. Ipu Man:

    Agree with RainbowCliff, "Hustle" on the Defense wins games.
    But also wide recievers "Hustle" after that long pass and don't give up.
    Beat the ball...and the defender. Go "Rainbow" Warriors.
    Thanks RC...

  101. markazulu:

    As Herm Edwards once said "you play to win the game"

    I believe in our team
    Go Bows

  102. RainbowCliff:

    #103 mctruck: Appreciate the kind words. Very proud returning to you good folks as I put in the time and use that Hawaii degree to open doors for me. Flying in will bring back so many fond memories as the smell of hibiscus flowing through the airport and beautiful blue crystal skies with clear and clean fresh air. I hope to meet you and THANK YOU for your GREATNESS !

    Turn 55 tomorrow as a RAINBOW victory over USC will be AWESOME but in Reality not to get blown off the field and still be in it by the halftime that would be a wonderful present !

    Be well Tsaiko Nation as I hit the hay and dream the images of paradise !

  103. madeinhawaii:

    If the Warriors pull out a shocker and win, what do you guys think will happen in the State of Hawaii over the following 72 hours?

  104. RainbowCliff:

    #135 Ipuman: You are very much welcome !

    I hope to meet you in person and give you items from my gift bag. Play with INSPIRATION, play with HEART and never, never GIVE UP !

  105. 3-Prong:

    Anybody knows what time the Bus Lot opens tomorrow?

  106. madeinhawaii:

    Bus Lot? At the stadium or pick up points?

  107. 3-Prong:

    MIH: Koa Bus Lot at the stadium...

  108. SteveM:

    RE: mctruck at 4:17 pm

    Hiya mctruck !!!
    ....long time. Glad to see you posting and lurkin'!

  109. SteveM:

    3-Prong -- Bus lot opens at 12:30 pm tomorrow. Upper and lower Halawa lots at 11:30 am.

  110. d1shima:

    Gates 3 & 4 open at 11:30 am
    All other parking gates open at 12:30 pm

    Turnstile gates 6 & & open at 2:30 pm
    Turnstile gates 1-5 & 8 open at 3:30 pm

  111. d1shima:

    24 hours from now. 56 - 14 d1shima

  112. d1shima:

    Come check 'em come check 'em. Come. Go, go...

    August 28th, 2013 at 12:16 pm
    WAHOO! The first TAILGATER is almost here! As reminder, the Tgate will be at Rainbow Bay Marina Cabana A (same as last year). As always the plan is for the early crew to arrive at 9 AM or so for set-up, grill crew to fire up about 10:30 and clean up to begin about 3:30. And don't forget that we will be back after the game to clean up any leftovers. All Tsai-kos are welcome to attend. So come on down and enjoy the food and friendship. Feel free to e-mail me at jboster(at)yahoo(dot)com with any questions or if you need the 'password'.

  113. 3-Prong:

    d1, SteveM: thanks.......Go Bows!

  114. koakane ip5:

    #150 you go meleshima ova lani boom kanani

  115. jm2375 (iPad):

    Is the game a "black-out"?

  116. jm2375 (iPad):

    In other words, are the fans supposed to wear black?

  117. 3-Prong:

    JM: George Daly Lyles posted it on Facebook but haven't heard any followup. My guess is no.

  118. gobows:

    rainbow cliff, #26 kwamane bowens' 18th birthday is also game day.

  119. gobows:

    wear black to the game, if can...

  120. homey ℞:

    See some of you tomorrow!

    Who dat Keith Ah Yuen? Nah Nah Nah...he knows my boy is Moody.

    Will Jojo show up?

    Got some pig cheeks for Rob25.

    Heineken on sale at Long's.

  121. Konoman1:

    Go bows!!!

  122. koakane ip5:

    to homeys questions..... no to jojo and rob25 and yes to heine's

    kden so be it tomorrow it is

  123. 99club:

    Howzit wafan, and good game day morning Tsaikos!

    Today's checklist:

    Double check with boss that tomorrow no work
    Nap (10:00 pm local start time)
    Make sure sports package started with cable company
    5-liter Newcastle Brown Ale Mini-keg

    And in local TX news, Johnny Football will be available for autographs during the first half of the Rice game. Only 100 items per person, please.

  124. PowderPuff:

    Alright, who moved the line up??? Not nice...Go 'Bows!!

  125. Pomai:

    This is the poll from todays online paper(sad):

    Do you plan to catch today’s University of Hawaii football season opener?
    C. No (62%, 26 Votes)
    B. Yes, on TV or radio (29%, 12 Votes)
    A. Yes, attending (9%, 4 Votes)
    Total Voters: 42

  126. mo808:

    Game Day :-)

  127. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!

    Time to get your Game Day in Gear!

    T minus 13 hours and some minutes depending on blog clock accuracy (or inaccuracy as the case may be)


  128. Shoko:

    HaHa! Game day, baby! :)

  129. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


  130. d1shima:

    No more waiting.
    No more wondering.
    Time fo ackshun!

  131. d1shima:

    All the planning done,
    New leaders will find a way.
    Imua, Go Bows!

  132. boolakanaka:

    Aloha all---imua warriors! Super sports day for me.....going to the US Open Tennis tonight, then get home and watch the warriors....its going to be a long beautiful evening--better get the cocoa going with the Hawaiian original saloon pilot crackers, I'll be up all night.

  133. 702WarriorFan:

    Good morning 808
    Feels like a great day for Rainbow Warriors Football. Go Warriors.

    RainbowCliff -
    Happy Birthday and have a great trip back to Hawaii with Rhonda and her Mom.
    Now a great birthday gift to you from the Warriors - a WIN tonight!

  134. gobows:


  135. Pomai:

  136. wafan:

    Happy game day morning!

  137. wafan:

    On this day a huge turkey hatched.

    Happy hatch day . . . you know who you are!


  138. wafan:

    Happy birthday to kifi, too!

    Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo!!!

  139. wafan:

    Perfect day to watch the game on television.

    Too bad I do not have the channel.

    Gotta yell at the radio to remind the neighbors to stay out of my yard.

  140. wafan:


  141. wafan:


  142. wafan:

    3rd century.

  143. Inyoface:

    I would make it if I could but I stay in LA! Going watch um tonight! Go Bows!

  144. 3-Prong:


  145. chopsueyboy:


    No game in your area. Is there Korean drama tv in Seattle?

  146. mo808:

    Happy Birthday Blessings to Pomai, Rainbowcliff, and Kifi!

  147. mo808:

    I hope the rain clears up today!

  148. Red raider 4 life:

    Kick USC @$$!!!!!!

  149. Former UH Athlete:

    #138... probably nothing. THere will probably be a few thousand people who will be packing for tailgating on Saturday, not knowing the game is today.

  150. Ballpicker:

    Lets go Rainbow-Warriors

  151. Former UH Athlete:

    One more note....

    MWCConnection (SBNation) predicts USC to win but UH will cover the spread.
    Their analysis says the key is UH's offensive line. If they can contain USC's quality front 7, they have a very good chance to expose USC's shaky DB corp. Also, they spoke nicely of UH's DBs, which we all know are quality talent.

    Looking forward to seeing JG-W and Merrell Jackson flying around and blowing up USC players. Also, maybe the forgotten name in fall camp is Beau Yap. He and Tavita need to have solid games tonight.

  152. wafan:

    csb . . .

    Dunno. If anything it will be on AATV.

  153. Former UH Athlete:

    One of the vegasinsider experts is leaning Hawaii to cover. His reasoning was Kiffen's shortcomings as a coach. Also, Kiffen has failed to cover the spread in every season opener, and Kiffen has a very poor ATS record on the road.

    The general consensus is that Chow is a better coach and play caller than Kiffen. It's just a matter of closing the talent gap between the two programs to where UH has a chance. I think the gap is nowhere near as wide as it was last year.

    USC returns most of the offensive starters from last year, but the guys they lost are huge. Barkley and Woods are gone, and Redd is hurt. Without Woods attracting most of the double coverage, Marqise Lee won't enjoy the single coverage he enjoyed the 1st half of 2012 before he was well known.

  154. gmahoney:

    #76 @mo808-"supplies" purchased by jm at Whole Foods is for home consumption only. I may break out one or two at the TG for others to enjoy.

  155. mo808:

    @213 gmahoney: :-)

  156. Buffoman:

    Regarding Mr. Manziel. You have to wonder where all of those folks who voted for him for the Heisman are now. What kind of justification would they be cooking up? Samples of one liners?

    "Well we voted on what he did on the field and not on character."
    "He's just a youngster who made mistakes, can we blame him for being young?"
    "He was just such a fine, mature young man when he was interviewed."
    "He's a football player. They are human, too and are entitled to make a few mistakes he did not know were wrong at the time."

    Well he did get a slap on the wrist, albeit much, much softer than what Sonny Liston got from the then Cassius Clay.

    And they take away the UH men's volleyball title for Uhh, what was that major infraction again?