Splash landing

September 6th, 2013

Corvallis, Ore., averages 159 sunny days each year.

Today is not one of them.

The forecast calls for rain when the Rainbow Warriors conduct a 45-minute, walk-through session at Reser Stadium this afternoon.

The Warriors arrived in Portland last night. They will make the 90-minute drive to Corvallis today. After the walk-through, they will go to Eugene, where they will spend the night.

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156 Responses to “Splash landing”

  1. gmahoney:

    Is it Saturday yet?

  2. NYUHTX:

    Looking forward to TG finding his groove this weekend.

    Also check out this interview with ST:

    Still looking for a way to see the game from Texas.

  3. NYUHTX:


    Cavanaugh's problems with the run.

  4. NYUHTX:

    Corvallis seems like a great place to study for about two years. Good luck Fitou Fisiiahi


  5. 3-Prong:

    Happy Aloha Friday from Paradise! Go Wahine, one more time for Dave and Da Record!!!! Pack Da House Tonight.

  6. Brad:

    How bout dem Broncos!

    Hope we can see some of that hurry up offense from UH and execute like the Broncos did last night.

    Go Bows! Beat the Beavs!

  7. Kapahulu:

    Top Ten in Corvallis

  8. chopsueyboy:

    Went to Wahine volleyball last night.
    Son is going to UH-OSU game tomorrow

  9. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Congrats to Na Wahine and Coach Shoji on their win last night!

    GO BOWS!

  10. Rambow:

    Top ten

  11. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


  12. d1shima:

    Miss those cool, damp mornings in the PNW...a little.

    Wow! Will the team be spending any time at UofO's new football facility? No get too used to it! :mrgreen:

  13. d1shima:

    7 TD's!!! What a great way to get initiated into FFB...


  14. Naks8:

    See everyone at the game! Go bows

  15. Old School Dave:

    Interesting place, Oregon. You're not allowed to pump your own gas there. Some people passing through get taken aback when an attendant approaches them to pump their gas.

  16. haka:

    Ah, the blessing of rain,
    Like the mist that graces the valley walls of Manoa!
    The Rainbows have arrived!
    Good omen!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Go Wahine!
    Win one for the Dave!

  17. tom-warriornation:

    COME SUPPORT OUR WARRIORS-- UNLV Oct. 12 road game

    $55 each for 40 yard sideline seats BEHIND OUR WARRIOR BENCH

    $30 for great endzone seats
    UH ticket office price is $60 (for near endzone seats most likely)

    Sit safely with 300+ other diehard Hawaii fans all wearing GREEN!

    Email me: tomkitaguchi@yahoo.com

  18. tommui:


    Beat OSU!
    Beat Santa Clara!


    Congrats Dave Shoji!

  19. PurpleMaple:

    I was in Portland once. Rained 27 out of 28 days. Das why de get names like Beavs and Ducks.

  20. djmitcho:

    Happy Aloha Friday Tsaikos!

  21. oldtimer808:

    Win or lose do your best Rainbow Warriors and take it to the beavers...UH 24 OSU 17

  22. NYUHTX:

    Old School Dave: NJ is like that too. Very civilized. And the gas is cheaper than NY and other surrounding states.

    Report on Hawaii and the Mountain Waste

  23. oldtimer808:

    It will be high energy tonight at the SSC when the Wahine Volleyball plays Santa Clara. Win for Dave.

  24. Stephen Tsai:

    Well, I did get picked up at Eugene Airport by Ferd and Jamm.
    No lei, though.

  25. NYUHTX:

    PurpleMaple: Yes, you want a degree from the mainland - get a master's degree. UH is a really good university and worth staying in Hawaii for.

  26. Former UH Athlete:

    Corvallis is an ok college town. Eugene is far nicer. Eugene has Fiddler's Green, one of great golf stores in America (or at least it used to be).

  27. Boolakanka:

    ST-what's the thinking behind commuting between Eugene and Corvallis?

  28. Former UH Athlete:

    After Thursday's NFL Opener Broncos vs Ravens.... I find my fantasy team trailing 84-18. Yes, my opponent had both Peyton Manning and Demaryus Thomas. Sick...

  29. eMpTy:

    They probably didn't have enough hotel rooms for everyone in Corvalis, so the next best thing would be Eugene.

  30. gobows:

    What time is kickoff?

  31. gobows:

    5pm kickoff

  32. Leahi2:

    So Fisiiahi has committed to OSU and won't change his mind!! I understand that it rains a lot in Corvalis. Really a lot! One of their former head coaches described his team as a bunch of great MUDDERS for they are always practicing in the rain and mud. Now I've never been in that area but others from the PNW say that the days are mostly gray (overcast). It maybe okay at this time of the year but trying going out to practice later on in the season when the rains are cold. Not like Hawaii's rain where here you can play the whole game in the rain and not mind it at all. Fisiiahi says he committed to them because they came first. Well if he is that dense let him go there. We don't need poor thinkers on our team.

  33. koakane ®:

    :cool: morning 808, rainbow wahines, warriors, tsaikettes and tsaikos

    Wishing the best to :mrgreen: UH fball and soccer team on the continent. Win this for Dave ladies, make him the most winningest women NCAA vball coach and leave no doubt :wink:

    Surprisingly not locally televised :mad: since I sure if the wahines win tonight a beeeg celebration will take place after. Come on :roll: mr ad BJ make it happened, show me no tell me.

  34. koakane ®:

    gobows if not mistaken the 5pm is mainland time and 2pm time in 808 but go check'um go check'um like d1apana says............

  35. Kekoa:

    ST ~ Splash 'n Dash with the Warrior crew Blogmeister! Regards to Benny Beaver as our Defense prepares him for the 'Imu!'

  36. Wes'side Warrior:

    Morning, Gang!

    Great Game Day Eve!

    Whatever weather we play in... they in it too. No matters. Looking for us to be consistent in progress.

    Let's go, Warriorz!!!

  37. Kaipo'i1:

    Should I just call my fantasy team a lost for this week? I'm trailing 120-0, my opponent had Manning, Thomas and Welker. Raise the white flag. Can't wait for the more important game in Corvallis.

  38. 99club:

    #2 NYUHTX: Buffalo Wild Wings has the PAC-12 network on Dish if you have one near you in TX.

  39. UKU@LA:

    I'm home, had a great time at da GATE!
    Aloha from LA!

    MANEO !!!

  40. Pukalani boy:

    Lets go bows!!!!!!

  41. (Jesse)James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!!

    One Team. One Game. One Goal.

    Go Warriors!!!

  42. (Jesse)James:

    #12...D1, I think ST said on the BC show the other day that the boys would be using the Ducks facilities....with their leather chairs, big screen tvs, etc.

  43. gobows:

    mahalo koakane, misread the schedule, its 8pm ET.

  44. Old School Dave:

    I wonder if UH will also be using Utah's facilities when they spend that week on the continent in November after the USU game and before the Navy game?

  45. PurpleMaple:

    NYUHTX, Huh?

  46. d1shima:

    Mahalo (J)J.

    Again, I hope they no get too used to it over there. :roll:

  47. LizKauai:

    UKU@LA - so GOOD to see you again among da compadres... just like old times!!!

    If ever there was a time for UH sports to BE ON BROADCAST TELEVISION... tomorrow would be the day.
    Good luck to all teams at home and away!
    Happy ALOHA Friday!

  48. d1shima:

    Weather aside, the Yamhill Valley is becoming well known for its vineyards and the Pinot Noir that is being produced there.

  49. d1shima:

    ...and then there are those Linfield Wildcats! :cool:

  50. Kekoa:

    UKU@LA ~ Word on da ceded lands is...you have dryland Taro thriving in LA. The day is coming when you'll be shipping Poi & Luau leaves back to the islands!

  51. RedZone:

    Go na Wahine. Beat Oregon State.

  52. RedZone:

    Oops beat the ducks first.

  53. d1shima:

    hoping that the travellin' Warrior fans are enjoying the day in the PNW...

  54. madeinhawaii:

    Instead of fertilizer for the practice field, the Athletic Department should request all the coffee grinds from all the food service and offices at UH... Coffee grinds do wonders as fertilizer. Save money, too.

  55. d1shima:


  56. Old Diver:

    Heading off to TCF Bank Stadium home of the University of Minnesota Gophers in about an hour for a party at their field house. No game but will have a chance to walk around the stadium. Heard it's beautiful.

  57. Warrior Storm Brewin:

    Taylor Graham and the Offense did some good things against USC. Good things to build on.
    We all know the negative stuff. The good stuff is easy to miss though.

    Think of how games went in the past. Penalties, pre-snap execution, and other stuff. The Offense is vastly improved over past years in many areas. They seem more disciplined now. Even though mistakes were made post-snap, the game management by TG seemed good. He even made some heads-up plays.

    -No batted balls at the line of scrimmage

    -TG didn't fumble once

    -TG recovered a fumble
    -TG's big block on #13 during the reverse
    -TG tried to make a tackle after the pick six INT

    -No delay of game penalties
    -Only 1 false start penalty early in the game

    -Time Out's were managed ok

    -QB to RB ball exchanges seemed ok

    -TG took a couple of late shots from USC defenders and took it in stride. One shot was an elbow to the head by #94 Leonard Williams after TG's helmet came off and he was already tackled on the ground. Not cool, #94, not cool.

    -TG size was evident. After taking big hits, he just got back up for the next play. He wasn't arm tackled. No weak stuff. He even broke tackles in the pocket.

    TG is comparable in size to Ben Roethlisberger who is 6'5", 241 lbs., and Carson Palmer who is 6'5", 235 lbs. And this is probably why TG will get playing time regardless. Chow developing this young man will be good for our Hawaii program. And hopefully, some wins come as well.

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Go TG! Do the best you can! If the win comes, so be it. If not, learn and improve for next time.

  58. Old Diver:

    And but the way, I will be representing by wearing a Rainbow Warrior shirt and cap. Will be giving the regional manager a bad time about his Beavers losing to EWU last week.

  59. whitey:

    best to the rainbow warriors and wahines this weekend. you da best!!!

  60. d1shima:

    Totally forgot about Voodoo Doughnuts in PDX!

    If the Blog Host is still in Eugene he can look up Voodoo Doughnuts Three on Willamette Ave.


    Maple Bacon Doughnuts! Mmmmmm.....

  61. d1shima:

    ...aside from the obligatory Voodoo Donut and the aforementioned Maple Bacon bar, I'd suggest the Mango Tango and the McMinnville.


  62. J.V. Sr.:

    Happy Aloha Friday Everyone!

    Be Safe and Stay Blessed!


  63. Haleakala:

    That's a nice recap by Warrior Storm Brewin of the things that Taylor Graham and the offense did right in the USC game.

  64. NotNasti:

    Slappy Cakes in Portland (4246 SE Belmont St, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon) is a fun place for breakfast. Each table comes with its own built-in griddle. You choose your pancake batter and fixin's and you cook, family style. You can order regular breakfast food as well. The country fried bacon with maple syrup is . . . hmm, I can still remember the taste . . . incredible. They just opened a franchise in Lahaina. Lots of fun.

  65. Warrior Dave:

    I tried 2 times to get into Voo Doo Donuts. Once at 11:00am and again at 12:30am. Both times the line was soooo long!!! Never made it in. Life is not fair....

  66. NotNasti:

    Voodoo Donuts? Prepare for a long line. Often times it wraps around the outside of the building.

  67. Old School Dave:



  68. Former UH Athlete:

    Interesting line movement for tomorrow's game...

    Line has moved to Hawaii (+28). It opened at (+26.5), but what's interesting is that 70% of tickets are on Hawaii to cover, but the line still moved higher. Actually, the tickets were 75-80% in Hawaii's favor up until the line changed. This means that sharp money pounded Oregon St yesterday that forced books to move the line.

    Good time to take UH at 28 because it will take a lot to move the number further because 28 is a key number for football scoring.

  69. Marleysdad:

    Aloha everyone!

    I agree with warrior storm brewin, TG did quite a few things well despite the poor stats. I re-watched the game wed. night & thought that if 6-10 plays went differently UH wins 34-13.

    Everyone says that OSU will be mad because they lost...well damn it, we should be mad too. USC is exactly who we thought they were..........and we let them off the hook!

    Go WARRIORS, beat the beibers!

  70. jimmy the lock:

    What do you get when a beaver and a groundhog mate?

    Six more weeks of bad football.

  71. Former UH Athlete:

    #74... Voodoo donuts is the real deal. Might be the best donuts I've had on the west coast (back when I used to travel a lot). Make sure to go to the original downtown location.

    Regarding the lines... there wasn't any lines when I went. Just a couple people in and out... But that was before all the Travel Channel/Food Network features. So I guess I was there before they got super famous.


    RESTAURANT RECOMMENDATION: Pok Pok --- Hands down, the best Thai food in the country.

  72. jimmy the lock:

    Who is OSU's favorite singer?

    Justin Beaver

  73. Former UH Athlete:

    #62... Good analysis.... although I'm sure the negative Nancies will be out to yap at you.

    Hopefully Marcus Kemp will settle down tomorrow. He looked pretty rattled going up against a talented USC defense. He got alligator armed going over the middle and bobbled a good TG pass that resulted in a pick 6. He bobbled a 2nd quality TG throw that almost got picked off.

    Once he settles down, he's got very good potential. Showed good speed and can go up and make athletic catches. Just needs to concentrate on securing the catch.

  74. RedZone:

    At the half. UH 0 - Ducks 0.

  75. cocobean:

    OSU is going to be a bigger challenge for our defense than USC. There won't be a 12th man there cheering them on nor will they have the whole summer camp to prepare. USC played two inexperience QBs and their vanilla offense and conservative play calling reflected this. OSU with it's experienced Qbs will run a more wide open offense. It will put more pressure on our defense to be fundamentally sound and assignment perfect on each play.

    Our defense's performance against USC was no fluke. They were well prepared and fired up to meet the challenge. Hope the defense has remained humble. That their first game perfornace was fuel to make them work harder.

    I only mention this because Kaumeyer had his boys running gassers at the end of practice for what he percieve to be a lackof total effort.

  76. papajoe2:

    Watching UH Wahine Soccer vs Oregon. 0-0 halftime.

  77. papajoe2:

    Watching UH Wahine Soccer vs Oregon. 0-0 halftime.

  78. 3-Prong:

    Work almost Pau... Time to get pumped for tonight and tomorrow.

    Let's Go Bowwwwwwwws!

  79. papajoe2:

    kk~ I see da game on the TV schedule. 7:30 OC16.

  80. d1shima:

    Definitely don't wanna go to the original Voodoo ever since the Travel Channel segment.

    Voodoo Doughnuts Too is the way to go. Been there several times and never a line.
    The Hot Tip: As you are approaching roll down your windows. can smell the bacon from 2 blocks away! (Even before you can smell the dough cooking) Mmmmm.....

  81. Slugger:

    Good luck to the Warriors tomorrow!!

    Going to a friend's wedding so no can watch. No TV till end of the week until the movers get here with stuff. Back to cleaning up after the renters. Missing you guys, but loving dis place.

    GO BOWS!!! Beat da Beavs!!

  82. RedZone:

    Hawaii scores. First goal of the season. Up 1-0.

  83. NYUHTX:

    99club: Thanks, we have a few Buffalo Wild Wings here in Austin. I'll the one close to me a call.

    Wake Forest showing why so few teams use the option these days. Sure is entertaining though.

  84. Independent Thinker:

    I recently had to have one of my rental homes renovated. Called one contractor and he said it would take about 1 year to complete the project. Told him to forget it. Called another contractor and he got it done in 5 months. Excellent results.

    I have little patience for excuses.

  85. jimmy the lock:

    A Doctor still had 50 more pygmy tribesmen to see so he told his wife he will be late for dinner.

  86. Leron:

    Wahine soccer upsets the Ducks in Eugene 1-0.

  87. gobows:

    wahine beat the ducks, 1-0. ducks couldn't penetrate monk.

  88. jimmy the lock:

    Awesome game Wahine!

  89. RedZone:

    Way to go Wahine. Huge win.

  90. jimmy the lock:

    Wahine quacks the win column!

  91. al:

    jimmy...what do call a fast pordagee?

    quick silva

  92. al:

    oregon state's new mascot is...
    one giant sized beaver cleaver

  93. al:

    he walks around saying, "hey wally....um?"

  94. jimmy the lock:

    Tonto's pordagee pal...Hiho Silva

  95. Bryson:

    Hopefully our Rainbow Warriors D Can Penetrate The Beavers O...They Need To Hit Hard And Hit Fast...lol

  96. jimmy the lock:

    Hey al, did you get my post at the 2:54 pm time stamp?

  97. Down with Beaver...:

    @94: 5 months for a renovation to existing structure? I can build a house from ground up to finish in less than 5 months....you need better contractors. Go Warriors of the Rainbow!

  98. d1shima:

    That mighta been the worst 2:00 of CFB I've seen in a while. :roll:

  99. Bugaz:

    Congrats Wahine soccer!

  100. Bugaz:

    Let's go Wahine V-Bows!

  101. d1shima:

    Congratulations to Coach Bud and the FuutBows!

  102. d1shima:

    If this doesn't get any better real soon, I'm switching to HSFB...

  103. Buffoman:

    I see where the folks are wanting to make the driving tests such that folks that don't understand english can take and possibly pass the test. Question: What happens when the fellow taking the test cannot understand what the sign in the question, in english is saying? Well lets say we change that too to let the person understand what the sign is saying in their language.

    The fellow passes and gets on the road and disobeys the sign in english that says, caution: do not enter, wrong way. He does not understand, drives up the wrong way, creates an accident. He's dragged into court and then says, I did not understand the sign.

    Who is at fault?

  104. haka:

    Way to Go Wahine!
    Sweet Victory!

  105. d1shima:


  106. d1shima:

    Blowouts abound.

    Time for a beer run....

  107. NYUHTX:

    PurpleMaple: Sorry I had started a conversation and shared a link about a HI player going to OS.

  108. d1shima:

    Speaking of blowouts.

    WTH does South Carolina State's HC say in his pregame speech tomorrow? :twisted:

  109. haka:

    I hope Wahine Skye Shimabukuro and T.J. Reyno are ok.

  110. Boolakanaka:

    Any kanakas out in Portland wanting to have a great breakfast, w really good old school hashbrowns, go to Jams on 2300 Hawthorne--i have a home a couple blocks from there....you wont be dissapointed.

  111. hightide:


  112. NotNasti:

    Re VooDoo Donuts: I was there in 2011, and both the original and Too were jam packed. I tried the morning, afternoon, night, etc. Both places had lines out the door and around the building. It was during the Rose Festival, which could explain the large crowds. There is a VooDoo in Eugene as well, I heard that it's not as crowded.

  113. haka:

    I LOVE UH sports!
    Ok, headed to the SSC!
    Gotta cheer for the home team!
    And help get Dave a win!

  114. madeinhawaii:

    Wahine on the road with a big win! AWESOME!

  115. kawika49:

    Just checking in. No like jinx nothing.
    Just Go Bros!

  116. Slugger:

    Where I live I can get PAC-12 AZ & BYU TV, but does me no good for the next games. Yell for me!

    GO BOWS!!!

  117. oldtimer808:

    #116 Do you wake up every morning thinking of all the lolo comments that you seem to want to share on this blog. The wahine soccer team won today over Oregon. My mama always said if you have nothing nice to say than just keep to yourself.

  118. oldtimer808:

    keep it to yourself

  119. Former UH Athlete:

    Can any one confirm if Oregon State's fight song is "Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver" by Primus?

  120. 3-Prong:

    Off to Da Stanley. Come on Honey. Da Brews Is Waitin! We go. History happenin tonite!

  121. Former UH Athlete:

    If its not is should be...

  122. slenzi:

    Go Bows! Go Warriors! Geev'um!

  123. ai-eee-soos:

    132. Slugger: September 6th, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    Where I live I can get PAC-12 AZ & BYU TV, but does me no good for the next games. Yell for me!
    GO BOWS!!!

    eh, Sluggah - go rent one TV, for now.

  124. Ipu Man:

    Norm Chow said the Beavers are a "wounded animal" and UH will have to "kill it"...

  125. Ipu Man:

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Show them the power of The Rainbow!

  126. gobows:

    #108 bryson

    yeah, give the beavers the d

  127. gobows:

    #132 slugger

    dumb question, you have internet?

    live streaming of ALL games at sportsfeed365:


    all means all televised games, cfl, nfl, ncaa.

  128. koakane ip5:

    congrats to coach bud and rainbow wahines

    good lead in for the warrior kane's

  129. koakane ip5:

    congrats to coach bud and rainbow wahines

    good lead in for the warrior kane's

  130. mo808:

    Good Evening Folks!

    Go Wahine!! :-)

  131. mo808:


  132. mo808:


  133. Former UH Athlete:

    Here's my official picks for this weekend...

    Hawaii (+27) at OSU
    Air Force (+9.5) vs Utah St.
    Oregon (-24) at Virginia
    Arizona (-10.5) at UNLV

    Here's some other games I like but not betting...

    Florida (-3) at Miami
    Texas (-7) at BYU - I would have bet had I gotten to the book when it opened at (-3.5)
    Houston (-3) at Temple
    Michigan (-4) vs ND

  134. Former UH Athlete:

    My only worry about my picks are that I just realized I picked a ton of road teams. But that just how the numbers fell. I do feel really good about my real money picks.

  135. monclere:

    as a substitute,moncler uk, panels contain many health proteins in addition to other biomolecules with all the very excellent concentration of 340 grms for every litre. obtained meat foldable in that filled confusion is actually would-be beneath the supervision to do with professional molecules,monclers, described as chaperones,moncler womens jackets, this escort proteins and make sure those that are been created with all the ribosomes usually clump down too early (Fig. 4). (which a disparity ho

  136. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Congratulations Coach Shoji on your 1107th victory and the national record!

    You are a legend amongst legends!

  137. d1shima:

    Congratulations to Coach Shoji and all the players who did their part in setting the milestone.

  138. cocobean:

    The Rainbow Warriors football team is the undisputed King of Hawaii sports but the Rainbow Wahine is Hawaiii's most beloved team.

    Three cheers and hip hip hooray to Dave "da Man" Shoji.

  139. d1shima:

    Tamura's no mo Full Sail.

    Ended up sticking widda ol' fa'rits...two Rogue brews. Dead Guy Ale and Hazelnut Brown plus slid in one interesting bottle of imo shochu. Got there late so all the poke was put away and bruddah nevah look like bussin' em out again for 2 1/2 lb ordahs was a good idea!

    Anyway, ledda games begin!

    Let's Go Bows!

  140. Buffoman:

    Coach Shoji is going to be tough to replace. What an accomplishment for coach and all of the folks who played a big role in this achievement.

  141. kruzen:

    congrats to the RW Soccer & VB.

    also to coach shoji for his accomplishment.

  142. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!

    Rise and Shine!

    It's Saturday!

    Go Bows! BEAT da Beevahs!

    Yeehah! :-)

  143. mo808:

    Epic win last night for Shoji & Wahine!

  144. koakane ®:

    morning mo808

  145. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


  146. d1shima:

    Let's Go Bows!

    Let's Go Bows!

    Let's Go Bows!


  147. d1shima:


    Apologies to erryboddy's neighbors.

    heheheh :twisted:

  148. 3-Prong:

    Most Wins By Division 1 Coach....CHECK!

    Now Upset Da Beavers......Let's Do This!

  149. 3-Prong:

    ..............and Da Bruins.....Check and Check!!

  150. Slugger:

    Mahalo for the hints 'n tips to get today's game, but I'll be attending a wedding at Bedrock City at 5pm game time. Yabba Dabba Doo! Near Valle on the way to the Grand Canyon. No reception & I don't want to be dork on my cellphone during the ceremony. :) Internet service coming on Tues. & TV on Friday. Will just have to catch up with the game later & hope & pray for a Win.

    GO BOWS!!!!

    Congrats to Shoji on the wonderful record! Wish I could have been there.

  151. Slugger:

    ...and Good Morning to da gang! Love you guys. I know you'll be screaming & cheering.

    Hi, ST! Thanks for the pics & reports!

  152. kawika49:

    If its Tuesday (according to the Tsai Calendar) it must be Saturday. Do do do do do de looo.
    Okay, threw all my Calendars away last week. After Maistro Tsai, told me that Thursday was Saturday.

  153. koakane ®:

    have a gr8t day everyone

    let do this rainbow warriors can if no can still can

    enjoy and go bows

  154. Kapahulu:

    Attended the UH Wahine Soccer win at University of Oregon.
    Facilities are amazing. The Football, Baseball, and Soccer Fields are all next to each other.
    Big win for the Rainbow Wahine team. Congratulations!

  155. Wes'side Warrior:

    It's a Happy GameBirthDayST kinda day!

    Let's go, Warriorz! ST needs to bring home a sweet box of donuts with a "W" on top!!

  156. Wes'side Warrior:

    Gratz to Wahine Soccer and Volleyball!

    Gratz, Coach Shoji!!!