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Demo, OSU player suspended

September 10th, 2013

Special teams coordinator Chris "Demo" Demarest and OSU running back Jovan Stevenson received suspensions following video reviews of a second-quarter incident in this past Saturday's game in Corvallis, Ore.

The Mountain West suspended Demarest for UH's Sept. 21 road game against Nevada. (UH has a bye this weekend.) He is allowed to coach in practices.

The Pac-12 suspended Stevenson for the first half of OSU's game against Utah this Saturday.

Stevenson was found to have violated the "targeting" rule when he delivered a late hit on UH's Trayvon Henderson following an OSU punt return. Henderson suffered a concussion and did not play in the second half — a key loss  because Henderson and Charles Clay were filling in for injured safety Marrell Jackson.

Demarest was suspended for yelling at Stevenson. The MWC ruled that Demarest's actions were "inappropriate."

* * * * *

On the field, Kala Latuselu was a tough-as-sugarcane running back who welcomed blocking linebackers.

Away from the game, Kahuku High coach Reggie Torres said, "He was just a great person. Everybody liked him."

Latuselu was a star back for the Red Raiders. Latuselu, who was born in Tonga, then spent the next two years working while trying to earn a green card necessary to play for the Warriors.

In 2005, Bryan Maneafaiga and Latuselu were projected to be the thunder-and-lightning tandem in the Warriors' one-back offense. But Nate Ilaoa, who had been put in timeout because of weight issues, seized the opening-day start. Latuselu played in three games that year, and then prepared for a post-football journey.

He was an artist who specialized in wood crafting and, eventually, an aspiring short-film maker.

Latuselu recently died. He is survived by his wife and children.

"He was full of love," former UH teammate Chris Williams said. "He had a smile you'll never forget. He always had love for people."

On his Google account, Latuselu wrote this on his profile:

"My birth name is Vakautakakala Latuselu. People have found out that 'Kala,' which is the last four letters of my name, is much easier to pronounce (than) saying my whole name (altogether). It's always good fun to watch and hear people from all walks of life attempt to say my name. Most people mean well, and some just clowns around with the (pronunciation). I would rather you call me 'Kala' if it makes your life easier. Easier said (than) done. Thanks for being a friend."

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