Demo, OSU player suspended

September 10th, 2013

Special teams coordinator Chris "Demo" Demarest and OSU running back Jovan Stevenson received suspensions following video reviews of a second-quarter incident in this past Saturday's game in Corvallis, Ore.

The Mountain West suspended Demarest for UH's Sept. 21 road game against Nevada. (UH has a bye this weekend.) He is allowed to coach in practices.

The Pac-12 suspended Stevenson for the first half of OSU's game against Utah this Saturday.

Stevenson was found to have violated the "targeting" rule when he delivered a late hit on UH's Trayvon Henderson following an OSU punt return. Henderson suffered a concussion and did not play in the second half — a key loss  because Henderson and Charles Clay were filling in for injured safety Marrell Jackson.

Demarest was suspended for yelling at Stevenson. The MWC ruled that Demarest's actions were "inappropriate."

* * * * *

On the field, Kala Latuselu was a tough-as-sugarcane running back who welcomed blocking linebackers.

Away from the game, Kahuku High coach Reggie Torres said, "He was just a great person. Everybody liked him."

Latuselu was a star back for the Red Raiders. Latuselu, who was born in Tonga, then spent the next two years working while trying to earn a green card necessary to play for the Warriors.

In 2005, Bryan Maneafaiga and Latuselu were projected to be the thunder-and-lightning tandem in the Warriors' one-back offense. But Nate Ilaoa, who had been put in timeout because of weight issues, seized the opening-day start. Latuselu played in three games that year, and then prepared for a post-football journey.

He was an artist who specialized in wood crafting and, eventually, an aspiring short-film maker.

Latuselu recently died. He is survived by his wife and children.

"He was full of love," former UH teammate Chris Williams said. "He had a smile you'll never forget. He always had love for people."

On his Google account, Latuselu wrote this on his profile:

"My birth name is Vakautakakala Latuselu. People have found out that 'Kala,' which is the last four letters of my name, is much easier to pronounce (than) saying my whole name (altogether). It's always good fun to watch and hear people from all walks of life attempt to say my name. Most people mean well, and some just clowns around with the (pronunciation). I would rather you call me 'Kala' if it makes your life easier. Easier said (than) done. Thanks for being a friend."

130 Responses to “Demo, OSU player suspended”

  1. haka:

    Go Warriors!
    Go Wahine!
    Go Hawaii!

  2. haka:

    Rest in peace Kala.

  3. Naks8:

    Sorry to hear the news

  4. tunaluvr:

    Top ten

  5. Buffoman:

    He sounds like a terrific young man and it is sad that such a person has a life cut short. Rest in peace.

  6. d1shima:

    RIP Kala Latuselu.

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  8. Marleysdad:

    Top 10.......

    RIP Kala. A friend of a friend, gone too early.

  9. warrior650:

    Sorry to hear this. Best wishes to his family.

  10. koakane ®:

    morning :cool:

  11. koakane ®:

    Happy Birthday Big Hilo Fan 2!

  12. tommui:


    "No man is an island,
    Entire of itself,
    Every man is a piece of the continent,
    A part of the main ..."

    Rest in peace, KALA.

  13. GreenMachine:

    Condolences to the family.

  14. Independent Thinker:

    Condolences to the Latuselu family. RIP Kala.

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  16. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Condolences to the Latuselu ohana.

  17. (Jesse)James:

    Condolences to the Latuselu family....RIP.

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

  18. J.V. Sr.:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Our Hearts and Prayers go out too the Latuselu Aiga, Ohana, Family.

  19. J.V. Sr.:

    R.I.P. Kala.

  20. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    RIP Kala. Prayers for all.

  21. primo123:

    R.I.P. too young to go.....

  22. leron:

    Rob Demello reporting that Special Teams Coach Chris Demarest is suspended for the Nevada game for "inappropriate actions" during the OSU game.

  23. NotNasti:

    I think he "went off" after Trayvon got blindsided.

  24. madeinhawaii:

    What happened here?!/news-detail/mw-13-uh-footbl-suspension_09-10-13_fj3h7q

  25. Inyoface:

    I think he snapped at Gant

  26. madeinhawaii:

    Ah!.... probably it.

  27. leron:

    He got in the face of the OSU player after the incident and the two kept yelling nice things to each other. Was separated by the referee.

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  29. Keleguen Binadu:

    So Coach Demo gets suspended and the OSU player who blindsided Treyvon gets nothing?

  30. Jack Flash:

    RIP Kala Latuselu.
    Can Demo still coach from the booth at the Nevada game?

  31. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    was the hit legal or illegal/suspension worthy?

  32. (Jesse)James:

    Wait? Why was Demo suspended? Isn't a first offense punishable by reprimand???

  33. papajoe2:

    Condolences to the Lataselu ohana.

  34. papajoe2:

    Demo was suspended by the MWC and NOT Coach Chow.

  35. papajoe2:

    Maybe he and UH got enough time to appeal since we have a bye week.

  36. haka:

    Coach Demo's actions are probably not what you want from your coach when you preach discipline and control of your emotions, but the players know he got their backs. I think the special teams may be extra special against Nevada.

    I agree with the Hawaii coaches that the OSU player should have been ejected because the hit was not only late, but the trajectory and intent is what they are trying to eliminate in football today.

  37. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Heartfelt condolences and prayers for the Latuselu family.

  38. 3-Prong:

    In Lihue for business. Any good lunch recommendations?

  39. d1shima:

    Sorry 3-Prong. Been awhile since I been to the Garden Isle.

    Mebbe LizKauai or Stretch can help.

  40. Leron:

    And the late hit gave our player a concussion and took him out of the game. Bothered more when they show the guy who made the late hit laughing on the sidelines after.

  41. haka:

    and didn't he fist pump with another player?

  42. papajoe2:

    #36 haka~Even the commentators said that the player should have been ejected.

  43. Haleakala:

    That is unfortunate about Coach Demo. But it shows that he really cares about his players.

  44. papajoe2:

    Sorry my #42 would be more like could've ejected or something like that.

  45. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Prayers and condolences to the Latuselu family.

    Happy birthday, BHF2!

    Coach Demo just backing up his boyz. That OSU punk should have been ejected. Just a little bit of sugar coating.

    And I just wanna know...

    "What do YOU do to look good"???

    Have a great day, Gang!

    Heal up, Warriorz!

  46. Old School Dave:

    Condolences to the Latusela family. RIP, Kalu.

  47. Marleysdad:

    Regarding that play, if I was the coach, I would have sent in a reserve to do the same. Either target his head or his knees. Sometimes these football coaches need to grow some nuts & do what baseball coaches would do. How dare you target our player & then go celebrate it?

  48. greenthumb:

    Condolences to the Latuselu family. Sounds like this young man gave thought to priorities both on and more importantly off the field.

  49. d1shima:

    Fellow Tsaiko, K. Mark Takai is asking a question on Facebook. If you are not able to respond there I'm pretty sure the Blog Host won't mind a few responses here.

    Q: any ideas on how to get more fans in the stands for UH football...

    Before everyone says they just need to win (that's the obvious)

    I'm looking for some great creative ways to bring people back to Aloha Stadium. Let's hear it!

  50. RedZone:

    If they want to stop it make it a 15 yard penalty plus 2 points.

  51. jm2375:

    Howzit Tsaikos!

    Condolences to the Latuselu ohana.

    Happy Birthday, bhf2!

    So, was da zebras from da Pac12?

  52. LizKauai:

    Heavenly Consolation to the Latuselu Ohana...

    Re Mark Takai's question... High plane fares put a damper on my attendance this year.
    I call it Superferry fallout...
    Plus, my home away from home is now in Flagstaff... :mrgreen: It was a great ride while it lasted!

  53. haka:

    yeah, now that you mention it, they did.

    simple math really...
    concussion + suspension = 15 yards

  54. Marleysdad:

    Best way to get people back is to get rid of the security at the gates(this isn't the airport), cut concession prices in half, get rid of the ushers blocking every entrance. Make it easier for late coming fans, there is almost no parking for them. Some how entice the fair-weather fans back. Say what you want but we need them too, plus some may become true fans over time.

  55. Ilio:

    TV showed the OSU player celebrating and laughing on the late hit with his teammates right after the play. Pac 12 should suspend him 1 game.

  56. Whats up:

    Yep, probably not the best thing to do as the older adult/assistant coach! But the players know he's got their back and the players will run through walls for him now! Plus one game suspension is worth it if it motivates and inspires the special teams players to take it to another level upwards. But Demo better not touch another official again or he might be permanently suspended. Because Coach Demo is a Great Special Teams Coach and Hawaii will lose it's East Coast connection recruiter and one of the best recruiters on the staff, Period!

  57. rage777:

    I have said this before, but I will say it again. If you want STUDENTS to come to the games, then you need to get them involved. Let the architecture students design something and build it in Aloha Stadium. Let students think of creative ways to do advertising or something. Have engineering students design some canon that blasts UH shirts into the crowd or a halftime UH robot.

    If you want the people of Hawaii to come to the games, then you need to get more local players on the field. If their are more local kids on the field, then the parents, uncles, aunts, former high school teammates, etc will come. I think Coach Chow is doing a good job here, but it could be better. Maybe the Star Advertiser can do more player bios of the players, so the everyday people can see what kind of students are playing.

    The main thing is to get the people connected to the players. If you feel connected, you will want to see them succeed.

  58. A-House:

    All I could see through my binocs were bodies everywhere on the sideline with much forward surge by the UH players - shucks only saw the replay last nite on inside the line show. Must have been PAC 12 refs as they didn't call many holding penalties against OSU even one where our DE is tackled right in front of the head ref and 3rd and long play went for 1st down. ah. life on the road.

    I don't know what ST is talking about when he says 10xs better than UH - we were sitting an aluminum benches - however, the upper levels had theater style seats - just like Florida, Colorado, West Point, etc. the closer you are to the field, the harder the bench seats!!!!!!!!!! oh, Pauley Pavilion too!!

    But, I did not see inside the "athletic facilities" such as the players lockers. We did go inside the "rainbow boutique" and it was huge, but wait, the book store occupied the other half of the building - must say, they had many, many items to sell.

    Since school had not started, they called on the "alum" band and nearly 110 showed up to play. Understand they practiced for 2 hours on Friday and an hour before game time.

    Getting "voodoo" feeling, so aloha to work and hello to my bed!

    One good thing was flying home with the soccer team - many tall players, of course I'm short, but they were bubbling over when we congratulated then on their wins. As one assistant coach said, we should give Chow some pointers! Not bad, 3 - 0 against the PAC 12 with the preseason victory over USC at home.

  59. A-House:

    Masaboy's observation at the game: Hawaii must have the oldest fans in the NCAA while other schools have tons of the students and younger grads at games who will stand and cheer.

    Yep, it will take many more generations before, if ever, Hawaii can match the football fans at games.

  60. Keleguen Binadu:

    I mean this in jest.

    But if one needs to come up with an idea: Shut/Close everything and anything that takes attention from football game game day. No hikes, no beach, no concerts, no parties, no housecleaning, no laundry. Make it mandatory for each local household to send at least one family member to attend at least one game.

    My point is this: Despite any creative marketing strategies, nothing short of demonstrable success will bring people back. Sad but true. Even, if we just played with hope to score/win each game, that just barely keeps the butts already attending, return for the next game.
    Marketing hides the obvious solution, in this case. Any marketing strategy is only a temporary band-aid to the problem at hand. And really, we're just preaching to the choir.

    People show up for the Wahine VB games, because they win and are exciting to watch.

  61. Keleguen Binadu:

    Refs of the OSU game were MWC refs.

  62. haka:

    Re: Increase attendance

    Maybe prize giveaway's might help if allowed. Forget the halftime and third quarter games. Everyone loves even the potential to win something. Obviously, you can't lose money giving things away, but certain items like ipads, touch pads, smart phones and accessories are cool items to win. A few thousand dollars a game in giveaways might spur increased attendance for all demographics. I know if I were a student, I would certainly like the potential to win something like that. This would probably have a bigger impact for student attendance at the SSC. Of course profitability for a student ticket may be minimal, but it still may warm the seats. Forget the tee shirts and give me technical gadgets!

    Ok, just a random back to your regular programming.

  63. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    I think there are cultural factors going on here that's affecting attendance too. UH is a commuter school. The local people in hawaii tend to revolve around their high schools, not UH, as a way to identify themselves and where they're from. Even during the colt brennan years (arguably one of the most successful eras in UH football history), the stadium was rarely sold out, and it seemed like the general attitude (hard core fans aside) was "we're doing great... but i know the other shoe will drop soon," and when they lose, everyone goes "i knew it. we suck." UH football becomes an extension of how we view ourselves and hawaii in relation to the mainland.

  64. 3-Prong:

    Garden Isle BBQ and Chinese Restaurant, mixed plate, hamburger steak, teri beef, and curry stew under $8 and ONO!

  65. 3-Prong:

    .....back to regular programming.

    Let's Go Bows!

  66. Buffoman:

    I think Johnny #63 has some truth in his statements. That being said, if UH wants hardcore fans, they need to do what they did not do when there were 40k + in the stadium. Both the UH and stadium authority probably believed that this would be an ongoing thing and forgot how to continue to cultivate that connection between fan and team.

    They separated the "haves" from the "have nots" by what more one could pay for parking. They figured, why have the Saturday be an event for the families, cut it shorter and we can make more money by bringing in the swap meet and the beat goes on.

    Slowly, people get fed up with the situation and drift away not to be replaced by a new fan base. Then along comes pay per view.

    You still have fans but why hassle with what was taken away when you can stay at home, albeit for a steep price, and be a fan, on now it's at a distance and without the hassle.

    To get a new fan base you would probably have to entice them with incentives to put up with the high price of attendance and the parking hassle, rude stadium personnel and a struggling team. If you pay to get them to come, (incentives that become regular and expected), you realize that the prizes will have to get bigger and better, right?

    Things at the stadium have to become more user friendly, family friendly, less cost prohibitive, an event and maybe, just maybe you'll get more new fans in the stadium. Oh, and have a competitive product on the field. Tomey showed us it did not have to be overly exciting, just really competitive.

  67. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I know it was wrong but Crazy Demo is too awesome for me to not like. The guy is just plain nutz.

  68. haka:

    Congrats Monk!
    Monk Berger Named CS360 National Freshman Of The Week!

  69. d1shima:


    I knew you would come thru! :-)

    Eh gang,

    Guud job so fah...keep the ideas coming.

    K.Mark has been quite responsive in the past when interacting with the Tsaikos. No guarantee that he can get your idea done but it won't fall on deaf ears....

  70. Whats up:

    Shut everything down on Oahu, what you think Hawaii is Alabama or Texas or Florida? Those type of States take Football very serious, it like a religion. But Hawaii just doesn't take it's sports teams very serious overall. Even Hawaii high school football is not as serious as it is in other States. But that doesn't mean the attitude of taking Hawaii Football can't change, it's going to take a lot of winning games, BCS type Bowl wins and consistent play. I use Boise State as a example because they went from FCS to BCS buster consistently over the past 10-11 years and they benefited from it. It takes winning and a lot of it to change the hearts and minds of the the people everywhere Mainland and Hawaii. Until then, don't expect much from anyone, not many people like or support failure or losing in sports unconditionally.

  71. bowwar:

    I agree with Buffoman, we need to make Aloha Stadium more "fan friendly." I don't know why Takai is asking, as the answer has been the same for "forever" about the poor parking situation at the stadium...Until they can make attending games at the stadium a "less painful" experience, fans will continue to avoid going to the games. Maybe, they need to crack a deal with the military to allow parking on Ford Island for games and to give more incentives for the military to attend games. The food prices in the stadium are ridiculously high, but its "on par" with the mainland stadium prices...Lastly, they should end "pay per view" if they want "live attendance" at games. Have "black outs" unless the game is sold out or have "tape delay" for TV.

  72. WarriorNY:

    Biggest Condolences for the Latuselu family... If Once a Warrior, You're always family... My Deepest Condolences...

    RE: Increasing attendance...
    I haven't got a clue how to increase attendance but everyone else's suggestions seem pretty good.

    However, I think something just as important would be raising Hawaii's profile nationally... This can only be accomplished if ESPN/FoxSports/(any nationally televised network) is involved with our games... UH has a time slot that no one in the country has. That has to be valuable. Even if they throw it on ESPNU I'm sure there are enough folks out there that would rather watch a live game than some replay of some crap teams... If UH wants to keep PPV, just Blackout the broadcast in Hawaii... People just want to watch football..

    There can be so much national recognition gained even if our team is bad...

  73. Independent thinker:

    I agree with the poster above who said play more local players. To get local butts into the stadium, there must be a local connection. Kahului v St. Louis can pretty much fill the stadium. Get more Kahului and St. Louis players and you will get larger attendance.

  74. Independent thinker:

    Kahuku. Damn autocorrect.

  75. SteveM:

    RE: Stadium Attendance

    Below is a letter I wrote to Ferd Lewis in response to a column about sagging attendance. The letter is dated Jan. 4, 2006 -- note that ST's Warrior Beat blog did not start until July 2006 and the Tsai-kos formed up in early 2007. When BG and Kazz (Kevin) organized the first Tsai-ko tailgates, I was back in the stadium again in 2007 with season tickets through LizKauai.

    Oh, and the games used to start at 7:30 pm in those days... tailgate dinner and a game. :)

    [to Ferd Lewis, 1/04/2006\
    I appreciate your columns examining the lack of attendance at UH football games. Admittedly, I have not gone for almost 20 years but went avidly for 20 years before that.

    I remember when...

    1. The stadium tailgate party was the place to be. Be very offended if your family or friends didn't invite you and ask you to bring something. The stadium was the "in place" on a Saturday night. Bring the guests from out-of-town.

    2. Aunty M and niece N didn't know the difference between a first down and touchdown but went to every game to cook the food and cheer the team.

    3. Not all of us had tickets to the game, but usually walked to the box office between pupu's and dinner.

    4. People used to go early in the afternoon to stake their same spot so the friends and relatives could find them for the tailgate party. All the early people knew each other and eventually shared food, opinions, and companionship. The original block party?

    5. Who were 2-6 'Bows (Warriors) going to lose to tonight? No matter ... we went every game night anyway, had a major social event and cookout and maybe went into the stadium.

    Then, I remember when...

    a) The hours of arrival/parking were pushed back to accommodate the swap meet vendors staying longer. No time for tailgating.

    b) hibachi fires, etc. were banned and the tailgate/sunset dinner atmosphere faded.

    c) More stadium rules and regulations. Not an "in" place anymore. Uncles and Aunties stopped buying season tickets. I stopped buying tickets.

    I now watch every UH football game on TV. There is little joy in being herded in and out of the stadium parking lot for the express privilege of viewing a sporting event in the weather. Would I go to a game now? Certainly... if Aunty is cooking again and the old gang is going... I must go, whether I want to or not

    Maybe things can't change, but going to the stadium (and game) was once a major social gathering which spun the turnstiles even in losing seasons.

    (signed) SteveM

  76. Marleysdad:

    Good news, that OSU punk is suspended too.

    Demo suspended for yelling seems steep. According to the MWC code of conduct, first offence should be public reprimand. Did they already give him scoldings in the past?

  77. rage777:

    I forgot to mention that the football players need to go out into the community. Maybe attend high school football games and sign some autographs.

    Also, I think every student athlete should be attending other sports to show them support. I love when I see the baseball players attending volleyball games, volleyball players going to football games, etc.

  78. rage777:


    Nice letter, I agree with those points also.

  79. rage777:

    Also, stop putting "premium" fees on everything and raise prices with inflation, not just because the university is broke. Maybe their should have been better forecasts for the coming year, or better money management instead of raising prices constantly, by 10%.

  80. Marleysdad:

    SteveM, those were the days. I met my current tailgate crew(what's left of them) probably in the late 70's as a kid just throwing a football with some other kid in front of gate 8. After playing around, they invited me to grind with them. Now we're all hanai family, 30 something years later.

    What a great event Saturday night used to be. Win or lose, we got our booze! haha

  81. Ipu Man:

    Rest in peace Kala. And may your family find peace, too...

    As for increase attendance...
    Make the stadium a not-for-profit entity and charge a buck per game...
    And yes, bring back the hibachi and free parking.
    Dare Ya...

  82. 99club:

    Great letter, SteveM. Reminds me of what happened to the Hawaii Islanders. At one point near the end the parking got to be more expensive than the game tickets.

  83. (Jesse)James:

    "Mountain West Sportsmanship Rule 4.4.3. That rule, which involves “Obscene Gestures and Language,” is as follows:

    4.4.3 Obscene Gestures and Language. An individual who uses obscene gestures or unduly provocative language or action toward a game official, Conference personnel, another institution, a student-athlete or personnel of another institution, coach or spectator shall be subject to the following penalties: First Offense. Public reprimand. Subsequent Offenses. Suspension for at least two contests and public announcement through standard Conference channels. The penalty shall not exceed one season of competition. Statute of Limitations. An individual penalized for obscene gestures or language shall have his/her record expunged one calendar year from the date of the latest offense, provided that individual has no further offenses during that time period."

    So, if a first offense is public reprimand, why is Demo suspended?

  84. (Jesse)James:

    Bring back the Kazoo giveaways.....Ooops....just kidding....LOL :-)

  85. Buffoman:

    Here's something that maybe could have been (bit far fetched, really).

    If the stadium folks had opened a lot for overnight for R/Vs.
    If Superferry had a bit of a longer run

    we may have had an opportunity to build a statewide following.
    we may have saved superferry (I used and liked it)
    we may have started R/V sales in Hawaii (who would have thought)

    that would have been fun to see neighbor island folks coming in on a friday, parking their R/V in a special lot and prepping for a Saturday evening game. We could have engaged a lot more folks who would never had thought about coming in from the neighbor islands (cost for hotel, air, etc. vs superferry)

    Heck Oahu people may have thought about getting an R/V to go visit the Big Island, Maui or Kauai (if Superferry had been able to go full service).

    Could have been different. Could have done it for all UH athletic activities.

  86. haka:

    Ha! JJ,
    Kazoos would probably lift the entertainment level with fan participation!

    Bowzoo day!
    5000 kazoos!
    Would be great fun at The Stanley!

    Will I ever grow up?

  87. madeinhawaii:

    Do they still have the Swap meet on game days? I didn't think that they did, anymore.

  88. Jack Flash:

    SteveM- you should send that to K. Mark Takai. It still applies today. I remember when the tailgate portion was just as fun (if not more fun) than the game itself. Rude stadium security and obsessive rules have ruined it.

  89. RedZone:

    Dump the current food vendors and have an Eat the Street at games.

  90. haka:

    Sorry, but can't stop getting the band and 5000 kazoos playing Hawaii Five-0 at The SSC out of my head.

  91. WarriorNY:

    Completely non-football related....

    Tomorrow is 9-11 12 anniversary. Please keep all of those who lost their lives in your hearts and your thoughts...

    Aloha from NY...

  92. SteveM:

    RE: my #75

    I feel bad I did not show more support for the team in the letter to Ferd, but we were addressing low attendance by fans. ST and the blog has brought the players to the forefront, and now I support and appreciate their efforts more.

    I go along with "support the team" more now, but the factors that brought my friends and relatives to the stadium (and tailgates) long ago is still the underlying issue. Also the game start time changes killed the dinner and carnival atmosphere of the evenings.

    The 2:00 pm start time in the August-October sun certainly "killed" old aunty and uncle, who passed away to PPV heaven. If early game times are due to national broadcasts, expect 30+% lower turnstile count and hope the TV money covers the difference....or maybe allow small umbrellas again.

    ...and I exaggerated to Ferd...I mostly did not attend games in the last 20 16 years at the time of the letter. :|

  93. observation only:

    how to get fans in the stands?

    as stated earlier, locals need a connection. we need more local players playing. as someone stated, you get aunties , uncles , friends, h.s. teammates, fans supporting h.s. players they have heard of etc , etc. And that is Hawaii. we all stick together. Us against the mainland attitude.

    also, make it easier to park. dont know how to do it, but traffic and parking are horrible. and enough with the pay for parking.

    also, open ALL gates early.

  94. Hank:

    Half a game is like no suspension. He's laughing it off. A Target hit that causes a concussion can easily cause more than losing half a game playing time. No balls.

  95. Buffoman:

    I think if Rep. Takai looked at all of the suggestions he would find a singular theme in all comments. The "FUN" has been taken out of the UH football experience. That means from arrival until departure the elements that were once there when the stadium was packed have been taken away and with it the fan base has been eroded.

    Steve M made a great point. Back in the day the record was not the driver that got people to the event, it was the anticipation of a positive experience being fulfilled.

  96. Hank:

    Demo loses a whole game and the criminal gets a half that fair?

  97. haka:

    Yelling is obviously twice as bad as causing bodily injury.

    I sure wish my mother knew that when I was getting lickings.

  98. SteveM:

    As far as I know, no swap meets on game day now. I suspected that moving the game time to 5:00 pm or earlier helped justify suspending the swap meet on game day. We got back the tailgate time but ... what a odd time. :(

    The hibachi's must have allowed again in the years after my 2006 letter, and the curfews are a little later now, I think.

  99. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    That's one of the best ideas I have read so far.

  100. Haleakala:

    WarriorNY: I'll remind your teacher about that.

    It must have very special significance for you since you are right near the memorial site.

    The 9/11 Memorial is beautiful and touching.

  101. RedZone:

    #99 last year when I caught the bus to go to one of UH games there was another group of people gathering to board another bus. The sign at that bus said Eat the Street. I talked to one of the persons who was going to that event and I have to tell you that the temptation to hop on that bus was strong.

  102. RedZone:

    For fans of coach Bud and the soccer Wahine she will be on the radio in about a half an hour from now.

  103. GreenMachine:

    Only winning brings back fans. Even then, only some, but perhaps attract new fans. Tough to compete against TV where people can party at home with friends and family.

  104. eMpTy:

    I'm from the outer island so this won't apply to me, but they should reward season ticket holders by discounting their season tickets by how long they have them. It makes sense to me that you reward the faithful and they will keep coming back. Don't know anything about parking.
    Go Rainbow Warriors...

  105. oldie:

    How to get more fans into Aloha Stadium for Rainbow Warrior games:

    I've stated this before, but no one seems to like the idea (at least haven't seen this occurring too often):

    Invite some of the great high school bands to participate in the halftime show. This was done frequently long ago and was very enjoyable to see. I've been told that the UH Band needs to perform. Great. If so, have the high school band and UH Band work together. The high school band members will more than likely force their parents to attend. Makes a great opportunity to expose the high schoolers, their parents, and maybe even grandparents, aunties and uncles to the experience of watching the Rainbow Warriors live. May make them lifelong fans. Seems like a win-win to me.

  106. 3-Prong:

    3-Prong would also like to report a pretty good happy hout at Robs Good Time Grilli in Lihue. 3.25 drafts and a killa smoke meat pupu. Chee. Back to da city.

  107. Stephen Tsai:

    For the amount of money spent, UH does a horrible job in crisis management. It should have issued an apology from Demo. It doesn't have to be sincere, it's about portraying the high road. It's so bizarre to always go into hiding. Now a one-day story is stretched over three days while UH is pressed on who's Demo's replacement and whether he'll travel to Reno.

  108. Ipu Man:

    Here's an idea to seriously consider Mark Takai:
    Pacific Business News reported Honolulu had over twenty thousand
    businesses with over fifteen employees. For the cost of doing business
    in Hawaii, have them each buy a season ticket (or two...). They can use
    it for themselves, or for employee motivation/reward or for customer contests.

    Also, have the University give "credit" to football game attendance...

  109. Ipu Man:

    "credit" to the students...

  110. Ipu Man:

    Give the businesses a tax credit, too...

  111. UH4eva:

    ST. UH does not do a good job of doing positive PR putting closure to negative issues.

  112. Ipu Man:

    Work with the Japanese Travel Industry for UH football game packages.
    Bring them in by the planeloads especially doing the September slow season...

  113. el burro sabio:

    I don't think that punk from Oregon St is going to apologize, and neither should Demo.

  114. Wassup:

    Crazy thought regarding attendance... Rebuild fan base by having all games broadcast like the K5 days of old. (No pay per view). Fans are able to associate with team, and may be more inclined to go to games. I may be wrong, but doesn't it seem that attendance began to decline after the games stopped being broadcast by k5? Just a thought...

  115. A-House:

    Just my opinion:

    yes, it would be nice to see more "local" players in a game PROVIDED they are better than any other player at that position.

    suspensions: seems the MWC is more concerned about "it's image" than the injury to the player - who gave the 1/2 game suspension to the OSU player? school? MWC?

    game attendance: no question that a certain assistant AD did not help matters when it came to cheering at the stadium or SSC - what a damper! seemingly endless regulations did its part to lower attendance; what about cost/choice of food inside the stadium? many college stadiums on the mainland allow food/drink into the stadium - why is Aloha stadium so different?; what about drunk control?; PPV?; time of game contributed? - how much? - Hawaii fans are spoiled with the late starting time, but bad for those who work on Sunday or have young children; etc, etc, etc.

    What I found exciting during the late sixtys and through the early eighties was the exciting brand of football played by UH - play hard, but clean;

  116. Hendo:

    I used to go to every game from the 70s to the early 90s. Only stopped going because I had to relocate overseas and then to the really Big Island of North America for my job. Back then, I remembered the games used to pack 40K plus all the time. There was no PPV then. If you didn't go to the games, you could only listen to them on the radio. I also remember, as students, we'd have to camp out overnight to get season tickets. Other than lack of student interests, increases in season ticket and parking prices and lack of a better W-L record, I can only suspect that PPV has been a major factor why attendance is now so low. Even under the heydays under JJ, I don't recall the stadium being as packed as during the days before PPV. I can understand why PPV, even as expensive as it is, could be more a cost effective and more convenient way to watch the games, especially from the ease and comfort of your own home. At least on the mainland, I can usually watch the games on cable TV or online, without having to resort to PPV. But I still miss the great tailgate parties we used to have during the day.

  117. mo808:

    Good Evening Folks!

    My sincere condolences for the Latuselu family at the loss of Kala.

    I like demo, glad he can still be allowed to coach--I hope this doesn't add more un-necessary distraction for the team.

    Happy Birthday Blessings to BFH2!

  118. mo808:

    ^^^correction: Big Hilo Fan2!

  119. SteveM:

    Happy Birthday BigHiloFan2 !!!

  120. LizKauai (mbp):

    How does that work... the targeter gets a 1/2 game suspension for causing a brain injury and the coach, in defense of his injured player gets suspended for a whole game.

    I truly am losing interest in football. I am happier watching dancers.
    God Bless.

  121. Pomai:

    One bottle of water wholesale cost = .25 Stadium price = 3.50 any questions???

  122. Bugaz:

    Stubblefield, Sanchez, and Noga would be a nice package deal!

  123. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Saw Coach Jones eating "dinner" at 10:00pm...Wearing his work clothes. Had a nice albeit short convo with him. He's a very nice guy even though I could tell he was tired he took the time to chat a little and say hi.

    These coaches must literally live at work.

    My guess, Nevada is our breakout game. #Trust

  124. Old Diver:

    No coach is allowed to confront and swear at the other teams player. This is true at every level of sports. If a coach has a problem he or she needs to talk to the refs or the other coach after the game. Coaches have been banned from leagues for doing so. This is not a simple, he was defending his players. This is about using proper judgement and sportsmanship. Demo is lucky he was not fired.

  125. Think2Much:

    Bring fans to stadium: Which fans do you want? The rich, middle class or the poor? Many families, just because they have a family, can't really or shouldn't really bust their budget by entertaining themselves with a UH football game despite the exciting experience. They can't afford it. And it really should be a family/group activity since the total cost is so expensive it would be selfish for one or a few to go without the others. If it were affordable, poorer families would go. Don't make supporting UH football an elitist activity. Find ways of bringing down the cost.

  126. dannyp:


    We have zero shot at getting Noga.

  127. NorthShoreFan:


    Try family plans...$40.00 for family of 4, $45 for 5, $50 for 6 etc...

    single seats...$15.00... of course you seat them where you want them to sit...where the empty seats are...

    As far as the concession can do nothing...they got one captive crowd so only thing to do to bring prices down is to let people bring their own snacks in...competition brings prices down and the concessions will get more creative in their selection of snacks...right now it sucks!

    If the prices don't work, then you out the $'s but you out the $'s any way....if it works then at least you got some $'s where you got nothing for empty seats...many of the Tsaiko's have been singing this song for a while. Time for the man a the top to listen...Tsaiko's to the rescue!

  128. NorthShoreFan:

    I find it difficult to believe that all these marketing experts can't think of any thing. Makes on wonder what they get paid for....
    Let the marketing students take on the project and the teachers just shut their mouths. I have some faith in the kids.

  129. Maddog50:

    Put a winning team on the field and support follows. All other suggestions have validity...was at the game at OSU....offense painful to watch except for the drive----that being said this team and program under Coach Chow and staff definitelY on the rise. Both of these games could have been much closer and even winnable....when did that last occur this early....very impressed with the wIth the way the defense fleww all over the years past some of their plays would have been large gains...not a lot of worthy insight but you can tell a psoistive difference in personnel and just get that O to execute....I look forward to the Nevada game with keen memory of last year----Go Warriors

  130. Slugger:

    Condolences to the Latuselu ohana.

    Good morning, gang!