September 11th, 2013

Chris "Demo" Demarest's arms will flail, his body will gyrate as if a centipede were crawling on his back, and his voice will reach jet-takeoff pitch.

And that's how he is when he discusses his favorite restaurant.

What makes him "Demo" — what makes him a good special-teams coordinator — is the passion that he brings. While his face might turn red and his language blue, there's no malice.

And that's the irony of Demarest's one-game suspension for his animated protest of what he believed should have been a targeting penalty against an Oregon State player. In the debate over the targeting rule, it was argued that the penalty is based on intent more than action, and that an ensuing suspension brands the player. While the OSU player, who was issued a suspension yesterday following a video review, made a bad decision, it does not mean he's a bad person. Unfortunately, there is a stigma with being suspended.

For Demarest, there are now scarlet-letter consequences. The suspension labels him as a person to watch in games and video reviews. The official sanction is a one-game suspension, but make no mistake, Demarest unofficially will be on a season-long probation.

* * * * *

No official announcement, but Demarest is expected to make the trip to Reno for the Sept. 21 game against Nevada. He is allowed to coach during the walk-through and conduct meetings, but will remain in the hotel during the game.

* * * * *

The Warriors will practice today and tomorrow, then stage an intrasquad scrimmage on Friday.

135 Responses to “Demo”

  1. bowlute:

    numero uno?

  2. 3-Prong:

    Support for Demo!

  3. bowlute:

    I support Coach Demo! He motivates and backs up his players, what player wouldn't run through walls for a coach like him? Go Bows!

  4. Old Diver:

    Demo has a history of questionable behavior. He should not be put on a pedestal for his actions.

  5. haka:

    The MW officials may make it a point in finding Demo, but I certainly believe he will not be any different than the demonstrative, fiery coach that he is. The players love and respect him and that is all that matters. Go Coach Demo!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    And remember...

    Live, love and laugh because everybody wants happiness and nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

  6. haka:

    I do not find what Coach Demo did questionable at all. All the coaches and players were yelling. Coach just articulated with a little more verve and vulgarity is all and the player deserved it! The real questionable behavior here is the PAC 12 governing body and the cupcake penalty it handed down.

  7. tom-warriornation:

    Support for Demo; that OSU player should be suspended for the entire season. Our group of 47 fans will be there in Reno behind the Warrior bench for support of the team! You can still join us--call me at 415-385-1462.

  8. Hank:

    You go Demo.

  9. Bugaz:

    Demo was standing up for his player that got assaulted, and I feel he would be the guy that stepped up for any person getting assaulted on the field or not.

  10. RedZone:

    Did Dave Reardon make a huge booboo? I thought Kama Pascual scored the first goal of the season against the Ducks on Friday not the Beavers on Sunday. Tiana Fujimoto scored the winning goal on Sunday against the Beavers.

  11. Bugaz:

    People are just showing support for Demo's actions, there is no pedestal. This is not Mr Football and the Heisman.

  12. Jjay:

    Old diver turn on your oxygen. Demo cares about his players. He should have restrained himself a bit more and will do so.

  13. Independent Thinker:

    Demo is a bad Mofo. Reminds me of Lyle alzado. A little too hyper. Makes you wonder if something is going on in the background.

  14. JLO:

    He is not the first coach to get excited over a bad call this will blow over , he is a great guy and very inspiring.

  15. Maddog50:

    Although I am all for a coach with emotion and great coaching relationship with his players but it is no different when your actions hurt the team.....this will have minimal effect until game somebody has to coordinate the ST at the game. I sure he regrets the outcome but not the action. All I want is for this team to come together and avenge the loss of last year and get on a winning track.....this will happen if the offense performs and keeps the defense fresh for some stops....I like our chances....Go Warriors-----

  16. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Never forget.

  17. d1shima:

    As long as the team "Demo's" the Wolf Pups then it's all good.

  18. d1shima:

    Did someone say "scrimmage"?

    What time Friday?

  19. Independent Thunker:

    Independent Thinker is a bad D-bag. Reminds me of a narcissist. Makes me sure there is something going on in the background.

  20. Old Diver:

    No one is saying the Oregon State player should not be punished. We must in turn be responsible for inappropriate behavior by our guys too, especially someone who has a history of this type of behavior.

  21. Steve P:

    I saw that hit, it was intentional, vicious and completely uncalled for. And he's only suspended for a half a game? He should have been ejected and put on a probation which would entail pulling his scholarship if he repeats. Coach didn't do a damn thing that the rest of us would not have done if we had been standing there. The kid who was hit has a concussion...I mean Judas Priest what kind of show is the MWC putting on here?

  22. Inyoface:

    Hopefully we can score multiple TD's on offense next game. Come on!!!!

  23. helencalif:

    #4. Old Diver is right. Demo has a history of abusive behavior. To mitigate jail time he took anger management counseling. Rutgers fired him anyway. He has a history at UH for a short fuse with his own players. It is possible there were reprimands for abusive behavior at practices which is why the OSU incident was a game suspension and not a "first time" reprimand. I think he has been on a Watch List for some time.

    ST is probably very correct when he said, "Make no mistake, Demarest unofficially will be on a season-long probation."

    College football today has no tolerance for Woody Hayes' type coaches. The best thing Chow could do for Demo and for UH is to tell Demo he needs to renew his anger management counseling.

  24. Warriorfan:

    Stephen Tsai

    On 9/8/13 blog post # 269 you wrote - Its a beautiful thing when I know the identity of posters. Especially when one critic is a former coach.

    Did this coach just post this morning? I thought that this person was really the coach's father/family member from previous posts this person makes here and on WSN.

  25. haka:

    He has a history at UH?

  26. haka:

    IT are you suffering from the effects of too many concussions?

  27. koakane ip5:

    morning yu'all

    take some time to remember the 9/11 victims

    happy bday to my dotta

    need kope

  28. Inyoface:

    That's not the real IT

  29. haka:




    Small kine are we.

    Let us never forget.

    9/11 forever.

  30. haka:

    29, rojah dat

  31. Inyoface:

    Chehoo cuss chehoo

  32. Think2Much:

    Two ipads with data plan. Skype or equivalent. Demarest in the hotel room with one ipad and the other one is on the sidelines at the game. He can still yell at his players! Just keep the door closed.

  33. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    Being a fiery, emotional coach has its upsides and down sides. I'm sure Demo will do better.

    The Washington player should have been ejected. Even the HC was furious. At the end of the day, coaches have to take responsibility for their players. The OSU coaches should have yanked that player from the game.

  34. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Never forget.

  35. Independent Thinker:

    @29 Funny who so few can tell the difference. This is either saying a lot about others or about me.

  36. A-House:

    switching sides for a moment

    who would you pick as the top 12 na wahine VB since 1974 - 2 for each position?

  37. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    First of all, Happy Birthday to "Tats", equipment manager for Wahine softball.

    Re: targeting penalty - from NCAA website:

    A new football rule going into effect this season requires players who target and contact defenseless opponents above the shoulders be ejected. The change increases the on-field penalty for targeting by adding the automatic ejection to the existing 15-yard penalty.

    The rule, passed by the Football Rules Committee in February and approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel in March, addresses the committee’s concern about player safety by taking more measures to remove targeting, or above the shoulder hits on defenseless players, out of the game.

    The rule in football means that discipline for players flagged for violations will mirror the penalty for fighting. If the foul occurs in the first half of a game, the player is ejected for the remainder of the game. If the foul occurs in the second half or overtime of a game, the player is ejected for the remainder of the game and the first half of the next contest.

    In an effort to address concerns when one of these plays is erroneously called on the field, the ejection portion of the penalty will be reviewable through video replay. The replay official must have conclusive evidence that a player should not be ejected to overturn the call on the field.

    Additionally, a postgame conference review remains part of the rule, and conferences retain their ability to add to a sanction.

    I think BC mentioned that the suspension for the 1st part includes pregame warmups.

    Remembering 9/11 with this song:

  38. tommui:


    In the case of IT, "if a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer".

    Which could mean that his thoughts are independent, or he is hearing things ... but then Hitler, Stalin and even "Mr. Football" thought he was right and everyone else was wrong.

    'nuf said

  39. jm2375:

    First half, not part. :oops:

    Mr. A-house - #37 - too many great ones through the years to pick!

  40. La Voz de Reason:

    If Demo was like this while going 0-2, wait until 0-8. Keep him away from sharp objects.
    "He is allowed to coach during the walk-through and conduct meetings, but will remain in the hotel during the game." Some poor room service guy is about to get his ass chewed out.

  41. al:

    "the pot calling the kettle black"

  42. al:

    39...and its off beat.

  43. koakane ip5:

    ditto jm# happy bday to tats good bruddah even if he grad from kalaepohaku

  44. Warrior Storm Brewin:

    The Coach Demo suspension is rubbish. It was a special teams play. That's his squad out there. He was standing right there when his player got targeted by #19. I would expect any coach worth his salt to react the same way. Stevenson caused a defenseless player to have a concussion. Then laughed about it on the sidelines. Concussions are serious injuries. #19 Stevenson is a punk. Nothing more.

    I read that Coach Riley benched Javon Stevenson for the rest of the game, citing costing them a possible halftime lead, pushing them out of field goal range. Uhhhh, not because it was a completely dirty play and the Hawaii player was injured? One can only speculate.

    Still, could Riley have suspended Jovan Stevenson after reviewing the video? Of course. But I haven't read anywhere that he did. And maybe this is why.

    Not sure if it was mentioned here yet, but Coach Mike Riley's daughter Kate has a son with Jovan Stevenson.


    [There has been an added joy for all of late in 15-month-old Eli, the son of Kate and Beaver cornerback Jovan Stevenson. Active little Eli is the apple of his grandparents’ eye.

    “One of the most wonderful things ever,” Mike Riley says. “At first, it was hard to imagine being a grandfather, but all of a sudden, when that happens, he becomes the center of our life.]

    links with pictures:

  45. WarriorMojo:

    Re #23 from helencalif

    First, let me say that I hope things are going well for you and your family. David was one of my favorites.

    On the other hand your description of Demo's history seems irresponsibly exaggerated. Based on my understanding, Demo did not ever face jail time. The counseling was undertaken to get the charges DISMISSED, not to avoid jail. Big difference.

    Also, saying it is "possible" that Demo was reprimanded at UH is the worst kind of innuendo. ANYTHING is possible. That doesn't mean those things are certain. It is "possible" Indolent Thinker will say something intelligent. Certain? No. Likely? No. Possible? Yes, though (extremely) unlikely.

  46. WarriorMojo:

    #10 Redzone

    You are correct. Did Reardon say something else? I haven't read my paper copy yet, but the online version seems correct. Was it corrected?

  47. helencalif:

    #46. I don't think I exaggerated. Go read the various articles about the situation. He was arrested; more than one article reported the judge sentenced him to anger management counseling so the charges were dismissed. I guess I misinterpreted the news articles and assumed that when you are arrested and charged with something, you do face arraignment on those charges, and possible jail time if found guilty. As you say, it did not go that far. The charges were dismissed because Demo did agree to and went to anger management counseling. Because the charges were dismissed, does not erase the fact he was arrested for behavior requiring anger management counseling.

    It is a fact that Demo was suspended and not reprimanded for the OSU incident. It is a fact that ST reported

  48. Na Koa Mike:

    The 9/9 Na Koa Lunch Report is up.

  49. Independent Thinker:

    Tom, as a member of the bar and as a retired family court judge, I expected more from you. Goes to show sometimes you can misjudge others and sometimes we give too much credit to those who do not deserve credit or the respect previously accorded them. You now remind me of former family court judge lee. The infamous judge lee.

    For the most part, in the past, you stuck to the topic of this blog. UH Football. No personal attacks. Today, you could not resist and yielded to temptation - you finally relented and jumped into the mud pit with JMIA Criminal, WarriorMojo, and all the other Koresh disciples who post here.

    It's all good. You are, after all, human like the rest of us.

  50. for the record:

    Warrior Storm: Riley did not bench Stevenson. He was playing in the fourth quarter; even carried the ball once for one yard.

  51. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I love the energy and the passion that Demo brings to the program.

    Ever heard him at a Na Koa luncheon? He could sell anyone sand at the beach. It's not a surprise that they let him have at it on the east coast for recruiting purposes. His contacts and personality are a good match there.

    At Nevada we turn it around. #trust

  52. helencalif:

    #48 continued ... that ST reported at the beginning of the blog today that Demo will be watched and that it is a season-long probation. Why do you think ST thinks this "first time" incident would warrant a season-long probation?

  53. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Suspension was handed down by the MWC, not UH.

  54. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    I guess it would be like if someone is wronged by Guy X, or that person thinks they were wronged by Guy X , that person pretty much forms an opinion of Guy X from that point on regardless of anything else.

    That person ends up viewing the Guy X with different colored glasses.

    Human nature I suppose.

  55. d1shima:


  56. (Jesse)James:

    Good morning Tsaikos....Happy Birthday to all the B-Day peeps today and those I missed the past few days....

    As for Demo, I can't speak about his past so I don't know about any other instances...but for this particular incident, I support him 100%.

  57. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    any branch davidians here? nope. just checking.

  58. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    IT: a more likely explanation about tommui (who you just put his actual identity on blast for all to see, which isn't cool at all), was that he was just tired of your crap.

  59. broke:

    The NCAA is broken. Demarest gets punished while Manzel thumbs his nose. Control is more valuable than the game itself. This is pathetic.

  60. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    mountain west punished demarest, not the ncaa.

  61. Slugger:

    Morning, gang!

    Support for Coach Demo. I woulda been yelling at the OSU player too.


  62. Whats up:

    What I find interesting is that watching ESPN and reading sports- The New England Patriots are concerned right now because after 4 preseason games and 1 regular season game the New Patriots WR Corps and Tom Brady are not in sync and are not putting up the numbers they had before. Thats 5 live games and the Patriots Stud QB Tom Brady is still having trouble getting in sync with his new WR. So I get it, it's going to take some time for Taylor Graham and the WR's to get on the same page too and for the WR's to toughen up to catch everything thrown there way.

  63. (Jesse)James:

    #63....That's why Bill Belicheck is on the "Hot Seat" in New England....No production from his offense....MWAHAHAHHAHAHA :-)

  64. Former UH Athlete:

    Just looking at Nevada vs Florida St Saturday... It looks like its going to be ugly. The FSU QB is pretty awesome and Nevada's defense is pretty bad. End result is an opening 33 point spread and has already moved to 34.

    Not to mention FSU had a bye week to get ready and its the home opener for them too.

    Fresno travels to Pac12 bottom feeder Colorado. Should be a good barometer to see how good Fresno St really is. If Colorado hangs with them for most of the game, then I have to believe Fresno is overrated. The offense looks good, but the defense has been very shaky. They gave up 51 to a non-explosive Rutgers team and 25 to a hapless Cal Poly. Fresno is favored by 10 on the road.

    That being said, they probably will are one of the top 2 teams in the MWC because they can outscore anybody.

  65. Former UH Athlete:

    63... The Patriots should have gone after Devone Bess when he became expendable at Miami. He's sure handed, and is excellent at getting open in tight spaces, and would have been a perfect fit in Belichick's offense. The Pats signing Amendola was a mistake because he'll be lucky to play 8 games for them. Danny Amendola's bone and muscle structure is as sturdy as Rold Gold Pretzel.

    Re: Bess... I know the Browns are a pathetic organization, but Bess is starting and had 10 targets from Weeden in week 1. So I'm happy he's figures into Cleveland's game plan and is getting a chance to play a lot of snaps. Just would have loved to see him in New England where he could have been a major factor.

  66. cocobean:

    Two things you got to love about IT. He never makes personal attacks and he can always find a negative way of viewing things.

  67. Manoa Mist:

    There are ways to deal with punks in games. We once had a notorious punk playing against us in hoops. Notorious. We all pointed the brother out to each other, and we all agreed he would not be getting a layup this night. His first attempt to got for the hoop, five guys tackled the dude into a concrete wall and his game was over.
    UH should of done the same. Point out the offending dude, screw a play and take the dude's head off, break his leg, his neck, you get the point. You don't make your point screaming like a baby, you take an eye for an eye.
    Have a great day!

  68. RedZone:

    Warrior mojo I have only read the paper which is delivered to my home every morning.

  69. tommui:

    #50 IT

    Well, when I do comment, it is under my own name.

  70. jeezy33:

    66. Miami traded him so New England could not get him.

  71. CJ:

    I think you need a guy like Coach Demo on staff. I agree that he should be punished, since coaches need to be held to a higher standard. However, that's one as a head coach I would gladly take. Coach Chow can't do something like that, but the players know that Coach Demo truly cares for them. Small price to pay for the trust and loyalty that builds with your players. I think a one game suspension would be appropriate for the OSU player, but I'm glad he did get some punishment.

    Go Bows!

  72. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Hope things are going well for you all!

    Coach Demo, keep doing what you're doing.

    Now that my car's alternator is on the way... I run over a cardboard box that was flying around on the H-1 this morning, damaging a splashguard in the front passenger wheel well. Figures... this car is jealous and greedy... always wanting more attention and money!

    And looky what I found in my news box:

  73. Hilo-Warrior:

    I 100 and 10 percent back coach Demo. I would love to play under him hands down. He demands a lot because he knows you can give it. But at the same time I would expect my coach to step up for me just like I step up for him.

    As a former coach I probably would have gone to lengths near his because the officials need to understand the severity of the action.

    Before I saw the replay on the pac12 network I thought coach D got on the player for the hit. Not getting after the officials which is a whole different situation.

  74. Former UH Athlete:

    71. All Belichick had to do was make an offer. Given that Miami didn't need Bess, the price wouldn't have been that high. Maybe a mid to late round draft pick.

    Bess' contract could have been a factor. Not sure if Bill would have gone for Bess' 2013 $2.68 million + needing to sign an extension. They wouldn't waste a draft pick to acquire Bess, then let him walk after one year.

    Oh well, Bess is doing fine and getting paid. Happy for him.

  75. bowwar:

    TMui: I respect that you put your name out there whenever you state an opinion...The IT has an opinion, but no integrity.

  76. broke:

    hmm thought MW was part of the NCAA. They must have their own cabal.

  77. Independent Thinker:

    @70. Good for you tom. Cheer cheer, good chap. Good for you. Reassemble your weapon and continue.

    Re: UH football. All I said earlier is that Demo's move was gangster (or, substitute here, the move of a real MOFO), a synonym for gangster. This comment, apparently, upset those fixiated with every comment I make. Too bad. If Demo was going for the "I am a bad azz MOFO" reputation, it worked.

    I agree with the posters who said we need to make sure our coaches set good examples. We understand how Demo felt, but he needs to keep in mind he is representing the state of Hawaii and the university and he must therefore act accordingly.

  78. dannyp:

    The last time the Dolphins traded a slot to the Pats....Wes Welker happened. No way they would let that happen again.

  79. Former UH Athlete:

    FYI Bess signed a 3 year extension worth $11.5 million, with $5.75 million guaranteed. Upon his arrival in Cleveland.

  80. Independent Thinker:

    @76. Tom is retired, and I am not. I am a litigator, and Tom is not. Get the point?

    What does any of that have to do with UH football?

  81. Derek:

    I just hope and pray that St. Juste and Woosley have an excellent scrimmage on Friday so they can open some eyes. We need some gamers on offense to help our overworked defense.

  82. Former UH Athlete:

    79... that's true, but they traded Welker because he didn't do anything for Miami and figured New England wouldn't have much use for a short, white slotback only usable on 3rd down situations.

    That's why they are the Dolphins.

    I hope Bess has a career year to show Miami they let another quality WR slip away.

  83. NotNasti:

    Tommui, I think "Hitler" and "Stalin" references is "going there," and in hindsight, something I hope you regret writing. It's one thing to "spar" with fellow bloggers in the blogosphere, but to compare IT to infamous war criminals IS hitting below the belt. And IT, to personally call out Tommui the way you did was also below the belt.

    In this instance, Tommui = OSU player, and IT = Demarest. Both of you should be suspended by the conference commish (ST).

  84. d1shima:




  85. Former UH Athlete:

    82. I think St Juste is explosive. He's not a good enough blocker at this point so that's mainly why he's not getting more snaps. I too would like to see him get more touches. I hope Chow gives him enough touches to keep him happy and not transfer because he's currently the #3 RB (#4 once Iosefa comes back).

    Lakalaka is a very solid RB in my opinion. Lakalaka/Wily/St Juste are going to be a force once the Oline gets better in the coming years.

    The problem is that if the line can't open holes, none of the RBs will do anything. At least Lakalaka can smash his way forward for a couple yards after contact.

  86. WarriorMojo:

    Everyone can decide for themselves regarding Demo's prior incident. Nothing to be proud of, of course, but it's not Sandusky level either. I don't know about any other incidents, but based on this account, I don't understand the demonization.

  87. bowwar:

    As ST has pointed out recently, its too bad that recently, some folks have turned this blog into a forum into a very unpleasant experience. As ST has also indicated, many female posters have gone away because of it...Too bad...

    Having an opinion is one thing, but having a personal agenda is another...

  88. WarriorMojo:

    Meant to add that the incident in question occurred six years ago. He apparently did whatever was required as penance. Why are we still holding this against him? I honestly don't get it.

    And for the record, I am not an apologist for anyone. I had serious reservations about Colt, initially, and was one of the vocal ones against Mack trying to establish ties with the UW rape coaches. In Demo's case I just don't see the fire behind this smoke.

  89. jeezy33:

    FUHA, I'm a Miami fan. We would not have traded Bess to a team in our division like the Patriots. They already screwed up before by trading Welker to them... We traded Bess for nothing just to make sure Patriots didn't pick him up

  90. RedZone:

    New Englands loss (Wes) has become the Broncos gain. So far he has become along with Julius Thomas Payton's go to guys.

  91. bowwar:

    FUHA...I agree, I hope St. Juste gets more touches...If anything, maybe he can do the KO returns and have Gant concentrate on catching balls.

    You're also correct, any of the running backs would look good if the offensive line opened holes to run through...

  92. Independent Thinker:

    I would actually have more respect from myself if I was actually just trolling, because at least I am consciously acting in an antagonizing, condescending way on purpose to get my jollies. If not, then I'm really just an arrogant narcissistic person that shoots from the hip, personally attacks people who disagree by saying they putt from the rough, and then try to reprimand them when they get tired of my antics by saying "stop personally attacking me. stick to UH football." And the real kicker would be, I know not what I do! People get mad at me and I don't understand why! I'm always right!

    Must be more Koresh disciples out to get me. Reassemble your weapon and continue. Back to the billables for me!

  93. bowwar:

    Mojo: I agree, I don't believe its correct to hold Demo's past against him...especially give the time and supposed rehabilitation that had taken place. I personally would have done the same thing Demo did at the OSU player given the circumstances and the wicked hit on one of our players...

    Interesting tidbit on Riley's connection to the OSU player...I would think that would be interesting table-talk at the family table after the game.

  94. WarriorMojo:

    A litigator, huh? And having to deal with billables, so you must be working PI defense or corporate (doubtful).

    Or perhaps collections? Landlord tenant? Subro, lol?

  95. bowwar:

    I hope Billy Stutsman gets back onto the field...He may not be tall or fast, but he is "sure-handed" and runs good routes...Graham needs to have a "go-to" receiver he can feel comfortable with.

  96. Independent Thinker:

    Congrats to Bess! Always like to hear good reports about UH alums!!!

  97. bowwar:

    Our slots and tight-ends also need to be "hot reads" for Graham to run "drag routes" to dump off whenever there is a blitz or rush. I hope it all comes together at Nevada.

  98. NotNasti:

    We need to fly Bess down on a bye week for him to teach our receivers a thing or two about catching the football, hard work and humility.

  99. David Koresh:

    Yes, Independent Thinker. Congratulations to them all!

  100. al:

    wm...its sour grapes if you ask me. too bad people do that.

  101. Independent Thinker:

    D1 carried water for K Mark yesterday, and that was a good thing and I said so. As a result of that exercise, everyone contributed positive ideas yesterday to the issue how to put more butts into those seats.

    Dont see anything negative with that. Hope K Mark can do something with some of those suggestions, many of which were pretty good.

  102. tommui:

    #84 Notnasti

    My apologies to you and to anyone who thought that I was comparing IT to Hitler or Stalin.

    I was not - poor choice of wording but all I was saying was that lots of people think that they are right - even Hitler and Stalin - but thinking that they are right doesn't necessarily make it so.

    And so, sorry to IT and Notnasti, whoever you might be behind those identities, if I have offended you.

  103. David Koresh:

    tommui, my son, apologies are not necessary. Is it a crime to call out d-bagginess when d-bagginess is present? I contend that it is not, and in the world to come, these issues will not matter because they will no longer be present. As Independent Thinker has said, there are many of my acolytes on this discussion forum. Come, join us. Let us talk about UH football, but also, let us talk about the doctrine of The House of David.

  104. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    don't apologize to no one.

  105. NotNasti:

    Tommui, I was not offended. But I feel that there are others who may have been offended by the comparison. IT disrespected you as well. I show all judges, active, per diem and emeritus, respect. Once a judge, always a judge.

  106. Independent Thinker:

    Having given due consideration to the report and recommendation of the special master appointed by the commish to make these recommendations (see notnasti @84), and good cause appearing therefore (see tommui at 103), I move at this time for an order from the commish allowing and requiring the release of large quantities of blogosphere-alocohol to be served in the blogosphere so we can all move forward.

    Apologies, Judge Mui.

  107. PolyMom:

    Tommui, you are an incredible man, husband, father, true friend and loyal Warrior fan. You have nothing to apologize for. I totally understood your comment. What's right is right. What's wrong is wrong. And you are a man who represents everything right!

    When a person like IT has to post such comments about self pleasure you are dealing with a sick and lonley individual. Unlike you this troll post behind a hidden name. Coward.

    And to ST, I give you credit for this forum. Unlike Dave Reardon, no one can post to his BS he writes.

  108. Buffoman:

    Terrific. Real gentlemen of strength. That was greatly appreciated, now back to our team!

  109. Warrior Dave:

    This suspension for Demo is bogus. Chow was just as animated after the in incident. I'm glad Chow and Demo went off. It shows me that they really care about our Warriors.

    As for the OSU player receiving a 1/2 game suspension, guess Johnny Manziel set the presidence for suspension. He should have been thrown out and multiple suspension for the hit and behavior after. THUG!!!

  110. willieboy:

    kinda interesting how Jovan Stevenson is Coach Riley's own daughter's baby daddy......

  111. NotNasti:

    The 1/2 game suspension was levied pursuant to the penalty prescribed by the NCAA for "targeting." It seems light, given the fact that Trayvon suffered a concussion, the very injury sought to be avoided by the offense committed. Maybe a 1/2 game suspension is not a sufficient deterrent.

  112. Haleakala:

    There are problems with the USC team. No one is happy with how their first two games went. They are starting to have dissension in the ranks.

  113. OC Warrior:

    Just an interesting note, even with Washington State's high powered offense, UH has the only touchdown against the USC defense. Yes, I know it was late but I guarantee you that Coach Kiffen did not want us to score on them!

  114. Warrior Storm Brewin:

    MWC is trying to save face by making UH look bad. Pac-12 suspended Jovan Stevenson, but MWC refs didn't eject him. That's a failure of proper officiating.

    Any admission by the MWC that their Ref's missed the ejection? Nope.

  115. cocobean:

    Wish everyone would lighten up. IT know any good litigator jokes?

  116. koakane ®:

    celebrating all that is rainbow wahine and warriors

    One day after earning Big West Defensive Player of the Week honors, University of Hawai'i women's soccer goalkeeper Monk Berger was named National Freshman of the Week by

  117. al:

    107...nicely done. make mine a shot of patron, sea salt, and a fresh lime wedge.

  118. cocobean:

    A day late and a dollar more butts in the seats.

    For my age group (60+) CONVENIENCE not cost seems to be the main factor in not attending any more. Drive, park, hike to your seats, stand in line for food and toilet vs pay per view in the CONVENIENCE of your own/friend's home. I still attend games but my friend and I are the last of a bunch that totaled over 30 season ticketr holders.

    For familes with school age kids COST and scheduling conflicts (athletic events/practices, school function, etc.) are two major factors for not attending. Something can be done to lessen the cost aspect but what can you do about scheduling conflicts?

    For students, under 35ers and singles WINNING ( and I mean winning big) seems to be the most important factor in attending or not. In lieu of winning free beer and wet t-shirt contests between qrts are the only things I can think of to increase attendance for this group.

  119. The Pillar:

    cocobean wants a joke?


    There's your joke.

    Why some of you kiss that jerk's butt is beyond me. He's a complete arrogant tool. He's not a friend of this blog. He's not a friend of UH football. He will always have a complaint, missing the big picture every time and always have fact-free comments.

    Hitler's idea of creating the perfect race was to kill millions. So to build something up, you have to destroy something else.

    So in IT's twisted mind, to build up the UH football Program, you have to destroy Norm Chow, the coaching staff, and any players he doesn't like.

    Ok, Hitler, errr IT. Whatever you say. Now go play with your toy Panzers.

  120. tommui:

    Monk Berger - you the best!!!

  121. Inyoface:

    I hope we can at least get into field goal range in the next game. It sets up a pace and momentum for the offense to score more throughout the game.

  122. cocobean:

    The Pillar.

    Lighten up. I asked IT in a very facetious manner and in a kiss-a manner.

  123. cocobean:

    ...and not in a kiss-a manner.

  124. oldie:

    When listening to Demo speak, it's easy to feel his passion for football. Asked why he came to Hawaii, without hesitation he says, "Coach Chow". Hope he decides to stick around a lot longer. We need coaches like him.

  125. cocobean:

    IT, Steve, CG have/had a knack to piss some people off.

    From my point of view they're impatient, post before they think, hit first then ask ?s later, try to portray themselves as something they are not.

    Being an avid reader of this and many other blogs I amazed how some blog personality types can provoke such animosity yet keep right on posting. Thick skinned,arrogant or clueless I don't know how they are. my twisted sense of what's entertaining and what's not, I find it funny at times what they post(did he really say that about....) and the responses they provoke. Almost like watching the bad guys in wrestling egging on the crowd. Before anyone says anything I know the villians in wrestling are actors playing a role while the irksome ones here arenot.

  126. WWF:

    Too many bloggers getting personal with their posts. We should all take a deep breath and realize that we are all UH football fans wanting our team to win, but with different insight and opinions on how that happens.

    We all need to understand that everyone has an opinion, and that everyone is entitled to having one. Kind of like an anus, it stinks but everyone has one.

  127. Derek:

    I am shocked that Jesse Sapolu was not one of the finalists for the Polynesian Hall of Fame.

  128. Rodney King:

    Why can't we all just get along...

  129. Rev. Al Sharpton:

    What? Jesse Sapolu not in the polynesian hall of fame? that's racist!

  130. UH4eva:

    Old driver... what questionable behavior are you referring to with Demo. Can you be specific?

  131. madeinhawaii:

    Rev. Al Sharpton:

    Maybe Jessi Sapporu sounds too Japanese ... ;-) I'm sure he'll get in eventually.

  132. Lone Wolf:

    Jesse Sapolu is one of the organizers you idiots.

    Hawaii fans are the dumbest on the planet! How in the world do you natives ever get on the internet from your grass shacks is beyond me. Ha!!


  133. d1shima:

    No need for the Internet to still be able to imu one dog...

  134. nanakuli:

    Coach Chow would be a good coach if he was up in the box. Thats how Notre Dame beat Hawaii with Charlie Wiess in the box for the Hawaii Bowl.

  135. Maddog50:

    Hey 133....goin to the hospital two weeks-----keep your crap outa here---