Ahead game

September 14th, 2013

Hawaii football fans should have reasons to be optimistic following yesterday's abbreviated version of the Scout Bowl.

Running back Diocemy Saint Juste, who started as a way to get live reps, opened with a 65-yard run for a touchdown. It confirmed what everybody already knew: Saint Juste has that special second-gear burst that portends a solid future.

Ikaika Woolsey, who was 9 of 13 for 143 yards, also is progressing well.

Tight end Josh Long showed he is 100 percent. Long suffered a concussion from a skateboard accident in June. Being allowed to skip training camp helped him completely recover. He said he is find, and is using this redshirt season to develop.

Two transfers — linebacker Jeremy Castro (UCLA) and receiver Quinton Pedroza (Utah) — also made big plays in the scrimmage. Castro made a backfield tackle on Saint Juste. Pedroza scored on a 65-yard play.

* * * * *

• Diocemy Saint Juste rush 65 yards for TD

• False start

• False start

• Ikaika Woolsey complete 10 yards to Duke Bukoski

• Woolsey complete 24 yards to Bukoski

• Sainte Juste rush for minus-4 (Jeremy Castro)

• Willis Wilson rush for 0 yards

• Woolsey complete 7 yards to Bukoski

• Woolsey incomplete to Max Broman

• Woolsey incomplete to Quinton Pedroza

• Woolsey sacked for minus-5 (David Manoa)

• Jason Muraoka rush for 2

• Jason Muraoka rush for minus-4 (Deon Leatimua)

• Woolsey complete 2 yards to Muraoka (Leatimua)

• Woolsey incomplete to Pedroza

• Muraoka rush for minus-3 (Leatimua)

• Woolsey complete 65 yards to Pedroza for TD

• Woolsey complete 0 yards to Bukoski (Barry Higdon)

• Woolsey complete 22 yards to Josh Long

• Josh Gonda rush for 0 yards

• Woolsey complete 6 yards to Broman

• Gonda rush for minus-1

• Woolsey complete 11 yards to Ammon Barker

• Gonda rush for 0 yards

• Woolsey intercepted on dropped pass

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