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Sunday ramblings

September 15th, 2013

• Head coach Norm Chow today reiterated that the players injured in the Oregon State — Brenden Daley, Trayvon Henderson and Kawika Borden — should be ready to play in this week's game against Nevada.

• Still, there is no timetable for the return of receiver Allen Sampson, who still is not 100 percent from a hamstring injury. Sampson could be an option as a kickoff returner when he heals.

• The schedule could have been a lot tougher for Nevada. It initially was scheduled to play Oregon last week. That would have meant playing UCLA, Oregon and Florida State before facing UH.

• Punahou defensive end Canton Kaumatule , who is only a junior, lived up to his billing. Recruiters are pleased that he has two younger brothers.

• While the athletic department is set to take over the RainbowTique stores — think more Under Armour products — the next step is the most important. The department needs to either control the H logo or get a better cut of the rights fees. That's the difference between writing/producing a song and singing it. Negotiations are on-going.

• The Good Neighbor — A-House — spent a lot of time and his own resources creating rock gardens at UH. It's a shame that people are "borrowing" the rubber borders. I'm sure they'll return them.

• There reportedly is a large amount of money authorized to help turn Klum Gym into a training center. Not sure what that would entail, but it does rain a lot in Manoa.

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