Time to rock in Boulder

September 19th, 2013

The blog host doesn't get a vote.

But if he did, he would mark, "Heck, yes!" on the Proposition 10/19 question: Should the Rainbow Warriors accept an offer to play Colorado in Boulder on Oct. 19?

First, it's football, and playing one more game is better than staying put at 12. I mean, face it, how thrilling was last week's bye? Paint the town beige, anyone?

Then there's Colorado's latest offer of a $600,000 appearance fee.  If we were to minus travel, hotel and food costs, that still would leave more than $300,000. That's a lot of bagels, fruits and nuts for an athletic program that threw a news conference to announce a $150,000 donor.

If I were UH, I'd even knock off $100,000 in exchange for round-trip charter flights. It still would come out ahead, even if the team stayed at the Four Seasons.

Of course, the tsk-tsk folks will argue that the players will miss too much school time. But will they? This year, the Warriors are leaving a day later than they did last year. They are on track to miss 12 1/2 school days, including the week they will remain on the mainland between the Utah State and Navy road games. If they were to get a charter flight  to Boulder, they could depart on Friday, missing only one full day of school. So, yes, they would miss Friday's lectures. But let's not pretend we really care if a player misses an extra day of classes. Coaches care. Parents care. Players probably care. The rest of us? Not so much.

Take the game. Take the money. Then close your office doors, shut the blinds, and do the celebration dance because this is indeed a much-neeeded windfall.

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  1. 99club:

    Not to mention the great breweries nearby!

  2. 99club:

    Next year's game at Boulder either follows or precedes an open date for Colorado State. I'm hoping that'll be the trip that the Rainbow Warriors stay on the mainland to save some travel $$.

    Oh, and good morning ST.

  3. Stephen Tsai:

    Mornin' 99.

  4. K-Bay:

    Wouldnʻt we also make money IF Colorado flew out here?
    (Probably More in a future year when we hopefully can sell more tickets).
    Why Fly INTO the disaster area?

  5. ai-eee-soos:

    nah, keep the bye week .

    Let the boys rest / heal up.


  6. boolakanka:

    6. I'm with 5, rest up, study, let the redshirts go to the disco.....

  7. Slugger:

    Good morning, ST!

    Do you think they're seriously considering playing in CO?

  8. Moocher:

    take the game. take the money. we are a blue collar team. if there's a job that pays, take it. Late in the season will be a good test to see how we fare against a pac12 team. if people really don't know what to do on this one....let the seniors decide.

  9. al:

    st...nuff said!

  10. al:

    on another note,
    wasn't jim rodden a running back/d-back back in the late '60's n early '70's????

    seems like he might have sat to one old tsaiko in one of those PE credit courses.

  11. al:

    okay back to my nap...

  12. NYUHTX:

    Is a TV deal part of the Boulder deal? Hopefully CBS, not that freaking Pac-12 network. But yeah, a chance to knock off a Pac-12 team.

  13. ChowIsPau:

    Agreed ST. There is no way we can leave that money on the table considering how the season is going and will go the rest of the way.

    Common sense should prevail, but our athletic dept has done enough questionable things that we shouldn't hold our breath.

  14. tom-warriornation:

    Thanks to Tom Mui, we will be meeting with Ben Jay in Reno this Saturday at 2pm. Let me know if you can join us; email me at: tomkitaguchi@yahoo.com

    We got a group of 50+ Hawaii fans sitting together at the 25 yd line behind the team. Go WARRIORS!

  15. dcwarrior:

    Poor judgment to put this on a blog BEFORE they ink the deal. Jay has not signed the deal and seems to be wary. Colorado needs the game and may be considering offering more money. I think the right thing is for Mr. Jay and the fans to be wary of a deal and only accept if it works with the academic schedules and Colorado is offering the right amount of money.

  16. boolakanaka:

    16---Those are nice points and perspectives. Some folks forget these are student athletes, (student being first) not the other way around.

  17. PolyMom:

    I say play away. That is a game we could win. Colorado is a terrible football team. Did you know one third of the team has medical marijuana cards? NCAA is after them about this. But it's legal there.

    I don't agree with Ferd Bout this game.

    Does anyone see the Nevada game on network or Gameplan yet?


    BEAT the WOLF PACK!!!!!

  18. Don Weir:

    Jim Rodden was with Cal Murphy recruiting in CA in the early 70's. I believe he was the special teams coach at the time. He and Coach Murphy had been on the road for 2 weeks before they got to San Diego and came to my parents house for Sunday dinner. I signed for UH at the dining room table after the German Chocolate cake was served. This is from the same recipe that was served to all FB Alumni working the phones at the recent Na Koa Telethon.

    Rodden owned a very successful roofing company and had a house in Lanikai that he rented to several linemen. Stories will follow at some future date (off line).

  19. 3-Prong:


  20. Bulla:


  21. Bulla:

    Good glorious morning Tsaikos :)

  22. Hank:

    so true...Weekends without Warrior FB not da same.

  23. Stephen Tsai:

    I thought it was about the welfare of the students when negotiations ended. Then Colorado upped the offer, and negotiations were back on. So it's not about the academics. It's about money. So why play poker? Just take the offer.

  24. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Good points, Stephen.

    Since they will already be on the road on 10/12, if the Buffs throw in a charter flight, I say, "Go for it!"

    Four Seasons? Would the Blog Host be able to convince the powers-that-be that it would be important to stay at the team hotel for that one?


  25. lava:

    Only if Chow allows someone else to call the plays, and really, how low does the program need to go before we ask that. I think the players deserve it.

  26. dcwarrior:

    ST - because, as every negotiator knows, the amount of money makes a difference and you don't want to leave any on the table. And you have to be ready to leave at any time until the handshake is made. Why are you assuming UH has to take CU's offer? Shouldn't CU have to take UH's offer?

  27. oldie:

    Morning Tsaikos!

    Maybe Ben Jay should try to get another home and home out of this. We'll go to you house this year, but let's set up 2 more games, one in our house and one in yours, like the Wisconsin 2 for 1 deal.

  28. The Pillar:

    chowisnotpau and lava-tory...you bozos obviously don't know anything about coaching college football. Ok, I give you guys the benefit of the doubt. Answer this before UH football supporters will take your opinions seriously.

    What are your credentials in the game football? Pro experience? College? Ever coached?

    I would bet you have ZERO credentials so your opinion is worth crap.

    I'm waiting for your answers.

    Bozos sure start their negativity early in the morning.

  29. boolakanaka:

    Always willing to take an devil's advocate role on behalf of academics and college sports, I will assume that position today:

    The stark reality that most colleges do not treat their athletes as students, but rather as semi-professionals, for four years before dropping them into the real world without a meaningful degree or workforce-ready skills. This is especially true at basketball and football schools, who use their athletes to win championships and gain national prominence but too often leave them woefully unprepared for life away from sports.

    Collectively, the NCAA and Congress should take action to make sure that colleges aren’t allowed to lose touch with what really matters in higher education: graduating students with meaningful degrees. The first step toward reforming college sports is requiring greater transparency about the academic outcomes of athletes. Without better information, neither the NCAA nor Congress will be able to isolate and target academic abuses. The NCAA must also step up to the plate and fix flaws with its current academic monitoring and penalty system, as well as with its eligibility rules.

    For instance, we need to scrutinize accepted historical policies that take college athletes' focus away from academics. For instance, the strategic use of "red-shirting," a policy which promotes professional athletic behavior (as opposed to academic, student-focused behavior) on college sports teams.

    The NCAA gives all college athletes a five-year window to exhaust their four years of eligibility to compete in a sport. When players decide to take one year off, they are called "red-shirts." In concept, the practice of red-shirting for individual needs makes sense; if athletes get injured, or have academic or personal problems, they don't lose a year of playing time.

    But in practice, red-shirting has become a widespread strategic tool, particularly in college football. Instead of using the red-shirt year to deal with the individual circumstances of a few players, football teams use it to bulk up most of their players and gain a competitive advantage. This takes the focus away from the athlete and places it on the needs of the team. Once red-shirted players reach their fifth year in school, many don't need to take a full course load or participate in academic life, which means they can devote themselves entirely to the team, acting like semi-professional players

    .Recommendation: End strategic red-shirting.
    •Only allow red-shirting for injuries or personal reasons. Require players to submit red-shirt waivers that justify their need to take a year off and extend eligibility.

    When Congress first required schools to publicly report the graduation rates of their athletes in 1994, it created a stir that forced colleges and the NCAA to start thinking about the academic performance of athletes. While athletic programs have made progress on graduation rates, we need more academic information to become truly transparent.

    My whole point in relation to today's blog is that when we speak about college athletes and money in the same sentence, and that it makes financial sense to do one game over the other, we conflate fiscal considerations with those individuals who have the title of student-athlete, there are not student-athlete-contractors, but at the end of the day--and rightfully so to the institution--just students.

    What if your daughter had a scholarship for chemistry, and it was acknowledged she had to present at conferences, every so often, but then because of financial considerations that solely benefit the university, they told her to get on the road and travel across the US--would that be fair to her and her own academic pursuits. Well, what is being considered here, can arguably be considered on the same plane. Just my two-cents...

  30. Old Diver:

    If the Colorado game was going to jeopardize an appearance in the Hawaii Bowl Ben Jay would not even consider it.

  31. J.V. Sr.:

    Aloha and good morning too all of you.

    What ever the coaches and players decide, I'm all for it. Prayers go out to our team for a safe journey to Reno, NV. to play the wolf packs. Good luck boys, and have fun.

  32. haka:

    Hope Mr. Ross stays committed to the Warriors!

    Playin' the Buffs would be nice. I'm always up for more Warrior football!

    Go Wahine VBows!
    Beat Dakota!

  33. st. anthony trojan:

    “A successful man or coach....is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”

    Enough said......this is exactly what the "haters" seen to be doing here.... not so ????

  34. chopsueyboy:

    Happy Chinese Moon Festival Tsai-kos!


  35. chopsueyboy:

    Fundraiser? Replay UH-UW 2007 football game in SSA, invite team, sell UH gear, have Colt Brennan comment during commercials?

  36. Ipu Man:

    Upper Campus could maybe ask for that money to help pay for their flagpole...

  37. phat dawg:

    Take the game...this is a very young team, especially on offense. They need all the game snaps they can get. Next year is the payoff year for Chow and the Team, and the extra game will give them the downs they need to get be a better team in the future. However, the extra money for the program sounds good too.

  38. tommui:


    And safe journey to ST as he ventures into the cold.

    chopsueyboy: Go out and buy a bunch of mooncakes! Drink tea, observe the moon.

    Nice to see OLDIE and AL up and about early in the morning.

    GO BOWS!

    And BOOLAKANAKA: I think it is a given that we regard the football/basketball team as semi-professionals. As long as we treat the Athletic Department as a "business" where the AD MUST make $$ or break even, the minions got to go out to work and make dough. No "business" can survive without making a profit.

    Perhaps the powers-that-be (Upper campus, legislature, student body, and us fans) should go back to the idea of "sound mind in a sound body" and forget about this idea of the AD being a "business" but an integral part of the university.

    After all, we do not treat the philosophy department as a "business".

  39. UHfan808:

    Good morning, Tsaikos!

    Exciting opportunity! It's a fact that our athletics program can always use more kala!

  40. 99club:

    Take the game and take the Avery Brewing Company tour for chemistry extra credit. :)

  41. Inyoface:

    It cost $300k for travel expenses? That seems real high. I say if we win this weekend they should take it!

  42. Former UH Athlete:

    Yeah, go for it... Money for the program and these guys could use the extra reps since we're only in year 2 of the rebuilding.

    Plus, CU is a winnable game. Sure they're 2-0 but it's padded. Fresno would have smoked them had the game played Saturday. CSU is bad this year and being a rivalry game, they played inspired ball. Week 2 they played Central Arkansas, so they won as expected. but was very sloppy as each team had 4 turnovers. Had CU played USC and OSU, as UH did, they'd be 0-2 as well. Mackintyre is a good coach, and the offense has been pretty good, but the defense has given up a bunch of points two inferior teams.

    Speaking of CSU, my condolences to them as they travel to Tuscaloosa to pick up a fat paycheck vs the Nictator and his dominions. The spread is now at 40. I don't know if CSU will even score. Pretty sure Saban wasn't happy with the defense last week so they'll look to shutout CSU.

  43. Former UH Athlete:

    Ben Jay should negotiate for $700k-$800k... CU is making over $20million+ (before bowl revenue) per year off the Pac12 tv deal. CU has lots of cash on hand knowing that they haven't spent any of their new cash flow on upgrading facilities. $800k is a drop in bucket in their revenue stream.

  44. Ipu Man:

    By the way, ST, great headline: "Time to rock in Boulder"...

  45. PONO:

    Mr. Pillar,
    Always criticizing everyone else. If you're such an expert and all knowing being then good for you. Sounds like you have a low self esteem to bash everyone and make like you know it all. Good day joker.

  46. Ipu Man:

    Boola, if professors will work for minimal pay and no benefits
    for pure Education, then you make cents...:>)

  47. Warrior Dave:

    Based on a conversation on the BC show this morning with a Colorado writer, the Buffs will earn approximately $4.5 million per home game. $600K is chump-change. Especially if its going to cost UH $300K go get there and play the game.

    Colorado really wants and needs this game. Ben Jay should play poker and get a paid charter flight and a check for $700K.

  48. koakane ip5:

  49. Ipu Man:

    I think in God's kingdom, garbage workers will receive some of the highest wages...

  50. koakane ip5:

  51. koakane ip5:

    wot happened

  52. koakane ip5:

  53. koakane ip5:

  54. koakane ip5:

    ok not posting will try latter

  55. hynstyyl:

    CU has a new coach(last years San Jose Coach) and is doing well. THey canot play another DII team because that would not count for bowl egibility. Hawaii is a very very very attractive game to CU. THey would much rather play Hawaii than Fresno state. Can UH win?
    I doubt it, back to back games on the road, UH, it would be a miracle. DO we need the money, heck yes. I say take the game for $500,000 net. Have CU pick up charter, lodging,
    and expenses. Best case scenario is we go there in place of 2014 and instead they play us at home next year. UW,OSU,CU all in september of next year so we can sell some season tickets and give an exciting brand of football back to Aloha Stadium.

    Proven fact that NCAA atheletes have a higher graduation and GPA than non atheletes.

  56. roygbivs aka T. Thurstan:

    Heck yeah, take the game!! Shoot? Who wouldn't want to play another game!?

  57. Buffoman:

    If CU cannot play a DII team and feels the Warriors are equal to a DII opponent, please do not insult the Warriors and pay them at a DII opponent level. I agree with others who say $600K is a tad low. It is an embarrassing offer to a DI opponent and I hope Ben Jay is looking at it in the same manner.

    You need and want a game you think is winnable for your bid to a post season bowl game, CU? If you need a DI and you think that we are that beatable opponent, then pay up, you'll make it up in the bowl.

  58. boolakanaka:

    55--Sorry, but those are skewed and manipulated figures...especially applied directly to D1 football and basketball--let me explain;

    Eighty-two percent of freshman athletes who entered school in 2004-05 earned degrees within six years, according to the NCAA's Graduation Success Rate, which unlike graduation rates recognized by the U.S. Department of Education takes into account student-athletes who transfer from a school but remain on track to graduate somewhere else. The report also indicated that the four-year graduation rate hit 80 percent for the first time ever. Meanwhile, the traditionally lower Federal Graduation Rate hit 65 percent, a record high for athletes, compared with 63 percent for all other college students.

    The tool the NCAA uses to make that assertion -- the Graduation Success Rate, or GSR -- follows a unique and arcane formula that factors out athletes who transfer in good academic standing, instead counting them as graduates.

    That is not the case with the Federal Graduation Rate, a more established and accepted measurement required by the government (which is why the NCAA developed the GSR in the first place). But the federal rate counts only full-time, first-time students who graduate from the institution where they began. That means that students who go part-time or take breaks bring down an institution's graduation rate, again making it a less-than-ideal benchmark for comparison, given that all athletes (unlike other students) are required to maintain full course loads.

    Enter the Adjusted Graduation Gap, a model that compares athletes’ graduation rates by conference and sport directly to the rates of their non-athlete peers by factoring out part-time students. The annual installment looking at the adjusted gaps for football players was released today by the Collegiate Sport Research Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    “We know that part-time students graduate at a much lower rate, and one of the reasons that we know affects that is that they’re working,” said Richard Southall, an associate professor of sport administration and coordinator of UNC’s Graduate Sport Administration Program. “Instead of saying, ‘Well, athletes graduate at a rate that’s better,’ instead of making just short sound bites, let’s look at the situation and say, ‘Athletes from different sports are different.’ It’s like students at different colleges are different.”

    And using the AGG model does paint a different picture. In most athletic conferences, athletes graduate at rates lower than non-athletes; the gap is widest (for the third year in a row) in the Pacific 12 Conference, where football players graduated at rates 27 percentage points lower (in other words, an AGG of -27) compared to full-time male students at those institutions in the 2004-10 cohort, the latest data available.

    For the most part, the gaps are largest in the conferences that are most successful athletically. Rounding out the “bottom five” with the starkest rate differences are the Atlantic Coast Conference (-22), the Big Ten Conference (-20), the Western Athletic Conference (-19), and the Southeastern Conference (-18).

    Also, clustering is also a major problem. When I was at UH, I had an athletic academic advisor, Showmaker, who was well, terrible. Upon hearing I wanted to major in math--he profoundly dissuaded me. Even with counseling from main campus, upon letting them know I wanted to go to law school, I was told I would probably not ever get in, and I should think more along the lines of being a paralegal. OK, local kid from public school, rough neighborhood, single mother....I get it--fast forward, a grad degree and a law degree, and I'm at an Ivy--well I question the systemic calculation to underestimate our athletes. BTW-Clustering, is a term academics use to describe situations in which 25 percent or more of a student-athlete population is pursuing the same major, has jumped in the past five years, say the principal researcher on this subject "Personally, I don't have a problem with certain student groups selecting certain majors, assuming they do it because they're truly interested in the major," he says. "But are they being routed toward a certain major and taking certain courses just because they're easy? We really need to look at the academic freedom and integrity of the athletes and detail the rigor associated with the academic programs in which they're involved."

    The Graduation Success Rate is manipulated about 20 percentage points higher and that comes from educational experts in academia.

  59. koakane ip5:

  60. koakane ip5:

    goog morning rainbow wahines, warriors, tsaikette's, tsaiko's and 808

    supa day in Hawaii Nei yu'all have a good one

    considering tsai master opening remarks on the Colorado game yes yes go for it

    Jim Rodden update, we worked together as teachers @ Damien, remember he brought in UH football players to do student teaching most notable qb Jeff Duva, Ramon Ricardo (hired latter as Spanish instructor) and an all American lb but forgot his name. He was bleeding green even then. Started his shake roofing company at that time also which was Monarch Roofing. He also brought in a young punahou kid to help coach JV with us. Nice, quiet and smart...Nainoa Thompson say no more.

    He once wanted me to invest into some condos that were being developed in a new subdivision outside of Lahina town just a 5 grand investment. In those times my yearly salary was that much. Needless to say today that condo development is called the Whaler and today each condo is worth a million plus.

    Jim you reading this still luvs you man.

    nuff already starting to tear up crap were is the kope lattas

  61. boolakanaka:

    38--Unfortunately those are minions are student athletes, not sub-contractors. It is of no wonder, by and large, the movement to monetize those in college has come to the forefront. We never do this to a music student, a business student, or any other student, but for a variety of economic-stepped reasons, its ok with student athletes....rhetorical question.

  62. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I wouldn't want UH to take the deal unless CU buffaloes up $1M.

    Anything less I would pass on and use that week to heal up and practice.

  63. Pomai:

    Take the game, and I do like the idea of $600,000 plus a future home and home thrown in, hopefully in my life time.

  64. PeteJek:

    Take the game. Reward is higher than risk from both a football and non-football standpoint. But do agree that UH should try and get as much as possible if a deal were to materialize.

  65. Pomai:

    Now the other thing about the students missing classes, we are in the age of great technology why couldn't those student athlete's attend their respective classes on the internet? They do have tutors traveling with the team right so even if they attended the classes online live or delayed they would in fact not miss class time...Am I not correct?

  66. gobows:

    if they let the student athletes decide...they'll play the game.

    they should ask the buff's for more moolah, they might get it.

  67. gobows:

    #63 pomai

    a home and home is already scheduled for '14 & '15.

  68. Wes'side Warrior:

    Morning, Gang!

    Here's what's running through my head:

    Good to hear of a new RB verbal. Hope he sticks with it.

    Colorado should be offering UH no less than $1mil for this game.

    Great memories, KK!

    My foot still hurts. Will try to swap out this alternator (again) today.

    Plus... I'm hungry...

    Have a great day, everyone!

  69. Pomai:

    #67 - gobows den we get more kala en like ST says charter flight, bottom line is they need this game more than we do...so get as much as you can!!!!!

  70. azwarrior22:

    UH 34 Nevada 20

    Pomai - r u going to post scores?

  71. hynstyyl:

    ST any travel squad info? Stutz?

  72. WWF:


    Agree with most of your points regarding the Colorado game, with the exception that UH is in the negotiating position of strength at the moment. Colorado needs this game more than we do. We should allow our AD to use that negotiating position of strength to UH's financial benefit, by asking for a larger appearance fee or a financial consideration of waiving the travel subsidies when they come to Hawaii for a home and home.

  73. Bryson:

    I would hope for 800k-1m for a payday...minus travel expenses we walk away with 500-700K not a bad way to start the first year of our forgiven debt....

  74. A-House:

    play or no play Colorado on 10/19 - miss school? wonder how many players have classes on Friday and Saturdays? - charter flight to Denver on Thursday night to arrive Friday morning? how much $$$ to play on 10.19? home and home after that?

    all I can remember at the last Colorado game, UH arrived like 6:45pm on Friday night from Las Vegas and played on Saturday pm - now comes the vivid memory of Kealoha catching the pass on the right flat with an open field to the end zone - the Colorado DB, from their right side came flying over to catch Pilars at the 3 yd line cause he just ran out of gas at the 10 yd line

    Coach Mack listened to so-called people in the know about altitude, it would take 10 days to acclimate to high altitude, and decided to arrive the night before game - we were there for 3-days and still had breathing difficulties in Denver - Boulder is at a higher elevation

    anyone take a survey of how many class hours will be missed by all players on Friday and Saturday? how many can make up the missed class(es) via internet? etc, etc.

    the words we heard from Coloradorians was Colorado was junk and UH should have no trouble problems winning - final score was 33 them and 10 us

    take the money and run you say - maybe so but don't count on a win!

  75. The Pillar:

    Pono, very sad. You just don't get it. Sadly, you're one of a few clueless folks that post here that need some serious education. Sadly, you can't buy common sense.

    It's hardly about the fans like me who call the negative and dishonest posters out. It's about the highly opinionated negativity that lacks substance that negative posters try to promote as truth.

    What's the truth? Everyone know ANY football program has challenges. I Coach Chow made some mistakes. Many mistakes were made before Coach Chow got hired. That's not the whole picture though, is it? Coach Chow has done a tremendous amount of good also. Additionally, UH has unique challenges that most other schools don't have. Being a head coach at Hawaii is even more difficult compared to other FBS schools. Financial, political, administrative, logistical, MW Conference, fans support and so on. It's daunting. You can't put that all on Coach Chow. Many, many people have to step up to the plate to get these problems fixed. Politicians, Administrators, Business leaders, Fans even. You're not going to fix it all overnight. Wins or Losses aren't the only indicator of whether those problems are being addressed. But progress is being made on and off the field. No reasonable person would dispute that. Does this truth even factor into your opinions? THIS IS THE CORE ISSUE.

    Slander type comments without substance are simply toxic. It does nothing to help the football program move forward. It may even chase away donors and recruits. Who are you to chase away donors or recruits with your negativity if your opinion is incomplete or biased? That's dishonest. And it hurts the program.


    Anyone who writes negative comments that are lacking in truth, substance, or reality and hates on the coaches or especially student athletes should be called out on their BS. You don't like being called out? Don't write opinions that lack integrity. Too many jokers come on here and bash without being a part of the solutions or part of the effort to move the program forward. It's easy to criticize when you only sit on your butt and watch.

    After 14 games haters like Pono have written off the coach that was tasked with fixing a multitude of problems up and down the program. Do Coach Chow haters even know what those problems are?

    Coaching is time intensive and isn't all about coaching. Do you know what is involved in coaching at a FBS school? Do you evaluate the skill set of potential staff? Do you game plan for the games? Do you coach the kids proper technique? Do you have to deal with coaching personnel issues? Player issues? Are you making sure the kids are meeting their academic obligations? Do you mentor the kids outside of football? Do you keep your coaches and players motivated and on the same page? Do you meet with the media? Do you do any recruiting? Do you deal with parents of players? Do you meet with boosters? The responsibilities of coaching FBS football are huge. So much goes on off the game field that casual fans don't even know about. Stuff you don't know about, Pono. Then you call Norm Chow "No Clue." Really? Are you qualified to make that assessment and then put it on the internet anonymously? How about you go to the football team and tell them your opinions in person? I dare you.

    Seems negative people have something personal against the Warrior program or people running it now. OR you have no appreciation or understanding of how difficult it is to compete in the BCS environment when you're not a part the money grab or exposure.

    Worst yet, you don't see anything positive going on with the football program. That's disingenuous. There are LOTS of POSITIVES. The football program is not perfect, but there are a TON of GOOD THINGS you can discuss along with the criticism. Every football program is NOT perfect. Get over it. The football program has over a hundred student athletes. A dozen coaches. A dozen admin folks. Financial concerns. Politics to deal with. Lolo fans. It's a HUGE undertaking. Most people don't have any appreciation for how difficult it is to manage all of that. Then, you have to coach on top of that.

    A FBS Head Coach is literally like being a CEO of a corporation that the media is following daily with the public dissecting your every move and then you have to compete with more powerful corporations and you are judged on your performance. Think that's easy?

    Pono, since you're the one calling Norm Chow "No Clue" you're claiming you have some knowledge about coaching in a FBS program to feel that way. You also then have the nerve to post such claims on the internet so UH fans can read it. So why should we trust your judgment? What's your football background? At least explain what you mean by calling Norm Chow "No Clue." Your words, not mine. You make the claim. Back it up.

    I'm waiting for your answer. I guarantee you will provide no answer because it's you, a casual couch potato fan at best, that has no clue.

  76. BigWave96744:

    Is it just me, or is $400,000 for visiting teams kind of low, considering the games will be play 8-9 years from now.
    With the way inflation is rising, both teams may lose money on those road trips.

  77. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Agree with iwwthm, don't take the game unless they offer at least $1M.

    boola - sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Mr. Schumaker. He was a VP and teacher at Lab School back in the 70s, before he went across the street to the AD. I have fond memories of him.

    No UH home games this weekend. Already going through withdrawals.

  78. Marleysdad:

    #75, bravo. If it talks like crap, smells like crap, must be crap!

  79. Boulderdude:

    A meaningful course is not confined to the classroom. In this connected age there are many better ways to learn than listening to a dry boring lecture. The best teachers know this. It's time to get over this false assumption students have to be in the classroom. We need to be able to absorb content, and do something with it, like solve problems, no matter where they are. The future lies in learning how to learn in a connected world. Not in a walled off classroom.

  80. NotNasti:


    We must have seen the same counselor at upper campus. When I asked her if I could do a pre-law undergraduate program, she laughed heartily for about a minute, and then told me not to think about law school. She said that they only take the best students, with a high LSAT score, high GPA. Similar background, single mother, public school, neighbor island, etc. When she saw that I was serious, her response was, "well, who knows, a miracle may occur." Long story short, I cracked 4.0 the rest of the way, did well on the LSAT and have been practicing law (and teaching at Wm. Richardson) for 26 years. Maybe I should thank this counselor.

  81. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Money is always nice, and if you dance to the music you have to pay the piper.

    Game experience is good for our relatively young group of Warriors. Beyond that, I like J.V. Sr.'s take on the Colorado game.

  82. SteveM:

    I just read Ferd's column over breakfast. Seems unusual for Ferd, who is usually up on the finances of the UHAD. Maybe he is just playing the Devil's Advocate. "...on the travel weary backs its athletes."...really now?

    I think one difference is that ST is with the team on a mostly daily basis. He knows them from a different perspective as he examines the bigger picture. Right now, members of the football team have gone through spring training, gone through unsupervised workouts, been in the weight room daily, attended fall camp, and attended all practices. Why? So they can get on the field play football.

    Some make it on the playing field. Some, well, not so much. Some were injured and missed games. Some are hoping for the chance to really show their stuff against a real opponent. Another game is another chance for everyone to show their stuff. Do you think any team member does not want an additional game/chance?

    We can guess the answer, but maybe a courtesy check at a team meeting will give us their official answer in 3 seconds.

    In support of Ferd's view, I would insist on round trip charter flights--mainly to save a day of travel and the subsequent fatigue (for studies). In this age of the internet and distance learning, sitting within the walls of a classroom is not as crucial as it once was.

    Yes, the Athletic Department needs money. The Chancellor basically said support yourself or downgrade. Too obvious that without big chunks of change from football games (or concerts), those who gripe might not have a Division 1A team to gripe about soon.

  83. WarriorNY:

    Very thoughtful debate today. (and the past few days on the blog have been a pleasure to read as well)

    I think ultimately we will take the game... But great job by Ben Jay to make CU feel the pressure by not settling...

  84. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Stay strong Ben Jay. Squeeze $1M or walk away.

    May the odds be ever in your favor.

  85. ALLAN:


  86. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Stay healthy for conference play. Stay healthy to chase that bowl game appearance. Winning 6 is easier than 7, durrr.

  87. turfwar:

    Pillar, thank you, thank you , thank you, for going through all the trouble of making a post to even acknowledge these bone heads. After having worked with the football program for a decade it is apparent that many are ignorant of the goings on at a D-1 program and those that really are clueless are unfortunately the first to complain. Heck if you ever had the opportunity to sit and talk with him even Von Appen had some great qualities about him. There's a reason he had people like Joe Montana and Bill Walsh call on his behalf during the hiring process. But I've come to ignore the cheap shot artist who constantly feel the need to blame everybody behind the curtain of a keyboard. But your post couldn't have been more eloquent or to the point. Much Aloha.

  88. Lowtone123:

    UH should take the $600K plus negotiate a home game here in the future.

  89. Lowtone123:

    ST, Ferd thinks otherwise.

  90. NotNasti:

    Ferd makes good points, but the bottom line is that the AD needs $$, and the boys need experience.

  91. WarriorNY:

    Hey guys,
    I came across this page on Hawaii Athletics... Does this mean Oceanic PPV is not streaming the Nevada game online?


  92. rage777:

    I would say at least $750,000. It might even take more depending on if the hotels there are flooded and unavailable, then the other hotels are going to be more expensive. Will Boulder be cleaned up by then?

  93. RedZone:

    If they want us to be the dog that they can kick around make em pay pay pay. Then go up there and bite em.

  94. gobows:


    you are forgetting, football is revenue driven. colorado money is garans, bowl game money is a big IF and would be less if anything. very few teams make a profit from bowl game payouts.

  95. turfwar:

    And playing Colorado is more attractive than only a possible bowl game with a team from a lesser conference.

  96. haka:

    Don't we just break even in the Hawaii Bowl? I seem to remember them saying we don't make anything after the dust settles.

  97. hon2255:

    Forget Boulder , Tsai, are you nuts, the team will just be back from Vegas, and to ask them to fly out again in a few days is stupid. Too many missed classes , the APR is important .The guys will have gone on too many road trips this season, forget it , let them come here if they want.

  98. Former UH Athlete:

    Hey, great news on the Harris Ross commitment. This kid flew under the radar as he only started playing football as a freshman, and was buried on the depth chart until injuries to the top RBs last year's HS playoffs. Then he broke out for a 269yd performance in the playoffs.

    This season is his first year as starter and he's lighting up the scoreboard with defenses loading the box.

    Great job by Chow and staff to lock this kid up before the big programs took notice. Hopefully Ross stays true and signs in February.

  99. boolakanka:

    80---One fortunate thing about this day and age, is that I think folks are far less judgmental about how you look like, where you went to school, what your last name might happen to be....I seriously think she thought that if he didn't go to Iolani or Punahou, he plays football, and he looks half-way like Uncle Moki, there is no way he is getting into law school. Times have certainly changed.

    The irony is that when I did apply to law school, I applied at 7-8 schools and gained admission to 7 of them. I will still pretty unsophisticated--and anything with the words "university" and "law school", seemed pretty prestigious--I had no idea about rankings, so despite getting into Boalt after being wait-listed, I went to a school that offered me a full scholarship.

    The funny thing is prior to law school, I had only meet really two real lawyers, in my entire life--Victor Agmata and Judge Burns, always a benefactor of UH football, he got me a job two summers in a row as a bailiff at circuit court--for Judge Yim. He made this offer to anyone on the team who was interested in a career in law--out of over a 100 guys--I was the only interested--telling.

    Anyway, I gotta give Alvah Scott Elementary and Aiea Intermediate big props cause they apparently did a great job teaching me how to take standardized testing, cause aside from my scrub grades (too much green bottles, Spats and Red Lions)--apparently I test very well---someone apparently did not give the women at UH career services the memo.

    Mahalo nui, UH career services woman!!!

  100. primo123:

    Play da game!.....we not here for byes....players need reps, coaches need reps, heck the staff could use the reps.....

    Play da game!

  101. Former UH Athlete:

    94... just to add... Bowl revenue is split with conference members. The Hawaii Bowl paid out $750,000 each to Fresno and SMU last year. Depending on the revenue split with the conference, the team would be lucky to keep half of the purse, just depends on the split, which I don't know at this time.

  102. primo123:

    Are we so good that we can just throw the money into the molassaes filled ocean?

    Play da game!

  103. primo123:


    Congrats Brudda!.....sometimes "fate" just takes you the right way......its good you remember and give the props to the ones that steered you the right way...sounds like you got a good head on dem shoulders. Aloha!

  104. 99club:

    We better take whatever deal is offered. Colorado also could play San Jose St. or San Diego St. since they also have byes and both play in Hawaii this season earning them the 13th game bennie if they want it.

    From the Denver Post:

    San Diego State and San Jose State play at Hawaii and have only 12 games on their schedules. They also have byes Oct. 19. But the Aztecs may want that bye week to prepare for their home game with Fresno State.

    San Jose State, where CU's Mike MacIntyre coached from 2010-12, hosts Wyoming the following week.

  105. Traveling Fan:

    I will be in Vancouver Canada on Saturday night. I'd like to watch the UH Nevada game but can't figure out how this will be possible as I see no livestream availability. Does anyone have any ideas of how I might view this game?

  106. Former UH Athlete:

    I'm actually excited for Utah St vs USC. I hope Chuckie Keeton lights up USC and sends Kiffen back to being an offensive coordinator somewhere. I doubt Kiffen gets a head coaching gig anytime soon after his track record at Oakland/Tennessee/USC.

    The MWC has taken some lumps this season so far in the higher profile games this year, so it could use a boost if Utah St wins or is very competitive.

  107. boolakanka:

    103--Mahalo nui! Dat head wen pilapilau long ago, from too many nights at Hanks, Watertown and the Wave...whats left I offer to science.

  108. bowwar:

    Let the players and coaches decide...If they decide to play CU, then we really can't hold it against them if they lose.

    Bottom-line, if we didn't plan on playing CU in the first place, UH shouldn't be in any hurry to play them now. If CU really wants to play us, then let them pony-up enough money to make it worthwhile for our program. Otherwise, let's just focus on improving our program and winning the games we already have on our schedule.

  109. Former UH Athlete:

    For tonights Chiefs vs Eagles game... I'm taking the over 50.5 total.

    If the line goes to 3, I'll be taking the Eagles. It's currently (-3.5) right now, so not there yet. It opened at Eagles (-5).

    Hawaii opened as a 11 point dog but now is down to 9.

    For the record I went 2-2 last week... season total is 9-4.

  110. tommui:

    #99 BOOLAKANAKA:- well, if you clerked with Pat, you got a good education!
    Victor and I passed the same year. While us peons were in the Bar Prep, Victor would show up in his brand-new, highly polished Cadillac!

    Speaking of clustering, what is amazing is some of our women athletes, such as Jade Volster, 4.0 in biochem at that!!!

  111. dannyp:


    Ross wasn't buried on the depth chart last year. He was All-BVAL and ran for almost 1200 yards last year. I don't know where you got that info...

  112. tommui:


    Are you here for a while? Or are you going down south (and east) to endanger the fish population?

  113. JLO:

    I agree with ST

  114. dannyp:

    Maybe Kiffin can be Chows OC next year :)

  115. Former UH Athlete:

    Reno blog reporting that Polian is still searching for the right combination in the defensive secondary. At least 3 players are shuffling positions and new starters for this weekend. Sounds like it's a bit of a mess on defense right now.

    No updates on Fajardo's status on their blog... Best info I could find was that Fajardo will suit up and is "hopeful" to play.

  116. Rodney:

    Pillar amen !!!!!!
    There is so so much
    at stake.The future
    of the BCS and were
    Hawaii fits in or not!
    Imua warriors!!!

  117. madeinhawaii:

    Former UH Athlete:

    The first two games sort of pointed to Nevada's weaknesses on Defense. But injuries to the Qbacks have also been a distraction. We might really be up against a wounded duck this weekend. If so, there should be no excuse for not coming home with a W.

  118. boolakanka:

    110--Pat was a great person to have an initial experience with law and what it looks like close-up. Quick story, I use to drive him to custodial hearings on competency at Kaneohe, anyway during the middle of one these hearings, the person in question, with the court secretary present, whips out his da kine, and starts playing with himself....Judge Yim, quickly replied " whats wrong with you, are you crazy??"

    Oh, I don't worry so much about the wahines, its the bruddhas that need attention and have greater problems with the transition in life later.

  119. Former UH Athlete:

    114... if that were the case, UH would have two excellent recruiters. I can't stand Kiffen and he's a terrible playcaller, but he is an incredible recruiter. The athletes he got in at USC under sanctions are pretty impressive.

    111. Info came from an article talking about his Ross' break out playoff game after the two senior RBs were dinged up with injuries and got his chance... The author did not specify what year it was, so very well could have been his sophomore year. Cannot control if information available isn't great.

  120. Shoko:

    According to Max Preps, last year Ross had 883 all-purpose yards. This year after three games he already accumulated 869 yards. At that pace, he probably start drawing some eyeballs from big schools.


  121. Shoko:

    I wonder if Kiffin is a recruiter because he has a better brand (USC) to sell.

  122. Shoko:

    For those that are looking to watch this weekends game but can't attend, what I heard from one of the media guys is that the MWC is trying to get the game streamed via the Campus Insider website. Although it doesn't announce it being covered on the website yet, I would check back on game day.

    No guarantees, though.

  123. Former UH Athlete:

    117. Losing is losing and winning is winning. Just play better than the 11 players wearing the ugly uniforms across from you and you'll win (unless somebody pulls a Lavonte David).

    It's all on the OLine to open some holes. Sounds like Iosefa is ready to rock n roll and UH's defense will be at/near full strength. Graham will be fine. The WRs need to hang onto the ball and Stutz should be back in the lineup, so that adds some stability.

    If the OLine plays well, UH will win. UH's defense got the speed to handle Nevada's skill players and read-option with Fajardo not at full health. The DLine has been stout against the run.

    Just need to make Fajardo beat UH single handedly. UH needs to focus on taking away the dive on the read option. UH needs to make Fajardo prove he can be a run threat on the option with his bad knee. I think Rolo will be calling far more called handoffs than normal to protect Fajardo. With a bum plant leg, he will lose some stuff on his throw. Kaumeyer needs to press the WRs to throw off the timing off the 3 & 5 step throws. I think Fajardo will get antsy if his first option isn't open and may not have as much confidence in scrambling.

  124. Ipu Man:

    Most times great running backs have great centers, guards and tackles, too...
    Maybe Chow should try to get some of them, too.

  125. Former UH Athlete:

    120... Yeah, Ross has had a freakish start to the season. His commitment should knock several big schools out, but the really persistent (maybe unethical?) recruiters will be in his ear all the way until signing day.

    Just gotta wait and see. Maybe send him poke bowls and tell him he can't get that if you go elsewhere.

  126. RedZone:

    north west likes to poach.

  127. RedZone:

    Nevada has a good left tackle but their right side is a problem. They moved a linebacker to safety and filled the spot with a redshirt freshman. If Fahardo doesn't play their backfield will be redshirt freshmen.

  128. madeinhawaii:

    Former UH Athlete:
    That's a good breakdown on what UH has to do.

    So far nothing online regarding Fajardo's status. Wouldn't be too surprised, however, if they call in a healer and miraculously he's running around like an elk come Saturday.

  129. Leahi2:

    I hope you guys get your thinking straight. Scheduling is often a two way street and especially with a team like Colorado that is willing to schedule us. Now here we are trying to upgrade our schedule to be a real Division 1 team. We have a hard time trying to other teams to play us here. We cannot guarantee the kind of money they normally get from other Big Schools. Consider that at this time we are coming out of the woods. You will get the point that a Big School's victory over Hawaii won't mean very much for their rating. They have everything to lose but not much to gain. So don't be too damn greedy on the money end.

    It appears that at this time Colorado needs us! They will remember these negotiations and how we cooperate. What would other schools think about us! Again don't be too damn greedy. A $300K profit is beautiful. You better wait for another day when Hawaii puts out winning teams and able to pack our Stadium on home games. You gotta be credible. I hope you all know what that means.

  130. Former UH Athlete:

    128... Polian said it would be officially a gametime decision on Fajardo, but also said he'd have it figured out by today.

    The gametime decision is purely to keep Kaumeyer in the dark as long as possible.

  131. go UH:


    Right on Pillar, Mahalo's

  132. LizKauai:

    Ok. different sport... but you get what I mean.


  133. RedZone:

    Just me but ST got me wondering what the Jay's celebration dance may look like?

  134. RedZone:

    go na Wahine. Beat SD.

  135. Marleysdad:

    Word on the street is stutz is not on the travel roster. Also, his "fell asleep" story might not be exactly true. I'll leave it at that.

  136. Maddog50:

    Pillar I am with u

  137. Independent Thinker:

    Take the game if and only if you think UH can win it. Colorado is offering the money because it thinks it can win the game and therefore offering the money will entice UH to play, with Colorado thinking its a sure win.

    Colorado would not want the game if it believed it would lose the game.

    Colorado does not want to play a game it belives it will lose. Doesnt make sense for Colorado.

  138. Shoko:

    Sorry, made a mistake in post 122. The game will be streamed from the official Nevada Wolf Pack website: http://www.nevadawolfpack.com/gameday/live.html

  139. Maddog50:

    Coach Ault was the rock of this program....he is gone.....Go Warriors

  140. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    Independent Thinker: Colorado also stands to make a bunch of money off this game. It's another home game so more ticket revenue, tv and exposure, as well as an opportunity to possibly become bowl eligible for even more money. Even if they lose, it's not like colorado is giving out charity, here.

    The windfall from the game on UH's side, as well as the experience playing a pac-12 team (that they may be competitive with) will only benefit UH in the short and long run, even if they lose.

    It's a win-win for both sides.

  141. Committed Road Warrior:

    If the schedule on the MWC's website is correct, the Nevada game will also be streamed (for free) on the Mountain West's website:




  142. Committed Road Warrior:

    Copy and paste the web addresses from my previous post into your internet browser...the ! is cutting off the hyperlink. Ugh!

  143. Buffoman:

    Do we know what CU was going to pay FSU for coming to play the game? If it was $600K then it should be more to UH as the distance is farther. If it was less than $600k, how much and what's the premium to UH at $600k?

  144. 99club:

    Mahalo for the link, CRW.

  145. primo123:

    Fajardo is a quick guy....and quick guys need their ligaments so they can be quick. Its probably too early for his ligaments to be healed so he's going to be hurting. You can only put so much tape on a ligament injury. Then again, he wont be quick. They'll check him out during warmups. I say if he plays, he'll be limited.

  146. d1shima:

    Wolfpack got robbed!

    IDK why their HC ran the next play???

  147. Independent Thinker:

    What's more valuable at this point, Mr. Chow? A loss or more money? That's the key question. A win would be great, but a loss would be devastating for a coach who cannot afford to have any more losses on his record than is necessary.

    If prerry sure can beat em, go for it. If not too sure if can beat em, dont take the money.

  148. Independent Thinker:

    Leave the money issue to the money people, and you, Mr. Chow, concentrate instead on the team and winning the next game.

    I would think the issue for chow is whether taking the game exposes the team and him to the very real possibility of another loss, a loss he would not have on his record had the UH not taken the game and the money.

    Money people, ask Chow if he thinks the UH can pound Colorado. If Chow says yes, then by all means, take the game and the money.

  149. haka:

    Congrats Wahine!
    3-0 sweep

  150. RedZone:

    Way to go Wahine!!!

  151. Stephen Tsai:

    Love the molasses reference.

  152. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    IT, this is dumb. I've never heard of a team/head coach wanting to decline another game (especially during a rebuilding season where they really have nothing to lose and could use more reps and experience) because he might have a loss on his record. process vs outcome oriented thinking. this is a basic sports concept.

  153. gobows:

    #148 it, im pretty sure coach chow thinks his team can play with anybody. and from what i hear, so do the players.

  154. Derek:

    As it stands, UH has 6 wins to make it to a bowl game. If they take the Colorado game (probably a loss) we have to win 7 games to make it to a bowl. I still believe Hawaii should have 13 games in the regular season to use the Hawaii exemption, but there has to be more home games than road games. Scheduling wise it's very tough on our athletes to miss so much school to go on the mainland so much and because of the time zones, not to mention the weather and the altitude. That's not helping our program. Ideally, Hawaii should have 8 home games and 5 road games. At the worst, 7 home games, and maximum 6 road games. Going 5 and 6 time zones is murder such as going to Wisky, Michigan and Ohio State, etc. If it was me, I would pass on the Colorado game.

    Of course, making it to a bowl game is a long shot as it is, but striving for it is the goal for this season. That would be tremendous for the program.

  155. gobows:


  156. gobows:


  157. gobows:

  158. Warrior Dave:


    I notice so many new posters each and every day. But it appears that people continue to post under several names to back up their point. How sad is that????

  159. Independent Thinker:

    Jmia criminal, that is why you are a genius and that is why if it were not such a waste of a talented soldier I would recommend you for OCS.

  160. cocobean:

    My gut feeling is Chow and the team wants to play CU. Ben J, ever the bean counter, is probably cruching the numbers for a couple of scenarios. One would be staying on the mainland after UNLV the other is coming home as scheduled and flying out the following Wed.or Thu.

    Chow probably has the final say which he prefers. Gotta figure the travling party is around 100 including players, coaches, support staff and admin types. Charter makes the most sense but probably the most costly.

    UH shouldn't settle for anything less than 300K after expenses.

  161. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    Been there, done that, IT. but thanks anyway.

  162. st. anthony trojan:

    For me.... pass on school... the classes missed can be made up.. no problem there.
    Take a train from Reno ... to Denver.. 25 hours or so.. be a very scenic
    trip for the WARRIOR men... they will surely enjoy it.. arrive a few days early
    get acclimated to the weather change and altitude...play on Saturday
    and get a charter out of them coming home.... that would be ideal...
    Just me and my one cent and a half worth..... no bus.. that is a killer cramped up on a bus.
    And if early enough.. they may even get or add on a few extra cars just for them.....


  163. cocobean:

    Short prep time.

    One negative about playing CU is the short prep time. Going to UNLV is already a short week of practice, play CU on another short week, coming home on a Sunday is another short week to prepare fo CSU.

  164. Konoman1:

    thank you Pillar!!!

  165. Kaipo'i1:

    Traveling Fan,

    My family coming off a cruise ship in Vancouver on Saturday and will be staying there through the weekend.

  166. SteveM:

    Kaipo'i1 -- if you are a cruiser, please send me an email at: stevem.hnl (at) gmail.com for possible addition as a Tsai-ko cruiser resource at:


  167. laulau head:

    Pillar! +1,000,000,000,000

  168. koakane ®:


    After reading all the plus and minuses for playing Colorado, this was brought to my attention which is a good point.

    Lets add the rainbow warriors and coach chow program begins to gel. The team becomes a contender to win the MW. Should the rainbow warriors risk getting anyone injured by playing the game. The bye, during this time, can be use to rest up. Shouldn't the focus be on winning the MW (the main prize). If not mistaken this game is in the middle of their conference play.

    I believe that is the reason other schools are not willing to play UH 13 game.

    Add this to the budget, monies offered, class time, travel woo's, win loss record, altitude and time zone changes. What matters the most. Mho I would like to see the rainbow warriors play the game but let it be for the right reasons.

    Sorry to add more confusion.

  169. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    Is that really the reason UH doesn't have a thirteenth game at the end of the season this year? It's my understanding that most FBS teams like the Hawaii exemption.

  170. kev-1:

    Guaranteed the players want to play. That's what football players want to do. Fans want to see it. Let's do it.

    Rest up? Come on.

  171. markazulu:

    Chow needs help on the offensive side of the ball I understand Chow is no doubt a legend but he cant continue being the Offensive coordinator/head coach he needs to find someone to be coordinator to help him out or at least go up into the booth like Charlie Weis did in 2008 hawaii bowl.

    Chow is doing a phenomenal job recruiting and he has a great group of coaches
    our players are in better shape and just in these past 2 games played really really disciplined football. Just need to execute.

  172. kev-1:

    It doesn't seem like the Hawaii exemption is as attractive as it once was. I'm not sure why though.

  173. Kaipo'i1:


    Unfortunately I haven't been on one yet, people close to me go annually. Maybe my first cruise will come soon.

  174. Shoko:

    With teams that have a Conference Championship Game, taking advantage the Hawaii exemption isn't attractive when there is a possibility of having to play a 15-game season.

  175. PolyMom:

    #106... I with YOU! Send Kiffen back to D2.

  176. Shoko:

    Play Colorado or don't play, but if the players want it then schedule it. Besides, it gives the blog host an excuse to get out of town. ;)

    Anyway, have a great day folks.