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Time to rock in Boulder

September 19th, 2013

The blog host doesn't get a vote.

But if he did, he would mark, "Heck, yes!" on the Proposition 10/19 question: Should the Rainbow Warriors accept an offer to play Colorado in Boulder on Oct. 19?

First, it's football, and playing one more game is better than staying put at 12. I mean, face it, how thrilling was last week's bye? Paint the town beige, anyone?

Then there's Colorado's latest offer of a $600,000 appearance fee.  If we were to minus travel, hotel and food costs, that still would leave more than $300,000. That's a lot of bagels, fruits and nuts for an athletic program that threw a news conference to announce a $150,000 donor.

If I were UH, I'd even knock off $100,000 in exchange for round-trip charter flights. It still would come out ahead, even if the team stayed at the Four Seasons.

Of course, the tsk-tsk folks will argue that the players will miss too much school time. But will they? This year, the Warriors are leaving a day later than they did last year. They are on track to miss 12 1/2 school days, including the week they will remain on the mainland between the Utah State and Navy road games. If they were to get a charter flight  to Boulder, they could depart on Friday, missing only one full day of school. So, yes, they would miss Friday's lectures. But let's not pretend we really care if a player misses an extra day of classes. Coaches care. Parents care. Players probably care. The rest of us? Not so much.

Take the game. Take the money. Then close your office doors, shut the blinds, and do the celebration dance because this is indeed a much-neeeded windfall.

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