The Warrior Beat

Open house

September 27th, 2013

There was a period last year when linebacker TJ Taimatuia's family experienced a cash shortage because of a medical situation. Without hesitation, Taimatuia gave his family the money designated for his dormitory room.

Teammates and friends allowed Taimatuia to sleep on their couches.

Now his family is doing well. So, too, is Taimatuia. He and three teammates are renting an apartment 5 minutes from campus. He also worked this summer to earn rainy-day money.

In a pay-it-forward move, Taimatuia and his roommates open their apartment to friends and teammates.

"Now I'm the guy if people need a place to sleep," Taimatuia said. "Sometimes guys don't want to drive all the way home, so they sleep over and go to practice in the morning."

Taimatuia added: "Blessing with a blessing. People blessed me. In turn, I blessed them."

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