Game day: Fresno State

September 28th, 2013

Ikaika Woolsey will start at quarterback in place of injured Taylor Graham tonight against Fresno State.

Woolsey practiced on the first team all week.

This will be his first start in three years. He grayshirted in 2011 and redshirted last year.

815 Responses to “Game day: Fresno State”

  1. Makai:

    Go bows!

  2. Shoko:

    Go Warriors!

  3. papajoe2:


  4. Bugaz:

    Let's go Warriors!

  5. wafan:


  6. manoa#1:

    Bulldogs is going to SaSa Dat Ass.!! Fire Chow Asap.!!

  7. ai-eee-soos:


  8. Mytake:

    Enjoy the moment? If the offense doesn't get it's head out of its butt, this game is going to be painful.

  9. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody!
    Hope we have a good evening too.
    If R Warriors win, then some people on this blog will not have a good evening.

  10. d1shima:

    Let's Go Bows!

  11. kev-1:

    At least today's game gives us things to keep an eye on. Like, . . .

    How will St. Juste do as the go to back this week?
    Who will start at QB? (although we all have seen how much Chow likes SS)
    Will there be a Billy Ray sighting?

  12. MattyBoy:

    As much as a fan as I am, it's so difficult to watch the offensive product that Chow puts out on the field. What I don't understand is does Chow not see that his offense is not doing anything at all? Why is he not making strides to modify his offense that's best tuned to fit his players? What sucks is that after all that Chow has accomplished over his years as an OC, national championships and all, he will go down as the coach who could never be a head coach. As much as I wanted Chow to succeed, I know it's just false hope.

  13. A-House:

    one UH fan told me that the game will be UGLY and I can leave at half time - we shall see

  14. chopsueyboy:

    Pound the Bulldogs!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  15. kev-1:

    #13 . . . did that person refer to him/herself as a UH "fan" or are you speculating? Based on his/her comment, it doesn't seem like it.

  16. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!


    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  17. Shoko:

    I think the offense finds its mojo today. Last game was just bad luck with the injuries.

  18. kev-1:

    SteveM . . .

    I'm not sure if you got to see my apology to you yesterday, but in case you didn't, I wasn't referring to non-football talk as "garbage." I was referring to the obscene nature of some of the posts. I apologize. I never meant any disrespect to what some regulars post about.

  19. kev-1:

    mojo = Woolsey, St. Juste, Stutz-II?????

  20. MattyBoy:

    Chow gives Hawaii no hope to win any games. I just don't understand as Chow being a head coach does he not see that nothing is working on the offense? Is he really that stubborn? Does he not know that stubbornness leads to failure?

  21. A-House:


    straight from the "horses mouth" as they say - yes, that person is a DIE HARD UH FAN!!!!!!!!!

    it's just an opinion based on what has transpired on the past 3 games - we were at OSU and it was really sad to see how the UH defensive coaches did not come up with a scheme to stop the WR over the middle - I thought they would do a "ruse" by showing the same scheme, but release one of the safeties to cover the middle - it was OSU's right WR that came across most of the time

    time and again I hear that it's Chow's first or second year and he has not had the time to recruit - just an excuse? - look how well other "first time" coaches did with whatever was handed to him - our prime example is June Jones in his "last to first" in his first year

    yet, I will continue to support the team!

  22. jm2375:



  23. A-House:


    I know first hand that you are swamped with work - long hours and many trips across the nation

    should you find time to post, many if not all the "original" Tsaikos would love to read your posts and opinions on UH Football

    as always, best to you and family!!!!!!!!!

  24. kev-1:

    A-House . . . I get the frustration and disappointment. Me too. I am just deep into my game-day pride right now. On game day, no matter the situation, I always think anything can happen on the field.

    GO (rainbow) WARRIORS!!!

  25. SteveM:

    kev-1 -- no apology necessary. I was making a general comment and wasn't directing it to you except that you brought up the topic (which was a good observation in the context you meant). I know you are not a complainer--I don't acknowledge the complainers. My apology to you for the misunderstanding.

  26. papajoe2:

    #23 A-House~ I second that.

  27. markazulu:

    I remember in 2008 when hawaii played Fresno state and we we're having a very ugly year and fresno state was gonna be that years BCS buster. I remember fans saying it was gonna be ugly we we're gonna lose by 60 points and such talk from fresno st fans. I remember the game that stood out with our players showing how much they wanted that win.

  28. papajoe2:

    Garret also used to post some non football related "interesting facts". I miss that also.

  29. MattyBoy:


    The difference is that we at least had an offense that gave us a chance to win. Sadly Chow on the other hand, not so much.

  30. kev-1:

    Watching the TCU, SMU game. TCU just scored, and I noticed that they have this zamboni looking thing that makes all kinds of noises and stuff. Looked pretty neat.

  31. MattyBoy:

    Anyways..... Which QB you guys think is gonna start the game? Woolsey or Schroeder?

  32. kev-1:

    its a trailer that they call the "frog horn"

  33. tommui:


    GARRET - as with A-House (#23), I also miss hearing from you.

  34. markazulu:

    #29 but remember in 2008 we kept switching between QB we werent playing well at all i remember that San Jose St game in 2008 prior to that game that frustrated a lot of fans. That game was when we had a coming out party as Inoke Funaki showed up that game i hope this game somebody steps up. We've seen St Juste show promise, the receivers are showing little improvement from game to game and i would even say part of the offensive line has shown improvement we actually got run blocking last game.

  35. kev-1:

    MattyBoy . . .

    think or should? There's a difference. I am anxious to see Woolsey for more than a few snaps, but think that Chow will probably start SS. I am guessing that Woolsey just got shared snaps in practice in case SS doesn't work out.

  36. Independentfockersbillables:

    ok, #12,20,29 we get your point ... don't need to spam the blog

  37. markazulu:

    If graham cant go i honestly think Woosley should start but knowing chow it'll be schroder. Who is a good smart QB but 1. holds on the ball to long 2. doesnt have the arm for the deep ball

    Woolsey is pure RAW TALENT at this moment he has great potential but a lack of game experience is clear he has no fear throwing into double coverage CAN throw it deep ability to run is there not sure if he goes thru his reads but i honestly dont see any other QB doing that

  38. MattyBoy:


    How did he look the last game? Didn't get a chance to see the game cause of work. Heard he looked pretty good.

  39. Whats up:

    Its game day and everybody and there grandma knows Fresno is going to win this game easy. But the negative Chow haters are still going to be bumping there gums with the ridiculous fire Chow statements. Instead of being patient because its way to early to tell if Chow is the right man for the job. I wonder?

    If the majority of the Chow haters here are really McMackin lovers or former players or family members that didn't make the cut with the new coaches? The amount of hate negativity displayed by this bloggers is along the lines of a jealous ex lovers, that they are willing to sacrifice the Hawaii player's moral for there hate. Just saying?

    See you ridiculous (Non Chow Pay Check cutting, all mouth no money) Fire Chow after the obvious Hawaii blowout loss tonight against Derrick Carr Fresno State.

  40. RB:

    After watching Hawaii 5-0 last night I swear the medical examiner guy looks and sounds like Mr Tsai LOL

  41. Papololoco:

    Today will be Chow's 16th game as UH HC. Where's the progress on Offense, we should be seeing something by now.

  42. UHfan808:

    Good game day day, Tsai-kos and lurk-ers!!!


  43. markazulu:

    I'm sorry guys I just dont believe in "this game is won before its played" mindset
    after seeing so many upsets in High School, College, and NFL my mindset changed in that i believe in favorites and all but ALWAYS get chance ;)
    Thats just the blind fan in me
    Hope we play good and NOBODY from both sides get injured lets beat our rival :)

  44. Bigislandkurt:

    Winning cures all.

    Until then, every fan has a right to be the greatest UH supporter......or not.

    If you are a die harder constantly lambasting the negative naysayer Chow haters, mo betta you just ignore them already. This is the state of affairs we are currently in. Accept it. Hawaii is a fair weather state......paradise, year around. How can we not have fair weather fans? And to think, it's only 3 games in.

    My evidence-based opinion says we will not win tonite. But if we play hard and make a showing that is worthy of respect, then next week will certainly be better in UH fan land. But if we just get OUR stadium, with the same old status quo Chow era results, then the "be patient, support the team regardless" folks can say "Fresno was the best team we faced" till their face turn Honolulu blue. We will still be 0-4. With no relief in sight.

    Yes, winning cures all!

    Playing your best, coaching to your best.....cures a lot too.


  45. UHfan808:

    41- Papololoco

    No progress on Offense?

    Well, break it down, please - What exactly are you seeing?

  46. UHfan808:

    ITT !!!!!

  47. UHfan808:

    Before Mack we had Jones

    But before Chow we had Mack

    ..Jus' sayin'

  48. UHfan808:



  49. markazulu:

    Our offense played ok against Nevada especially lakalaka and St Juste the problem with our passing game i personally feel its just overthrown balls or going to the short yardage check down when we have a guy wide open which obviously means our QB's arent going through there reads which is hard because our O line breaks down after a while.

  50. 3-Prong:

    Oooooooh, I know, forget the Honorary Captain idea. Suit up Garret Gabriel again!!!! hehe

  51. markazulu:

    But every game i've seen improvement in games. We got chewed up on 2 BIG PLAYS from nevada other than that our lack of offense is what is really hurting this team the defense gets worn out. We need points 1 td a game isnt gonna cut it.

  52. Independentfockersbillables:

    #41, Best to ignore the whiners from the Scout Board

  53. Independentfockersbillables:

    Problem with the last game and USC were the turnovers!!

  54. jonj:

    #27 markazulu
    My bro and I went to the 2008 fresno game and sat with my friends in the middle of the fresno state student section in my all green Hawaii shirt. And cheered our asses off. Some people were pretty mad and we told them we went to fresno but were from hawaii. One of the best games I ever been to!

  55. jonj:

    No doubt in my mind Schoeder starts and woosley ends the game.

    And to all the Chow lovers. I would not hate chow if we see improvement! the last few games last year we saw the improvement and that was nice! but it is like we have regressed in this offense with a year of preperation. Everyone was Mad at coach Mack for no second half adjustments. But with Chow its like there is no real game plan, I for one am totally confused with which type of offense we are running and there is also no second half adjustments aswell.

  56. Bowwar:

    Not having great hopes for tonight's game, but I'll be there as I've been for over 35 years...This is shaping up to be worse than the Van Appen and Price years...Man, do I miss the glory years of Tomey, Wagner, Jones, and yes, even Mac. I still think we'd be competitive if Mac was still HC. It's not the quality of players that people have made light of, but getting the quality of of players. I also don't like the idea of players being banished or abandoned...that's plain bull...

    Again, I don't blame the players...They're doing their best, but the coaching needs to step it up.

  57. UHfan808:

    To the Warrior Team:

    Thank you for your hard work and for playing your heart and soul all pre-season to this point in time!

    Despite what harsh "adoring" fans might say, please do not give up!

    Do not allow discouraging words to bring you down!

    Have the confidence to know better than to let any harsh words affect you!

    There are many many *truly* adoring fans who DO appreciate your hard work and ARE PROUD of YOU!

    For your hardwork

    For your dedication

    For your tenacity

    For your resolve

    For your personal progress

    For your team progress

    And for being our Rainbow Warrior Team :)

    So, ITT, focus on your assignments, listen to your coaches, and go do what you do!


    To my fellow Warrior Fans:

    WE fans, especially those of us who are elders and leaders of this community, need to rise above and lead others to do what we're supposed to do as responsible fans:


    Let's be excellent team players, too, and show how we can stick together and support the team thru thick and thin, thru good times and not so good times, for richer and for poorer!

    WHY!? Because...we are all *ONE TEAM*!!!

    GO WARRIORS!!! :)

  58. kev-1:

    MattyBoy . . .

    RE: Woolsey last game (IMO) . . . He showed glimpses of what could be. He did make some really bad decisions, but I imagine that is because he was excited and trying to make things happen. He showed confidence, mobility, and a cannon for an arm for the short time he was in. But, he did throw two INTs.

  59. Fan:

    I hope for the sake of the team and the sanity of the blog that our team can come out and represent tonight. I want coach Chow to succeed. Sometimes I wonder who will succeed if he does not. I doubt the possibility of the great young coach coming in and transforming the program. Even if that happened he would be gone in a flash to a big dollar payday elsewhere. The barriers to success here are high when compared to other places. I very much appreciated the years that coach Jones brought us success and pride. I also have not forgotten the years when coach Jones' teams were simply awful. While it was very exciting to watch the 2007 team there were a few games (San Jose and La Tech) where we were much more lucky than good in escaping with win. The schedule the played in 2007 was very very weak compared to the schedules we are facing now. Was it more exciting.....yes it was way more exciting. While hoping for coach Chow's success I am also a realist and know that the program and the fans cannot be patient forever. There needs to be improvement. We need to play like we have a right to be on the same field as Fresno. If halftime comes and we are getting killed even this long time, optimistic and supportive fan is going to start to get gloomy. Who knows I may start posting about billables.

  60. Old School Dave:

    Support the team!!

    Players and their families read the negative stuff, too.

    Gotta support the Warriors for all of their efforts -blood, sweat, and tears. You see a guy like Beau Yap going full tilt on every play, getting injured, and still coming back, that the epitomizes a Warrior.

  61. SteveM:

    RE: #40
    Yup, ST looks the part--and he can behave like "Quincy" (Jack Klugman) too.
    The producers missed that in casting... :)

  62. Old School Dave:

    Aloha Stadium looked kinda, er...rusty, in last night's 5-0 premier. I wonder if the late Mackey Yanagisawa would have allowed a chopper to land on the field? Still remember that Islander game that was forfeited because of metal cleats worn by the home team.

  63. jonj:

    #60 couldnt agree more.

    But sometimes in order to support the team we have to look at whats the problems with the team and address the situation. IK we have talent here and I do not see it being used properly.

    I thank all the players and their families for being apart of the Warrior ohana! And I hope and pray for a Win tonight! I also would love it if Chow proved me wrong and somehow turn things around sooner than later, becuz this game is about the fans and we are losing them.

  64. Old School Dave:

    How come there was no Swap Meet going on in last night's 5-0 episode at Aloha Stadium?

    Told the wife before the climatic scene that: "McGarrett is going to latch onto the chopper, kill all the bad guys, and safely land chopper." Geez, should have been a TV show writer :-)

  65. UHfan808:


    I am positive that those naysayers

    Live life as a double-standard

    Cuz if they really were team players

    In life

    At home

    At work

    Here on WB

    They would be able to apply the lessons they've learned to this situation, too

    I'm certain they could not even live up to their own demands and grumblings

    If put into any coaching situations

    Or were they to be any player on any team

    Hahaha :(

    How easy it is for them to criticize a team

    But never easy to BE a team player

    Especially when they've never ever played a team sport! Grrr


    I think our educational system needs to incorporate mandatory team projects (sports, band, win/loss group work) in addition to relying on gauging individual merit (science fair)

    So that we all can operate on the same page

    With understanding (hands on experience) of how teams really work!

    Exellent TEAM WORK, fan peeps, takes much hard work, time, and effort!


    Look for *leading indicators* toward success!

    Not just any score!

    GO WARRIORS!!! ITT!!! :)

  66. RB:

    #61 I had to do a double take. I was like damn ST didn't let us know he was on 5-0 LOL

  67. UHfan808:

    55 jonj -

    Please refer to post #47

  68. al:

    so many people of little or no faith.

    there's a new blog for you called "bandwagon jumpers...a place to monku"

  69. al:

    rb...that guy is half his age.

  70. d1shima:

    Win or Lose, after each home game I smile at the visiting fans and say to myself, (maybe it might slip out loud in the case of a particularly obnoxious one) "Enjoy the flight home. Come Monday morning, I'll still be waking up in paradise." ;-)

    BTW, been to Fresno...this will definitely be the case tonight!

  71. UHfan808:

    55 jonj -

    One more thing


    So who should coach tonite's game?

    Or mebbe you tink no need one coach, eh?

    Mebbe one on the mainland going stop what he/she's doing

    Fly to Oahu

    Drive over to Aloha Stadium

    And coach for us today?

    The thing about teams:

    We have a coach and we're sticking with our coach

    No matter what anyone says

    Stop being silly

  72. RB:

    #69 I know that. was just saying he looked like him.

  73. UHfan808:

    61 & 66

    Hey, ST's been on 5-0?

    Dang it!

    Haven't had time to watch that show lately :(

    So what did he say

    And what did he do?!


  74. UHfan808:


  75. UHfan808:

    I've heard that in real life that guy is a real doctor

  76. Old School Dave:

    Saw Joe Moore in an episode of the original 5-0 this past week. He's played a couple of characters in the old 5-0.

  77. Warrior fan:

    Does anyone know of a website that I can watch tonight's game? GO Warriors!#BeatFresno

  78. Independent Thinker:

    Let the pigeons eat the rice. Let the pigeons drink the kool aid. Pigeons eating rice and drinking kool aid are happy pigeons. Once a pigeon always a pigeon.

  79. Warrior fan:

    If our offense executes tonight, we will win. Establish the run , control the line if scrimmage & keep Carr & the bulldogs offense on the sidelines. I feel an upset tonight! Go Warriors!!

  80. UHfan808:

    63 jonj -


    The game is not about us fans

    But it can be fun and exciting for us to watch!

    It's about the proper growth and development of young men and women

    They are learning and building a skill called, how to work together successfully as a team

    That's what's up with us fans

    And why it is so important to stay positive for our team

    Think: Would you cheer encouragement your child or are you negative, you bully, scold, and put down your own child?!?

    Same ting!

    Apply it to the Warrior Team!


    Why not!?

    Cheer encouragement win or lose!

    Again Why?

    Would you really want your own children to do that (be negative) toward your own grand children!?

    I really doubt it ;)


  81. UHfan808:


    Review yesterday's blog

  82. Sasa Muli:

    Talofa Teine!


    Free poke
    Free pole bowl movement
    Free free free conspiracy theory
    Free sasa to the muli all around
    Free blah blah blah

  83. Sasa Muli:

    Joe Moore da original fafa.

  84. UHfan808:

    Make this world a better world

    By being a excellent fan

    Because I know you like being treated with loving care, too!

  85. Former UH Athlete:

    SEC defenses don't look so hot vs 2 dimensional offenses.

    Cam Cameron must have been licking his chops when he took the LSU OC job and started looking at SEC defense tape.

  86. RedZone:

    Doesn't really matter who will be the quarterback. UH will have to run the ball and do it a lot. I think they can. I hope they fixed all the bullet holes at the stadium. 5-0 really shot up the place.

  87. Warrior fan:


    Thank you

  88. PokeBowl808:

    Bowl movement or bowel movement?

    Rough night after a Genki lunch. Maybe some Fresno players pulled the same items off the conveyor belt as I did...

  89. RedZone:

    New targeting rule hurting a lot of defenses.

  90. gobows:

    what in the world is rich miano doing over at kaiser...cougs are on a roll...they trashed roosevelt 71-0. scored 307 points in last 5 games played, gave up only 47. they are 6-1 losing to campbell 21-7 in the opener and getting a forfeit from anuenue.

    roosevelt has turned into the wailua of the oia, they lost to kalani last week 63-20.

  91. Former UH Athlete:

    Nice! back door cover by UCF! Losing streak broken.

  92. UHfan808:

    13, 15, 21, 26 -

    That's definitely NOT the definition of one die-hard fan

    Just going to games does not make one one die-hard fan

    Doesn't sound like he even knows how to die-hard that much

    It's in the actions

    It's in the words

    It's in the feelings

    What he/she tells him/herself and to others

    What does this "die-hard" fan convey (and ultimately teach) to others around him/her?

    Don't be confus-ed:

    Die-hard = Team Player

    There are NO exceptions


    You are either all the way IN

    Or all the way out

    For yourself, for your family, for our Warrior Team, BE a Team Player


  93. UHfan808:

    87 -

    You're welcome

  94. Independentfockersbillables:

    lol, I guess the whiners like being drama queens ... the world is ending too...

  95. Former UH Athlete:

    86... Fresno is giving up 4.2 ypc this season and 189y/gm which is in the bottom 25% of FBS. Expect a lot of St Juste tonight.

  96. Papololoco:

    #52....if being a whiner means that I want to see a better product on the field then I will whine all day. It's people like you who will fall for anything. I wonder what's your excuse is going to be after today.

  97. jonj:

    71 I think chow should throw his pride aside and coach todays game! throw alil wrinkle and be alil unpredictable

  98. Kaulu001:

    I've been to ALL (3) games so far, tonight will be #4. Let's go bows!

  99. boolakanaka:

    83---Sasa why you gotta pick on Aiea like that?? Member, Joe was one throwin Ali'i back in the day. Plus, fafas in Halawa is nothing to joke about....

  100. redhill:

    After the first quarter of our USC game, I used my binoculars to watch Graham each time he walked off the field for the sideline, wondering how the coaches and teammates would react to him. Until our last minute touchdown pass, only once did I see Coach Chow approach and say something to him. Coach did not put a hand on Graham's shoulder. Only once did I see a teammate go up to Graham and say something. Only twice did I see Graham pick up the phone and talk to the upstair coaches. I guess I was spoiled by Coach Jones constantly coaching on the field and sideline. If Graham was learning on the job, he was pretty much learning on his own. I will be watching to see if Coach Chow continues this routine at tonight's game. Sometimes what happens on the sideline is just as revealing as what happens on the field.

  101. jonj:

    UHfan808 I would not bully, negative or yell at my kids (for the wrong reasons). But if i did see there coach do all the wrong things. playing favortism to other kids who havent put in as much effort as my child. You make like US "CHOW HATERS" are the one down on the kids. When really its you "CHOW LOVERS" who are saying we dont have the pieces or horse or whatever it maybe to run chows system.

    So please be real with what we are saying and what u are saying!

  102. jonj:

    I say the kids we have now have the talent, you say we dont have the talent... Who is negative towards the kids??

  103. jonj:

    And yes this Game is About the Fans becuz without them there would be no sports for those kids to grow!

  104. Inyoface:

    Graham needs to loosen up, not overthink, play with more swag and hit his target. The running game seems to be pretty good so you know the O-line can block on pass protection if they can block for the rb's.

  105. 99club:

    LSU Georgia is a pretty good game on TV right now. 24-17 Georgia at the half.

  106. Whats up:

    Clearly, I'm not a Chow supporter but its way to early to tell if Chow is the right man for the Hawaii head coach job. The team has competitive in all the games this year in the first half. The turnovers, penalties and lack of execution that comes with Taylor Graham being a new QB with the same porous Oline and Freshman RB's and wide receivers all add to the learning curb.

    Add the who is the starting QB with uncertainty of Taylor Graham playing and its not going to be pretty tonight. The freshman RB's have to carry the offense for a few games at least, until the QB situation get resolved.

    The Defense secondary has a lot of new young faces and that is a concern every game, just like on the Offensive side of the ball. The defensive front seven looks good so far but the injuries to the pretty deep LB corp will catch up of they can't stay healthy. I have faith the front seven will stop the run but Derrick Carr and his great receivers should have a field day with Hawaii young freshman and sophomore CB and safeties.

    Special teams Hawaii is strong on Special teams but Fresno is known for blocking kicks and thats a concern.

  107. Hank:

    Fresno's first road game of the year.

    and everyone in Fresno (and many here) is looking for them to put a BEATING on us.

    ....I beg to differ.

    Go Warriors!

  108. al:

    rb...I know you know. know what I mean?
    I was poking fun at ST.

  109. Da Punchbowl Kid:



    Win or lose, support the Warriors!!!

  110. Sasa Muli:

    johnny G or J - in da hypotheticals what make u tink your kid work harder den others? cause he stay your kid das y. too many parents tink dere kid is a best of the best of the best of the best den dey like make huhu for the coach. no can Dat Kine!!

    Must be haaard wen parents like dis that like tink lie dat got cut from high school football team when dey was keiki. hahaha!


  111. gobows:

    ...pass blocking is whole different animal from run blocking. its much easier to be the bull rusher than it is to stop the bull rusher.

    ...chow has run about 18 trick plays this year. he's been throwing wrinkles out there, its the other plays that are questionable. garans they'll be some trick plays in the 1st half.

  112. madeinhawaii:

    So which QB is starting? Hope it's Woolsey... only because he's an unknown factor to us fans and Fresno.

  113. al:

    what drama it would be to see in the waning moments of the game on the 1 yard line with only 2 seconds on the clock, ikaika woolsey sticking the ball into the gut of st. juste just before he dives to the right of the bunched up line of scrimmage only to be thrown back to the 3 yard line.

    ah, but wait...Woolsey has pulled the ball out and bootlegs left waltzing into the end zone unscathed as the gun sounds (PAHHH!!!!).
    Hawaii 37 Fresno St 35.

    the stuff dreams are made of.
    a star is born!

    it is why you go to every game and stay until the very end.

    ...nuff said

  114. al:

    112...mih. irrelevant who starts. it is Woolsey who will finish the game.

  115. madeinhawaii:

    al .. I hear you.

  116. Isaac:

    Morning everyone...let's go BOWS

    Fresno St. nearly lost last week so they could be reeling for a road loss :-)

    Don't see myself making it out to the link, anyone?? Appears as though Oceanic is STILL not offering a live streaming broadcast :-(

  117. al:


    okay now I stay full and drunk.

  118. gobows:

    deep down inside...we all know shroeder will get the start.

    how can we expect anything different. coaches do what they do.

    does keelan really need to redshirt? he could be this teams blaine gaison...and then play safety next year.

  119. gobows:

    #117 sounding like sasa muli

  120. jonj:

    Sasa i was getting at David Graves or Billy ray who have been in the program 3-5yrs and to see some new transfer or recruits come in and take the starting jobs.

    Plus i no more kids so Nuff Said!!

  121. tommui:

    AL re #117


    Nothing to do with football - and Cindy Luis does a fantastic job on her blog/column - but sitting down at Stan Sheriff last night can get you killed with volleyballs flying at you!

    How some of those players can survive a direct hit from a volleyball is something else!

    Nice to see familiar faces like Jim Donovan and his lovely wife, Virginia Hinshaw and others like Ben Jay bringing his young son to the game.

    And a big CONGRATS to the Wahine. Fantastic win!

  122. SteveM:


    I'm in!
    ...mostly. :oops:

  123. al: finally got to me.
    I was thinking what is it that I want for free that isn't family oriented....?
    just kidding.

  124. NotNasti:

    56. Bowar: This year is shaping up to be worse than Von Appen? Really? 0-12? 18 game losing streak? IF we lose 19 straight, then you can make that kind of statement. I don't think we're anywhere close to Von Appen's team. BTW, I was there for every single one of those games. Not happy, quite frustrated, but rooting for the home team nevertheless.

  125. NotNasti:

    Tommui, at first I thought you were making a funny. "Nice to see familiar faces like Jim Donovan and his lovely wife, Virginia Hinshaw and others . . . ".
    Okay, Jim Donovan and his lovely wife (Tracy), (and) Virginia Hinshaw . . . Got it now.

  126. UHfan808:


    Think I understand why ppl say you sound negative

    But first, a couple background things/ideas I need to share --


    When ppl complain without providing a recommendation to fix a problem

    This complaining is considered to be unproductive complaining

    For instance, Bosses hate it when employees complain mercilessly without offering a solution(s)


    In team building, in order for the team to operate productively, which is to contribute problem-solving ideas to tackle the problem toward its success, ideas whether good or not so good, need to considered whether anyone considers the idea(s) as good or not so good

    ONCE someone says that an idea is "bad"

    - And this is key: -

    Then the whole team effort completely and totally shuts down

    After this, no one (in their right mind) will ever want to contribute another idea ever again


    Contributing ideas is a team building effort

    Successful teams know that all ideas whether good or bad contribute to --> higher, even better ideas

    And make the initial idea that much stronger

    But when an idea is shut down in any way shape or form

    The result is that no one (in their right mind) will ever want to ever contribute their ideas to the table ever again for fear of being cut down, too

    (Hey, it hurts to hear from others - and even from yourself to yourself - that your idea(s) 'sucked')

    With those two things said,

    in order to complain productively and appear supportive and be positive in your delivery, here are my suggestions:

    Although the research you're doing and reporting about is fair and reasonable

    The vehicle (method) you use to convey the information

    Defeats/trumps the team effort (which should be to contribute ideas to the team's success) but which ultimately stops its team building all team members contributing and freely throwing out their ideas process

    And no one will want to say anything more for fear of looking and feeling...stupid :(

    When you post information facts to refute anything/ideas or to state your case, it's like you're breaking up the team building brain storming process and posting complaints in unproductive manner

    So in addition to posting a problem, issue, and concern,

    Perhaps consider practicing *productive complaining*

    by also including:

    - What's happening now

    - Your recommendations how to fix the problem

    - Your intended goal and objective for raising (bringing up) the problem, issue, concern

    - What success looks like to you

    I personally think it's good you remember what your professor said about the quality of the questions one asks.

    Would like to see you add to his thinking by adding in (doing) research about ways we can get thru/around the problems, issues, concerns you raise

    You can then use your facts as basis for why one would and or should consider your recommendations

    For instance, your concern is about Ben Jay wanting us to join the Pac12

    Your posting facts

    + along with your recommendations (brain storming) ideas) for how we can get that done

    Will be a positive way to post your ideas, fears, concerns

    I am hoping you have lots of ideas and can find/post many success stories either in bits or in whole that depict how others did it so that we can use and build upon those ideas and more effectively strategize how to get to where we aspire to be :)

  127. madeinhawaii:


    If we get to 0-12, then it will already be worst than Von Appen because it would demonstrate that UH hasn't learned from past mistakes. We don't need to get to 18 or 19 straight losses. We should be able to correct our course well before then. If not a coaching change, we definitely need an OC that Chow can work with and win with, not just eyes in the sky.

    But who knows? Maybe the offense will gel and start clicking. It's game 4... our turf... and Fresno games have traditionally been "good stuff"! Go WARRIORS! Go BOWS!

  128. Former UH Athlete:

    Taking Ole Miss (+14) at Alabama... I think this will be closer than the experts think.

    C'mon LSU & Georgia... Need more points. Offenses went nene at halftime. Just 17 more points please.

  129. cocobean:

    #118. Conventional wisdom says Schroeder will start. Woolsey may have studied the play book but how many reps does he have executing these plays. The amount of the play book he can execute is limited,

    Tomey did say on the L & L show that Chow should put a package of plays for Woolsey to take advantage of what he does best. I can see Schroeder starting with Woolsey coming in as a change of pace.

    But only Chow really knows. Experience vs athleticism.

  130. UHfan808:

    101 jonj

    I never said I'm a Chow lover or hater

    I have said that I see indicating factors that he is doing many of the right things

    But I do know we need to support whomever is in place right now

    A good coach is NOT going to share with the world why or how his player was disciplined and whether that even happened

    There are things and stories you and we may not know

  131. Former UH Athlete:

    127. UH needs an OC or at the very least a QB coach so Chow isn't stretched too thin on his coaching duties. But that won't be addressed until after the season.

    The Aaron Price situation was unfortunate and was a blow to the progress of the offense.

  132. UHfan808:

    103 jonj -


    Games are all about the kids

    We're there to support our youngsters

    In the meantime, benefit of college level is we get to cheer for our team as one state

  133. NotNasti:

    FUHA, I agree with you that the Aaron Price situation set us back. Too bad. Really too bad.

  134. jonj:

    #130 what right things have u seen other than recruiting?? defensively we look good but we havent really played a spread option attack or anything high powered yet.

  135. al:

    gobows...logic would have it that schroeder would start and at some point woolsey will get in there and help this team find new hope.

    but, desperate times call for desperate measures. chow could surprise and start the freshman.

  136. d1shima:


    UGa-LSU is a meeaann game!

    Big break for da dawgs...will Bayou Bengals rise up?

  137. Former UH Athlete:

    Wow... Cam Cameron is calling a heck of a game for LSU's offense. Hard to believe the improvement in Mettenburger in just one year. LSU goes from a boring, predictable one-dimensional run team to a much more complex offense as seen with the 2002-6 Chargers and 2008-12 Ravens offenses.

    Oooooo... muffed punt return leads to turnover... C'mon Georgia! Punch this in so I can cash this ticket!

  138. 99club:

    Congrats on your GA-LSU over, Former UH Athlete. :)

  139. UHfan808:


    Look at the progress of indicating factors over time

  140. d1shima:


  141. UHfan808:

    134 And remember that everyone makes mistakes, even you

  142. 99club:

    No kidding! I'm even enjoying the short runs. They are knocking the crap out of each other.

  143. Boya_jr:

    I'm in Eugene, waiting to watch the Cal-Oregon game. Seeing the power of major conference sports for a smallish market like NW Portland MSA is amazing. If hypothetically 10k (wild guess) more fans travel to Hawaii every year to see their team play UH how much additional financial benefit for our corporations given avg daily spend is $200-300? I would think there would be a strong incentive by our business community to create meaningful conference games with schools from major west coast cities, and a willingness to share in the costs. The question is the investment risk (chance that Hawaii never gets invite) despite best efforts and it takes a long time to prove the decision. The downside, though, does not sound bad (stronger athletics department), but lower end ROI for corporations. I think investing in UH athletics is worth the risk nevertheless and the corporates that get on board early will be remembered. The conferences are not the only ones looking as markets, so should we (Seattle, Portland, SLC, Bay Area, LA, Phoenix). Additionally, as mentioned by other Tsaikos the mainland UH fan base needs to be quantified somehow and have buy-in. The mass appeal of Hawaii football was evidenced by the convergence of Hawaii's people from all over the world at the Sugar Bowl.

  144. turfwar:

    #68 Al that forum already exists. It's called WSN.

  145. d1shima:


  146. d1shima:

    CFB version of Brady v Manning....

  147. d1shima:


    Envy you today. I was in OR one Saturday to watch #1 play in Salem. It was Civil War...practically every car on I5 had a flag in the window. Great fans!

  148. 99club:

    Yup. They'll both be playing on Sundays.

  149. d1shima:

    And then there's McCarron...

  150. 99club:

    ballsy 4th down play for Georgia.

  151. Old School Dave:

    Situation without an OC is what it is at the moment. UH just needs to adapt, improvise, and overcome. Next season having a capable OC or QB coach would take some of the load off of Coach Chow. Someone like a Jason Gesser, the QB Coach at Wyoming, might be a good fit to work with Chow. Gesser and his Wyoming Cowboys look like they're improved this season. He may also grow tired of the harsh winters in Laramie.

  152. Boya_jr:

    D1shima, I'm feeling tired. Late night last night at the clubs in Portland. Met some Hawaii expats working the door of one club. Big guy. I was thinking wish we had you at UH. As soon as the first beer touches my lips, I'll wake up.

  153. madeinhawaii:

    Old School Dave... so you're saying we should make that Wyoming game a coach scouting one, eh? I like it! ... We win, we win.. we lose, we still might win! Bwahahahaaaaaa!

  154. Kapahulu:

    Talking about a new Offensive Coordinator for next season. Jason Gesser would be a good choice. Also another potential candidate could be another St. Louis Alum, Darnell Arceneaux.
    I believe that he might be the current Quarterbacks Coach or Offensive Coordinator at Occidental College. His Head Coach is the former Kahuku Coach Doug Semones. Darnell is also an Alumnus of the University of Utah where Chow Coached at and is also an Alumni.
    UH cannot afford a high priced Offensive Coordinator, perhaps Darnell Arcenaux might want to come back home. His family is still here.

  155. d1shima:

    Oh we go!

  156. Old School Dave:

    MIH: I think that Gesser, a local boy, would seriously consider an offer to coach (and come home) at UH, in spite of the salary. He's coached at the high school level for some 5 years in Seattle, then at Idaho, and now at Wyoming. Kind of hard for an established OC to come to UH with the $$ being offered currently. Anyway, this is all speculation on my part.

  157. Former UH Athlete:

    151... Good call on Gesser... Might be worth a few phone calls once the regular season is over. He might take a lateral move if it means he comes home to Hawaii, with the possibility to elevate to OC if Chow sees fit. Chow did hire an OC (obviously it didn't work out) , so at least he recognized that he can't do it all himself.

  158. d1shima:

    ....might wanna check widda folks up on Kalaepohaku first.

  159. d1shima:

    Arceneaux was hanging around Manoa....and then he wasn't.

  160. madeinhawaii:

    Old School Dave,

    November 23 sounds about the right time of the year to recruit Gesser with talks of his birth place... and warm oceans of blue... sunny sunny days on Oahu....

  161. RainbowCliff:

    Aloha Tsaiko Nation! It has been a while but I have been very busy working own ways to help our Rainbow Warriors and IF Hawaii calls me back then H.S. Football jumping jack athletes will be on their way to play for the "Big Green Machine" !

    I have been given numbers to Hawaii football coaches and from my conversation with ONE he is in FAVOR for me to have the GREEN light to discover the talented pool of H.S. football athletes that are right here in my back yard and recommend them to the proper source for UH to access, recruit if they like and sign them to that National Letter Of Intent !

    I have been told that I CAN approach them and won't be a violation as I don't live in Hawaii, nor employed by the University in any capacity or have $ for their foundation. All I am waiting for is the "CALL" from their recruiting coordinator to talk needs and what their policy and procedure will be for ME to make this happen !

    Once this happen it is ON as Dorsey, Fremont, Crenshaw, LB Poly, St. Bernards, Westchester, Culver City, Verbum Dei, Locke, Washington Prep, Inglewood Animo Charter, Inglewood H.S and the best H.S. football in east la Roosevelt vs. Garfield as I am THERE because I met the Father of ONE awesome DT who is a stud and just a freshmen starting varsity for Garfield. Father Sal was LOVING my Hawaii background and VERY interested on Rainbow Warrior Football and ALL the ohana and polynesian hospitality that is there on the island PLUS a GREAT education as when I mention that he gave me his business card with last words "call me"!

    Also, my program Al Wooten Center FREE Sat prep for all H.S. students as it works out PERFECTLY for any "JUMPING JACK STUDS" from LA h.s. football to receive good scores as we have trained sat counselors on Saturdays to tutor them in the areas of Reading, English and Math as all they need to do is show up or I have a 12 seat passenger van to go and get them as I am just doing one of my duties as a Wooten staff member drive and "pick up students"!

    All is needed Tsaiko Nation is just the CALL as my number is left for THREE UH coaches, especially the Recruiting Coordinator as when and IF it happens I am INSPIRED to go get them as the RainbowCliff is "WILLING, READY & ABLE"!

    All I am waiting for is the CALL !

    Simply The Best, Better Then All The Rest !

    Let's Go Bows, Let's Go Warriors, Let's Go Hawaii !


  162. RedZone:

    Reporter was asking coach Kelly a question after the game and he started his answer with "If you were watching the game...".

  163. 99club:

    What a game! Still time for LSU.

  164. Former UH Athlete:

    From a money standpoint, UH should get a QB coach as it would cost less than $100k per year. Once Chow is comfortable, he could promote one of the offensive position coaches to handle OC duties. I think the assistants are around $80k neighborhood. Promoting a coach already here from $80k to OC $120k (Price's salary) would be better than trying to find an OC that will take $120k. Most OCs make much more than UH can offer, so getting an established OC isn't likely. Plus there's continuity with the system.

    But again, this won't happen until the offseason.

  165. madeinhawaii:

    Okay does Georgia go for two or settle for 1?

  166. War-E-Or:

    Reading some of these comments and the negativity really shows how blind most of you guys are. The only things that is keeping the team from getting W's is lack of consistent execution and dumb penalties. Blame the coaches you say, but you cannot say that the DC is a bad coach when his scheme is great but the defense gets tired due to the constant 3 and outs on offense.
    Theres nothing wrong or boring with the offensive style, it just isnt producing due to lack of execution and consistancy. We need bigger lineman on both sides of the ball, much bigger... That is a first step that will help this team in the future.

  167. Whats up:

    I agree with those of you that Chow needs a OC that he Jordan Wynn can work with. I was thinking he could put Chris Naole as OC/O line coach and train Naole to be a OC. Why hire from outside just promote from inside and train and groom them. I bet Naole would be honored and humble to take the job and learn from Norm Chow, no matter if he cannot get a pay raise until next year. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a Hawaii Football fan for life!!!

  168. d1shima:

    ....catching my breath

  169. NotNasti:

    Gesser is NOT coming back. He has his sights set on opportunities on the Big RocK, not HI.

  170. d1shima:

    Let 'em play!

  171. PokeBowl808:


    Better hope for the worst blizzard ever on the week of Nov 23, then have the staff drop off a care package to Gesser's office filled with Portuguese sausage, a kukui nut lei, a Kelaii Rachel CD, and Liliha Bakery coco puffs.

  172. d1shima:

    The sack was huge. Mettenberger was seeing 8 eligible after that...

  173. madeinhawaii:

    Wow.. LSU lost....

  174. RainbowCliff:

    #166 War-E-Or: "Bigger Linemen on both sides of the ball" I got it !

    Question: How Big ( size & weight ) and what time in the 40 for both off. linemen and def. linemen ?

  175. Old School Dave:

    I think that Coach Chow may be grooming Jordan Wynn along the lines of Utah's Brian Johnson (named OC at the age of 25). However, it was evident that Johnson needed some help, thus, Dennis Erickson was brought in as Co-OC. Johnson seems to be learning from DE.

    Did anyone see the Purdue vs NIU game? Although Purdue lost, they have a true freshman QB that looks promising.

  176. madeinhawaii:


    Why? You still got a few years of eligibility left? Is that what you're saying ;-)

  177. kev-1:

    LSU/Georgia . . . that was a heck of a ball game.

  178. 99club:

    Georgia-LSU. What a great game. Looking forward to the rematch on December 7th for the SEC Championship.

  179. RainbowCliff:

    To any one out there: From this blog INTELLIGENT football perspective as you watch the football team for ALL three games what do you feel that this team needs for the FUTURE to make Hawaii a FORCE again in Division I football ?

    Mind you FRESHMEN studs only as can I say a papolo option running quarterback ala Michael Carter, Raphiel Cherry, Michael Stennis ? or BIG BAD linebackers such as the Noga Brothers, Carl Kennybrew or a DB hitting machine Dana McClemore, Blaine Gaison, Verlon Redd ?

    Your comments appreciated and will take to the HEART!

  180. justinlurkin:


    Thank you.
    Good to finally hear someone with a plan + action. Hopefully, you will be given the "go" by UH to help this program.

  181. RainbowCliff:

    #176 Made In Hawaii: GOSH IF I COULD I WOULD !

    Luv you for the respect!

    At 55 all I can do now is use my LOVE for Hawaii and being and ex-bow who CARES to help and can help to bring players LIKE me who chief desire is to play for the OHANA and give it my all on and off the playing field!

    Want to CHANGE that perspective with former players who do not come back or contribute as this former player wants to contribute in only one way possible "GET BAD ASS PLAYERS" from LA in which the talent here is RICH in the innercity as USC, UCLA, San Diego State, Fresno State, Utah State, UNLV move over as "Rainbow Cliff OHANA is in the house" !

  182. RainbowCliff:

    justinlurkin: Mahalo kind sir for your words of confidence as right you are "the plan" has been ready for the past 3 years as all was needed was the approval and guide lines from UH as all I got before was "NOTHING" no return e-mail or phone call BUT this time a LIGHT of hope talking person to person to a real live UH assistant football Coach!

    Much love too polymom directing me to the LIGHT!

  183. madeinhawaii:


    Hey! You got guidelines now? That's good news! I know how hard you've been trying to contribute all these years. Glad to hear they're giving you the consideration you deserve as a former Warrior. Mahalo big time, from this fan.

  184. Babo:

    Come on Bows! Beat Fresno State!

    Compete, play hard and all will be fine.

    But I cannot take another blowout.... Just compete boys! ESPN is already saying that Fresno State will most likely go undefeated and take a BCS bowl away from Notre Dame.

    Crush Fresno's Dreams boys!

  185. Babo:

    I so hate Alabama..... LOL....

  186. Eddie-Man:

    I just read on a website that UH is favored to win by 4 touch downs! Oh wait, the website is dated Nov. 9, 2007.

  187. RainbowCliff:

    #183 madeinhawaii: YES, I have been trying and NEVER gave up the plan as I am RIGHT there in the thick of the inner city where these LA athletic studs practice right down the road just half n hour away from my after school program Al Wooten Center. A lot of them are going into their first year at the before mention high schools in which I had them during there elementary and middle school years as they LIVED in my office looking at my Hawaii pictorial wall of football, volleyball, softbows and picture of ME as a former Rainbow Warrior !

    I have the parameters but need too talk to "recruiting coordinator" as told do nothing until CONVERSATION with him as I wait because it is a dead period and NCAA RULES are in forced by UH as I follow orders like a true soldier and don't want them to fill that I DISOBEY there wishes, as I will be talked too from a "confident" of there support program as I wait patiently for that conversation to happen and when it does "I AM GONE" to go get that LA Jumping Jack Stud as I know where to go with my Hawaii Rainbow Green apparel PROUDLY being worn!

    IMUA Rainbow Warriors !

  188. d1shima:

    Good news Rainbow Cliff!

    Hopefully a momentum-builder for tonight's game...

  189. Kris:

    This will be another unfortunate butt-kicking.

  190. d1shima:

    Bama is gonna hafta turn it up offensively by 11/9 or they could be in trouble when they host LSU. Not sure that simply being a "game manager" will be enough outta McCarron.

  191. d1shima:

    Don't have access to ABC right now.

    How's Braxton Miller looking?

  192. Shamen:

    OK Bows fans, time to place your bets on final score! Although I think we'll score in the second half for the first time this year, it won't be nearly enough: Fresno State 44, UH 20.

    GO BOWS!

  193. Babo:

    #192 Fresno 48 - Hawaii 10

  194. Babo:

    In case you all cannot see it live on TV, this website has it playing...

  195. RainbowCliff:

    Well good folks I got to go as Mrs. RainbowCliff needs my services. Can you tell me the time for game tonight and any one that can leave a link on this blog so that I may watch it PLEASE ?

    I am INSPIRED to turn the LOVE for Hawaii football around for you as to win on any collegiate athletic level you need PLAYERS, STUDS, FAST FEROCIOUS young high school football STARS who will give you FOUR years of eligibility, grow in your program and by there junior and senior years the athletic scholarship invested into them will turn into MAJOR WINS as they are playing for their own self pride and playing for HAWAII in which their whole focus is to WIN as a TEAM with LEADERSHIP representing the 808 as they have matured by their freshmen and sophomore years. Most IMPORTANT for them despite playing for UH they MUST GRADUATE with a degree from the University Of Hawaii as it would not be possible for ME to talk to you and GIVE back with out that AWESOME degree that has open doors for me as I enter my 21st year as an Educational Youth Director at Al Wooten Center with out ONE DAY of being absent from the task at hand!

    Simply The Best, Better Then All The Rest !

    MAHALO Tsaiko Nation For Your GREATNESS !

  196. RainbowCliff:

    D1shima, MAHALO for your inspiring thoughts and BABO thank you for the link !

    Last question before Mrs. Rainbow Cliff come home "what time game will start" as it is 6:05 LA time right now ?

  197. madeinhawaii:

    Game is 6pm here... 9pm there.

  198. slenzi:

    Winning makes it all better. Fresno is tough but not unbeatable. I remember some 60 -70 point trouncings at Fresno. Then UH geevum back one year. But win by one point, win ugly, win on a bad call - just win. Get better every week. Looking for O-line chemistry.

  199. RainbowCliff:

    Oh I got it 10:59 my time which will make it 8:00 pm Hawaii Time !

    Babo your link works and I thank you. Hopefully I can stay awake that late as getting up there in years my eyes get real sleepy when the sandman starts calling me after 10:00 pm.

    Will get me some cans of monster energy drinks tonight!

    Oh, Mrs. Rainbow Cliff has walked in and is calling my name. ALOHA !

  200. madeinhawaii:

    I know we slapped them down once when we were on the road and they were ranked in 2008. Did we ever slap them when they were ranked and came to town?

  201. RainbowCliff:

    #197 MIH: Thanks for the correction. 6 your time which will be 9 my time. I got it !

    See you later Alligator!

  202. Former UH Athlete:

    Come on Ole Miss... show me something.

  203. Babo:

    #196 and 199 - Rainbow you are more then welcome! What an upset it would be to see the Bows crush Fresno! They have done it before!!!

    #202 - Exactly! I really detest Alabama!

  204. Crosswalk:


  205. Crosswalk:


  206. WarriorMojo:

    Hahaha, Punahou 42 Iolani 0... in the FIRST quarter.

    I guess recruiting is going really well.

    But let's see how classy the puns are in trying to run up the score the rest of the way.

  207. Crosswalk:

    See you at the game!

  208. Boya_jr:

    As an athletic program, UH can't market to wins and loses. The top programs don't. On the field success is not always sustainable.

  209. Former UH Athlete:

    Terrible play call by Ole Miss. Leads to safety. Why in earth do you call a slow developing read option in your own end zone vs a defense that has completely handled the read option all game.

    Ole Miss will be the first loss for me today. Bama just scored on one play after free kick. 25-0

  210. UHfan808:

    Okay so a bunch of us at are our Tsai-ko T-gate

    And it's 339 pm

    Almost time for clean up to get ready to walk over to the game!

    Anyone like some dessert!?

  211. Former UH Athlete:

    Man, RB Drake is fast for Alabama. That was impressive.

  212. slenzi:

    The Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl will be played on December 21, 2013. (Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl) The Las Vegas Bowl has a new sponsor and has been rebranded as the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl. New name, same Vegas flavor! According to the release Royal Purple is a Texas company that "produces a wide range of high performance lubricants for nearly every consumer and industrial application." Get your mind out of the gutter.

  213. Marleysdad:

    Beautiful day at Aloha stadium.

    Go Warrors!!!!

  214. boolakanaka:

    126 I thank you for you thoughts and mana'o. And I think I made formal apologies to anyone who takes these postings the wrong way--again, e kala mai.

    I will say that while you post insightful thoughts, it also makes an assumption that people value different opinions, outside their comfort level or knowledge base, and are willing to be cordial and collaborative. It also assumes that that linear decision making is the most optimal--which is not always the case.

    Yes, I do speak bluntly, but never with personal opinions, as all decision making should not be based on opinions but data. But finally, my only hope with my previous post was to stimulate thought and intellectual provocation, not to shoot down an idea. Again, thank you for your insights and suggestions.

  215. Former UH Athlete:

    Damn... The spread dropped to 17?!?

    I guess no bet for Hawaii for me. Still got over 58.5.

  216. d1shima:

    Let's Get Physical!

    Sell out the run...nevah mine who's da QB.

    Iso....option...naked boot...

    Heck! Tro in some Boom Series ( you like dat, eh, 3-prong!)

    Use dat DT in the backfield...

    Let's Go Bows!

  217. Stephen Tsai:

    Only $100?
    That's it?
    As my wife yelled at the craps table: "Come on, bet like a man."
    If you believe in something so much, then go big. If you can't do 55, don't get busted going 57.

  218. Hilo-Warrior:

    Whats the word on Taylor Graham?

  219. 99club:

    Wow, ST. Did the guy get mad at you for your wife yelling at him?

  220. John:

    @218 my wife wouldn't let me bet anymore. LOL!

  221. John:

    @218 my wife wouldn't let me bet anymore. LOL!

  222. MattO:

    Dang it - did Oceanic stop offering their streaming purchase? I can't find a link anywhere :(

  223. d1shima:


    Schroeder and Woolsey still splitting reps

  224. madeinhawaii:

    Aranda's Wisconsin lost their second game, but in both his defense kept the other side well below their average. Too bad Wisconsin's Offense didn't have enough of an answer to pull off a win against Ohio State.

  225. mo808:

    It's Game Day! :-)

  226. MattO:

    Woah - Woolsey starting.

  227. mo808:

    Hey, UhFan808! I dangerous, get INERNET! Cheehoo!

  228. mo808:

    Omg @ 227!

  229. kawika49:

    Sheesh Ben Gay. Another $75 on my part.. What happened on your part.

  230. NYUHTx:

    seems OK.

    Go Rainbow Warriors.

  231. Former UH Athlete:

    New QB, same OL... Sack . 3 & out

  232. Former UH Athlete:

    Fresno gets excellent starting field position... Not a great start.

  233. MattO:

    Lol @ 232

  234. madeinhawaii:

    If you need a link, I'm watching here..

  235. Former UH Athlete:

    Defense looking good to start... But Fresno just barely gets the 1st down on fourth down.

    Maybe Kaumeyer needs to ask for measurements every chance he can to give the defense a little break.

  236. Former UH Athlete:

    Just as scouted, Fresno throws short quick passes to set up the deep shot. Maggitt loses the one on one battle. TD Fresno, yuck

  237. 3-Prong:


  238. Former UH Athlete:

    Hawaii going to for it on 4th and 1... Incomplete, turnover on downs. Dropped by Harding on good ball.

    Costly mistake #1 by offense.

  239. UHfan808:

    Game time started already!




  240. MattO:

    Madeinhawaii - how did you get that "please install media update" block off the center of your screen?

  241. UHfan808:

    Hi mo808!!!

    Happy your phone found an internet connection!

  242. madeinhawaii:

    MattO... full screen..

  243. Former UH Athlete:

    Zebras reviewing possible targeting violation on Fresno... Review is to check if .... Fresno 's most explosive player has been ejected!!

    Zebra conference ensuing... Reviewing to see if ejection stamds

  244. mo808:


  245. Former UH Athlete:

    Ejected!!!!!! There goes Fresno's most dangerous player

  246. MattO:

    Madeinhawaii - nuts, doesn't look like the full screen button works. I'm on a Mac, so that may have something to do with it. Thanks so much for the link, though!

  247. mo808:


  248. Former UH Athlete:

    Damn... Offsides gives Fresno first down...

    Costly mistake #2

  249. mo808:


  250. Former UH Athlete:

    P.I on Maggitt in end zone on 3rd down... just a little too tight.

    Costly mistake #3

  251. MattO:

    Madeinhawaii - wait, I got it! CHII HOO! Thanks again

  252. mo808:

    Fresno Fan to my right is an @$$ (sorry folks)! Doesn't know when to be gracious...and zip it!

  253. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I wish we could make touchdowns too.


  254. Former UH Athlete:

    Pu'u Robinson might be out for game (knee).

  255. Moocher:

    MATTO how did you get it please please please

  256. madeinhawaii:

    MattO... just in case..

  257. UHfan808:

    215 boolakanaka

    I didn't say you said anytingwong

    Depends what you're trying to accomplish with what you post

    That's just simple team dynamics concepts regarding team building and team

    When working on teams, in order to get thru forming and storming into norming, performing, and even higher to outperforming (toward achieving your team's goals), one has to be aware of certain crucial team dynamics in order to get past the initial team building stages of forming and storming. If not, the team never gets to he norming or performing stages for that matter and the team is never successful (fails).

    With facts comes knowledge which can be used as opportunities to make things better

    I think you are at a fork in the road

    But may not realize it

    I am hoping you take the opportunity to use uour research abilities (information) for the good of our football progam (which includes us fans) to get us to dream as big as we can

    With constant firm pressure in the right direction, I believe that ONE person CAN make a difference :D

  258. RainbowCliff:

    Got the game & already down 14 to ZERO !

    Going to be a LONG season as I hope UH fans has PATIENCE !

  259. Former UH Athlete:

    Stutzman is playing. The freeBRS movement is now over

  260. UHfan808:

    ...That's just simple team dynamics concepts regarding team building and team ..WORK

  261. 3-Prong:

    We need a turnover NOW!

  262. John:

    Chee hoo! Go Fresno lick dem Wahines. I almost beat da spread already.

  263. Former UH Athlete:

    Woosley is getting harassed too quickly. Plus that was a bad spot on 3rd down. Punt

  264. UHfan808:

    We knew this would not be easy!

    Just gotta get thru it and learn the lessons along the way

  265. labowfan:

    Old man Chow looks confused again....

  266. Former UH Athlete:

    Kennedy is now in.

  267. RainbowCliff:

    Seats at the North end zone just EMPTY as fans are scattered out. Not a good sign for the home team. Norm Chow just pacing !

  268. John:

    Ciao Chow!

  269. UHfan808:

    Former UH Athlete

    When did you play and which sport(s) did you play? :)

  270. UHfan808:

    Good job forcing them to punt, Warriors!

  271. UHfan808:

    Hey RainbowCliff! :) fancy seeing you here! :)

  272. Former UH Athlete:

    Kennedy making impact. Get tackle chasing down RB, then gets pressure on Carr (got tripped by the turf monster).

    Forces punt nice job by defense

  273. UHfan808:

    Ok, like I've asked before:

    Then who's gonna coach, might I ask???


  274. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Mahalo for all of your help in #FreeingBillyRay

  275. John:

    He he he! Sack dat Wahine

  276. John:

    @275 I'd hire shoji. He could probably do a better job.

  277. labowfan:

    UH cannot afford a buyout. We are stuck with his old butt for another 4 years. Great job upper campus of Manoa.

  278. RainbowCliff:

    Seats located on the east side empty as fans are spread out with plenty of orange seats not being occupied. That is not a good sign !

  279. Former UH Athlete:

    Ahh... That sack was on Woosley... He had a good pocket and protection but he tried to break outside and gets sacked. That's an inexperience mistake.

  280. mo808:

    Koakane, are you on your way back?

  281. UHfan808:


    0 : 14 us

  282. Former UH Athlete:

    Oh, terrible penalty call. Defender was looking back for ball while breaking up pass. Zebras present Fresno with gift.

  283. 3-Prong:

    DEEEEE-FENSE Gunfunnit!!!

  284. UHfan808:


    Uh, isn't volleyball a different sport?

  285. labowfan:


    Inexperience on the Head Coach or the QB??

  286. UHfan808:

    Oh yeah



  287. madeinhawaii:

    Regardless of the score, I'm liking Woosley, right now. Something about him that's exciting to watch..

  288. John:

    @278 I know just sayin

  289. RainbowCliff:

    14 to 0 end of 1st quarter with camera squarely on Norm Chow. His look not good as Fresno going for 21 points and were not at half time yet. WOW I don't know what to say ?

  290. UHfan808:

    Oops 2nd qtr 14:26

  291. Former UH Athlete:

    Maybe a fumble.... That all is out based on replay.

    Zebras conferring...

  292. RainbowCliff:


  293. UHfan808:

    Missed! :)

  294. heluhelu:

    If you have WiFi on your PC, laptop or tablet, you can "tether" your cellphone & get the stream directly from!/watch-live with a free app like PDANet. The free version interrupts your connectio after you reach a certain data limit but you can just re-connect. The paid version ($7.95 lifetime) allows unlimited data w/out any interruption.

  295. UHfan808:

    Dang it

    0 : 20

  296. John:

    Thanks eh Wahines. I just beat da spread!

  297. UHfan808:

    0 : 21

  298. RainbowCliff:

    Bootleg was coming as you can see the last two running plays up the middle was not working so Fresno State quaterback bootleg 21 to 0 and we are still early in the 2nd quarter.

  299. madeinhawaii:

    Fresno exposing our Defensive weaknesses tonight.

  300. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  301. UHfan808:


    Like I said: you suck

  302. John:

    What an embarrassment..

  303. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  304. Former UH Athlete:

    291... What can you say when you have no OL to protect your inexperienced QB or open holes for the RBs? Woosley starting means that Chow wants to give him a live reps, not necessarily going for the win.

    Ahh.. Woosley's missed BRS for what would have been a TD... Mistake #4

    Dropped ball by Gant on 3rd... Mistake #5

  305. War-E-Or:

    Uh recovers fumble. Cheehuu

  306. John:

    @298 Thanks I'll take it as a compliment

  307. heluhelu:


  308. UHfan808:

    Nice run! 18 yards and 1st down on 14.5

  309. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  310. RainbowCliff:

    Hawaii recovered football. MUST SCORE !

  311. UHfan808:


  312. Moocher:

    nyek.......set up a webcam in front of your tv and show it skype.....anyone?

  313. MU: works on house computer but not on iPhone or iPad.

  314. UHfan808:

    Let's go Warriors!

  315. koakane ip5:

    282 soon mo soon can't watch this PE ball any longer

  316. War-E-Or:

    Stupid penalties again halting offensive progress.

  317. John:

    Nice penalty. You suppose to go forward not backwards. he he he

  318. labowfan:


  319. John:

    Nice sack. again going da wrong way. LMAO!

  320. War-E-Or:

    The linemen look so confused out there

  321. madeinhawaii:

    Yires. That was painful.

  322. RainbowCliff:

    WOW, get a turnover and just go backwards. INCREDIBLE !

    Aloha stadium just empty with blank faces on all in attendance.

  323. Angry Old School Dave:


  324. John:

    L&L or Gina's he he

  325. Former UH Athlete:

    UH's OL is so's just awful to watch.

  326. RainbowCliff:

    Norm Chow has BIG SCOWL on face. Hope that fires up the team !

  327. labowfan:

    Coaching is so's just awful to watch

  328. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    All the people that were bashing Taylor Graham the whole time, I hope they have words to say about woolsey too. because this kid looks pretty awful, even though UH is running some variation of the read-option right now. jittery in the pocket, inaccurate with any pass that travels more than 5 yards downfield. also, o-line issues.

  329. heluhelu:

    Lakalaka averaging 6.3 per carry. Why not ground & pound 2nd half? Worked for 49ers last year. I know, pros v. college. But u gotta play to your strengths, right? RIGHT?

  330. John:

    Save the school some money and shut down the football program or go to DII

  331. Robert Kekaula:

    That was a quality penalty on the warriors! That was a quality punt! that was a quality sack taken by ikaika woolsey. that was a quality over throw by 5 yards by woolsey. this is a quality plate lunch by L&L!

  332. heluhelu:

    Shoulda been a pick. Right in his hands.

  333. RainbowCliff:

    RAIN coming down as Hawaii football Gods are crying !

  334. oneseason:

    I just wonder how much of a difference it makes that we have no OC, no receivers coach, and no non-GA quarterback coach.

  335. MattO:

    Moocher, Madeinhawaii posted a couple of links. For the first one, wait for the first ad to disappear. Then go full screen and the second ad will disappear too. I had to click on a little square on the left-hand side of the vid-screen for the full-screen button to work.

  336. MattO:

    oneseason - looks like a big difference

  337. madeinhawaii:

    Did our side register any sacks against Fresno?

  338. heluhelu:

    oneseason on September 28th, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    Really. Though we do have a grad asst 'coaching' WRs. Who isn't even listed on Chow's staff.

  339. Former UH Athlete:

    330. It's inexperience.. Woosley's make the typical mistakes new QBs make. It'll get better with time. But right now, the game is moving too fast for him.

    Graham went through this vs USC. Brennan and Grenke went through it in 2005. Chang went through it in 2000. Most QBs look pretty shaky in their first D1 start unless the OL is really solid and there's a run game to ease the QB into the game. UH does not have those two items right now.

  340. Angry Old School Dave:


  341. heluhelu:


  342. Former UH Athlete:

    There's a nice pass.. 2nd quality drive for UH... need points though

  343. madeinhawaii:

    2nd time in the redzone and penalties again.. jeeze.. Oline is working against us.

  344. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    What Fricken Ever -- At least it points.

    Nice kick Hadden

  345. mo808:

    So glad the Fresno Fan left he was bad mouthlin his wife and I was ready for crack him!

  346. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    @341: yeah. my point is that all the internet experts who post on this blog who were just mercilessly hammering taylor graham after the first game of the season better be consistent and have words for woolsey too.

  347. Former UH Athlete:

    For all the Chow haters, this is the most creative the play calling has been. It still doesn't work because OL is really bad.... and another sack with no time to throw.

  348. RainbowCliff:

    ALRIGHT Harding LOOKING big after the run and now after two worthless plays / sack lost of yards and now 3rd and 23. Norm giving him pep talk !

  349. War-E-Or:

    Well at least they got points on the board

  350. heluhelu:

    Sack. With this oline, maybe should just run wishbone.

  351. heluhelu:


  352. labowfan:

    We will chase OIA championships

  353. RB:

    At this rate the question is who is or was the better coach Chow or von Appen. Chow only has 3 wins Von Appen had 5....

  354. oneseason:

    @ heluhelu 340. Thank you for the information. I checked the UH Athletics coaching roster, but that's it.

  355. RainbowCliff:

    ALLright field goal is good. UH gets 3 points !

    21 to 3.

  356. Robert Kekaula:

    What a quality punt! What a quality pooch kick! What a quality scoop of mac salad L&L gave me!

  357. Former UH Athlete:

    348.. Haters will hate. I'm fine with criticism, but when there's no structure or ways to improve, then you're just complaining. Complaining is unproductive in any walk of life.

    Speaking of complaining, can UH please design uniform numbers that are legible from more than 5ft away? The DL is getting pressure on Carr but I can't read who is doing the good work.

  358. Former UH Athlete:

    Defense seems to have found their groove. Thats a couple stops in a row. Kaumeyer making good adjustments.

  359. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    can anyone explain what in the name of Christ just happened?

  360. heluhelu:

    oneseason on September 28th, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    His name is "Luke Matthews." I didn't know this. "Jeezy33" told me when we played OSU.

  361. UHfan808:

    Hey I saw Nasti as I walked out of the restroom! Hehe

  362. madeinhawaii:

    We are down 21-3 and decide not to try one more play? Guess they were afraid of an interception....

    Woosley seems to have settled down a bit... Lakalaka is getting unglued... O-line still making a ton of mistakes. Stay tuned... 2nd half, much more to come!

  363. RainbowCliff:

    The BOO BIRDS are coming out NO need for that as the stands are just empty !

    This is going to be a LONG season as I surely hope I get a CALL as where they are right now Coaches EGOS cannot get in the way as they need HELP

    21 to 3 and we still have two more quarters to go. Half time broadcasters call it "growing pains"!

  364. heluhelu:

    Okay. I luv Lori Santi. She knows her stuff (softball, basketball, volleball). But why is she on the halftime show?

  365. oneseason:

    @ heluhelu 362 ... got it. Thank you. ...

  366. Shamen:

    359: here's a structure for improvement: 1) fire Chow, because the team's performance is a disgrace, and take Price's $120,000 out of his salary while you're at it; 2) hire Rolovich, who should have at least been retained as O-Coordinator, or ANYONE who can restore FUN and PRIDE to UH football. Seriously, who hasn't seen enough already?

  367. Former UH Athlete:

    Defense is doing ok statistically. Fresno is under their current average pace for yards. Carr is only getting 5.6 yards per attempt. That's actually a poor number. Carr has 59 of 140 yards on two plays.

    OLine needs to block somebody. Woosley is running for his life on most passing plays. i normally don't like it when QBs take off running of their 1st receiver isn't open, but in Woosley's case, it's not a bad idea as there isn't time to check down to 2nd or 3rd receivers.

  368. Bugaz:

    Let's go Warrior Woolsey!!! Make it a game and get that defense pumped.

  369. heluhelu:

    Halftime stats: Woosley sacked 5 x times. Santi: Ikaika better out of pocket, but hasn't turned ball over. Whatsisname: Plenty hits on Woosley which makes him skittish.

  370. Whats up:

    The O line still stinks, False starts, giving up sacks. Woosley is a freshman in his first FBS start and still learning the game speed, just like Taylor Graham against USC and Oregon State. Woosley has a cannon of a arm but just needs to clam down and throw with control, he missed a few wide open WR's. The Hawaii defense stepped it up, I expected the score to be Fresno 42 UH 0 at half time. BTW Oregon State put a whooping on Colorado 44-17 today. Hawaii did better than Colorado against Oregon State. We should have taken the Colorado game on Oct 19!!!

  371. RainbowCliff:

    USC is getting lit up 62 to 41 ASU !

    Kiffin will not make it through the season. He has dissension among the troops as one parent told me and the upcoming pac 12 schedule is BRUTAL !


  372. MattO:

    #369 - totally agree. Kid's skittish because he's running for his life every play.

  373. UHfan808:


  374. MattO:

    #371 - yeah, very impressed Ikaika hasn't turned the ball over. That's crucial.

  375. UHfan808:

    Good job, marching band, flag peeps, and dancers!

    Star Wars theme :)

  376. Shamen:

    Lest we forget, this is a Fresno State "defense" that allowed 51 points to Rutgers, 25 points to CAL POLY(!), and 40 points to Boise State (in a down year). In a full half of football at home, we got THREE. STINKIN'. POINTS. AND allowed 5 sacks.

    That's not just BAD, folks, that's ATROCIOUS. It's KILLING me because I know how hard these players work, but the coaching staff just has not been successful in designing a system to maximize their talents. Boo-birds have every right to boo -- as long as their booing the coaches, not the players.

  377. heluhelu:

    MattO on September 28th, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    Yup. Ikaika gets it. Unlike Schroeder. Just hope he survives.

  378. Moocher:

    Matto what link are you using?

  379. MattO:

    Kiffin and Chow both struggling...wonder if the true mastermind of USC's greatness lives in Seattle now...

  380. Former UH Athlete:

    8 penalties is a tough one. Zebras called one very questionable P.I. on UH to extend one of Fresno's TD drive. Clay was looking for ball and there was very little contact.. but got flagged anyway.

  381. MattO:

    #379 - Amen, helu. Kid is taking some shots.

    #380 - Moocher, I'm using:!/watch-live
    Really good picture quality.

  382. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    shamen: idk if you're watching the game but the offensive game plan that chow is running is completely different than what he previously ran before and is playing to the strengths of woolsey. they're running a no-huddle read-option attack that they haven't done before. if you're gonna talk crap, at least know what you're talking about.

  383. heluhelu:

    Yeah. Defense doing it's job for the most part -- again. FSU only 1-7 on 3rd downs. But Warriors 2-11.

  384. UHfan808:


  385. madeinhawaii:

    Except they only had 7 third downs and put up 21 points? Not good!

  386. UHfan808:

    Wow, nice catch :(

  387. MattO:

    New drinking game: every time Kekaula says "quality", take a shot.

  388. oneseason:

    @ Matto 381 ... there is at least a 2 of 4 chance of that.

  389. heluhelu:

    madeinhawaii on September 28th, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    Ow. Weh.

  390. Shamen:

    381: He does, but it wasn't coaching excellence so much as repeated and blatant NCAA violations that accounted for USC's "greatness" (hence 2004 title ripped).

    384: 3 points is 3 points. Listened to some on radio but just got too frustrated & sad to continue. Been the same for a year and a half. I'm pau.

  391. MattO:

    @390 - lol, very true

  392. MattO:

    Woah, magic fro!

  393. UHfan808:

    3 : 28

    11:01 left in 3rd qtr

  394. Robert Kekaula:

    quality pass. quality shot. quality plate lunch. quality two scoops rice and one scoop mac salad. quality gravy all ovah.

  395. John:

    Sounds like quality bullsh*t

  396. heluhelu:

    Robert Kekaula on September 28th, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    Lmao. (gallow humor)

  397. Former UH Athlete:

    Fresno challenged Gant on fielding an angled kickoff... Gant apparently has learned from his error at Oregon St.

  398. John:

    Must be a sad sight in Halawa tonight. 200 fans in da house. That's including da marching band.

  399. RainbowCliff:

    28 TO 3 with under 11:00 to play in the 3rd quarter. Hope the team can respond !

  400. madeinhawaii:

    Warriors showing some consistency here.. I thnk the second half is starting out just like the first. Fresno up 7, Warriors 3 and out... grrrrrrr

  401. Former UH Athlete:

    Random note, just realized that the rugby style punt isn't in NFL because it would be an illegal man downfield penalty. In the pros, the linemen are suppose to stay behind the line until the ball is kicked.

    Yeah, it's a random thought.

  402. Slugger:

    LET'S GO BOWS!!!

  403. Robert Kekaula:

    This game is kind of boring. I think I'm gonna leave L&Ls and call the game at shiros in waimalu shopping center. What you think, coach tomey? we go already. they get quality plate lunch, quality saimin, and quality mac salad, two scoops!

  404. RainbowCliff:

    John IF that as I never recall seeing Aloha Stadium so EMPTY !

    Was not around when Vonappen was here as I saw the paper bags on espn.


  405. Former UH Athlete:

    Crap, Marrell Jackson going to get flagged for late hit... dumb penalty. Can tell he's frustrated.

  406. mo808:

    @317: Koakane, A hui hou till San Jose next week!

  407. johnny:

    I call BS that @Former UH Athlete actually played. If so, when did you play, what sport and what number?

  408. greenthumb:

    Video feed cutting in and out, what was Chow pointing and yelling at the official about?

  409. Former UH Athlete:

    Dee Maggitt with great pass breakup on the deep ball. Maggitt is doing alright other than for the TD pass on Fresno's 1st drive.

  410. Shamen:

    I think there were more fans watching Punahou beat Iolani 56-0. Say, maybe UH could learn a thing or two from Punahou?

  411. RainbowCliff:

    #405: go for it as you won't be missing anything. Wish I was with you as the 2 scoops of macaroni salad with rice sounds ONO !

    Enjoy bra you deserve it !

  412. UHfan808:

    Keep going Warriors!!!

  413. mo808:

    Kekoa, da homemade beef jerky made my ride home waay sweeter' :-)

  414. UHfan808:



    Wondered why I didn't get an answer


  415. oneseason:

    At least with this much of a lead, Fresno State kickers shouldn't have to demonstrate their exceptional acting ability like in 2008.

  416. Former UH Athlete:

    Dang, that was a nice throw by Carr... half roll left and fired a strike on a 15y out. Very impressive throw.

  417. UHfan808:

    mo, did you go home, already?

  418. Former UH Athlete:

    Defense looking tired. Fresno's line is starting to drive back UH's DLine. 1st time DL has been pushed around all year other than late in USC game.

  419. John:

    Wow, still get one mo quarter to play. Looking like an azz whipping wit splintahs on da okole

  420. mo808:

    Hui, Momo! Thank you and Mrs Momo again for the wonderful panlaulau! Twas terrific!

  421. UHfan808:

    3 : 35

    6:49 left in 3rd qtr

  422. John:

    da other way brah not backwards.

  423. mo808:

    UHFan808, :-( yes, hubs has to get up at 3:00 for work..,

  424. madeinhawaii:

    You know? I kind of feel sorry for Fresno's Video room. After tonight's game, they will have a difficult time making a highlight tape of this game. They won't know what parts to cut out. So, TAKE THAT, FRESNO!

  425. RainbowCliff:

    GO Chris Gant GO!

  426. greenthumb:

    Awesome 48 yds by Gant!

  427. madeinhawaii:

    Nice return by Gant!

  428. heluhelu:

    ... Oh well.

  429. mo808:

    Go Bows!

  430. Former UH Athlete:

    ouch... pick 6... Woosley stared down BRS and DB jumped the route.

  431. Shamen:

    In ancient Japan, Chow would be ordered to commit seppuku right about now.

  432. madeinhawaii:

    Wow Fresno didn't waste any time doubling their half time score.

  433. Inyoface:

    Pick 6!

  434. heluhelu:

    Lakalaka still stuck on 9 carries (5.1 avg). And Schroeder warming up ... (good grief)

  435. gobows:

    Told you pick6 was in the building

  436. John:

    Whoa brah jus like dat Fresno scores again. I shoulda bet da house on this one.

  437. heluhelu:

    Oops. Schroeder to Gant. Warriors score ....

  438. heluhelu:

    Ok. Sit Schroeder NOW! Before he returns the favor.

  439. madeinhawaii:


  440. Robert Kekaula:

    schroeder should've started the game. he's actually an accurate passer when you give him time. quality pass. quality throw. quality lau lau at jinjoos in waimalu shopping center. what you think, coach tomey?

  441. UHfan808:

    Whoohoo!!! We scored!

  442. MattO:

    Go to walk the dog for 15 minutes. Fresno St just doubled their score. What the heck?

  443. Inyoface:


  444. RainbowCliff:

    TD Rainbow Warrior !

    Schroeder to the rescue !

  445. MattO:

    I wonder if we can go over 14 pts for the first time this season...

  446. UHfan808:

    10 : 42

    4:41 left in 3rd qtr


  447. PokeBowl808:

    Call to the bullpen pays off... Schroeder with a nice ball. Man, the D looks tired.

  448. UHfan808:

    We got it baaack!

  449. 808bowler:

    like I said before Sean Should have started

  450. heluhelu:

    Robert Kekaula on September 28th, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    STOP IT! You are brutal. When it's garbage time, Schroeder shines.

  451. labowfan:

    175 Total yards
    88 penalty yards

    Great job Chow

  452. Inyoface:

    I gotta say Shroeder is most in rhythm with the receivers than the other guys.

  453. MattO:

    Admittedly, he's getting a little more time to throw too.

  454. Robert Kekaula:

    Shroeder just cost mcdonalds $500. Maybe if they had quality mac salad, I would go there. What you think, coach tomey?

  455. Former UH Athlete:

    Team is still fighting. What a pick by Laurel in some serious traffic off the deflection.

  456. UHfan808:

    Score! With point after!

  457. heluhelu:

    Laurel pick! Okay Schroeder. Show us.

  458. MattO:

    #454 - sure seems like it, huh?

  459. Former UH Athlete:

    Congrats Keith Kirkwood on your 1st D1 TD... Great catch.

  460. greenthumb:

    Nice pick! And pass!

  461. Shamen:

    Hey I know Chow's already locked in to a five year deal, but what you say we give him another five, maybe ten years right now? I mean, you gotta think loooong term, right?

  462. madeinhawaii:

    Wow Schroeder is playing like an angry lion... whoo hooo... not wasting time and getting the ball out in a hurry... dang! Who finally lit a fire under his behind? Nice.

  463. oneseason:

    Sean Schroeder has a rating of 498.4 :)

    It probably helps not getting sacked all night.

  464. RainbowCliff:

    Art Laurel, WHOO HOO & Schroeder once again !

    There's your QB as he did start last year and is experience !

    Go Bows Go !

  465. heluhelu:

    Oh man. Schroeder to Gant -- again. Still, Fresno playing soft. Do it again and again & maybe I'll believe. Maybe.

  466. UHfan808:

    17 : 42

    2:40 left in 3rd qtr


  467. Former UH Athlete:

    OL gave SS some time and he made some plays.

    Fresno clearly taken the foot off the gas, but still gotta give credit to UH for executing. Give some love to the OL for keeping SS on his feet.

  468. UHfan808:

    Good job Shroeder, Gant, and Laurel!

  469. Former UH Athlete:

    464... guess he wasn't happy with Woosley getting the start. Glad he's making his point on the field.

  470. Inyoface:

    Plenty time left

  471. UHfan808:

    GO D!!!

  472. UHfan808:

    Hold 'em back! Go Daley!

  473. Former UH Athlete:

    NeQuan Phillips nice coverage on the deep route. CBs doing a good job of taking away deep passes. Noticed Carr hasn't challenged Phillips much tonight. Most deep balls have gone Maggitt's way.

  474. heluhelu:

    Former UH Athlete on September 28th, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    Or, Schroeder just playing loosey-goosey with nothing to lose. Different game when you start and outcome still in plaa

  475. UHfan808:

    Got it back again! Hahaha

  476. Robert Kekaula:


  477. MattO:


  478. UHfan808:

    Protect da qb!!!

  479. Former UH Athlete:

    UH defense is playing their tails off... forces fumble.

    Then OL leaves a Fresno player unblocked and creams SS for sack.

  480. Inyoface:


  481. UHfan808:

    Play smart! Strategize smart!


  482. Robert Kekaula:

    UH o-line is NOT quality. I tell you what.

  483. Inyoface:

    Run da ball

  484. MattO:

    Robert Kekaula:
    September 28th, 2013 at 8:51 pm
    UH o-line is NOT quality. I tell you what.

    LOL - please do this every game.

  485. Former UH Athlete:

    476... thats correct. Too bad the QBs can't be this relaxed when starting... But then when you get whacked like SS just did, you see why the starters are a little antsy.

  486. heluhelu:

    Former UH Athlete on September 28th, 2013 at 8:52 pm


  487. Former UH Athlete:

    Timeout... based on how it looked after the snap, probably a good thing as Fresno had 3 guys in the backfield immediately.

  488. UHfan808:

    Nice throw Shroeder!

  489. RainbowCliff:

    Chow giving Schroeder a smile and pat on his back !


  490. MattO:

    GANT! Wow...

  491. Inyoface:


  492. Former UH Athlete:

    Another deep ball connected... not a good throw, but Gant went up and got it. Good thing the CB misplayed it.

  493. MattO:

    TOUCHDOWN! Holy smokes, what a throw.

  494. heluhelu:

    That was wild. Shoulda been a pick. But Gant bettered the ball/DB..

  495. Former UH Athlete:

    HAYNES TD!!!!!!! Great ball by SS. Best throw of his career

  496. John:

    Wow get chance eh! Go Wahines!

  497. UHfan808:

    Whoohoo! Score! + point afta!

  498. MattO:

    Could it be? Could it be that SS is learning how to become a gunslinger?!

  499. Inyoface:


  500. greenthumb:

    Nice night's work by Gant.

  501. gobows:

    Do not adjust your screen...yes hawaii has scored a third offensive td in this game! And the kid won the Vegas trip!

  502. RainbowCliff:

    Schroeder & Gant are looking GREAT !

    Touchdown as any thing can happen !

    42 to 24 and the BOWS are coming !

    Let's Go Bows !

  503. John:

    One mo score by UH and I goin lose money.. Oh No!

  504. UHfan808:

    24 : 42

    14:16 left in the 4th qtr

  505. Inyoface:

    Schroeder's throwing some heat!

  506. PeteJek:

    Sean Schroeder should be the starter for the rest of the year.

  507. madeinhawaii:

    Schroeder has better stats than Carr.

  508. Former UH Athlete:

    The new WRs starting to turn it on. Plus Gant stepping his game way up.

    SS made a veteran move by sliding up in the pocket and delivered a perfect ball. Great play by SS.

  509. UHfan808:

    Hold 'em back! Push 'em back!


  510. madeinhawaii:

    5 for 5, 168 yards and 3 touchdowns.. LOL

  511. Robert Kekaula:

    This is... This... I'm speechless. And it's not because of the quality food at kapiolani coffee shop. Well, maybe because that too. What you think, coach tomey? This sean shroeder kid is quality, just like my oxtail soup.

  512. UHfan808:

    Phew! Outside!

  513. RainbowCliff:

    Come On DEFENSE !

    We need a STOP !

  514. madeinhawaii:

    Throw to the outside shoulder, give it hang time... that's always been a winner for us.

  515. UHfan808:

    Under review

  516. greenthumb:

    513 :D

  517. heluhelu:

    Yeah. Gotta credit Schroeder for winging it. But should be headsup to coaches that Gant might be underutilized, can make plays from nothing.

  518. oneseason:

    I am just listening online, but a fresh QB that isn't beaten up has got to help. I appreciate what Ikaika Woolsey accomplished in this game and hope he continues to share the lead QB role.

  519. Former UH Athlete:

    Harper made a heck of a catch. this one's getting overturned. Good coverage too.

  520. UHfan808:

    Hoping Art Laurel is A-OK!

  521. UHfan808:


  522. War-E-Or:

    Kirkwood will be a superstar come the end of his career

  523. UHfan808:


  524. MattO:

    WOW - what a turn of events! Overturned call gave us the ball!!!!

  525. Former UH Athlete:

    519.... Whats helping is that the play calling has gotten more aggressive on offense and the OL is doing a little better in protection.

    wow. still ruled incomplete... well, good break for the good guys.

    DAMN>>> Mr Honolulu just came up with a pick!!! WHat play by Phillips!!!!!!

  526. UHfan808:

    I see confidence!

  527. greenthumb:

    Back hit before leg did.

  528. heluhelu:

    Pick! Naquan napalm!

  529. Robert Kekaula:

    I'm speechless again about the exercise of instant replay. And it's definitely the instant replay, becuase I just pau eat my oxtail soup. Now I going get quality mac salad time at zippys.

  530. madeinhawaii:

    Wow.. bad call by the official stands.. then Philips intercepts... breaks going Hawaii's way now.

  531. RainbowCliff:

    INTERCEPTION Phillips !

    One good score here and we have a GAME !

  532. heluhelu:

    Ok Schroeder. The heat is ON. 2 x more scores and Warriors back in. Stand and deliver -- NOW.

  533. Former UH Athlete:

    OL fizzled on that series... pocket collapsed on 1st & 3rd Down and somebody totally whiffed on 2nd down, forcing a huge loss on the St Juste run

  534. MattO:

    The ball bobbled while he was going to the ground. If he didn't possess the ball till his back hit, then it's an incompletion, no?

  535. UHfan808:

    Make 'em scared!

  536. UHfan808:


  537. UHfan808:

    Got IT back AGAIN!

  538. MattO:


  539. RainbowCliff:

    Sucks, three and out !

    Momentum was a snap away and we give it back to them.

  540. UHfan808:

    D is ON FIYAH!

  541. Robert Kekaula:

    This punter lives on the edge. His olos is bigger than the gau gee at wailalu chop suey. quality stuff, coach tomey.

  542. Former UH Athlete:

    OMG another turnover... WOW

    This may not end in victory, but the team is showing us some serious resolve

  543. heluhelu:

    Fumble! Warrior ball!!!!!

  544. gobows:

    Billy ray with a td

  545. UHfan808:


  546. MattO:


  547. mo808:

    Good job, Hawaii!

    Good job Stutz!

  548. Shamen:

    This msg board more descriptive, informative & enthusiastic than radio, kudos!

  549. Former UH Athlete:

    TD BRS!!! Totally blown coverage by Fresno... 42-30 PAT coming

  550. greenthumb:

    Alert D!!!!

  551. mo808:


  552. gobows:

    Schroeders try is int'd

  553. heluhelu:

    Stutzman SCORE!!!!

  554. UHfan808:

    30 : 42

    1150 left in 4th qtr

  555. MattO:

    Don't mind the pick - SS is usually so gun-shy, I like the moxy from the kid.

  556. Inyoface:


  557. gobows:

    Woo hoo 30 freakin points

  558. War-E-Or:

    Game on folks.... We usually screw over fresno when theyre ranked, but even though we didnt convert 2 pt conversion.... If we can get stops , we have chance to make it a nail bitter

  559. Former UH Athlete:

    BRS lucky he didn;t get flagged for unsportsmanlike for the two thumbs celebration.

    SS threw a pick on the 2-pt try, but thats unofficial.

  560. UHfan808:

    Good job, Billy!

  561. OC Warrior:

    Here is the difference right now gang, execution. QB getting the ball in play, receivers catching the ball, players breaking tackles. The plays are not much different than the previous games.

  562. Robert Kekaula:

    I cannot believe. I cannot believe. wtf. so much quality tonight.

  563. WarriorNY:

    Holy hell! Glad I'm staying up... When did Sean Schroeder become Colt Brennan?

    Great job D!

  564. MattO:

    Good discipline by the D - he didn't leave his man

  565. heluhelu:

    Calming down. Bulldogs still up 2 x possessions. But Chow will probably play to crowd, start Schroeder next game. You think?

  566. UHfan808:

    YOU GO D!!!

  567. madeinhawaii:

    Happy for Billy Ray!

  568. RainbowCliff:


    GO Rainbow Warriors !

    42 to 30 with under 11 minutes to play.


    Greatest come back in Hawaii History !

  569. UHfan808:

    STOP THAT FSU!!!!!!

  570. Marleysdad:


  571. War-E-Or:

    Receivers catching balls, SS quicker on release knowing his oline cannot keep a pocket .

  572. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  573. greenthumb:

    MIH, are you still using the eu feed? Seems like a lag based on posts? (thx for link btw)

  574. UHfan808:


  575. MattO:

    Nice tackle - that's the way to wrap him up.

  576. MattO:


  577. UHfan808:

    GO OFFENSE!!!!!!!!

  578. Former UH Athlete:

    Mr Honolulu blows up the screen! 4th down.

    How bout that backside pursuit by TJ on 2nd down... that was huge.

  579. madeinhawaii:

    Yeah... lots of pauses to buffer...

  580. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Say it with me!!!!!!

  581. UHfan808:

    Punt to 20

    1st down 30

    Ditto to 30

    Almost to 25!

  582. Former UH Athlete:

    Wow, the confidence level of these WRs is soaring.

  583. MattO:

    Evans...gotta hold onto that.

  584. MattO:

    Wow - SS sliding up like a pro.

  585. Former UH Athlete:

    Thank goodness the refs suck, thats two breaks in the 2nd half. UH driving again

  586. Former UH Athlete:

    SS pulling his best Johnny football impression

  587. UHfan808:

    GO O!!!!!!

  588. heluhelu:

    Not a good throw to Evans, but Warriors draw PI on next play.

  589. Former UH Athlete:

    Nice playcall by chow on the Lakalaka run there. Well timed draw

  590. gobows:

    Lakalaka td

  591. MattO:


  592. UHfan808:

    PUSH EM!!!

  593. greenthumb:

    Are you ready for some football?!!

  594. madeinhawaii:

    Schroeder scrambling?

  595. oneseason:

    Oh man. This is why I don't bet on sports :)

  596. PONO:

    Holy Cow

  597. Former UH Athlete:

    Holy SHIT... It's a game. 42-36 with PAT coming

  598. MattO:

    Wow...WOW!!! Can it be?!

  599. WarriorNY:

    This is insane! TD LAKALAKA!!!!

  600. Former UH Athlete:

    597. OMG, totally forgot about my over bet. whoohoo I went 4-1 today.

  601. War-E-Or:

    Omg who expected this on rivalry night? I know I didnt... Come on D, stay stout, we need more stops!!! Down by 5!!!

  602. heluhelu:

    7+ mins. Plenty of time.

  603. boya_jr:


  604. UHfan808:

    OMG 37 : 42!!!

    751 left in 4th qtr!!!

  605. UHfan808:


  606. 99club:

    Incredible. This is really going to happen! C'mon Warriors!

  607. Whats up:

    Holy Cow Chow!! Book it! Sean Schroeder is the undisputed starting QB of Hawaii Football.

  608. UHfan808:


  609. MattO:

    C'MON D!!!!

  610. Robert Kekaula:

    sorry gang. i'm just... wtf is going on? THIS ISN'T FOOTBALL, THIS IS MADNESS. i actually stopped eating. wtf.

  611. heluhelu:

    One more pick from Carr (or T/O from Bulldogs) pleez!

  612. greenthumb:

    Clock management. Go team!!!

  613. UHfan808:


  614. RainbowCliff:


    WOW 42 to 37 with 7:51 To Play !

    It's 12:30 am here in LA and I am staying right here with my MONSTER energy drink as I am on my second can !

    Alright Schroeder Your The Man !

    Come On DEFENSE !

  615. UHfan808:

    WHAT A STOP!!!

  616. Former UH Athlete:

    Oh what a hit by Daily

  617. madeinhawaii:

    Warriors can smell blood.. bulldog blood.

  618. MattO:

    Robert Kekaula:
    September 28th, 2013 at 9:30 pm
    sorry gang. i'm just... wtf is going on? THIS ISN'T FOOTBALL, THIS IS MADNESS. i actually stopped eating. wtf.


  619. UHfan808:

    SCREAM LOUD!!!!!!!!!

  620. Former UH Athlete:

    dang, that was a big time throw by Carr.

  621. UHfan808:


  622. MattO:

    DRILL 'EM!

  623. UHfan808:

    PENALTY FSU! 15 yds!!!

  624. MattO:

    HOLD UM!!!!!

  625. UHfan808:


  626. UHfan808:

    GOOOOO D!!!!!!!!!!

  627. Former UH Athlete:


  628. MattO:


  629. heluhelu:


  630. 99club:

    Way to go D!

  631. oldtimer808:

    Hawaii has the ball back. Fresno is punting. Hawaii has it own their own 20 yard line with 3:41 left in the game.

  632. UHfan808:


  633. MattO:

    3:41. 80 yards. 5 pts. Let's go. LET'S GO!!!!!

  634. 99club:

    80 yds away from a win.

  635. UHfan808:

    3:41 left in 4th qtr

  636. WarriorNY:

    Rainbow Cliff,
    Its 3:40 am here in NYC... And I got to go to work in the AM.... This game is crazy!

  637. madeinhawaii:

    Fresno getting edgy .. making errors. WAtch the fake punt and get that ball back.

  638. UHfan808:

    Penalty us

    LET'S GO OFFENSE!!!!!!

  639. MattO:

    Okay, so maybe a little longer in the yardage

  640. Bows4lIfe:

    Didn't hear the cannon, to all the tds.

  641. 99club:

    er, 90 yds.

  642. Former UH Athlete:

    John, Shamen... you still here?

  643. oldtimer808:

    Looks like we will start on the 7 yard line with the penalty

  644. RainbowCliff:

    Is there enough time

    YES as FSU will punt !

    Down to the finish with less then 4:00 to play.

    GO Sean Schroeder !

  645. UHfan808:


  646. Former UH Athlete:

    Must be a new rule... returner now penalized if they block after calling fair catch

  647. 99club:

    93 yds now. Last call.

  648. oldtimer808:

    Hawaii has to punt

  649. alnbama:

    2:40 in Alabama, game on, go Warriors

  650. UHfan808:


  651. oldtimer808:

    we need a turnover

  652. MattO:

    Wow, that penalty really, really hurt.

  653. greenthumb:

    Penalty marked from point of infraction?

  654. UHfan808:



  655. Former UH Athlete:

    reluctantly, punt is the right play. 3 TOs left, and defense is rocking right now. IF fail on 4th down there, the ball game is over.

  656. UHfan808:


  657. MattO:

    Gotta make it 6 turnovers. C'MON D!!!!

  658. oldtimer808:

    win or lose these young men showing no quit.

  659. madeinhawaii:

    Penalty sucked some of the air out of the Warriors.

  660. UHfan808:

    UH TO

  661. War-E-Or:

    That hurt

  662. oldtimer808:

    Fresno has a third down and 2 yards to go

  663. RainbowCliff:

    Time is there enough Time!

  664. MattO:

    So proud of these guys no matter what. SO proud.

  665. UHfan808:

    STOP EM GOOD, D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  666. MattO:

    Injury gave the D a little rest...

  667. greenthumb:

    Noise...and timeouts. Gotta use clock wisely.

  668. alnbama:

    Get Chance

  669. MattO:

    2 minute drill!!!!!

  670. Former UH Athlete:

    Sneaky play call by Fresno with the read option, but UH stuffed it!

  671. oldtimer808:

    alright Fresno lost 2 yards but Fresno thinking about going on 4th down going to punt

  672. heluhelu:

    Methinks Tomey slightly overstating "comeback." But that's just me. Props to all Warriors for not quitting.

  673. UHfan808:

    Fair catch harding on 10

  674. oldtimer808:

    1:57 left in the game on the 10 yard line....we need 90 yards

  675. MattO:

    Keep calm SS, keep calm

  676. UHfan808:


  677. oldtimer808:

    first down on the 21 yard line

  678. RainbowCliff:

    GREAT comeback !

    Just ran out of time. Schroeder is your QB and this season has just got a bolt !

    Come on UH score and WIN IT !

  679. UHfan808:

    To harding 3/10

  680. UHfan808:

    To 40

  681. Former UH Athlete:

    Fresno is so wide open for a draw play for Lakalaka right now

  682. John:

    I lose money :(

  683. oldtimer808:

    we are at the 41 yard line. 1st down auwe just got sacked

  684. Former UH Athlete:

    ouch, that sack hurts

  685. UHfan808:

    KEEP IT UP, O!!!!!


  686. MattO:

    3 or 4 plays. C'mon SS - sling that ball.

  687. heluhelu:

    Oh geez. Schroeder being Schroeder. 4-man rush. Sack.

  688. Former UH Athlete:

    2 shots at end zone coming...

  689. MattO:

    Holy cow stress

  690. MattO:

    16 seconds is an ETERNITY!! FIGHT FIIIIIGHT!

  691. Former UH Athlete:

    ref tack on 8 more seconds...

  692. heluhelu:

    1st down. 1, maybe 2 more plays. {hold breath}

  693. UHfan808:

    2nd down 40 yard line 6 seconds left

  694. MattO:

    Not sure we needed to heave it like that - quick sideline out woulda been nice

  695. Former UH Athlete:

    didn't need to hail mary to end zone htere... but I didn't see any WR short of goal line. Could have picked up a bunch and got outof bounds.

  696. MattO:

    BE PROUD. Amazing game. So much heart and effort.

  697. Former UH Athlete:

    ahh shoot, what a comeback attempt by UH. Might be a turning point for the team.

    Que the fair weather haters...

  698. Wes'side Warrior:

    Oh my!

    I come back from this grad party... and the place is going nutz!

    Almost got it done! What a comeback!

    Keep fighting, Warriorz!

    Howzit, Gang!

  699. koakane ip5:


  700. oldtimer808:

    Mahalo Rainbow Warriors for putting up a valiant fight.

  701. War-E-Or:

    Love the effort. Hopefully things will start to click now.

  702. A-joe:

    Proud of these men! They found their groove!

    Just keep fightng!!

  703. Inyoface:

    Great game, like the old days.

  704. RainbowCliff:

    Last play with the hail mary !

    GREAT comeback as the team showed HEART !

    Build on this for the remainder of the season. I am PROUD of our TEAM !

    Good Night !

  705. John:

    Proud 0-4 Be proud peeps!

  706. Bugaz:

    Great effort gang! Get ready for the next one.

  707. kruzen:

    I know the Rainbow Warriors will not take a moral victory but that was exciting!

    Go bows!

  708. heluhelu:

    "C'mon man." Kekaula/Tomey heralding sea change because of 'comeback.' Schroeder will surely start vs San Jose St. When Schroeder reverts to form, then what?

  709. Shoko:

    Now that was an exciting game! Exactly what the Warriors and their fans needed. Heck, its what I needed. Happy for the team!

    Hope the Warriors take this momentum into the rest of the season.

  710. boya_jr:

    Great effort and heart! Fresno make that BCS money for us.

  711. WarriorNY:

    Great job Warriors.... Great job by Schroeder... Great effort by the players... Ok, i need to go to sleep its 4 AM... Take it easy folks...

  712. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Hold your heads up Warriors. This was a victory in the minds of any fans.


  713. MattO:

    September 28th, 2013 at 9:58 pm
    Proud 0-4 Be proud peeps!

    Hey John, did you win any money? Oh wait...

  714. kev-1:

    I don't usually believe in moral victories either, but if there ever was one, that was it. Hell of an effort, hell of a comeback, just short.

  715. Moocher:

    good game....always felt SS shouldve been the guy

    Hey John, sorry the wahine destroyed your spread hehe

  716. greenthumb:

    Thank you, team!!!

  717. Babo:

    Fantastic game! I don't mind losing games in which we compete. It started off as another butt whoopin but our Bows showed a lot of heart..

    Very proud of em!

  718. Niho Mano:

    The best football game I ever saw in a long time...Yikeeeessss...Rainbow guyz had it in you all this time...I saw it with my own!!! Great game...

  719. Babo:

    Looks like John might have to take his lunch to work after losing this bet!!! Karma is a bitch eh John?

  720. oldtimer808:

    Now you know Rainbow Warriors that your game is there just continue to bring it out the rest of the season GO RAINBOW WARRIORS!!!

  721. oneseason:

    Absolutely outstanding team effort. While I could be wrong, I believe that the outcome would have been very different if a single UH QB was in for the whole game. We still are needlessly hamstrung without a full complement of experienced coaches. Now that we all see what can be, lets hope UH leadership makes that happen.

  722. madeinhawaii:

    This was the awakening we were waiting for!

  723. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    heluhelu, stop being a clown. what if sean shroeder and the offense goes back to how it was for the first three games of the season? well what if the offense starts dropping 80 points a game like the june jones era? you don't know. so you watch to see what happens.

    it was an amazing game and it shows you how UH can play on offense if they execute.

  724. madeinhawaii:

    But, it really looked more like the pass sets up the run rather than the other way around in the second half, especially.

  725. Moocher:

    most people said they can accept losses as long as we are competitive...i hope this is the start. as long as you are competitive, you have a chance to win

  726. UHfan808:


    Terrific come back! Terrific hustle!

    Proud of you, Warriors!!


  727. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    MIH: all the "pro style offense is boring, we must do read-option blah blah" people on this blog basically saw the read-option get blown up with woolsey and then sean shroeder channeling his inner brett favre running the base offense that UH likes to run. great game. wow.

  728. WarriorNY:

    I have to say one more thing to say...

    Being down 42-3 and eventually losing 42-37...

    Great Coaching...

  729. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    that draw play to lakalaka off that fresno monster blitz in the red zone was a thing of beauty. that was a brilliant play call.

  730. John:

    Yeah,, I got ripped! Lose money! Oh well, guess it's cup ramen and spam musubi come Monday.

  731. oneseason:

    Rainbow Warriors 2 turnovers
    Bulldogs 5 turnovers

  732. John:

    @730 Great coaching? What you smokin braddah give me some. shoulda started Schoeder from da get go

  733. madeinhawaii:

    Did Puu-Robinson get hurt again?

  734. Moocher: worry, spam is good. hey be honest---you were hoping for the win too aye :)

  735. RedZone:

    Way to battle Warriors. This is just the beginning. Like I said we get chance.

  736. PolyMom:

    Agree. Great game. #25 team and we lose by 5. Better then the lickin USC got tonight!

    Love you BIG BOY! So proud!

  737. jeezy33:

    I wonder where that clown is who was talking crap about me saying SS was our best option on this team.

  738. Moocher:

    i think everyone had that feeling tonight...yeah its a loss, but that feeling, hope, get chance, wooo what a rush.

  739. jeezy33:

    But I did also say I would start Woolsey to see if we can groom him for the future...

  740. John:

    @736 yeah, you're right I was... But gotta admit it wasn't lookin good and it sucks azz losing right?

  741. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Great effort Warriors!!!
    Every game! Same energy! Now you KNOW what can be!


  742. hossana:

    To Mattyboy & A-house both of you displayed what idiots you are and what kind of true fans you really other words, both of you I would like to PUKE on your faces for your negative comments....if you talk to Dick Tomey and people that know the game, its not the coaches but the execution of the plays that win the games....unfortunately, both of you idiots only see the what are you going to say...UH still lost....heck, 5 more minutes and they would have won the game......I can see Schroeder being the QB and the team moving forward with the start of a new season beginning next week as you can see the plays that the coach called worked because of the execution and lack of turnovers.........cheers!!

  743. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    740. Rajah dat! Could feel 'em from even before da game start!

  744. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    it's not necessarily about the win or loss, but the win would've been amazing. yeah, UH lost, but after shroeder was in, the offense executed, put up points, the product on the field was exciting, there was energy and confidence. the entire process on the field was WAY better than anything that was put out there for the first year and a half of chow's tenure. process versus outcome oriented thinking. when you focus on the process, the outcome eventually will take care of itself. this is definitely something to build on.

  745. PeteJek:

    Very proud of the team's effort after Schroeder came in. Hope for a better start in next week's game.

  746. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    somewhere, independent thinker is still saying that higgins should've started and that chow hates local people.

  747. kev-1:

    You wanna puke on their faces? That's weird.

  748. Buffoman:

    Did you notice that the o-line looked like their collective lightbulbs went on? They looked much better. That block by Evan I think on that draw play that sprung Lakalaka was beautiful.

    It would have been great to have a win but the battle the team put forth tells me that the coaches have been doing a good job in mentally preparing the player to have that "no quit" attitude.

  749. oneseason:

    Conjugation of the noun “hater”:
    I am a realist
    You are an impatient fan
    He/She is a hater

  750. UHfan808:


  751. War-E-Or:

    The key to this offense is the linemen. Scheme blocking on running plays need a huge improvement especially when needing a push forward or laterally when running outside. This oline is one of the smallest in ten years, i cant see them pass block reliably unless they all improve on technique. Defence, i would love to see more substitutions but with our league mostly no huddle offenses, we need our offense to stop going 3 and out so the D can rest more.

  752. UHfan808:


  753. UHfan808:


    Dang it lol

  754. UHfan808:


  755. kev-1:

    I have to give props to Schroeder. I was hoping for Woolsey to lead the team, and didn't think SS was the guy. He showed the experience I think this team needs tonight.

    Woolsey obviously doesn't know enough of the playbook to effectively run the offense, and needs time to improve his decision making. BUT, that won't happen on if he only runs the scout team offense. Keep him in the rep rotation with the 2's from here on out so he can learn.

  756. UHfan808:


  757. kev-1:

    BTW . . . there is no way in hell Graham was day to day. His arm was still in a sling on the sideline. I think the injury is a bit more serious than they are letting on.

  758. UHfan808:


  759. UHfan808:


  760. UHfan808:


  761. UHfan808:


  762. UHfan808:


  763. UHfan808:


  764. kev-1:

    come on man

  765. 3-Prong:

    Proud to be......

  766. UHfan808:


  767. UHfan808:


  768. wingt:

    Tonight some of the players who didn't suit up and were in the stands seemed more interested in talking to their girlfriends and buddies than they were in the game. They are really noticeable out since they all where the same gear. Those players looked undisciplined and uncaring especially when we were down 45-3.

  769. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    wingt: that's why they're in the stands watching and not suited up playing.

  770. UHfan808:


  771. UHfan808:

    Thank you to Sailor Blue and Janice for coordinating today's Tsai-ko T-gate!

  772. markazulu:

    I wanna congrats the bulldogs on the win but I am SO PROUD of our team when i saw the score was 42-3 i was so disheartened until i notice we started scoring and when we lost 42-37 im so happy that we fought back. Really proud of our offense especially Schroder all the crap he deals with and i was one of the people who felt it would be best to start woosley i think woosley has huge upside but i think rightfully so with this performance if Graham can't go Schroder won the Starting job the right way.

  773. oneseason:

    It looks like the defense enabled great field position and the offense struck fast against a gassed bulldog team ... having a fresh quarterback was probably a key factor

    a) UH took started 3 of 6 scoring drives on turnovers.
    b) UH had great field position on 5 of 6 scoring drives.
    c) UH scored in 2 plays on 3 drives, 4 plays on 1 drive, and 9 plays on 2 drives.
    d) UH scored in less 30 seconds or less on 3 of 6 drives.

    Spot How Rslt Pl-Yds TOP
    UH49 PUNT FG 9 for 21 3:16
    UH37 KO TD 2 for 63 0:17
    FS43 INT TD 2 for 43 0:24
    UH42 FUMB TD 4 for 58 1:01
    FS43 FUMB TD 2 for 43 0:30
    UH20 PUNT TD 9 for 80 2:10

  774. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    too bad fresno had no power running game where they could just line up and kill clock.

  775. kapakahi:

    Tonight showed the team has the talent......and the pride and heart too.

    Imua......Rainbow Warriors!!!

  776. kapakahi:

    BTW nice to see a lot of the high school prospects on the field before the game......including Gifford, Tafua, Fehoko, L. Williams, Eseroma, Heimuli.

  777. d1shima:

    Comment of the night

    Former UH Athlete:
    September 28th, 2013 at 9:38 pm
    John, Shamen... you still here?

    Definitely not a fan of the Seahawks but lemme just add, "You mad, bro?"


  778. d1shima:

    Biggest difference tonight

    One guy waiting for HS "open"

    Next guy going for it on CFB "open"

    I don't wanna hear no mo, Eh give dis Freshman a try BS unless he's a bonafide Elite 11 QB.

  779. d1shima:


    How was da shower?

  780. papajoe2:

    John, go back and read your comments, It's funny now that the game is over.

  781. d1shima:


    56 - 14. d1shima

  782. Warrior:

    Proud of the team. John, STFU.

  783. Warrior:

    Proud of the team.

  784. cocobean:

    Always thought it wasn't the plays or the play calling but the execution of the plays called that was holding the offense back. Mid way through the 3rd the team got the spark that jump started the whole team. Shroeder to Gant to the FSU 4. From that point the boys played as a team. The O , the D and the STs all had a role in closing the point gap to where we had a legit chance to win.

    This was the first time in a long time there were no angry callers on the Fan Phone line.

  785. markazulu:

    @787 surprised to since we at one point was losing 42-3

  786. heluhelu:

    Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal on September 28th, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    Who's clowning besides you? I appreciate what Schroeder/Gant accomplished -- after UH was down 42-3. Gant bettered several balls & outplayed DBs. Similarly, I'm sure Schroeder/Gant appreciate the Bulldogs going prevent & rotating 2s when FSU thought it was in the bag. But don't remove your clown nose, clown wig or clown shoes yet. Starting is a different deal from mop-up, no matter how inspiring. Spartans up next. Utah State just blew them up (40-12). Let's see who's clowning whom *after* Schroeder logs Hawaii's first win. I will gladly eat dirt then.

  787. Apocalypse DLC Code Keygen:

    I liked as much as you'll receive carried out right here. The cartoon is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. however, you command get bought an shakiness over that you wish be turning in the following. in poor health definitely come further until now once more since precisely the same just about very regularly inside of case you defend this increase.

  788. Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal:

    was fresno in prevent defense the whole time shroeder was in the game mid 3rd quarter or are you just making that up? yep, i suspect you're making it up. nobody's saying that shroeder is the second coming of colt brennan and that UH is gonna win out the rest of the season and make the hawaii bowl. what people are saying is that sean shroeder played extremely well, the offense was clicking (better than actual mop up time against bench players when they were playing their first three games), shroeder played with confidence for the most part, the receivers actually caught the ball and played with swagger, defense stepped up. all positives and things to build on as they head into the rest of their schedule. if they keep improving on this, the wins will come.

    you on the other hand, and I really hate it when people call each other 'haters,' but really, that's what you are. it's not even "realism." it's just negativity and reveling in this weird hawaii football inferiority complex that most UH fans have.

  789. cocobean:

    A lot of people left after the Woolsey pick bad for them.

    The team must move forward from here. They can't revert to their old form. If they lose they have to leave not doubt the other team truly beat them and not that they beat themselves like the USC game or the ...........

  790. Darren:

    Schroeder played with a major chip on his shoulder...wouldn't have expected it any other way. Lakalaka played the same way too. Two guys who were supposed to take a back seat in this game instead came out and played their asses off.

  791. cocobean:

    JMIAWC....was at the game but not sure if FSU went prevent other than the last two plays. They were still bringing pressure till then.

  792. Darren:

    Fresno was not in prevent. If they thought they had it in the bag, then Carr would have been the first one to rotate out.

  793. Darren:

    The stadium was rocking loud at the end of the game...and I swear there were like only 15,000 folks left in the stands. Major props to those who stayed through the lopsided first 2.5 quarters and the passing downpours that sent everyone scurrying for cover.

  794. A-joe:

    That was the loudest I heard the stadium since '07.

  795. heluhelu:

    Johnny Manziel is a War Criminal on September 29th, 2013 at 12:30 am
    "nobody's saying that shroeder is the second coming of colt brennan""

    Lol. Colt who? Thanks for confirming. If "Colt Brennan" is your gold standard for quarterbacking and leadership, Johnny Manziel IS Johnny Football. (I'll take Rolo anytime, anyplace, 24/7/365)

  796. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    One more thing...Haven't had this much fun watching a UH football game in a very long time. The price of admission was worth every penny.

  797. mo808:

    800. Good game! Something to build on!

  798. ai-eee-soos:

    Lame Kiffin fired. espn.

  799. ai-eee-soos:

    ASU coach: We dominated them (USC).

  800. wafan:

    Good morning!

  801. wafan:

    Record rain yesterday.

    Over 2.6". More on the way today and tonight.

    I hope folks have cleared the storm drains around their homes!

  802. wafan:

    Nice job 'Bows!

    'Attaway to stay positive and begin to silence the nay-sayers.

  803. hossana:


  804. boolakanaka:

    On the USC debacle, even before his (Lane) firing, the names getting passed around, were as follows: Jeff Fisher (shared playing time with Ronnie Lott and Joey Browner in the USC defensive backfield), Bobby Petrino, and Jon Gruden. That noise will become even more pronounced especially, if the Rams do not fashion a turnaround this season. Thus, a temp HC, for the remaining of the season, would ensure, and thus secure an ad hoc place holder seat for the future coach.

  805. 3-Prong:

    Last night was a prime example of why rabid fans need to let the coaches coach.
    Let's Go Bows!

  806. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    cocobean hit it on the head about "ITT"

    Ignore The Trolls.

    No more clear examples of this than FUHA called out at 9:38 last night with his "Comment of the Night"

    One, the kind that only comes out when the team is down and plays the "See, I told you so" crap.

    Two, and I give Kevin the credit for calling these guys out in previous seasons, the guys who lose money (literally and figuratively) betting against the team.

    The Blog Host has long said, "the blog corrects itself."

    Well, with a little help from the team last night, this path to this truism has become crystal clear. Ignore The Trolls and their inane comments! Like pigeons, if you don't feed them, they will leave and crap on somebody else!

    With that, I'm done posting "ITT"

    ...for now.

  807. d1shima:

    Amen 3-Prong!

    And how 'bout dem 'Cats! :-D

  808. gobows: tacos from jackinthebox

  809. PolyMom:

    Thank GAWD they fired Kiffen. Now they can get out of my neighborhood! The Coach they really want is Jack Del Rio. I guess Pat Haden was full of it when he said he was behind his Coach 100 percent.

    USC is getting their karma. They will be lucky to win 3 more games with their injury plagued team and lack of depth. Good for them...liars and cheaters.

    Fantastic moral victory and come back by the Warriors.

    Faux Johnny Manziel...I would change my handle name as I sent a text to Paul and Michelle Manziel last night to inform them of your slanderous name on this thread. So you better bag or change your name. They ate going after all people who slander or libel or use their sons name. GTHO!

  810. boolakanaka:

    812--Polymom...My folks tell me (I got some buddies in the sports agent/legal side) that Jack at this moment is more interested in getting another NFL head spot (more money, less alumni to deal with), though the position still holds great appeal to him. Further, as the Broncos have one of top ranked defenses there are already feelers out to him on potential NFL HC positions. One additional feature, is that Jeff Fisher, is also closer to Pat Hayden, and they have a much more active personal relationship--so that always factors into the equation.

  811. mo808:

    Good Sunday Greetings Folks!

  812. mo808:

    Game is being replayed now on 1016! :-)

  813. Moocher:

    what is 1016?

  814. A-joe:

    Gmorning Mo808!!

  815. 3-Prong:

    d1: Yup Cats Rolling! Thanks for that link.