Game day: San Jose State

October 5th, 2013

Two teams desperate for a victory — San Jose State and UH — face off today at Aloha Stadium.

The Spartans, who won 11 games in 2012, are 1-3 after losing three in row.

Despite last week's near-historic comeback, the Rainbow Warriors are winless in four games this season.

* * * * *

If anything, the Warriors are a team with good manners.

After eating dinner at KCC last night, they threw away their disposable plates and utensils, then pushed in their chairs. After that, they lined up to personally thank KCC's student chefs and workers.

It shouldn't be a surprise. After every practice, they recognize — and give three claps — to trainers, equipment managers and other support staff.

Small gestures go a long way.

340 Responses to “Game day: San Jose State”

  1. Boolakanka:


  2. Bowwar:

    It's gonna rain, but we'll win...

  3. HiFlyer:

    Go Warriors

  4. UHfan808:


  5. Kapahulu:


  6. Kapahulu:

    Warrior word for today: ATTACK!




  7. A-joe:

    Lets get this party started!!!

  8. UHfan808:

    Good Warrior game day morning, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers! :D

    I'm excited for the wonder-ous possibilities! Hehe

    Sack 'em

    Steal 'em

    Beat 'em

    Rah rah rah!!!



  9. Kapahulu:

    In the Fresno State game, It seemed like when the Rainbow Warriors played with the ATTACK mentality, they were so much more effective and exciting.
    Hopefully they remember that feeling and now know what it takes to be winner.

  10. Na Koa Mike:

    The article on Monday's Na Koa lunch is now up.

  11. A-joe:

    I'm really digging the old skool discipline and respect Chow has bestowed upon these young men. They all will uphold, perpetuate and share these lessons throughout their own personal journeys through life.

  12. tom mui:


    Na Koa Mike - thanks much!

    GO BOWS!
    Great game WAHINE!

  13. kapakahi:

    Quite a few UH coaches spending time at Aloha Stadium the past 2 nights.....checking out the local HS talent.

  14. UHfan808:

    Thanks, ST!

    Confirmation of gentlemanly Warriors is a *indicating factor*!!!

    I can see it now:

    Run them opponents hard and confuse 'em all over the field

    knock 'em down and spin 'em around

    sack 'em and run 'em all around!!!



    Then offer a generous hand to help them up off the ground

    I like that vision!



  15. kapakahi:

    UH picked by Lee Corso as his upset of the day on this morning's ESPN Gameday!

  16. UHfan808:

    Thank you for yesterday's comment, a-joe! :D


  17. Independent Thinker:

    I like to think most of these young men learned respect and discipline from their homes, long before they were allegedly "bestowed " these things by norm.

  18. NYUHTx:

    SMU ties it up with an awesome 2 point play.

  19. Old School Dave:

    Watching the Rutgers - SMU game. That's one empty stadium at SMU who just tied the game at 35-35.

  20. Kaipo'i1:

    Go Warriors!
    Go Wahine!

    Good morning all. It's Saturday!

  21. NYUHTx:

    While nothing beats winning, I miss the datatainment of the JJ years. Leading the nation in passing, receiving, etc. SMU scores TD in OT.

  22. NYUHTx:

    I thought we could stream the game tonight? UHseless!

  23. Fan:

    Independent Thinker,
    Why is it so hard to give coach Chow credit. He does seem to have a method that includes teaching respect. Of course many of the players have learned things in their homes but that doesn't deny the orientation of this coach and this coaching staff. Why always undercut any expression of appreciation for his efforts. You make intelligent comments at times but the unabated negativity toward the coach does not serve well.

  24. NYUHTx:

    CBS? Looks like Bullriding than multiple replays of Inside College Football Tonight #Mountain Waste Conference.

  25. cocobean:

    ? of the day is not who will start at QB but will the 12th man show up? Need more than 25k thru the turnstiles for that to happen. Wish'n for 30K.

  26. HiFlyer:


  27. UHfan808:


    Yeah: ITT


  28. UHfan808:

    Lol oops 26

  29. nanakuli:

    I hope Coach Chow learned to throw first to set up the run later, like he did in the 3rd and 4th quarter last week. Our defense is tough, we just need the offense to score 35 points to win.

  30. UHfan808:

    25 cocobean

    Thank you for the definition of OT

    For a bit, got excited about Tsumextra pay

    Hehe ;)

  31. TChahng:

    Go Rainbow Warriors! What's that smell? I smell victory!!!

  32. UHfan808:

    Dang it, I'm not cooperating with my phone! :(

  33. UHfan808:


    Yep, the team needs us *LIVE* FANS to make LOUD NOISES!!

  34. Kaimuki Kid:

    Be there or be square!!!★★★ ITT

  35. ai-eee-soos:


    BEAT san hosay

  36. Jonj:

    Today is chows real test. Do we come out flat or flying out the gate. I have my doubts but remain optimistic! So far our opponents this season hasn't been as good as advertised. All the games where winnable if we had some sort of offense. Last game against Fresno offense showed up. Was it a fluke or is this real. Today's the test! Let's all pray! Haha

  37. boolakanka:

    Would any of you that have a working link to the game, place it on the blog close to gametime? Mahalo nui in advance.

  38. gobows:

    #36 maybe Hawaii is a lot better than people think.

  39. gobows:


    you could try sports feed 365 at

    they do have the game listed.

  40. boolakanka:

    39--gobows--big spanks!

  41. boolakanka:

    Check out the end of the SMU game, JJ pulls out what could be arguably be the ESPN play of the year in college football; it was like how we use to play afterhours at Punahou field in 4th grade.

  42. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Finally back home after a very educational morning at UH. Once again, walked way more than I should have, but I feel it was worth it. Never too old to learn stuff! Would like to return when I can more fully participate. Mahalo to all the "staff" and tons of volunteers (past and present) who continue to teach and practice the ways of old.

    Which brings me to ST's blog post...

    I was absentmindedly looking for the "Like" button! Starts with discipline.

    So looking forward to this game!

    Let's go, Warriorz!!!

  43. Jonj:

    #38 I think Hawaii's D is a lot better than what was expected. Offense might be worse... Well soon find out.

  44. d1shima:


  45. d1shima:

    Go Warriors!

  46. Slugger:


  47. Bulla:


  48. Marleysdad:

    Beautiful day at the stadium. Nice breeze in section 13. Hibachi on fire, beers are cold.

    I can smell the W.

    Go Warriors!

  49. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Toady is da day, Gangeez! :) :) :)


  50. duffer:

    Did Oceanic stream last week's game over the internet? Last year they did for $12.95 I believe. Can't find a link if they are streaming.


  51. Shoko:

    Copy and paste the following link into your browser. There will be a hyperlink in the
    "network" column when the game is about to start.

  52. Shoko:

    By the way, its free of charge.

  53. Bryson:

    USU QB Chuckie Keeton Out For The Season...

  54. duffer:

    Mahalo Shoko

  55. PolyMom:

    Game link please?

  56. Jazz:

    Hawaii - O
    San Jose State 29

  57. Jazz:

    Hawaii - O
    San Jose State 29

  58. wafan:


  59. wafan:


  60. wafan:


  61. wafan:


  62. wafan:


  63. wafan:


  64. wafan:


  65. wafan:


  66. wafan:


  67. wafan:


  68. wafan:


  69. wafan:


  70. Jazz:

    エントランス・ウェイティングルームペーパープレート マスコットレター

  71. chopsueyboy:

    finished work, went online to buy ticket. time to go

  72. Jazz:

    =) =P;-)

  73. Babo:

    Who needs a game link?

  74. Kama krab:


    Does anybody have a link to the game. Stay in San Diego on a family trip and wanted to watch the game online.

  75. Jazz:

    Try this, go to then click on football then statistics and finally Live Media

  76. madeinhawaii:

    MWC feed is on...

  77. WarriorNY:

    Hey guys...
    themwc streams the game online for everyone not in Hawaii.

    Enter this...!/watch-live

    Then select the UH/San Jose State game on the bottom...

  78. Sean:

    probably blacked out in Hawaii

  79. madeinhawaii:

    Oops they just cut out... they' weren't prepared.. LOL

  80. madeinhawaii:

    Pregame has started on MWC

  81. UHfan808:

    homey - where did you go? I have that Tommy Copper thing for you :)

  82. Shamen:

    This is IT, Warriors fans. This is the game that defines the trajectory for Chow's tenure at UH. A win, and he establishes that his philosophy at least is not an abject failure -- with the expectation that the team win another handful of games this year. A loss, and Jay has every right to demand his resignation come season's end.

  83. UHfan808:

    Rob25 - Thank you and Tom for the ride!

    a-joe- Thank you for walking with me to grab din-din and up those flights of stairs to see ST in the pressbox :)

    Unknown Hero- Thank you for the ticket to let Kekoa into the stadium :) How amazing are fellow UH fans? So much Aloha :) You are our hero, budz! :)

  84. UHfan808:

    No forget: ITT!!!

  85. Stephen Tsai:

    Not that it's a secret, but Taylor Graham isn't playing today.

  86. Babo:

    Here is the link I always use, don't know for sure if it works yet...

    GO BOWS!

  87. UHfan808:

    OK -

    It's time to set our minds to the game at hand

    We knew this would not be an easy season

    Rather than focusing on the score, look for indicating factors of improvement

    Celebrate their progress, individually and as a team

    Never give up and cheer loud and proud!!! :)

  88. UHfan808:

    85 ST-


    Domo for the 411!

  89. Marleysdad:

    Game time!!!!

  90. Brian:

  91. 99club:

    I use a VPN service to watch BBC shows that are blacked out for US viewers. Their computers think I'm watching from the Notting Hill area. It's also great for secure comms when using free wi-fi at starbucks, airports, and hotels. If I had my laptop in Hawaii, I'd pick a Denver server as my connection.

    Witopia - $50 for an entire year
    OC PPV $45 for outer Islands, $75 for Oahu

  92. mo808:


  93. UHfan808:



    Have a good game, everyone!!!

  94. UHfan808:

    Hi mo!

  95. mo808:

    Hey uhFan808, missed you at TG...

  96. PokeBowl808:

    New drinking game...

    Take a shot for every time Dick Tomey mentions David Fales and NFL QB in the same sentence.

  97. mo808:


  98. Former UH Athlete:

    Yeah baby! What a hit by JHT. UH secondary doing great job so far.

    Huge tackle by JGW on 2nd down, that would have been big run if he didn't bring him down. D Line needs to step up intensity. Very little pressure on Fales so far.

    I like the aggressive throws on 1st possession, WRs need to haul it in.

  99. 99club:


  100. Former UH Athlete:

    Hmm.. Read option with Schroeder eh?

    Dammit, come on BRS, go get that ball.

    SJSU cannot cover UH's WRs. Keep throwing deep!

  101. 99club:

    A's 1st and 3rd nobody out in the bottom of the ninth.

  102. 99club:

    Intentional walk to load the bases. Bottom of the ninth, nobody out. Pitching change.

  103. 99club:

    0-0 Detroit-Oakland

  104. MattO:

    They seem sluggish...

  105. Former UH Athlete:

    C'mon DLine, step it up. Fales has way too much time to throw. No QB hurries yet.

  106. MattO:

    Or maybe I just feels sluggish.

  107. 99club:

    A's win. 1-0. Walk off single drives in winning run.

  108. A-joe:

    Here we go gang!

  109. UHfan808:

    mo, I was there - got there closer to kick off time

  110. MattO:

    Oh my lord that was an ESPN catch!

  111. A-joe:

    Pushing n shovin. Awesome catch!!!

  112. 99club:


  113. MattO:

    Beautiful cut by Lakalaka

  114. A-joe:


  115. MattO:

    Oh what a beautiful play call - and SS played it PERFECTLY

  116. 99club:

    Nice! Gant TD!

  117. A-joe:

    Here we go gang!!!

  118. UHfan808:

    6:43 left in 1st qtr

    0 : 3 us

    6 : 3

    7 : 3

    5:53 left

    WOOHOOOOOO!!! Score!!!

  119. 99club:

    Howzit A-joe! 7-3 Hawaii.

  120. mo808:

    Yeehaw! On da board!

  121. UHfan808:

    K - bbl :( forgot my charger :(

  122. WarriorNY:

    Woohoo! great Play Call... Man, Schroeder seems like he's on fire still... (If not for a couple of drops)

  123. Tarheel warrior:

    Nice play call by the coaches !!

  124. mo808:

    My cell gonna die soon, aiyah!

  125. MattO:

    SJS Special Teams line is super suspect

  126. A-joe:

    Hahahahahahahahaa!!! What a pass n catch!!!

  127. MattO:

    #122 - Warrior NY - agree. He's still got the swagger from last week. And Woosley with a great throw!

  128. A-joe:


  129. MattO:

    Holy crap he caught it while being man-handled. Geez!

  130. mo808:

    I am lovin it!

  131. 99club:

    Schroeder is hot!

  132. A-joe:

    Here we go gangie!!!!!!!!

  133. UHfan808:

    OMGoodness! What an awesome throw!

    3:18 left

    13 : 3

    14 : 3


    Gettin' in da groove!!!

  134. UHfan808:

    Nice pass catch n run, sjsu

    14 : 10

    1:38 left

  135. MattO:

    This could be a shoot-out kinda night

  136. 99club:


  137. PokeBowl808:

    Take a shot! Tomey just mention Fales and NFL

  138. 99club:

    "Show NFL scouts that tape...."

  139. 99club:

    Surprised. Thought that would be against us.

  140. MattO:

    Notice Kekaula hasn't said "quality" yet...

  141. st. anthony trojan:

    Hey thanks guys for updating us on here ... for the game....

  142. A-joe:

    Thats ok. Hang in there. Lets go gang!!

  143. MattO:

    Where did our D go?

  144. UHfan808:

    13:36 left in 2nd qtr

    Pass and fall into end zone for TD is under review

    (Possible 14 : 16)

  145. Lopaka43:

    Will there be a Sunday rebroadcast by Oceanic?

  146. Committed Road Warrior:

    Pass defense optional?

  147. PokeBowl808:

    Take a shot!

  148. MattO:

    Wish they would show the full replay to see how he got so open between the safeties.

  149. UHfan808:

    You're welcome :D

  150. 99club:


  151. MattO:

    #146 - LOL

  152. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Hello, Defense? Where you hiding?

  153. UHfan808:

    14 : 16 stands

    14 : 17 now

  154. Former UH Athlete:

    Kaumeyer needs to switch to man coverage. For whatever reason, the secondary is messing up their assignments. Plus needs to blitz to get some pressure sine DLine not getting through.

  155. Former UH Athlete:

    Nice job by JGW on that play

  156. Slugger:


    Good night, gang!

  157. Former UH Athlete:

    Bring blitz, and Fales misses target on screen. Bingo

  158. MattO:

    Defensive Line did a nice job pressuring him on that 3rd down.

  159. Former UH Athlete:

    Brought blitz again and Fales misses badly to check down.

    It's just that kind of year.... What a bounce on the FG

  160. MattO:

    Wow - that was a heck of a kick

  161. UHfan808:

    52 yard sjsu punt

    14 :20

    10:25 left in 2nd qtr

    Nice kick return 82!

    UH down to sjsu 43 yd line :) hehe

  162. Former UH Athlete:

    Finally, UH gets 1st good field position of game. Great blocking on return...

  163. Former UH Athlete:

    Nice recognition by SS. 1st down!

    163... I'm with ya. Tomey forgot he's he's part of the Hawaii broadcasting team.

  164. UHfan808:

    Interception in endzone

    sjsu ball

  165. UHfan808:


  166. MattO:

    SS throws into double coverage again. You can MAYBE get away with that w/ Gant who's taller, but not with Harding

  167. Former UH Athlete:

    C'mon SS... I know UH WRs can make plays, but they can't beat triple coverage. Gotta make better decisions.

  168. MattO:


  169. UHfan808:

    2nd TO hawaii

  170. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Twice into double coverage...c'mon dude.

  171. mo808:


  172. Former UH Athlete:

    Oh baby,,, almost a pick 6 for big Samia, assisted by JHT on the breKup. Defense getting pressure on Fales and he's starting to misfire.

    PokeBowl, your gonna lose your buzz if Fales doesn't have all day to throw anymore and Tomey doesn't have material to drool over.

  173. UHfan808:

    sjsu punt to 32

    Good job, D!

  174. MattO:

    King = heart-attack inducer. Dood. DOOD.

  175. mo808:


  176. Former UH Athlete:

    Lakalaka is one strong dude... He just drags dudes with him after contact. And he's just a RS Freshman

  177. MattO:

    SS getting skittish again. He took off too fast on that one.

  178. Former UH Athlete:

    SS panicked on that play... Tried to take off well before routes developed. Wasn't really pressured either. Punt...

  179. Former UH Athlete:

    I think Lakalaka is going to be much better than Iosefa. He's got better vision and much more secure with the ball. Shiftiness and power are similar.

  180. PokeBowl808:

    Thought we were gonna drink, but Tomey couldn't get it out of his mouth.

  181. MattO:

    I normally don't notice the directing during a game, but there is a noticeable lack of wide shots. Like that 4th and 1 - why not show the field? Instead we're close-up on the player well after the play. That's happened like 4 or 5 times now.

  182. Former UH Athlete:

    Uh oh, Mr everything Scott Harding looks like he has a separated shoulder.

  183. Former UH Athlete:

    C'mon chow run play action and it'll be wide open. Never mind...

  184. MattO:

    Why are we running to #4's side??? Goodness.

  185. UHfan808:

    14 : 27

    1:39 left in 2nd qtr

    You can figure it out, Warriors!

  186. Former UH Athlete:

    Dammit. SJSU ran away from the blitz and nobody got off their blocks. That one hurts.

  187. madeinhawaii:

    SJSU was waiting for that blitz...

  188. MattO:

    Bad decision to take it out from 8 yards deep. AND a penalty. Terrible decision.

  189. mo808:


  190. Former UH Athlete:

    By far the worst defensive performance of the year in this game by UH. SJSU has little run game all year and they are lighting up UH on the ground.

  191. Former UH Athlete:

    UH needs some points on this last drive.

    C'mon Chow, don't get over conservative now. SJSU has timeouts to get the ball back.

  192. Former UH Athlete:

    Ouch, not a good time for a drop by Haynes. Good throw too

  193. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  194. Former UH Athlete:

    Uh oh... Poo is about to hit the fan. Terrible punt by Guzman. SJSU got lost of time and short field.

  195. MattO:

    WOW - what great timing for sack! And w/ only 4 guys. happy for us. Geez.

  196. Former UH Athlete:

    Nice job by the defense. Way to go defense... Huge play, with chance to to score.

    Bad mistake by SJSU to not punt. C'mon UH, needs points to regain momentum.

  197. UHfan808:



    sjsu ball

  198. UHfan808:

    Half time 14 : 27

  199. MattO: least Yap had a nice sack before the end of the half. That's something, I guess.

  200. UHfan808:

    Good job, Beau!

  201. MattO:

    It's weird listening to Tomey. It's like going out with your girlfriend who keeps talking about how great her ex was.

  202. Former UH Athlete:

    SS just stares down WR and throws way late and gets picked off.... That's all on SS. Awful QB play. Momentum gone.

    Just glad it wasn't a speedy defender that got that one... That had pick 6 written all over it, but #4 doesn't have the speed...

    Whew... UH D holds again to prevent worsening of 2nd Quarter meltdown.

    After a couple bad decisions on deep balls by SS, he's now hesitating on his throws. Not good. Probably time for Woosley to get a few plays in to change up the look.

  203. Warrior fan:

    C'mon Warriors! #Believe

  204. (Jesse)James:


    OH and ITT...

  205. Former UH Athlete:

    212.. No kidding.

    On plays where his boy Fales throws an incompletion. he analyzes the SJSU mistakes and how to fix it, and says nothing about UH's defense.

  206. UHfan808:

    They did repeat of Star Wars routines but looked and sounded great!

    Warriors had time to warm up

    Starting now!

  207. Former UH Athlete:

    Kirkwood out for game with concussion.

  208. Former UH Athlete:

    Damn... Lakalaka coughs it up for first time all year. Promising drive ends abruptly

  209. Former UH Athlete:

    Fales throws another inaccurate ball.. Break that one down for us Tomey.

    No blood from the Lakalaka fumble.

  210. PokeBowl808:

    Cool it with the hate speech guys. Completely inappropriate.

  211. Former UH Athlete:

    Dang it... Haynes and SS both hurt on last play. SS got absolutely smashed on that play. Haynes looks like a dislocated shoulder.

    Yikes, that's 3 of the top 4 WRs out of game now.

  212. Former UH Athlete:

    I guess it's a good thing the refs are taking a very long repay review...

  213. Former UH Athlete:

    Boo refs

  214. UHfan808:


    is not my post

  215. Former UH Athlete:

    C'mon Hadden, you can't miss those chip shots.

  216. War-E-Or:

    Int by UH!!!

  217. MattO:

    #222 - lol - exactly.

    Interesting start of the half so far...

  218. PokeBowl808:


    Time to lay down some rules in this blog. It's getting out of hand.

  219. PokeBowl808:

    Hey Tomey, Fales NFL arm looked pretty smooth on that interception.

  220. MattO:

    Ugh... lost opportunity from the TO.

  221. Warrior fan:

    Missed opportunity. SMH

  222. War-E-Or:

    Squandered that turn over, i think UH should slow the tempo down just a tiny bit.

  223. Former UH Athlete:

    248... Very sloppy on both sides right now.

  224. MattO:

    Lucky we didn't get flagged for that throat-slash gesture.

  225. Warrior fan:

    SJSU is going to score a TD on this drive.. SMH

  226. MattO:

    They're picking on that soft right side of our D.

  227. Former UH Athlete:

    If there's been any annoying issues on the defense this year, it's been the 3rd down and long defense. For whatever reason they've given up a ton of 3rd and longs this year. Other than that they've been pretty good all year considering the competition.

  228. UHfan808:

    3:59 left in 3rd qtr

    14 : 34

    Let's go Warriors! Get positive! I believe!!!

  229. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Soooo that light switch...where is it?

  230. UHfan808:


  231. MattO:

    #248 - very true.

  232. mo808:

    Aiyah! I am beside myself... :-(

  233. oneseason:

    missing RK's menu update and review

  234. Warrior fan:

    Offense went MIA after the 1st Quarter

  235. Warrior fan:

    Put in Ikaika!

  236. heluhelu:

    Former UH Athlete on October 5th, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Yet, SJS only 3-12 3rd downs, 0-0 red zone. Just getting killed by big plays.

  237. Former UH Athlete:

    What happened to the deep throws?

    Hey Vasquez Haynes back in, but gingerly walks off field after nice catch.

  238. UHfan808:

    Yay! TD!!!!!

    21 : 34

    2:22 left 3rd qtr

  239. Warrior fan:

    Touchdooowwwnnn!!! Let's Go!!

  240. MattO:

    We score a TD and the first thing Tomey says is, "That's not a good play by SJ's defense."

    That being said, GREAT JOB, SS AND STUTZ!!!

  241. Former UH Athlete:

    Damn... What a pick by Mr Honolulu! But this one won't count... Boo refs

  242. MattO:

    Two big calls by the refs have changed the whole game. Yikes.

  243. Former UH Athlete:

    And refs miss a holding on SJSU... Boo refs

  244. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  245. MattO:

    WOOO!! Take that zebras!!!! WE GOT IT ANYWAY!

  246. Former UH Athlete:

    Interception! This one counts!

  247. Babo:

    Come on Hawaii!!!!

  248. MattO:

    I don't know who said we should slow down a touch, but after watching that series, I agree.

  249. Warrior fan:

    Why are we having SS roll to the right and throw when he's left handed? #Frustrated

  250. PokeBowl808:

    OLine needs to eat something so they can regain the energy to block somebody. SS is getting hammered (not because of Tomey's David Fales NFL reference drinking game).

  251. Buffoman:

    Officiating is really uneven.

  252. War-E-Or:

    mattO, that was me lol. Yeah i believe the boys need to slow it down by 7 seconds between plays.

  253. MattO:

    October 5th, 2013 at 8:54 pm
    mattO, that was me lol. Yeah i believe the boys need to slow it down by 7 seconds between plays.

    If only to give our D some time to rest. They also look out of sorts when they snap too fast.

  254. MattO:

    This is hard to watch :(

  255. War-E-Or:

    If they know sjsu is running the clock, why not go with a 4 man base instead of staying with 3 down. Smh

  256. MattO:

    "This is the easiest angle for a right-footed kicker." DOING!

  257. MattO:


  258. UHfan808:

    One down!

    Two to go!



  259. A-joe:

    Never say die!!! Fight to the end!!!

  260. A-joe:


  261. Former UH Athlete:

    Well, at least McDonalds of Hawaii has had to put up some money the last couple games.

    Defense holds! UH to get ball back in excellent field position.

  262. Former UH Athlete:

    Finally, UH gets a call from the refs... But BRS should have caught that one... Oh wow, just waived the flag... boo refs agin.

  263. oneseason:

    robbed ... how did the ref get all the way from Stanford that quickly?

  264. MattO:

    Refs... that's 2 calls and 1 no call that have changed the entire game. Call the hold both ways, dammit.

  265. Former UH Athlete:

    SJSU just squishing the clock now. Dang, SJSU got the first down on 3rd down. That'll end any chance of a comeback.

  266. oneseason:

    the call should have been "there are no penalties for SJSU defensive holdings"

  267. Gsky:

    Can someone please tell me what happened to Kennedy T? I haven't heard his name on the radio all night. Is he injured???

  268. MattyBoy:

    Chow fricken sucks!!

  269. MattyBoy:

    I wish we had the money to fire him and look for a new coach. Chow plain ol sucks!

  270. Former UH Athlete:

    C'mon UH... At least make a stop and get me a TD to cover!

    I really hope Graham will be back next week at UNLV. The backup QBs have given us everything they had, but clearly not enough.

    SS and the defense's implosion in the 2nd Quarter took the air out of the stadium after a hot start.

  271. RainboWarrior:

    Man this is sooo frustrating. Looking like worst team in FBS. Hopefully we'll get something going on the 9th island. Go Bows!

  272. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Guess it'll be a long god damn season.

  273. MattO:

    So that was painful.

    Well... we're still behind you, boys. Keep fighting and we'll be cheering no matter what.

  274. mo808:

    ...oh well

    Tomorrow--is another day!

  275. boya_jr:

    This loss hurts. Looking forward to @UNLV to get our first win.

  276. Independent Thinker:

    Stalker alert.

  277. madeinhawaii:

    Hate to admit it when I thought otherwise just yesterday, but I think UNLV at UNLV might play us tougher than SJSU here at home.

  278. Former UH Athlete:

    Anybody else find Dick Tomey's infatuation over David Fales a bit disturbing?

    Fales will be lucky to get an undrafted FA tryout contract, but if you believe Tomey, Fales sounds like a can't miss 1st round talent.

  279. cocobean:

    #279. Former....

    Was at the gme so I didn't hear what Tomey had to say about Fales. But I will say this, If Fales was our QB we just might be 5-0 at this point of the season. He didn't have a great game statiscally but he was the difference in this game.

  280. Former UH Athlete:

    272... UH is not the worst program in FBS. Idaho, Temple, FIU, FAU, New Mexico St, and the most of the 2012 members of the former WAC would underdogs to UH on neutral fields.

    UH is right where most people predicted UH to be after 5 games. The schedule gets more manageable starting with tonight's game. I slated this game as a maybe win preseason. I still think UH wins 4 of last 7 games.

    The offense was working until SS's interception in the end zone. The offense lost their mojo after that play. Lakalaka was playing well until SS started to get hesitant. Lakalaka averaged 5ypc again, so they are doing some things in the running games.

    Ahh, 1420am crew just made another Fales = top draft pick reference. Stop it with the Fales is top pro prospect talk... He went 16-35 and is now completing 17 percentage points lower than last year.

  281. UHfan808:

    What's up with the refs?


  282. Shamen:

    Stick a fork in Chow

    He's gotta be pau

    It was worth a shot

    But it's clear he's not

    What the Warriors need

    So ya bettah take heed

    It's time to find

    A fresh young mind

    To steer this team

    Toward livin' the DREAM

  283. Former UH Athlete:

    280, i will respectfully disagree... Fales is not good under pressure. UH's pass blocking is hideous. That's a bad combo.

    Watch the replay, Fales completion % plummets when under duress. UH got zero pass rush in first half, and Fales looked pretty good, but all quality D1 QBs look good with all day to throw.

    Either way, UH isn't beating USC or Oregon St unless it was 2006&7. That's just a fact.

    Man, the radio callers in tonight's post game show don't have any football IQ. Kinda funny to listen to. Guy was complaining that St Juste wasn't getting ball enough, even though Lakalaka was banging out 5ypc. St Juste had 2 yards on 4 attempts.

  284. Former UH Athlete:

    Heck SS, looks fantastic when he has time to throw...

  285. Former UH Athlete:

    Sorry, terrible grammar

  286. 3-Prong:

    Damn. I need another beer........ The after game sari sari was good. We get em next week!!
    Let's Go Bows!

  287. War-E-Or:

    How the hell some of you guys wanna put heat on SS when he had 11 dropped catchable passes?

  288. cocobean:

    Former...I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. He passed my eyeball test. Don't know if he's an NFL calibre QB but he's a very good college QB. In my mind he was the difference in this game.

  289. oneseason:

    More long drives this week than last week ... let's see what the next two weeks bring. Let's go bows!

    Spot Pls-Yrds TOP
    UH17 6-83 1:50
    UH45 4-55 1:12
    UH25 7-75 1:37
    UH20 6-80 1:00

  290. derek:

    going 0-12 is a real possibility. How can a Head Coach survive his job with that kind of record. I don't think he can. Name me a guy who went 0-12 and kept his job the following season! I can't think of anyone.

    Tonight was a must win game. It was a turning point in the season in my mind. Very inconsistent offense. Defense gave up a bunch of big plays and had a hard time stopping the run, which was a surprise. We will be double digits underdogs at Vegas next week, probably 12-14 points.

  291. oldtimer808:

    I don't know why everyone is so frustrated. It's only a game. Besides is it you that is waking up early in the morning to get to school, to be on time for practice, to work hard in the weight room and in practice to get better, to be in class on time to get a good grade and graduate with a degree. Is it you that gave your all on the field trying to get a win for the University, the State and to wake up the next day with all the aches and pains and hurt from a loss. Auwe support our student athletes and please see the bigger picture and not your pitiful negative attitude that you probably apply thru out your existence.

  292. d1shima:


    200+ yards rushing given up.

    Even a good team with solid QB play will rarely survive that kinda wound.

  293. War-E-Or:

    Ok let me ask this question..... If chow were to be replaced, who would be your picks for HC that would be a good fit for UH? Im very curious....

  294. oldtimer808:

    No class #290 you think like a fool.

  295. d1shima:

    Get Win 1 on da road.


    56 - 14 d1shima

    Out for 48....

  296. d1shima:

    Get Win 1 on da road.


    56 - 14 d1shima

    Out for 48....

  297. War-E-Or:

    And my question is out of curiosity, not out of resentment towards coach chow.

  298. A-House:

    There were some good/interesting points of tonight's game offensively and defensively.

    However, while some posters think favorably about the coaching staff, I think they stink!!

    Defensively, I have no idea what Kauymer(sp) is thinking the past 3 games rushing 3 down lineman and using different variations of a "nickel" package. DL couldn't create any pressure on the QB except for a few plays, but most of the time Fales had all day to pass. Why rush three when you know the opposing QB is better than average and has better than average receivers. They made UH defense look bad for 3 consecutive games. Limited pass rush with good receivers who out ran the corners and/or safeties led to many long yardage and TDs.

    Offensively, Chow sucked again with so many conservative plays up the middle or pass plays with more yardage laterally and 2 or 3 yards vertically. Yes, there were some vertical plays for long yardage, but most were for short yards and Schroeder being hurried by SJS defense.

    For any of us looking for a miracle again, it wasn't going happen with Chow's plans and I made that statement at the start of the game - why boot leg a slow QB or run up the middle when the OL cannot create space for the RB or short passes to the flat or asking a QB to hit long passes when he does not have the arm strength to throw over the DB running in front of the WR?

    Some QB booth leg to the flats left the QB wide open for the run and positive yards, but he decided to pass for incompletions.

    Frustrating to cheer for the team when the odds are stacked up against winning.

    just my honest opinions.

  299. cocobean:

    I don't know any UH fan that is not disappointed at this point. How that frustration is expressed differs from fan to fan. I can understand where the Queen of Hearters are coming from when they say off with his head. I tend to be part of the glass is half fullers who say all is not lost.

    What's most frustrating for me is the number of mental errors and physical mistakes (mainly drops tonight) we continue to make. Things that are correctable which haven't been corrected.

  300. peanutbuttahnjelly:

    Oh boy. Somebody slap me.

  301. Warrior:

    Personally, I'm done. Went to all home games. Stayed till the end and supported the boys but... I'm done. Good luck.

  302. NorthShoreFan:

    Disappointing outcome snap and clear...Looking forward to UNLV game and our first win!

    Slap!...hope you feeling better now...

  303. NorthShoreFan:

    A team needs coaches, players and on the team?

  304. markazulu:

    I'll keep cheering its hard but i've seen what this team can do when they are at the best i hope to see more consistency the offense had a lot of big plays tonight but also our defense gave up a lot of big plays as well. I hope to see improvement next week.

  305. markazulu:

    Liking what im seeing from lakalaka and haynes though silver light

  306. kifi:

    Independent Thinker:
    October 5th, 2013 at 10:51 pm
    d1shima, you are an idiot.

    You crack me up IT. You're too funny.

  307. Brian C.:

    Independent Thinker,

    Calling people idiots for going against your thoughts? Hypocrite and classless.

    S.K., dont further disgrace the ohana.

  308. cocobean:

    IT. For a self proclaimed member of the intllegentsia it's surprising to me that you can't recognize levity when it stares you in the face.

  309. WarriorMojo:

    Re #313

    "Hawaii is pathetic. I am embarrassed by them."

    I wonder if you realize just how revealing these statements are. I bet many of the groaners and complainers feel exactly this way.

    I'm also willing to bet that in 2007 you were saying, "We won! We won! We're undefeated! We're perfect!"

    Human psychology is so interesting.

    As for me? UH Warrior fan FOR LIFE, baby! I'm NEVER ashamed of MY team. Hawaii's team.

  310. Independent Thinker:

    My wife left me. My son doesn't talk to me. I don't practice law because I had a mental breakdown. I come here because I need a place to be heard. I have no friends. I'm a loser. I'm stupid. Nobody cares about me. I make people miserable. I hate all of you.

  311. Independent Thinker:

    Hello stupid people. Where's my wife?

  312. Independent Thinker:

    I wanna date Steve Imai's mom.

  313. WarriorMojo:

    On a better note, congratulations to Ben Dew! I focused on him a lot in the first half and not at all in the second half. From what I saw, he's our new right guard. He's still raw and made some mistakes, but he's competitive right now and has even more upside. My only question is why this took so long. Some fans were calling for Ben to get minutes even last year.

    On another better note, congratulations to Trayvon Henderson! He also made some freshman mistakes, but he is 100% effort and has freakish stats for a safety. Liking him a lot.

  314. WarriorMojo:

    Oh, and does this mark the birth of a new blog catch phrase: "One SLAP and clear!"

  315. Babo:

    #315 Warrior, I am glad you are a true fan. Sincerely. But the Hawaii football program is an embarrassment no matter if you slice your arm with a knife and bleed green.

    New Orleans fans used to put bags on their heads. And entire generation of people have died since the Cubs won anything. And they are embarrassed of their teams.

    Not the men who play, I am so proud of the boys trying their best.

    But I am embarrassed by the University for continually selling the football team short. They had it good in 07, granted. And they should have continued that streak.

    Heck, I am a 49er fan. I was embarrassed when they went 2 -14, 3 - 13. Embarrassed!

    So Hawaii make me proud again ok! But right now, they are the laughing stock of College Football. And people are laughing, tonight, in San Jose.

  316. Minion:


    Don't feel embarrassed because both Hawaii and the 49ers could care less about you. Honestly, your the absolute worse fan there is. You offer nothing of value nor substance that any team would ever want. That's pathetic.

    Make you proud? WTF!! Why would Hawaii go out of their way just to make you proud? What's so special about you! Hawaii should play for the terminally ill kids at Kapiolani Medical Center who won't live long enough to see Christmas this year! That's who Hawaii should play for rather than some two bit vain loser who's easily flustered into embarrassment by fictitious people in San Jose who may or may not be laughing. That's pathetic!

  317. Independent Thinker:

    Babo is a loser. Nobody cares about you.

  318. RainbowCliff:

    Good Morning Tsaiko Nation! Just woke up from a good sleep as I was hoping to hear good news of a Rainbow Warrior victory but reading the many views from posters we were denied once again. TOUGH season as I know what each player is feeling as I have been there through a season just like this as LOSING can become deflating with both players and coaches trying their BEST to win but each tough lost mounts heavy on the minds as well as you dedicated warrior football fans who are frustrated and sadden by each defeat.

    All I can say as a former bow to you loyal fans is "hang in there" as the young men who are playing needs you as well as these embattled coaches who face the worst criticism each week trying to explain another lost. Complaining, hating or firing the situation is not going to make things better as to those naysayers I completely understand your feelings as I heard them before when I was part of a Rainbow team that went 1-26 and the coach of that team came back for next year and had seven more years after that with a winning percentage less then 50%. Certainly, Hawaii has changed since my playing days with new athletic department, stan sheriff arena, les murakami stadium, circle of honor, nagatani student athlete tutoring center and LWC which I have been a proud board member for the past 9 years but LOSING is LOSING as it is no fun or picnic in the park especially with football which set a standard for high scoring plays, exciting players, fan filled seats in aloha stadium as I was just looking at my dvd senior night 2010 Warrior football season with a shared wac championship and outstanding players in Greg Salas, Moniz and company as that team went 10-2 with a aloha bowl invite as two years later we are here right now with the results you see 0-5 with seven games remaining.

    Not a pretty picture but there is always tomorrow as one important factor still remain we come back and cheer our boys on as they need our support regardless of their play, coaches game decisions or opponents won / loss record we support our "RAINBOW WARRIORS" as no one on this team including coaches like what is happening as the feel sorry attitude cannot set in and can when losing game after game becomes a hopeless feeling as I know I have been there !

    So Hawaii "stick to the fight when your heart is hit, it's when things seem worst that you mustn't QUIT !

    Go Rainbows, Go Warriors, Go Hawaii !

    Beat those rebels from Las Vegas !

    Good morning to the GREATEST fans in the world !

  319. slenzi:

    Oct 4th Buffoman: Has there been a defensive linenan since Niko and then Al Noga who have been so feared by UH opponents as a disruptive force that teams prepared schemes to account for them? SUGGESTIONS. How about Nate Jackson and Jeff Ulbrick? Solomon Elimimien? Isaac Sapoanga? COME ON GUYS HELP ME OUT.

  320. Warrior fan:

    We're not going to win a game this season SMH

  321. MattO: much negativity. Guys, it's not like there's absolutely NO hope. There are flashes of solid play. A good throw and catch here and there, a good run here and there, a good defensive stand here and there.

    Under von Appen, we cheered for 1st downs because they were so rare...and there was NOTHING else to cheer about.

    I'm not saying we're good. We're far from it right now. But we certainly aren't hopeless either.

  322. 99club:

    Gee, normally you have to have a satellite radio subscription to be able to listen to either the home or away broadcasts of whatever game you want to listen to. Last night we had both on one station thanks to Coach Tomey. :) That was actually entertaining and the drinking game was fun too.

    To paraphrase a civil war general: "On to Vegas!" Hang in there Warriors!

  323. Moocher:

    i support the bows
    i support chow

    i'm disappointed, i'm not happy too...but really, what good does whining and complaining do? fire chow then what? seriously wizards, what's the plan if you want to fire chow? me, i see bad things, but i see some good things. i ask myself is this team doing better then last year's---yes, they are. and that pretty much sums it up. if this team is doing better then last year, then it means the team improved.

  324. PolyMom:

    In Texas. Thought we would wake up to a We lost.

    Boys are down. They need you now!

    Go Warriors!

  325. just saying:

    seems to me that norm chow might want to try running his offense from the booth like other bloggers suggested , because all i saw at the game was a disconnected chow pacing back and forth on the sidelines and not talking to coaches or players. He should try this approach at least once, might make him feel more connected by doing what he was doing all those years.

  326. RainbowCliff:

    "324 PolyMom: Have a safe trip from Texas back home to the city of angels. Our BOYS and coaches are down and need EVERY encouraging word from ALL of Hawaii including this blog. Losing can be more mental then physical as young and impressionable athletes we have on this Warrior team and BELIEVE me they are hurting more then we can ever imagine as they surely want to win not only for Hawaii but for THEMSELVES!

    Let's remain positive as it surely is a trying season for this football team as your statement on your post is so perfectly clear "boys are down. They need US now"! Go Warriors!

    Keep rooting our team on !

  327. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    Good to see the Warriors scoring points. Gonna get better.

    Support the student-athletes. They are young people going to college & playing football, a game they love. This is not the end of the world. They have a lot of life ahead of them.

    Have a good Sunday. See some of you in Las Vegas!

    AZWarrior22: Do you still have a ticket?


  328. RainbowCliff:

    #320: Warrior FAN yes we will !

    BELIEVE me it's going to happen and when it does you will finally let out a big sigh of RELIEF!

    Keep the FAITH in our boys they need positive thoughts, energy and SPIRIT !

    "So many all called so few are chosen as WE are chosen to keep the faith in our team and coaches as adversity truly builds CHARACTER" !

    Have a WONDERFUL day Warrior fan as this old rainbow player LUVS you for your passion and dedication to Hawaii athletics and our football warriors !


  329. RainbowCliff:

    #321 MattO: Oh how right you are as hopeless is not the case just positive encouragement and BELIEF in our team! Through the years we both know Hawaii has had some LEAN times as JJ brought the program up and in a short time when we had superman powers now kryptonite has hit us hard and now all of a sudden our football ariel offensive power has been gone and we have been reduced to frustration and disappointment. MAHALO to your encouraging words and keep rooting our boys on !

  330. Buffoman:

    The defense did come out a bit flat. It was a bit odd to see them a bit robotic:lack of passion we saw in the previous week. Must have been as disappointing to the team as it was for us. Lesson learner, you are not and never be good enough to assume a win until you've played the entire game as winners do. The Warriors have not done this and need to do this.

    Still support the entire team. There enough blame to go all around. That does not help. Know the areas that need improvement and improve.

  331. pu'uwai:

    Aloha kakahiaka. Coach Chow should work from the booth.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  332. RedZone:

    Tomey talks to NFL scouts.

  333. LizKauai:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    Healing energy to all the kids that laid it all out on the field last night.
    Had the delightful priv. to watch the game with a LONG TIME fan and retired teacher of my 44 year old daughter. What a treat!
    One snap and clear.
    Next week, UNLV in their house.

  334. Wes'side Warrior:

    Morning, Gang!

    Kinda cloudy... with a chance of... wait... what is that?... I think it's the sun trying to break through.

    Yes, disappointed that we did not get that ever elusive first "W". Mixed game with lots of positive and negative. But gotta tip my hat to our boyz for always fighting to the end. As bad as we feel, you know darn well it is multitudes tougher on our boyz and coaches. Just gotta keep the support going. Gotta keep fighting. Gotta keep our heads in the game and stop the errors from surfacing.


    Can't say much about those zebras though... Was it... like... their first game officiating... ever?

    Have a great day, everyone!

  335. kapakahi:

    Frustration starting to show......not just among us fans......but on the sidelines too......last night between a couple of coaches......who had to be separated.

  336. gobows:

    That was a bogus holding call on nequan phillips int.

    And yet sjsu receivers were pushing off all night.

  337. gobows:

    They need to put the linemen in 2 point stances. Seems like they have difficulty pass blocking when they are down.

  338. boolakanaka:

    291..Well said old timer, very well said.

  339. kapakahi:

    Got that DEJA VU feeling all over again......from 1998.

  340. Jonj:

    I watched until mid 2nd quarter. My girls bday had to b scheduled on game day. But I could see the missed Handled game. 4th and one we punt with the regular punter?!?!?! Why not Scott Harding with his roll out and possible run. Makes no sense. Schoder holds ball too long... Couple early throws he pulled down his pass and went right back to the same guy. If he didn't hesitate could have been bigger gains.