Game day: UNLV

October 12th, 2013

LAS VEGAS, Baby — It should be a B-E-A-utiful day in Las Vegas (or whatever country Sam Boyd Stadium resides) when the Rainbow Warriors and Rebels meet today.

The Warriors had an hour-long practice at Valley High yesterday afternoon. The first two road trips they had walk-through sessions at the game site. To work on some new wrinkles, the Warriors preferred being sequestered at Valley. (Not sure what about Valley's enrollment, but there were more than 20 buses departing after school. We knew this because, like misguided salmon, we were heading upstream while the buses were going the other direction, much to the annoyance of the parking-lot cop.)

Let's chat during the game.

* * * * *

In the parking lot, we met some Waipahu High graduates who are selling musubi for their church. They live in Vegas now:


* * * * *

UNLV, like most other programs, distributes a glossy game program that is roughly the same size as a playbill:


493 Responses to “Game day: UNLV”

  1. tom-warriornation:


  2. tom-warriornation:

    THERE will be 250+ Hawaii fans at the 50 yd line right behind your bench cheering you on! Believe in yourselves; and bring home a win!

  3. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    It IS Saturday!

    LET'S GO BOWS!!!

  4. Hilo-Warrior:

    morning Tsaikos,

    Go Warriors I still believe.

  5. whitey:

    good morning tsaikos. Go Warriors!!!!

  6. Bugaz:

    Go Warriors!!!
    Four good quarters. Best of luck to you all.

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    "Ferd" and I are watching the Dodger-Cardinal game in a Mexican restaurant, when we notice Bill Belichick is sitting next to us. Bill Belichick! Then, of course, it dawns on us that it can't be the real Patriot coach. Turns out it's Sean Schroeder's dad.

  8. st. anthony trojan:

    Hope ...all have a good game there... and when our warriors are headed be their first win... and all will be healthy as when they left.. including the pockets and wallets..and purses of the adults.. who had intentions of bringing home the "Las Vegas" banks.. he he he.....

  9. UHfan808:

    Good morning, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers! :D

    Excited for today's game day!


  10. Kaipo'i1:

    It's a beautiful day for football! Warriors will get a win tonight!

  11. A-joe:


    Good luck Warriors!! Make us all proud!!!

  12. Old Diver:

    Chow's first win should come today. Go Warrior's.

  13. Slugger:

    Midnight, Barbara & I miss you guys!

  14. UHfan808:

    ST - hahaha I'm laughing about the "Las Vegas, Baby -" hehe

  15. UHfan808:

    Slugger - Say, aren't you gonna see Midnight and Barbara at the game or in LV somewhere?

  16. UHfan808:

    Slugger - OH I got confused by your one comma haha nvm my question :P

  17. UHfan808:

    ST - Pictures Pictures, Do you have pictures of Valley High high school?? Is it nice? Is it located in a valley? Are they on a mountain? What does their home and visitor team locker room, field, sportscaster/coach booths, and school buildings look like? How was our team able to go there? Who do we know there? Is security tight? How many craps reps did you do, today? So many questions hehe :D

  18. malawarrior:


  19. 99club:


    Get to watch the game tonight for free on the MW Network online. Yay! If you're in Hawaii and have a virtual private network program, you can too. Just sayin'.

  20. UHfan808:

    99club - I was tryna find the like button to like your post 19 but darnit! lol

  21. Jjay:

    It's win or else.

  22. Former UH Athlete:

    If you're looking to bet the game... Better shop around. LVH is 7.5, MGM is still 9.

    Books are pretty inconsistent on this game. Go shop the number

  23. 3-Prong:

    Let's Go Bows! It starts with pressure on the QB. LET'S DO THIS!

  24. forsurftoo:


  25. Wes'side Warrior:

    Morning, Gang!

    It's Game Day, Baby! Let's get this "W", Warriorz!

    Have a great day, everyone!

  26. kev-1:

    Game Day BABY!!!! GO (rainbow) WARRIORS!!!

  27. Boya_jr:

    Boya just arrived in Vegas

  28. PolyMom:

    Go Warriors!

  29. kev-1:

    I hope when they use Woolsey today it is as more than just as a runner. They need to use his arm strength.

  30. oneseason:

    Make them remember 2007! Go Rainbow Warriors!

  31. Maddog50:

    get after them on D......make special teams special and score at least once a quarter....come to play....come to win-----Go Warriors!!!!

  32. Ipu Man:

    Win or lose, make Hawaii proud of you Hawaiian Rainbow Warriors!
    Fight till the end.
    And coach, let ALL the players play in this game.

  33. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    Aloha to all Warriors, their friends, fans and family! Today is the day. There will be a win.

    Its in you, Warriors! We all know that. Play hard and enjoy the game you love. Forget about everybody else during the game, and just play for yourselves, your coaches, and each other! These are some of the most wondrous moments you will ever live. Leave it all on the field... and...


  34. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Tsai-kos at Sam Boyd stadium today can spot each other by sight since their ticket section and row number are listed (didn't list seat number for semi-privacy) in the Away Game planner.

    Related to my post #62 in yesterday's blog, there was a case of a very frequent and respected blogger here who always requested his photo not be shown in the Tsai-ko archives. He travelled to a road game and located (by section, row, and sight) several mainland Tsai-kos who never met him in person. He stood at in aisle and waved and called. All he received was blank stares. He unhappily reported this on the blog... I explained that no one there had met you in person (Hawaii only), there is no photo of you, and you didn't say you would be at the game.

    This situation could apply to several today. So--if you plan to meet the mainland Tsai-kos at the stadium seats before the game, I suggest you bring a sheet of paper with "I'm [blog name]" written in marker and see who waves to you. :-) Section 107 rows 14-19 and Section 108 rows 18-19.


  35. A-House:


    reading your opening comment says that you and Ferd have not lost your touch when driving in Vegas!

    where is Valley High located?

  36. Jack Flash:

    Game day! Go Warriors!
    Looking for 3 tix to the game today if someone has extras. Sitting endzone with everyone.

  37. A-House:

    It was painful watching the women's VB team play last night in the first 2 games.

    Reminded me of how the Warriors played the last 5 games.

  38. Matt:

    Thanks to tom-warriornation for getting tickets for those 250+ fans. We'll be there cheering!

  39. Rita:

    Geevúm Rainbow Warriors!!! There are lots of fans who are behind you...only you can go get it!! BELIEVE!!

  40. SteveM:

    A big Mahalo to tom-warriornation (San Francisco) for picking up the UNLV tickets this year. Tom does this for several road games each season.

    We are floundering a bit this year in the absence of our Tsai-ko grand host and organizer, rasu begasu (John Collins). His passing is certainly felt this year. In his memory, click here are the photo archives of Tsaiko-Vegas 2007, 2009, and 2011.

  41. lava:

    Forfeit the game and spare us the shame.

    Gallows humor.

    Texas rewarded for firing its ineffective defensive coordinator.

  42. Old School Dave:

    Fun to watch Oregon's Marcus Marriota vs UW's Hau'oli Kikaha.

    GO Rainbow Warriors!! Time to breakout!!

  43. wafan:

    From somewhere in the middle of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest . . .


  44. wafan:

    From somewhere in the middle of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest . . .


  45. wafan:

    From somewhere in the middle of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest . . .


  46. wafan:

    From somewhere in the middle of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest . . .


  47. wafan:

    From somewhere in the middle of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest . . .


  48. wafan:

    From somewhere in the middle of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest . . .


  49. wafan:

    From somewhere in the middle of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest . . .


  50. wafan:

    From somewhere in the middle of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest . . .


  51. wafan:

    From somewhere in the middle of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest . . .


  52. Stephen Tsai:

    The UNLV (hopping) Band is on the field. Yes, they're hopping.

  53. Stephen Tsai:

    Valley High is along Boulder Highway. Not exactly sure which county.
    It's a few miles from the team hotel.
    Team stayed in Sam's Town.

  54. Seawalker:

    Anybody got a link to today's game?

  55. PokeBowl808:

    Getting excited... And thirsty. Will be loading up flasks and heading to Sam Boyd soon!

    ST.... I think Sam Boyd Stadium is near Arizona, somewhere near the Grand Canyon national park.

  56. madeinhawaii:

    Wow.. Aranda's defense isn't giving ground or airspace to #19 Northwestern today... Wisconsin up 35-6.

  57. madeinhawaii:

    San Jose State at altitude.. keeping attitude... and holding Colorado state to a tie.. 24-all ... starting up the 4th quarter now. If they can pull out a win, they will have truly come together as a team. Whoops.. SJSU now up 27-24...

  58. Former UH Athlete:

    All right... LSU successfully smashed the clock and will cover. Been watching the baseball so don't have much idea of my other action.

  59. madeinhawaii:

    The SJSU and CSU seesaw continues, 27-all.

    Meanwhile Wyoming downed New Mexico 38-21. Wyoming is pretty hard to beat at home.

  60. Former UH Athlete:

    Trevor Rosenthal in to close for St. Louis. This guy has an electric fastball. One of my favorite relief pitchers in MLB, but Dodgers are my team.

    And Puig is killing the Dodgers. 4th strikeout today. Donny baseball gotta drop him in the order rest of series.

  61. Former UH Athlete:

    59... Wyoming is very tough at home. 7,000ft altitude has its advantages, plus Wyo is pretty good. They aren't losing many home games this year.

    Rosenthal just threw one 101mph and then punches out Eithier for the win. Wow is he good.

  62. madeinhawaii:

    Winless Massachusetts played winless Miami(Ohio) today and lost. Don't know if their efforts are enough, though, to unseat Georgia State or Southern Miss for the #1 spot in the Bottom 10.

  63. dream city mike:

    Win #1 baby! Go rainbow warriors beat da running rebels... start a winning streak! Let's go Dodgers.

  64. madeinhawaii:

    Looks like SJSU will pull out a 1 TD victory at Colorado State. 34-27 with a minute and a half to play.. 1st down SJSU.

  65. madeinhawaii:

    Meanwhile... Army destroyed E. Michigan 50-25, and Duke sank Navy 35-7.

  66. Rory:

    UNLV 32
    UH 10

    No win for UH

  67. Bryson:

    Any streams available?

  68. madeinhawaii:

    nothing yet.. don't see anything from the MWC connection, either.

  69. Eastcoast Warriorfan:

    One of these teams is going to have a blow out win

  70. koakane ip5:

    got the eye rub or nose poke from tsai guy

  71. Not Sean:

    MWC website says live streaming of the game is not available in my "region". Dang...

  72. 99club:

    Not on my handle for a solution. VPN lets you pick a region to route through. Servers around the country and the world.

  73. Stephen Tsai:

    Can't tell where mauka or makai is, but it appears Hawaii fans have taken over one side of the field.

  74. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm seeing lots of green.

  75. WarriorNY:

    Hey guys,
    Is anyone else having issues with the MW stream? Is there a delay or something?

  76. mo808:

    Hi Folks! Sending Game Day good vibrations to da Bows!

  77. Committed Road Warrior:

    MW stream hanging for me too. Nothing so far.

  78. WarriorNY:

    Enjoy the game everyone...

  79. Not Sean:

    Thanks 99club...will do!

  80. mo808:

    Oh, and everybody at D1's hale busy eating but send their alohas to ST! Tanks foa da fingah toda eye signal at the pre-game interview! :D

  81. Warrior Dave:


  82. obachan:

    MW says Content isn't available in your region.

  83. NYUHTx:

    Not streaming for me either. #Mountain Waste Conference

  84. gobows:

    unlv talking about going bowling

  85. markazulu:

    Schroder starting

  86. Moocher:

    haaaaa geez...yeah hawaii and boise game both not streaming... seems i can watch all the games here but always only mountain west games got problems.....

  87. Old School Dave:

    Great sack by Beau Yap!!

  88. 99club:

    my mwc feed hanging here in TX as well...

  89. markazulu:

    UNLV moving at will against UH

    But UH with the big stop on 4th and goal at Hawaii 2

    Beau Yap with the sack

  90. Warrior Expat:

    Moocher (86) is that link safe? Is that link working for Hawaii v. UNLV right now? Has anyone contacted to tell them their feed is broken?

  91. 3-Prong:

    DEEEEEE-Fense! Yes!

  92. markazulu:

    Damn chris gant drops the ball shucks

  93. markazulu:

    False start on Shigematsu

    now 3rd and 11

  94. Warrior Dave:

    That's 2 drops by UH receivers. Need to fix that.

  95. gobows:

    who dropped the ball you freakin idiots. bobby curren and john veneri sucks. somebody tell them we cant see the stupid play, and rely on the announcers to relay the action.

  96. markazulu:

    Vasques haynes drops the ball now

  97. 3-Prong:

    2 drops on that drive.

  98. Warrior Dave:

    Feel bad for you mainlanders that can't get the feed. You may want to go on the ESPN app and listen to the game for now.

  99. markazulu:

    2 great passes by Schroder 2 drops 1 by gant the other by Haynes

  100. Warrior Expat:

    TheMWC is terrible. Should we expect this stream to work anytime during the game or have they given up?


  101. 3-Prong:

    Catch with your hands!

  102. 99club:

    Yup. Listenin' to 1420.

  103. Ed:

    Anybody know status of Mwc stream of hawaii game ?

  104. Warrior Dave:

    We getting gashed by the run. Too easy.

  105. Warrior Expat:

    Is ST monitoring this blog at the moment by any chance? Maybe he has some news?

  106. Warrior Expat:

    News re the stream I mean.

  107. markazulu:

    Sack! Samia

  108. WarriorNY:

    Looks like they are working on it...

    "We aren't ignoring you Rebel fans. There are some technical difficulties with the football stream that are currently being worked out."

  109. Warrior Dave:

    Thank you big D again!!!!

  110. Maile Tsai–Russ:

    This receiving corps has a bad habit of trying to catch the ball with the body instead of the hands. Result: Dropped passes

  111. 3-Prong:

    D Fense! Again!

  112. Moocher:

    yes its ok...i always use it. there's some pop ups but no real issues. today, yeah the MWC feed is not there

  113. markazulu:

    Hawaii defense stuffs um again on 4th down

  114. markazulu:

    Our Receivers are getting open and Schroder puts it on the money the problem is the receivers just flat out drop it.

  115. 99club:

    Two fourth down stops just in the first qtr...not too shabby.

  116. markazulu:

    Woosley in now

  117. Warrior Dave:

    I don't fare with changing QB for a play. What are you doing Chow??? Breaks up the tempo.

  118. markazulu:

    now schroder goes back in

  119. Warrior Dave:

    That slant is killing us.

  120. NYUHTX:

    WarriorNY: Thanks for your update on streaming problems. #Mountain Waste Conference

    Warrior Dave: What momentum?

  121. markazulu:

    another big 3rd down conversion

  122. Moocher:

    haaaa no more linnks for any mwc games...thanks mwc, yeah like this is the SEC or something

  123. NYUHTX:

    Congrats to the D for some great stops!

  124. markazulu:

    Tavita Woodard with the sack

  125. markazulu:

    I really love Schroders confidence the past couple games wish he played like this last year lol

  126. gobows:

    where has woodard been since the usc game?

  127. markazulu:

    Schroder is 5-9 right now with 2 passes dropped thats pretty good

  128. markazulu:

    @126 i believe he got hurt against Oregon state so they limited his reps i believe

  129. WarriorNY:

    looks like its up guys!

  130. markazulu:

    Woosley back in

  131. gobows:

    what, they pitched a 1st qtr shutout!

  132. WarriorNY:

    The MW stream

  133. markazulu:

    Bubble screen!!! YES YES YES

    Gant 1st down

  134. kawika49:

    reminds me of howard taafasau.. At St. Louis.

  135. markazulu:

    Wow just wow Chow bringing out all the tricks from his playbook lol

  136. 99club:

    Yay! Thank you, MWC tech geeks! Just in time for the UH FG. :)

  137. markazulu:

    I'm still trippin from the double reverse

  138. 99club:

    ...sampling Sam Adams Octoberfest. Hmmmmm

  139. NYUHTX:

    Streaming working for me now.

  140. Isaac:



    LET'S GO BOWS!!!

  141. gobows:

    warriorny - not in hawaii

  142. gobows:

    what happened?

  143. 3-Prong:

    Hey Sam Boyd Stadium Crew, whats the ratio of red to green in attendance?

  144. 99club:

    2,181 ft for LV altitude in case you were wondering about Tomey's "...ball travels here" comment.

  145. 3-Prong:

    Field Goal

  146. markazulu:

    Beau Yap playing with passion tonight he is just everywhere tonight

  147. markazulu:

    Kwamane Bowens made his debut on offense and got a 30 yard rush outta it.

  148. markazulu:

    damn 2 offsides penalty killing hawaii right now

  149. 99club:

    Tied. 3-3.

  150. AlaWai:

    Penalties are on the coaches. Coaching is sucking, big time.

  151. gobows:

    how did they lose the ball after bowens rush?

  152. Isaac:

    What's w/the penalties....??

  153. markazulu:

    @151 They threw a pass that was considered a lateral but it went outta bounds and they kicked a field goal.

  154. 99club:

    Michigan Penn St in OT. Michigan just missed FG that would have won it. Still tied.

  155. markazulu:

    1 was on Kennedy Tulimasealli on 3rd down that was big

  156. markazulu:


    Go BUBBA

  157. Isaac:


  158. 99club:


  159. 99club:

    He was open!

  160. AlaWai:

    Delay of Game flags are on coaches too.

  161. Isaac:

    Delay of game penalty on Schroder...seriously?? Way to kill your own momentum.

  162. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    This is so fricken sick

  163. Shamen:

    Way to squander a great return by Bubba! BOOO coaches!!

  164. 808 warrior:

    Ikaika time

  165. 99club:

    Still 3-3. Missed FG.

  166. markazulu:

    1st and goal at UNLV 10 yard line and you get 2 penalties and a sack wtf

  167. obachan:

    offensive futility

  168. 3-Prong:

    Bad snap again by center, this time costing them the FG.

  169. NYUHTX:

    Someone needs to pay!

  170. gobows:

    johnny football out with self inflicted knee injury when he planted to throw on the run.

  171. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  172. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  173. 99club:

    Penn St. driving for win against Michigan on ESPN in 4th OT.

  174. cavewarrior:

    That series shows lack of football smarts by offensive team.

  175. markazulu:

    Still cant believe our offense last drive that was Ridiculous.

  176. 99club:

    C'mon D!

  177. 99club:

    6-3 UNLV.

  178. cavewarrior:

    would like see qb change now....

  179. Shamen:

    UH & UNLV locked in a battle show greater football ineptitude. UH "winning" so far.

  180. 99club:

    Penn St. wins over Michigan...43-40 in 4OT.

  181. markazulu:

    Damn Hawaii defense hold um again hats off thats what like the 5th time this year they stopped someone in the red zone

  182. AlaWai:

    A huge amount of a teams success is from "What if Drills." These are overtime, after hour, team coaching exercises and coordination. Critical in crisis management. Its the HC's responsibility. I give the Dr. the benefit of doubt, but this has to stop!

  183. cavewarrior:

    we lack a qb Leader. one needs to step up..

  184. 99club:

    It's Bubba time

  185. 3-Prong:

    Bows Still Battling!

  186. AlaWai:

    This debacle is not on the players!

  187. 99club:


  188. 99club:

    Utah upset Stanford.

  189. Shoko:

    Haha, I can hear Rebel fans yelling: Hauck you suck, man! You're giving up!!

  190. 808 warrior:


  191. markazulu:

    TD Hawaii

    Donnie King

  192. Isaac:


  193. 808 warrior:


  194. markazulu:

    Big Ups to Ikaika Woosley 35 yard run

  195. NYUHTX:

    Who says you can't be successful with 2 QBs?

  196. gobows:

    remember last week?

  197. gobows:

    play 60 minutes

  198. gobows:

    #179 i feel confident the hawaii coaches will redeem themselves.

  199. markazulu:

    Damn Devante Davis with a big time catch.

  200. markazulu:

    Hope Devante Davis is ok

  201. NYUHTX:

    penalties. get it together Chow folks.

  202. gobows:

    reading the blog is like listening to 1420, but more informative.

  203. gobows:

    johnny football back in the game

  204. 808 warrior:


  205. markazulu:

    Schroder playing smart football

  206. markazulu:

    TD Chris Gant

  207. Shoko:

    Now that was a very nice Schroeder pass.

  208. 3-Prong:

    Das what I'm talkin' bout! Go Bows!

  209. gobows:

    kentucky scored to pull within 24, trail 'bama 31-7.

  210. markazulu:

    28 yard strike to Gant

    Another perfect strike by Schroder

  211. 808 warrior:

    pick six please

  212. gobows:

    what 2 1st half td's in consecutive games?

  213. markazulu:

    Hawaii scored in 59 seconds

  214. HiFlyer:

    Let's go DEFENSE!!!

  215. markazulu:

    Hawaii's offense has improved you just cant tell because of the turnovers and inconsistency lol

  216. MattO:

    Man, when I left to take the dog for a walk, it was 6-0. Wow.

  217. markazulu:

    UNLV running back is ridiculously good

  218. markazulu:

    Hook and Lateral wow

  219. markazulu:

    Davonte Davis back in but limping

  220. MattO:


  221. MattO:

    Holy crap...we're up at the half. Has that happened this season yet?

  222. Shoko:

    Hey, hey, hey! Warriors finally go into the second half with a lead this season.

  223. NYUHTX:

    ok, I'm enjoying this game. Streaming is actually working quite well.

  224. markazulu:

    Charles Clay with the INT to end the half

  225. Shoko:

    Props to the OC crew for the HD online feed. It looks very nice. Other conference feeds no can compare.

  226. WarriorNY:

    I agree. The HD quality is really nice... I use airplay from my laptop to my appletv and it looks really good on the big screen...

  227. markazulu:

    Half time stats
    first downs: 11
    Total plays:39
    Total Yards 217
    Passing: 126
    Rushing: 91
    Penalties: 7/42
    Possession: 13:04
    Turnovers: 0

    Schroder: Comp:10 Att:17 Yards: 126 Yards Per Attempt: 7.4 TD: 2
    Ikaika Woosley 0 1 0 0 0

    Ikaika Woosley Att:4 Yards:39 Avg 9.8 Longest 36
    Kwamane Bowens 1 30 30 30
    Steven Lakalaka 6 15 2.5 5
    St Juste 3 10 3.3 5

    Chris Gant Rec:3 Yards:40 Avg:13.3 Longest:28 TD:1
    Billy Ray Stutz 3 36 25 16 0
    Donnie King Jr 2 25 12.5 13 1
    Scott Harding 2 25 12.5 18 0

  228. markazulu:

    Caleb Herring 18 26 252 9.7 0 1

    Tim Cornett 16 95 5.9 25 1
    Caleb Herring 8 1 0.1 9 0
    Shaquille Murray-Lawrence 3 0 0.0 0 0

    UNLV Receiving Rec YDS AVG LG TD
    Devante Davis 6 118 19.7 34 0
    Marcus Sullivan 6 69 11.5 16 0
    Tim Cornett 1 28 28.0 16 0
    Shaquille Murray-Lawrence 2 22 11.0 23 0
    Logan Yunker 1 16 16.0 16 0
    Jake Phillips 3 15 5.0 9 0

  229. markazulu:

    Total yards:348

  230. WarriorNY:

    I seriously think Howard D is lurking the blog with his ipad...

  231. RedZone:

    We get chance baby we get chance. Woohooo!!!!!!!

  232. MattO:

    #226 - how'd you get it to airplay to your apple TV? Would LOVE to do this too!

  233. MattO:

    "High quality" - take a shot!

  234. 808 warrior:

    Defense. Defense. Defense.

  235. gobows:


    1st it was marell jackson, 2nd it was trayvon henderson, 3rd it was charles clay. what # got the int?

  236. WarriorNY:

    Do you have a Apple Computer 2011 or newer? So long as the apple tv and laptop are on the same network, you can use mirroring (top right of screen).

  237. MattO:

    WarriorNY, sadly it's older than 2011 - ah well, that's okay. Good to know it's possible, though. Thanks anyway!

  238. 808 warrior:

    Where is our defense.

  239. markazulu:

    Apperantly it was Trayvon Henderson but i was hearing it was clay then they said it was jackson lol But its confirmed it was Henderson

  240. NYUHTX:

    Lets see if Chow can win the battle of adjustments. So far, not so good.

  241. markazulu:

    Challenging the TD

  242. 99club:

    Yeah, that was a catch and TD.

  243. UHfan808:

    Boo to the refs!

  244. gmahoney:

    Shaddap, Tomey.

  245. 808 warrior:

    Ikaika Time

  246. UHfan808:

    And Dickey Tomey is driving me nuts!

    Who cares about unlv player this and that?!

  247. Shamen:

    The lead was nice while it lasted, didn't.

  248. MattO:

    Dive Harding!

  249. Shamen:

    Wait -- this is the same team we beat 48-10 less than a year ago, right? Is this progress, or regression? WHAT HAS CHANGED?!

  250. markazulu:

    They go 75 yards for a td and we go 3 and out where are the adjustments?

  251. markazulu:

    @shamen I believe now UNLV switched to a spread offense and has a pretty decent defense

  252. markazulu:

    Momentum is clearly on UNLV side but seriously we cam out so flat in the 2nd half its ridiculous

  253. 808 warrior:

    The team is a reflection of the Coach and not the players.

  254. markazulu:

    I will say this coaching staff has done a phenomenal job recruiting but during game day it hasnt looked so good.

  255. UHfan808:

    And Dick Tomey is driving me nuts!

    Who cares about unlv player can do this and that!?

    I wanna hear background info about OUR players!

    Grrr :(

  256. Wassup?:

    In N Out not just "quality"... "high quality" per RK! Tomey's favorite team? - Whoever is playing Hawaii that week. Loser.

  257. markazulu:

    Hawaii needs somebody to step up right now

  258. MattO:

    Came out flat on both sides. It's happened in virtually every game.

    Pure speculation, but it makes me wonder if whatever is being said in the locker room is deflating them, emotionally/mentally. It's noticeable enough to warrant asking why they're so lackluster when coming out of the locker room.

  259. WarriorNY:

    What happened to our stout defense from the USC, OSU, and Nevada games? This is crazy how many yards we are giving up... This week and last have been really bad...

  260. markazulu:

    Hawaii is shooting themselves in the foot again

  261. MattO:

    THROW THE FLAG! What the heck, ref???

  262. markazulu:

    Clark Evans with a PLAY

  263. gobows:

    #254 you are being way too nice. they flat out look like crap.

  264. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Seriously wtf kind of play calling was that?

  265. MattO:

    Wow... that was awful.

  266. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Do we have 4 healthy wide receivers that can line up and pla? or do we only have access to 3 and hence we aren't going 4-wide?

  267. gobows:

    pat attempt for 'bama went into the stands, ku fan tossed the ball out of the stadium.

  268. MattO:

    #267 - LOL

    #266 - I'm pretty sure we have 4 healthy.

  269. gobows:

    #266 depends if your trying to win. coaching staff is chasing championships, not winning ball games.

  270. gobows:

    its time for a-house to collect.

  271. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I'm not trying to be a wise ass.

    I know we had injuries to receivers so wondering if there are none we can go into a spread formation with.

  272. Warrior fan:

    The route is on SMH. I don't think UH is going to score in the 2nd half ...SMH

  273. MattO:

    #271 - Gant, Stutz and Harding make at least 3 healthy.

  274. NYUHTX:

    yes, trouble making adjustments at the half.

  275. markazulu:

    Against San Jose we had a 14-3 lead to lose what 37-27
    USC we had a 5-3 lead to lose 30-13
    Oregon State its 14-14 halftime then we lose 33-14
    Nevada we were giving up so many big plays losing 31-9
    Fresno state we came back because Fresno failed to put us away 42-37
    UNLV in the 3rd quarter right now has 507 yards on offense alone
    and that is 17 unanswered points that is horrendous

  276. markazulu:

    We have played well in 2 to maybe 3 quarters but we havent played well in all 4 quarters this year.

  277. markazulu:

    Still get plenty time but we need to score this drive

  278. 99club:

    Sit him down.

  279. MattO:

    Wait... so we get a flag if he talks. But they don't get a flag when they shove?

    I'm not saying what he did was right, but geez refs...what the hell.

  280. Shoko:

    Fourth quarter. Warriors in bad need of some offensive mojo.

  281. markazulu:

    I dont understand how our defense comes out so flat to start the 2nd half though i guess its out coaching

  282. UHfan808:


    *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

  283. RainboWarrior:

    What a terrible call by the refs.
    #279 - Exactly what I was thinking.
    The guy straight up shoved Evans right in front of the ref and NO CALL.
    Come on Mannnn!

  284. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Going 5-wide like 3x this season does not mean we are mixing it up.

  285. 99club:

    C'mon D! Get a turnover.

  286. markazulu:

    Why did we stop with the QB shuffling that was working

  287. Whats up:

    UNLV is getting away with a lot of penalties at home but Hawaii's defense cant stop the run or the pass! The D has given over 500 yards again this week.

  288. MattO:

    #283 - The very definition of C'MON MAN! Pilau.

  289. NYUHTX:

    OC scoreboard sucks.

  290. Eastcoast Warriorfan:

    Chow looks so depressed on tv

  291. MattO:

    He was down.

  292. gobows:

    #275 that means open seats the next 2 weeks.

  293. MattO:


  294. MattO:

    Nevermind. Ugh.

    Each week, this gets harder and harder to watch.

  295. 3-Prong:

    Double Damn........

  296. oneseason:

    I don't have video, but listening to 1420 ... UNLV sounds better than USC and Oregon St.

  297. 3-Prong:

    Let's Go Bows. Right now!

  298. Shoko:

    Beginning to wonder if the Warriors will win a game this season.

  299. MattO:

    #296 - we're just playing worse

  300. markazulu:

    I know what you mean Matt0 this is very hard ill keep watching and keep supporting but its very hard to stomach 24 unanswered by UNLV and 31 unanswered by San Jose State. Maybe Schroder can get it going though who knows I'm not going anywhere ever since Fresno state

  301. Warrior fan:

    We're going to be winless this season...grrr...#Shame

  302. markazulu:

    3 and out when it rains it pours i guess

  303. markazulu:

    I dont think we will be winless but thats only IF the coaches do something because we had our chances but we getting imo out coached.

  304. Isaac:

    We're not going to win a single football game this season...thanks, Chow.

    Is it basketball season yet??

  305. sdbowfan:


  306. markazulu:

    Put in Taylor Graham have um play a little bit but Schroder has played pretty well tonight our Defense though to many big plays

  307. 3-Prong:

    Da boys not giving up. How 'bout you?

  308. markazulu:

    I think its weird though how every team we played has scored 30 plus points

  309. markazulu:

    Hawaii defense has made big stops but also gave up big plays tonight

  310. MattyBoy:

    0-12 baby here we come!!!

  311. MattO:

    #300 - Exactly. I'll keep watching and supporting, but man... UNLV is approaching 600 total yards on offense while ours seems to be going backwards. Basic problems still plague this team and I have to wonder why.

  312. 3-Prong:

    Ok Er'body point your beer labels to da team! Hehe

  313. markazulu:

    10:04 left to play still can ;)

    remember hawaii did score in 59 secs before

  314. gobows:

    for all those questions, remember, they are chasing championships, and not winning games.

    look on the bright side, hawaii will move up in the bottom 10 with umass and the terps both getting wins.

  315. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I think it's equally weird how we had success mixing in some 4-wide against Fresno, but In this game we act as if we go 4-wide we would be sponsoring international terrorism.

  316. 3-Prong:

    Its working!

  317. PolyMom:

    OMG crazy. I don't get it.

  318. MattyBoy:

    Sad to say but I hope we go 0-12 so that upper campus would have no choice but to fire Chow Von Appen! He seriously needs to go. He's horrible. He took away Hawaii's identity, everything that everyone knew Hawaii for is all gone because of Crap Chow. Even worse, we'll probably end up 0-12. Thanks to No Clue Chow

  319. 3-Prong:


  320. markazulu:

    @Matt0 but i do think we are just getting out coached horrible 2nd half adjustments EXCEPT against Fresno State. I'm loving the effort we are getting from our players and i see a tremendous upside players wise but i think we need to re evaluate how they coach. Those Minor mistakes has cost them in games

  321. 3-Prong:

    No give up!

  322. markazulu:

    TD Hawaii

  323. markazulu:

    Still get chance lol

  324. 3-Prong:

    Point tour beer labels at our defense now!!! Hehe

  325. MattO:

    #320 - yeah, good assessment. That last UNLV series, we just got out-coached.

    Although that was a great playcall for the TD - and Lakalaka is definitely a bright spot. Guy's a stud.

  326. Slugger:

    LET'S GO BOWS!!!

  327. gobows:

    get for real kine chance the last couple games. chowie only knead won moa wynn fo pass von what happened.

  328. MattO:

    C'mon D!! NEED A STOP!

  329. markazulu:

    Sean Schroder has shown improvement though over last year i hope Taylor graham is taking the time to

  330. Shoko:

    Only two possession game.

  331. 3-Prong:

    Its working again!

  332. Jonj:

    Mcdonalds has probably never been happier to donate to our team. 16 total Tds in 6 games?!?!

  333. War-E-Or:

    Blame the coaches all u want, lack of execution will always be the #1 culprit

  334. Kanole:

    UNLV stuck with coach Hauck through terrible years. I think UH will do the same.

  335. Slugger:

    Got to meet Boyo_Jr.

    Koakane, saw Wayne.

    and ... Ryan Grice-Mullins. Yay!

  336. Jonj:

    Beau yap having a career game on te bright side.

  337. MattO:

    SACK! D hasn't given up yet - love it.

  338. 3-Prong:

    Damn, dis really works!!! Hehe

  339. markazulu:

    Yeah I mean im liking the Freak show lol they have a huge upside i get so upset at drops but forget these guys are freshmen and i also like the running backs we have

  340. Tanman:

    Down by 13, 4th qtr. Can Hawaii come back? Or can it be another bittermelon...

  341. 3-Prong:

    Point your bottles!!!!!!!!!!

  342. laulau head:

    Just wondering...why not a single Warrior wearing pink to support boobies??

  343. markazulu:

    8:11 Hawaii has plenty time ;)

  344. 3-Prong:

    You're welcome!!!! Hehe

  345. Tanman:


  346. MattO:

    TOUCHDOWN!!!! What a throw and catch!

  347. Shoko:


  348. MattO:

    3-Prong, I will never doubt you again.

  349. 3-Prong:

    Now if everyone does the bottle thong, we win.....come on! Who's with me!

  350. markazulu:



  351. Shoko:

    Need one defensive stop!!

  352. MattO:

    Oh good lord.

  353. markazulu:

    I'm sorry Taylor Graham but i honestly think Sean Schroder should be the starter i know his arm isnt as good but this is amazing that 3 weeks in a row he tried to lead a rally in the 4th

  354. MattO:

    C'mon D!!! BIG STOP!

  355. Tanman:


  356. 3-Prong:

    I said everybody!!!!!!

  357. markazulu:


  358. MattO:


  359. 99club:

    Get chance!

  360. 3-Prong:


  361. MattO:


  362. MattO:

    C'MON SCHRO!!!!

  363. markazulu:

    Lets Go Bows

  364. Tanman:

    Why not get 1st down instead of end zone?

  365. MattO:

    What the hell are we doing?

  366. Tanman:

    now we need def to come up big again...

  367. MattO:


  368. Tanman:

    mid field... 50 yards to go...

  369. 3-Prong:

    Let's Go Bows!

  370. MattO:


  371. markazulu:

    Just throwing it out there 4 of uh drives they scored td in less than 2 minutes ;)

    Hawaii Get chance

  372. Tanman:

    do we need to hail mary now?

  373. MattO:

    Nuff with the big throws... out routes, then get out.

  374. 3-Prong:

    See MattO!

  375. Tanman:

    TD pAT important

  376. 99club:

    We're goin' to win! Yeehaw!

  377. Shoko:


  378. RainboWarrior:

    Sayyy Whattt? Yeah!

  379. markazulu:

    This is just amazing

  380. MattO:


  381. markazulu:


  382. Tanman:

    37 - 36, how much time remained?

  383. 3-Prong:


  384. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  385. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  386. oneseason:

    umm ... not sure what it is, but it isn't boring :)

  387. MattO:


  388. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  389. Shoko:

    Come on defense. Don't let the Rebels steal this win!! DEFENSE!!

  390. kifi:

    Plenty time on the clock.

  391. UHfan808:



  392. markazulu:


  393. Shoko:

    Lets force a turnover and end this.

  394. MattO:


  395. markazulu:

    UNLV 1st and 10 at there own 23

  396. MattO:

    They run and don't call timeout??

  397. markazulu:

    Good Job Defense

  398. MattO:


  399. Tanman:

    yikes facemask

  400. MattO:

    That guy just put them in field goal range...

  401. Tanman:

    10 yard line

  402. gobows:

    streak is alive!

  403. markazulu:

    Facemask :(

  404. MattO:

    Hmm... maybe he didn't have possession going out of bounds?

  405. sdbowfan:

    The streak is alive indeed!!

  406. War-E-Or:

    Ive never seen a football team he competitive and be the worst enemy than our current warriors.... Thats frusterating

  407. MattO:

    #406 - Now I know what NY Giants fan feels like.

  408. War-E-Or:

    I meant be their own worst enemy.. And holy shit they overturn the long catch

  409. markazulu:


  410. War-E-Or:

    Cant type on ipad.. Hands too big for the screen keyboard

  411. Tanman:

    52 yds fg at this point

  412. RainboWarrior:

    Man, I thought it was good even watching the replays.

  413. Tanman:

    43 yd attempt

  414. sdbowfan:

    I thought it was a catch. Vegas bookies has something to do with this game.

  415. Tanman:

    this is the closest lost by far - 37 - 39...

  416. MattO:


  417. gobows:

    fg is good...

  418. War-E-Or:

    This one hurt....

  419. Shoko:

    Damn, that was a heartbreaking loss.

    Still proud of the Warriors. They played hard and didn't give up.

    One snap and clear.

  420. sdbowfan:

    Why is Chow smiling??

  421. MattO:

    So brutal.

  422. 99club:

    Dang. Great comeback Warriors. Never gave up. I thought that was a catch too, BTW.

  423. markazulu:

    This is tough but loved they fought till the end biggest play was that 15 yard facemask though

  424. sdbowfan:

    I guess if I was getting paid 500k a year I would be smiling also......

  425. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  426. UHfan808:

    Shucks! :(

  427. markazulu:

    This team is so resilient proud of them but its so upsetting why is it taking so long for Hawaii to make 2nd half adjustments

  428. RedZone:

    Penalties will kill you.

  429. UHfan808:

    Proud of you, Warriors and fans, for never giving up!! :)

  430. markazulu:

    Coming back on the road i think this was more impressive then against Fresno

  431. gobows:

    that last 1:39 was really long.

  432. markazulu:

    Back to the drawing board a lot of negatives but also a lot of positives Still get 6 games

  433. Andrew:

    430. Markazulu

    true but it was against UNLV. Comeback or no comeback they're still 0-6. As usual there was one quarter (the 3rd) that killed them.

  434. gobows:


    wait, there actually was 2nd half adjustments made by hawaii? if there was, that's big time improvement. and it only took a year and a half.

  435. Block off:

    It was a close game but they LOST again. They will not win a game in this season

  436. Truman:

    Great but frustrating game.
    You notice all the negativity and boo birds get real quiet when the warriors are coming back? I guess hard to find fault with coach or players but I know those bozos will be back again. Who said the team is boring?

  437. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    So close, and yet so far...


  438. MattO:

    #436 - this team certainly loves drama

    at least it ain't boring

    good game, boys - try 'um again next week

  439. gobows:


    game is 60 minutes. well they finally got to 45 minutes. after a few more games, then maybe they will be able to close the deal and go out winnahs. 1 thing is for sure, hawaii not good enough to win playing 75%.

  440. markazulu:

    @433 I know what you mean but UNLV has looked better this year. But the slow start in the 3rd quarter killed them plus the ridiculous penalties they were getting like that facemask play

  441. markazulu:

    Does anybody else think our Oline has played better? I'm actually thinking they are playing better

  442. MattO:

    #441 - yeah, Schro wasn't running for his life every play

  443. WarriorNY:

    Goodnight folks! I really hope our defense can find itself before our next game. I don't understand what happened to our d...

  444. GA Warrior:

    we are 0-6, why do you always accept moral victories and we just lost to a team that we beat 48-10 last year. If we were improving we would have won this one going away, but nope. Great effort by the boys in the 4th quarter, but you cannot expect them to keep getting down by 20+ and coming back to win. No coaching adjustments in the third quarter, go from being up 17-13 to down 36-17, Chow outcoached again......feel bad for the boys, though.

  445. Truman:

    I don't know how people can predict 0-12 when you have games like this unless they are wishing that the team ends up that way or just really are pessimistic people. How sad to live like that. Nothing to cheer for.

  446. markazulu:

    exactly @444 I love the effort but why does it take a whole quarter to make adjustments to the opponents adjustments. Though UNLV has looked better this year.

  447. AllG:

    I expected big things from Woodard this year, but aside from the USC game he has had a disappointing year. Yap is playing great but we need more of a pass rush from the other side.

  448. AllG:

    When we throw the ball like we have at the end of games our offense can move the ball and put up points. The run game really bogs down our offense and has not been very effective this year. I think we should go with 80% passes 20% run going forward

  449. Andrew:


    Yeah UNLV looks better but their record is a little misleading. They haven't beaten anyone that was that great. Ill support the team always and Ill be at every game but its frustrating loss after loss and having to look at them as moral improving losses

  450. markazulu:

    Yeah I agree with you Andrew its very frustrating

  451. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    114 plays - 579 yards for UNLV.

  452. Andrew:

    I will say though that the team is leaps and bounds better than last year although the record does not show. Although they do have to stop shooting themselves in the foot with dumb penalties

  453. kapakahi:

    Da boyz showed a lot of heart!

  454. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Another puka squeezer between A&M and Ole Miss. Johnny FB comes out a winner on that one.

  455. markazulu:

    Schroder has shown a lot of improvement

  456. gobows:

    get the phauck out, 114 plays. sheeesh, 80 plays is high. 114 is outrageous. freakin offense better let the defense in the front of the chow line. coaches should be doing some grass drills themselves.

    this is what a shitty team looks like. always finding ways to lose. but get chance against csu. and they should win at navy....but freaking defense dont know how to defend the option. best chances is the last 3 home games.

  457. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    mike from waimanalo, you da best!

  458. markazulu:

    I know people upset but im glad we were competitive better than last year

  459. cocobean:

    no cigar....again.

    The heart ache for those involved must be so crushing a feeling. Really got to feel for the boys. They just gotta suck it up and move forward. They just have to do what someone said after a bitter bear the unbearable.

  460. War-E-Or:

    The mountain west has improved leaps and bounds too... No game is a gimme this yr... Army put up 52 pts today

  461. Boya_jr:

    My heart hurts but you know what, don't count this team out. Now it's time to party in Vegas. Still feeling down. Wish so wish we could have pulled this one off. I love these Warriors.

  462. gobows:

    hawaii will crush army.

  463. markazulu:

    If your still up for football oc16 castle vs waianae

  464. markazulu:

    Ne'quane Phillips, brendan daley, beau yap, john hardy tuliau are having a wonderful season though id even say so is sean schroder

  465. Whats up:

    Needs Improvement:

    The team will not make it a moral victory, Kaumeyers Hawaii defense needs to step it up, 2 games giving up 500+ yards and a lot of points is a tall order for any offense to overcome. Trayvon Henderson face mask penalty was huge with less than a minute. Defense has lost its stoutness, needs to find a way to get it back. The running game is pathetic and ball security for the WR and RB needs work.

    The positive:

    Sean Schroeder is a gamer! Tough as nails and a heart of a champion. Sean led another huge point deficit comeback and the D gave up the "W". Chris Gant, Scott Harding, Clark Evans are clutch and tough as tanks. The O line is getting better but still needs improvement. The passing game is on fire, this team has competitive in the past 3 games and should be getting better every game the rest of the season. This team has heart and won't go down without a fight! Go Warriors!

  466. Paki Parker:

    Happy Birthday to Steven Lakalaka!
    A win would have been a great birthday present!

  467. Myett:

    Hawaii used to be so much fun to watch back in the day. It's really a shame because you guys had such a unique and exciting identity in the run n shoot. I really would like to see you guys bring June Jones back because I have a feeling his days at SMU could be numbered. Sorry but ever since he's left you guys have gone from top 40 annually and capable of beatings BCS teams like Cincy, MSU, Wisky, etc. to top 80 or 90 in the country. Chow is ruining your program.

  468. Boya_jr:

    Hawaii fans lets go have fun in Vegas. Another UH roadie. Drink beer, win at the tables and eat oxtail. Boy I'm delusional but hey life goes on and we have another game coming up that i will get excited about. My other team, Cal is 1-4 but they are better than their record. Go Warriors!!!

  469. Boya_jr:

    I met Slugger and Chawan tonight. Hello

  470. 3-Prong:

    Oh well,.......Go Wahine!

  471. Former UH Athlete:

    Ok, just returned from Sam Boyd...

    Nothing like college football to pull at your emotions for 3-4 hours.

    First is was frustration (many mental mistakes, stupid penalties and dropping two absolutely perfect deep balls).... Then relief (2 4th down stops in red zone).... Then happy (UH offense looking good, putting drives together for points)... Then a major WTF moment (botching the 1st& goal after a great return)... Then halftime.

    Then pure depression for entire 3rd quarter... Then a freak fumble play to blow the game open... Then like whatever (1st score of comeback)... Then regaining interest (2nd score)... Then frustrated again as I found out beer sales stopped after 3rd quarter... Then excited, then UH ends the game as it started with a penalty to hurt them (face mask helped advance UNLV for GW FG). Then game over

    I guess my consultation prize is that UH covered and went over the total. Putting me 4-1 this week and now I'm 21-12 for season.

    Easily my best record at this point of season in any year.

  472. Truman:

    What happen to A-House and Al? Awfully quiet from those 2 who had a bet on the game. :)

  473. PokeBowl808:

    If you didn't have fun watching this game, you don't like football. Beer still tastes good, sun will rise tomorrow (unless you party too hard in Vegas, then you might wake up to jail cell)

  474. Maile Tsai–Russ:

    What a heartbreaker. But you gotta love how this team plays hard until the end...

  475. jcvolcano:

    Ok, first time blogging. Before I start with the meat of my blog, let me say aloha to all of you. You guys
    know football. Lots of ex-jocks, easy to tell. Enjoy reading your insights as they are always on point.
    I'm not going to discuss the team, or the players. Enough to say they have talent, and a great "fighting"
    spirit. You guys know, you've been there. You knew who the pussies were.......the guys with the long faces
    sporting "thousand yard" eyes in the huddle.
    Its the coaching staff. Chow and his "pro style" offense. Sorry Chow, no college team is 4 deep in all offense
    line positions to adequately protect their QB. Pro teams can because they draft from the "cream". Chow, time
    to get into a "creative offense", like the rest of college football's teams.
    Defense mistakes, notably final seconds of UNLV game. D coach playing "thugs". Ok with that but, how about playing "thugs with brains". Theres got to be some on your unit.
    Why Chow for HC, UH? For 500K you're willing to go with a guy who last head coached at Waialua high
    school forty odd years ago? A guy who has been in the game since then and never HC'd in college? Oh yeah, he coached some famous QB's. Well, lets just say he "babysat" them, to be nice. If all I could afford
    to pay was 500K for a coach to turn my teams record around, I would have gone with an assistant coach
    from a good program who played the game and was a known "leader". Thats it, won't get personal.

  476. Former UH Athlete:

    Betting against Hawaii is worst of birth worlds right now... They still aren't good enough to win, but now they are putting up points to cover.

    Not being blinded by negativity, the OLine did a much better job of protecting the QBs. And UH proved again that they just need to keep firing deep balls and let the WRs make plays. If SS can unload the ball on time, he's accurate. He did cut down on the number of times he stared down receivers and late throws. So that's a plus.

    OLine didn't do squat in the run blocking. Lakalaka had zero holes to run through.

    The 3rd quarter collapse was reminiscent of the previous coach's 3rd quarters.

    The sloppy mental mistakes were unsettling... 4 or 5 offsides penalties early, multiple substitution penalties when guys didn't hustle off field when UNLV went up tempo. SS delivered two perfect deep balls that hit Gant and Haynes in the numbers that were dropped.

    UH is going through what all struggling teams go through, and that's making mistakes after good plays. Perfect example was after the awesome return by Bubba, then an inexplicable delay of game by SS and later false start on Moleni followed by the botched FG attempt. Chow might have been able to squeeze in a Timeout before the delay, but UH was on the far hash mark and on the 10, so the nearest side judge is a long ways away and likely wouldn't have heard him anyways as he's focused on the play and crowd was noisy.

    Now that the OLine is protecting better UH is putting up more points as I expected, now they just have to eliminate the mistakes that down programs make. It takes years for down programs to break out of the funk...

    Whether Chow survives long enough to see through the rebuilding, not sure, but at this point, it hasn't effected recruiting yet. So that's good. UH has a growing list of quality commits for next year, so you can't justify dumping him until his recruits make it on the field and don't pan out.

    UH's rebuilding is starting to feel like Wazzu's rebuilding... Paul Wulff inherited a horrid roster from Bill Doba and could get many wins, but he did do an ok job of recruiting. Then after 4 years of gradual improvement, but not enough wins to show for it, Wulff was fired and WSU spent money for Leach. Who took a year of beat downs to transition the team. Leach is finding success this year with Wulff's core guys mixed with his early recruits.

    UH appears to be on a similar trajectory, but I think Chow is doing a better job recruiting than Wulff did comparably, but where it gets tricky is if Chow doesn't survive, UH doesn't have the funds to make a big splash for a head coach to take the improved roster and turn it into wins.

    Maybe the best/realistic scenario is if Jones can last one more year at SMU before the boosters turn on him and Chow carries out his contract. Then the timelines might work out. I'm guessing that if Jones is let go, I think he takes at least a year off before taking a job anywhere... Since the administration is different than when he left UH, there's a small chance he comes back. But that's a few years away.

  477. Tanman:

    I think I'll at least give Coach Chow one more season to see if he can recruit good players in 2014... Of course, he'll be losing seniors such as Scott Hardings, Billy Ray Stutzmann, Chris Gant, Tavita Woodard, Sean Schroeder, John Hardy-Tuliau, Art Laurel, Kamanlani Alo, Brenden Daley, George-Daily Lyles, Saisau Matagiese, Clark Evans, Iuta Tepa, etc.

    2015 is a critical year because there are many nationally ranked high school players from Hawaii who will be selecting the college where they will play football. We need to be able to get some of them to stay home...

  478. Old Diver:


    Sheesh. Still blaming Coach Mack. Can't wait till your next excuse filled rant.

  479. Old Diver:

    You can blame the defense all you want but if the offense could score 3 to 4 touchdowns over the first three quarters they wouldn't have to be making so many comebacks. There are problems on both sides of the ball.

  480. markazulu:

    Our Offense has been able to put up points which is good but our defense has been giving up big plays recently. Hawaii did have those 2 big stops though on 4th down in the first quarter

  481. Boya_jr:

    @ Pure. Then Cal downtown few hrs from now. Cheewho

  482. madeinhawaii:

    Giving up more than 30 points isn't going to win many games. Giving that much on the road, probably makes it harder. Giving up 39 on the road. Too much.

    Offense, thought, was interesting today. A mishmash or sorts, but an attempt to make use of the talents of different personnel. We scored 37 on the road. That's actually good news. That's the best that Chow has done on the road with the Warriors to date. That spells some kind of improvement on Offense. Bye week next week. Now we have another problem? issue? dilemma? Taylor will be back.

  483. madeinhawaii:

    Warriors blanked out in the 3rd Qtr again. Didn't Moniz's offenses have that same problem for a spell?

  484. Konoman1:

    No matter what anybody says I was close to the field and those boys played their hearts out and left everything on the field. So proud of them!

  485. oneseason:

    Cripes, in defending 114 plays, it looks like the Rainbow Warriors defense had to play about two games. 579 yards in two games is pretty good.

    UNLV ran 114 plays for 579 yds (5.1 yds/play)
    UH ran 74 plays for 454 yds (6.1 yds/play)

    UNLV had possession for 37:33 minutes
    UH had possession for 22:27 minutes

    UNLV had 38 first downs
    UH had 21 first downs

  486. madeinhawaii:

    188 plays in 60 minutes? That's 19.1 seconds between plays. Zounds! That's 1.3 seconds faster than last week. The Warrior Defense was on the field 15 minutes longer than UNLV's. That's three minutes longer than the SJSU game last week.

  487. Former UH Athlete:

    Looking at the box score...

    Defense gave up 38 first downs... That's unacceptable.
    UNLV had 8 trips to red zone... Very bad number.
    UH went 3 of 4 on red zone opportunities... Not bad, but not enough good scoring chances.
    UH had 12 tackles for loss - very good number
    UH surrendered 3 tackles for loss - very good number (one of which was the botched FG)

    Time of possession: Hawaii 22:27 ; UNLV 37:33 --- really bad number... UH needs to slow tempo down. The offense was effective most of game, but the tempo is still way too fast for this roster. They averaged a play every 18.2 seconds tonight. Oregon averaged a play every 25 seconds vs Washington today. Not counting Oregons final 8 play 6:18 drive to end game, Oregon averaged 22.6 seconds. There's no reason why UH should be playing 4 seconds faster than Oregon's normal pace.

    UNLV amassed an astonishing 114 plays from scrimmage. UH had 74 plays, which is normally a good number, but not so good vs 114.

    Kinda surprised Herring attempted 57 passes when I saw box score... Didn't seem like he threw it that much, but most was short stuff and a ton of yards after catch.

    UH gained 454 yards today, and have been over 430 the last three games. Offense is playing much better, but defense has played much worse.

    UH had 10 official penalties, but several more were declined because UNLV took advantage of offsides on substitution penalties for big plays. Penalties were a factor in the game. The 15y face mask helped UNLV get into position on the final drive. Clark Evans picked up a stupid 15yarder after he was trash talking after getting whacked, which made no sense at all and also killed one drive.

    Finally saw the fly sweep set implemented this week... Actually was very successful. Gant had a decent gain on the sweep, then Bowens ripped a great 30yarder on the reverse off the same setup. Then Woosley got his 40yard run on the keeper up the gut. Didn't appear to be a read option, it looked more like a keeper all the way based on sequence of plays. That's 75 yards off the 4 play set (one play was no gain).

    Now UH has a much needed bye week to review and work on problem areas. From what I saw tonight, most issues are fixable. Just glad the losses aren't one sided landslides like last year, where the team is helpless. Losing always sucks, but UH is fighting til the final bell. I can tell this team feels like they are really close to breaking through, they just need to believe in theirselves.

  488. Former UH Athlete:

    482.. The Graham situation will be interesting. SS looks like he's dialed in his touch on deep balls. I know he's mistake prone and stares guys down, but do you take him out when he's hitting big plays?

    I really don't have an opinion on who starts, just keep throwing deep and stay away from double coverage.

    Saw Graham on sideline today... In pads and was throwing before each half started with the other QBs.

    I think Woosley gets about the same type of duty the rest of year. Mostly read option or the fly sweep sets with abhor were and there. He's not ready yet to be trusted with the full offense.

  489. Former UH Athlete:

    Sorry, meant a throw here and there in last paragraph in regards to Woosley

  490. kev-1:

    I think SS gets a bit too much credit from some of you for simply heaving it up half the time and hoping his receivers make plays. Most of his deep balls are under thrown and puts the receivers in stop/jump ball situations. That last TD to Gant probably would have been an INT if the DB caught it.

    I'm not trying to dump on an already frustrated team and fan base, as I am just as frustrated as everyone else. But I am pretty confused that SS can come out and lead a scoring drive, that others deserve more credit for, and the head scratching decisions, throws, and 3 and out performances that more consistently describe his play are simply forgotten.

    IMO, this team needs Graham back. Now that the receivers have shown they can make plays, they are ready for a QB with strong arm that can lead them past defenders.

  491. kev-1:

    Former UH asked "do you take him (SS) out when he's hitting big plays?"

    NO. You take him out when he continually stalls the offense.

  492. kev-1:

    I'm sorry. Maybe I'm being too hard on him, but he's just too inconsistent.

  493. manoa#1:

    @ least Hawaii beat the spread...UNLV is a terrible team.!! Hawaii should of smash them.