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Bye-ing time

October 14th, 2013

It appeared that coaches, players and nearly everyone else (except a columnist whose initials are "F"L and is currently out of the country) wanted the Rainbow Warriors to accept the $600,000 offer to play Colorado this weekend in Boulder.

Alas, since the Rainbow Warriors are home — alone — here's what to expect this bye week:

• The coaches did some recruiting in Las Vegas this past weekend, and will be doing more of the same on the mainland this weekend. The primary targets are cornerbacks and defensive ends.

• Progress checks continue on grayshirts Terrance Polk, Ualesi "Wes" Sale and Tigi Hill. Rashaan Falemalu and Jamie Tago are set to join in January. John Ursua, who is serving a church mission, is scheduled to return in the spring.

• The Warriors are off today. They will have conditioning drills and meetings tomorrow. Regular practices are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. There will be an extended scrimmage for redshirts and developing players on Friday. There are no practices scheduled for the weekend.

• Plans are in the works to give more playing time to defensive lineman Kennedy Tulimasealii. Look for him to get extended work in practices Wednesday and Thursday.

* * * * *

Yes, yes, I know nobody at UH ever listens to me.

I suggested the swap meet be held at UH on game days. Nothing.

I suggested UH sign a deal with MTV or HBO to counter the glut of football programming on ESPN and other sports channels. Cameras could follow the players during the week, turning them into reality stars, leading to game day. It would be like "Hard Knocks" for a season. Again, nothing.

I thought holding a concert ... oh, wait, never mind.

Anyway, this is a 'round-about way of saying I think former UH center Lene Amosa and his gospel group should be invited to sing the national anthem at a UH football game this year. Just don't call it a concert.

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