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The quarterback draw

October 23rd, 2013

The referee usually has to be alerted when an offensive lineman will be used as an eligible receiver. The alert now is that Sean Schroeder, Ikaika Woolsey and Taylor Graham (and, possibly, Jeremy Higgins) will be eligible quarterbacks for Saturday's homecoming game against Colorado State. Asked which quarterback would play, head coach Norm Chow said, "All three. Why not?"

Indeed. Why not?

* * * * *

There apparently is a bad case of flu-like symptoms spreading through the team. This isn't what they meant by football fever.

* * * * *

As noted in today's S-A football notes, kicker Ceejay Santos has been recalled to the team. There is a possibility he will be used for kickoffs against CSU.

As for his unique first name, Santos explained, his parents had picked out the name "Jaycee" if they were to have a girl. When they had a boy instead, they reversed the name.

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