Anguay moves back to RB

October 29th, 2013

Samson Anguay is expected to move to running back today as the Rainbow Warriors try to expand their options on offense. Now fully healed after two knee surgeries, Anguay has regained his quickness and quick-cut moves. He's also a very aggressive blocker.

This is Anguay's second stint at running back. He was there early in training camp before moving back to receiver.

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Avis has selected Not Nasti as the winner of the T-shirt.

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Thanks for playing, everyone.

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  1. wow:


  2. pu'uwai:

    Aloha kakahiaka. Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  3. A-joe:

    Excellent morning Tsaikos!!

  4. Buffoman:

    It was a nice read in the SA about Benny. As much as I would like to see him on the field and successful, I would really like to see him in his post college life as a successful engineer. He seems to be a terrific young man with a great head on his shoulders.

    Best of luck to him in both endeavors.

  5. A-joe:

    Work hard at preparing yourself. One day your number will be called and you'll be ready. Congratulations, Samson. You deserve it. Make the most of this opportunity.

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Fonua has a good big-picture outlook.

  7. PolyMom:

    To those of you who sent an email to the football team...MAHALO! The emails made them realize the fans are behind them. If you want to send the team some LOVE--


    In the subject section please type--


    They are loving reading the emails. It has pumped them up since the booing last week.

  8. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Anything that can help the rush game and pass pro should be a good ting!

    Let's Go Bows!

  9. UHfan808:

    Good morning, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers! :D

  10. UHfan808:


    Congrats, NotNasti! Go forth a wear it loudly and proudly! Hehe

  11. 3-Prong:

    Gooooood Morning All! Let's Go Bows! No Give Up,.....No Eva Give Up!

  12. Slugger:

    Good morning!

    Go Samson! He attends the SB games. Nice kid n


  13. Wes'side Warrior:

    Morning, Gang!

    Good luck, Samson!

    Gratz, NotNasti!

    Dang, it's early! Where's my coffee?

  14. 3-Prong:

    BC reports that Mariota after a late hit out of bounds, asked the refs Not to call a penalty and to just let them play. Gotta love the toughness.

  15. mo808:

    Good Morning Folks!
    Go get'um Samson & Go Bows!

  16. Bulla:


    Good morning to all the Tsaikos,

    Blessings to one and all and may today be filled with only great victories and memorable accomplishments.

    Still hobbling after knee surgery, should not have waited 6 months, but then again, that's me.... haha. be blessed not stressed my friends :)

  17. kimo browner:

    Sampson is back! That should resurrect a flat-line season...

  18. tom-warrionation:

    Post game suggestions to Chow

    why do we keep running up the middle; when they keep stuffing it? at least we should do swing passes to St. Juste and have him go outside; or do more screen passes to offset their strong pass rush (think I only saw one screen pass). why don't we do man in motion prior to the snap to see what kind of defense they are doing? where are the trick plays; pass from a RB or a fake sweep with a pass back to the other side (to someone who can either pass downfield or run it); muddle-huddle or anything.

  19. Haleakala:

    The Hawaii engineering professionals will welcome Benny Fonua when his football playing days are over. He has a good head on his shoulders!

  20. Whats up:

    Talking about St Juste, when a was watching Diocemy run that long kick return. I was thinking is Mike Edwards back on the team? If Diocemy keeps it up and trains hard on the off season he is going to be really good, like Mike Edwards beast mode good!! Yes, Chow does need to run to the outside once a while too.

    Hawaii needs to stop shooting itself in the foot already.

  21. Slugger:

    Congrats, NotNasti!

  22. (Jesse)James:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!!

    Hope all have a great and most excellent day!!!

    Busy busy busy today....again.... :-(

  23. papajoe2:

    Gooooooood morning everybody!

  24. NotNasti:

    Wow! Thanks Avis. I never win anything. Win this Saturday? I have hope. One of these days . . . one of these days . . . Eventually, Lucy is going to let Charlie Brown kick that football.

  25. Former UH Athlete:

    St Juste did a fantastic job in the return game. He's an explosive player and I think he needs somewhere between 8-10 offensive touches (not counting returns) per game since Lakalaka is the #1 RB at this time.

    Kinda like Alex Green back in 2009-2010, if he got 10 touches, UH pretty much won each time. Only problem was that he He didn't get 10 touches very often and he was grossly underutilized at UH. I thought Green was the 2nd best player on the team behind Salas during those years.

    Anguay moving back to RB is good. Shores up the depth at RB some more. Gant, Kirkwood, BRS, & Haynes have separated themselves as the top 4 WRs.

    If the WRs can just take the split second longer to watch the ball into their hands and complete the catch, I really like the future of the WR corp. They are consistently beating their coverage deep. Whether or not the ball gets there is another issue, but UH has good speed and size at WR for the foreseeable future.

  26. cocobean:

    #18. Chow had an explantion for running up the middle on the call the coach show. Something about where the safeties were positioned. Chow has run more gadget plays than all our opponents combined.

    Your points about motion and short passes are valid. We're weak on the short passing game they should work on it more in practice. What should be quick hitting plays have more often than not turned out to be too slow in developing.

  27. d1shima:




    Hit on...

  28. primo123:

    listen to the call the coach show last night.

    someone mentioned that they noticed UH offense either throws 5-7 short passes or 30 yard passes.

    rarely a 10-15 yard pass.

    you think our opponent's defensive coordinator notices that too?

    add to that, UH's tendency to run on first down.........

    a little predictable dontcha think??

  29. cocobean:

    #25. FUHA. Alex was a load and a half. Bigger than Lakalaka, faster than St. Juste. Could also block and catch. Chow should use film on Mo and Alex and use that as a teaching aid on how to execute passes to the RB. Their plays were crisp and well sold to catch the D on their heels.

  30. primo123:


    Yes......Chow said to keep the safeties honest and have to play the run, they'd run up the middle. This way, the safeties couldn't cheat and help the corners with the deep passes.

    BUT, I would've added to the question, if the Dline and Linebackers were stuffing that run up the middle, the safeties had no role or was a non-factor, why keep running up the middle?

    I would have like to have asked, why dont they run a play to isolate St Juste to run against a linebacker? Dont he think he's quick enough??

  31. Kapahulu:

    I would love to see St. Juste at Slotback going one on one on a Linebacker. I bet he could make a few of them miss in open space. Could be another Davone Bess!

  32. NorthShoreFan:

    Healing energy to the one called Bulla. Hope jr. is doing well.

    Got to find a way to get DSJ into open space. Iso on lbs, swings, slot, screens, wildcat?
    Anyhoo, he just brings too much to the table to not get him involved.

  33. Dino:

    Engineering is fun!

  34. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    #28 Primo,

    another nail, head, and hammer hit.

  35. Jonj:

    Ya I'm sure chow ran 2 draws in a row on the goaline to stop the safeties on the 3rd play. Lol... If ur gonna run on the goaline don't run a draw... I liked the goaline try with the read option. It makes someone accountable for the qb and takes away one or two from stuffing he middle.

  36. primo123:


    Chow faked himself out on the goal line.

  37. primo123:

    Howabout......St Juste running to the edge at the goal line.

  38. Jonj:

    Primo I think it's becuz the teams are really gearing up to take away or intermediate routes and try jump the short routes while playing one on one on the deep. Basically playing the odds since our qb has no arm or accuracy.

  39. Buffoman:

    #32 I am not a big wildcat fan but I really like well timed and executed screens to backs, H backs, etc. Line has to be mobile and really in tuned to execute on the line and release down field. Backs also have to be able to be patient and follow their lead down field blocks. I think Lakalaka does this a bit better than DSJ. Once DSJ gets his part down and the offense can execute, it would be a thing of beauty. Don't know if we're there yet.

  40. Jonj:

    And that's why I like Higgins to be the QB he's very accurate on short routes by leading the WRs so they have running room and also gets the ball out quickly when were not putting ourselves in the hole. Also he has the best pocket awareness and feet.

  41. primo123:

    our QBs each have their strengths.

    Higgins - good accurate short passes
    Graham - strong arm
    Woolsey - good runner
    Schroder - good hit absorber

    Now all we need is to morph them into one body and we'll be set...............jus sayin....

  42. primo123:

    one criticism about graham's strong arm......its so strong, that his short passes has to be accurate, otherwise our receivers can't catch it if its a little off target. He's throwing it hard.

  43. Jonj:

    My question is what's does Schroeder bench?? Haha... Maybe that's y he can take one bit... He's got muscles like gumby.

  44. cocobean:

    Primo. Chow needs help. Everyone in my section was groaning everytime they ran on 1st. Almost like the old chess master is being out smarted by the other team's DC. They seem to be thinking if we give Chow this look he's likely to that and we'll be prepared to stop that. They have us playing uphill most of the game trying to sustain any kind of drive. The playing field levels out when we're in all out catchup mode but by then it's been too late.

  45. primo123:


    Chow also talked about running a play to set up another.

    So run up the middle, to set up the pass to the outside over the cornerback, without the safety helping out over the top.

    BUT.......that might work, if they got some yards running it up the middle to begin with. So if it constantly fails, why keep doing it over and over.

    I'm waiting for the excuse that they haven't opened up the playbook yet......ugh......

  46. primo123:

    Chow needs to learn this word in his offensive theories.......ISOLATION.

  47. primo123:

    Chow almost sounded like Von Appen, asking for suggestions from the audience on how to help his team get out of the 1st and 3rd quarter doldrums. so sad...........

    I wanted to say.......get someone to "bless" the team........hawaiian style........

  48. rage777:

    Isaac Sopoaga traded to New England.

  49. primo123:

    Chow also gave us his way of thinking.

    11 on defense


    10 on offense. (QB dont count)

    So, the defense has the advantage.

    Offense has to find the weak link in the defense and change the advantage over to the offense.

    Here's one........Fast Quick RB versus Big, but slower Linebacker.

    Isolation 101.

    Pass or Fail?

  50. wasabi:

    Hawaii #4 on ESPN Bottom 10

    NC #2 on Coaches Hotseat

    Chasing Championships!

  51. LizKauai (mbp):

    Hawaii 5-1

  52. cocobean:

    #43. All of them can get it done in practice. Schroeder is playing because he has the most composure when the lights go on and the real hitting starts. For now Schroeder is cashing in on the dues he paid last year. He's out-experiencing the other guys.

    At 0-7 Chow should be seriously contemplating giving Graham more "experience." Schroeder's mediocre play last year at least gave him something to build on and improve on this year.

  53. Jonj:

    49 and that's y chow is behind... He let go DG who leveled out the playing field. He had a good arm and great scramble ability. He was a junior learning a new system and a horrible offensive line. Of coarse he's gonna take off if the plays fails and pick up some yards. But good ole chow didn't like that turned him to WR were he lights up our starting D for 5 Tds and nope DG still doesn't play. Chows bachi from how he treated former coaches and players.

  54. Leron:

    How about THIS play?

  55. primo123:


    So Chow needs a Blessing to erase the bachi factor.

    Appease the Football it now!

  56. JustAsking:

    The ESPN Bottom 10 shows the media's East Coast bias. It has Hawaii ranked above UConn-- the team highlighted on SportsCenter as an example of "Football for Dummies"! (The UConn QB lined up in the shotgun behind the LEFT GUARD! The ball was snapped to where the QB was supposed to be....). In comparison, all we did was have our man in motion run into the snap. We should be no higher than #6.

  57. primo123:


    Knowing how Chow likes his QB......a scramber isnt in the equation.

    Even though DG was the right choice, Chow wants a QB to sit there and get crunched everytime they throw a pass.

    HEY!!.....SS fits the bill perfectly!

  58. primo123:


    The receiver to the right was WIDE open!

  59. primo123:


    Wait til ESPN get ahold of our bumbling stumbling snap into the man in motion game video....

  60. wasabi:

    56- just who os biased? You or the rest of the football community. Chow is taking the program down the toilet and all you can do is make excuses for Chow....

  61. cocobean:

    #47. BTW. I got the same impression of who he sounded like but didn't want to bring it up. Thought it might bachi to do so.

  62. wasabi:

    53- agree...bachi!

  63. wasabi:

    56- okay re read your post...yes could be #6 ... sorry...just frustrated with all the excuses on this board... :-)

  64. primo123:

    call the coach replay on 1420am right now

  65. JustAsking:

    Wasabi - No problem! Share the frustration! It killed me to see Chow talk about the "boo-birds" as if the boos were directed against the players. Anyone looking at the situation (bungled use of timeout, lack of aggressive play calling leading up to 4th down, etc.) would have to know that the boos were directed at the coaching staff. We know the players are busting their okoles during the game. But how can he explain the end of half sequence???? If only he took a page from the Kolten Wong "own up to the mistake" media guide: "I know the fans are frustrated with the results, and as HC that is my responsibility. Right before the half, there was confusion on the sidelines regarding our decision to punt or go for it on 4th down. That is on me. Maybe we should have gone for it. But if we were going to punt, we should have let the clock run down. Either go for it, or let the clock run down before the punt. But to let it run down to 18 seconds, and then call timeout, and then punt, makes absolutely no sense. If CSU had a good return, they might have had time to get another score on us. That was just poor time management by the coaching staff. And that is on me. The players are just students. I am the professional who gets paid over half a million to be prepared for exactly those types of situation. Plain and simple, I screwed up."

  66. Inyoface:

    The positive is that we're scoring almost 30 each game.

  67. Warrior Dave:

    Get wel Bulla!! Rehab is key so please push yourself though the pain and you will be thankful with the results.

  68. primo123:


    stumbling bumbling gets booed every time.

  69. Fan:

    A team is a boo the team you boo the team.....there is no separation of players and coaches....I respect a fan's right to boo.....just as I respect coach Chow's right to call the plays he calls....I thought his playing calling at the end of the half was weak.....I thought the fans booing was equally weak....perhaps we deserve each other

  70. madeinhawaii:

    Worked a craft fair at the Blaisdell this weekend. It was our 9th consecutive year at the same fair. This past Saturday was the busiest it had been in all 9 years. Even with the Haunted Wonderland next door in the Arena that spirited away the young crowd (18+) in the evening. Heck of a lot more young ones at the Arena than the game.

  71. Former UH Athlete:

    Arm chair OCs out in force today!

    I guess I'll jump in....

    I'd like to see both Lakalaka and DSJ on the field at the same time. Start them in the backfield and motion DSJ to the slot to see if a LB covers him. At that point, you can audible to an appropriate play to exploit matchup advantage, or adjust run play for Lakalaka based on how the defense shifted.

    That's only possible if UH slows the tempo to actually allow a player to motion. Motioning WRs and backs is a lost art in college football. The high tempo teams rarely do it because that goes against the tempo. Motioning WRs pre-snap is a valuable move because you can get the defense to tip off if they in man or zone coverage. Jones used motion quite a bit. Rolo didn't use it as much, but it was there.

    If you watch Boise St, they do a lot of formation shifting. They line up one way, then all the skill players shift and realign to the actual play formation. This makes the defense show the type of coverage and then adjustments get signaled in if the booth coaches spot an advantage or disadvantage.

    Also, what ever happened to Juntin Vele? I see his name on roster, but Haven't seen or heard his name all year. I thought he was solid lead blocker for Edwards last year and he's basically disappeared. Did I miss him getting hurt?

  72. A-House:


    scoring almost 30 points a game is a good average - problem is UH defense let's the other side score more than 30 points per game and leaves UH with 0 - 7 record.

    same can be said about UH 2007 record - fortunately for us, the offense scored more points than the defense gave up - kinda reverse from what's happening today.

    one has to wonder what is in Chow's play book - is it the same plays he called over the past 30 years as an OC? did he make any changes to fit his current team? - what may have been successful the past 3 decades does not necessarily translate to success in 20013 and forward. like someone mentioned earlier, perhaps he is gutting himself by trying to out think other teams

    unfortunately for us, Chow likes to be "safe" and refuses to "think outside the box" in his play calling - mix it up and see how the defense reacts - then, mix it up some more - student body right and student body left calls will not work for UH as he does not have the players execute this type of plays (philosophically speaking) - hell , start the offense with 4-8 straight pass plays to 4-6 different players; yep, 6 because one play makes the OT an eligible receiver - put Woosley in as the RB, give him the ball and let him pass to an open receiver - then, run 5 - 7 running plays with NONE up the middle - toss sweeps, reverses

    and heaven sakes, no 2-3 yard TE plays over the middle for little or no yards gained

  73. primo123:


    I like that play!...........can someone text it or email it to Chow??

  74. primo123:

    Heard it again........Chow is 11 on defense against 10 on offense.

    The QB is just there to HAND IT OFF or PASS IT.

    He doesnt believe in the QB running it..............DG was doomed as soon as he decided to run and try and make a play, rather than take a hit and/or get sacked.

    Wonder how Woolsey will handle this philosophy.

  75. Chee Hoo:

    Chow ciao time has come and gone. Later days at USC, Tennessee, UCLA, Utah, and now Hawaii, his offense is stagnant. Old school, stubborn and to predictable in his play calling. Gotta give the guy credit as he's trying to implement offensive sets which he's unaccustomed to running (wildcat, 5 receivers, etc.). Only problem, wrong personnel to make it successful.

  76. primo123:


    Well......I guess we'll still give him one - maybe two more years to recruit and see if he can bring in the "right" type of players to run "his" style of offense.

    Have to be patient.......I suppose.

    He won't retire......... least parking won't be a problem........!!jus sayin.....

  77. d1shima:

    Does Saban expect McCarron to run his team to victory?

  78. cocobean:

    #74. Didn't hear the replay but I kinda remember from last night he said the O is 10 v 11 on D. But didn't he mention something to the affect that it's changing with QBs like Colin K. coming on to the scene?

  79. d1shima:

    Making the defense defend eleven is something Chip Kelly was talking about a couple of years ago in an article I read somewhere.

    He went out and found freakish guys who could run his offense that way.

  80. Mytake:

    I think the big donors who pushed for (forced) Norm Chow should pay for his contract buyout. Put your money where your mouth is.

  81. jeezy33:

    76. I keep hearing people say "time to recruit in his players." The most ridiculous statement. Not saying you are saying to give him time.. But there are fans who keep saying it... Like a free 2 year pass...

    1. If it takes "that long" to recruit players for the system to work, why hire that coach to begin with? Obviously I don't buy that excuse so it doesn't matter.

    2. We won 6 games in 2011 while these current players were freshman. Billy Ray, Beau Yap, Moses Samia, Sean Shigematsu, Matagiese, Joey Iosefa, Dave Lefotu, and so on were all young on the 2011 squad. Coaches are supposed to develop players. For these guys to be graduating and have 0 wins to show, the coaches are doing something wrong.

    3. This team has talent. Talent has nothing to do with turnovers, constant penalties, mental mistakes week in and out. No doubt the kids work hard. But there is something wrong with the communication between coaches and between coaches to players... Because we see the same mistakes over and over.. That reflects the man in charge..

    I just don't buy into this wait till he brings in his recruits junk.

  82. primo123:


    yes he did.

    But he still believes its 11 versus 10 and all the QB is there for is to hand it off or pass it.

    I think he'll change and put Woolsey in wildcat formation.

  83. primo123:

    What I didnt like....was when Curran started to refer to Joey coming if Joey will make a difference in the run game.

    If the Oline dont block, aint nobody getting thru the plugged holes.

  84. jon:

    #81 Jeezy33 on your number 3 being the coaches fault does that mean the St Louis coaches are to blame for Kolton Wong getting picked off?

  85. WarriorNY:

    Hey guys,
    I saw this article a couple of days ago and thought you guys might like it. I hope he's on the roster against the Saints this weekend... The Jets could use the weapons on offense...

  86. jeezy33:

    84. That is comparing apples to oranges..... So obviously I don't... Just like I don't blame the UH coaches if Tyler Hadden misses a field goal....

    Kolten is playing for a World Series title. Hawaii is trying to win 1 D1 football game...

  87. primo123:


    Its the nature of the beast.

    Unfortuneately as it may seem.

    UH had a "gimmick" offense so many years. JJ to McMackin. Gimmick offense's rely on different personnel than Chow's type offense.

    Run n Shoot could get away with good pass blockers, but Chow's offense you need good run blockers too.

    Run n Shoot could get away with small quick receivers, because pass routes was sight adjusted depending on how the dbs defend you, but Chow's offense receivers that are big, tall, and fast are more suited to his style.

    You mentioned 7 out of 22 players on the team that played back in 2011. 33 if you include the special teams. How impactful were the other 26 that arent here anymore?

    This team has talent, I'll agree.

    Its the players that make the coach, not the coach will make the players.

    Sorry, you'll have to wait til he gets his recruits, because that's what Ben Jay will do before he decides whether or not Chow is his man or not.

  88. primo123:


    exactly........the players make the coach.....not the other way around.

  89. jon:

    just wondering in your mind when is a athlete held accountable then? Kolton was told right then and there to watch for the pick off because the pitcher has a good move and they needed two runs anyway. Can a player be responsible for penalties, mental mistakes, on his own accord in spite of good coaching in your mind?

  90. primo123:

    the coach's job is to put the player in best possible position to be successful.

    then its up to the player to perform.

    if the player doesnt perform up to expectations, then put in the next guy and see if the next guy can play better.

    problem with UH football, is that they don't have that "next guy" to step in to push the starter out of the way.

    or, as it was last year, the starter was JJ or Mac's guy who wasn't as suited to doing it Chow's way, but there was no "next guy" to step in.

    recruiting will develop this "next guy" up.

    if you dont believe this.....go ask Coach Beeman to explain "competition" to you.

  91. jon:

    sorry, 89 was reply to Jeezy33.

  92. Manoa Mist:

    Still think you have to give Chow another year chance but he is walking a thin line. When the tv reporter asked him about the boos, he said "Shows what the fans know about it." Coach, whatever you do, do not turn on the fans. They have seen nothing this year - any of us could have coached UH to an 0-7 record - and we are what 3-16 over the Chow regime so you have to expect the fans to be frustrated and restless.
    Bottom line, again, is that UH cannot run the ball and cannot stop the run. If you cannot do that, you will not win the game in football. It's not Schroeder's fault, he rarely has time to throw as UH protection is weak and there is practically no pass rush.
    For CSU, at the end, they rushed only three guys and still brought the pressure. St. Juste has to get more touches and might as well play all the young guys cause for the second year in a row the season is lost.

  93. jeezy33:

    87. You are right to a certain degree. You can still be a well coached, discipline football team without talent or proper personnel.

    I disagree with run and shoot being a "gimmick offense". That is my opinion and I see lot of NFL teams using variations of the run and shoot. Difference being NFL teams have different sets and formations. Gimmick in my opinion is the Wild Cat..

    Hawaii had 1000 yard rushers in the run and shoot. If you can block, you can block. That's why guys like Satele, Klemm, Forney, Hunter, Manuwai all made the pros and transitioned well to NFL offense. There is no such thing as a pass blocking linemen that can't run block. There are linemen who are better at pass blocking then run blocking but good linemen can do both. Our O linemen now aren't exactly pass blocking that well to begin with so maybe they just aren't good linemen period. "chows guys included"

    Chris Gant isn't big and tall and he seems to be getting open just fine. Its nice to have height but not needed. What Hawaii is missing is a 5-10 slot who can find holes over the middle and make plays with the ball in space..

    I mentioned 7. But I can mention more if you want. Graves was on that team and it was Chow who didn't want to use him. John Hardy Tuliau, Kody Afusia, Charles Clay, Scott Harding, Art Laurel, Frank Loyd, Dee Maggitt, TJ Taimatuia... Can name more but my point is we won with those guys and a coach should be able to develop these guys to be a whole lot better now.

    I know I probably will have to wait. But since were debating football, pretty sure its not talent that is holding this team back.. Heard it from a few guys in the program now that I wont name....

  94. primo123:


    the athlete is accountable as soon as he steps on the field of play.

    the coaches can coach him up, but if he doesnt perform, then its on him. But the good coaches will take the heat and try and deflect it off the player.

    kolten owned up to his mistake. which is what good players do.

  95. jeezy33:

    89.... A player should be held responsible but there comes a point where it happens every single week and if the coaches can't get the players to play discipline football and minimize mental errors, then it falls on the coaches. Hawaii has gotten penalized way too many times for substitution infraction, delay of games, neutral zone infractions, false starts.... You don't see teams like Alabama, LSU, Oregon having those issues 5 star talent or not.

    Now if Kolten continues to get picked off at 1st. The Cardinals will just send him back to the minors next season and work on his base running. I know he is a good base runner and just made a rookie mistake in a big moment.

  96. primo123:


    Run n Shoot is a gimmick offense in college football. NFL is a different story.

    Is the triple option, run by Paul Johnson, a gimmick offense?

    To me, a gimmick offense, is one that teams dont see every week. Its something they have to scheme differently for if they're playing a SMU, Texas Tech, Washington St.

    Even Mike Cavanaugh said, for the Run n Shoot, he just needs his linemen to be able to pass block and not necessarily run block.

  97. jeezy33:

    92. The goal this year was to see progress.... We have fallen far short of that... Scoreboard does not dictate progress in my opinion. The only progress I've seen is if we get down 3 scores, we show fight to get back into it and have a prayer of a chance to win a game at the end.... Other than that, Hawaii still makes the same mental errors it did a year ago which reflects coaching.

  98. jon:

    I think we have progressed everywhere except in wins. jmo

  99. madeinhawaii:

    I'm curious? Do you guys see a stronger, improved Oline for next season? Dline? At least two deep in our current roster? DEs, Receivers, and QB? The guys on the roster will be playing next season, of the guys who sign up on LOI day. 1 out of 12 will probably be on the scout team.

  100. primo123:


    substitution infraction, delay of games, are coaches fault

    neutral zone, false starts are players fault.

    exactly what i'm saying. if a player keeps making errors, missing blocks, missing tackles, replace him.

    BUT, you need to have your recruits to replace them WITH.

    That's why Chow need one, maybe two more years.

    Auwe! I hope it doesnt take that long..................BUT, I'll be at every home game supporting the TEAM!

  101. jeezy33:

    96. I guess it all matters what your definition of gimmick is.... I see gimmick as a way to trick or surprise your opponent. Run and Shoot and Triple Option are offenses that teams run... Not to trick or deceive. So based on that, I just don't see it as a gimmick. Its really opinion based topic though. You can ask 10 coaches. 5 might think its gimmick, 5 might say its just the offense they run.

  102. primo123:


    IF there's no improvement in one - two years max..........then Chow is gone!

  103. jeezy33:

    Sully Wiefels, David Griffin, RJ Hollis are Chow recruits... Wiefels couldn't handle and left. Griffin has been beaten out so far by Mack recruits. Hollis is working on getting stronger. Small sample size but Mack guys are still beating them out. Griffin is a guy who was expected to start immediately being a JC kid.

    Tevita Lataimua is a Chow recruit. Havent seen him on the field.. And Daley is playing awful so can't see a reason why he wouldn't get run at MLB.

  104. primo123:


    yes, agree

    gimmick not in a sense to "trick" the other team.....but more just as something "different" that they normally dont see week to week.

    Run n Shoot and Triple Option as having to change your basic defensive scheme to defend what those offense's are trying to exploit on your defense.

  105. primo123:


    exact to my point i can see we are close.

    Chow's going to get one maybe two more years to bring his guys......if he continues to "miss" and not recruit the "right" guys, then.............ALOOOOOOHA!

  106. cocobean:

    #93. You should know better than to say what you did in your last paragraph. Using unverifiable statements to backup your points are pure hearsay.

    Are you trying to give the impression that you're so close to the program that you have insider information as to what's being said among "those in the program."

  107. jon:

    I think we are probably 5-10 plays away from say 3 wins in spite of everything being said. If that were true and we had 3 wins right now would we be still blaming the coaches? just curious.

  108. jeezy33:

    Question I have is why hasn't Chow recruited the most important position you need period??? Quarterback!! Hard for me to buy in when the whole World knows you need a QB to run your system and you don't even recruit one in your 1st 2 recruiting classes. SS and TG are transfers. He didn't go out and recruit them. Zwahlen won't be seen till year 4 in Chow era so that doesn't count either... If Tuileta signs, then he gets a freshman on his 3rd year that he would be asked to see results in...

  109. primo123:

    UH didnt give Chow a 5 year deal to let him go after year 2.

  110. jeezy33:

    107. 3??? Realistically, we could have beaten UNLV and Colorado St. No excuse for playing awful and getting down 3 scores. But lets not act like we were supposed to or could have beaten Fresno after trailing 42-3. That had a lot more to do with Fresno playing sloppy then Hawaii having a chance to win.

  111. jeezy33:

    109. It really does start with the University itself as to why our athletic program is a mess....

  112. jon:

    ditto cocobean 106. don't think that kind of talk is needed to convey a point.

  113. primo123:


    sometimes its what we dont know that gives us ulcers.

    we dont know who he's recruiting. maybe the kid is a junior in high school right now.

    they can't mention names, so we not going to know.

    We got, Graham for next year, Woolsey after that, then maybe Tuileta.

    Remember, Chow prefers to have his QB's sit for two years, then play their junior and senior years. He mentioned this before and has done the same thing at USC.

    I hope he's not living in the past.......hope he can modernize and keep up with the times.

  114. jeezy33:

    106. It's not hearsay... Its called you guys don't like believing the truth...

  115. jeezy33:

    I may have harsh opinions, but one thing I don't do here is post false rumors.

  116. jon:

    ok Jeezy33, then two if you insist so I ask again, would we be having this same conversation if we had two wins right now?

  117. jeezy33:

    Probably not because in order to get 2 wins, we would need to have taken care of the football a whole lot better and minimize our penalties a lot... You are what you are though... Luck happens sometimes... But for the most part, when you play sloppy, you lose...

  118. jon:

    Jeezy33 lol then you post true rumors? that's funny stuff.

  119. primo123:


    thats why i say....if we played creampuffs we could be 5-2 and nobody would be out for the coach's head on a platter.

    but, schedules are made in we play with the cards that are dealt.

  120. jeezy33:

    San Jose St started off the year very rusty with a new coaching staff.. Looked like they were heading into the tank. But they pulled it together and made adjustments..... Been waiting for that to happen to this team for 2 seasons now...

  121. jeezy33:

    118. Its called I post facts....

  122. primo123:

    I'm sure there are some rumblings that can come from the inside.

    When you see the coaches yelling at each other and making big think the kids arent going to get affected?

    Maybe Chow better make some staff changes after this year is over.

    ie. Trapasso like.

  123. 1Pake:

    We're stuck with Chow whether we like him or not. UH cannot absorb another coaches buyout with the budget deficit Manoa is running. Unless the Punahou Mafia takes the hit!

  124. jon:

    Jeezy33, so a few mental mistakes on the players part could indeed spare the rod on the coaches?

  125. jeezy33:

    122. I almost guarantee changes will be made one way or another. Whether it's Coach Chow not wanting a coach back or a coach fed up with putting up with Coach Chow.... Yes Jon I am speculating so no need to go out and try proving me wrong..

  126. cocobean:

    #114. Look up the defintion of hearsay. How can you call something unverifiable as the truth?
    That's why I called you out.

  127. jeezy33:

    124. What don't you get about it being the coaches job to prepare the players to not make mental mistakes? Have you not played sports or coached a team before?

    Go watch a St Louis football game and tell me its the players fault... That team plays sloppy and wonders why they don't win titles anymore..

  128. jon:

    Jeezy33 is it a fact then that the unnamed players you refer to are the voice of the majority?

  129. jeezy33:

    126. Well someone who is in the program currently told me specifically the talent is there on this team and coaching is the reason we are messing up. It may be hear say to you but I am reporting a fact on what is being told to me. Will I say who it was? Hell no... If you guys want to think i am bullshitting then that's fine. Just having a football conversation with Primo here and not forcing my beliefs on anyone...

  130. jeezy33:

    128. It is not a player I am referring to and I can't say that person speaks for the majority. It was a brief conversation and didn't ask for details...

  131. jon:

    Jeezy33, not trying to prove you wrong but rather looking at the same glass from a different angle for perspective and discussion is all.

  132. jeezy33:

    131. Would u ask me the same questions if I were talking about the 0-whatever Jacksonville Jaguars? I think the personal attachment Hawaii fans have to this team make it hard seeing the obvious... We can care less about the Jaguars so it's a whole lot easier to see they suck and need a new QB, coach, and so on.....

    This team has talent... Regardless of what system the talent is for... Moses Samia, Siasau Matagiese, and Kennedy can play interior line in the Pac 12. Beau Yap can play in the Pac 12. JGW, Marrell Jackson, and John Hardy Tuliau all have talent. They deserve better is all I am saying.

  133. primo123:


    i'm glad to hear that your "source" thinks their team has talent.

    but, if that kid thinks its the coaching, then he should transfer to another school. Lots of kids transfer if they dont agree with the coaching staff.

    i dont think your bullshitting...but i also understand there's always two sides to a story.

  134. primo123:

    You mentioned all the defense guys.

  135. primo123:

    You mentioned all the defense guys.

  136. primo123:

    oops.......double'd that happen?

  137. primo123:

    STEPHEN TSAI............

    Can you tell coach Chow, the crowd was booing the coaches at the end of the first half of the Colorado St game........NOT the players!

  138. Moocher:

    maybe its just me...but the last 4 games we scored 37, 27, 37, and 28 points. Ummm, where in this says chow is outdated?

    Maybe it's just me but i see the defense giving up 42, 37, 39, and 35 points in the last 4 games.

    again, maybe it's just me, but it seems like unfortunately the offense is coming around at a time when the defense is in a tailspin. Therefore we blame the O for not scoring enough AND because the O is chow's baby. but for the most part are giving a pass to TK and his D? ahm, i agree with chow, what do fans really know?

    By the way let's also bash chow and SS for only being ranked #21 in the nation in passing yards.

  139. jon:

    #132 I guess if we were on a jaguars forum but we aren't? I won't bother you any more since you seem averse to my posting. thanks.

  140. primo123:


    Nice #21 in passing?

    What rank do they have in rushing?

    Defense going give up points....Alabama we are not.

    I think the focus is on Chow, because he's da offense guy. AND its his offense that looks inept at times. We demand more from them.

  141. primo123:


    dont let jeezy get to you.....he likes to throw peeps off by bringing in things that are totally in left the

  142. Jeezy33:

    Question to u..
    What is our 3rd down conversation rate?
    What is our percentage of Tds scored in redzone?
    Where do we rank in turn overs and penalties ?

    I don't know the answer but besides rushing the ball, those are the issues that stand out offensively .. It's not all about the points for me nevause lot of our scoring is done in the 4th after we spot teams a 3 score lead ... And lot of opposing scores are due to turnovers by the offense ... sS spotted Colorado st 7.

  143. Jeezy33:

    141. Jags are winless .. How is that left field ?? If u can argue positives for Hawaii , I'm sure you can for jags too ..

    And I went outside the box because Jon can relate with his kolten Wong example .. But u only call me out .. Which is fine.

  144. wasabi:

    93- been saying that for a long time...I know some too and it isn't good. People don't understand you can't name names or throw others under the you know anyone cocobean? Anyone who would dispute there is a problem?

  145. cocobean:

    #129. What you just stated is the very definition of hearsay. What someone told me.....
    I'm not questioning whether someone told you something or not. Just saying what you posted falls under the definiton of hearsay.

    Your opinions are no more harsh than others who share your view of what has happened so far. Last week I posted 0-6 is on the coaches not the players. I'll repeat myself and say 0-7 is on the coaches not the players.

    Where we differ is what should be done about 0-7. I'm part of the give him more time crowd you're in the can him now crowd. I think it's a healthy debate. It shows people are still passionate about UH football. I deliberately called it UH football rather than using the offical team name because it's another debate in itself.

  146. primo123:


    I follow the NFL and could care less about the jags.

    won't argue about them.

  147. primo123:

    oops.... i DONT follow the NFL and could care less about the jags.....

  148. gobows:

    isaac sopoaga to the pats

  149. cocobean:

    #144. See #145.

  150. primo123:

    0-7 is definitely on the coaches.

    they take all the heat for that.

    that's why they get paid.

  151. primo123:

    btw....JD, former UH footballer, bled green while he worked for UH, says, he didnt want Chow......

  152. primo123:


    the only thing in common UH has with the Jags is both are winless.

    its in left field because one is our home town college team and the other is a random nfl football team in florida.

    passion for one.

    not for the other.

  153. jeezy33:

    145. Good point. And I agree

  154. jeezy33:

    151. I wonder how much truth there is to the whole Punahou Mafia rumors pushing Chow and Gib to get the jobs.

    If JD didn't want to hire him, I wonder who did??? At 67 years old, it just didn't make sense for the short term(bringing in a whole new system) and for the long term(age).

  155. Jonj:

    138 moocher how many pts came off turnovers?? As like jeezy said what's our 3rd down conversion rate??

    4-18 vs USC
    1-11 vs Oregon st
    9-19 vs watered down Nevada
    4-17 vs Fresno
    6-19 vs watered down San Jose
    6-16 vs unlv
    2-17 v Colorado st.

    A whopping 32-117=27% for the season! You guys r right team moving in the right direction lets extend chow!

  156. Jonj:

    Primo what are u for?? Fire or give chow time??

  157. wasabi:

    145...that's ok...but not SOMEONE....Several someone's....both in and outside the program... to YOU it is ME it is 100% undeniable truth. You think players and coaches don't talk. The coaching community is small and word is out on Chow. Period.

  158. Jonj:

    Even tho we scoring 30pts a game 15-20pts can't keep coming in the 4th. That means the offense isn't doing its job to help the defense! I blame the offense for 1/4 of points scored a game becuz the defense is on the field 1/4 more of the time becuz the offense can't sustain a drive.

    And I like how chow tried to throw kaumyer under the buss in pregame talks saying kaumyer feels bad for our losses.

  159. primo123:

    I say give him time, for now.

    Let him recruit, if he cannot, then we fire his

  160. cocobean:

    #151. I'm on record somewhere on this blog before the final decision was made as saying ABC. Anybody but Chow. Said his old school approach wouldn't work here. Compared it to Colorado hiring an old school run first coach said it wouldn't work there either.

    I'm also on record after we went 3-9 as saying if Chow is around to see hhis first group of frosh graduate that we'd have a stable foundation to build on. I still cling to this belief. I'm not a Chow apologist his record speaks for itself, he owns it. But I do feel he'll learn from the mistakes he's made. That the lightbulb will eventually turn on for him. That he'll see the big picture that all HCs needs to see rather than getting caught up in the minute details he gets caught up in.

  161. primo123:


    sometimes i wonder who's idea was to hire the former uh wahine bb coach before beeman......that one was really screwy.....

  162. primo123:

    What did anyone expect from Chow???

    Never was a head coach

    Never ran a Div 1 program

    Coming to the Islands, which is a tough tough place to recruit to

    He applied for, but was never hired as a head coach.

    Why? We wonder why????

  163. primo123:

    Can we blame Frazier??

  164. primo123:


    So maybe Chow is running UH program like a Coordinator, too much details, rather than how a Head Coach should...........

    Let's name names............who was on that selection committee

  165. primo123:

    if there's 110 players on the much value do you put in the opinion of the 110th player? especially if he's a disgruntled player thinking he should be in the starting 33?

  166. cocobean:

    #157. Again the point is not whether people told you something or not. It doesn't matter if you name names or not. You could say coach A or player B told me this.... . It's still hearsay until coach A or player B comes out and say it themselves.
    Again. I'm not questioning whether you were told this or not. Not questioning your truthfulness. But your are posting hearsay.

  167. oneseason:

    #165 ... It looks like the roster says 104 players for 2013, down from 106 in 2012, and 119 in 2011. I wonder why the roster dipped so much.

  168. primo123:


    Like an assistant coach said on the radio one morning......they got rid of alot of "dead" weight in the program.......

  169. cocobean:

    #164. Good one. Maybe he is running the team with a Coordinator mentality. Maybe that's the lightbulb that has to turn on for him.

    People have brought up the Jags. I'd like to toss in the Chiefs conversation. Andy Reid is a big picture coach. Took over a 2-14 team and immediately turned them around. He saw a need at QB, filled it. Saw he had a good D and is riding it on this streak. He has the team believing in themselves. Don't how the Chiefs will finish but he has the team riding on a high that's similar to our '07 team.

  170. whitey:

    maybe got rid of the wrong "dead" weights

  171. whitey:

    i truly hope the warriors can put together some wins this season, but right now, it is like the daylight.

  172. whitey:

    and this sunday, we revert back to normal time for the 48.

  173. cocobean:

    #167. I'm going to beat around the bush before I get to my point. Chow is all for team building/bonding. Things like training at Joint Base to fun and games days during bye weeks.

    One thing I don't like that I feel cancels a lot of his efforts in this area is the number of players he suits up at home. Said he feels it's easier to manage the sidelines with less human clutter there. I wish he's give more players, all who he claims work hard everyday in practice, a chance to run out onto the Aloha turf.

    I think it'll be a boost to overall team morale to be give more players a chance to suit up. He should increase the number per game and rotate the non suiter uppers so each has a chance to eat at KCC and stay at the Sheridan. Chow should rewatch Rudy. It might give him a sense of how important it is to a "scrub" and his family to be able to run out with his team.

  174. wasabi:

    166- not gonna argue semantics with believe what you like. But when you see the disjointed team and wonder why.....
    .:-) Just wondering if you have seen interactions between Chow and players on the sidelines...really pay attention. ..

  175. oneseason:

    Some people might think the Rainbow Warrior offensive play calling at the end of the first half against Colorado State was fine and others might say otherwise.

    In general, I think whatever a head coach says about controversial issues should be used to gauge his/her understanding of the issue, plans for the future, chances of success, and other characteristics.

    When asked about the crowd getting "rowdy" at the end of the first half, Coach Chow said:

    "I have no idea. I heard the boos, can't help but hear the boos, but that's how much they know about what's going on."

    3:04-3:11 of

  176. wasabi:

    175- BINGO! The last thing Chow should be doing right now is questioning the intelligence of the fans...This speaks volumes of his attitude and character.

  177. cocobean:

    wasabi. It's not about sematics or what I believe. You're saying you have inside information as to whats going on with the the team and the problems it has. But you're not saying anything specific. Just what information do you have. Why don't you come and say something like I was told Chow has lost the team rather than imply all is not well in Chowsville without giving specifics. It's obvious you can't name names.

    Just what were you told?

  178. oneseason:

    #168 (& #173). Thank you for the information. It seems that Coach Chow is consistent then with his austerity regarding both players and assistant coaches. Tis the season ... consistency, hobgoblins, and Halloween all go together :)

  179. gobows:

    punahou mafia has been around a long time.

  180. gobows:

    coaches should teach, prepare, and make winning decisions.

  181. gobows:

    kale probably do a better job coaching the bows

  182. question for answers please:

    my grandpa is 69 and poops his pants some times too. can we give grandpa Norm a break please.

  183. cocobean:

    gobows. The members of the Punahou mafia have long claimed no such organization exists. They've said since no such entity exists they had no role in getting Normie and Gibby their jobs.

    They also deny having anything to do with Punahou getting more Poly athletes to attend on financial aid. They say the Punahou mafia is an urban myth created by familia Iolani.

  184. Former UH Athlete:

    Chows saving grace could be UH's financial issues. Bobby Hauck for sure gets fired after last year if UNLV had any money. Everybody knew Hauck was recruiting better than his predecessor, but they team had a hard time getting over the "hump" for wins. This year, they got a few wins and now the confidence level has really improved. That's the only difference from last year's 2 win team (they were competitive) and this year's 5-3 team. UNLV now believes in themselves, and now the mental mistakes have gone away. No real changes in talent, no major changes in coaching (Hauck's brother is now DC).

    I see the same thing with UH this year as UNLV last year. They are competitive, but mistake prone and when things go south, the entire team sinks for a quarter or half, then they snap out of it.

    It's appears to be a confidence issue. No easy way to fix it, they just have to go out and do it.

  185. Warrior Dave:

    #179 Gobows,

    Don Weir replied to my prior post when I said major boosters could possible buy out Chows contract. He replied there are no major boosters and said his organization (Alumni Assn) was the only major booster. I brought up the Punahou Mafia and don't remember seeing a same day response from him.

  186. Warrior Dave:

    #183 Cocobean,

    I heard the PM was instrumental in the decision to hire Gib and was paying a portion of his salary. May Brian McIness can cross over from his blog to verify.

  187. Warrior Dave:

    PS 183 Cocobean,

    You spoke to members of the PM who denied their existence??? Haha good one!

  188. 3-Prong:

    What? Sapoanga to Pats?

  189. kapakahi:

    #167 & #168,

    Coach got what he losing some perceived "dead weight"......but also lost some productive weight that he expected/wanted to keep (i.e., Muir, Lister, Davis).

    Sometimes just can't trim off all the fat......without losing some prime cut too!

  190. kapakahi:


    Heard from Lower Campus contacts was mostly JD's call......primarily 'cuz he thought that he was hiring the WBB Coach.......who was being heavily endorsed and supported by whom JD thought would become the next Governor.......and not just a former Mayor.

  191. kapakahi:

    #189, coincidence that the most of the weight loss happened on the offensive side of the ball.

  192. LizKauai (mbp):

    Anyone have a better idea?
    If not, how about supporting the boys and their coaches through the rest of this season.
    God Bless!

  193. turfwar: ST Mana is a Kailua boy whose story is very inspirational and one that is so fitting to so many local boys. Found this today and thought it should be shared. Great article.

  194. 3-Prong:

    Got to watch Mana play against Washington State. Keyed in on him after he was announced as a starter from Hawaii on the big scoreboard. Was amazed that he played so well against much bigger DLinemen.

  195. jeezy33:

    184.. u keep repeating how Chow is recruiting better...Yes he is bringing in some solid recruits. But who have we gotten that makes you believe were on the verge of turning things around?

    No QB recruiting occuring..

    Maybe 2 solid O linemen in Tupai and Waa. Takes 5 minimum plus depth to have a quality O line.

    What D line recruits? We have Kennedy, Dejon and Castro... Rasmussen is walking on. Not recruited. Where the pass rush? Depth? I think the D line overall is more talented from previous coaching staff than current.

    RBs... DSJ has upside. But the local RBs aren't close to the quality of the RBs of MWC schools.

    TEs- We need TEs for this system to work. None of the recruited TEs are capable of causing any match up problems.

    You can't base everything on what or tells you. Those guys have no regional scouts in Hawaii who even know what is going on out here.

  196. Bumby:

    UH is UH and will always be UH. We as fans are fooling ourselves to think we are a top of the totem pole type of team. We will not be one to win championships 7 times in 10 years. Luckily we will win 1 or 2. We had the chance to leap frog and continue the success from the 2007 season but all in the power decision blew it.

  197. SteveM:

    ...almost 200 comments and this classic song keeps playing in my head.... :roll:

    Windmills of your Mind

  198. Papololoco:

    Let's look at Chow's record up to this point;
    Last year's record= 3-9
    This year's record= 0-7 and counting
    Overall record= 3-16
    Conference record= 1-12
    Anyone who is still making excuses for Chow at this point is completely delusional. For the longest time I thought it was Chow's system that didn't fit this program. But now I realize that Chow is just a terrible coach. Now I understand why he was an OC for all those years. Other CFB programs saw in him what we either refused or were too blind to see, that Chow is not or has ever been HC material. And I pray that the UH Admin. just swallow their pride and admit that this was a terrible hire, just fire him and let's move on.

  199. Wes'side Warrior:

    Healing prayers for you, Bulla!

  200. woo hoo:

    woo hoo