Stubblefield commits

November 12th, 2013

Saint Louis School's Devan Stubblefield told the Warrior Beat he has accepted an offer to play football and baseball for the Rainbow Warriors.

"I've been thinking about this for a while," said Stubblefield, a receiver and outfielder who received the dual offer this summer. "I figured it was time to make a decision. Why not play for the home team?"

Football, which is the larger-revenue sport, will sponsor the scholarship, although Stubblefield has been promised an equal shot at playing baseball.

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Think your job is tough?

Every football practice, a Kapaa High graduate had to go against Niko Noga, perhaps the fiercest and most athletic defensive  player in UH football history. Those one-on-one meetings helped the Kauai youngster prepare for games and, eventually, led to a selection in the NFL draft.

Later, he returned to the Garden Island, landing an entry-level job with the island's Department of Public Works Recreation. He worked hard through the years, earning a series of promotions.

In 2008, the Kauai Mayor died, and the former football player won a special election to serve the remaining two years of the term. In 2010, he overwhelmingly won the general election for a four-year term as Kauai's Mayor.

Mayor Bernard Carvalho, a  UH and Kapaa High graduate, will be the Rainbow Warriors' honorary captain for Saturday's retro-night game against San Diego State.

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Quarterback Sean Schroeder and running back Joey Iosefa have been named team captains for Saturday's game.

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  1. midnight:

    Aloha all!

  2. midnight:

    Hello from the lurker from Texas.

  3. midnight:

    Hey wafan, we are going to have a freeze tomorrow. How about you in the Northwest?

  4. Whats up:

    top 5

  5. 702WarriorFan:

    Morning midnight
    Aloha from lurker from LV
    Go Warriors!

  6. Moocher:

    top 10 not bottom 10
    right on SS and JI

  7. midnight:

    Thanks, Julie for all your positive thoughts about our Warriors!

  8. whitey:

    good morning tsaiko and a top of the morning to the texas midnight

  9. Moocher:

    lurking from Singapore/Manila

  10. whitey:

    morning 702. long time no see

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    RIP Calvin

  12. whitey:

    moocher, you up and still galavanting, anyway good morning

  13. 702WarriorFan:

    Hey whitey, yep, been long time...... how was your fishing his year?

  14. Moocher:

    hehe yes i'm awake. will galavant this weekend :)
    good morning to you as well

  15. wafan:


  16. Moocher:

    Joey was a beast last weekend. wondering though, were the holes just bigger, is joey that much better, combination of both...i mean weren't those the same plays we been running before?

  17. midnight:

    Aloha 702WarriorFan,

    This year's journey to Las Vegas for the home and home series with UNLV was not as enjoyable as those in the past. Mei Ling was the only Tsaiko with whom Barbara and I did socialize.

    The California Hotel did have a package of football tickets, tailgate party, and transportation, but you had to take the package in its entirety. You could not get just the tailgate party and transportation.

    A small group of Tsaikos made the trip, and though I sent some email to others attending the game, there was no response. But we went to the game with with another Federal retiree and his wife, who now live in Las Vegas. We enjoyed the game and yelled our heads off. Though the Warriors lost in the last five seconds, we were satisfied with their efforts.

    We really missed our Tsaiko tailgate friends from Hawaii!

    Back to lurking.

  18. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


  19. d1shima:

    Hoping that Hizzoner brings the team to a retro win.

  20. d1shima:

    Howzit midnight, whitey, 702WF, moocher, wafan!

    Good sign to see so many "old-time Tsaikos" this morning.

  21. 702WarriorFan:

    midnight, yep, game outcome was disappointing to say the least.
    Did not plan on going to the game as had other family plans that didn't work out - bummer.
    Thought I'd hear from Mei Ling, had emailed her my home no. Understand from reading blog she's now back in Flagstaff, hmmmmmm. You can get my nos. from her as well as my email- let me know when you plan next trip to LV.
    Seems like blog old timers are now lurkers.

    wafan, might be in your neighborhood next month.

  22. 702WarriorFan:

    d1, with loss of an old timer tsaio blogger, us lurker come out and say our condolences and appreciate the once fun time we all had on this blog on 5f's. take care.....back to lurking.

  23. boolakanaka:

    23--Aloha kākou! And shout out and congrats to Bernard. Now, I know its biased, and this is from my day, but his era represents the very best in O lineman, in UH history. Here is my argument, Jesse Sapolu, Jim Mills, Bernard, and Mark Tuinei (although he played the other side of the line in college). All of them had a career or a cup of coffee in the NFL, moreover they represent over 400 NFL games, 7 super bowl winner's rings, and a handful of Pro Bowls. Not bad for a single era....any challenges to my posit?

  24. papajoe2:

    Good morning everybody!

  25. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos! Howzit to the long-absent veteran Tsaikos.

    RIP CfK. Gone way too early.


  26. Derek:

    Any more recruits. Seems like we're in quick sand. One commit changed to soft verbal. Probably means he's gone.

  27. papajoe2:

    I watched the men's BB last night. From their 1st 3 games, they did better than I thought they would. In the first 3 games, they played smaller sized teams. Today, they played against a huge front line. While in the WAC, the coaches had to adjust to the size of the WAC's front line players. In the Big West, it is more of a guard oriented league and UH had to adjust to the speed play of the guards. I think UH will be alright this year in the BW. We still don't have the size up front to compete with other major colleges that does have size and speed up front, but I like this team's grit. They will be competitive no matter who they play, although, they need to stop complaining to the refs and talking trash to the other team.

  28. tommui:


    Glad Coach is bringing in honorary captains such as Mayor Carvalho, Al Noga et al - time to bring in Niko Noga, Dr. Robinson.

    Has Colt begun to play for the Kiss yet?

  29. Buffoman:

    #26 If they choose to not come, that's their choice. We'd like them to come and be a part of the team but it is understandable if they leave. I believe that more than the Win - loss record (in this case loss record) it is the fan support that many seek. There appears to be a real lack of support, a very small loyal fan base and an even louder occasional fan base that is very negative.

    Such is what it is. Good luck to all potential recruits. Those who choose to honor the commitment and come and those who choose to seek other venues.

  30. NotNasti:

    Boola, don't forget Ron Hall. Although a tight end, technically part of the o-line, especially during the Tomey era.

  31. boolakanaka:

    30--(Nasti) Ahh, counselor, again, I stand corrected by your wisdom and moreover, your keen recollection of history. I played with Ron, very underrated athlete....RIP Ron. With his starts, the figure I presented is closer to 500 NFL games played.

  32. Jesse:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day....

    RIP CFK :-(

  33. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Captains Carvalho, Schroeder and Iosefa... perfect!

    Boola -

    To that list of great lineman please add our very own kifi!


  34. boolakanaka:

    33--DPK...e kala mai-Kifi, you are officially added to the list.

  35. (Jesse)James:

    Rest in Peace Calvin from Kona. I had the pleasure of meeting you several times. You were a true fan!!!

    Oh, and Good Morning Tsaikos!!!

  36. (Jesse)James:

    Yo Yo DPK, how's da menehune on Puowaina??? :-)

  37. NYUHTX:

    Funny how I still organize my Saturday around the game. Even if they are winless.

  38. UHfan808:

    Good morning, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers! :)

    Hey, bunch of veteran Tsaikos appeared on WB this morning! Hehe

    "Shaka!", midnight (and Barbara)! :mrgreen:

  39. Slugger:

    Good morning to youse guys! Afternoon out here.

    Sorry I didn't call! I didn't have it on my iPhone; will look for your email. Found a pic of Las Vegas in my pictures; sure miss him.

    The Softball team will be in LV in February for a tournament: Feb. 13-16. Maybe I'll see you then.

    It was great seeing the Wahine BB team here. Can't wait till the Men come in December. Couldn't stay up till 3 am to watch the MBB team play on ESPN2.

    Great co-Captains for the game. Is it Saturday yet?


  40. UHfan808:

    Congratulations to Carvalho, SS, and JI for being the next game's captains!

    Hey, my mommy was a Kapaa High attendee and Kauai resident. Health care availability brought her to Oahu with graduation from McKinley High but she was always fond of Kapaa High and missed Kauai. I'm sure she continues to be very proud of Mayor Carvalho :)

  41. Whats up:

    I think Joey's comfort level and experience at the college level RB was on display. His vision to see the holes is much better than the other younger RB's and he runs so much harder every down. In time, with more experience and growth at the college level Diocemy, Lakalaka and Wily will perform the same as Joey.

  42. LizKauai:

    YEA and YEA and YEA!!!!
    :mrgreen: LOVE the TEAM CAPTAINS! ALL OF THEM! THIS WILL BE THE W-DAY!!! :mrgreen:

  43. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    (Jesse) James -

    Da menehune still lurking. Working on a deadline for another documentary at the moment. Are you back to normal working hours yet?

  44. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #41 - Rajah dat!

  45. LizKauai:

    Hi midnight!!!
    I hear you. Miss las vegas so much. We were blessed to have those wonderful memories of Tsai-koness!!!

  46. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    retro day... :)

  47. War-E-Or:

    Retro uniforms oh boy, thats the highlight of this year... Unless Joey runs 150yds plus again. Go bows!

  48. boolakanaka:

    Oh, wanted to give a props and shout out to my boy Doug Semones, who after leaving boola U as an assistant coach took the HC job at Occidental College in Los Angeles. While certainly not a powerhouse, he has already doubled the win output to 4 wins, and goes for number 5 this weekend against the mighty ( well not so mighty, but very enthusiastic) Panthers of LaVerne.

    His OC and QB coach is none other than the former wunderkid from Kalaepohaku, Darnell Arceneaux...way to go Doug!!

  49. 702WarriorFan:

    #39 Slugger,
    No problem, call when you're here again....and yes also miss da man too!

  50. primo123:

    Win Lose or Draw..........its the FANS job to be there for the team!

    if not....we might just fire the fans and go hire new ones from the

  51. Warrior Dave:

    Saw the retro uniforms on the website. You got to be kidding me???? Not even close to what they used. Major fail to whomever signed off of that design. Don't think it will bring in major dollars. I know I won't be rushing out to buy it.

    Go Warriors beat SDSU!!!

  52. Darren:

    Rest in peace, Calvin from Kona. Just too early...too young...

  53. gobows:

    here's a peek at the retro uni's for the sdsu game:

  54. Bowwar:

    It's amazing how "pleasant" the atmosphere on this Board has been the last few days...There are alot of things to be "negative" about, but at least there is civility versus the ongoing animosity amongst posters and the overbearing posting of a select few. Whatever happens with the Coaches' future will happen and I assume it will be strictly a "business decision" when it all gets down to it. Meanwhile, it's good to see that everyone tries to support the Warriors and the effort made by the players.

    Too bad I missed the BB game last night, but I just couldn't stay up long enough and yet, come to work in decent/coherent state. It's one loss, but I think the team will continue to grow from the experience...I'm interested to see how the team does against a very good Missouri team in Columbia, MO. Go Warriors!!

  55. Inyoface:

    Iosefa definitely showed his experience compared to the younger RB's. Instead of putting his head down and closing his eyes, he improvised what was there and even has light and quick enough feet to jump over opponents. Popping defenders in the chest always helps too.

  56. LizKauai:

    Bowwar- The humble, enthusiastic, embracing support of this blog - win or lose - is what makes The Warrior Beat more than a blog. :mrgreen:

  57. wafan:

    Good afternoon.

    And it is definitely a good and pleasant one!

  58. Jack Flash:

    The Rainbow Warriors will win this weekend. Iosefa will have another big game, and our defense will hold 'em. GO WARRIORS!

  59. pu'uwai:

    The blog is positive and enjoyably to read. Hope it continues.

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  60. wafan:

    #3 . . .

    No, thankfully no hard freezes anytime soon. *knock on wood*

    At great risk of jinxing things . . . the weather is pleasant albeit cloudy. Supposed to be a really cold and wet winter.

    Ugh. No snow days, please!!!

  61. markazulu:

    man what a game i got to watch the first half of the navy game and i can say i think that was the best our offense looked overall. I know its bad but im glad to see everyone is more positive and i dont see any "intentionally hurt other people" type of comments positive things will happen.

  62. markazulu:

    the retro uniforms look sick i wanna get one of those.

  63. Ran:

    Will the retro uniforms go on sale like last year's Wounded Warrior uniforms??

  64. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, Gang!

    Got a message recently from my son that the last two home games tickets will be half off...

    Can order online and choose your seats, with no online fee.

    I can actually take some of my gang to the game! Wow!

  65. Wes'side Warrior:

    Anyways, had some interesting conversation over coffee this morning... (and left with a headache)...

    Slowly coming to the realization that UH makes doing (smart) business with them a very difficult task. Still haven't gotten response to letters sent out. And not holding my breath now either. The lack of (creativity in) marketing/advertising blows the mind!

    But I digress...

    Let's go, Warriorz! Feeling good about the game this weekend!

  66. NorthShoreFan:

    Cheehooo!..some good news today

    Seems administration heard some peeps or just got real desperate...lowered game tix prices by 50%!...hope the stands are really full now. Fans need to show support for the move by filling the Old Rust Bucket!

    Liko Carvalho sounded real good during the interview this evening...Welcome Back!

    Devan Stubblefield verbal commit to the Warriors!

    Sean Shroeder...87% completion!?!?!?...

    Joey Iosefa....190+ yards rushing?!?!?!!!..


  67. wafan:


  68. NorthShoreFan:

    UH season-ticket holders in all UH sports will receive 50% off select adult endzone tickets (maximum of eight) to select 2013 UH football games (see list below). A valid identification card is required when purchasing tickets at the Stan Sheriff Center or the Aloha Stadium Box Office. Tickets are in special sections and supplies are limited. Other restrictions may apply.

    UH Football
    Oct. 5 San Jose State
    Nov. 30 Army

    Above from the website...ya think they could get together and post information together?!?!@#@??

  69. kapakahi:


    What's this about Stubblefield? What about his buddy Sanchez?

  70. NorthShoreFan:

    Not sure about his buddy but the Big Kahuna on KITV mentioned it on todays sports news.
    I feel it's a huge get for the Warriors!

  71. NorthShoreFan:

    Mentioned he'd play baseball too.

  72. kapakahi:

    WR Stubblefield is a good get. Might even get his same HS number #9 (from Gant).

    His buddy Jaisen Sanchez mostly looking at Buffs......but still been coming to all the UH home UH coaches not giving up on him......especially since losing Clay and JHT after this season. Although played CB for Crusaders, JMHO that projects to play at S at the next level.

  73. NorthShoreFan:

    Got to try and keep the local boyz home to represent. We got the talented D1 kids. Evidence the number of them in the NFL. Imagine if we had most of them on the team?!!??

  74. kapakahi:

    Hearing that DL.....but especially DE (with Woodard, Cofer, Tepa gone after this season).....among the top defensive recruiting priorities.

    While Gifford already a verbal, still quite a few available local HS DL prospects (Mata'afa, Williams, Heimuli, Mafileo, Fernandez) not yet committed elsewhere.

  75. kapakahi:

    JMHO that Mata'afa should be a top local recruiting target.

  76. kapakahi:


    Any news on Lamone?

    Meanwhile, hopefully '15 Red Raider prospects RB/S Soli Afalava, RB/DL Sala Wily, and TE Tuli Wily-Matagi already on the UH recruiting radar.

  77. NorthShoreFan:

    Haven't heard anything yet. Chow has been making good effort to keep our boyz home. The lure of the continent is a hard thing to overcome but, no offer, no get. I want the Warriors to be first on the list since it is their back yard and with all the coaches they could talk to all the "eyes" they could utilize there is no reason we should not be the first to offer our best kids. I don't want to hear that so and so college offered first.
    Chow has a lot of trust with the kids he goes after and get. He keeps his word.

  78. kapakahi:

    Can't hurt to have Richard Torres as the GA for another that Inoke is all pau.

  79. Bugaz:

    Sanchez gets the love from Colorado coaches...he likes Naeole though. Maybe he follows fellow Crusader and plays for the home team.

  80. Bugaz:

    These guys will be in the senior bowl at Mililani right? Couple weekends from now

  81. kapakahi:

    Sanchez supposed to trippin' to Boulder in January......when it'll be frickin' freezin'. Hopefully that'll be enough to convince him to stay home.....where it's always short sleeve t-shirt weather.

  82. Bugaz:

    That and missing mom!

  83. NorthShoreFan:

    So...who is on Chow's wish list?...

  84. boya_jr:

    Thanks Devan Stubblefield for committing to be a Warrior!

  85. Bugaz:

    Punahou-2, Kamehameha-2, St.Louis-1, Farrington-1, Kapolei-1. I'd say the coaching staff are doing fairly well with recruiting the back yard.

  86. NorthShoreFan:

    IMUA WARRIORS!...nytal....

  87. kapakahi:

    Counting Rasmussen (in addition to Gifford......from Kamehameha-Kapalama)?

  88. Bugaz:

    Yes sir. Am I wrong?

  89. Bugaz:

    Oh yeah, he is a walk on and not necessarily recruited.

  90. Bugaz:

    It sucks when these boys go away and burn eligibility time.

  91. kev-1:

    As frustrating as the last two seasons have been, you have to like the recruiting. With the talent that we have been able to keep home and bring in, you have to think things will turn around in the future.

    Nice to hear about Stubb.

  92. kev-1:

    And, I've been a critic, but well deserved captaincy for SS this week.

  93. Maile Tsai–Russ:

    And maybe SS will adapt to local-style and turn that thumbs-up into one shaka!

  94. markazulu:

    Chow and staff had done a phenomenal job in recruiting and off field stuff but the number 1 thing that seems to be the problem is we have all this talent but its very RAW talent. If the coaches cant coach um up we will always be "young"

  95. wasabi:

    Will be interesting to see how many stick with the team when the season is over. They have to be frustrated with the ineptness of the HC by now.