Stubblefield's story

November 13th, 2013

The blog host's story on Saint Louis School's Devan Stubblefield committing to UH to play football and baseball did not make today's paper edition because of space limitations. But there are no limits on the Internet, so here are a few excerpts from the story that should appear tomorrow. Maybe.

Vitals: 6 feet 1, 185 pounds.

Stats: 45 catches, 18.2 yards per catch, 117.3 receiving yards per game, 12 touchdowns.

Saint Louis coach Matt Wright said Stubblefield is "the best receiver in the state right now."

Wright comparing Stubblefield and Texas A&M's Jeremy Tabuyo, a former Crusader: "Maybe he's not as fast vertically (as Tabuyo), but he's a great route-runner. He's strong and has great hands. You can put him at slotback or wideout. He has a great work ethic and he's an overall great leader. UH is getting a gem on this one."

Saint Louis baseball coach George Gusman said Stubblefield's "ceiling is high because he plays (baseball) basically a little in the summer and in the spring. From just that little bit, he's pretty darn good."

Gusman said Stubblefield's defense has improved as an outfielder: "That's not a weakness anymore. And he can hit. He goes to all fields. He obviously can run. He's got power. He's very interesting."

Wright: "There's no off-the-field or character issues. As far as locker-room presence, he's a dynamic leader. There's not one facet I could say there's a blemish on, except maybe sometimes he's too nice."

* * * * *

Unfortunately, it appears that defensive tackle Moses Samia will miss at least two games because of a high-ankle sprain suffered against Navy. The math is not in his favor: UH has three games remaining.

Samia was injured on what appeared to be a chop block. An official, who watched video of the play, believed a flag should have been thrown. Navy officials apologized and wished Samia a speedy a recovery.

* * * * *

Girl Scouts of Hawaii is honoring Dr. Elizabeth "Lisa" Ignacio, UH's orthopedic surgeon, at tonight's Woman of Distinction Dinner.

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  1. Ballpicker:

    God morning.ichiban!

  2. Ballpicker:

    Nice pick up for the Warriors. And let me repeat, Good morning everyone.

  3. Buffoman:

    It is especially nice when a local boy (they are all of tremendous quality) chooses to play at home. As much as I would like to see him on the football field, I am very curious to see him on the baseball field.

    On another note, I know that the team is improving. It is late in the season, we are 0-9, basketball is starting up, but I still get real excited about Saturdays' games. The team does make frustrating mistakes but the improved playing and undeniable spirit of the team tells me that the tide is turning.

  4. Stephen Tsai:

    It's football season. Every Saturday is fun in the fall.

  5. Boya_jr:

    Thanks Saint Louis for bringing us my fav player from the 2007 campaign Jason "give me the rock" Rivers. Now, we have Devan who I'm hoping will help us in key moments when adversity is high. I think him committing to the home team is a great start. Looking forward to cheering on. Also mahalo to some ex-Iolani guys on this particular high school coaching staff. Great guys.

  6. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!


  7. d1shima:

    Nice get by the Warriors and BaseBows.

    Have heard nothing but good things about Stubblefield.

    It might get interesting, though, when the MLB draft starts up...

  8. d1shima:

    Oh good. Navy apologized. Everyone feel better now?

    Congratulations Dr. Ignacio!

  9. whitey:

    good morning tsaiko. morning d1, have a great day

  10. whitey:

    aloha and mahalo to devan stubblefield for joining the warriors.

  11. Wes'side Warrior:

    Morning, Gang!

    They are already athletic. As long as they can be trained up and coached up to play and excel at the next level...

    Healing energy to all who need it. We need a solid end of year run. Been waiting too long for everything to come together this season. Time to just do it.

    Think I may take half of my gang to this game, and the other half to the last one. We'll see who gets into trouble, who takes care of school work, etc...

    Have a great day, everyone!

  12. jeezy33:

    Nick Nelson to Hawaii.... Looks like we scooped him up on NAvy trip

  13. UHfan808:

    Pleasant good morning, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers! :)

  14. Nani:

    Devon will be a great addition to UH. He is one of the most respectful young men I know and an awesome athlete. I'm so excited to be able to see him in action at the next level.

    And I WILL be at the UH game on Saturday too! GO BOWS!!!

  15. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Welcome to the ohana, Mr. Stubblefield.

    WW - will be great to see you at the t-gate.

    Since it's Wednesday, I need to make my grocery list. So, Tsaiko-gaters, bp or tcc for Saturday? Or something else, like coffee cake? Hubby started his diet yesterday, so there won't be a piece missing...

  16. jm2375:

    Oh yeah...

  17. papajoe2:

    #12 jeezy33~ db?

  18. tommui:


    Welcome Mr. Stubblefield!

    And congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Ignacio!

  19. jeezy33:

    17. Looks like he plays both ways but I'm assuming DB initially with the help we need. Saw his coach say he's a better WR though. Also said he is very physical and compares him to Taivon Jacobs who signed with Maryland.

    Still contributing

    Suitland wide receiver/defensive back Nick Nelson has become just a defensive back.

    Nelson slightly fractured his left hand two weeks ago, and he's wearing a cast that would make catching passes impractical. Shields hopes Nelson can remove the cast in a couple weeks, but until then, Nelson is focusing on defense.

    “His cover ability is just phenomenal,” Shields said. “I'd like to say he's a better receiver, but that's really hard.”

    Shields even compares Nelson, who holds a scholarship offer from Temple, to Taivon Jacobs, a 2013 Suitland graduate who now plays for Maryland.

    “What helps him is he's big. He's physical. He's kind of different than Taivon, who was muscles but was really dzjoom, dzjoom, dzjoom, dzjoom,” Shields said zigging and zagging his hand through the air. “Nick has a little bit of zoom, but he's bigger. He's given us kind of that Taivon factor on both sides of the ball.”

  20. RedZone:

    So UH going with 50% off on tickets for the last 2 home games. Is this good? Will it tick off season ticket holders? What if people still choose not to go? Less revenue? Did UH hire the guy from Pretty Woman?

  21. (Jesse)James:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!

    Healing thoughts for everyone.

    Welcome Mr. Stubblefield.

    Go Warriors!!!

    One Team. One Game. One Goal.

  22. kapakahi:

    Hopefully Stubblefield can now convince his buddy Sanchez to stay home too......instead of head up to Boulder.

  23. boolakanaka:

    Aloha kākou! Its getting chilly out here in the east--dipped into the high 20s last night. So, in order to warm things up, I am putting out a Tsaikos, "who was the shiftest bugga in Warrior History" contest? Now, as a general preface, the player does not have to be a RB, WR...etc--it could be any player and/or position. I will do the honors of going first:

    1. Gary Allen
    2. Chad Owens
    3. Jeff Snyder
    4. Ralph Cherry
    5. Marco Johnson

    Let the fighting begin....

  24. RainbowCliff:

    Good Morning Tsaiko Nation, Hot day here in Los Angeles as it is suppose to hit 90 degrees this afternoon as I feel it warming up just coming in from my outside front lawn. Big DAY tomorrow as I recruit 8:30 am from Animo Charter High School next to South West College, Los Angeles.

    185 students are signed up to hear my presentation on UH that I have been moved from a classroom to an auditorium as I am at CAPACITY with a waiting list that will only have space available for standing room only as they will only enter upon the signed students who will be seated first as it filled up so FAST that the College Counselor Christiane Bell advised me this morning that she will have 8 adult staff as ushers to make sure that order is met as the ENTHUSIASM that Hawaii is coming for the FIRST time to their school is off the chart !

    I am so HONOR to this opportunity I will be wearing my Hilo Hattie Aloha print H shirt with my brown pants and UH green visor that punchbowl kid gave me. I am so READY that Animo is a new school to the area and has lots of young intellectual minds of African Americans, Asians and Hispanic students who are required to wear a dress code of pants, ties and shirts for their male students and dress uniforms for their female students. The school motto is "Preparing students for college, leadership and life" as when I walked through the corridors all you see is College pennants all around the walls and teachers lecturing on many subjects as the teaching is just IMPRESSIVE !

    I have received a banner in yesterday mail from one of our anonymous bloggers who I THANK so very much to add with my vertical banner from UH admission office as it will add GREAT visibility to my presentation as the auditorium will have me sound effect as I speak to the young eager minds being the ONLY College representative to achieve this status.

    IF I may ask another FAVOR from you GREAT folks of Tsaiko Nation, I have a 7 minute dvd disk from admission office that talks on the University and Hawaii but when I tried playing it the picture is no longer clear with color bars, lines and terrible chop words coming from the many speakers who talk about UH and Hawaii in general. I am ASKING if any one can send me a link that talks about the University and life in Hawaii I can get it dubb on dvd then present it tomorrow on the BIG screen in there auditorium. Trying at this LATE stage for a dvd disk to get here is IMPOSSIBLE but you folks are GREAT in downloading links as office of admissions can't help me as they are in the process of redoing their whole admission program as time to wait for it I do not have as Animo Charter is tomorrow. Even IF you may have Hawaii only that will be fine as I just need VISUAL so they can see ALOHA as I can wing the rest on the University. IF any one of you out there can aid this cause PLEASE e-mail me and include the link IF it can be done ?

    Also, a donated pennant that I will hang up personally so that UH will be right there with the UC, Cal State, Stanford and Ivy League schools as Miss Bell INSISTED that UH become part of their College wall. Appreciate any support to this IMPORTANT cause as I have already signed up 477 students combined from College Fairs at Santa Monica JC and South Bay College Fair last month plus the addition of 185 ALREADY being present from Animo that will make the grand total 662 students from Los Angeles that have signed interest cards to attend UH as that good folks is just plain AWESOME as my office is packed with 2 boxes of filled cards ready to head back to UH office of admissions.

    Finally, Mahalo to all of you for your support to keep EMPOWERING the University of Hawaii, I have received so many kind words for my efforts and tomorrow will be the BIG send off as I am in an auditorium filled to CAPACITY of young eager minds awaiting my words describing this GREAT University and life in Hawaii Nei, "Simply The Best, Better Then All The Rest" !

    Have a GREAT day Tsaiko Nation and beat those Aztecs, RETRO BABY !

  25. jeezy33:

    20. Horrible idea in my opinion.

    1. He probably is going to piss off a few season ticket holders. Not me though. Hawaii football isn't about the $$ to me. It's about the product... I like apple products, Nike shoes, etc and will pay if the product is worth it. But I know some holders will be mad...

    2. When you have a 0-9 football team, I just don't think people care to watch anymore. The one's that do care are die hard fans and would pay full price anyway. I bet you can find season ticket holders who probably don't want to go to the game and are willing to give their tickets away to the fans who really want to go.

    At the end, it comes down to entertainment, and putting a discount on something that has 0 demand isn't going to change anything. Its only going to piss of the die hard fans who do still care about Hawaii football that paid full price.

  26. kapakahi:

    Gotta agree with your top 5......but gotta add Davone and RGM too.

  27. boolakanaka:

    26...Kapa, so do they crack the top 5? Or are they alternates , 5A, 5B?

  28. kapakahi:

    5A and 5B I guess.

  29. kapakahi:

    Add Channon Harris as 5C.

  30. Buffoman:

    #25 That alone is a bad move. If the idea was to get folks in seats, they would need to piggy back that with other things like bringing Lanai's food truck and other food trucks as a eat the street promotion that someone else once brought up. Build a stage and bring in 105 and some popular "hot Hawaiian Nights" acts.

    Get the families to come by featuring kids entertainment, bounce houses, maybe even a ride and games.

    Then do it up big now to get the military as they would have two chances to get them aboard, hoping for a bigger turn out for the last game.

    They need to create an event and 1/2 price tickets is not an event.

  31. kapakahi:

    Duke frosh phenom Jabari Parker with island ties. Mom is from Tonga.....while older bro attended BYU-Hawaii.

  32. primo123:

    Half price tickets is easier to promote than to try and coordinate a promo....UH Marketing isn't geared to handle something on short notice.

  33. primo123:


    The recruits keep coming!!

    Chow's 3rd year should be INTERESTING!!!

  34. RedZone:

    I brought up the eat the street earlier. The thing I don't like at the stadium the most is the food. I don't tailgate anymore.

  35. NorthShoreFan:

    To have administration "do something" is a lot better than doing nothing and expecting attendance to increase for the next two games.
    Decreasing ticket prices has been suggested a long time ago. Will it irritate some season ticket holders? Maybe, but then they might be happy if there is a great turn out at the games.

  36. NorthShoreFan:

    Redzone, you saying your cooking not too good?! Join the Tsaikos, they got outstanding cooks!

  37. NorthShoreFan:

    BTW, Reef Pro cancelled today, really sloppy but might get better later this afternoon.

  38. primo123:

    Iosefa's return has brought life back to the Rainbow Warriors.

    Just clean up some of the mistakes and win #1 is around the corner.

    UH 31
    San Diego St 30

  39. A-House:

    Just back from DC and still a little groggy - it was a 4 am wake up call to final pack and make the bus at 6:30 am - short, 15-20 minute ride to Regan National for a 3+ hour flight to Dallas-Fort Worth and then an 8+ hour ride to Honolulu - route took us over Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, Baha gulf and Baha peninsula then over the Pacific.

    But, let me digress a little to remember.

    #1 - Aloha, Calvin from Kona, may you find eternal peace, my friend!

    #2 - saw Stretch, Warrior Dave, Faye W, CRW, Chawan and his 3 buddies, and Jim Donovan - ST, Jim sends his hello to you and family!

    #3 - visited the Capitol, White House, 5 museums ( American Indian, American History, Natural History, Aero Space, and Holocaust. Also, WWII, Vietnam, Lincoln, Korean, and Viet Nam Memorials

    #4 - visited Arlington Cemetery, Kennedy grave sites, watched the changing of the Guard an the Tomb of Unknown soldiers, Annapolis and the Naval Academy.

    #5 - we stayed at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel where all incoming US Presidents stay inauguration even before moving into the White House - absolutely elegant!!!

    Arrived home after 7 pm and did 2 loads of laundry before a wave of exhaustion over came me - took a shower and straight to bed.

    Great to see that UH has received 2 commitments - Stubblefield and Nick Nelson from the DC area - may have lost the game, but gained a Warrior!

    OK, off to work for a few hours.

  40. A-House:

    #31 -you hinting that Jabari Parker is Hawaii bound?

  41. RedZone:

    36. The gang I started out with have either died or moved to the mainland so I stopped tailgating a while ago. Some have also quit going to the games. UH has never been friendly to season ticket holders. During the Von App years I tried to upgrade to better seating and UH said no. It was weird because I still could sit just about any where in the stadium and did so. One game I moved seats every quarter. I had to cancel my season tickets and order new ones to move to better seats. What I do know is that when people I know have given up their tickets they have not returned. I have only gotten one to go to a live game when I had a free extra ticket.

  42. Wes'side Warrior:

    Well, you guys have your opinions as to why or why not in regards to the half price ticket offer.

    My reality is not your reality. I have seven kids. I absolutely cannot afford to take them out to a football game anymore. This affords me a chance to bring them out and enjoy a split family day/night. We can't all fit in our car, so half will do this Saturday's game, while the rest will get to attend the final home game. Prior to this offer, I was considering only the more athletic and true sports fans in our house, which happen to be three of my middle kids. Now I get to treat all of them and not feel bad in leaving others behind.

    I am grateful, and I'm sure there are many other families in the same situation.

  43. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    It's exciting to hear about Stubblefield joining the team next year. Lots of talent to add to the FB & baseball teams.

    Get well soon, Samia. I thought that was a bad non-call.


  44. kapakahi:


    Nope! Just thought it was interesting fun fact.

    Gib might wanna start recruiting in Tonga.

  45. cocobean:

    I have season tkts. Just bought 3 half pricers for the SDSU game. Invited my nephew and his two sons. They're happy to be going and it was affordable for me.

    Season ticket holders should take advantage of this offer and bring some people who've never been to a game.

  46. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Welcome to the Rainbow Warriors, Devan Stubblefield!

    While I am unhappy that Samia was injured, it was a non-call. There is no official infraction, which makes an apology by "navy officials" even less necessary. The fact that ST reports an apology shows character and acceptance of responsibility, which is what we would expect from a service academy team.

    Get Well soon, Moses!

    Congrats to Dr. Ignacio!

  47. 3-Prong:

    Paradise has been picture perfect the last few days. Clear skys, a little chill in the air, recruits committing. All we need is a win on Saturday!!! Cheeee!

    Come on you TV watcher. You can say you were there when we got the first win this season. Half price tickets too! No excuses. Let's Go Bows!

  48. primo123:

    half price?

    i would gone with, half price, buy one at half price, get another for free.

    AND, KIDS under 12 go free.

    WHY NOT?

  49. Down with...:

    I'm a season ticket holder but I say this....just make the next two home games $5 for anyone who would like to come and free to all children under 12 and military. First come first serve. I as a fan and season ticket holder would rather see the stadium filled and rowdy for the boys even if it means I pay full price for my 50 yard line seats, then to see an empty stadium for their final two home games. Show them we care. Go warriors and bows

  50. Leron:

    #46 Chow said on his show that he told officials before the game to watch for chop blocks. The illegal play not only took Moses out of the game, but for maybe the rest of this season. All the official could tell coach was sorry, and he didn't see it, even though Norm specifically told them to watch for it. I think it warranted the apology.

  51. LizKauai:

    WELCOME Devan Stubblefield!

    I agree with lowering prices and letting kids in for free.
    Let the 12th Man BE HEARD!!!!

    Mahalo for your continued service, RainbowCliff!

  52. LizKauai:

    3-Prong - if the AIRLINES goes back to $39 fares... I WILL BE THERE!

  53. ALLAN:


  54. A-House:

    I forgot 2 important items in my previous post about DC.

    First, it was the only time in the past 9 years that we got to celebrate Masaboy's birthday as a family - very special!

    At the game, Mrs A-House kept yelling "go Nate" every time Joey carried the ball - we kept reminding her it was Joey, but to no avail - yep, Joey did have a good game.

  55. ALLAN:


  56. jimmy the lock:

    That's a loud post.

    Welcome verbal recruits.

  57. jimmy the lock:

    Historical day for hump day.

  58. kifi:

    Get well Moses.

  59. kifi:

    Just curious, what was illegal about the chop block?

  60. jimmy the lock:

    Heal up, heal up.

    A clam was working out and pulled a mussel...

  61. kifi:

    Need to let the league know why the cut block was illegal. Did it take place outside of the legal cut zone? Did the blocker not cut within the legal initial charge? Which was it?

  62. NorthShoreFan:

    #41 Redzone, UH admin has been slow to "catch on" to what fans want and need. Hopefully this 50% discount will be the start of "new" thinking.
    You've got lots of peeps to tailgate with at the Tsaikogate. I promise, you won't be disappointed with the grinds.

    Wes'side, admin really need to think about the family experience and not just what they think they'll make off the games. Family of 9 translates into major bucks for a UH football outing. Got to make a bank loan to attend!

  63. i really do love the bows:

    Devan will average 25 catches a year under mr. chow. 100 under JJ or some other good coach.

  64. NorthShoreFan:

    #48- kids under 12 free and a pre-game visit with the Warriors!...Dats how you recruit for the future!

  65. Buffoman:

    #59 I believe the block was illegal because Samia was already engaged with another player when the chop occurred. That made the chop move illegal.

  66. gobows:

    so christmas came a little early for trap...

    #65 that made it dirty. and nobody picked him up. at that point they should have been more stout, run a little faster, and hit a little harder. but nah, just another injury.

    they need some chris brown influence.

  67. Slugger:

    Congrats, Dr. Ignacio!

    Glad to see the discounts offered on tickets to get people to the game.

  68. wafan:

    Good evening!

  69. Leron:

    #65 correct. O linemen can cut block on a defensive player that is not engaged with another player.

  70. HiFlyer:

    RIP Todd Chirstensen

  71. NorthShoreFan:

    Hmmmmm...wonder if some guys get nicked so they have to go see Dr. way to make a "date"....hmmmm

  72. NorthShoreFan:

    Should have all blocks below the waist illegal...imho

  73. papajoe2:

    Got word that the referees in the Fresno State-Hawaii game got suspended. I guess the block/hold one hand of the receiver so the receiver could use only 1 hand to catch the ball was seen. I think it happened a few times during the game.

  74. 808Fringe:

    Just saw the vid on the UH website and TOTALLY DIGGIN' the retro unis.

  75. gmahoney:

    #20~As season ticket holders, we have the entire row 36 in Section V to ourselves. I wouldn't mind some company to high five after touchdowns or sacks or good catches or punt returns. I just bought a 50% off seat for a visiting relative to come to the game on Saturday.

    Whatever it takes, lets get butts in the seats.

    Go Warriors!

  76. 3-Prong:

    52 LizKauai: Outer Island as well as Mainland SuperFans with fish are excused! hehe

  77. 3-Prong:

    Hey Everybody............THIS is the week!

  78. SteveM:

    RE: #74
    Retro uniform video posted by University of Hawaii Athletics:

  79. My take:

    Only problem with offering half pro e tickets is the people that paid full price are getting screwed.

  80. SteveM:

    We season ticket holders...

    1. paid the season ticket rate
    2. paid the premium fees, if any (which doubles the price)
    3. paid the same price for 6 games rather than the usual 7 games

    Having that money already flow under the bridge, I do not feel screwed much more than we already are. But we try to support the team, and if the ticket promotion brings more and new fans into the stadium, I can live with that.

    No, I do not want to buy an interest in a bridge... :evil:

  81. Konoman1:

    I agree I rather have fans in the stands . I don't feel screwed at all!

  82. d1shima:

    Prayers for LizKauai.

    Aloha ukuleleboi.

  83. gmahoney:

    Aloha ukuleleboi!

  84. kev-1:

    #78 RE: Uniforms

    LOVE UM!!!! What about the helmet though? No glimpse?

  85. nanakuli:

    Norm Chow can beat SDSU with more play action plays on offense and a five man rush on defense. Beat the haters.

  86. jm2375 (iPad):

    Condolences to LizKauai and her ohana.

  87. LizKauai (mbp):

    Please enjoy our Ukuleleboi as much as he enjoyed Tsai-koness!

  88. Slugger:

    Condolences & prayers for LizKauai & her family. I'm glad we got to know Ukuleleboi.

  89. wafan:

    Good morning!

  90. wafan:

    Prayers and positive thoughts for LizKauai, ukuleleboi, friends and family.

    My aloha to you.

  91. Maddog50:

    Although I am not a season ticket holder, anything they can do to generate additional revenue and get more folks to the game is a plus for the program.....true fans and supporters hopefully would be behind this. If I were a season ticket holder it would just stir me to call friends and family to go to the game. On another note the clip on the uniforms is very cool........Go Warriors!!!!!!!

  92. wingt:

    Season tickets holders should get a 50% discount to see a shrink to deal with "football psd" form all the home team beat downs this season.

  93. wingt:

    psd= post sport dumbfoundedness

  94. Papololoco:

    #65..IMHO illegal chop block should be designated as "Targeting".