The Warrior Beat

"Ukulele Boi"

November 14th, 2013


Byron Hahn-Morin loved his family, his friends and music.

He respected elders, youngsters and those his own age.

As the self-styled "Ukulele Boi," he entertained us with his music and inspired us with the belief that doing what you love best is the best way to live.

He was 21.

He will be missed.

Deepest sympathies to Liz Kauai and her ohana.

* * * * *

Please click to watch Ukulele video: Ukulele Boi

* * * * *

Not sure how he did it, but 12 days after suffering a sprained MCL — and we all know by now that all sprains involve some degree of tearing — defensive tackle Saui Matagiese is ready to play in Saturday's game against San Diego State.

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