Monday musings

November 18th, 2013

• The headline should have been: "Eli's Coming"

• OK, young people, there was this group called Three Dog Night that sang ...

• Back in the day, they used to determine the cold by the number of dogs used as bed warmers. For instance: "It will be a three-dog night in Laramie this Saturday."

• Tavita "Tui" Eli is a great "get," as the recruiting folks like to say.

• Eli will be a nice addition to a growing pool of offensive linemen. Dejon Allen, John Wa‘a, R.J. Hollis and Elijah Tupai are in the wings. Of the group, Wa‘a has been kicking okole in practices. He's probably the leading contender for UH's offensive scout of the year. Tupai has been rehabbing since his shoulder surgery. He's in the area known as the "pit." Each day, he is required to pull a weighted sled. Each day, the sled isn't heavy enough for Tupai. He often adds weights.

• It's fun to watch wideout Kwamane Bowens during games. He's always running sprints, just in case he's needed, behind the bench.

• It was a nice debut season for Keith Kirkwood, but it appears he's pau for the year. He has a thumb injury similar to Marrell Jackson's. The difference is Jackson is a safety who can play with a cast. Kirkwood is a receiver. Kirkwood could have been a factor against SDSU's unique 3-3-5 scheme.

• Defensive ends Beau Yap (groin) and Tavita Woodard (ankle) are expected to play against Wyoming.

• Not sure of the status of o-linemen Ben Dew and Sean Shigematsu.

• Give credit to left tackle Mike Milovale. He hobbled toward the sideline during the SDSU game, realized UH was running out of o-linmen, and then made a U-turn. Milovale's toughness is understated.

• Sad: When idiots try to fight with visiting basketball managers.

• Sadder: When there are no police or security guards at women's basketball games.

• Saddest: When police/security guards are needed to break up fights between idiots and managers.

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  1. Smyczynski:


  2. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: No. 1
    That's how I scribble my name on those credit-card screens at the check-out counter.

  3. boolakanaka:

    Aloha kakahiaka

  4. pu'uwai:

    Aloha kakahiaka. Imua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  5. 3-Prong:

    Out In The Country

    Whenever I need to leave it all behind
    Or feel the need to get away
    I find a quiet place, far from the human race
    Out in the country

    Before the breathin' air is gone
    Before the sun is just a bright spot in the nighttime
    Out where the rivers like to run
    I stand alone and take back somethin' worth rememberin'

    Whenever I feel them closing in on me
    Or need a bit of room to move
    When life becomes too fast, I find relief at last
    Out in the country

    Before the breathin' air is gone
    Before the sun is just a bright spot in the nighttime
    Out where the rivers like to run
    I stand alone and take back somethin' worth rememberin'

    Before the breathin' air is gone
    Before the sun is just a bright spot in the nighttime
    Out where the rivers like to run
    I stand alone and take back somethin' worth rememberin'

    Before the breathin' air is gone
    Before the sun is just a bright spot in the nighttime
    Out where the rivers like to run
    I stand alone and take back somethin' worth rememberin'

    Before the breathin' air is gone
    Before the sun is just a bright spot in the nighttime

  6. Buffoman:

    ST, totally agree with the "Sad.." statements. Glad you referenced these folks as "idiots" and not "fans". There have been times when "idiots" masquerade as "fans" only to show true colors by creating situations like the one that made Sports headlines in this morning's paper.

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    Several years ago, we got tickets for some friends visiting from the mainland.
    They thanked us, sort of.
    They were in the area where the fight broke out in the UH-BYU football game. They ended up getting second-hand pepper-sprayed.

  8. PolyMom:

    ST good morning. Has the NCAA been notified of this scuffle. I'm sorry the story has little information. Where was HPD? Who is the Asst Coach involved? What is BJ's current medical condition. The picture of BJ looks like he just got put of the ring. Was it Hawaii fans and then the Asst Coach got involved? Please advise.

    Aloha to all of you who hung in there. Hard loss for the boys.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    No HPD hired for the game.

  10. Old School Dave:

    Hope Mr. Jay is doing ok. If he simply stands by and does nothing, waiting for security to show up, then what? Seeing a lot of classless and snide remarks on the SA message boards about Mr. Jay getting injured. With people like this in this community, does the State of Hawaii really deserve a quality D-I athletic program? Sometimes I wonder.

  11. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Welcome to the Warrior ohana, Mr. Eli.

    I already made my comments about last night's game. I couldn't see much sitting on the other side of the court, but there were a few really classless "fans" there.

    The WVU coach seems to be a graduate of the Bobby Knight school of coaching. He was swearing at his players late in the game.

    If a coach can't take heckling, then they need to grow a thicker skin. It comes with the job. An opposing coach last season had a problem with Stretch's "conversations".

    The refs last night were terrible. How could they not call a travel when the player was halfway down the court before she put the ball on the floor. It ain't football.

  12. UHfan808:

    Good morning, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers! :)

  13. UHfan808:

    Welcome to the Warriors, Tui!!

    Crazy to hear about what happened last nite :( Hope Ben Jay is A-OK!

  14. RedZone:

    Get well Ben Jay.

  15. RedZone:

    What if you had to tackle this?

  16. PolyMom:

    No HPD! Ridiculously!

  17. A-House:

    Tony Pickard:

    I say lose 85 pounds - come to UH - make him an OL/T - quick feet and long arms - OT would be great spot - his grades/entrance eligibility to college?

    Notice how low he bends at the waist as the FB in the wishbone? speaks of agility!

  18. Ipu Man:

    Hope Ben Jay does not throw in the towel...

  19. WAR:

    ST stop trying to be a comedian and just report the facts. You act so childish at times.

  20. Pete Jek:

    That WV coach was a douchebag.

  21. jm2375:

    #19 - if you don't like ST, then why are you here? Feel free to leave and don't let the door hit you on the okole on the way out.

  22. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    Welcome to Tui Eli!

    Heal up, Warriors!


  23. Old Diver:

    One positive note is the numbers on the retro uniforms were so much easier to see for this old diver.

  24. turfwar:

    That fan should simply be banned from the Stanley. Set an example right now before any other idiots get any ideas. A women's basketball game? Really?

  25. Warrior Dave:

    Watching Inside Access. Interesting to hear Chow say we may be using Joey too much but he's such a competitor wants wants the ball so we just let him run with it. Excuse me!?? Isn't Chow the one calling the plays?

    Sad that Kaumeyer could make any adjustments after halftime. SDSU ran wild in the second half and especially OT.

  26. RainbowCliff:

    Good Morning Tsaiko Nation, been a TOUGH season for our Rainbow Warriors but like AN OLD athlete to my athletic school I will not QUIT but keep fighting to the very end. Wyoming is no joke to play at as the altitude will make you breath for air and it's cowboy fans are insane with the heckling and cheers. Boys got to toughen up this last road trip and give it all they got as I know they will. Program has had these seasons before and we WILL be back as once a bow, ALWAYS a bow!

    Reading from yesterdays comments about recruiting, poor facilities and who will want to coach or play at Hawaii is nothing but "HOG WASH" as I know from what I have done here recruiting Los Angeles, you can't tell me no elite mainland or athlete will come "NONSENSE" as in 1 month I signed 662 students here and 98 were athletes. You know why they will come because of how to present this MAGNIFICENT Island, it's people, culture and it's AWESOME place to train and play for a STATE while wearing the great words of rainbow warriors on your uniform as NO mainland team can claim it or touch it. Beautiful beaches, great food and the opportunity to get a QUALITY education and meet an enrichment of people from all over the world "PRICELESS"!

    Hell yes they will come as I PERSONALLY know and will continue to know until I can't talk about Hawaii no more as it is all in your approach in recruiting as I have done it with out ANY support from lower campus all on my experience and living in paradise, getting my degree and playing for the bows. I wear my UH all around LA as I get looks every day with my variety of Hawaii gear, as It is all about PRIDE regardless if win or lose as you folks have class, tradition, culture, family values and a BEAUTIFUL Island that has scenery, mountains, valleys, water falls and GREAT weather all year round and trying to convince they won't come here "ridiculous totally RIDICULOUS"!

    As far as facility fine, wonderful improvements as it is so much better when I was there as quarry and bungalows, klum gym and blaisdel was all we had and I and my fellow athletes were fine with that as we didn't look for fancy locker rooms, lounge couches or big screen tv we were there to play for HAWAII and train hard every day representing the 808. On campus arena in place and Aloha Stadium still MAGNIFICENT after all these years with up grades that has been made on the field and inside the stadium as it is time to get a reality check with Hawaii athletics good folks "Simply The Best, Better Then All The Rest" !

    In conclusion yes we are down this year BUT we will be back you know why because all of us here on Mr. Tsai blog CARES for UH while each and every blogger who posts has something SPECIAL they can contribute to our GREAT players who sacrifice every day as they need support, admiration and applauds as that shall ALWAYS be the focus as they continue to strive to graduate with a University Of Hawaii Degree !

    Who will play for Hawaii, warriors will play / rainbow warriors play with pride excellent on the field and superior in the class room. "ENOUGH SAID" !

    Let's Go Bows, Beat Those COWBOYS !

  27. Warrior Dave:

    Most Saddest is when the UH AD has to try and break up a fight between an idiot UH fan and the opposing Team Manager and their fans because there is no police or security to break up the fight.

    Guess the UH administration felt that fan support was so bad previously that it was highly unlikely there was enough fans for a fight so why pay for police/security?

  28. Shoko:

    Wouldn't be surprised the assistant coach who got involved. and may have been partly responsible for the fiasco that ensued is suspended. Conference officials preach self-control and restraint when tempted to interact with belligerent fans.

  29. Shoko:

    Anyway, two more games. Still get chance for a win!

  30. Former UH Athlete:

    23... I second that!

    Legible numbers are much better. I haven't been a big fan of the uniforms Under Armour has made for UH the past handful of years. I thought the solid black tops and the black pants with the Hawaiian band around one leg were the best uniforms UH has had.

    I really liked the retro uniforms. They went way old school and went with the no logo helmets.

  31. Former UH Athlete:

    25... There's no way Iosefa, or any RB can handle this many carries over a long stretch. BUT, he's been effective and more reliable than SS throwing the ball the past two games, so you keep feeding what's working.

    I guess Iosefa is making up for lost playing time. UH will have to balance out the carries or Iosefa is going to end up back in the training room.

  32. victor tong:

    was that cliff sanchez from rainbowcliff? well said

  33. chawan_cut:

    I don't think I've ever seen cops at a Wahine game. They are there for sure at Men's games. Also, I don't ever recall an ambulance ever present at arena games. These are all probably pro/con decisions made as the likely hood of last night's fracas is most likely not to happen than happen, but I guess things will change, as you can never tell. It's always too late when you're not prepared.
    I still don't really know what happened as by the time we looked over, it was already a large mess of people pushing and shoving, not sure who was pushing to keep people back or who was pushing offensively. Hope Ben Jay is ok though. I think he might've got injured when the security railing gave way and that mass of people fell onto the ground, each other, and visitor's bench/seats.

  34. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Hope Ben Jay is OK.
    Surprising there was no police officer or two.

  35. A-House:

    a shout out to 3-prong for his "coupon" donation to the Wahine BB program!

  36. (Jesse)James:

    Good Morning Tsaikos....

    Hope all is good today!!!

    Heal up Mr. Jay and the Warriors!!!

    Welcome Eli!!!

    Go Warriors!!!

    Slugger, I need your address....

  37. obachan:

    #26 Ah yes, "the quarry" along with its fine amenities a.k.a. "portables" back in the day. RainbowCliff I think your conclusions are right on. Unless someone like Larry Ellison makes a bumbucha size donation to the athletics facilities, UH will never be able to compete facility-wise with other schools. Thus we must emphasize our unique strengths as you so well enumerated. UH should put the title of Ambassador in front of your name...keep up the good work!

  38. (Jesse)James:

    Chawan....Ambulances are becoming less and less prominent at sporting events. It used to be that all football games (including high school games) and UH sporting events had ambulances present just in case. However, they need to be paid for and, at least for high school sporting events, the leagues felt that the cost of providing this service was too much to bear and that the response time for an ambulance to get to the scene if anything should occur was sufficient. JMHO.

  39. NotNasti:

    37. I agree. We need more people like Rainbow Cliff!

  40. Kevin:

    Every wahine basketball game I went to I did see HPD. One on the floor near the tunnel on the opposite side of the arena from the band and the UH student-section.

    If not having HPD on scene and a smaller arena/campus security staff was one of the "unseen" cost cutting measures then the consequences have been made evident as of last night.

  41. cocobean:

    Difference between Beeman's girls and Chow's boys.....

    The girls find ways to win against bigger, more talented teams. The boys find ways to lose to teams they have equal talent to.

    Off sides on 3rd and 3 then not playing to the whistle....running into the punter....personal foul after an int near midfield with time running out.

  42. Kevin:

    Wahine soccer also has had HPD presence.

    Softball- nothing. Maybe one campus security officer but he/she doesnt stick around as they only come by while making their "rounds".

  43. Kevin:

    Guess the UH administration felt that fan support was so bad previously that it was highly unlikely there was enough fans for a fight so why pay for police/security?


    This is the REAL question that should be asked.

    The last thing UH needs is a lawsuit from non-security enforcement UHAD employees getting hurt due to "cost cutting measures".

  44. Kevin:

    Tempers flare at ALL sporting events. No surprise to me a fight broke out or could break out at a sporting event where .. BELIEVE IT OR NOT... the people in attendance can be as passionate as those at a football game.

    Emotion and resulting tempers are not relegated to only certain sports.

  45. Jonj:

    UH trying to balance their budget and cut unneeded expenses becuz the football team isn't generating money. Garens that's why no cops were hired. Ben jay finding out the hard way chow gotta go!

  46. Kevin:

    Laura Beeman has proven she has been the best coaching hire at UH in recent years.

  47. NotNasti:

    41. Coco, in my opinion, those three "mistakes" cost us the game (along with referees who don't think DB's riding piggyback on our receivers is pass interference, or that holding on to their jerseys as they run by them is holding).

  48. Kevin:

    Losing football ticket revenue as a reason for risking the safety of the fans,teams,staff, etc is piss poor excuse.

    To assume minimal security is needed just because its womens bball game shows a lazy and uneducated attitude and philosophy.

    UH has shown where they say money is lacking... it can be found. If upper campus is to supposedly cover the losses from lagging football ticket sales, they can find the money to hire more security and have HPD presence at any game.

  49. RainbowCliff:

    32, 37 & 39: MAHALO for your kind words!

    I am out leaving for work with nothing but "HAWAII GREEN" all over my body!

    GREAT folks of Tsaiko Nation wear your PRIDE today as you are and will always be ALOHA !

    NO body on God's earth can claim that or come close to it. We are the BEST as people all over the world come to visit or live in PARADISE !

    Let's keep supporting our BOYS to the final end as we will be back better then ever IF not then we will keep on trying as that is what "RAINBOW WARRIORS" do they play with HEART, DETERMINATION and the will to win. They play for HAWAII, they play for the OHANA !

    Simply Th Best, Better Then All The Rest!

    Luv Ya Tsaiko Nation !


  50. boolakanaka:

    47 and 41..Coco and Nasti...My biggest the disappointments this season have to do almost entirely on responsibilities that I attribute directly back to the coaching staff, e.g. endless off-sides, delay of games that come-on first down and/or time-out, and personal fouls at critical moments. These are all the products of either being part of a disciplined program or when it which there is only lip-service given to the term.

    Stats like the Fresno game do bode well for a team, that already has some pronounced handicaps: Hawaii was penalized 10 times for 95 yards to Fresno State's five penalties for 61 yards.

    Read More:

  51. SteveM:

    This morning's Star-Advertiser poll question:

    "Which University of Hawaii football uniform do you prefer: the retro UH Rainbows one, or the current H uniform?

    The poll is at:

    Although the poll has a limited audience, if you go there from here, at least you are a UH football fan and your opinion is from an appropriate sample base. :-)
    There are currently 1,640 votes at this time.

  52. Stephen Tsai:

    "Lava" flows in different paths lately.

  53. Stephen Tsai:

    I was reading how a guy said that's it, he's had enough, he's not going to follow UH anymore. Then he announces he's selling his UH-Army tickets. That's a little confusing. If he gave away tickets or just didn't go, that would be one thing. Selling tickets would indicate he feels there's monetary value. Mixes message. So confusing.

  54. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Uniforms.
    Wyoming initially wanted to wear white for this game. That would have opened the way for UH to wear the retro unis.
    Alas, Wyoming changed its mind.
    UH probably will wear retros for Army game.

  55. Stephen Tsai:

    Football revenue has nothing to do with security at women's games.
    That's just the usual suspect on another rant.

  56. Kevin:


    Good. And I should have known.. LOL!

  57. Stephen Tsai:

    Actually, the reason it wasn't budgetary probably is a bigger concern. Sad, but true, but all event should be fully staffed and secured, if only for insurance purposes. I'm not sure why Campus Security can't just staff those games.

  58. AlaWai:

    Hey we made #1.

  59. Stephen Tsai:

    Back to the story about the (former) ticket holder.
    Know how people say to DMV workers: "Hey, my taxes pay your salary."
    Well, people who pay for tickets sorta-sorta have that claim. Don't buy a ticket, your "suggestions" lack impact.

  60. Stephen Tsai:

    Did i mention there's a scrimmage today at 5:30?
    Open to the public, I believe.

  61. Buffoman:

    Reading in Sunday's paper regarding the cost to "fix" the existing facilities that have been woefully neglected makes me think that maintenance was not done on those buildings since I was there. That was a looooong time ago. The buildings described were there but there was no campus center, Les Murakami stadium, Ching Field, Stan Sheriff Center.

    I'd say the entire institution has a huge problem. The athletic woes seem quite small in comparison, and yet it is still a concern.

  62. Shoko:

    Hmm, penalties is an interesting statistic to look up. Although Warriors is not the highest penalized team in the nation, it is the highest in the conference. So far, Hawaii is averaging 7.2 penalties this season compared to 5.9 last season.

  63. A-House:


    will the Paniolo trophy be reinstated now that UH and Wyoming are in the same conference again?

    believe Wyoming has the trophy now and will probably keep it after Saturday's game.

    contrary, it would be nice to see it again within the athletic complex.

  64. jm2375:

    ST - does it come out of Campus Security's budget or the AD's budget?

  65. Shoko:

    To add on to my previous post, I think that may have to do with the struggles being experienced (i.e. the win-loss record).

  66. Shoko:

    Navy and Army is one and seven, respectively, in the least amount of penalties averaged per game.

  67. Stephen Tsai:

    There actually is a "new" Paniolo Trophy.

  68. obachan:

    hey ST...speaking of Three Dog Night songs...I wonder if "Old Fashioned Love Song" applies to Chow? We already know "Liar" applies to Obama.

  69. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Campus Security.
    UH AD used to get money for maintenance of the Lower Campus (restrooms, facilities, toilet paper, soap, etc.). I imagine since campus security has to work those hours, what's the harm in assigning them to an event during their shift.

  70. oldtimer808:

    Old School Dave don't let a very small minority cloud your picture of us being deserving of a Div 1 team. Those idiots live their lives as idiots irregardless of sports.

  71. A-House:

    just wondering - would it be a good idea to install a world wide map somewhere in lower campus and show all the countries representing student-athletes home of record? this would apply to every UH sport.

    what would it cost and where to put it? display a miniature national flag of all the countries - maybe on the walls of the lower or upper level practice basketball courts?

    why? to build unity and recognize each country's contribution to UH sports

    heck, invite any "graphic" artist to paint murals on currently bare walls - each must present a sample of what will be painted if selected - community involvement?

  72. Boolakanaka:

    Shoko, thanks for those stats. If we had more wins, they would be just an irrelevant footnote, but with no wins, they only underscore the many problems.

  73. NorthShoreFan:

    ST #59, used to get that thrown at me all the time when I was actively employed. I used to tell them that I actually also pay myself too. (since I had to pay taxes too)
    The look I got back was.....well ..... priceless.

  74. RedZone:

    wow monkeys have taken over youtube.

  75. Kevin:

    Perusing the internet and found that someone is quoting a portion of a Ka Leo O Hawaii article that was apparently REMOVED now.

    In it, head coach Laura Beeman cites witnessing several West Virginia staffers “hitting him” – “him” referring to AD Ben Jay.

    The apparent removed quote from Ka Leo:

    “I had friends that were sitting up above, and they actually came down because they saw him getting just pummeled,” said Hawai‘i head coach Laura Beeman. “He was on the ground, and the West Virginia managers or coaches were hitting him.”

    If this wasn’t a misquote and in fact what Beeman witnessed, it should be looked into. Regardless of how the fight started, the result is the same if this is factual in that West Virginia Athletics employees assaulted UH Athletic Director Ben Jay.

    So again if the quote is accurate, all you knuckleheads enjoying the AD getting hurt because of the performance of the football team and questions surrounding the retention or firing of Norm Chow are complete uneducated apes and total idiots.

  76. NorthShoreFan:

    #75. I second that notion.....

  77. Shoko:

    When it comes to witness' accounts of an incident, they differ in one way shape or form due to vantage points. Beeman may have put more thought into it and recanted her observations.

  78. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, and this actually troubles me a lot, A-House designed a very nice rock garden in the area facing the parking structure.
    But some of the plants have been stolen, several rocks are missing or scattered, and the rubber borders are uprooted.
    It was a nice gesture — a free gesture — by Mr. A-House, but, alas, UH's maintenance was a-lackin'.

  79. Former UH Athlete:

    17... Just saw Big Tone's video... freaking ridiculous. He'd be so scary if he was 330lbs or 340lbs.

    White Swan is a tiny farm town in Central Washington southwest of Yakima (Apple country). I think they are class 2B in Washington HS Athletics, which is small school football, but still 11 on 11. For those not from Washington... class 2B in WIAA is for schools with enrollment of 93-207 students. Schools can opt to play at a higher division.

    In Washington, there is Class B with 8 on 8 football for the really small schools.

  80. Aloha73g:

    I was at game and I know Beeman's friends who witnessed it and gave her that account (I was with them during the "fight") and that account is correct. WV Asst. Coach called on heckling UH Fan to "COME DOWN HERE!!" repeatedly and the UH fan went unfortunately. Some WV fans hit him and all hell broke loose. The WV Assistant did hit Ben Jay in the fight. Last I saw the assistant (tall african-american male) he was in tears walking into the locker room (we were sitting right above the tunnel to the side of the band) after the WV Coaches wife fainted. The person in our group who had the best vantage point emailed WV AD Oliver Luck last night and he emailed her back today.

  81. Former UH Athlete:

    71... At one of my favorite bars in Las Vegas, they have a map and let customers put a pin from they came from.... It's pretty cool to see that there are people from all over the world have found this bar in a ghetto part of town.

    The bar, btw, is "Aces n Ales" on Nellis Blvd. Awesome selection of craft beer from around the country on tap and in bottles. Cozy setting, decent food... dart boards, pool tables and oh yeah great beer... did I mention the beer was good?

    They also have Pappy Van Winkle on the whiskey menu...

    Getting back on topic, I think its a great idea. Could be a nice working art piece to Lower Campus as athletes can participate in.

    The best location I could think of is the concourse area outside the SSC entrance, near the box office. That way, all the fans would walk by it on the way into basketball/volleyball games.

  82. Kevin:

    I have seen people that park their cars in those 30 minute stalls in front of the rock garden walk OVER and on top of it in a lazy attempt instead of walking around it.

  83. NorthShoreFan:

    Mr. A-House, inre: your "from the heart" contribution to the Sheriff, I also help my friends caretake a cemetery here on the northside and we experience a lot of theft, vandalism and total disrespect also. All of these things on hallowed grounds.
    We just got to keep on keeping on. Can't rely on others who have no interest or ability to maintain your gift.
    Mahalo for your Aloha.

  84. Shoko:

    WV has two black assistant coaches. The younger one was just hired this year, if not mistaken, and the other older assistant has been on staff for several years. If there was, indeed, a physical altercation (assault), those are grounds for termination in my opinion.

    If what is being shared on the various forums is true, it will be interesting if WVUAD course of action will be. My guess is if the WVU AD believes what is being reported, that assistant won't be suspended. He will likely be fired.

    Of course, this is all speculation on my part.

  85. Kevin:

    So a WVU employee assaulted our AD who was trying to help stop the fight?

    Thought so.

  86. Kevin:

    This is the 5th account now I have heard about how Ben Jay was injured. All essentially pointing to WVU assaulting Ben Jay. Varies from 1 person to 2 but its all the same.

  87. Shoko:

    Tell A-House to use bigger rocks (boulders). ;)

  88. Old School Dave:

    #78 Oldtimer808: No worries. I was just in a foul mood this morning. Judgement clouded at that time :-(

    Hope Mr. Jay is off of the disabled list soon in time for the trip to Laramie.

  89. Warrior Dave:

    #54 ST,

    I though UH was going to wear special military uni's for the Army game? I know they auctioned off last years uni's but thought UA made us more. Oh well...I'll be there cheering anyway.

  90. Stephen Tsai:

    Last year's special uniforms were for the Wounded Warriors event.
    No such special uniforms this time.

  91. Bowwar:

    Several points:
    1) The fan that came down from the stands to fight the WVU coaches should be barred from any future UH event.
    2) The WVU coach that instigated the fight and the one (if not the same) who hit Ben Jay should be fired immediately.
    3) For all combatants, police charges should be filed if there is video and eye-witness collaborating evidence.

    This type of thing has no business in college sports and it surely hurts UH's reputation. Really sad when we have decent women's basketball team, but some classless fans.

  92. Marleysdad:

    Oh, please no more "rainbows".

  93. gobows:


    david and goliath?

    i want to see david fangupo vs. tony picard. id take fangupo, picard looks soft and slow.

  94. gobows:


    yap had a good game, can't blame him this week.

  95. primo123:

    are the fans allowed to heckle the opposing players? throw them off their games?

  96. primo123:

    maybe the UH fan was still feeling the effects of the football team's loss the night before.

  97. NotNasti:

    There's heckling, and there's criminal harassment. Sec. 711-1106(1)(b), Hawaii Revised Statutes: A person commits the offense of harassment if, with the intent to harass, annoy, or alarm any other person, that person insults, taunts, or challenges another person in a manner likely to provoke an immediate violent response or that would cause the other person to reasonably believe that the actor intends to cause bodily injury to the recipient or another to damage to the property of the recipient or another.
    A fan can heckle, but the fan can cross the line as well. In an arena filled with thousands of boisterous fans, it's easier to tune out that heckler that is crossing the line. Not so in an empty arena, where that fan may be the only one making noise. I was not there, but I would surmise that the WVU fans were noticeably bothered by this "fan." He should have been warned, and ejected if necessary.

  98. NotNasti:

    The WVU coach, however, should not have challenged the guy to a fight. He put his team and his fans in harm's way. That, and Ben Jay's injuries, are on him.

  99. slenzi:

    #78 ST I do not know A-House but I watched the rock garden come along beginning that year after Colt Brenan left (I think). You could tell it was a labor of love; and because of that it was a memory for me and my boys from watching Warrior practices. Saddens me greatly to hear what happened to it. Gotta be some green thumbs who can restore it???

  100. Slugger:

    ST ~ Man, wish I were there to go to the scrimmage. Let us know how it goes...

    Is Cecil Doe still on the scout team? He was supposed to graduate this December. Let him know I said, Hey! My son taught at an environmental camp that all MN 6th graders attend; Cecil went to Wolf Ridge Camp. Fun & beautiful location on Lake Superior. I'm sure Cecil appreciates being in HI right now.

  101. Haleakala:

    Eli, welcome to the Warriors!

    Looking forward to seeing you on the field!!

  102. Don Weir:

    I have a relative that owns a nursery in Waimanalo. He owes me one.
    Let's get together and look at what can be done. Then let's go and make our plant selection.
    Letterwinners should be able to 'maintain' as part of our service to UH Athletes.

    Anyone else in on a working 'cattle call'. I'll cook.

    Make that 'will be able' above.

  103. Leahi2:

    Someone above just mentioned the name of David Fangupo. Does anybody know if he is still in school? There was much hype about him earlier this year. Is he a red shirt, gray shirt, or a drop out. I noticed that there was a hint of academic deficiency but then nothing more was said or printed thereafter. I understand privacy BUT THEN AGAIN IS HE STILL IN SCHOOL?

  104. SteveM:

    -The Star-Advertiser UH uniform poll for today has closed.
    Final tally is 2,425 votes.
    55% in favor of retro uniforms
    45% for the current H uniforms

    While I still question the audience sample for these polls, it indicates to me that maybe retro uniform apparel might sell as well as the current apparel. Could be a sales/revenue opportunity for the UH.

  105. Slugger:

    Don Weir,

    You are the ultimate UH supporter!

    Mr. A-House put together a nice rock garden. I wonder if there was a sign or placard letting students/public know that the garden was donated & created by a fan, if that would have deterred the damage & theft to the garden?

  106. Slugger:

    Is anyone at the scrimmage?

  107. RedZone:

    According to their coach a fan was trying to go after his assistant.

  108. Kevin:


    Great article full of half truths and B.S.

    The audacity of WVU to say they wont press charges after several eyewitnesses saw on of the WVU coaches assaulting our AD proves the typical arrogance from the elitists of college athletics.

  109. ruffles:

    If this was answered in a previous entry, my bad, but my question is I understand that winning a game is important, but this season is pretty much lost, so why not give Taylor Graham a chance to get game ready for next season?. I understand that Schroeder gives them the best chance at winning but he is a senior, Graham is your future, why not get him and his cast a chance to learn by playing? Just wondering?

  110. jeezy33:

    DE Marquis Fairchild to Hawaii

  111. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    As a representative of a school, the coach should know better. No matter what is said or done you as a coach are held to a higher standard. As a person that is a steward of young people, you need to set a better example. Hecklers, abusive fans, whatever, you walk away. That is the first thing you learn as a coach at the highest levels, how to deal with this kind of stuff.

    No matter what is said or what happen, the coach needs to know better and should be reprimanded, even fired if blatant action was done. No if, ands, or buts.

  112. kama krab:

    Oh and the WVU AD wipes this under the rug without putting his foot down, then he should be fired to. Letting these types of things go sends a bad message to your coaches, fans, and definitely not least, your student-athletes. Not saying the fan was right but just saying the coach and staff need to know better.

  113. NorthShoreFan:

    You go with the best personnel and to win the contest. Prep for next year can be done as soon as the last game is over.

    Welcome Marquis...Imua Warriors!

  114. NorthShoreFan:

    Was watching the Panthers and the pass interference call against them at the end of the game. Seems to me the non call on Billy Ray was worst as far as the db being draped all over Billy Ray.
    I hope game films will be forwarded to MW league officials. This crew must have set a record for flags picked up in a game and non calls.
    Not saying he officials cost the Warriors the game but even the CBS announcers was surprised by the number of flags thrown and picked up.

  115. kama krab:

    After reading up more on yesterdays fight, I think charges should be filed on both sides of the fight. I say this because if it only started with two people and escalated to that then you gotta have some clowns around heating the fire. Two people, easy for stop. You add a bunch of dummies from WV, you got yourself a mess.

  116. 3-Prong:

    kama krab: Am in total ageement of your asessment of the situation. Got the feeling that WV is unfortunately going to get a pass on this because UH was short on its security staff and did not hire HPD for the event. I take offense at the fact that WV coach seems to be putting all the blame on Hawaii in the national media. WV coach needed to hold himself to a higher standard and not "call out" the fan. If the coach did hit Ben or anyone for that matter, the school itself and/or the league needs to take action.

  117. kapakahi:


    Assuming that Barry Higdon had a positive influence on Marquis' decision.

    Been hearing recently that DE is one of the primary defensive recruiting set the edge on those killer zone stretch runs to the perimeter.......especially since losing 3 DEs (Woodard, Tepa & Cofer) after this season......and returning only 2 DEs (Yap & Uti) with any playing time......though been hearing rave reviews about redshirting frosh hybrid DE David Manoa on scout team.

  118. uh4Eva:

    It this the idiot?

  119. Former UH Athlete:

    Fairchild must have completely flown under the radar... Not sure how a 6'4" DE from Florida isn't rated by any major scouting service.

    In any case, GREAT JOB COACHING STAFF!!!

    So... Assuming all goes well from here til next fall, the DLine looks something like:
    Marquis Fairchild 6'4" 250lb (I'm assuming he puts on 10lbs by fall)
    Kennedy Tulimasealii 6'2" 290lb and athletic
    Moses Samia 6'1" 300+
    Beau Yap 6'1" 260lb

    Size wise, UH will have one of the more physical DLines in the MWC next year.

    Malepeai, Moana, Meffy, Friel, off bench plus a few more that should be ready to play in 2014. DLine depth is getting better. Plus Rasmussen will likely push for a starting spot.

    OLine should be getting multiple upgrades next year as the redshirts are reportedly doing very well. Plus a bunch of returnees will be starting for a third year.
    LB corp will be getting quicker as Daley and Lauel are gone. I'm thinking TJ will start opposite of JGW, but it's open competition for the MLB spot... Could be Benny or Gener. The wild card could be RS freshman Drake Miller. I remember being impressed with his instincts on his HS video during the offseason. He has a good nose for the ball, Decent speed and quick to react.
    DB, RB and WR positions will be solid on talent and depth for years to come so no worries there. Just a matter of cutting down on mistakes.

    now if UH could only find a D1 ready QB and more OL for next fall...

  120. Jeezy33:

    119. You forgot the gem of them all .. Jeremy Castro

  121. kev-1:

    Former UH . . . isn't Beau Yap a senior?

  122. NotNasti:


    #92 Beau Yap
    Position: Defensive Line
    Height: 6-2
    Weight: 260
    Class: Junior
    Hometown: Pearl City, O‘ahu
    Previous School: Kamehameha Schools- Kapalama

  123. BigWave96744:

    Kapakahi #117, we also got GS DE Rashaan Falemalu & Ualesi "Wesley" Sale coming in Jan 2014

  124. BigWave96744:

    Kevin, also gotta watch for possible violence at Wahine Softball game