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November 18th, 2013

• The headline should have been: "Eli's Coming"

• OK, young people, there was this group called Three Dog Night that sang ...

• Back in the day, they used to determine the cold by the number of dogs used as bed warmers. For instance: "It will be a three-dog night in Laramie this Saturday."

• Tavita "Tui" Eli is a great "get," as the recruiting folks like to say.

• Eli will be a nice addition to a growing pool of offensive linemen. Dejon Allen, John Wa‘a, R.J. Hollis and Elijah Tupai are in the wings. Of the group, Wa‘a has been kicking okole in practices. He's probably the leading contender for UH's offensive scout of the year. Tupai has been rehabbing since his shoulder surgery. He's in the area known as the "pit." Each day, he is required to pull a weighted sled. Each day, the sled isn't heavy enough for Tupai. He often adds weights.

• It's fun to watch wideout Kwamane Bowens during games. He's always running sprints, just in case he's needed, behind the bench.

• It was a nice debut season for Keith Kirkwood, but it appears he's pau for the year. He has a thumb injury similar to Marrell Jackson's. The difference is Jackson is a safety who can play with a cast. Kirkwood is a receiver. Kirkwood could have been a factor against SDSU's unique 3-3-5 scheme.

• Defensive ends Beau Yap (groin) and Tavita Woodard (ankle) are expected to play against Wyoming.

• Not sure of the status of o-linemen Ben Dew and Sean Shigematsu.

• Give credit to left tackle Mike Milovale. He hobbled toward the sideline during the SDSU game, realized UH was running out of o-linmen, and then made a U-turn. Milovale's toughness is understated.

• Sad: When idiots try to fight with visiting basketball managers.

• Sadder: When there are no police or security guards at women's basketball games.

• Saddest: When police/security guards are needed to break up fights between idiots and managers.

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